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,|n 3C8I0 parts, 






:c MunttouiTt, nv. ac. 




^^<^. 4r . ^ ■ 


In preparing the first part of this work^ my intention has been 
to compile a compact Arabic Dictionary, not only adapted to 
the wants of English travellers and yonng students, but also 
for the use of my own countrymen, who have hitherto had 
nothing of the kind. With this object in view, I have only 
selected those words which are in actual use, whetlier in con- 
versation or in diplomatic and commercial coireepondeQce. I 
have even selected some foreign words which are used in our 
language. Indeed, I have attached more importance and paid 
more attention to the practice, than to the theories and long 
precepts, of our grammarians; and I hope that, with the aid 
of this little Dictionary, any one will be able to render Arabic 
works, and especially all kinds of official and conmierdal cor- 
respondence into English. I trust that, small as it is, this book 
will be useful to travellers, consuls, conmiercial men, and young 
students, on account of its compact size, the careftil selection 
of all the words in ordinary use, and their correct pronunciation. 
Other Dictionaries do not give the common pronunciation, but 
that adopted by the learned, which is wholly unintelligible to tk% 
great bodj of the people. 

tl ' PRBFACB. 

Tor any inaccuracies which have escaped my attention, I 
beg the kind indulgence of my readers, 

I earnestly hope that this work may be useful to the 
English who cultivate Arabic, as well as to the Syrians and 
Egyptians who study the English language ; and that it will 
assist in producing those happy results which I desire from the 
bottom of my heart for Syria, my beloved country. May 
truth, justice, civilization, and Christianity, which prevail here, 
be re-established in the East. 

Should this book inspire the youth of my country with a 
desire to learn English, and to read the literature of that lan- 
guage, I shall be truly happy ; and so much the more, that the 
merit of such a result belongs to my friend Mr. Bernard 
Quaritch, who suggested the work to me, and to whom the 
learned world is already indebted for so many important and 
useful pubUcations. 


LoKDON, Mat Ist, 1868. 


^yj\ Afujj '])s>'j '^ Wy t**r^ u' {Ji^ t-i-J^Jl J*J l«l 

. "l 

Aj\ ,-uJO * i«U!lj A-»U-1 Ifkjij fjiJ *-«v*^ •— *?/*^ li/*^^ 

jiji\ IjL&tj ^g^,^ Ijjloj * Jj-«J1 jJ^ ^^j 'UjI j^^ji 



2 P« 


O 90 

P* § 

•- tS 



1 g) 

i ^ 

& ^ 

CO 5 

>> 2 






















g ^ 




• « 


•5 03 rrt 

Ji .3 





















'•g I 

J I 

OO . rO 

8 »^ 


2 « . 

08 ♦» g 

. ■ 03 

00 o e 

-S 1^ 









5. "S 

i5 ^ 




l-« « 



CO 00 






•^ -i ;§ 

-*• t-» •« 

-* V A A ^ '^ •> ••> 

1. t\ <% ViVi Vi ^ < "^ ••> 

.( i -^ 3D 3 ^:^ ^-^ ^-^ '^ '^ •> *-> 

^ < ' 

(I — 1 :) -j HJ HJ -^ -1 -5 •> ••> 






S 03 

9 08 ^ 

»:^ M M 

"3 -3 



^ CI CO 

U5 CO 

00 oa o «^ 






M -I 


I i 





a « * 08 * 
S .3 .9 S -9 3 

<1 uJ.oJ-«1 •0-««1^Sc3<1 











^ d5 ^ 


t 3 

ft^ (q N 


fti ^ ^ 


























































































S^b ^ '^-^ ^ ojoj 3 «oV) 

t- 3 •> >• "> 

S ^S !) '!> ^ ^ ju .ju • Vt) Vj -^ *- ^ •> ^^ > 


S c8 






I J 

l5 08 


C9 eo 

»0 ;0 1^ 00 oi O r-l 
r-l ,-H r-l ,-»,-, C« C^ 

c^ to '^ »<^ ^ ^^ «i 
(M C^ C^ C^ «=\ «\ «^ 







The Arabs have only three characters for vowels, which they call 
i^j Fatha, ijM^ Oasra, and <UJ Damma. The first is represented 
by a small oblique line over the letter ; the second by a similar stroke 
under the letter ; and the third by a small curve, like a comma, as 

follows :— 

Fatha . . . . ( -^ ) sounding as a. 
Casra . . . . ( "7 ) sounding as t, 
Damma . . . ( -1 ) sounding nearly as o. , 
These signs are sometimes doubled in the final letters, which 
doubling is then called ^^yJ tanween, or nunnation, be)cause the vowel 
is then pronounced as if terminated by ^^, as J^ » rqfolon, * a man ;' 
Jbj-j rafolin; Sl>-i rqfolan. The first (*) marks the nominative 
case ; the second ( <^ ) the genitive, dative, and ablative ; the third ( ^ ) 

the accusative. It must be observed here that the final \ adds nothing 
to the sound when the accusative is pronounced. 

Jj JuuJ tashdtd (") doubles the letter over which it is placed, as 

JlJ naamifaf he brought down.* 

2fUJb him%a ( * ) is placed generally over the \, and sometimes over 
the J and ^^, and is considered as a guttural letter. 

JIp^ wada ( "^ ) implies conjunction,* and is only inscribed over \ 
to mark an union with the preceding letter, \ being then silent, as 

^ 9 

^\i^\:^ kitahu'Uahi, ' The book of God.* 

Jj^ madda C^) implies extension,' and is placed over 1, giving it 
a long sound, as ^Jl ddam, 

^yLi Bocoan ( "^ ) signifies ' a pause,* and is placed over a letter 
that has no vowel. 



[For the purpose of showing the reader that it is comparatiyoly 
easy, with the aid of this Dictioiiary, to translate works in the Arabic 
language — the Bible^ the Kuran, or the One Thousand and One Nights, 
for instance — into English, I subjoin the Arabic words in the first 
chapter of the Kuran with their equivalents in English* Every word 
will be found in the Dictionary^ with its proper rendering : — ] 

^/^ humi'jj^ hif In, p. 39; ^\ ism, A name, p. 16; ^mJ 
hismiy In the name, p. 44. 
idH allah; Jl al, The, p. 26; al! iUah, A God, p. 28; 
<dJl, God, p. 28. 
\J^}^ ^) rahman, God the merciM, p. 116. 
(^i^)^ fl^j rahim, p. 116. 
4X^ik.\ J^ hamd, Praise, p. 96. 
id] lillahi, To God, p. 206. 
jjJtU!!^-?^ rdbhul^lamin, Lord of the Universe, p. 114. 
CJ^\^ mdliky A king, a possessor, p. 211. 
A^ f/awm, A day, p. 315. 

^jJ\ j^J din, ^^.fc>, The last judgment, p. 110. 
cJ\j\ ayyaha ; b, p. 37 ; Cjka, p. 192; and cJM , p. 37. 
jyju if jL^ ^ih&dat, Worship, adoration, p. 156 ; JuaJ , We 
cJUlj ^ wa, And, p. 302 ; cJU'* PP- ^*^y ^^2. 
^^■oCwygJ ^U:l*»\ m^»^ d.nat, Asking assistance, p. 14 ; ^j,y.icjuJ, We 
ask assistance. 
UjJbl (^JJb huda\ Direction, p. 311; h\dJby p. 311; JJbf, 

Direct (imperative) ; U «5, XJs, p. 289. 
\)\jA\ ^\j>a maty A way, a direct road, p. 144. 
A^"%M*U fff^Mk^ mmtahlmy Right, p. 244. 
W^ p, 144, 



fjl^\ t^iJl alazi (the rel. mas. pro.), Who, which, that, p. 28. 

j\ m\m\ in-^m, Granting a favour, p. 33. 
Afix Ic ^la\ Upon; a^jIc. ^layhim, Upon them, p. 164. 
j^ ghayr, Not, p. 174. 
^yoiii^ maghdnhy Irritated, p. 263. 
AfJic ^alaghim, Against whom, p. 164. 

2lj tvd, And, p. 303; 31 Id, Not, p. 201 ; Sj, Neither, p. 201. 
^LaH JL^ ddU, Prevaricator, fj^\^, Prevaricators, p. 148. 
^^^1 dmin, So let it be ! Amen ! p. 31. 

The Arabic words in this chapter are thus freely rendered into 

English in Sale's translation of the Kuran : — 

In the name of the most merciful Grod ! Praise be to God, the Lord of all 
creatures ; the most merciful, the king of the day of judgment. Thee do \re worship, 
and of thee do we beg assistance. Direct us in the right way, in the way of those 
to whom thou hast been gracious ; not of those against whom thou art incensed, nor 
of those who go astray. 


Page ST, for J^^»t/^, read J^ji^^ Whatever man. 

M S1,for ^\ read ^\)\. 

„ 86, /or^;j^llJ^k5»-, A pelican, r^<?^^lj.ij>, A sea-camel 

„ 152, for JiL tafl, read Jit tifl. 

„ 161, for ^ffat, read ^iffat. 

„ 240, for -rUJ \ L^jjia^ , read -^-"^ ^ ^r^J • 

„ 264, /or cJji-^, read ,^Jci^. 

^^ ^<9^^/%r^^)iftlax^, read -.j^l<Uik»^. 




Jiralrir and (Bnjgttstr. 


mj\ ah, A father, master, possessor. 
This word enters into the compo- 
sition of a great number of ALrabic 
names varying its termination ac- 
cording to its case, haying ^1 ahu 
in the nominative, \j\ aid in the 
accusative, and jt\ all in the 
other cases, as Jio^f Ahnhakar, 

^^jbl Ahddun, ^}^ju^^\ All 
IsmaiJl, etc. 

^\ ah, The month of August. 

\i\ aha, Father (in the accusative). 

(plor.) Father, ancestors. Aba or Iba, 
Detesting, abhorring, abominating, re- 
jecting, refasing, disagreeing, refractory, 
disobedient, disdaining, aversion, dis- 
gust, horror, loathing. 

<GM ihdtat. Passing the night, tar- 
ring all night, doing anything in the 
night-time, being oyertaken by the night, 

<^bl ihdhat, Publishing, disclosing 

a secret, revealing, illustrating. Per- 
mitting, giving liberty. Liberty, licence, 

JLjjbl ahdrtJc, Water-pots, ewers. 

jjjbl ahd%lr, Aromatic, spices, 

sweet herbs or roots for seasoning meat. 
Grains, seeds. 


l^jM ahdzlm. The buckles, buttons 
or clasps of belts, girths, girdles, etc. 

tb 1 dhdt, The armpits, the interior 
parts beneath the wings. 

JJ^bl ahdtll. Trifles, vanities. 
^jdybJb! ahdlis. Devils. 

CjUajf ihtihds, Investigation, scru- 
tiny, disquisition, examination, enquiry. 
Question, dispute, wager. 

f JcjI ihtidd. The beginning, com- 
mencement, exordium, the first 

time. t^Jcjl To begin. 
^ ** * 

^\ jcjI ihtidd-an, In the beginning, 

at first, in the first place. 

jtjojl thtiddr, Eunning hastily (to 
arms), the same as the participle 

jjcu^ muhtadir. .(You are re- 
ferred to the letter /^ when you 

cannot find under 1 any infinitive 

or noun of action of the derivative con- 

Q^JCjl ihtidd^. Invention, contri- 
vance, alteration, innovation (in matters 
of religion). 

|4Lu:ij\ ihtisdm, Cheerfulness, glad- 
ness, a smile, smiling. 

siring, covetm^. 




il^l ihttkar, Eising early, coming 
soon in the moniing. 

Ibjl ibtild, Temptation, trial, proof, 
experiment. Passion, suffering, the being 
afl^ted with any misfortune, being in- 
disposed, yexed, etc. Calamity, distress. 

c5bj \ ihttld^, Devouring, consuming, 

(Jjhj\ ibtilaly Being wet. 

UijI tbtind, Building, constructing. 

1^1 ihtihdj,. Gladness, alacrity, 
cheerfulness, content. Joy, merriment. 

J 1^1 ihtihdl, Supplication, depre- 
cation, groaning in prayer. 

4^£srl ahjad, The name of an arith- 
metical Terse, the letters of which hare 
different powers from one to a thousand, 
as follows. This was probably the an- 
cient order of the alphabet. 

o ooo 

« ^0901 

o 0> • 

o • <0 

(« «« 

.. . * 

»• « >o 


09 M H 

• • 

^ 09 Mf-I 

go o o 
ct *• « 

l^lfisT^ abhds, Questions, disputes. 

.la^l ibhdh, Making hoarse, causing 

to pronounce thick without proper inter- 
vals in articulation. 

j\a^} ahhdr {oTjs^]) Seas. 

Xjoe^A ahkhurah, Vapours, exhala- 
tions, perfumes. 

jj\ ahad, An age, eternity without 
end (eternity without beginning 

being expressed by ^}j\)^ Jol 

^\ ahad allah (in prayer). May 

God prolong (life, happiness, etc.) 

jW^ Jol Por ever, to all eternity. 

Ijjt ahadan, Eternal; ever, never. 

\jj\ ihdd, Beginning, invention, 
innoyation, production, creation. 

^/a// a3da^, Wonderful, incompar- 

able men. Ibddt.t Producing something 
new, inventing, publishing, imagining, 
feigning, devising, forging. 

^IjjI ahddn, Bodies. 

v^JjI ahadl, Eternal (without end). 

As all Arabic adjectives may be used ad- 
verbially, it signifies likewise. Eternally, 

JEj jjI ahadti/at, Eternity. ^^^^ ^^^^• 

\j\ ibrdy Liberating, absolving, dis- 
charging from debt, delivering from dan- 
ger, restoring health. Quittance. 

j\j\ alrdr. Just, holy, pious, worthy 

j\ji\ ihrdz, Production of a proof or 
ij ihrat, A needle. i^ocm^^^^. 

^ji} abrash, A dapple grey or pie- 
bald horse. Marked with white or 
coloured spots or points. 

jjfl^l ahras, Leprous. 

^j\ thari, A needle-dealer. 

(jlji\ ihrtk, An ewer. A brig, 

brigantine, sloop of war. 
jUajl ahsdr, Eyes, looks. 

\23\ tbt, The armpit. 

ILz;! ihtd, Delay, protracting. 

JlLj^ ahtdly Brave warriors, heroes. 

Ibtal, Abolishing, destroying, annihilat- 
ing, ruining, abrogating, repealing, ren- 
dering void or useless. 

jUj'I ah^d, Distances. Very dis- 
tant. Ib^d, Removing to a distance. 

\m\ ihkdy Pandering permanent, pre- 
serving entire, reserving. 

Jliul ahlcdl, Potherbs, beans. 
jUol ahkdr, Virgins, maidens. 

4L1 ibldghy Informing, conveying, 

sending letters, messengers, compliments. 
Arriving at or obtaining any end, con- 
summating, arriving at the age of pu- 
berty, approaching. Being eloquent. 

^Ll ahlagh, More or most perfect, 

most effectual. 



jIjI ahlak, Pie-balled, black and 
white, party-coloured. 

^\ ahlah, A fool. Simple, igno- 
rant, foolish, hashfal, hlundering, rude, 
awkward, doating, presumptaoiu, yain, 

^jmJjI ihhs or ahUs, The devil, the 

^\ ibnoT ahn, A son. It is written 

^ hm when preceded by a proper 
name and followed by the name 

of the father, as kX.4»^:^^^^-w*>» 
Hassan son of Muhc^mmad. \uj\ 
ahnd, Sons. ^1 ibnat, A daughter. 

(jw^jI ahnils, Ebony. 

^uxi\ ahniyahy Edifices, fabrics. 

^\ ahu, Eather. This word has 

often the sense of ^ J stl, having, 
endowed with, possessed of, etc., 

as i>^j\jJ^j)\ Having whiskers. 
J-^i^^ Endowed with excel- 
lence. ^j.*ms^\jj\ Possessed of 

c-^Lj1 ahwdh, Doors, chapters. 

L^\<^'i\(^[i (the port of ports), 
the fortress of Derbend on the Caspian 

Ji^y\ ahwdk, Crooked trumpets, 
clarions, French horns. 

CL^l^l ahhdt, Parents, fathers, an- 
cestors, [fiilness. 

^l^\ ihhdj, Gladness, joy, cheer- 

^g^\ abha\ More or most beautiful. 

^\ all (for ^jy\) Paternal. All, 
Befiising, rejecting, loathing. 

CL^LjI dbyat, Verses, distichs. 
^ja^\ dbyady White, bright, shining. 

CJii\j\ aiahah, The lord father (title 

given by historians to kings or prime 

r-^ljfl at&ty Hoosehold fiimitare. 
^\ atdn, A she-ass. 

cLjI athd^f Eollowers, dependents, 

clients, servants, subjects. Itbat,^ Fol- 
lowing or causing to follow, joining one 
thing to another. 

c\ssr\ ittihddy Union, concord, inti- 
mate friendship. 

jUstI ittikhdZfA receipt,acceptation, 
taking to one's self, assumption, choos- 
ing, election. 

ijM\y\ atrdB, Shields, targets. 

(Jj\j\ atrdh, Turks. 

^luJl ittisd^, Amplitude, extension, 

t^\*aj\ ittitdf, Being endowed with 
or possessed of anything. 

Jlidjl ittUdl, Conjunction, adhe- 
sion, union, attachment, neighbourhood, 
contiguity, being level. 

cL^l ittidd^y Humiliation, abase- 
ment, meanness, abjectness. 

^jUjfl it^h, Eatigue, lassitude. 

^jlftjl ittifdJcy Union, concord, har- 
mony, concurrence, agreement, consent, 
convention, confederacy, compact, alli- 
ance, lea^e, conspiracy. Chance, for- 
tune, accident, lot, success. 

CjlSUjfl ittifdhdtf Accidents. Suc- 

Ulftjl itti/dkan, Unanimously, in 
concert, with one accord. By chance, 
perhaps. Successfully. 

(JUjI ittifdhlf Casual, fortuitous, 
accidental. By chance. 

jjUjI ittikdn, Knowing with cer- 
tainty. ^UjI ithdn, Doing any- 
thing properly and solidly. [tees. 

Lftjii atkit/d, Beligious men, devo- 
id \ ittikd, Leaning against, reclin- 
ing upon. 

truBtiiig one* a ^'a^ V> %a\n/CQst. 

i_>^1 itlaf, Conaumptioii, ruin, de- 

Btraction, loss, waale. 
*j1 atamm, Uore or most perfect. 
it\*j\ ilmdm, Perfection, aceom- 

pliBhment, termination, conclusion, 

end, completlou. i^^J, To con- 

clade any husmess. ' 
^1y1 atw&k, Desires, passions. 
^ji\ atHn, An oven, fnmace, the 

fire burning in the furnace. [eatioa. 

t\^\ ittih&m, Suspicion, fake accn- 

tjl Ml, Coining, arrival, bringing, 
leading, coming unawares. Ati, Futore, 
coming, subsequent. 

i^LjI itydn or ttydnai, Arrival, ao- 
cesdoa, meeting, coition. 

Olil aeSt, Household fiimiture. 
j»\ dadr, Signs, marks, traces, 
scare, TcetigeB, ruins, monoDiestB. His- 
tories, traifitions, rdatioas, news, mem- 
oiable events, toiracles, prodigies, chro- 
nicles, umala. Qood works, lUu^triaus 


, Crimes, a: 

CULol iihdt, Confirmation, afflnn- 

^1 aiar, A mark, sign, character, 
inipressiou, trace, rentsin, vestige or 
nun. A bifltory, commemoration, me- 
morial, relation, tradition, feble, romance; 
collecrion of traditions relatiie to the 
actions and sayings of Mahomet. 

(j\iA oikdl, !Bardens, loads, inctim~ 
brances, impedimenta, baggage, 
eqnipage, train, suite. ,_;ajilJUjl 
The treasures of the earth. Weighls, 

•jl MM, A ain, crime, offence, any- 
thing forbidden. 
jUJl atmdr, Fmib. 

j^UjI tumdn, Pricea. Eighth parta. 

^^j>4j1 asman, Uore or most dear, 

Ljl omd. The middle, interval, in- 
terstice. Plaits, foldings. Wbilst, 
during, in the mean time. 

^UJl imdn, Two. ^/^Lj\ Twelve. 
^^fiJji\aiij Monday. 

lUJot Mniyat, Fraiees, encomiums, 
felicitations, congmtolatiaaa. 

^ijly! aswdh, Kobes, vestments, 
garments, habiliments, cloths, baggage. 

jljjl aiwdr, Bulla. 

^^jA aeiHn, A furnace. 

j^\ aalr. The sky, aether. 

wl aglm, A sinner, criminal, liar. 
Wicked, rascally, beqiing crime upon 
crime. - [mg. 

^\»-\ ijdb, Answering. Consent- 

djU^I ifdbat, Listening to, accepta- 
tion, rati&catioQ, agreement, consent. 
AuBweriug, corresponding, consenting, 
admitting, complying with, humouring, 
listening to. 

j\f^\ djdr. Bents, hires, ^^i To 

let to a tenant. 
ij\pA ijdzat, Leave, permiaaion, dia- 

mis^on, dispensation, leave. 
^j^lr^l tydi (jjal>-\), A species of 

J^l aj&l, The fates; the dead. 

t_^b»-l ajdnih, Foreigners, stran- 

JLe^l ojbdl, Mountains. fe**" 

Lis>-1 ifiibd, Choice, eleotion, se- 

IjSi^) ijtird, Boldneaa, intrepiditj, 
an enterprise, cndeavonr, attempt. 

f\A^\ tftimd^, An assembly, con- 
conrse, congregation, meeting, conven- 
tion, congress ; an accumulation, heap. 

ii:j>-! ytind, Gathering, collecting, 
plocking, pulling (&uit, etc.) 

^.;L:i£>-1 ijtinub, Shunning, aban- 
doning, declining, flying, abstaining from, 
retiring, removing, going to a distance. 



jlfi^l ijUhadf Care, solicitude, la- 
bour, diligence, effort, study, en- 
deavour. A religious war. v^jlf:j>-^ 
ijtihadiy Belon^g to religion, or a war 
on account of it. 

j\ J^^ ajdddf Ancestors, forefathers. 

>'\ ajr^ A reward, premium, re- 
compense, compensation, hire. 

IrT"^ ^Va, Making anything to flow, 
ran, proceed. Bringing forward, be- 
ginning, producing, satisfying, paying; 
accomplisriing, executing, penorming. 

Lj^Pr^ tf^a«, Bells. 

^Uf»-1 o^am. Bodies. UyJ^/^J^l 
The heavenly bodies. 

5^1 Mtjraty Eeward, recompense, 
exchange, hire, rent, wages. 

Ci^\ ajrad, Bald, bare ; a bald 

)j>'\ ojzd, Parts, parcels. Ingre- 
dients, materials. Minerals, drugs. 

jLu^^ afsdd, Bodies. 

i«LAf>-\ of 8dm, Solid bodies. 

^Us^l ajfdn, Eyelashes, eyebrows. 

J^l qfal, Death, the hour of death ; 
fate, destiny. A term, appointed time. 

^}^\ of I, Cause, occasion, reason. 

LLXJjJi5>-\^/« Por that reason. 

uL^L^^^ On your account. 

^J^l of all, Greater, more or most 
worthy, excellent, glorious. 

fjJip^\ if Ids, Causing or ordering 

one to sit or recline. Being seated; 
being seated on a throne. 

jJlb»-\ ijldl, Magnificence, majesty, 
grandeur, glory, dignity, honour, exalta- 
tion, loftiness, uijldl, Housings, or any 
kind of horse-covering. 

Jl5j-1 a/la\ More spendid, bright, 
" resplendent. 

cU»5»-\ iffnd^. An assembly, collec- 
tion consenting, agreeing. 

JU^t ijmdl, An abridgment, 
compendium, summary, synopsis. 

5U^1 ijmdlan. Briefly, compen- 
diously, summarily, by way of abridg- 

^j^ju^\ ajma^n, All, universal, the 

J..4^1 ajmal, More or most beautiful. 

jl:^! qfndd, Soldiers, troops, armies. 

-Ii5j-1 qfndh, Wings. Flying. 

^li^l ajnds, Kinds, sorts, species, 
goods, things. Wares; household 

goods. ^si^sJs^ ijJc^S, Various 
sorts, different kinds. 

^-j^l ajndbl, A foreigner, stranger. 

<U0>-1 ajnat, ujnat, ijnat, The cheek, 
particularly the upper and more 

promment part. <Uf»*i qfinnat, 
' Embryos. 

d,^^\ afnihat. Wings, hands, fins, 
pinnacles, projections of any kind. 

J 1^1 «;w?ar, Neighbours. 

^^1 ajwihah, Answers, replies. 

im^^\ o^waf^ Concave, hollow. A 
class of Arabic verbs called concave. 

j^\ ajhwr. Squint or goggle-eyed. 

Eyes that cannot bear the glare of the 
sun. Beautiful, with a slight and deli* 
cdte cast of the eye, inclining to a squint. 

Jl^I apuil. More or most ignorant. 

^'cjlj^5j-l. The most ignorant 
of mankind. 

j^\ djir, A mercenary, hired la- 
bourer, slave, servant. 

^r>-l».l ahdjl. Enigmas. 

jL>-f a^a(? (plur.) Ones: as A>.1« 

jU-^1 , An incomparable man ; 
the one of ones ; a phoenix, A «A\L\sKr^ 
poor man. 

jW\ olwl4\%^ l&e^^, S5Kva%^ 

wHcIi have recently happened. 

Sayings or traditionB concenung 
Hatiomet, banded dovn by the 
Hnssulman doctors, to the num- 
ber of 6266. ^^\^1ti-ujU(, 
The tenets of the Alkonn. 

ii>U-1 ikalat, Suironnding, com- 
prahending, cont^nicg, including, hold- 
ing, inTfistUig, beaicgCng. Incloaure. 
CoBceiviiig, uiowiug, undraBtaadiug. 

•,_ --- \ ahabb, lEore or most lovely; 
amiable. L»-1 ahibhd, Friends, 

c_iLa~1 ahbah, Friends. 

>L»-1 a/liar, Hebrew doctors or 

(jwL::j>-1 ihtibdt, Setainiug, con- 
taining, confining, incladuje. impHAon- 
ing, arresting, reatraining. Bestraining 
one's selt Being shot up, beseiged, im- 
prisoned, inclad^ contained. 

wUcVa-t ihtij&b, Seclusion, retreat, 
taking the yoL 

_VsX»-t ihiyaj, Bringing proofe, 

pleading a canse, litigating. 
j\i:i»-l ihtistdr, Avoiding shunning, 
flfing from, taking care, being cantious- 
j)/^ ihtirat (almost the same), 
AbstaiiuDg from. 

fri\jis~\ ihttrag. Preserving, guard- 
ing. Being preserved, goaidcd, 

jlji>-l ihtirdic, Conflagration, burn- 
ing. Ardour, strong desire. 

f*]^^^ iktiram, Yeneration, honour, 
tererenoe, respect. 

<»'\nv"--1 ihtitdb, Esteeming, reck- 
oning, eEtimaCing, enomeiating, counting, 

*UL'--'-1 iktithdm, Being ashamed, 
modest;. [ing against. 

]0U:i»-1 ihti/dt. Taking caie, goard- 

■Iua.! iktifdr, Digging, excavation. 
^Ux=^l Millar, Coatempt (in the 

Jfmresaae), bewg debited. 

^J'h^ ihtikSn, Taking or giving 

an inJBctioa or clyster. 
jUs:::«~1 ihtHiar, Accnmulating, reap- 
ing, boarding grain, laying up in a 

JU:x».t iMimdl, Bearing patiently, 
Mtience. Supporting, being supportable. 
Possibility, probability. 

!^i5>-l ihtiied (or ijryi»-l), Compre- 
hending, containing. 

-t -'■-.- ^ ihliydj, Indigence, want, 

LLsj>-l iktiyat. Care, caution, cir- 
cumspection, fbresigbt, BCrupulansnesa. 
ltiL:::j>-1 ihtiyatan, Cautioualy, 

JUs^l ikUy&l, Fraud, art, strata- 
gem, machination, deceit. 
JS:\ ahjdr, Stones. 

JkP-l ahad, One. J.a^1J^ Every 
one, alL \,i.s~\ ahaian. Singly, 
one by one. jA.cjo-1, Eleven. 

J.»-1 ahadd, More or most acute, 
■harp, vehement or fierce (in anger or 

Llj1j>»-1 iMdt, An invention, new 
prodoction or erection, l^^- 

jljo-1 ahddk, The pupils of the 

(_jj>^-1 ahdah, Hump-backed. 

a\ aharr, Uore or most hot. 
jlj-1 ahrdr, The free, free-bom, 
noble, free men. 

^K».1 Sir&Ji, Burning, setting on Sre. 

aLs-I ahram. Sacred places, sanc- 
tuaries, asylums. JAram, Eicommuni- 
cation, an anathema, interdiction. Il- 
legal, ""fc'"g onlawful. 

\ abruf, Letters, paitides. 


1 ahra'i Better, best. 

-^Ija-l ahdb. Troops, bands, co- 



- ^mL 


^\^t ahian, Care, grief. Melan- 

(jmUu>.\ ihsds, Perception, sight, 
feeling) finding, perceiying. Sense. 

^Lu>-1 ihsdn, A benefit, favour, 
gift, present, courtesy, service, goodness, 

u— '^M>*>>.1 ahsah, More or most es- 
teemed, honoured. 

^^AM>-f ahsan, More or most beau- 
tiful. Ahsana (in prayer). May it be 
good, beautiful. 

jLa5>-l ihddr, Producing, presenting, 
making appear, summoning, citing, call- 
ing before. 

^li^>-t ahddn, Sides, parts, tracts. 

jU^I ahfdd, Priends, grand-chil- 
dren, sons-in-law, relations. 

^U>.1 ahfdn, HandfuUs, small 

(J^>^^ ahakh, More or most worthy. 

jU^-1 ahkdd, Hatreds, rancours, 
animosities. [fields. 

JU^-1 ahkdl, Arable lands, sown 

yLr^l ahkar, Viler, vilest, meanest, 
lowest, most contemptible. Poor- 
est, humblest. (Used for I or 

me) jLjJ^yL^^, The humblest 
of servants. 

aI^^I ahkdm, Orders, decrees, man- 
dates, ordinances, precepts of the law, 
1'udgments, decrees, sentences, diplomas, 
etters patent. Secrets, mysteries. Pre- 
sages, prodigies, portents, prognostics. 

^^ft^ls'l^^l ahkam v!l hdkimxn^ 

The judge of judges, the lord chief 
justice. God. 

A&>.1 iMdm, Dreaming. 
J.>-1 ahla\ More or most sweet. 

fj\^\ ahmdly Burdens, loads. 
J^l ahmad, More or most laudable. 
j^\ ahmar, Bed. 

^J^\ ahmah, Foolish, stupid, dull, 
ignorant, awkward. A fooL 

Jt^t ahicdlf States, conditions, 

situations, affairs, things, accidents, 
occurrences, circumstances, accounts, 
relations, events (either past or present). 

Ls^l ahyd. The living. Ihyd, Be- 
covering, reviving, refreshing, recalling 

^L>-1 ahydn, Times, ages. ^^ ^^' 

1)L>-1 ahydnan, Sometimes, from 
time to time, now and then. 

^1 akh, A brother. [brothers. 

^U-1 akhdn (for ,j<^^), Two 

jLc^l akhbdVy Histories, tales, an- 
nals, gazettes, news, relations, advices, 
chromcles, traditions. [pure. 

ci^^As^t akhhas, More or most im- 

c:.*>jvl ukht, A sister, female Mend, 

companion. Similar, equal, alike, con- 

(jlir^l akhtdn, Circumcision feasts. 

>«l:;:x£>^l tkhtitdm, End, completion, 

^Iji>-1 tkhttrd^ Inventing, fancy- 
ing, imagining. Invention, contrivance, 

jLarxjs^l iklitisdr, Abridging, abbre- 
viating, contracting, abridgment. 

jjflUiisi-l ikhtisdSf Being peculiar, 
particular, proper, special, belonging to 
one in sole property. 

/»L*<ar>fN.^ ikhtisdm, Enmity, alter- 
cation, disputing, debate, liti^^tion, 
litigiousness, wrangling, squabbling, 

t—jlki-rv.! ikhtitdf, Seizing, carrying 
off by force. 

\k:^\ ikhtifd, "Withdrawing, con- 
cealing one's self. 

i^^Ld^l tM^i^7d«, Seizing, snatching, 
laying violent hands upon, drag- 
ging away, ewcTyfli"^Q>^, \J^ii>\ 

A • 




LlLifiLt ikhtildt, Confusion, per- 
plexity, mixture. Intercourse, conver- 
sation, commerce, association, fiiendship. 

, i)U^^ ihhtildff Discord, difference, 

diversity, discrepancy, opposition, dis- 
sension, contrast, falsehood. Contra- 

JlbL£>-l ikhtildl, Confosion, distur- 
bance, interruption, trouble, alteration. 
Disorder, tumult. 

j\pS^\ ihhtiydr, An election, choice, 
liberty, option, will, power. 

I^Ls^l ihhtiyaranf Voluntarily, 

spontaneously, jl-^1. To choose, 
to be willing, to cause to elect. To con- 
clude, to institute. To receive, take. 

^ii^\ akhda^, More or most fal- 
lacious, crafty, sly, cunning. 

«X£»-f akhz, A receiving, taking, 
seizing. To receive, to take, seize, etc. 

j6-A dkhar, Another, a second. 

j6^\ dkhw, Last, posterior, ulti- 
mate, final. The end, extremity, 
latter part. Finally, at last, 

afterwards. ^UjJ}^T, The 
end of time. ^/*a^/>-T, The 
last hreath. j^^^i}^^> ^^s^ 
and last. ^31^1, At length, 
finally. ^\ ukhar, Others. 

-^lp-\ ikrdj, Producing, drawing 
forth, bringing forward, expelling. Rush- 
ing or saUying out. Expending. 

^jw^l akhras, Dumb. past, 

j^c^l (fem.) or \^1 , Another, the 

^ -ri-T dkhrin, The last, the latest 

comers, posterity. 

U*^! akhass, More or most vile, 

^^^juxT^l akhshan. Bugged, rough. 
^_^-*2^ / aJ^AfiAa', More or moat timid. 

>.\ akhaas, More or most proper, 
peculiar, particular. 

u^l akhdar, Green, j^ari^-'i] ,^^j>- 
The green or Persian Gulf 

jlkrS-l ikhtdr, Eemembering, record- 
ing, recollecting. Akhtar, Dangers, 

\ks>-\ ikhfd, Concealment, hiding, 
suppressing. [beasts. 

c,.?^U> \ akUdl, The claws of vrild 

iJis>'\ ikhlds, Candour, sincerity, 
piety, probity, truth, purity, purification, 
correction, true love, frienilship, affection. 

]ffi:>.\ akhldt, Mixtures, miscellanies. 
Humours of the body ; mixing together. 

^i^l akhldk, Qualities, natures, 
temperaments,dispositions, talents, 
properties, habits, manners (good 
or bad). Akhldk is a general name 

for books of morality, as Jj5l>-1 

cli^L^t, The manners of kings. 

^^^^Jl:>-1 akhlas, More or most pure, 

sincere. jI-jJ\^_^,J.^1 , The most 

faithful of servants. S\yi \ ^^^a^^ \ 
Sincere of heart. Genuine, delicious. 

(jwU^l akhmds, Fifth parts. 

^ri-1 akhann, Speaking or making 
a noise through the nose. 

ci^vr^^! akhnas, More or most flex- 
ible, limber, weak, withered. 

J 1^1 akhwdl, Uncles by the mo- 
ther's side. 

jjI^I akhwdn, Friends,^ brothers, 

iiy>-\ ukhwat, Brothers. 

jy>^ \ dkhur, A stable, stall. 

uJ^r>^l akhwaf, More or most timid. 

i!«:>-\ akhwilat, Uncles by the 
mother's side. 

>.\ akhl^ My brother. 




jLfwl akhifdr, Good, the best, the 
choicest, most excellent, 

fJjL^l akhydsh, Linen cloths of a 
coarse and flimsy texture. 

i«Lr%.l akhydm, Tents, pavilions, 
temporary moyeable habitations. 

T^^ akhyar, Better, best. Akhlr, 

Posterior, last. \,^^\ akhtran, 
At lengtli, in fine. 

c-^\jT dddhf Civilities, good man- 
ners, politeness, learning, sciences, laws, 

cuIjI addt, An instrument, tool, 
utensil, apparatus. 

j\j\ addr, March. 

Sj\j\ iddrat, Turning round, re- 
Yolying. Administration. 

/^\S\ addma (in prayer). May God 
prolong. [utensils. 

CL^Ul j1 addwdt, Instruments, tools, 

c-J jt adahf Civility, humanity, cour- 
tesy, politeness, respect, reverence, vene- 
ration, urbanity, elegance of manners, 
soundness of doctrine or principles, mo- 
rality, science, learning, philology. Mo- 
desty, bashfulness. iZjj\ To correcti 
chastise, civilize. 

^l:a^jl adah'khdnah, A water- 
closet, necessary. 

d^Ljjl adahaydt (fem. plur.) Ke- 

lating to humanity. Politeness, learning, 

^U>- j1 «i^Aa^ntroducing,entering. 

<Cc^ jl adkhinat, Smoke, the fumes 
of tobacco. 

c1/\jJ1 idrdk, Comprehension, un- 

d^standing, observation, perception, 
intelligence, intellect, capacity, genius. 

^jj\ Adramhi Adrianople. 

^^j j1 IdrU, the Arabian name for 

^y^l , Enoch the prophet. 
\siO\ iddi^d, Pretension, presump- 

tion, arrogance, assuming, glorying or 
boasting. Inviting, calling to, ordering 
to be brought. 

iUcjl ad^at, Salutations, felicita- 
tions, congratulations, compliments, 
wishes, supplications, prayers. Invita- 
tions. Blessings. 

^j\ adtUatf Arguments, reasons, 
proofs, evidences. ^^s!^\^il(2\ , 

Clear proofs, ij^i! jl , Legal 

judicial proofs ; evidences before a court 
of justice. 

/♦Ji ddam, Adam and his posterity. 

AJt^«:^ hanl ddam, The sons of 

Adam, i.e., mankind. 

l) J^ adnd (or (Jol), More or most 
vile, infamous, **the last, least, lowest, 
basest, meanest. 

Ll^tjjl adawdt, Instruments, tools, 
utensils, apparatus. 

j\jJ1 adwdr, Houses, mansions. 
Orbs, orbits, revolutions, circles. Periods, 

iOjjl adtviyat or adunyah, Medicines, 

drugs. lzj\JjS^\Lj^^j\ , A 

treatise on medicines. [guents. 

Ijllbjl adahdn, Oils, ointments, un- 

Jbjl adhur, Times, ages, eternities. 

j^j\ adham (A horse) of a black 
* colour, inclining to a dusky green. 

C/bol adydk, Cocks. 

ijbjl adydn, Eeligious rites or 

4«^ j1 adlb, Courteous, polite, well- 
Wd, learned. 

j\ iz, When (both in pret. and fut. 
sense). Indeed. If, if so be. 
Forasmuch as. Already. Behold !• 

lo ! ^S\ izin (Jui-r^ or CS\j\ ), 

Then, at that time. 3u.^^, On 

that day. .k*rA4 > ^'^ ^Wv^ticl^^c^.. 




\d\ %%dy When (in the future sense). 

Behold. This particle is never placed 
at the beginning of a sentence, and is 
often used redundantly, without haying 
apparently any precise signification. 

^d\ dzdn or ^\j\ azdn), Ears, 

lobes or tips of the ears, j^^jl 
aean. The signal for summoning to 
prayers by the mullah or priest, from the 
minarets or towers of the mosques. 

c J j1 azru^, Arms. Cubits. Ells. 

The fore-legs of animals. 

jo^fc)^ t2ta», Obedience, submission. 
Intelligence, capacity,intellect, judgment. 

^j! azkaf/, More or most acute, 
•* ingenious, quick. 

L^j\ azUyd (plur.), Acute, inge- 
nious. "Witty. 

3 j^ azilld (plur.). Abject, vile, mean, 
contemptible, slaYish,wretched,miserable. 

^^«i\ uzrij An ear, tip of the ear. 
A handle. Jaw, permission, leave, li- 
cence, dismission, conge. [riors. 

c— ^UjI azndhy Tails, rumps, poste- 

_ljbjl azhdn. Geniuses, memories, 
intellects, capacities. 

t^jl azl, Vexed, hurt, offended, 
' injured, exceedingly afflicted. An in- 
jury, loss. 

Jbjl azydly Skirts, tails, borders 
of a garment. Appendices. 

hS\ azlyatf Oppression, injury, 
damage, hurt, wrong, loss. 

J-jj-M ardjlz, Poems consisting of 

verses called J^jt where the 
cesura is six times repeated. 

^:^M ardkhinat, Princes, archons, 

iJ\j\ irddat, Desire, intention, pur- 
pose design, will, affection, inclination. 

^^) ardzU, Jjow, mean, rude 


J^];l Wdmil (fern. ll^\j\\ Wi- 
dowed in a single state. 

4^^ 1^1 ardnih, Hares. 

^JL♦^1 arhdh, Possessors, masters, 
lords. This word (which is the 

plural of L^j rahhf lord, master) 
added to any word significant of 
science, art, office profession or 
qualification, denotes the endow- 
ment or possession of it, as <^^j\ 
c^ J,ir7, Superiors, conquerors. 
f\jj\ arhd^, Fourth parts. 

<Uj j^ arha^, Four. 

Jja£. <Ujj1 arha^coshara, Fourteen. 

\mj\ arha^, Tk«»sday. 

^yuj\ arha^un {md^jMj\)y Forty. 

Jjjl Arhal, The ancient city of Ar- 
bela in Mesopotamia. 

LLJ i\ irtibdt, Aligament, connexion, 
chain. Friendship. 

Jla^l irtijdl, Speaking extem- 
pore, off-hand. S^Cj^ irtijdlan, 
Unthinkingly, inconsiderately, etc. 

Jlas^l trtihdl, Emigration, depar- 
ture, death. 

j1jJ^\ irtidddf Apostacy, apostatiz- 
ing, becoming a renegado. 

\JmJj\ trtuhd, Corruption, suborna- 
tion, bribery. 

lifij^l »r^»rfa, Acquiescing, approving. 

c^Uj^l irti^b, Being frightened. 

j\juj\ irtt^d, Trembling, shaking, 
being frightened, disturbed. 

iii\fuj\ irti^sh, Trembling, trepi- 
dation, [altation. 

cliJ.1 irtifd^, Elevation, ascent, ex- 
\Sjj\ irtikdy Addition, accesaion, in- 

* \ 



crease, augmentatioii, advancement, pro- 
motion, ascending, exaltation. 

f^\^j\ irtikdh, Commission or per- 
petration (of a crime). 

c-^LjjI artiy&h, Doubt, uncertainty. 

f^j>j\ irs, Inheritance, heritage, he- 
reditary right. 

U^3^J^ ^^^^**f Piirple, deep red. 
(J'^^j^ arjawdnJ, Very red. 

^J^J^ (^j'^^^t A poem in the 

measure called >^ rqfz, where 
there are six pauses or cesnras in the line 

^W^l arhdm, "Wombs, matrices. 

^jl arham, More or most merciful. 

^^y^kA.>yl\ l^j»^j\ , The most mer- 
cifol of the'mercifiil, an attribute of God. 

U,! irkhd, Giving the reins, re- 


jj^rwjl arkhun, A prince, chief, 

archon, high-priest, patriarch, abbot, or 
any chief of religion among tiie eastern 

J-jJ;l Ardabll, A city in Azarbi- 
jan (Media). 

Jj^l arzal, More or most mean, 
base, ignoble, vile. 

jj\ aruz {jj rwa orjij rum), Kice. 

jjljjl arzakf Riches, possessions, 

goods, commodities, effects, apparel, 
moyeables, provisions. 

ijj\ arzat, Cedar, pine, etc. (a noun 

of unity from Jj\ above). 

\^\ irsd, Firm, immovable. Fixing, 
rendering firm. Resolving firmly on 
anything. Landing at a port. 

JLj;1 irsdl, Expedition, sending, 

^Li^^ arsdn, Halters, bridles. 

j[j^j\ trshdd, Directing, shewing 

the right way, converting. Ordering, 

tj\ arahad, Most upright, most 
tenacious of the right way. 

^jykAJ^j\ AroihrnldaSfAxclnmedeB. 

j\^j\ aradd, Observations of the 
stars, or of roads. 

^j\ ard, The earth, ground, soil, 

country, region. 

\^J\ irdd, Satisfying, gratifying, 
contenting. [earthy. 

^^j\ ardl, Terrestrial, earthly, 

JlLj' artdlf Pounds of twelve 

ounces. Weights of 800 drachms or 

Cy^f^l arghah, More or most de- 
sirous, covetous. 

SC'j\ arghad, More or most com- 
modious, pleasant, affluent. 

f^^j\ arghnn, A musical organ. 

^jlijl arfdk, Companies, societies, 
committees, assemblies. 

^j\ arfa^, More or most high, sub- 
lime, exalted. 

^l^t arkdn, Columns, pillars, sup- 
ports, props, posts. 

jjj^l arkun, Chiefs, princes, heads 
of religious bodies. 

^U^l armdh, Spears, javelins, lances. 

j^U^jl armgahdn, A present, gift, 
donation, offering. 

(J^j\ armal, Widowed, in a state of 

^^J^j^ Armani, An Armenian. 
^;w«^t Armanlgah, Armenia. 
ii.^jl amah, A hare. 
^\jij\ ancdh, Spirits, souls, minds. 
AtJ\ Arwdm, Oreeks, Eomans. 
i^^j\ arwa\ Dirnk^ ^''oit^ '^^^^^ 




^U^l arydh "Winds. 

uJbjl arydf, Well cultivated, 

planted, improyed (grounds) ; plentiful 

j\j\ tzdr, A veil of fine linen or 

muslin, which, in the East, flows from 
the ladies heads to below the middle of 
the leg. 

^l». J) 1 tzdahdm, A concourse, crowd, 
press, throng, mob, multitude. 

)j*^j\ izdird, Scorn contempt, dis- 
dain, indignation, contumely. 

j\jj\ azrdr, Buttons, buckles. 

^jj\ azrakf Blue, blue-eyed, ceru- 
lean [courts, lanes, alleys. 

** •• ft 

<L3ji azikhat, Streets, places, squares, 

L^l azkiydf Good, just, virtuous, 
ingenuous (men). 

Jjl a%al, Eternity (having no be- 

ginDing, Jul implying eternity, 
without end). 

\Jjl azali, God. Eternity, eternal, 
" eternally. Name of an author. 

iJjl azaliyatf Life everlasting, eter- 
nal existence. 

jjUjl azmdn {h^j\ or ^j^^jl), 
Times, seasons. 

^fj^\\ uzminat, Times, ages. 

^^^j\ azt&dj, Spouses, consorts, pairs, 

jUjl azhdr, Plowers. t'^^P^"'* 

Jbj\ azhar, White, bright, brilliant, 
splendid, shining, clear, evident. 

^! ds, The myrtle. 

^\ iMS, A foundation, basis. 

it\^\ asd-at and tsd-at, An offence, 

jU asdhi^ Weeks. t'^^' '^^• 

-j^Ls\ asdjt^ Rhymes, cadences. 

J^LjI asdrd (or c^Lj^), Captives, 

s/ares, prisoners. 

(jmL»1 a%d%^ A foundation, basis. 

^L^l^j^Ldl, (Eoundation of 
rule) a book on political government. 

j^Ldl aadtlr, Eabulous histories, 

. JiLa^ asdjlly The inferiors, the lower 
class, the most infamous ; mean, stupid 

<^^Ldl asdkify Bishops. 

v.,^L)l asdllh, Modes, manners, 

w^La^ asdmi^ Ears, hearing. L^*y^- 

JlJLaI asdnld, Allegations on the 
authority of another. Imputations, at- 

jXJ asdwir, Bracelets. ^^ ^*^* 

^..9L^1 ashdhy Causes, motives, ar- 
guments, reasons, incentives, stimulatives, 
Modes, ways, manners, means. Instru- 
ments, utensils, apparatus. Clothes, ap- 
parel, effects, moveables, goods, furniture. 

LLrfl ashdt, Tribes of Israel. 

c aam}\ asbuc, A week. 

c^.^^1 tst, The buttocks, hips, back- 
side, anus, fundament. 

j\s^\ ustdd (or jl:i-jl), A master, 
teacher, tutor. An artificer, manufac- 
turer, an artizan. Ingenious, excellent, 
celebrated, famed for any art or work of 

Jl>.L:i^1 tstihdhat, Permitting one to 
pursue his own inclinations. 

JljuiL^! istthddl, Changing, ex- 
changing, desiring to change. 

Jju::^-:!, To change, exchange. 

j\j!i^i^\ istibshdr, Eejoicing at or 
announcing good news. 

jLxc-N-jt tsttbsdr, Considering with 
attention, looking, seeing, examining. 

IktXwc! tsttbtdy Delaying, expecting. 
Being slow, duU, lazy. 

\:,t2^\ »«^i«na. Exception, distinction. 

iUUcLjl istijdlat, Hearing, receiv- 
ing a petition. Giving an answer. Ac- 
cepting, consenting. 




^NlfldLsl istijdrahf Hiring, renting. 
Imploring protection^ asking assistance. 

^TjlfldLsl ist^'dzah, Asking leave, so- 
Uciting permission. 

c»>HrfU)l iatijldhf Attraction. Car- 
rying camels and other cattle. 

^Lwu^UjI utihsdn, Approving, prais- 
ing, talking, or considering as a fayour. 

^Lo^Uit iatihsdlf Acquiring, col- 
lecting, obtaining. 

jli^^Ual istihdar, Calling, citing to 
appear, summoning before. 

j\S,^La\ tstthMr, Despising, vilify- 
ing, scorning, treating with contempt. 

^\a^^\ istihkdlc, Merit, capacity, 
worth, skiU, ability, genius. 

/%l^l^La\ istihkdm, Strength, defence, 
' corroboration, confirmation, fortifying, 
advancing, promoting, securing, strength- 

^ ;^^.J tstihldfy Adjuring, swear- 
ing solemnly, causing another to swear. 

.Jl!L^^\ istihldl, Considering or 
making lawful, wishing a thing lawful. 

jJUkSOfcrfl istthmdlf Toleration. De- 
siring to bear, carry, or take upon one*s 
self; desiring another to do anything. 
Patience, resignation. 

.♦IjLsdLl Utikhddm, Employing, 
making use of the labour of another. 

^\jS^Ui\ M^f^^ro/, Extracting^ draw- 
ing out, causing to come forth, coming 
from a place or country. 

^filssx^\ istikhlda, Setting at liberty, 
desiring to liberate, procuring liberty. 

CS\jSi*Ji uttdrdk, Comprehending, 
conceiving, understandii^, reaching, 
equalHi^, overtaking, arriving, obtain- 

nd, obt 

ii^, wishing to comprehend, obtain, etc. 
Bestoring, mending. 

Ic jcud\ istid^, Petitioning, request- 
ing submissively, entreating. 

Jijcudt isttdldl, A demonstration, 
argfoment, proof. Perceiving, collecting 
or drawing arguments &om. Asking the 


i»^\^\ istirdhat, Quiet, rest, re- 
pose, sleep, peace, tranquillity. Pausing. 

Is^-^l ktirjdy. Petitioning, begging, 
supplicating, asking, requesting, desiring. 

ftl>^^^t istirjd^f Asking or taking 

back the whole or part of anything once 

j\j^\ istirddd, Demanding resti- 
tution of anything, whether g^ven, 
deposited in trust, or taken without con- 

b J^l istiridiyd, An oyster. 

jU^\ iattrkdk, Captivity, reduc- 
ing to slavery. 

liLyu:^^! iatiskdf The dropsy. 

Sj[jlc>^\ istishdrat, Consulting, ask- 
ing advice, deliberating with another, 
standing in need of advice. 

cUmu^I isttshfd^, Asking, implor- 
ing, begging, intercession. 

jl^juuO^i isttshhdd, Taking evidence, 
summoning witnesses, bringing testi- 
mony or proof. Falling a ms^rtyr for 

c^U:-^*^-»l tsits-hdh, Associating 
with, becoming sociable or familiar, 
wishing for the company of any person. 

j\x0aa^\ tstisffhdr, Despising, hold- 
ing in small estimation, considering with 

(^\yac^\ htiswdh, Approving, 

thinking well of, esteeming right. 

L^j0as^\ , To approve. 

^Uai^l istitdhat, Approbation, 
relishing, liking, taking well, finding 

^%::^\ istitd'^atj Power, possibi- 
lity, capability, capacity. 

Jilia:;^! istkldl^ Sitting in the shade. 

irjI^CLi^V istt^dzat, Asking protec- 
tion, calling for help. 

a word melapViot\fi«ISL'^ . K xEkfc\a!^«t.. , 




ijUiMsl isti^dnat, Asking assistance, 
imploring help. 

jLjclm}! isti^hdd, Eedacing to sla- 
very, subjecting. 

jLxLrfl uti^hdr, Taking an exam- 
ple and being edified by it. 
c->Lfi***^l uti^ah, Astonishment, 
wonder, surprise. 

Jlsr^^l isti^jdlj Hastening, ac- 
celerating, ordering one to make haste, 
impelling, stimulating, dispatching any 
business soon, dressing meat quickly; 
wishing to make haste. 

Ci\dJO*J\ isiif^ad, Skill, knowledge, 

genius, aptitude, capacity, disposition, 
merit, worth. 

cJUaxi^^sf M^tdf, Conciliating the 

favour of any one, obtaining their good 
graces, insinuating one's self into the 
good opinion of another. 

aUm::^! iati^dm, Becoming proud. 

Conceiving highly of, esteeming greatly, 
admiring. Eespect. 

UjCm:^ isttcfd, Asking pardon or ab- 

i^JbcLwdt istt^m, Asking informa- 
tion, advice, or news. 

^LkCUrf^ e«^«^9/}a?,TJse,usage, custom. 

^U:;^}! istighdsahf Imploring suc- 
cour, begging assistance. 

imj\jc^\ iatighrdlf Great admira- 
tion, amazement, wonder. 

j\ikx^\ iitighfdTy Kepentance, de- 
precation, asking forgiveness, de- 
siring that anything may be par- 
doned. <dlLLiLr>^.i! , May God 
pardon, heaven avert, God preserve. 

Ufb^sl istighnd, Being contented, in 
want of nothing, wealthy, independent. 

yjlc>i»)l Utifddat, Profit, advantage, 
emolument, ^ain. Gaining, reaping the 
fruits. Utihty. 

\sjc>^\ tsUftd, Consulting (a lawyer 

or Jeamed man). 

V\Jc^ Utifrdghf Vomiting, evacu- 
ating, rejecting. 

j\mJo^\ istifsdr, Asking an expla- 
nation, informing one's self, enquiring. 

^l^aiyjl tsttfhdm, An interrogation. 

Desiring to know or to be taught, in- 
forming one's self by asking questions. 

<)uUi^l istikdmat, Eectitude, sin- 
cerity, integrity, fideb'ty, truth, purity of 
intention, religion. Standing erect, re- 
maining, rising up, acting uprightly. 
Fortitude, resolution. 

^Lib^l istikhdhy Detesting, hating, 
disapproving, abhorring. 

JLfti**j\ tstikhdl. Encountering, 

going against, turning upon. Going to 

J\jXX^\ isitkrdr, Confirmation, rati- 
fication, establishment, stoppin^^, staying, 
resting, dwelling, settling, fixing a resi- 

i^\jjb>^\ istikrdd, Borrowing, ask- 
ing to lend. 

y]axi^\i8tiktdr, Distilling, dropping. ^ 

Jiis^rfl isttkldl, Sovereign authority, 
absolute dominion, plenipotentiary 
powers, unlimited commission. Inde- 

j\t^c^\ w^fi^^a/". Conceiving that there 
is a great deal, using a large quantity. 

afl^icurfl isUhrdhy Abhorrence, abom- 
inating, disdaining, despising, contemn- 
ing, doing a thing reluctantly. Hating. 

JUij U tfl isttkmdl, Completion, 

bringing to perfection, wishing anything 
finished, perfected, completed. 

j\3Jcu«9l istihdZy Considering as de- 
licate, elegant, agreeable. Being de- 
lighted, pleased. Tasting, relishing, ad- 

cUomoI istimd^ Listening, hearing. 

£IU:;m*1 istimdlat, Conciliating, en- 
couraging, gaining the fSeivour of any 

jlx^:;*-)! isttmtd^ Enjoying. ^^^^' 





J^JuOm)! titimd&df Asking supplies, 
'Subsidies, aid, assistance. 

j\jAZ^\ istimrdr, Perseverance, con- 
tiniiatioii, persisting, constancy. Pro- 
ceeding, going on. Prolongation. 

Jlf4iM»l tstimhdl, Asking a delay, 
wishing for an opportunity. 

jU:«m)1 »«^ma(^, Leaning against, sup- 
porting one's self or depending upon 

jI^IImsI istinjdd, Asking assistance, 
or protection. 

j\*axx^\ tstmsdr, Soliciting aid 
against an enemy. 

^[p:x^\ istinhdd, Exciting, rousing, 
ordering one to rise up (to do anything). 

\yx^\ istiwd, The being equal, pa- 
rallel. ly;^lL:^ , A right line. 
The equator. 

j^yi^l i8tiwa\ Equality, paraUelity. 

U^i^t istihzd, Derision, laughing at, 
a joke, jest. 

J^L^::^! istihldlf Appearing (as the 
new moon). 

jlrcVUrfl istljdr, Hiring, renting. 

^Lgur>^>l e«^?«d^, Destroying, erasing, 
mining, eradicating, pulling up by the 
roots, exterminating, extirpating. 

i^lL«:u«)l tstlkdz, Watching, awaken- 

JLs-jI iatildf Victory, superiority, 

conquest, dominion, power, authority. 
cLsr*»l asjd^, Ehymes, cadences. 

^^-ir'l askha* (or \js!^\ askhd). More 
most liberal. 

Ls^\ aahhydy Liberal (men). 

Jusl asad, A lion. The sign Leo. 

^Ju^dl usdiyat, Warps. 

jJi asr, Taking prisoner, binding. 
UtTf Captivity. 

]j^\ usard, CaptiyeB. 

j^j»^\ Oirdr, Secrets, mysteries. 

i«J\^! tsrdf, Prodigality, dissipa- 
tion, abuse of wealth. 

c y-jl asra^, More or most swift. 

JJa^l tstahl, A stable. 
jLJi astur, Lines, strings, rows. 

L^^Jb^\ usturldhf An astrolab. 

^\j^a^\ ustuwdnah, A portico sup- 
ported by pillars. <Ljl^la-j)li Jj^\ 
Followers of the Stoics. 

oU*ol ts^dd, Making happy or pros- 
perous, blessing favouring. 
j\x^\ 08 ^r, Prices. 
•A*-:! as^d, More or most happy. 

ujLjI asaf, Anger, vexation, an- 
guish, chagrin. 

jU*-j1 asfdr, Books, volumes. Jour- 
nies, travels. 

^jsu^ asfal, Inferior, the lowest. 

ILA asfalan, Below, under. 
-^AmoI tsfunff A sponge. 

j^l^A^l Isfahdrif Ispahan, the capi- 
tal of Persian Irak (the ancient Parthia). 

~^\J^^JuA isfeddjf Ceruse, a paint 
used by women. 

LILjI iskdtf Causing one to Ml. 

(..jlLol uakuf, A bishop. 

(j^jj^LjI tskUrt/Hn, Germander 


(^ICnjI tskdf, A shoemaker. 

^IxmiI iskdn, Causing one to stay, 
remain, continue to dwell. 

^^jt\uLJ\ Iskandarun, Alexandria 

or Alexandretta, near Aleppo, in Syria 

tUjJcjLsl Iskandarlyahy Alexandria 
in Egypt. 



- - f 


ancient kindred. One's nearest relations 
or allies. The husbands of a man's 
wife's sisters. Islaf, Paying before due, 
or in adyance. 

aLoI islam, The true or orthodox 
fEuth among the Mahometans. Obedi- 
ence to the will of God, submission, 
humbling one's self. 

^isr^\ aslihat, Military arms. 

(m^^\ mluhf Order, way, mode, 
means, measure, mamier, method, 

form. \i^\ fMluban, Methodi- 

M»A Um, A name, noun. ij\Si\st^\ 
A demonstrative pronoun. ^\ 
Jxlill, The participle active. 
JytMJl>**9l, The participle pas- 
sive. jJux«J1*^l, The infinitive, 
or noun of action. 

j^\ asmar, Brown, tawny, dusky. 

^j4^\ asman, More or most fat, jolly, 
plump, gross, lusty. 

jLm}\ isndd, Imputing, attributing, 

charging, accusing, arraigning, impeach- 

^L-»l amdn, Teeth. Spears, jave- 
lins, the points of spears. 

<U«<9l asinnaty Points of spears, hal- 
berds, lances, jayelins or arrows. 

^Ji^\ a%na\ More or most high, 
*" sublime. 

uswar, "Walls. Iswdr, A 

)s\y^\ aswdt, Scourges, whips. 

^f^t astodk, Streets, market-places, 

Jj««il aswad, Black, blacker, blackest. 

ijyA aswtrat, Bracelets. [Uty. 

c^lfi«i\ ishdb, TalkativelesB, garru- 

^\^f iS'hdlf Loosening, opening, 
pui^giB^, lubricating, &eilltating. 


^♦lf-»l as-hdm, Arrows, darts. 
Jf«ol as-half More or most easy. 
uJL«o\ asydfy Swords. 
j^\ asir, A captive, prisoner, slave. 
Ju-j\ asll (or ii-«-al), A flux of 


^\ ash (or uS^}), How? what? 
what thing T in what manner ? 

for what ? Is it not ? t,*j3U. /Jj^ 
How do you do ? what is your situation ? 

CJ\jLi»! ishdrdt (plur.), Signs, etc. 

'iXti\ ishdrat (or ^Lll), A sign, 
token, mark, signal, nod, wave 

with the hand. jLll, To point 
out, shew, to make a signal, hint, inti- 

ix\j^\ ishd^h, Puhlication, divulg- 
ing, diffusing, spreading about or abroad. 

^Ljal ashhdh, Bodies. 
jLmII ashhdr, Palms, spans. 
&Ljal ishhd^ Satiating, satisfying, 

JlJbf ashhdlf The whelps of a lion 
or other wild beast. [ture. 

l1/L:x^^ ishtihdk, Confusion, mix- 

^^LjJbl ishtibdh, Douht, ambiguity. 
Comparison, similitude, resemblance. 

jljcJb\ isMiddd, Portifying, con- 
firming, strengthening. Firmness, vehe- 
mence, force, violence. 

\jxJ^\ ishtird, Buying., 

{^\jJ^\ ishtirdky Company, part- 
nership, participation, society, entering 
into partnership. 

JIjclm)! tshti^dl, Burning, inflam- 
ing, conflagration, lighting a fire or 

JUs^l ishtighdly Occupation. 

ijlib^l tshttkdk, Derivation of one 
name from another. 

\^cJ^\ ishtikd, Lamentation, com- 
plaint, mourning, reproach. 





^\a3J>\ ishtmdl, CompTehensioii, 
contaming, embracing. 

[fj^\ ishtih&y Appetite, desire, wish, 
hanger. Thirsting after. 

j\^J^\ Uhtihary Eame, renown, cele- 
brity, reputation. Publication, diyulg- 

^Li-ll %8htiyah,Wi^, longing de- 
sire to see any absent person or 

thing, jl:^!. To desire. 

jLp^l osh/dTy Trees. 

JUjs^I ashja^t (plur.), Intrepid,* 

jjdli**'! ashkhdSy Persons, bodies,in- 
diyiduals, shapes, figures. 

JlII ashadd, More or most vehe- 
ment, strong, bold, severe. ljuu»\ 
athiddd rplur.), Strong, intrepid, brave, 
gallant, bold, yehement, yiolent, severe, 

jIjl^I OBhddJcy The comers of the 
mouth, those parts of the cheeks which 
are nearest to the mouth. 

jj^\ asJuMrfy Worse, worst. 
i^\j^\ tshrdb, Giving drink. 

J 1^1 ashrdr (plur.). Wicked, 

wretched, criminal, sinful, seditious, 

u^L^\ ashrd/y Kobles, grandees. 

j^l ishrdk, Bising (of the sun), 
shining, flashingydazzling, being brilliant. 

CS\Jm\ ishrdJcy Entering into part- 
nership. Ashraky Giving companions 
to God. 

iiJ^\ ashrthat, Drinks, potions, 
beverages, syrups. 

4_J-i»^ ashraf, More or most noble. 

jU-ll ash^r, Poesy, poems, verses. 

jU-1^ ish^ly Setting on fire, kin- 
dling, inflaming. 

J^\ ash^y Hairy. More intelli- 
gent more happily poetical. 

ijLti\ (uhi^'^hy Kays, Bonbeams. 

Lights, brilliances, splendours. 

JU^\ oihghdly AfEairs, occupations, 
businesses, cares. Employments. 

j\aJ^\ (uhfdry Edges of the eyelids. 

jU^\ Uhfdky Compassionating, 

pitying, condoling, commiserating. AaK- 
jaky Compassions. Crepuscles, twi- 

^A^t ashfa^ More or most power- 
** fill, efficacious, medicinal, or salutary. 

jsJi»\ aahkar, Of a fine bright red. 

LaJI)! athkiyd (plur.), Poor, mise- 
rable, wretched. 

\Ll^\ ishkdy Complaining, mourning, 
lamenting. [shapes. 

JlLll ashkdly Forms, figures, 

d^UJ^t ishmdty Eejoicing (at the 
misfortune of another). 

J.4m11 aahmaly More or most perfect, 
complete, universal, surpassing, transcen* 

^liw^l ushndn, The herb alkali, and 

the ashes which are made from it, with 
which they wash clothes. 

«^^1 ashna^y Deformed, ugly, hide- 
ous. More or most vile, shocking, etc. 

^1^\ ashwdJcy Desires, affections, 
passions, propensities. 

{jmJ^\ ashwasy Squint-eyed. One 
who conti;acts his eyes and knits his 
brows, in order to look more steadily. 

4>l^t ashhddy Witnesses, such as 

have been present, eyewitnesses. lah' 
had, Taking to witness, attesting, bring- 
ing proof. 

j^\ ash-ha/Ty More or most cele- 
brated, known. 

^f^\ ash-ha^ More or most desirous. 

11m)1 ashydy Things, clothes, effects. 

-tU-il ashyuhhy Old meu^ ^«ii^^t^> 
doctors, ]^te\a\;ft!i, ^«ma^, xOa.^o'osi^Tassa.^ 


18 Ul 

dj\*c\ udhat, Kectitadey jastness. 
Speaking properly, conceiving well, hit* 
tin^ the marK. Oyertaking, reaching, 
amying at. 

^\^\ OBdli^ or f-::^^*^! asalt^ Fin- 

(m^\ss^\ as'hdhy Lords, possessors, 
masters. Friends, companions, inti- 

j\,}^\ isdcLTf A production. Pro- 
ducing, arising, appearing, making ap- 
pear. Publishing, proclaiming, issuing. 

^Iju^t asdaghy The temples, that 

part of the face from the eyes to the 
ears; the hair that flows around the 

i^\j^\ aadaf, Shells, shell-fish. 

jJutfl asdahy More or most true. 

^^.UJljJutfl, The truest of 
speakers (an epithet of Grod). 

U Ju^! asdikd, True friends. 
iLktft Utihar, Patience, toleration. 
JJxitfl iatahil, A stable, stall. 
i^^JotA fsfarldh, An astrolabe. 

Ji]a^\ utildh, An idiom, phrase, 

term ; a correct elegant way of speaking 
or writing; correctness, justness; cor- 
recting, rectification. 

c:.^l>.lk.tf1 tsttldhdt, Idioms, modes 
of speaking (plur. of the above). ' 

Uy'^y^'l as^h, More or most diffi- 
cult, perplexing or vexatious. 

\k^\ isffhd, Hearing, listening, lend- 
ing an ear. 

jm\ asghar, Lest, least, smallest. 
The minor term in a logical proposition, 
or syllogism. 

jLa] asfar, Yellow, pale, livid. 

Li-tf\ asfiydy Pure, just, upright, 
holy, devout, good (men). 

J-tf\ asl (or asiVjy A cause. ^J-^l 

ft^^-Ja, The cause and effect. 
-Boo^, origin, principle, foundation, ele- 

ment, source. Lineage, race, line, birth* 
family, nobility, honour. A capital) 
principal sum, stock in trade. An 
original, archetype, prototype, exemplar. 

1^] aslan, "Not at all, by no means, 

never. [AaSj 1^\, In no shape 

JLa\ isldhy Correction, emendation, 
reparation, restoration. Eectitude, pro- 
bity. Reconciliation. 

J^\ aslah, Better, best, mote or 
most excellent, correct, fine. J^\ 
^1, May God amend. 

f-^\ asla^ Bald (man). 

_Ltf! asU, Eadical, original, essen- 
- tial, principal. 

A^l asamm, Deaf. 

(^Ltf! asndf, Porms, kinds. Vari- 
ous, different. JijLJi^U^I, 

Various tribes. ^UJcLsr^t^ilxitfl, 
Different sorts, varieties. 

/*U^1 asndm, Images, idols, statues. 

LLJ\^\ aswdt, Voices, sounds, cla- 

t^\ya\ aswdfy Pleeces, wools. 

J**p1 U8ul, Causes, roots, origins. 
A mode, manner, method, rule. 

lxiJV\^^yJi\, The four roots, viz., 

masterwort, parsley, capers, and 

fennel. J^31u->|^, A syrup 

of roots, c .^j J^-*dl, Causes 
and effects. . • 

j\^\ as-hdr, Pathers-in-law. Bro- 
thers-in-law. Sons-in-law. 

J--tfl astl, Eooted, radical. Noble. 

^IJl J-**tfl, Sound in judgment. 

^\^\ iddfaty Addition, junction, ad- 
junct. Attribute. Epithet. 

(jLtfl addfiy A relative. 
^\^\ addli^ Bibs, sides, parts. 




^\ udhukat, A ridiculous thing, 
a jest, a joke. 

o1ju^\ adddd, Contraries, opposites, 

j]j^^ adrdr (plur.). Hurts, .arms, 

/^]j^\ tdrdmf Inflaming, burning. 
"Being kindled, set on fire. 

L^\^^3^\ idtiraby (from Ci-^), 

Agitation, perturbation, confusion, com- 
motion, palpitation, fluctuation, waver- 
ing, yexation, trouble, torment, pain, 
chagrin, anguish, grief, violent emotion, 
sorrow, suffering, anxiety, distraction, 

%\Ja*a\ tditrdr, Yiolence, constraint, 
necessity, compulsion, force. Ex- 
treme misery, despair. Compelling. 

Being forced. l^l^^Ljl idtirdran, 
From necessity, by force. 

Lmi\fUff\ ad^f (plur.). Double, as 

mnch more, double the quantity. Id^afj 
Doubling, adding a double quantity, or 
increasing from one to three. Weaken- 
ing, rendering infirm. 

u-SAii^ ad^fy More or most weak. 

>»ljLflrlt— g-ir-^l. The most weak 
or humble of servants. 

J^t adall, Misleading, leading into 

^^\ adld^ and «-Li^ adhc>, Eibs. 

Sides (of any thing). 
JJUl idldly Seduction into error. 

JlLfS'*^! idmihldl, Yanisbing, dis- 
appearing, being carried off. 

j\^^ idhdd, Oppressing, treating 
with injustice and cruelty. 

u^Lj! adydfy Guests, strangers, 

^L-il adydky Harrow, confined. 

<tclL>f itd^at, Obedience, submission, 
subjection, resignation. 

XiUd^ itdkat. Being able, powertal. 

i]^\ tidlat, Prolonging, extending, 

U^t atihbdy Physicians. 

^LLl athd^, Natures, qualities. 

jLLl athdk, Plates, dishes, disks, 
orbs. Vaults, concavities. 

^\ atihhat, Physicians. 

j\jb\ ttrdd, Ejecting, banishing. 

(^1^1 atrdf, Sides, districts, tracts, 
coasts, shores, environs. 

/^\xb\ tt^dm, Feeding, giving vic- 
tuals or refreshment. 

^U^l at^mah, Meat, victuals, 

viands. ^Uu^iUjtLl, Exquisite 

\fJb\ ifghd, Seducing, leading into 

Ul^l ft/d, Extinguishing, putting 

out a fire, smothering. 
JUL1 aifdl, Infants, children, boys. 

^1 ttld, Anointing, staining, be- 
daubing (the body with oil). 

ci]o\ itld^ Information, intelli- 
gence. ^^\ ittild^ Ascending, 
rising (the sun). 

jj^l itldh, Setting at liberty, re- 
leasing, dismissing, sending away. 

Loosing, relaxing. jjSiLSl^Lc 
Absolutely, properly, universally. " 

^jJi?l atlaSy Satin. 

^\u^^\ ttmindnj Eest, tranquillity, 
repose, content, quiet, security, 

peace. ^U-^U-*^1, Peace of 


c-jlii?^ ttndhf Sublimity of style. 
Speaking with sublimity, loftily, 

jl^l atwdr, Actions, motions. 





j\^\ at'hdr (plur.), Clear, pure, 
chaste, unsullied, clean. 

Lpi^Li?! ati/dhf Odours, unguents, 
aromatic ointments. 

v_— ^^ atayahy Better, best, more 
or most sweet, fragrant, delicate, 

pleasant, delightful. ^j^W^^^> 
The two delights, Ceres and 

Yenus. ^<uJ?^U, How delight- 

j^^\ a%df/r, Nails, claws, hoofs. 

uJi?^ a%raf, More or most elegant, 
beautifiil, clean, neat. 

j^\ a%fir, Nails, claws, hoofs. 

s^\ azlam, More or most unjust. 

jl^l tzhdr, Demonstration, proof, 
testimony, evidence. Revealing, disco- 
vering. Pretending, feigning, making an 
outward show, simulation, dissimulation. 

j^\ azhoTy More or most clear, 

bright, evident. ^j»i^%Jl!!i\^j^\ 
Brighter than the sun. 

A>-lc1 a^jim, Barbarians (i. e, those 

' who cannot speak Arabic, or speak in- 
correctly ; hut more particularly applied 
to the rersians). Strangers, foreigners. 

c,i,^,'>-l&^ a^djih, Miracles, prodi- 
gies, portents, wonders, strange things. 

yjlcl i^ddah, Betuming. Eepe- 
tition, reiteration, saying or doing any- 
thing over again. Eevising, reviewing, 
readmg again. 

v^jUI a^ddl, Enemies, foes. 

aI^IcI a^zim (plur.), Great, chief, 
' principal. 

Jlcl a^li (plur.). Most high, 
"exalted, great. 

^Icl i^nah (or ^\j:\ t^nat), 
Assistance, help, aid, favour, suc- 
cour. <dil<Ulc^, May God assist, 
favour or prosper. 

^Llt) i^faJk, Setting at liberty, 
bestowing freedom, giying leave. 

j\^\ f^tbdr, Esteem, honour, 
reverence, veneration, respect. 

jLo^^lj^^-jtj, "With eyes of es- 
teem, respectfully. 

JljCLcl (fiddly Equity, justice, 
rectitude. Moderation, tempera- 
ture, equality, equilibrium, me- 
diocrity. J-JJljjL^l JIjc^I, 

(Equality of day and night), the 

jliicLcl i^izdr. An excuse, apology. 

^\j:s\ tetrad, Opposition, ob- 
stacle, resistance. fjOjLs], To 
oppose, traverse, prevent. 

LL>\^\jk£>\ t^tirdzdt (plur.). Oppo- 
sition, etc. 

u^\j:s.\ t^trdf, Confession, ac- 

Jljiiil t^izdl (or (jji^\), Abdi- 

j\h^\ t^ikdd, Eaith, confidence, 

Jlibx^ i^ihdlj Seizing, binding, 
imprisoning. Being bound. 

JiLc^ i^ildlf The being weak, 
sick. Seeking for a pretext. 

jtcji^ t^imdd, Eaith, confidence. 

Being baptized. . Ju4cx1, To place 

confidence. 1 jLclcI, Confidently. 

j\^£] i^iydd, The being accus- 
tomed to anything. Eetuming. A 

JLs^l i^dl. Hastening, stimu- 
lating, impelling, urging, instigating. 
Accelerating, bringing to maturity, 

^...-^s^l i<^ah, Wondering. Causing 
surprise, filling with admiration. 

Pleasing, giving pleasure. v--^>^^ 

<Uua3, He pleased himself, or was 

pleased with himself. ^U^js^IL* 





^\;if How high he is in his 
own opinion ! 

^ys:^\ U'^juhahf A miracle, prodigy, 

wonderM thing. 
\ji^\ a^, Enemies. 
j\(Xc] a^dddf Kombers. 

Adx\ i^dm, Annihilating, min- 
ing, destroying, impoTerifihiag. 

JfcXci a^al, More or most just. 

S-^Ls-»5ll Jjlx^, The most just 
of the companions. 

i^tXc] ac4l, Most dangerous, inim- 

jl j^l a^sdr, Excuses, /^sdr, Making 

c-j\^\ A^dh, Wild wandering 

Arabs (the more civilized Arabians 
who liye in cities being called 

c,.^). I^db, Explanation. Mark- 
ing (Arabic) with vowel points, 

called c^)/^l a^dh. 

L/^1/^^ ^L**^*^* Thrones. 

ij^\j£>\ a^dd, Honours, reputations. 

I^rdd, Aversion, detestation. Turn- 
ing away the face, declining, shun- 
ning, avoiding, flying from, op- 
posing. j^^J^^jfl^, An accidental 

TJ^^ *tr^' Lame by nature,, cripple 
from the birth. 

jcS a^f More or most powerful, 
Glonous, excellent. Dear,esteemed. 

Alii j£l, May God glorify. 

\jsS a^fsza (plur.). Excellent, rare, 
incomparable, glorious, powerful, mag- 
nificent, dear, precious, yenerable, revered, 

^\js\ a^h, A bachelor, maid, un- 
married person. 

j\j&\ »&2(22, Magnificence, honour, 
respect, reverence, reneration. 

l^\Jmx] i^hdh, Producing green 

herbage, grassy, luxuriant. 
jluLcl a^hdr, Tenth parts. 

^luufl a^shdshy Kests of birds that 
build in trees. [sinews. 

c^Lxcl a^dh, Nerves, tendons, 

jLicl fl^«ar, Ages, times. Forenoons. 

Ikfl i^d, Giving, offering, bestow- 
ing, presenting. 

uJlkcl a^dfy Favours, affections, 
attachments, benefits, bounties. 

Ja^\ a^m, Greater, greatest, su- 

perior, supreme 

4-jUfil a^MJ, Offspring, children, 

frandchildren,po8terity,ancestor8. Heels, 
he last days of a month. Marks, traces, 
footsteps, or any vestiges left behind. 
I^aby Leaving offspring behind. 

j\aC'\ i^kdr, Possessing many fields 
or estates. 

jJacI a^l, More or most wise or 


1&\ a^dy Higher, most high, sub- 
lime, excellent, superior, supreme. 

/*lcl a^/a;/»,Flags,standards, ensigns. 

I^ldniy Information, signification, 

advice, announcing, indicating, 

teaching, certifying, giving notice. 

jX^\, To give information. 

^1} /Ji£'\ i^dm ndmah, A procla- 

fjip\ i^dfiy Publishing, divulging, 
making manifest. 

Jlc^ a^laniy More or most learned. 

Wise, learned. AclaJJI, God 

knows, or Gods knows best. 

jJlcI a^\ Superior, supreme, more 

" or most high. 

axI a^ammy'MoBt common, universal, 
' concerning all. 




Jlfl aMdl, "Works, actions. 
/^[f\ a^dmy Paternal uncles. 

iiXf\ a^idat, Pillars, pilasters, 
columns, props, supports, tent-poles. 

^\ a^a\ Blind. 

jLcl a^dk, Necks. 

f^\i^] a^nan, Bridles. I^n, 
Bridling, checking with the reins. 

(^\^\ a^todm. Years. 

^t^l a^dn, Aids, assistances. 

-p.ft^l a^af, Crooked, hooked, 

j^\ a^ar, One-eyed. 

jLfrl a^ddy Solemnities, festivals. 

^J^\ a^dn. Great men, grandees. 
a^-L!1j^Lc1, The senators, the 
chiefs or elders of the people. 

^j^\ a^un, Eyes. 

IcT dghd, A great lord, nohleman, 
head, chief master, commander. 

ij\i.\ ighdsat, Succour, relief. 

JLl^Ul ighdzatf Enraging, raising 

(Jlc^ a^^<2nz, Songs, musical modes. 

t-^Liiil ightirdh, Becoming foreign, 
trayelling into foreign parts. 

iljLcl tghtirdr, Ambition. Being 
deceived. Being foolish, uncircumspect. 

JLuikil ightudly Ablution, washing 
of the body. 

t^\,aas\ ightisdh, Seizing yiolently. 

aLcxI ightimdm, The being sad, 

aUi^I tghtindm, Getting spoil or 

JLxcl ightiydly Assaulting, rushing 
upon or attacking suddenly. 

^*xcf 4]f^Ad^0^, Meats, Fictuals. 

\ji\ aghirrdy Such as are deceived 

with vain hopes. Ighrciy Impulse, in- 

ir^jsS aghrdSy Young shoots that 
are transplanted. Proselytes (as being 
newly planted in the church). 

^]j£'\ aghrddy Designs, intentions, 
ends, views, machinations. 

^js\ ighrdky Drowning, plunging, 
emerging, throwing into (water).. 

i^Lail aghsdny Branches. 

Liil tghdd, Contracting or knitting 
the brows. Turning away the face. 

\^\ir\ aghtlyaty Coverings, veils. 

JUil ighfdly Neglecting. Causing 
one to forget or be negligent. 

jk£\ aghfoTy Most merciful. 

\s\ ighldy Being deeur, of great 
price. Rising in value. Boiling (as a 
pot). Becoming or making dear. 

jjlcl aghldhy Locks, bars, bolts, 
chains, or any fastenings for a door. 
Ighlaky Shutting, locking, or fastening 
a door. 

Jlcl aghldly Chains. 

(..^^JlcI aghkhy Superior, supreme, 

'stronger, strongest. More or most 

ujziil aghlafy XJncircumcised. 

\as\ aghmdy Fainting. Faintings, 
. swoonings. 

c\as\ aghmdd, Sheaths. 

Ixcl ighndy Enriching. 

^Uil aghndmy Sheep, flocks. 

Lxcl aghniydy The rich. jUxct 

La3, The rich and poor. 

<Uicl aghniyaty Music, melody, 
modulation, a certain musical mode. 
A song. 

\y\ ighwdy Seduction, temptation, 
seducing, leading astray^ deluding, de- 
ceiving, tempting, inspiring or suggest- 
ing evd. 




<JL^\^\ aghawdt (plur. of \i\), 
Lords, chiefs, commaiMlers. 

^jM^it^ysS a^hmtus, The month of 

Cl^UT dfat, Misfortune, calamities, 
losses, injuries, evils. 

l^\i\ ifdhat, Diffusing odour. 

;.U ^ afdkhim (plur.), The greatest 
(in rank, price, etc.) 

jlil ifad or sS[i\ i/ddah, Giving or 
allowing profit, emolument, or 
advantage, assisting, serving, bene- 
fitting, doing good. Profiting. 
Teaching, informing, instructing. 
jUI, To teach and demonstrate. 

ifjlil i/ddat, Profit, advantage. 

Jyilil afddtl. Learned, virtuous, 
excellent (men), philosophers, doctors. 

^cli\ afd^, Serpents, vipers. 

jli\ afdkf Horizons, quarters of the 
heavens, of the world, or universe. 

tSU\ afdki, Horizontal, universal. 
**A horizontal watch or tim^ piece. 

\sj\ iftdy Eesolving a question of 
law, or a case of conscience. 

-.\i2il iftitdhjj A beginning, com- 
mencement, opening, aperture. Conquest, 

^\^j\ iftihdSf Disquisition, inves- 
tigation, examination, enquiry, informa- 

jladjl ifiihhdr, Glory, honour, grace, 
-fldiil, To glory in any thing, to 
boast of. ^j^V\^,^\^\JJ^\, 

The most glorious of the most honoured 
and most noble (a mode of address in 
writing to great men). 

\jii\ ifiird, Calumny, falsehood, im- 
position, unjust imputation. 

^J^^ ifiirdhf Separation. iJlasT 
jlyxi^l. In a state of separation. 

JL^l iftudlf Disjunction, separa- 
tion, dissection, cutting off, transplanting. 

J^:''^ aflwily The males of animals^ 



sjs?\ afkham, Greater, greatest. 

\sj\ ifddt Exacting a ransom from 
a captive. 

^\ji\ q^d A, Delights, pleasures, joys. 

AjsS afrdhh, Young birds. 

jLil afirdd, Individuals, singular 
numbers, single ones. 

j\j5\ ifrdz, Separating, distinguish- 
ing, withdrawing, sequestering. 

^1^1 afrds, Horses, mares. 
t]^l i/rdt, Excess, superfluity. 

ffy\ ^franj, The Franks, French, 

the Crusaders of all nations, the Christians 
in Palestine, and other places in the East, 
and in general all Europeans. 

iJiy\ -d(/rf^l, An African. <Uaj Jl, 
^frJktyah^ Africa. 

<^Js\ ifisd^y Frightening, terrifying, 

confounding, distracting, striking with 

4>Ui1 tfsdd, Corrupting, vitiating, 
destroying, adulterating. 

fj*ui\ afsahf More or most wretched, 

wicked, rascally, villanous. 

^>^Jm**.i^ afsantlnf Wormwood. 

luui^ ifshdy Divulging, revealing, 
publishing, disclosing. 

j\m3\ afshdry Speaking idly or ob- 

U-Ladl ifidhan^ Clearly, distinctly. 

^\ afsah (or ^1^\^\), More 
or most eloquent. 

J^dil afdaly More or most excellent, 

virtuous, distinguished, eminent, learned, 





ju] %f^ (or^^), A large venom- 
ous serpent, a Tiper. 

^\ ufk or ujuk^ The horizon. 

jUi! ifkar^ Making poor, impoverish- 

^\ afka/Ty Poor, poorest. 

j^\ afkavt Thoughts, opinions, 
oounsels, advices. Concerns, cares. 
Doubts, perplexities. 

ij:Sii\ iflaty Escaping, flying away. 
Setting at liberty, aiding one to make 
his escape. 

{jMii\ iflds, Bankruptcy, the heing 

^Ui! aflahf The Assures or interstices 
between folding doors. Iflahy Walakia. 

lLS^\ a flak f The heavens, heavenly 

-»^yl afwdj, Crowds, troops, herds, 
flocks. In crowds. 

A^\ afwdhy Mouths. 

a\^\ afhdm, Intellects, understand- 
ings. Jfiam, Teaching. 

JLj^ afydl, Elephants. 

^^\ ofyun, Opium, poppy juice. 

^^U1 ahdrih, The nearest kindred, 
kinsmen, relations. Affinities. 

aJUI akdllin, Climates, countries, 
regions, kingdoms. 

^\j\ tkdmat, Stopping, resting, 
staying, standing still. 

^U1 akdnlm, Persons, individuals. 

iJjjUl akdwll, Sayings, speeches, 

words, opinions. Agreements, compacts, 

J LSI ikhdl, Good fortune, pros- 
perity, felicity. 

JLil ikhdlan, Prosperously. 

^\ akhah, More or most hase, 
mean, infamous. 

ca*^LJ>I #;^//m^ Borrowing (fire 

from another). Deriving, acquiring, 
procuring, gaining. Asking, begging. 
Acquiring uiowledge. 

Ijci! fktidd, Imitation. ^.^JcJl, To 

jIjcjI iktiddr, Power, force, au- 
thority. j\ Jcj \ c^^-«»- L», A power- 
ful, potent, capable, able man. 

1^1^! iktirdn^ Association, union. 
Copulation. Conjunction (of the planets}. 

Algucil iktisdm, A division, par- 
tition. Dividing. d^l^^UlMcil 
The division of the inheritance. 

j[,asj\ iktisdr, Abbreviation, abridg- 
ment, restriction, j^asj], To 

\,aai\, iktiddy The exigency of the 

thing, time, or place. 

uJlkJl iktitdf, Pulling, plucking, 
gathering, cropping (fruits, flowers, etc.) 

\jcj\ iktt/d, Eollowing, walking in 
the steps. 

\xij\ iktind, Acquiring, possessing, 
gaining, receiving. 

^\uzj\ tkttnds, Hunting, chasing. 
^\i)3\ akddh, Cups, goblets. 

/*1jj1 akddm, Feet. Steps, paces. 
Ikdam, Care, solicitude, attention, en- 
deavour, diligence, application, study, 

(jmJj! akda8f Pure, most pure; 
holy. [ancient. 

^Jil akdam, Former, first, more 

~\^\ ikrdh, Ulcerating, becoming 

jUj^ akrdd, Male baboons. 

j\^\ ikrdr, Affirmation, confirma- 
tion, assurance, promise, agreement, 
establishment, attestation. Confession, 
acknowledgment of faults, telling the 

f^\yi\ ikrddy Lending, giving credit, 



^^\^\ airdn. Peers, pairs, (equals, 
of the same age, etc.) 

L^3\ akrah, Nearer, nearest. 

\ij\ ahrdbd, Kindred, relations, 
friends, allies. 

c ^1 ahra^ Bald (from disease). 

<*Lyil aksdm, Portions, parts, di- 
visions, classes. Oaths. 

^^^ai\ aksa, Far off, more or most 
remote. Longest. d^bUll^*.^!, 

The extremes, terms, boundaries; the 
accomplishment, completion, prafection, 

^^idSl aMa*, More or most judicious 

acute, penetrating. ifL^l^^^ 

uXid(^ rkudatf The most intelligent, 
penetrating judge. 

JU0aS\ akdiyatf Judgments, decrees, 

predestinations, fates, deaths, chances, 

jUaSl aktar, Tracks (of the heavens). 
Districts (of country). Sides. 

clLil ahtd^ Sections, divisions. 

jECerdl (of oxen), flocks (of sheep), as 
being distinct and separate bodies. 
Ikta^, Cutting, lopping. Assigning 
Umds on feudal or copyhold tenure (as a 
prince to a subject). 

uJUajl i^<S/,Being near the vintage- 

J^\ ahtdn, Cottons. ^'^''' 

^oi\ akta^, More or most acute 
or acid. 

jUSi ikfdr, The being ruined, deso- 
late, desert (house or country). 

^Uit ak/ds, Cages, gratings. 
fj\ij\ tkfdl, Locks, bolts, bars. 

JjUjb^, Less, least. dOlMilJjl 

mkali^F mamalik. The least of the king- 
doms or provinces. 

c^l ikld^ Eradicating, extirpating, 

polling np by the roots. Akiafif Castles ; 

25 \^ 

/^ij\ akidm, Pens 

aJJI ikhm, A dime, climate, dis- 

* "trict. 

jUjI akmdr, Moons (from the third 
day to the twenty-sixth ; the two 
first and two last days being called 

J)U). . 

^\aj\ ^Imd^ Subduing or command- 
ing one's self. 

^Jmaj\ akmishat, Eobes, cloths, or 
stuffs of silk. 

<Ud^1 akmi^at, Shirts. 
cLSl Iknd^, Satisfying, rendering 

Ay3\ aknUm (or uhnilm)^ A sub- 
stance or principle, a person of the Holy 

C^Ijj! akwdt, Yictuals, aliments. 

(jmIjjI akwd8, Bows for shooting 

arrows ; also bows for separating cotton. 
Arches. Cubits. 

(J\y\ akwdl, Words, sayings, sen- 
tences, opinions. Agreements. 

/^\^] akwdm, Peoples, nations. 

^yl akwam, More or most right or 

^5JJ^ akwa\ More or most strong, 
potent, powerful, firm, robust, 

valiant. ^\,^^\, May God 
strengthen, or confirm. 

\iy\ akwvyd (plur.), Powerfid, firm. 
Strong, potent, robust. 

jLil akydd^ Fetters, chains, straps, 

belts, or ligaments of any thing. Bules, 
regulations, compacts, bargains, articles 
of agreement. 

ji^\ akdhar, The rich, powerfiil, 
grandees, nobles. 

(•.^jl^l akdzih, Liars. 

Aj\^\ akdrim (jjlur.V TbftTSiS«^.\va- 
ble, gtandeeft* 





8j>J^\ aidiirah, The Cosroes, kings 
of Persia, a family surname or title, like 
the CsBsars, the Ptolemies, the Pharoahs, 

a\^\ nkdm, Hills, heights, rising 
grounds, heaps of stones or earth. 

jL^I akhdd, Livers, hearts. 
j^\ akhoTf Greater, greatest, naost 
powerftil. Supreme. j^\^\f God 

is most powerful. 

tmJ\3^\ aktdf, Shoulders. 

JWi^) iktihal, Anointing or rub- 

hing the eyes with a collyrium or eye- 

c^^Iam:;^^ iktudh, Gain, acquisition. 

Ui^) ikiifd, The being sufficient, 
enough; contentment. 

■^\ aksar, More or most numerous, 
copious, plentiful. More, many, fre- 

Suent, the most or greatest part. For 
tie most part, in general. 8ome, many, 
certain (men). 

j\t^\ akddr, Troubles, difficulties. 

^j\ jk^l tks^h, Detecting a lie, com- 
pelling one to lie, preying one to be a liar. 

\^\ ihrd, Hiring, letting. 

Lmj\S\ ihrdh, Affiicting, troubling, 
yezing, distressing. 

o\^\ ahrdd, The Curds, a people in- 
habiting part of Ohaldea, Assyria, and 

a\^\ ihrdm, Honour, respect, yene- 
ration, reyerence, obseryation, ciyility. 

if\^\ ihrdh, Ayersion, horror, abomi- 
nation,disgu8t,abhorrence. Hatred. 

^i\jS\^^ ^ala' ikrdhin, With 
ayersion, unwillingly. 

A^\ ahram. More noble, great^ or 
benign ; greatest, supreme. 

^•^\ uhrUfnat, Honour, glorj, no* 

bility, erandeur. generosity, liberality, 
benienify, benenoeiice, oldmeiK^, grace. 

jUm^I iksddf The being dull, languid 


,^^\ ahah, Weak, powerless in 
^the hands and feet, lame, unable to moye 
from a place. 

j^^\ iksir, An elixir, the philoso- 
pher's stone. Essence. 

J^\ aktlf Eating, devouring, cor- 
roding, consuming. c-^^^J^I, 
Meat and drink. 

JJi^l ikUl, A crown, diadem, chap- 
let, wreath, garland. kl^UJ^JJi^^ 
tkUiiV malih, The royal crown. 

JU^l tkmdl, Perfection, completion, 
performance, fulfilling, accomplishing. 

a\a^\ akmdm, The cups, follicles, 
or outward, leayes of young unblown 
flowers. Sleeyes. 

i^\ akamat, A hill, a hei^ of 
stones, rising ground. 

fj^\ akmaly More or most perfect. 
(^U^l akndfy Parts, sides, enyirons, 

quarters, tracks. Shares. 

A^\ akwdkh, Cottages (those espe- 
cially which are made of reeds, and haye 
no windows), 

j\^\ ahwdty Cups, goblets, tankards. 

Jj^l akul (or J 1^1 akkdl), Glutton- 
ous, yoracious, deyouring, consuming, 

^jmL^\ akydi, Purses. 

JL^t alyd^. Measures (of grain, etc.) 

Ju^l ak^d, Certain. 

J^^ aklly An eater. 

Jt aly The Arabic article answering 
to the, 

JT dl, Ofbpring, posterity, progeny, 
descendants, fSeimily, house, race, 

dynastyfj^UlcJI, The posterity 

of Otman or Othman {gasman) the first 
king of the Turks, the royal family of 




)1 tAdI, Fnleas, except, beddes, other- 
wise, unless that. i\^ wa iUd^ 
Yet, nevertheless, otherwise, if 
not Jl ma (for J^), To, nntU, 
unless, at, with. And (for ^\). 

C^lTf dldt, Instruments, ntensils, 
lyyparatDs, tools, anus, harness. 

cJST a2d/(or uJi\ uldf, Thousands. 

a) I aldm, Cares, griefs, pains, mis- 
fortones. Sicknesses. 

^\^'i\ (Udfndn, Grace, favour, mercy, 
quarter. Pity. AlatHan, A German. 

^\ aldn, Kow, presently, at this 
time, now-a-days. 

si\ Hah (or ^1), A god, a Pagan 
deity; (Omnipotence being ex- 
pressed by i^\ dUahUj contracted 

from ^t J1, the radical \ coalesc- 
ing with the article) .. 

dJbiS ildhat, A goddess. 
^"iS ildkl, Divine. ^^1^ Jo:, 
Divine knowledge, thedog^, metaphysics. 

mj\^\ alhdh, The heart, marrow, 
bow^b, snbstanee of any thing. 

jUI alhddy Felt-cloths, such as are 
pat under saddles. 

(jm\J\ alhOif Clol^es, habits. Ilbds, 
Patting on haMts. 

^\ Mattah, Certainly, necessarily, 

in eyery manner, altogether, npon the 

4mJ1 albisatf Cloths, vestments, gar- 
ments. if^U^MuJl, Bich dresses. 

it .«v 

4Jt dlaty An instrument, utensil, 
tool, apparatus, harness. 

fMiLsSl tUtbds, The being obscure, 

intricate, doubtM. Confusion, intricacy, 

^bsJI iltisdm, A kiss. Eissing. 

Uill iUijd, Hying for reftige (to a 

man or place). Petition, representation ; 
retnming, recurring. 

IfidLll iUihd, Becoming bearded, get- 
ting a beard. 

jl^l Utihdkf Being joined, ad- 

- hering. 

I^l^l iUihdm (a wound), Being 
filled up with flesh, closing up, healing. 
(A battle), growing hot, fierce, desperate, 

jf jcJ! iU%%d%y Tasting, savouring, 

/^\j:i\ t7^«iBdm, Taking upon one's self, 

charging one's self with. Hire, 

rent. Lease. Embracing. UhJ!, 
Necessarily, consequently. 

d^U:;!! tltifdt, Eespect, esteem, 

courtesy, reverence, veneration, honour, 
l>eneTolence,receiving politely,oherishing. 

l&Jt iUikd, An interview, meeting, 

conversation, audience, encounter, min- 
gling together. 

tU^ll f^^fi^a^. Collecting or gathering. 

i^LcJ^ tltimdSy Praying, supplica- 
ting, petitioning. 

\y\\ tUiwd, Complication, involution. 

c-^lfJf iltihdhy Inflammation, burn- 
ing. A fire burning fiercely. 

^\ allatl (relat. fem. pron.), "Who, 
which, that. 

aXs^S ilfdm, Bridling. Bridle, rein. 
iAJS^\ aljimat, Bridles, reins. 
j^\ (dfah'f Algebra. 

^^ie\ ilchl, An ambassador, pleni- 
** potentiary, envoy. Legate. 

-.Wl tlhdh, Importunity, solicita- 
tion, urgency. 

c\^\ tlhddf Impiety, irreligion, in- 
fidelity, heresy. 

J^lsM Hhdnly Upon t\v^ ^^^v'^^ 
fine, to torn "v^ c2i!L 

Jl\ 28 

jUrt ilhdkf Addition, joining, 
coupling. • 

JU^t ^Ad/, Now, at present. i]\js^] 

xdJby Now, this being the case ; 
things being thus situated. 

aIs^! Uhdm, Consolidating, joining 

^Is)! alhdn, Notes, sotuids, modu- 
lations, tones. 

fj^\ dlhakk, In reality, truly, cer- 
tainly, surely, the truth is, in fact. 

ji\ alatsi, Sweeter, more delightful. 

i^^\ alaizi (the relative masc. pro- 
noun), Who, which, that. 

^\J\ ihdk, Joining, cementing, 
gluing. [ling. 

^\J\ il%dm, Necessitating, compel- 

1^^ ahanif More or most necessary. 

^J*i^\ aUun (or ^xJl), Tongues. 
Languages, dialects, idioms. 

aIuu!1 Ash^shdm, Syria, Damascus. 

uJlDl altdf, Benefits, favours. 

jUSt alghdZf Enigmas, riddles, mys- 
teries, unintelligihle discourses. 

ujill alfy A thousand. 

i^Uil alfdty Words, vocables, terms. 

^) idfat^ Friendship, attachment, 
&miliarity, companionship, intimacy. 

jUill (^J) tU'Vfahdr, The famous 

sword which Mahomet alleged he had 
received from the angel C&briel, and 
presented to his son-in-plaw Ali; with 
which (according to the Moslem his- 
torians) he made prodigious slaughter 
among the enemies of the faith. 

c^Ull alJcdhy Titles of honour, ap- 
pellations, epithets, additions, surnames. 

^jI^I AlkUrdn, Koran, or, with 
the article, Alcoran, 

idJI Allah, God : The God, by way 
of eminence (being compounded of 


the article J^, the, and il\, aGod) ; 
to which the following and such 
like epithets are generally added, 

God knows.^1 <d!t, God (is) great- 
est, omnipotent, ^fdl^b. Blessed 

God! A^j^^dJ^, God is good, benefi- 
cent (a consolatory ejaculation). 

Jl alam, Grief, trouble, affliction, 
' an^ish, misery, distress, anxiety, care, 

sohcitude, sadness, yezation, agony, pain, 


(jmUII almds, A diamond. 

^USl Hmd^ Shining, making a 

brilliant appearance. 

-.Ij!^ altodh. Planks, boards, tables. 

f^\^\ alwdn, Colours, of various 
sorts and colours. 

uJjS^ ulnf. Thousands. Aluf, Very 

^j!! uluhiyat, The deify. 

^1 ilah (for ii\ tldh), A god ; though 
sometimes used to express Om- 
nipotence, ^^LtilaJl The God 

of worlds. 

(^\^\ ilhdh, Inflaming, kindling. 

^l^^ Hhdm, Inspiration, divine reve- 
lation, ^yifll and cibj|*lfll. 
The inspiration of Qod. 

i^\ alihae, The gods. Jlakat, A 
goddess. A false god, an idol. 

^\ ilahl, Divine. My God ! 

God! ^^JIaI^, Divine know- 
ledge. ^ * 

Li^\. ilhiyat. The divinify, deity. 

^\ ila% To, until, even to, as ficff as. 
J^j^]/^'\^\, TTnta, the end of 
time. J\^\ (or JIUJJb^)V 

UT 29 

Tin now, till this time, until this 
hour. j^T J^jTTntilthat. ^jitJ^ 
\jJb, ITntil this day. il^^^l, 
Ad infinitam, for ever. jJI^^^, 
TJntiL uXSi;-i*i^l, Et cetera, 
etc. U^^, So long as. ^^Ji^\, 

Whither ? tlCl 1 c-^Jbil, Go about 

jour business, what ooncem have jou 
in it? 

^j4mJ\ tdoffsa, Is it not ? 

imJ^\ aiify A companion, comrade, 

intimate friend, fayoiirite, funiliar, do- 


aJI aiim, Grieving, painful, c^l Jlc 
aJ^ An infernal torment. 

a\ am, Whether? 
a1 umm, A mother. 

Ul amd, Is it not ? 

Ul ammdy But, however, notwith- 
standing, nevertheless. Imnia, But if, 
imless. Inidy Female slaves, maid-ser- 

(JL^Ufl unmat^ Mothers, roots (plur. 
of 1*1 umma above). 

JjUfl amdsil, Equals, peers, nobles, 

grandees, free men, eminent, conspicuons, 
distingaished men. Likenesses. 

J^L«1 <i»ta;iii(^,More or most glorious, 

ij\^\ amdratf A sign, mark, signal. 

Imarat^ A government, a district under 
the anthori^ of a governor. Dominion, 
power, authority, sovereignty. 

^^L«l amdhin. Places, mansions, 

JL«T dnULl, Desires, hopes. Signs, 

signals. JU)tl(..^lj, (God) the 
gniiter of desinef. 

f\^\ amdm, Befbre (in point of 

time and place). Imam, A head, chief, 

^Ul amdHy Security, safety, peace, 

tranquillity, protection. ^;t«!lf, 
Quarter! mercy! 

'&U1 arndfiat (or ^Ul), A deposit, 
trust. Security, safety. 

M amat, A female servant, a hand- 
maid. Ummat, Beligion, a sect, people 
of the same belief. 

Jlli^l imtUdl, Obedience, obsequi- 

^^l^L«l imtthdn, An experiment, 
attempt, proof, examination. 

L^\ d^UWL^l, Divine tempta- 

fc>^Ja^\ imtiddd, detraction, pro- 
longation, production, extension, 

prorogation. ^^UjJ\jlja.^l, Pro- 
tracting time, length of process of time. 

-prhi^f mttzdj, Union, mixture, con- 
junction, concord, companionship, living 
together as man and wife. 

^JC>^\ amti^t, Goods, wares, mer- 

cLo^l imtind^ Abstinence, refusal. 

^T^l:jL^1 imtindn, An obligation, 

heing obliged to one for a &vour re- 
ceived. Gratitude. 

;Lx^! mtiyd%y Separation, distinc- 
tion. Pre-eminence. 

Jll^l am»dly Fables, proverbs, 

J^l aiMolf More or most like. 
Most excellent, most proper for imi- 
tation, most praiseworthy. 

Jus^f amjad, Greater, greatest, most 

S/t\ atnad, The end, extremity, 
boundary ; age, term of life ; catastrophe. 






j^\ amr, A. thing, business, affair, 

action. m^j^\, An affair of im- 
portance. Amr, A mandate, edict, 
decree, precept, command, diploma, 
commission, ordinance, instruc- 
tion, brief. j^\, To command. j^\ 
tmarTj More bitter. 

\y\ umardf Princes, grandees, no- 
bles, governors, emirs. 

fjo\j^\ amrdd, Diseases, maladies, 
distempers. li^s^^\j^\, Vari- 
ous infirmities. ^^.^JLIj^L^^, 
Phlegmatic diseases. 

0^\ amrady Beardless, handsome 


jjjy^l amSf Yesterday. 

(il/Lu^^ imadk, Parsimpny, saving- 
neas, abstinence. 

tluL^I amahdt, Combs. 

.C^L«1 amsdr, Cities, great cities. 

Ld^^ imdd, A subscription, signature. 

,^^\ amda\ Kore or most acute, 
" penetrating, prominent. 

jlix^f amtdr, Eains. ImtdTy Causing 
to rain. 

U^! am^y Intestines. 

^U^l im^n, Guarding carefully. 

Looking intently, gazing, considering, 
penetrating, reflecting, speculating. 

j^l^l imhdny Possibility. 

^jC«\ umhmay It may be, it is 


hS^\ amkmat, Places, stations, man- 

J-^1 amal, Hope, desire. 

t^\ imld, Completing, filling up, 
completion. Writing, writin^^ correctly 
orthographically. line writing, ortho- 

l1/Xw) amWc, Gt}ods^ riches, pos- 

(jJl«1 amloMy Even, level, equal, 

flat, steep. 

^ umam. People, nations, sects, 
' religions. 

^1 aman, Security, tranquillity, re- 
pose, peace, liberty, safety. ^^^T 
amaHf The best, the most sincere. 

liw^l umindy Tax-gatherers, collectors 
of revenue. Superintendents, su- 
pervisors, L:Ji<Xu|^Li^^, We be- 
lieyed and acknowledged as true. 

<Lw«1 vmniyaty Security. 
2j\y\ amwdt, The dead. 

-.1^1 amtpdjy Waves, billows. 

J 1^1 amwdl, Eiches, wealth. Qoods, 
effects, possessions. 

if\y\ amwdh, Waters. 

jy\ umuTy Things, affairs, actions. 

Acts, deeds, businesses. SLi>A^jyt\ 
Good, beautiful, elegant things. 

/^j..A^\jy\, Public, or state af- 

X«l amah, A female servant. 

lu\^\ ummahdt, Mothers. 

Jlf^l mhdl, Prolonging, giving a 

delay, deferring, granting longer time. 
Expecting, proroguing. 

^^] ummi, Maternal. ZTmrnl, ami, 
^or uml, An idiot, one who can neither 
read, nor write. 

JL^I amydl, Miles. 

j^\ amir (or j^), Prince, chief, 
leader, nobleman, lord, a governor, 
commander, or person who rules 

over a number of people. j^\ 

\jy*l\y The amir ul umra, prince 
of princes, a viceroy or go- 
vernor of a great province. -^1 
i^^«N^\, The general of an anny, 


J 81 

\r^^^9 The commander 

of the faithful. '^\;i^^p The 

prefect, or chief of the pilgrims, one of 
the most hononrahle employments in the 
Appointment of the KhaHft. 

T dminy So let it be! ameaf 
^j^\jii\f^j\l^j^] , Amen, God 

of both worlds! 
^^^^1 amln, Secure, safe, free. 

Faithful, constant. ^f-r«^^^j^^» 
The faithful spirit (a name by 
which the Mahometans distinguifih 
the angel Gabriel, it being by his 
ministry that they suppose Ma*> 
homet receired the Alcoran, verse 
by Terse, as the faithful dictates 

of Omnipotence). ^j*^\ Amln 
ia a title frequently bestowed upon 
goremors of cities or castles, as 

ol jJbiJjjj-*^!, The governor of 
the castle of Baghdad ; and some- 
times implies the Intendant of the 

revenue, as (j^^*>!^^^;*^^> The re- 

eeiyer general, the superintendent of the 

L^\ (j-iJw^U-)y5«»»^» 5ml urn- 

miyah, The temple of the sons of Ommiah 
(a chorch in Damascus, dedicated to St. 

^j\ any Time, an hour. ^J^\ alan, 

Now, at this time. ^\^J^^ fnin 
alan, From this time, henceforth. 
^^Ujjhjl tW haza' ran. To this 
moment, imtil this hour, hitherto. 
^\ an, That. ^^^J\ »^' an, Until 
that. As 1^1 UJ hmmd an, After 
that. ^\_Jl£ ^ala* an. So that. 

Not. AsciJ^Ai^^^Allb, ByGod 
I did not do it. 


^1 in, I£, at any time, if so be. As 

^ILlj^l, If God pleases. ^1 

[jdJ^\^ Ujutf, If true and if 

false, whether true or false. J^] 

in lam, If not, unless, except. 

^l(J..w^.^ haysa in, Where, in 

which place. 

^1 anna and ^i annahu, Since, be- 
cause, but that, that. As CJj^'i 
^1 la ihalcha anna, There is no 
doubt but that. ^\^1p ^ala* anna, 
So that, fji li anna or iji U an- 
naha, Since, because that. <oiv-^ 
md anna. As &r as, whilst, until, 
so long as. L»,**Jlci^^lU<Juuitf 

ASfT, 1 will not do that so long 
as the stars are in heayen. 

fj\ inna and ^\3 fa inna; ^] in- 

nahu and ^li fa inndhu, For, for 

certain, truly. v«Dy. indeed. Jlj 

wa inna, For ; hut. 

\j\ and, I (the personal pronoun). 

Ind, A vase, urn. U \ innd, Indeed 
we, truly we. 

Ol}^ f»a* (or JUl), Women. C^Ul 

jSi^ ^, Women and men. 

J-*fl*-lil andjll. Gospels. 

j\j\ andra, May God illuminate^ en- 
lighten, make clear. 

(jmU\ anda. Hen, certain men. 

^yio\j\ Andtuli, Anatolia, Asia 
" Minor. 
uJ\j\ andf, Noses. 

i]\j\ indlat. Giving, bestowing, 
Causing one to follow. 




J^U\ andmil, Fingers, tips of the 

j[j\ amhdr, Bama, granaries^ maga- 
zines, repositories of grain or other pro- 

IpUmJI imbisdt, Gladness, cheerfol- 
ness, joy, exultation, recreation, jubilee, 
delight, mirth. 

(^UjI imb^Sy Proceeding, issuing 
forth. Sending, mission. 

Lj\ ambiyd, Prophets. 

u:^! anta. Thou. ^^^om^liuoI 

JjJjlj(jL^u:^l anta hasbl anta 

haft y a wadud, Thou art my portion, thou 
art sufficient for me, indulgent (God). 

i\fSJ\ intibdh, Yigilance, circum- 
spection, aaimadTersion, consideration; 
being upon one's guard. 

c^lidl^l intikhdh, Election, selec- 
tion, choice. 

iw^LbCJl mtiidh, Belation, reference, 
alliance, connection, belonging, haying 
regard or respect to. 

j\JSii3j\ intishdr, Explanation, pub- 
lishing, divulging. 
J!ia&j\ intizdr, Desire, expectation, 

an anxious wish to see any person or 

^IkiJl intitdm, Order, disposition, 
regularity. Arrangement. 

iiUi)! inti^sh, Recovering; re- 
gaining easily one's legs after stumbling ; 
falling without hurting one's self. 

Aiaj\ mtijakh, Swelling, becoming 
inflaUid, blown up. Being inflamed. 

f\kj\ intifd^, Usefulness, utility, 
profit, advantage, gain. 

Jlibjl t»^»Xfl/, Transporting, carry- 
ing, transfSerring, emigrating, travelling 
from one place to another. Transposing, 
ffopy'mg. Joying, passing to the other 


a\&j\ i'n^fi^m, Bevenge, vengeance, 

vindictiveness. i«U:J)l|jjJc, (Gk)d) 
The supreme avenger. 

^\ antum, You (masc. plur.) \asj\ 
* antuma, Tou two (dual). 

lfj\ intihd, The end, extremity, 
termination, summit, vertex, top. 
Being finished, terminated, pro- 
hibited. ^UjlllfJlJl, Until tiie 
end of time. ^ 

c^l^l fn^tAd3,Bapine, depredation, 
spoil, booty. 

jlfj\ intihd%, Searching, enquiring^ 
watching for, finding an opportunity. 

\tj\ or Jj\ un8a\ A woman, fe- 
male. ^ 

\sfr\ injd, Liberating. Disclosing, 
revealing. Eetiring. 

c\sfr\ irtfdd, Helping, defending, 


/^Ifisrl anfds, Impurities of all 


c-^1j^\ injizdh, Affection, inclina- 
tion, passion, attraction, enticement^ 
allurement. Being drawn or attracted. 

^l^fisrl infimdd, Congelation, curd- 

J-^1 injll, The gospel. ,J^\ 
if^llJf Evangelical, evangelist. 

i^\ja^\ inhirdff Declination (in as- 

tronomy). Defiexion, inversion, change. 
A disease, distemper, defect. 

Jla^\ tnhildl, Solution, unbinding. 
Being loosed, untied. 

li^fsT^l Mind, Inflexion, inclination, 
bowing, reverence, respect. 

^hkr\ inkhild^ A looseness or re- 
laxation in the joints. 

arjljjl anddzah, An ell, a yard. A 
measure, mode, quantity. 

ijM\jJj\ tndirds, Obliteration, eras- 
ing, being defaced. 





^Jj^ indifiL^, Bepulsioii, removal. 

The being repelled, carried off. 

^^ Jj\ Andalus, Spain, so called by 
tbe Arabians, from Andalusia the pro-. 
Tince, which was first conquered in the 
year of the Hejra 92(a.d. 710} by Tharec 
Ben Ziad, under the Khalifat of Al Walid, 
fhe 13th successor to Mahomet. 

j\^\ tVusar, Ezhortatioii, advice 

mixed with threatenings, deterring, 
putting in fear. 

^1^1 inzi^dj, Agitation, emotion, 

fjMJ\ ins, Mankind. 

*^luJl ansdb, Generations, families, 
lines, successors, progenies, parentages. 

^Luj^ tnsdn, Man. ^^.^t^Ljl, 

The pupil of the eye. tj;U*j5l\^j-.c, 
The eye of a man. 

(JLujl insdnl, Human. ^Ljl in- 

"mniyat, Human nature, humanity. 
Courtesy, civility, urbanity, politeness. 

i^>%>ii3\ ansahf More or most con- 
venient, agreeable, conformable. 

jf Juwf tnsiddd, Being shut, closed, 

\jmj\ inshd, Beginning, creating, pro- 
ducing. Composing or reciting 
(verse). Elegance of style. Form, 

style, composition. ^Uj^\IuJ1 
insM aOahu ta^aW, Jy^\\^\, 

Ejaculations, implying, if it pleases 
Ck>d, Qtod willing, by the blessmg of 
God, etc. 

.|^mJ\ inshtrdh, Joy, gladness, ex- 
pansion of the bosom with joy. 

jl&uJt «»«AiA^^,Being divided, split, 
, deft. Splitting. 

j\0aj\ ansdTf Assistants, defenders, 
amdliarieB, companions, confederates, 
warriors, protectors, (applied particu- 
larly to the citizens of Medina, who as- 
ibtod Mahomet when obliged to fly from 

uJl.^1 (nadff Equity, justice, dis- 
cretion, moderation. 

c-^LmoJI insihdh, Being poured out. 

uJt^l insirdff Eetiring, returning. 

aUm^ \ tndmdm, Increase, augment- 
ation, addition, conjunction, collection. 
Contraction, constraining, coercing, bind- 
ing together. Loying, associating. A^; 

^UaJl antdklf Belongii)g to, or a 
native of Antioch, in Syria. ^Ik) \ 

Aniaklhf Antioch. 

j^l intildJtf Dismission, depar- 
ture, going away. 

aUsJ \ imam, Putting in order, string- 
ing pearls or other beads. Composing 

JUjl in^l, Shoeing (a horse). 

aUjI an^dniy Camels, cattle, ani- 
mals. In^m, A present, gift, 
benefaction, donative, benefit, 

largess. Reward. 4i\96\ in^dm, 
Granting a fayour. 

(^ILuOt incitdfy Being converted, 
inyerted, turned, folded, bent. 

(jwliju\ in^kds, Eeflection^ reper- 
cussion, reyerberation, recoiling. 

wjijl anf, A nose. J.-*-fpl«jJ^, 

The nose of a mountain, t. e, a promon- 

j\su\ anfdr, Soldiers, persons. In- 

^U)\ an/ds, Breathings. 

cU3\ in/d^, Profiting, gaining, being 

S{jij\ infirdd, Singularity. ^<Lc 

j|^31 (or IjJ^I infirddan), 
Singularly, one by one. 

^JJJu\ an/as f More or most precious. 
Anfua, Minds, spirits, souls. Breaths. 

JLifij\ injisal, ^e^aw.\Aati^ ^v?\«tfs^. 
Settling, deddvn%, <iom'^^>3fl^^. 




^su\ anfa^ More or most useful, 

JUajI mfi^l, Affictiony grief. 

jUjI inhd», Setting at liberty, di- 
viding or separating one thing from 

&Uj1 tnka^, Macerating or dissolr- 
ing (a medicine in water) and applying it. 

^jflLftjl inhihdd, Detention, reten- 

tion, impediment. Contraction (of the 

{jo\jAJ \ inkiradf Consummation, end, 

accomplishment^ conclusion, reyolution, 
extinction. [ing. 

I^U^^ inkisamy Dividing, separat- 

Ltfiul inhiddy The expiration of any 

term. The bein^ finished, accomplished, 
completed, fulfilled, terminated, ended, 
determined. Termination. 

ftlLiul inhitd^ Cutting off, rupture, 

separation, disjunction, cessation, detach- 

C-^^1 inkUdhy Bevol]itLon, yicissi- 
tude, change, alteration. 

Lyl anhiya (plur.), Clean, pure. 

jLiut inhiyady Submission, obedi- 
ence, subjection. 

jlxil inkdVy Denial, disavowing, dis- 
approbation, rejectinff, reprobating, aban- 
doning, detesting. Kefusal. 

jC^\ Inhitdr or Angitdr, This is 
the name which the Arabian historians 
of the Crusades have given to Richard 
Cceur de Lion, King of England, famous 
among them for his heroic achievements, 
but particularly on account of the truce 
for which the Great Saladin was obliged 
to sue. One of the articles of this trea^ 
was a marriage between Maleku'l ' Adu, 
brother to Saladin, and the Queen of 
Sicily, sister to Richard, which, however, 
did not take place, the bishops of £Dgland 
insisting that the Saracen prince snould 
become a Christian, which could not be 
complied with. 

4^LXjI m^isdf, An eclipse. The 

beiag^ eclipsed. 

jLaO\ inkisdr, Fracture, rupture, 

rout, defeat. 

uJUfciil inhishdfy Detection, reve- 

\aj\ mmd, Increasing, causing to 

Uj\ tnnamdy Because, since. Only. 
Then, therefore. Surely, certainly. 

Moreover,^ surely not; as, \aj\ 

(♦UjJIjSI^^^-mt^SI, Surely (it is) 
not a favour, unless (it is) complete. 

\aj\ annimdy Calumniators, whis- 

Serers, tale-bearers, sycophants, slan- 
erers who give a malignant interpreta- 
tion to the words or actions of others. 

-. J^ \ unmudqf (or ^f^y^ ^ ) A type, 

symbol, exemplar, specimen, example, 
model. Pattern, sample. 

j\y\ anwdTy Lights, splendours, fires. 
Inwar, Being beautiM, shining, clear, 
apparent, conspicuous. Anwar is the 
title of many books, as, AnwartiVhahiah, 
The shining lights; Anwart/^8aladat, 
The liffhts of felicity; Anwan^rkul, 
The li^ts of the understanding. 

c\y\ antpd^y Sorts, kinds, varieties, 

diversities. Divers, various, several. 
Species, ways, means. 

JLjl anwdly Weaving-looms. 

jy\ antpar, More or most bright, 
luminous, resplendent. Flourishing, 
beautiful, elegant. 

L^y\ an'Ofy Koses. 

ij \ annahuy Because, that. By chance, 
perhaps. Since. How! Innahu, Cer- 
tainly, indeed, surely, yes. 

\^\ inhd, Announcing, signifying, 

advising, advertising, giving to under- 
stand, certifying. 

j\^\ anhdvy Eivers. 

^\^\ inhdd, Exciting, rousing, 
calling out. 

/^J^\ mhiddmy Destruction, jgetdi" 





j^\ anhur, Eiven. Days* 

^|j^\ mhitdm, A defeat^ routi dis- 
comfortnre, OTerthrow. 

C/U^\ inhimdk, Diligence. Ap- 
plying to anything with attention. 

JUk^t inhimdl, Delaying; taking 
time. Baining gently but inoesnntly. 

jLJ\ anydr, Yokes. 

^^^mmj\ anU, A companion, Mend, 

comrade, familiar acquaintance, of the 
same temper, disposition, or genins. 

f^yu^\ anlsUn, Anise, aniseed. 
j\ aw, Whether; or. 

j^^j\ awdkhtTy Extremes, ends. The 
ten last days of the month. See 
^JjIj^ and kwdljl, Modems. Jj^ 

^Ijillj Jj^^S^, The phoenix of the 
ancients and modems. 

/« jtjl awddm, Adams, men. 

Lm*!^! awdiit, The middles, centres. 

Halves, mediums. The ten middle days 
of the month. 

vi^^^ awdMf Ounces. 

j^^j^ awdrntr, Precepts, mandates, 

commands, orders, inhibitions, prohibi- 

^5^1 awdn, Time. f^\j\ dwdn. 
Times, moments. 

(J^jl (Hodnlf Yesselsi vases. 

Jj^y awdyil, (plur. of J^l), The 

first (men}, principals, chiefs. The an- 
cients. Tnefirst ten days of erery month. 

iii\i^ awhdsh, A vagabond, stroller, 

vagrant, idler. A mixed crowd of all 
nations and aU sorts of people, but 
e^Mcially at the meanest; the mob, 
the canaille. 

jU^I moidd, Stakes, polesi pegs, 
pins, props. 

j\jj\ awtdr, Kerves, ligaments^ cordsi 

^Ujt atcsdn, Idols. 

^^\ auy, The top, summiti yertexi 

exaltation, height The altitude or 
ascendant of a planet 

eU»^j^ awfd^y Infirmities, afflictions, 

erils, griofb, erievances, diseases, dis- 
tempers, mala£es. Pains. 

^.^jl awfab, More or most neces- 

^^\ aufuh (or ^j^j)^ Faces. 

JU-j\ awhdl, Soft days. 

j] mohad, Singular, only, unique, 

^L«pl Jjblju^jlyb, He is an 

incomparable man, the phoenix of his 
age. Awhad and atohaa'ud din have 
been adopted as surnames by many 
princes, peers, and other distingmshed 

<0 Jj) atodiyaty Valleys. 

jVjjl awrdk, Leaves (of a tree or of 
a book.) 

^\j^\ aufzdn, Weights, measures. 
^La^! atoBdJchy Pilths, defilements. 

tLi^l awsdty The middle parts, cen- 

jli.«)^l iUtddy A master in any art 
or profession. 

k»dj1 awsat, The middle, medium, 
interval, interstice. Mediocrity, 

moderation. I ^ ]nt^\j\jyi\j^0^ , 
Virtue consists in moderation. 

wmijI awsa^ , More or most ample, 
larger, largest. 

uJUj^ awidff Qualities, endow- 
ments. Specifications, descriptions, 
titles, epithets. Praises, enco- 
miums. Famous addons. v»9L>j1 
X1m«^ , Excellent qualities. 






^\^^\ awtdn, CountrieBi mother 

^^\ awfak, More or most conveni- 
ent, coniformable, proper for the purpose. 

CpUjl awkdt, Times^ seasons^ hours. 

uJli^l awkdf, Legacies, bequests, 
pious foimdations. 

L3j\ mokiyatf An ounce. 

J^\ awkad, More or most firm; 
solid, established. 

J^l aunoal, Pirst. The beginning, 
principal, commencement. Firstly, be- 
fore, at first, as soon as, the first mo- 
ment, long ago, formerly. 

J^l ti!ra/(plur.),First. fj^\awtvala, 


iJ\ awwald, In the first place, first 

of all, before all things, j j^i 

''U^T (or -s^Tj J^), From be- 

ginning to end, from first to last, at 
length, finally. 

Jij\ atffldd, Sons, children, offspring, 
posterity, descendants. 

clX^^jl uldyika, fern. lLS^j\ Hldka 

(the irregular plurals of tl^J 

and CS\J) and uX^ijl (from 

iL^3), Those. 

Jj^0e£'/am,lsitnot? [a^j] awlammd, 
Is it not yet. 

jlj\ ula, Lords, masters, possessors ; 
(also sing.), A lord, master; pos- 
sessed of, haying. jL^SUJ^f , 
Having eyes, %,e. prudent, saga- 
cious, penetrating. j^^\^j^ 1^- 
perors, generals, commanders-in- 
chief. JhJJ^IjJ^^ Priors, abbots, 
or other chiefs of religious orders. 

^j\ awli^, Better, best, more or 
moat excellent wortiiy, fit, sufficient 

jJjl uy (fem.from Jj\), First; as 
Jip\a[>-jJ, The first step. 

jjjl all (jlj\ and l^jl). Possessed 

of, endowed with; as ^_5f-S^^j^ 

Endowed with wisdom, prudent. 

\J^\ awUya (pi. from ^^), Friends 

(of God), saints. Prophets. Fathers, 
princes, lords, masters, chiefe, ministers. 

^jl awwaUn (oblique plur. from 

Jj\), The first. ^,j^'i\i^p\, 
Ancients and modems. 

aIj^^I awhdm, Opinions, conjectures, 

suppositions, imaginations, doubts, sus- 

jjTjl atfft (or i^\ if/i), Repairing to 

any place in order to dwell there ; taking 
a house, carrying to, or receiving into a 
house ; residing in any place, by day or 

if] ah, Ah ! alas ! A sigh. 

_Iljb\ ahdh, Inhabitants, citizens, 

" commons. Possessors. Consorts, 

spouses. Domestics, servants, ' 

people in a family. "Worthy. 

skilful. iiLUJl JU\, The in- 
habitants of the kingdom. 

Julihl ihdnat, Disdain, contempt. 

Ljb\ uhbat, (warHke) apparatus. 

^^^JfLjbf jL^f, He took the ap- 
paratus of the thing, i.e.y he made himself 
master of, he instructed himself in it. 

j\jiib1 ihtizdz, The becoming tu- 
multuous, moved, agitated. Exulting, 
rejoicing. Exciting. 

^Uubl ihtimam, Diligence, care, 
solicitude, anxiety, effort, endeavour, 

\sib\ ihdd and i^dJb\ %hda\ Giving, 
presenting, sending, offering. 

\jb\ ahrd, Bams, granaries, maga- 





y}]/^\ ihrdhy Pouring out. 

M\j!b\ dhr&m (plur.) Old^ decrepid^ 

enfeebled by age. A^ybUl aUhrdMy 

The pyramids of Egypt, on account of 
their great antiquity. 

Jjhl aUy People (belonging to any 
particular person, place, order, or 

'profession). .^jJl^Jjbl, (People 

of the house) domestics. Jjbl 

jyfA\\, (The inhabitants of the 
tomb) the dead. 

\d!^(Ji:jjbl dhMahdlahuU'V 

khayrij God bless you. 

lib\ ahhn (an adverb of depreca- 
tion), Gt)d be with you. Welcome. 

Lw^y^j \jb\, Welcome and wel- 

(^/l<b\ ihldhf Euin^ destruction, 
perdition, murder. 

>^^\ iMllaf, The myrabolan tree, 
a kind of citron. 

j^\ ahamm, Most important. *Jb\ 

jy'i^f The most important things. 

Jl^l ihmdl, Negligence, careless- 
ness, indifference, indolence. Delay. 

\yb\ ahwd, Loves, desires, afiEections. 

^}\^\ ahwdl, Terrors, dangers, 
frightful things. 

JLjbl ahwalf More or most terrible, 

dreadful, horrible, Jyb\U», Ohow 

^^1 ahwan, More or most easy. 

ij^\ ahwiyaty Airs, atmospheres. 
Loves, desires, affections. 

4^\ t, Yes, ay, indeed, certainly. 
Ay, That is, to wit, viz. Ayl or 
AiyUy Whoever, whosoever, what- 
soever, any one, such as it is. 

Who ? which ? wh&t } JL^ ^^\ 

aiyu rqffdi, ^Jj} aiyukum, Any of 
you; or, which of you? ^^;i^(^^ 
aiya him, In whatever time; or, 
in what time ? ^'^ * "^t/^ liaiyi 
Bohabi, On whatever account ; or, 
on what account? j^jJlci^i^l 
aiyuhum fi d^ ddri, Who is in 
the house ? —When the same noun 
that is governed by (^\ also pre- 
cedes, it implies something indefi- 
nite; as J^j^^\jJ^jJl::Jjj^ 
maratu hirafuU toaiyu rqftUi, I 
passed a man ; but what man (I 
do not know) ; or, by way of ad- 
miration ; as sl^ c/fj s^ wi^ 

icaka9a balaa^ waiyu balai, He fell into 
trouble, but such trouble ! 

\A ayd, iydy aiyd, or lyd, ! ho ! 
hola ; have a care ! Aiyd or iyd, 
is also pleonastic particle prefixed 

to personal pronouns; as i^\A 

avydycH I, however, or indeed I. 

C/y aiydJca, Thou, etc. x\A 

atydku, He, etc. U^M or Uio^ 

aiyahumd, You two, etc. U^\ 

aiyahumd, They two, etc. \j[A 

aiydnd, We, etc. ^[A aiydkum, 

You, etc. ^\ aiyahum, They, 

etc., and are governed by the 

verb, either following, as CJ\i\ 

Jlju aiydka na^idu, We adore 

thee ; or preceding, as lL^[Al^ ^ 

daraba aiydka, He beat thee. 

\A iydh. Returning, 

of the Mfioi^SL. Qt^^% 


(^jb\ ayddl, Hands. 
j\A Ayyavj A Syro-macedonian 

month, answering to May. 
^y (yds, Despair. 

i!iXi\ aydlat, Dominion^ a princi- 
pality, goyemment, province. lyalat^ 
Groveming, goyemment. 

m\j\ aiydm, Days, times. 

liM aiydndf TJs. ii\i\ aiydhu, He, 

him. UW, She, her. UJ>M,They 

two. ^\j\ and ^^^ j They, them. 

4^L>\, I, me. See \A ahove. 

^T dyat, A sign, miracle. A yerse 
of the Alooran, a passage in Scripture. 

iA aiyat (or Ucj 1 with the pleonastic 

U), The feminine of ,^\ aiyu, 

aboye. Whosoeyer, whatsoever. Who ? 

aI::j1 aytdm, Orphans, incomparable 

c^larl tjdh, Being necessary. 

jlfijrl ijdd, Invention, discovery, be- 
coming an author, publisher; causing 
one to find. 

jlflsT^ ijdz, Abbreviation, compen- 
dium, abridgement. 

\j\sfr\ ijdzan, Compendiously. 
(^JjI aydl, Hands. 

(^lj\ji\ irda, Making one an heir. 

L&eriting. Succeeding. Producing, 

i>\jl\ Irdd, Producing, exhibiting, 
bringing proof, alleging. 

^^\ ays, Despairing. 

cLj\ Ud^, Enlarging extending. 

j*s*A aytar,Iieft,thelefthand,8ini8ter. 
More or most fortunate. Easier. 

^jluj\ fly«Aa and ji\ (uh{foT^J^i^\ 

aff(^usAaym), What? what WQg? 




how? in what manner? why? 

wherefore? ^JuSi liaysha, Por 
what reason? 

Ld^l aydan, As above, as before, in 
the same manner. Ditto. Again, anew, 
afresh. Hitherto. Also, likewise. 

-.Udjl Iddh, Explanation, elucida- 
tion, declaration, manifesting, makyig 
evident, rendering clear. Coming in 
view, appearing plain. Evidence. 

t»-Ui)\ iddhan, Clearly, evidently. 

UjI ifd, Performing a promise, ful- 
* filling an engagement, keeping &ith. 
Paying, satisfying. 

oUbt ihad, Lightning, kindling, in- 

)o\aA tkdz, Awaking, raising, stirring 

up, exciting, inducing. 
^^\ aykunaf. An image, a picture. 

jjLA ayuhum. Which of you ? Who 
or which are you ? 

Jj^ iyyal, A deer, wild goat. 

-P.L1 ildj. Introducing, inserting, 
putting one thing into another. 

_snll ilehl. An ambassador, envoy. 

JjLl aylnl, September. 

Uj\ Itnd, A nod, sign, signal. In- 
timation, hint. 

\aj\ aiyumd (fem. \asj\ aiyatwnd), 
Whoever, whatever. Who? what? 
(as fc^l atyu). - 

^Uj\ imdn, Faith, belief^ religion. 
Jtbj^UjI, Superstition. 

j^U^l impardtur, An emperor. 

JujI aymmat, Prelates,imams,priesi8. 

^\ ayna. Where! Cijj-#^1, 
Where is your residenoe? 

Ujj \ oyna^yWhereTeriOverywhere. 

^Ijjl oyvd* and Itodn, A liall, court, 
portico, aa open gallery or balcony 
on the top of t£e honse, for ttie 
benefit of the prospect and freab 
air. CjUIjjI aywdndt, Theplaml 

t_> Ba or Si, The seoond letter of 
the Arabic alphabet. It expresses 
two in arithmetic, Mondoj/ as the 
■eoond day of the week, and the 
constoUation Qtmini. By way of 
abbieviAtion it is put likewise for 
ttie month Sm<^ (Uie seventh 
montli of the fuaar year), espe- 
cially in the dates of letters ; 

as, 'V" Ai-. (_J 1« 4 ')jij=^ 
tahriramfl ihamtata ^hara rafai 
utnah taiatv tam&nln. Written (or 
nTsn) on tlie Ifith of tbe montli Siy'ab, 
in Uk Toar S3 (oontiaoted for tha Tear 
1088). * 

<^ H (the inseparable Arabic pre- 
podtion), With, is, becsow, for, dd sc- 
couat o^ by, etc. 

t__)U idi, agate, door. The chapter 
of a, book. An afEiit, bwiBesa, pcont, 
matter, reason, maimer, mode, Idnd, 
■pectea, method, aort 

<^tjj]l1(_»U habu'Vahwah, The gate 
of ^tes, called hj the Fereiaiu Darband, 
or The Barrier, is a itroiif fortresa on 
tlie Caspian S^ and the Doimdarj of 
Penian and Torkuh empirea on that 

of the 

jJ1(_il; hai^t'tuHk, The gate 
rfthe way. 
(_'JJU11^^V SahuTmdndai, The 

SCe ot tein, the (traits or panage into 
) Bed Sea, tq1(^1; called BaMmanM. 
It leeeired this name from the old 
Aiabiani, on acconnt of the donfer of 
the naTJga&nij and tbe nomber or ship- 
wiixitf 0/ wiieh it mu dutiiigiiiBhea; 

' J'' 

which induced (hem to conaider as dead, 

and to wear mourning for all who had 

the boldneea to haiard the paaaKe 

tbroDgh it into the Bea of Oman, ot tEe 

Ethiopic Ocean. 
•c^lj hdiniuf. Camomile. 
—\j hdj, Tiibnte, oostom, dufy, im- 

poit, toll, tax. 
iji/j^h BdkAm, Bacchus. 
^J^^i\i badtl/an, The fhiit mala- 

inaana oi lave-apple, the lolannm pomi- 

fenun of the Bomons. 
^J^^fr>^J hUdmjdn. See ^^WjO . 
.j«u>j\j hddhmy, A building on the 

top of hoiuea in the East, in the form of 

a chimney, having an opening facing the 

weat, which, catcning the breeie, giiea 

a tefi«)ihing coolneaa to the apartmenla 

with which it communicatw. 
^jlj h&di, A beginning. As author, 

acause. ^U^I^jUf, The author 

of mischief. 
ijii\i iddiyah, A desert. Tbe deserts 

of Anbla, inhabited by the Bedonins. 
j\i SSrr, Beneficent, pious. Abatain- 

ing troia. anything unjust ot unlawftaL 
— jlj bdrih, A sultry wind. ^^1^1 

aliarih. Yesterday. 
A»~jIj bdrihat, io~jLl\ aibSrihat, 

•ULi-jlj barkhdnoA, Baggage, par- 

ticolaily mch as kings and great men 

travel witb. Herchandiie transported 

troia one place to another. 
Jjl bdrid, Cold, frigid. J\j^\jjh 

Cold by nature. 
pj\j bdri^ Excelling in virtue or 

j^lj bdrii, Bbining, flashing. A 

bright awerd. 
MC^\i barai aOah, Good God I 

Kay Oo4 pwili.\ 




-jT^b Mrglr, A bearer of loads, a 

baggage-horse, a beast of burthen. 
CJ^jL hdrUt, Gunpowder. 

^^j\i hdrl, God, the divine creator. 

j\) hd%, A falcon, hawk. 

ihL hdzdr, A market, forum, em- 
poriom, market-place. A bargain. 

^l^lj hdzargdn, A merchant, a 

^\j bdas, Adversity, misfortune, 
calamity, pain, affliction. Virtue, 
fortitude, intrepidity, boldness, 

power, strength, ability. (jw*b3. 
It is not bad, there is no evil in it. 

^y^lj hiasrahi, Et cetera, and so 
forth, and thus with regard to the 

rest. /^-i^V (^^ ^/^V)' -^f ^^^ 
whole, every one. 

fj^\j hdsily A strong intrepid man, 
a hero. 

j;Jurfb Idsttlh, The basilik, or great 
artery in the arm. 

J AMdb hdsur, The emrods, piles. An 
hemorrhage or flux of blood at the nose 
and other parts of the body. 

L&L hdshd, A basha (ia corruption of 

LIjIj), governor of a province, 
counsellor of state, great lord; also 
sometimes the grand vizir. 

(jJ^\^ hdshik, A sparrow hawk, a 

Jtlj hdtil, False. Vain, foolish, 
trifling, absurd, ineffectual, frivol- 
ous, futile. Abolished, out of date, 

antiquated, useless. ^L hdtihn, 
Vainly, foolishly, falsely. 

^\j hdtin, Interior, internal. The 
inward part. ^V A/^^> The ex- 

ieiior and Interior, 

JUiiLU Bdtiniahy The Batanians, Is- 
maolians or Assassins, of whom mention 
is so often made in the history of the 

^b hd^ A certain measure, an ell 

(though sometimes signifying a pole, 
perch, etc.) 

c!^^U hd^y An author, cause, oc- 
casion, subject. 

lj\i hdkat, A bundle of odoriferous 

Jilj hdlcal, Name of a stupid igno- 
rant man, who, having bought a 
doe for eleven pieces of money, 
and not being able to tell what he 
had given, in words, held np his 
ten fingers and lolled out his 

tongue ; whence Jjl-J ^\^\y 

More stupid than Bakel (an Arabian pro- 

^|l^ hdlcly Permanent, durable, fixed, 
firm, immortal, everlasting, eternal. The 
remainder, rest. Eemaining, left. 

d^LiU hdhiydt (plur. fem. of the 
above). The remainders, permanent 

^\i hdhi (ij^V)> Weeping, shed- 
** ding tears. 

Jlj hdl, The heart, mind, soul. 

State, condition, work. Solicitous, 

jliJiSU h€l itti/dk, With one consent. 

^^3U hi*! dkhtr, At length, finally, 

or 2r^!IU, At the end of it, lastly. 

j\Jia^'i\) hCl idttrdr, By force, tm- 


LdiJ^b hCliktidd, Prom necessity. 

^Ijulb hi*lhaddhah, Suddenly, un- 

ijmaly Prolixly and compendiously, diffu- 
sively and succinctly. 

^\j^\i bft tamdm^ Totally, entirely. 



JLL^js-b Wljfmlaty Totally, gener- 
ally, imiYenaUy. 

jj\i If I hakk; In truth* Truly, 
certainly, jusily, deeenredly. 

Jls?b hi!l haldl, LawfuUy, 

czjl«xll^ hfzzdt, In person, essen- 
tially, by himself. 

im^\^\} ^''tf^aird^, Justly, properly. 

gj^j0dl\j hfd darUrah, Prom neces- 
sity, by constraint, by force. 

^^o^<^ J^b hCt tidi wa^l ^d, 
At foU extent, in length and breadth. 

4JU haUgh, Arrived, reached, hap- 
pened, come to pass. 

JaaIU hi'l Ji^l, In fact, actually, 
really, effectndly. 

JudtfJb hi^l kasd, On purpose, by 
^design. Wilfully. 

Ll^b hi* I hulliyat, Totally, entirely, 
wholly, nniyersally, all together. 

JUi3U hi^l kamdl, Perfectly, com- 

jJJb»i^A,Byaod! |^l<dib,By 
the great God ! Form of swearing. 

i^^cj-ljllj hi' I fffdjih, Necessarily, 

^jib h&la^h, A hole or sink in the 
middle of honses in the East, into which 
they sweep all the filth. 

JU hdll, Old, worn (garment). 

/yUj^L^b hi amrillahi ta^h*, 
By the command or permission of God. 

Jb\j hdhir, Superior, conquering, 
oyercoming, greater, more excellent. 
Open, public, manifest. 

\jb\j hdhiran, Excellently, publicly. 

Jl^-t^b hi aiyi hdl, In whatever 

«j>b hdyi^, A seller. 

^b hdyin, Distinct. Manifest, clear, 
evident, notoriom. 

f^^ haiilJ, A virgin. Jj^^^/ The 
Virgin Mary. [all. 

lu.^.^ffc'? hajaml^, On all sides, with 
lac^ hahhd, Pronouncing hoarsely, 

iah bah. 

(^lac hahhds, A disputant. 

jlac7 hihdr, Seas. 

c^>.nc7 hahs, Controversy, debate, 
dispute, contest, argument, ques- 

To debate, dispute. 


contend, to enter into argument 

hahr, The sea. Metre, verse, 
k^l^. The sea of China. jO^, 
j.asL'i] (and Jc^]/sr), The Indus. 
The Green Sea, or the Indian 
Ocean. (Mj\Sil\ja:r, The Persian 
Sea. (^]/< or^^-4^5]^. The 
Red Sea. JyJ\jSir^^jAJi\jsrThe 
White and Black Sea {i.e., the 
Egean with the Mediterranean, 
and the Euxine). a^ i]/s^f The 
Boman or Mediterranean Sea. jo^ 
jjs^\ or ^j^AxjjS^, The Caspian 

or Sea of Pontus. j^.sr**^^^. The 

enchanted or heavenly waters 
(those which the Mahometans sup- 
pose to be imder the throne of 

God).^j^^^-flBr, The sea and land. 

f^\jSi^, hahrdn, The crisis of a disease. 

lJ/s^. hahrl, Marine, maritime. 

^^}iJ^ hahrayn (dual). The two 
seas, the White and the Black, the 
Mediterranean and the Euxine. 

c^wuufiKT hahash, According to, in 
the manner of. 


According to the laws. 


Jjj 42 

ha hakk, By^ by the truth (in 

|J UJ di) 1 jL4>ac7 ha hamdiUahi ta^la\ 
God be praised, by the grace of God. 

jys^, hahur, Seas, ij^^ huhof/rat, 
A lake, a small sea. 

j\a^ hukhdr, A vapour, exhalation. 

L£i^fflf7 hakht, Fortune, prosperity, 
felicity, happiness. Luck (good or bad). 
A horoscope, nativity, planet, constdla- 

^tijM.i/v7 hakhshuh, A present, an 

honorary or pecuniary gratuity, drink- 

(Jo^ hukhul, Avarice, parsimony, 
stinginess, sparingness. 

j^ss^, hukhnr, Perfinne, odour, or any 
thing which diffuses fragrance, as 
aloes, musk, thyme, storax, frimk- 

incense, etc. j^j^j^asT {ot jykr 

jl^ll1,]ilaiden-weed; hog'sfennel, 

^^^jykr hukhurji, A perfumer. 

jjjtfsi:^ hakhll, Avaricious, covetous. 

S)^ Id hvM, There is now no flight, 
no retreat ; it becomes necessary. 

si Jj haddiy Beginning. Creating or 
gpiying a beginning. 

(^^\jj haddtoi, Bural, rustic. 

X[1jj haddyatf A principle, begin- 

jjj hadr, Integrity, plenitude, fol- 
ness. The foil moon. 

^ Jj hadrat, A weight of 10000 dir- 
hems, equal to 6666| Attic drachmas. 

c«Xj hada^, Novelty, innovation, in- 
yention, a recent production. Bidaji, 
New, surprising. 

<)bCjj hid^t, Novelty, a bad inno- 
yation, heresy. 

^Jl> hadal^ A succedaneum, substi- 
^te, equivalent, change, exchange, 

altering one letter for another. Jjj 
To make an exchange, give an 

equivalent. ^Ji!^^}*^,^^>^eYe 
for an eye. In place of that 

j^Jj hadtm (pi. (^1 J^l), The body. 

j4Ju hadu or hadaw, Beginning, com- 

v^^ Jj hadawi, Wild, fierce, untract- 

^Jj hadi^, Wonderful, surprising, 
marvellous, astonishing, strange, 
rare. A creator, inventor. «^Jj 
JUjpl, Of astonishing beauty. 

aju Jj hadl^at (fem. of the above), 

A wonderM rare thing (frequentl^r used 
in the neuter sense, like other feminines 
of Arabic adjectives). 

_^jj hadiht, Extempore, impre- 
** meditated. 

jij hazar, Elax or pot-herb seed. 
J harr, The continent, earth, globe, 
terra flrma. jJjjO^,, The sea 

and land. \j)j\ja^, By sea and 

land. Bar or barr^ A desert, a large 
uncultiyated barren plain. 

*j haraa, Creating. Free, exempted, 
safe, harmless, out of danger. E^- 
covering from an indisposition, 

cured of a wounds ]/,(j^ ^^^ 

barra, Outward, foreign, extrinsic. 

CIi^l J hardtf A letter, epistle. A 

royal diploma, breyet, commission, or 

J^ly hardtll, Presents, bribes to a 

^\j) harrdk, Flashing, shining, re- 
splendent, brilliant, bright as lightning. 

^^^\ J hardhln, Arguments, demon- 
strations, evident proofs. 

\Aj hardydf Creatures, ^ij^'^^ls^ 
The creator of men. - 

^jij{ BarhariyahfBaxbary in AMca. 

^ji ^^f -^ castle, tower, fortress, 
wall, rampart, bulwark. Bastion. 
duLfllf ^ ^ , The tower or bastion of 


a castle. Burf, A star, constel- 
lation, the house or station of the 
moon or any other planet, a sign 

of the zodiac. Jj^\^j) , The 

sign Aries. jjil\^j) , Taurus. 

Jj) bard, Cold, frigid. Cooling, a 

^^<jy harddn, Cold, patient of cold. 

<Uv)^ harda^t, A cloth stuffed with 

wool, laid under the saddle, a pannel, 
pack-saddle, dorser. 

^tl^ hurshdn, Bread, used bjr the 

Eastern Christians in the Eucharist. 

^j9j) haras, Leprosy. 
Lffy3 lajrsdy Leprous (women). 
jJJ?^ la/rtily A bribe to a judge ; 
also the same as Jl?^ ha/rtil and 

{J*-Sji harghash, A kind of gnat. 

J^i^ hurghul, Wheat, barley, com, 
(especially bmised) ; also a dish made of 

j^ji hfrftr. Purple, the purple shell- 

J J hark, Lightning, flashing clouds, 
a thunderbolt. Flame. 

jj^ httrka^, A lady's veil, through 
which only tiie eyes are seen. 

cdI^ haraMt, Blessings, benedic- 

d^j harakat, Abundance, inerease, 
fertility. A blessing, recompense, pros- 
perity. Barkat (or barkah), A large 
reservoir of water, a pond, the basin of 
a fountain, stagnant waUn, a lake. 

i^ji huriah, The basin of afonntaini 

a pond, a reservoir of water. 

il^ji Barmak, The name of a noble 

family, originally from Balkh in E[ho- 
rassan, and highly celebrated all over the 
East for their generosity, magnificence, 
and distinguished patronage of men oi 
genius. One of the most UlustriouB 

gK>Tcmor to the great khalif Harun Arra- 
snld, and his son Giaffar was afterwardi 
first minister to that prince. 

Ju.^ harmll, A tun, butt, hogs- 

{j**jj^ humus, A kind of high- 
crowned cap, worn formeriy in Barbary, 
Spain, and other places. (The Spaniaraa 
call it albamoz). [jar. 

<UJ J hamiyat, A yessel of earth. A 

fj-i^ji hamik, A hippopotamus, a 


-p. aJ huruj, Walls, fortiflcationSi 

ramparts. Celestial signs. Bastions, 

bJjji hurHdat, Coldness. 

^U^ hurhdn, Demonstration, proof. 
An indisputable argument. 

(JU^ harhdnl, Demonstrative. JJ J 

(JU^, Convincing proof. 
^Jbj hurhat, A long space of time. 

Whatsoever, ^^^j^^ {j^ ^^j^f 
During a long space of time. 

^J^J3 Barhaman or Brahman, A 
Brahman. The Brahmans form the first 
tribe or caste amongst the Gentoos or 
aboriginal natives of Hindostan. 

^j harl. Clear, free, exempted from, 
innocent, guiltless. Barrl, Sylvan, rustic. 

ijji hariyat, A desert. 

Jjj ha/rid, A measure of four para- 
sangs, or sixteen English miles. A berid, 
veredus, couxiei) m^ftSk^'ti^BL^ xsoa^a^ 

^ 44 

-^j barrayn (dual from y), The 

"Msent to the White and 
(the MediteRanean and 


TOOTinces adjacent to the White and 
Black Seas 

^Iji hadi, SpitUe. 
jlj iassr, Lmt or pot-herb seed. 
imjf husughy Bising of sun, moon, 

tui Wta^, carpet. f^^"**^ 

jImJ huidh, Spittle, saliva when 
spit out (whilst in the mouth it is 

%^Ht*An) ha Bohahy For that reason, 

• • • 


^^IuaJ hoitdny A garden for flowers 
or herbs. 

cJliMj&of^ni, A gardener. Belong- 
"ing to a garden, gardening. 

UmJ hiuty Expansion, extension, 
stretching out, spreading abroad, diffos- 
ing, enlarging, widening. 

.r". Wm«(fi)r^^b), In the name 

of. i^\ >mJ, In the name of Gk)d. 

kj»uj hanty Simple (in opposition to 
oomponnd). Single. 

£<&ImJ bashdshat, Joviality, cheerful- 
ness, openness of countenance, laughing, 
smiling. [news. 

jIuuJ hashdyTy Messengers of joyful 

JuJ hashoTy Giving joy, diffusing 
gladness, rejoicing at gooid news. Be- 
lating news in general, good or bad. 

JmJ hashar, Han, mankind ; mortals, 
the human race. 

j£jj hasharTy Maliciously, malevo- 
lently, malignantly. 

i^j^ hashariy Human. Mortal, in- 
tellect, f^ Aj hashariyaty Hu- 
manity, hyman nature. 

jjSjuj lashgtry A towel. 

^/rr^ ^as^ir, A messenger of good 

^L^ hudky Spittle, saliva when 
spit out (whilst in the mouth it is 
called Jij). 

ji}^ hasdyry plur of ij^;^* Atten- 
tion, study, pains, Tigilance. 

j0a) hasoTy Seeing, discerning. The 
sight, vision. The eye. Understanding, 
mind, capacity. Knowledge, science. 

\j0a) husardy Intelligent (men). In- 
tellect. * 

Ju^ hasal, The onion. The hulhous 
root of the lily, tulip, onion, garlic, etc. 

Jt^a) hu»m, An interval, distance be- 
tween the extremities of the ring 

. and the little fingers ; (as \_ -***■ 

^atab is the space between the 

middle and ring-fingers ; c^ • 

ratab between the middle and 

fore;^^ JUr between the index 

and thumb ; jJL ihibr from the 

thumb to the little finger; and 

CL^y fawt the interval between 
any two). 

hastr, Seeing, perceiving, dis- 
cerning, penetrating. Intelligent. 

Sjii^aJ hanrat, Sight, foresight, pru- 
dence, judgment, attention, watchful- 
ness, penetration, caution, circumspection, 

Lj hat or hatty A duck. 

JUsj hattdly Idle, vain, lazy. Fruit- 
less, empty. 

JlIUsj hatdhty Courage. Idleness. 

iUlLu hitdnaty The lining of a gar- 
ment Bed linens. 

IJjJbJ hatrlkiyaty The patriarchate. 

(^/Ahia^ haUhy Seizing, carrying away 
by force, rushing upon with violence. 
Power, authority, command, vigour, 
strength, sternneBs, severity. 



(JLj hatal, A brave man, a champion 

giaj httum. The turpentine-tree and 
fruit ; also a kind of greenish grain, of 
a turpentine quality. 

^Jia} hatn, The belly. 
tfa) hutu, Slowness, 
^jk^ hutun, Bellies, interior parts. 
_k^^ huti, Slowness, laziness, dull- 
ness. JSatl, Slow, etc. c-^^^u^^^JaJ 

Lazy by nature. S^js\^^lu , 
Slow in motion. 

J^iaJ hatlhk (and XacUaj), A melon. 

^j^^ hailn, Large, prominent, gore- 

4a^ ha^a^t, Precipitancy of 

speech. Flight from hattle or from an 

^ ha^f Cutting open the belly 
with a knife. 

«\xj ha^, After, afterwards, hitherto. 
JuuUf^, But then, now however 
(a transition from one part of the 
subject to another, very common 

in letters). Ujuu, After that, on 

Ouc hutj^i Distance. 

lOuc ha^da/n, Afterwards. 

s^ ha^hu, After, afterwards, 
then, howeyer, after which or that. 

jKj ha^, The globular dung of 

iijfO lariat, Scattering, dispers- 

aJ^Uaju hi ^dtirthim, With their 

^jofu ia^. Some, certain; sundry; 

AKttte. JU»^^,On a cer- 
tain night * 

Jju ha^y A husband. A wife, who 

is called also <dju , etc. The idol 
Baal. A lord, master, possessor. 

UiCU» Ba^lbak, Balbek in Syria. 

^Ujdil^^luu hi^n&yattUahi ta^- 
** to*, By the assistance of the great God. 

{^yo la^d (or ^yo), A gnat, fly. 

JuA^ ha^d, Distant, absent. Bemote 
(in point of relationship). Juju 
i^\yJi\^je>y Far from right, un- 
reasonable. JuaJI ^, From aflar. 
tXMj^y Not far off, near at hand. 

^^Imaj hi^ntht, Beally, truly, justly, 

properly, in a genuine style, to the 

Eoint, to the life, plainly, clearly, exactly, 
terally, word for word, faithfully. 

i\fO hughdt, Prevaricators, trans- 
gressors, oppressors, tyrants, ruffians, 

Jbu highaly Mules. 

<uL«j laghdyaty Extremely, ex- 
ceedingly, Tery much, immoderately, 
vehemently, dihgently. 


<^ haghtatan, Suddenly, unex- 

huffhd, Hatred. 15^ u^. > 

Concealed hatred, ^^^akj haghd, 

i^axi haghdaty Hatred, hating. 

Jjb haghly A mule. 

^^^ lagMy Injustice, tyranny, op- 

''pression, yiolence. Defection, revolt 
rebellion. Transgressing ^e bounds ox 
propriety, exorbitant, immoderate, inso- 
lent, oppressive. 

^Ujj ^l^UxO^iij bifadlihi sttbhd- 

"nahu wa iaf;^ak^, By the grace of God, 
by divine favour. 

^j^ lakh or ajb hahkaty A bug. 

lib lakciy Permanency, perpetuity^ 

duration, coiLtaxL^3ka.\i<(m^ -^rscw^^scv&s^^ 




jAi baidr, Cowi, oxen. Battdr, A 
dealer in catUe, a driyer. 

cl& bikd^, Places, partsi coantries, 

traetf, dletrictf, redons. Bnildhigs, 
fkbricf) edifices, temples, siosqnes, monas- 
teries, caraTaaseras. 

Jlib hahk&l, An oil merobanti a 
grooer, a yendor of oils, pickles. 

\ji\Aihak&y(lf The remains, fragments, 
* Balances. 

jiXS^ hi kadar, According to, with 
rogord to, as to, in consideration of. 

^\^A^i\jdA> According to the 
jij hakar, Oxen. 

ijSj bakarat, A cow, an ox. 

^jiJj buh, baJuu, bahU, The box-tree. 

Jq bakam, Brazil wood ; also the 
tincture extracted firom it. Logwood. 

Jyb hukul, Herbs, pot-herbs. 
^Jb bakl, A remainder. 

LJb bnHjfat, The remainder, rest, 

remains, what is preserved or reserred. 
Balance; rosidae. 

Uj bukdf bikd, bakd, Weeping, cry- 
ing. A complaint, lamentation, exclama- 

ijMj bakdrntf Virginity. 

^ bikty A maid, a virgin, a girl. 

A woman deliTcred of her first child. 
The eldest, first-bom. JBtUmr^ Pnllies. 

%S^\Jj Mbrdl (pi. of ijj), PoUies. 

SjL inJbrtfi, The m<»mDg, the dawn, 
the aurora. i^»W, Heoamein 
themoming. ^\i/j^\j\>-y 

Thej came all togelh«r. 'They left no- 
body b^nd. 

g^ i£llrf , Tirg^, belon^^ to a 
•4u^ A«^^i2r)^^ Ajmoigenitare. 

aJj hakim, Dumb, silent. 

Jj hal, Bat, yet, however. Upon 
which, thereupon. 

Jb hildf Without, beyond. Jlf^li^, 
Without delay. JU^IL, Without 
neglect. j^\j^, Immediately, 

without delay, jj^y: 3b, Witiiout 


fjjij haldhal, A nightingale. 

Jij htldd, Cities, countries, regions, 

if jL halddat, Stupid. Polly. 

]ffh haldt, Level ground, a smooth 
pavement of stones. A palace. 

Ss.h haldghat, Eloquence, fluency of 

JUL halhdl, Anxiety, anguish, 

grief, yexation. 

JJj huTbtdy The bulbul, a bird with 
a melodious Toice, a great favourite with 
the Eastern poets; the European bird 
which most nearly resembles it is the 

^ halahy Dates. 

jjj halady A city, town, district, 
prOTince, country. 

^IjL hUddn (plur. of jL), Cities, 

if jL haldaty A city. ^^ 

i^Uj hdoBdn, The balsam tree. 
Bataam. Balm of Gikad. 

^]j hda^ Swallowing, devomiiig. 

Absorbing. ^IjJj^, The twenty- 
third mansion ra the moon fdiatiiigsiBhed 
\rf two stars, the one bri^t, the other 
fiunt, as if deToured by tiie ofOitir). 

^]j balghj The scope, end, object, 

purpose. ^<JJ]^), The tiom- 

mand of God was the object, or it was 
thewiUofOod. Jdhyi, Obldhikyan 
end, consummating, finishing, iknivii^ 
at a ripe age (a boy). A p p w a ch i n g. 





j^Uj hMar, Crystal. 

\<^ hakod, ConfosioQy distorbanoe. 

jAj halur, Crystal. 

L^jb haUutf An acorn. An oak. 

LrjL ^Ll, (The royal oak) a dies- 

nut-tree. ^jd^Hi^jL, (The ground 
oak) the herb gennsnder, chanuBdryB. 

Ju^Jj hiUn^tf A hole in the middle 

of a house or court, into which all kinds 
of filth is thrown ; the mouth of a drain 
or common sewer. 

^^ hduffh, Arriving at any place^ 
obtaining an object. 

JUf^ hvlikghiyaij Faberty^ the age 
of reason. Attainment. 

d.)!^^ btdukdt, Peoples, nations, 

1^^^ halwa\ An experiment, proof, 

trial, temptation, affliction, distress, 

j^Si halUfh, Eloquent, numerous, 
copious. Effectual, efficacious. ^<«*«) 
wJj, A great effort, vast labour. 

iAj haUyah, Harm, evil, mishap. 

1 jUj himdzd, In which, to which. 

t^jM^ ha mtffarrad, Immediately, 

^ bin (for ^\), A son. 

Uj hind, An edifice, fabric, structure, 
building. Construction. Uj hatmd, 
An architect, builder; jLuc^jLj 
Architect and builder. 

iZj\iJ handt, Daughters. kZj\:>j 

(J5*jci\f The constellation of the 
bear (as having the stars scattered, 
in ^position to the Pleiades, where 

they cluster together, j^dtci^lij, 
Daughters of thesefl^ §fr§B0, dolpidhB, 

^JLc t\ijf Therefore, wherefore, ac- 

fjL^ hint, A daughter, a girl. 
^j hanf, Henbane, a soporific herb. 
J Jcj bandar, A city, an emporium ; 

a port, harbour, a trading town, to which 
numbers of foreign merchants resort 

^jjcj handuh, Bastard. 

j^auj hinsir, The ring-finger. 

0^**^ hanafB(y, A violet. 

<Uyi:j hinafiihi, In person, himself. 
In essence. 

lS^iJ hank. The bank. 

^ hann. Sons, posterity. 

^yj hanun. Sons. 

(C^ hanawayyj Pilial. 

^^ hani, Sons. mS\^, The sons 
** of Adam, men, mortals. 

^«:j hanl (and ^mJ haniyat)^ Build- 

^ laniJcat, The gore of a woman's 

shift, or any kind of oblong triangular 
piece of cloth inserted into a garment 
etc., to give to it a greater circunuerence, 
or adapt it to any particular shape. The 
upper orifice of a shirt, or opeiing at 
the breast. 

^L:j huny&n, A wall, 'rampart, 
fabric, building, edifice, enclosure. 

<U:j hinyat or hunyat, A structure. 
The constitution or construction of the 
human body. 

^ hu (for^l), A &ther. 

(h^l^ haunodh, A porter. 

h\y^ hiwdhat, The office of a porter. 

j\^ hawdr, Ruin, destruction, per- 

'i^Sy haijodsitah, Because, on ac- 
count of, by reason of. 

rods, piles. 

^|y Imodtm (plnr. and fern.), In- 
terior parts (of the belly, etc.) 

ci^ftl^ hawd^, Causes^ motives, 

yji hnhn (or luUhHil)) The pupil of 
the eye. 

j^ hawr, Uncultivated (ground). 

^jj^ hurak, Borax. 

f^jy hurlf A kind of fish. 

(jMy hds, A kiss^ a buss, kissing. 

^jy huh, A trumpet, clarion, hunt- 
ing horn, and often nsed to signify a 
flute, pipe, or any musical instrument. 

JU^ hukdl, A tankard without a 

^y^y huhahmUn, A camelion. 

Jy bawl, Urine. 

^y hum (or ^y humat), An owl. 

l^ hahd, Beauty, elegance, j fj***>^ 

l^ , Beauty and elegance. 

l^ hihd, In (with, by, etc.), her 
(or it). 

j\^ hahdr, Pimento. 

mA^ hah&ym, Beasts, brutes, wild 
* beasts. 

^l:;^ htthtdn, A calumny, lie, slan- 
der, false accusation, malignant imputa- 
tion, malevolent suspicion. 

£s^ lahjat, Gladness, joy, cheerM- 
ness, alacrity. 

J^ huMul, Silly. 

^^ hahl, Beautiful, elegant, grace- 
fiil, dear, valuable, precious. 

4*^ ft(iA^a^(fem.)Beautiful(woman) 
precious, valuable. 

^4b^ hahimat, A quadruped, an 
animal, wild or tame. 

^Lj haydd, Whiteness. 
^L/ ^ayyd^, A seller. 

48 J-? 

^Lj hapdn, An explanation, decla- 
ration, exposition, evidence, proof, illus- 
" I.- Re' ' - *- ' 

tration. " Itelation. Eloquence. 

hai/t, A house, edifice. A 
distich, a verse. A closet A &mily, 

jjuj hldar, A bam in which they 
thrash or tread out com. A quantity of 
grain piled up in a bam. 

^ Mr, A well, a pit. 

ij^ hayrak, A standard, colours, 
ensign, flag, banner. A company, a troop. 

^^ %fl?,Eggs. 
L^ laydd, White, bright. 
^L^!^ hlddn. White men (in oppo- 
sition to ^i^y^ sUddn, Kegroes). 

<ULo haydat (or ^Laj laydaK), An 
eggj a testicle. 

jlko haytdr, A horse-doctor. 

^pi hay^ Selling ; a sale. 

iju) hay^t. Inauguration. Bi^at, 
A temple, a Christian church. 

j\Lj hlkdr. Compass. 

^ hayn, Between, among. ^ 

^]^5t^. Between equals. ^^ 

^^^Lall Between the two prayers 

(jmUII^^ Among men, among the 

people. ij^Ic^Ij, Friendship, 

concord. <U Jj ..t^. Between his 

^^ hayyin, Clear, evident, mani^ 

fest, distinct, plain, perspicuous. Evi- 
dently, etc. 

Ci^uL hayyin&t, Evident demon- 

j»^ layyinai, An evident demon- 
stration, positive proof. 

haynamd. In the meantime, 


c^^ huyntf Houses. 



49 ^^b 

C^U Uiriki Leaving, deserting. 

tfCj^ tdrlkh, A history, chronicle 
^a calendar, era, epoch, the date of a lettei 

d^ ta, The third letter of the 
alphabet, expressing 400 in arithmetic. 

u\j tdhi^, A subject, dependant, 

f^y^,^' tdhi^n, The followers. 

CZJji^j tdhut, A coffin, a bier. 

j\j\j tdtdr, A Tartar, a Scythian. 

J*\j taassur, PoUowing, tracing, 
imitating, following close. 

j^*\j taaslr, Penetration. Making 
an impression, leaving a mark, passing 

iJD\j^*\j taastrdt, Impressions. The 
penetrating influences of the stars. 

^\j tdj, A crown, a diadem. 

>*lj tdjir, A merchant. 

^^\j taahh-khur, Delay. Being re- 
tarded, postponed, following, or being 
followed, coming late. 

:>-*\j taakhkhly Being brotherly, 
' behaying like brothers. 

j^*^ taakhlr, Delay, procrastina- 
tion, postponing, impediment, 

hindrance. -^*ljf 5b, Without de- 

LmJj*\j .taadduh, Institution, instruc- 
tion. Being instructed (in literature, 
politeness, etc.) 

^t^^J*\j taadlh, Erudition, instruc- 
• . ** 

tion. Correction, chastisement, amend- 

^J'l7 taadiyaty Causing to arrive, 
sending, dispatching, leading, carrying. 
Performing a promise, paying a debt. 

y\i taar, Ketaliation (life for life). 

ij\j tdrai, A time, a turn. Once, 

one time. Sometimes. ij\i Juu ij\j 
!fime after time, often^mu, ^leqnently. 

or event. 

}ij\j tdzah, Presh, tender, young, 
green, new. 

«^lji td8i^, The ninth, ^^yi/*^ 

ji^fj^f The ninth day of the 

(.J««}*lji taasiuff Sighing, grieving, 

lamenting, bemoaning, groaning, regret- 
tin^, pmmg, or brooding over affliction. 
A sign. 

^jii^^ taaais, Poundation,8tability, 

Ju^'lj taakid, Constitution. Being 
confirmed, strengthened. Confirmation. 

Vi^*lj tcLaUuffJJmony society, friend- 
ship, acquaintance. Being united, asso- 
ciated, connected, joined, familiarized. 

J'ljf taalam, Grief, pain, torment. 

jJlj tdll, Consequent, following. 

u^'lj taallf, A composition, pub- 
lication, work. 

^\j tdmm, Entire, complete, perfect. 

J^'ljf taamulf Contemplation, re- 
flection, thought. 

<J*ljf taanni, Delay, hesitation. Slow- 
ness. Patience. <J*^> To delay, 
Srotract, defer, hesitate. To go slowlv, 
eliberately or patiently to work. To 
conduct business with care, skill, and 

ci^J *\j taanls,The feminine gender. 

^jw'lj taani8, Making fsEuniliar, as- 

Jj^'lj taawil, Explanation, inter- 

c^'l? taahhuh, Being prepared, 
arranged. [ing. 

(i..^lj tdyh, Being penitent, repent- 
maUoI^mcxeasaI^^\xi«^s«s^^* KssastoSi 



C^\ Juj/U taaylEdt, Assistances^ di- 
Tine favours. 

JjIJ tahddtd, Changing, transpos- 
ing, transition, conversion, alteration, 

-^JiLj tahdsMr, Happy tidings, 
agreeable intelligence, good news. Chalk, 
clay, plaster, mortar. 

JccLJ tahd^ttd, Distance, sepaiUtion^ 
absence, mutual retiring or receding. 

J-j£^ tahfll, Extolling, magnifying. 

d^LiT^ taljllat, Ceremonies, com- 

jjg^ tahahhur, Being profoundly 
learned. [self. 

jS^ tahahhkhur, Perfuming one's- 

tahhhir, DifPiising odour, per- 
ftiming anything. 

JJu3 tahaddud, Dispersion. Dis- 
persed, [tions. 

ClJ^Juj tahadduldt, Changes, altera- 
Jj Ju3 tahdld, Dispersion, scattering. 

^^Juj tahdl^ Calling one ^Jcu^, 

an innovator or propagator of new 

JjJu3 tahdll, Change, substitution, 
alteration, transposition. 

C^L Ju3 tdbdildty Changes (in min- 
istry, etc.) 

yJu3 tahzlVy Dissipating, spending 
prodigally, lavishing away. 

j0j tihr, Gold or silver just from the 

mine, before it has felt the fire or the 
hammer. Fragments or particles of 
gold or glass; shining substances found 
amongst brass, orichalc, or other mine- 
rals. jX^ \ Sij , The country of gold 
or gold dust, that part of Africa called 
the Gold Coast. 

jr*2 taharrur, Being just, pious, 


^h.^^ taharistdn, A province of 
I^ezsia, tlie ancient SjTcania* 

«J^ taharku^, Hiding the face with 
a veil or other covering. 

cJ;-o taharrukf Benediction, con- 

gratulation, felicitation, the blessing of 
od. Blessing, praising. 

Jj^ tahrid, Cooling, refreshing, 
• permitting to grow cold. 

j-J ttibrlr, Justifying, declaring 
one innocent. 

j^MjJ) tahassum, A smile, a simper. 

jMfj tahshtr, Communicating good 

^^^amao tdbasjmsy Adulation, flattery, 
blandishment, caressing, cajoling. 

j0A^ tahasmr, Considering with at- 
tention, contemplating, understanding, 

perceiving.^^*AO, To give attention. 

J.J3^ tahtil, Abolishing, annihilat- 

^J^2J tahtln, To Une (a coat). ^'^' 

taha^, Pollowing, attendance. 
Being followed, attended. 

f^^;cx^ taba^^, To be cut in pieces, 
divided into parts. 

<ijow tab^yat, PoUowing, imitation, 

Juouj tah^d, To remove, to cau^e 
one to go farther off. 

^^9^^ tah'^d, To part, divide into 

^^aJt^ tahghldy Bendering odious. 

c::-v>Cj talMty Terrifying, reproach- 
ing. * 

jJ^ talMry Making haste. Doing 

anything before the ordinary time. Set- 
ting out before day-break. 

^JlJ tahU^y Causing to swallow, 
pouring down the throat. 

wJuj tahUghy Sending (letters, com- 
pliments, etc.) 

JJ^* tallil, Bathing, making very 
^ ixbn, Straw. t""®*' 


JLj tahamnlf Adopting or calling 
" one son. 

^L^ tahydny A declaration. Ap- 
pearing distinct, maJdng clear. 

^^amJ tahyldf Making white. 

^j^^ tahylUy Declaration^ explana- 
tion, iUostration. Separation, distinction. 

«^\:J tatdhucj Oontinoation. Being 

A^i:J ^a^mvMi^^AnappendiXySupple- 
ment. Completion, ending. 

f^i^ASj tatmim, Completing, satisfy- 
^ ing. Ending. 

(J^J^j taskll, Overloading^ oppress- 

^ji«^4i3 tasmin, An octagon. Eight- 

4*:d7 tasniyat, The dual number. 
Patting in the dnal number. Making 
two, doubling. Marking tbe final letter 

IS with two points, S, and giving 
it the sonnd of t instead of A. Imputing, 
ascribing. Praising. 

L^jlsT tafdzuh, Contending to- 
gether, pulling one another about. 

jl»r twjjdr, Merchants. 

L^j\sfr tafdrih, Experiments,proofs. 

^IfsT tijdrat, Merchandise, traffic, 
trade, commerce. 

^UsT tafdsur, Boldness, firmness, 

jjlfl^ td^dlud, Fighting or fencing, 
striking one another upon the shield. 

J^lfisT tajawm, Extravagance, inso- 

f^\sfri;ajdhul, Pretended ignorance. 

JjblssT, To feign ignorance, to 
play the simpleton. 

fc> JksT tqfaddtid, Innovation,novelt7. 


JutXasT taj'dld, Eenewing. 
^iXflsT tqfdir, "Being attacked hy the 

%r tqfdif, Being ungrateful for 
the blessings of Qod; blaspheming whilst 
enjoying them. 

<U^ tqfrihatf Experience, an ex- 
periment, a proof. 

jj ^ tafrid, Separation. Drawing, 

••V • 


unsheathing (& sword). Lopping the 
smaller brancnes (leaying tne trunk 

^jsf^ tafrim, Condemning in a fine. 

Jums^ tajassud, Incarnation. 

^jM^ujsfT tafassus, Searching carefully, 
examining, exploring, playing the spy. 

iyxsiTtajfa^^, Being curled (locks 
or beard). 

jifisT tafalhid, Being stubborn, ob- 
stinate, stem. 

j;Lsr tiydluhy Opening the mouth 
wide (when laughing). 

^Xss^ tafalll, An apparition 

splendour, the epiphany, lustre, bright 
ness, brilliancy. Polishinjg, ma£iii_ 
splendid, adormng. Eendering evident 
clear, manifest. 

wikfl^ tiifammu^ Being collected 
carefally. Being assembled from all 
quarters. Being numbered (money). 

CJ^MksT tafammuldt, Moveables, 
household furniture. A collection of 
whatever tends to comfort, convenience, 
or luxury. 

sT tqfmidf Congealing. [bling. 

sT tqfml^ Collecting. Assem- 

J-«-4^ tafmll, Adorning, embellish- 
ing, beautifying, executing properly. 

^^J*y^ tafannuh, Betiring, declin- 
ing, being absent. 

^^ tqfannl, Accusing falsely. 
" Seeking a pretext to injure another. 

tcifniiy Laying a corpse upon 
a bier. 



c JSsT tqfawtvu^ Starving one's self, 

Clearing hunger Tolimtarilj, abstaiiimg 
purposely from food. 

Jj[ AfisT t(^lz, Permission. Appro- 

^^fisT* tafwl^f Starving one to death. 
uJj ysT tafuflf, Hollowing, making 


tqflii%, Arranging, adorning. 
To raise an army. 

^JUlsfT tajayytuihy Being collected, 

embodied (an army). Being greatly 
agitated (in mind). 

O W* tahddus, Conversing, telling 

"r^J^ tahdntb, Fighting together. 

iXmsIs^ tahasttd, Envying one another. 

A^lfiT tahdhum, Gtoing together to a 
judge. Power, dominion. 

i^\£s^tahdluf, Conspiring together, 
entering into an alliance, forming a con- 

j^W* tahdiour, Carrying on a dia- 
logue, [sents. 

{.^[scrtahdyf, Earities, elegant pre- 

^jyubj^a^ tahahhus, Imprisoning, con- 
fining, restraining. Being imprisoned, 
confined, restrained. Bestraining one's- 

cs.-.%flsr' taht, The inferior part. 

. Under, helow. ^«Lft!lc:.-^£Sir Below 
the castle. 

jjliflsr tahtdni, Inferior, lower. 

tahaffttr, Petrifying, becoming 
hard as stone. Being heavy, severe. 
Being straight, close. Being strong. 

ij^^.sr^ tah^'ll, Having the feet white 
(a horse) ; also making them white by art. 

Jo (A3r tahdid, Describing or pre- 
scribing limits. Defining logically. 

jjSaer ^aMlr, Threatening, putting 

iofear. AdmODiabing, cautioning, pro- 

yj»^js^ taharrua, Taking care of 


i^JssT taharruf, Being changed, in-^ 
verted. Declining, turning from. 

^j£s^taharruh,Bemg\>urnt. Being 
infiamed with rage. 

LLfla^ taharruh, Moving (intrans). 

jijs^ tahrir, Writing accurately. 

)ji,j=^ tdhHran, Written, dated, 

^jcijs^ tahrld, Instigating, excit- 
ing, provoking. 

LZ^\,>ajjSsr tahrlddt, Provocations, 

uJjya^ tahrlf, Changing, inverting, 
trsmsposing (letters). [grams. 

CD\ijja^ tahrt/dt, Changes. Ana- 

ilSj^jO^ tahrihf Causing to move. 
A commotion, movement. 

Ajya^ tahrinif Prohibiting, inter- 
dicting. Rendering venerable or sacred. 

(^jssT tahazztthf Being assembled 

1^,}^^ tahzln, Making sorrowful. 

jjmos^ tahasBUTy Condolence, regret- 
ting. Lamenting with despair. 

^ j ^i^ MfsT tahstn, Approbation, ap- 

(imutnsr tahshiyat, Trimming the edge 
of a garment with fringe, lace, etc. 
Making marginal notes to a book. 
Making a boraer or margin. 

fj^'^^ssT taha88un,'Retinng to a fortress. 
Defending one's self. 

J-M*3fl^ tahsll, Collection, gain, ac- 

^jj«rr^ tahsin, Fortifying, defend- 
ing, surrounding with a wall. 

Jasa^ tahattuntf Being broken. 


tuhfat, A present. Excellent, 
rare thing, worthy of heing presented. 

laXa^ tahaffuz, Being vigilant, 
cantions. Guarding. 

LjSaKT' tahMran, Contemptuously. 

fj^£^ tahMkf Truth, certainty. 
Profession, acknowled^ent. Making 
right, just, true ; investigating the truth. 
To confirm, attest, profess. 

tahkikan, Certainly. Yerily. 

CL^UjAr^* tahklhat, Truths, certain- 

JiaKr tahaUum, Being patient, mild, 
' gentle. Becoming fat and corpulent (a 

^lo^ tahalUy Adorning with hrace- 
^ets and other female ornaments. 

fc— gjlmr* taMufy Exacting an oath. 

JJiflir tahlilf Making lawful. Kar- 
rring a thrice-divorced woman (beyond 
that it is unlawful). 

^jAo^ tahammul, Patience, long- 

Jij^^gic^ tahmll, A load. Imposing 
a hurthen. 

•Am ma 

tahannun, Affection, love, pity. 

tahnit, Burying (dead) with 

JJo^ tahawwul, Being changed, 
oonverted. Moving from place. 

iaJ^ai^ tahivit, Surrounding with a 
fence. Going round. Eevolving. 

Jj^e^ tahwllf Change, renovation, 

return, the change of the moon. To 
change, turn, retiurn, revolve. 

ijLjUjy^ tahwildt, Be solutions, etc. 

iZj\lisiP tahlydtf Salutations, etc. 

Plur. of ilss^ tdhlyat, A saluta- 
tion, compliment, congratulation, 

prayer, henediotion. <OL^lj^, 
After compliments. [ment. 

taha/jfyur,AsiomBhment, amaze- 

Jjlfkr takhdtul, Deceiving each 

c jlfkr tahhddu^ Mutual deception. 

^Ukr takhdiumf Altercating, heing 
at variance. [opposed. 

(^jLSlfkr takhdluf, Opposing, heing 

takhhlr, Giving information, 
advising, imparting, communicating, 
certifying. Telling. 

i^.^ys^ takhtf A royal throne, a 
chair of state, a seat, a sofa, a bed, or 
any place raised above the ground for 
sle'epmg, sitting, or reclining. The 

capital, the royal residence. L::.^«r^ 
j^lti, A travelling-hed, a litter. 

A^^ takhttm, Sealing well. 

J-jsr^ takhjil, Causing to hlush. 

Jj J^sT takhzll, Despising. Render- 
ing despicable, disgracing. 

S/^ takharruk, The heing torn, 
pierced full of holes. Inventing a lie. 

u.^ jSsT takhrlh, Devastation, de- 

ffljS^ takhrij, Instructing in learn- 
ing and politeness. 

{jLsi—^ takhashkhush, Sounding, 
rustling (as arms, papers, silks, dry 
leaves, etc.) 

mMSiT takhashshu^, Humhling one's 
self, becoming or being humble. 

^duL^sT takhashshunt Becoming rough 

(in habit, face, conversation, or mode of 

^■■ylf^ takhshin, Exasperating. 

Making rough or thick. 

fja<k*a'^ takhsU, Appropriating, re- 
taining, reserving for one's self. De- 

^lSos^ takhaddu^ Being humhled, 
humble, subdued. ^^^t^ssjc^.. 


j^as^ iakhattufy Seizmg, carrying 


cJoLs^ takhstlly Transgressiog, 
^haTiBg gone beyond bounds. Erring, 
bkindermg, offending slightly. Imputing 
a faolt to another, and reproaching him 
for it. 

taJthtU, Writing, painting. 

Orderin g one to write, or to draw straight 
lines. Weaving or marking cloth with 
stripes. Drawing lines. 

takhftf, Making lights rais- 


ing, lifting up. 

wIloT takhaUu^f The being dis- 
jointed, separated, scattered, dispersed, 


takhaUuf, Bemaining behind, 

^Xs^ takhalh, Eetiring, abandoning, 
leaving empty or alone. 

iAa^ taklUtyaty Vacating, leaving 

JuLa^ takMid, Making perpetual, 
eternal, immortal. 

1xJl9^ takhlit, Mixing, confounding, 
disturbing, perplexing any business. 

tahhU^ Eemoving, drawing 

* takhllfy Appointing a sub- 
stitute. Leaving behind. 

tukhmahy Corruption of meat 
in the stomach. Indigestion. 

takhammur, Veiling, one's self. 
Wearing a veil. 

^^0A>p^ takhmU, Dividing into five 

parts. Making a pentagon, or anything 
of five angles. 


^.ly^^a^takhminf Conjecture, opinion. 
^Estimating, judging, valuing. 

LjaasT takhminan, By conjecture or 
guess, nearly, about, more or less. 

takhnikf Strangling. 
^u^Aum, Limits, boundaries. 


takkwif. Terrifying, thresi- 
ening. Menacing. 

(Jj^aT takkunl. Giving possession, 

granting a request, giving one a pre- 
ference to others. [chery. 

^f^ takhinn, Accusing of tiea- 

(JJlaT takhayyul, Imagination, fancy. 
Supposing, judging (with doubt) . Think- 
ing vainly of one's self. 

4r *^»r^ takhayytddt, Imaginations, 
ete. [hope). 

takhyib, Depriving (of 

■ ■^^t^N 

takhtftr, Choice, election. 

(Jtt^ takhyil, Pancying, imagining 
(yet without doubt). Forming a judg- 
ment from physiognomy. Suspidon. 
Threatening thunder or rain (clouds). 

M^^'<^ takhyim, Pitching a tent and 
' going into it. Covering with anything 
(for shade). 

^Ijo taddbir, Eegulations. 

Jt^IaJ taddkhtil, Penetrating or 
being penetrated reciprocally. Occurring 
gradually. Entering. 

CSJ\S} taddruk, Preparation, pro- 
vision, precaution. Comprehending. 

«^\jJ tadd/u^f Thrusting one ano- 
ther back. Bepelling, repulsing. 

Jl^ljo taddund, Doing anything 

-jj3 tadahbur, Meditation, con- 
jecture. Deliberating. 

^Sj iadabhuk, Being taken with 

j^Si tadhir, Regulation. Delibe- 
ration, counsel, advice, opinion, foresight, 
intention, design. 

CLj\j^Ju tadbtrdt, Eegulations. 

(J^jS^ tadbiky Kubbing with bird- 
lime and catching a bird. 

-.^ Jo tadahruf, The being turned 
or wroWed, 

jj 55 


^»^Jo tadakhkhun, Being troubled 
with smoke. 

^j Jo tadarnif, The being promoted, 

advanced, ascending step by step. Pro- 
ceeding, advancing. 

(k«^^j JO tadrih, Exercising, habitu- 
ating. Patience in war. Firmness in 

fflj*^ tadrtj, Advancing by degrees. 

lasTj jJ tadrijan,By degrees, slowly, 
8oMy, step by step. 

^^jJo tadrU, Giving lectures. 
Being ^educated. 

^Jo tadfl^ Thrusting, driving, 

'repelling. Eendering poor, contemptible. 
Deserving to be spumed. Bepulsing, 
expelling, subduing. 

;:*5 Jj tad/tk, Pouring out properly. 

^jhJ Jj tadhlh, Kaking thin, slender, 
fine. Diminishing. Considering mi- 
nutely, scrutinising; minuteness, subtilty. 

J!jJ tadalM, Toying, fondling, 
caressing. Blandishing. Pretending 
anger or disdain (like lovers). Cajoling. 

JJ Jj tadlil, Wheedling, toying (as 

.^ Jo tadmi^ Weeping, lamenting. 

^^Jj ^e^nntM, The becoming con- 
taminated, dirtied. 

^^^amJjJ tadnuy Staining, defiling, 

j^jJ tadwir, Surrounding, causing 

to turn in a circle. Making round. Be- 
Tolviag. [ing. 

^^ jJ tadhln, Anointing, besmear- 

^jj tadayifun, Borrowing, getting 

into debt. Being tenacious of one's re- 

j^\jj taaahir, Kutual remembrance. 
Being remembered. 

c^«3JJ3 ta%ab%uby Palpitation, agi- 
tation. Uncertainty,, doubly suspension 
of judgment 

^ jj toMkhur^ Eemembrance, com- 

^jj tazkarat, Memory, remem- 
brance. A billet, schedule, obligation, 

^ JJ tazklr, Commemoration, reduc- 
ing to memory. To put in the masculine 

J] jJ tazalM, Submission, humility, 
tameness. Becoming a supplicant. 

JJ JJ tcalll, Abasement, depression. 

ik^j Jj tazwih, Melting, dissolving. 

^^»iJ tazwtrf Praud, deceit; adul- 

Li^^^vJ^Jo ta%hibf Gilding. 

Jj Jo tazayyuly Walking haughtily 

or majestically, with the train sweeping 
the ground. 

*^\p tmdhy Ground, earth, dust. 
^\J^\ Name of the Khalif Ali. 

cli3l^l^j1p, Ajsenic. 

^^1^ tv/rabl, Earthly, earthen, 

j^r>-l^* tardkhl, Proceeding slowly, 
** becoming remiss, negligent, indolent. 

J^\p tard8ul, Sending reciprocal 

^«^U3 tarddl, Mutual satisfaction. 


^)ji tardfu^, Beferring anything 
to a judge by mutual agreement. 

(ji\p tard/uky Travelling in com- 

(ja^\j3 twrdkud, Eunning together, 


iS\y tardkum, Being compact, com- 
pressed, heaped together. A crowd, 
throng, press. 



^\^ tardml, Darting, throwing at 

one another. Throwing one's self down, 
rushing forward. 

f^^\;^ tardiplh, Perfumes, odours. 

^jj twhatf A grave, tumulus, tomb, 

Ljji tarhiyat, Education, instruc- 
tion, correction. 

^^jS tarbl^ Dividing into four, 
making a quadrangular or square 

figure. Quadrating. ^^J^JLl^, 
A quadrangular figure. 

<^^^Ji tartih, Order, disposition^ 

JuJy tartll, Singing in church. 

^^^ tarajfuh, Prevailing over, ex- 
celling. Moving backwards and forwards, 
as a swing, or anything suspended in 
the air. 

(J^y tarqjiful, "Walking on foot; 
placing under the feet. 

^^lA>yf tarjamdn, An interpreter. 
A translator. 

^Up-^ tarjamah, Interpretation, 

^f^Ji ta/rjih, Preponderating, out- 
weighing, considering as more valuable 
or important. 

Jiiy3 tarahhtd, Departing, emigrat- 
ing,, travelling. 

AdD^ tarahhum, Pity, compassion. 

L^^^^^Ji tarhih, "Welcoming a guest 
by saying l^*-^, You are welcome. 

'JJ^ taraddud, Irresolution, hesita- 
tion, wavering, fluctuation of opinion, 
suspension of judgment. Refusal, re- 
jecting, resisting, opposition. Conver- 
sation, correspondence. 

cJj J^ tardif, Following, subjoin- 
iJ:i*J^ ^arzll, DespiBing, reprobating. 

56 CSJ 

U^jj turs, A shield, target, buckler. 

tf^J tarashshuh, Sweating, exud- 

Ju^y tarasmd, Observing steadily 

with attentive eyes, expecting, waiting. 

W4«<9^ tarsi ^ Adorning with jewels, 
gold, etc. [ing. 

iUJp tardiyaty Satisfying, content- 

L,.^jVy ta/rtlby Koistening, mace- 

z2 tmr^fy Bleeding at the nose. 

s^sji ta/rghihy Exciting desire. 

«Uiy ta/rflhy Peace^ tranquillity. 
Sitting at rest, quieting, composing. 

^^^3^ tarahhuhy Contemplating. 

^j^Ji tarakkusy Being moved up 
and down, dancing. 

^jj tarahJdy Increase, augmenta- 
tion (of salary). Promotion, preferment, 
advancement. Making a progress (in 
lemung), exceUing. ^ 

^t^Ji tarkl^ Mending a garment 
by inserting a patch. 

fj^ji tarkiky Softening, thinning. 

A-i^ tarkim, Writing, pointing or- 
thographically, placing the vowel points. 

CSp ta/rky Abandoning, forsaking, 

leaving, d^, To abandon, desert, 
leave, quit, forsake, throw off. 

dip Tu/rky A Turk, comprehending 

likewise those numerous nations of Tar- 
tars between Khorasm6 and China, who 
aU cUdm descent from Turk, the son of 
Japhet. (As those people have in general 
fine countenances, with large black eyes, 
the Persian poets make frequent use of 
this word to express beautirol youth of 
both sexes.) A Scythian, a barbarian, a 
Tobbei, a^VaiiidfiXQi, a viUain, a vagabond. 



c:jI^ tarikdt, Things left after 
death, inheritanceB, bequests, legacies. 

^~^j^ tarakkub, Composing. In- 
serting one thing into another (as setting 
a stone in a ring, putting the head upon 
a spear, etc.) 

i^J tarkaty Inheritances, legacies. 

j^Uu**^ Turkist&ny Turkestan, 
Turan, Turcomania, or Transoxania. 

f^\A^Jj Turhmdny A Turcoman, a 
Tagrant Turk. 

^.^^J) tarklh, Composition, com- 
pound, compost, mixture. 

^j»*^J» turmtts, A bramble. A kind 

of Turkish lupin, pulse, a bean or bean- 

Jb^ tarammtd, Becoming a widow. 
f^i^JS farmlm, Eepairing (a house). 
turunji, Orange coloured. 

jtjjj tarannum, Singing, modulating. 

ij^jij^ turUSf A shield, buckler, 

^•^ tarwlj, Placing a value upon 

(goods, etc.), making them to be sold, 
causing money to be paid or received. 
Establishing, making to pass or go cur- 

f^^y tarwlh, Performing anything. 

Pacifying, contenting. Ventilating, 
fiuming. [clear. 

(ji^y tarwih, Straining off, making 

i,y,Jiy tarahhuby Devoting one's 
self to religion, entering into a monastery. 

CjJ tarojfyd, A number of lamps 
made up in the form of a crown, sus- 
pended from the roofii of churches and 
otiierpubUc buildings; (metaphorically) 
the Pleiades. 

jb J tirydh, Treacle, antidotes of 
treiy kind against poisons. 

JjUJ ta%dyudf Augmentation, in- 


Jjp tazahhudy Poaming, frothing. 

e Ji^ tasM^u^ Commotion, agita- 

<U^y ta%kiyaty Sanctity, purification. 

Justifying (by witnesses). Purifying 
(that part of a man's wealth whicn is 
aedicated to pious uses). Giving, and 
also receiving alms. 

^Ji iaxMmy Being afflicted with a 

^^JjJ tazahul, Commotion, agitation, 
trembling, trepidation. An earthquake. 

rjijj tazaUuk, Sliding, slipping, fall- 

j^y tazmlTf Psalmody, singing. 

TT^y ^sau^ff;. Marrying, taking a 

JjJ3 ^azatru^(?,Providing necessaries 
for a journey. Procuring. 

'S^Xp ^^^^V> t^oining, associating, 


AxP ^®2M^fr, Imposture,fraud, deceit. 

JJbJj tazahhudy Being abstinent and 

^J3 tazayyun, Dressing one's self. 
Being adorned. 

^LuJ tas&huk, Bunning, contending 
in any manner for a wager. 

LiluJ iasdkut, Palling or throwing 
one's self into anything. 

JluwJ tasdlum, Making peace, being 

<^LJ tasdmuh, Beciprocal indul- 
gence, mutual kindness and forgiveness. 

_/«Lj tasdml, Contending for pre- 
" eminence. 

i^^luwJ tasdivl, Equality, 




.^v-^maJ tasblh, A hymn^ the praise 
^ of God. [of God, 

lZ^\^\i,^jmj tasMhdt, JB[ymns, praises 

^^uJ tashl^ Dividing into seven 

'iL^::;-"* i^b^K Melting (gold or 
nlver.) [cealing. 

-ji«J tastir, Veiling, covering, con- 

J-jc***^ tasjil, Confirming, ratifying. 
Getting a lawsuit put down in a judge's 
book. Signing anything judicially (as 

decrees, etc.) 

# *. 

tasahhur, Bising or setting oat 

before day-break, and breakfasting at 

tbat early hour. 


tas'hir, Enchanting, fascinat- 
ing, deceiving. 

-i***^ tasahkhhnTf Eidiculing. Mak- 
ing obedient or tractable. 

^gs^ tasakJikhl, Being conspicu- 
^ously liberal. 

-*i***^ tashhlr. Oppressing, compel- 
ling to work for nothing. 

40 JumJ tasdij/ah, Stretching the warp 
and washing it with glue or gum-water. 

^juJdyj^ tasdls, An hexangular as- 
pect of the stars. Biyiding into six parts. 

9j^ toBorru^ Hastening. Speed. 

f^^^jtM^ t(Wlh, Sending in crowds 
(camels). [leveL 

^kyu3 tastlhy Equalling, making 

^ k»M7 tastir, Writing, delineating. 

wmJ tisu^ Nine. Ikisu^ A ninth 
part. [Ninety. 

^jyLiMj tisa^n (obliqae case ^^^juaJ ), 

JjuJ tasaffid, Descending. Being 
ignoble, low-bom. 

• ?? w 

tasahkuf, The being covered 
with a roof. 

^j^^i iJ ^ogMyat, Oiving to drink, 

(^,La<m7 tashf, Covering (a honse) 
with a roof. [dck. 

*aAmJ taskim, Making sick. Being 

LS.*^XuJ tashit, Striking domb, 
Silendng. [drunk. 

jJJmJ tashlr, Shutting. Making 

^jJLaJ taskln, Pacifying, quieting. 
Establishing (in any place). 

JwyyJuuyJ tosaUul, Connecting like a 
chain. Flowing or waving (as water 
with a gentle breeze). 

laLuJ tasaUwty Absolute dominion. 
Commanding despotically. 

coLuJ tasaUuf, Borrowing, receiving 
money per advance for goods to be after- 
wards deliyered. Anticipating. 

Juuo ^a^Mm^Occupying. Eeceiving 

^Luo tcuaUl, Consolation, comfort- 
^ing. The being consoled. 

ILSmJ taslvyaty Consolation, relieving 
one from anguish of mind. 

,l^vLu3 tasUhh, Playing, stripping. 

,^dMO tashh, Causing one to arm. 

iauLuJ taslit, Giving absolute do- 
minion. Being invested with power. 

u. qJ.mJ taslif, Anticipation. 

^^^^\...'% tasUhf Eeeling yam. Ar«> 
ranging, putting in order. 

aA^ tasllm, Saluting, prbnounc- 
' ing a benediction on any person deceased, 

by saying, dJx^LJt, Peace be 

with him. Delivering (to any person). 
Submitting to, and acquiescing in, the 
judgment of another. Delivery, consign- 
ment. Besigning, resignation. 

tasammtti:,, Iiistening,hearing. 

tasmtpat, Nomination, appel- 
lation. Giving a name. 

JuXwyj tcLsnld, Propping (a wall). 

3 Tamlm, I^ame of a fountain 
inPaxad^. Kectar. 



jfjluj tasaunffuk, Trading, buying 
and selling. 

Jj^mJ taswldy Making black. 

]ajyujta8wU, Lashing with a scourge. 

JiftMj tasahhtdj Becoming easy, 
makmg smooth. 

JLfuyJ taS'Mlf Eendenng easy. 

jL*yJ tasydr, Walking, travelling. 

v_ ':::•"' tasyih, Gtiving. Allowing 
to go free. 

^^fir:^ ^^Vf Fencing (a wall) with 

tasyir, Sending, driving, 
banishing a great way off. 

cl^luo tashdbuh, Being perplexed, 

>-luJ tashdj'ttr, Contending, re- 
ciprocal opposition. 

^\£J tasharuk, Society, company. 

Being partners. [other, 

^luuo tashoM, Complaining of each 

jjLmJ tashdipur, Conspiring to- 
gether, [gether. 

wjLuaJ tash&yu^ Associating to- 

V,>7-"1 tasJiahhuk, Being mixed one 
with another. 

' ^m«%mJ tashhlk, Twisting, plaiting. 

clsuspias the fingers, making lattice or 

4Ui*uJ tas^ih, Comparison, a simile, 
allegory. Likeness. 

CL)\^mJ tashblhat, Comparisons, si- 

i^^mj tashty A bason. 

•» A ** 

^f^ tashqffu^f Boasting of, or 
displaying strength or courage. 

^^jB^ fashfl^ Making or calling 

JiXuJ taahaddud, Becoming strong, 

. robust. Corroborated; seizing and hold- 
ing firmly. 

A t 

jucjuAj tashadduk. Twisting the 
comers of the mouth whilst speaking. 

JjJuuJ tashdld, Corroborating, con- 
firming! consolidating. Putting the or- 
thographical mark tashdld ("") over let- 

ters, which denotes that they should be 


doubled ; also the name of tne character 

•r^jiMj tasham^, Imbibing, drink- 
ing up. 

i^jJiJ tasharruf, Being honoured, 
renowned, rendered glorious, adorned, 

cJ^ taaharruhy Participating with 

{^,^jJjj3 tashfiby Giving to drink. 

t^j^ tashrthy Dissecting (a body). 
Cutting (meat). Anatomy. 

Jj^^ tashrldy Putting to flight, 

dispersing. Spreading a bad report, de- 

k^jJiJ tashri/y Honouring, en- 
nobling, dignifying, investing with a 
splendid robe. [nities. 

CjUj^^ tashrlfdty Honours, dig- 

Jj^^crij**^ ^^^** ^ a«^«?aZ, Oc- 
tober. si^^(ji r*^ taehrin ob- 
aanty November. 

JjLuJ iasha^j^ Being inflamed. 

v^^jitmiT ^(i^A^S^, Being divided into 


u^^-wLuLj tashghil, Eaising a tumult, 
exciting anything ruinous to another. 

^AuJ tashaju^ Interceding, depre- 
cating, [health. 

iU ft^J tdshfiyaty Curing, restoring 

^ ^ ■uJ tashft^ Admitting the inter- 
cession of one person for another. 

(JAjmJ tashahkuky Being split, di- 

for favouxa. 'Ex^SD3i!|^« 




,jLuo tashakkl, Lamentmg. 
CJ^Xft," tashklkf Creating doubt. 

j Xuo tashkll, Porming, framing, 
figuring. [drop. 

^mJuuo tashalshul, Coming drop by 

jAJSjJ tashamrmir, Lifting up the 
lappet of a garment. 

j^A Ml 1 tashammum, Perfuming 

' slightly. Discovering the cause of a 
smell. Smelling. 

tashmtr, Tucking up the gar- 
ment. Baring the legs. [sun. 

^jiAib^uJ tashmis, Exposing to the 

^j,4>«u7 tashmt^ Covering with wax. 

^\/tJ tashnl^ Eeproaching, blam- 
ing, defaming, slandering, disparaging, 

wJmJ tashawwushy Disquietude, 
distraction. Being disturbed, discordant. 

jj^ tashaunauk, Being anxious, 
wishing, desiring. 

^-L^^-*-f tashatmouk, Being beset with 

^^ ftjuo tashwUh, Confusion. Dis- 
traction. ' [desire. 

(jly^ tashwtkj Inflaming with 

cliOyto tashwih, Piercing, pricking, 
being thorny (as a tree). 

^fuo tashahhl, Wishing, desiring, 

kl <u T taahayyuty Being burnt, 

^JaJLl tashaytun, Deporting one's- 
self like the stubborn, proud, headstrong 

OLuJ tashayyu^f Professing to be 
of the Mahometan sect of Ali, called 

Ju«duJ tashyld, Confirming, corrobo- 
rating, establishing. [ing. 

^^jLsj ^ddtf/^Meeting, encounter- 

jjUJ tasdiuk, Cultivating sincere 
friendship, acting with fidelity and 
affection towards each other. 

/♦Jldj tasddum, Dashing one against 

(.J;L^ ^cMdn/yEevolutions, changes. 

^La3 tasdfuh, Shaking hands; 
taking one another by the hand. 

jLa3 tdsdfi, Acting sincerely to 
" each other. [gether. 

^LaJ iasdluhy Being reconciled to- 

^.Q ^ .ttgiJf toidmfy Compositions, 
works, books. 

^jLaJ iasdwiry Images, effigies, 
figures, pictures. 

,«<Lsj^a«ayt<A,Calling to one another. 

j^^ tasahlmr, Being patient, or pre- 
tending to be so. 

^..^moj tashth, Saluting the morning, 
coming in the morning. 

0^^^ tas'hlhf Amending, correct- 
ing. Verifying, illustrating. Putting 
m order, arranging, reducing to a better 

\,^Jus^ toi-hlfy Making an error 
in readu^ or writing. Altering, correct- 

iJu^ toBoMwry Taking precedence. 

^ JuaJ iasoMuky Alms, giving alms. 

^^ Ju^ tasaddly Presuming, attempt- 
ing, daring. Undertaking, preparing for. 
Opposing, turning away 3ie face. 

J Ju33 tasdir, Yielding precedence, 
"giving the highest place, or chief seat at 
table. Beginning a letter with a pro- 
oemium or exordium. Sweating. Gromg, 
or taking precedence, with a stretched 
out breast, alid a haughty air. 

m^X*aJ tasdl^ The head-ache. 


j;j> Juiji tasdlhy Verifying, attesting, 
acknowledginjg as true, confirming, rati- 
fying, ap^^ying. 

yOi 61 

iMwrruf^ Possession, use. 

Dexterity, industry, i^^j^^ To 

poflsess, enjoy, seize, usurp, to hare in 
one's power. To use. 

f^L^^j^a^ tasarru/dt, Possessions, 
usages. [tation. 

u tasrih, Evidence. Manifes- 

tasrif, Changing, turning, 

conyerting. Inflecting, conjugating, de- 
clining (in a grammatical sense). Cnang- 
in^ (money) from species to species. Ap- 
pointing a man to manage aftairs, with 
ruU^ powers. An inflection, declension, 
oonjugation, etymology. 

JuA>fl5 toB^df Baising up. Ascend- 
ing a mountain, going on a decliyity. 

;^<^^.^7 tasa^luk, Poverty. Becom- 
ing indigent. 

jJiM iasffhir, Diminution. A di- 
minntive noun. 

^^**^ tasajffuh, Examining minutely^ 

^comparing, revising, considering accu- 

LkLoj toifiyaty Purifying, rendering 
dear, bright. Liquidation. 

jfi^ taiflVy Making yellow or pale. 

L-flji*n3 tasflfy Arranging, drawing 
up an army in order of battle. 

^Aigti ta%f%ky Striking with vehe- 
mence (so that the sound is heard) ; flap- 
ping the wings (a bird). 

i_ -^ -^" toBllhy Crucifying. Making 

the sign of the cross, painting, or form- 
ing in the shape of a crucifix. Making 
hud. Impalmg. 

^j4>«nT tavmlmy Besolution, firmness, 
oonstancy. [art. 

^^ taaannii^, An ostentation of 

t— QjV«rr7 tasnlf, Invention^ arrange- 
ment, composition, publishing a book. 

jjr^ tasawwwy Imagination, fancy, 
eoneeption, speculation, supposition, re- 
flation. IdM. 

tasawwuf, Contemplation, 

Speaking an obscure, jargon 
(as the Eastern sophs or religious dcTO- 

my6tery._ Speaking an obscure, jiurgon 

n sophe 
tees). A society of men (particularly a 

religious order). uJj^^ Jjb1,An 

anchorite or soph. uJyae^\As'y 
The science of mystery, theology. 

f^^^ya^ ^a«tt^f^,Approving,praising. 

l:u-o^«^ taswlty Eesounding, ex- 

jiy^ taatolr, A picture^ image, 
effigies. To paint, represent. 

jJL^ tasayyudy Hunting. 

L-fl.J«g3 tassayyuf, Having summer , 
weather. living anywhere in the sum- 
mer season. 

CS^\^ taddhuh, Laughing at one 

c-^Lsj tadaruh, Being in commo- 
tion, distracted amone themselTCs, fight- 
ing, squabbling together. 

u^Lxf tadd^fy Doubling, increas- 
ing, growing. 

^Laj taddyuhy Being narrow (mind 
or place). 

tadajjWTy Agitation, perturba- 
tion, commotion. [ing. 

tadahhuky Laughing, mock- 

tadhiyat, Proceeding slowly. 
Sacrificing a sheep when the day is far 
advanced). [phcation. 

e jJu tadarru^y Submission, sup- 

u-0jir»n7 tada^if, Doubling, increas- 
ing, multiplying. Making weak. 

jJiooj tadflr, Twisting (hair). 

^iJ>g3 tadll^ Cutting in slices. 

^^^^^^ tadammun, Comprehending, 
containing, including. Undertaking for, 
becoming security (for the performanoa 
of anything). 

fj^jA^ tadmln, Bepairing damage, 
making satisfaction tot «sv isq^os^. "^^ 
coming eec^xxit^. \ASL<^03i%'*Q:!^'tLY^sftMi^*> 

Jki 62 


^yoL^ tadwipat, Making bright^ 
pellucid, shining. 

fjfi^ tadayyukf Being reduced to 

straits. ' 

w;Mi3 tadyl^, Losing, consuming, 

u,ftjjJ5 tadylff Eeceiving and enter- 
tainino^ hospitably. Causing to incline 
or decUne. 

^jU-M^ tadylJcy Eestraining, com- 
pressing, reducing to straits. .Hemming 
in (an enemj) . Arguing closely, putting 
an antagonist to a nonplus. 

^ILj tatdbuk, According, freeing 
one with another. 

.iJu^lLj tatdrmhf Peigning deafness. 

Jjlkj tatdwul, TJsurpation, tyranny, 

conquest, extension of dominion. Trea- 
chery. Rudeness, insolence. 

jILj tatdyw, Flying or fluttering 
here and there. 

^_ -;^'? tatahhuh, Professing the 
medical art. [ing. 

^^kv tathlhy Comparing, confront- 

iLiJajf tatbiJcarif In conformity. 

jiS tatarruh, Opposition, crossing, 

division, distraction. Opposition of sy- 

jj JUj fatrld, driving away, repuls- 
ing, holding out or brandishing a scourge. 

jij^ tatrl%, Embroidering, orna- 
menting the edge of a garment. 

mAsj tat^lm, Giving to taste. En- 
' grafting a branch of one tree upon ano- 
mer to give a flavour to its fruit. 

<Uftlaj> tatfiyat, Extinguishing. 

. .^uLj tatflh, Pilling till it overflows. 

wJJaJf tatalhth, Enquiring, interro- 
gating, searching, requesting again and 

^jW a j tatli^, lofting up, causing to 


JpJJaj to^/f^Dismissing, repudiating 
a wife, loosening, liberating. 

^4>lx7 tatmt^ Exciting avarice by 
throwing out temptations. 

cJjlkj tataunoufi Going round (in 
procession). Revolving. 

yjpioj tutawwuk, Adorning with a 

chain, collar, or necklace ; wearing it 
round the neck. 

«^^!aj {atwt^, Eendering tractable, 
obsequious, obedient. 

Jj^Lj tatwily Extending, prolonging, 

stretching out, lengthening. Proroguing, 
giving a delay. 

L Jaj tatwllan, Prolixly. 

j^ tatahhur, Purification, cleans- 
ing, sanctifying, washing (with water). 

j^^^ tat-htr, Purification. 

Xlaj tatayyuhy Being embalmed, 

anointed, perfumed with aromatics or 
sweet herbs. 

Lj tatayih, Making beautiful. 


fragrant, sweet, soft, delicate. Mitigating, 
soothing, conciliating, pleasing. 

^^-Jaj tatylr, Causing to fly or move 
with rapidity. 

^j^^Jaj tatyln, Bedaubing with clay. 

JUaJ tazdlum, Injuring one another. 

Acting unjustly. Complaining of mutual 

jJbU^ tazdhur, Assisting and defend- 
ing one another. Appearing, exhibiting 
one's self. [the shade. 

Jikj tamUuly The being shaded, in 

JJJaJ ta%lily Placing in the shade, 
holding an umbrella above any person. 

L*^Uj ^a^a^e«^,Expostulating with, 
recriminating, accusing one another. 

«.«,-«^Uj ta^djlby "Wonders. 

JjUj ta^dul. Equality, parity. 

The being equal, just. 

(^ jUj ta^di, Carrying on mutual 
hostilities. Injury, oppreflsion. 

^jd^U? ta^rud, Oppofiition. Db- 
obedience. Besistance. 

Jj\fu ta^ruf, Knowing one ano- 
tuer, Acquaintanoe. 

u^U? ta^tuf, Having a mutaal 

^tUj ta^tl, Giving reciprocal pre- 
sents. GiTing the attention to anything. 

J9U7 ^^asum, Behaving pompously. 

ia^Uji ta^dkuh, Sacceeding one 
another (as day and night, etc.) 

jAM^Uj ta^huSf Conversion, in- 

JU3 ta^U, Eaising, exalting one's 

^lelf, appearing conspicuous. Being emi- 
nent, supreme ; eleyation. The ^ third 
person preterite fot^o* is often joined 
to the name of (}od, and explained in an 

adjective sense, as ^^y ^^ 
most high God. ^ 

Ji^U} ta^mid^ Dealing together. 

Acting together. 

^/•Uj ta^mly Being blind. Feign- 
ing blindness. 

fjj\M ta^uk, A mutaal embracing. 

^^Uj ta^dwun, Assisting. Con- 
spiring, [spiring. 

jjb\ju ta^dhud, Confederating, oon- 

4:1^1 JJ^Uj ia^huddt, Conspiracies, 
viutoal compacts, leagues, or agreements. 

jj\mj ta^ayur, Eeproaching each 

t_ -,»': ta^ or ta^. Lassitude, 
trouble. Labour. 

ta^hud, Beoeiving as aservant. 
The being pious, deyout. 

ia^df Eeducing to slavery, 
receiying as a serrant. 

ta^r. An explanation, inter- 
pretation, declaration, narration. 

«M^ ia^hii, Being austerei knit- 
ting the browi. 

68 jm3 

ta^lk, Making old. 

ta^qjlfuh, Admiration, won- 
dering. Being strange, surprising. 

fm^jS^ ta^ajruf, Being troublesome, 

importunate, haying no sense of shame 
or reverence. 

Ls^ ta^aj^fdan, In haste. Hastily. 

L^^(t^ ta^'lh, Being struck with 

ta^'lz, To oppress, to injure, 
to harass, to render completely wretched. 

J-jS*^ ta^jllf Haste, making haste. 

To hasten, urge, press, accelerate, to 
make haste. 

jLjsf^ ta^ilan, Hastily. 

j\jjC ta^dddj Numbering. Com- 
putation, [variety. 

JJkjO ta^ddttd, Plurality, number, 
^La ta^addl, Craelty, tyranny, 

oppression, exorbitancy, excess, violence. 

j^JjO, To oppress with tyranny 
and injustice. Ta^addt, Passing from 
one to another. Being transitive (a 
verb). Passing, superseding. Being 
infected with a contagion and communi- 
cating it one to another. 

Jjjutjf ta^lly Equation, rectifying, 
adjusting. Justice, equity. 

AJ^tXAJf ta^m, Annihilating, de- 
' stroying. [ment. 

l.j^4Xa7 ta^ihf Punishment, tor- 

c-yO ta^rruhf Being Arabic, or 
Arabian. Becoming like an Arabian. 

i^jf-^ ta^arrud, Opposition, obstacle, 
impediment. Oppression, injury, loss. 

(..^yu ta^rlh, Pronouncing Arabic 

agreeably to the rules. Conforming a 
foreign word to the Arabic idiom. 

^^ jj ta^Uh, Making a vine- 
aibour; propping a vine. 

j^yu ^a^t(f,Enlarg^i^^ex.te!x4i&%. 
Making coiis^ic^Qi^, 




(^ ju ^a^rS/ Affirmation, asseriicHi. 
Explanation, notification. 

(j{yf2 ta^tk, Causing one to per- 
spire, [lence. 
^jjjtjf ta<^iyaty Consolation, condo- 

jU3 ta^ir, Correction, reproof. 
Teaching politeness. 

jljff^ ta-^lZf Eendering powerful, 

glorious, yictorious, excellent, rare, pre- 
vious, magnificent. 

^^mjJ ^(i^^«, Perdition, ruin. l«^ 1x7, 
Perdition catch thee ! 

-Au«3 ta<^8Wf Difficulty. Being 
difficult. [pression. 

ta^mf, Iniquity, op- 

jmm ta^r, Rendering difficult. 

Jy^unj ta^lf Dressing victuals, or 
making sweetmeats with honey. 

fjjjjju ta^shshuk, Making, or falling 
in love. 

^^Jmju fa^hshl, Supping. j«^«aA3 

^J^M, To dine and sup. 
jJHm ta^Mr, Decimating. Dividing 

into ten. 

ta^mh, Partiality. Being 

attached to one's kindred. Ohstinacy. 
Seyerity, inflexibility. [tected. 

a^iojO ta^sum, Being defended, pro- 

\__ --^•' ta^lh, Binding the liead 
with a fillet. 

ta^r. Pressing (grapes). 

Jbju ta^ttur, Making perfumed, 
being fragrant. 

lui^ju ta^tttMh, Feigning thirst. 

\_o^ • "^ ta^ttvf, Commiserating. 
Being indulgent, propitious. 

jLxS ta^Uid, Being idle, vacant. 

ta^ir, Perfuming, diffusing 


^juAuu ta^is, Causing to sneeze. 

JJanj ta^llf Eendering useless. 
^Abandoning, neglecting. 

Um? ta^a%zum, Magnificence, gran- 
deur. * Pride. [honour. 

f^^iaxj ta^lm, Eeverence, respect, 

U^\an,7 ta^iman, In honour of. 

^^^ ta^ffun, Becoming putrid, cor- 
rupted, rotten. 

4X&«3 ta^akhtcd, Being tied, bound, 
connected, fastened. 

JLO ta^hhul, Foreseeing, compre- 
hending, understanding. 

Jui U j ta^Md, Twisting together, 
'inaking many knots. 

Jxa7 ta^kkm, Leaning upon a stick. 

^^Juw ta^lr, Making dirty, render- 
ing im]pure, bedaubing, besmearing, 

jJoo ta^H, Leaning upon a stick. 

^J^ ta^lluh, Parentage, relation- 
ship, friendship. Commerce, correspond- 
ence. Attachment, dependence. Hanging 
upon, being suspended to. Being de* 

C^ULo ta^Uukdtf Eolations, etc. 

Jjju ta^llul, An excuse, pretext. 
Eefusal, aversion, repugnance. 

Being cajoled, pacified. JJ^e jLu 
A friyolous or weak excuse. 

Jju ^tf^a//ttm, Being taught, jf^^^ 
Afu Teaching and being taught. 

^JjO ta^alli, Being high, ascending 
^by degrees. 

iAxi ta^iyaty Elevating, raisings 
pulling or hoisting up. 

u^BjlffJ ta^lf, Feeding well (with 

j;Jlju ta^hf Suspension. Delaying. 

Being suspended. 



A.;Uy fa^im, Eradition, mBtmctioii. 

fjAJu fa^mmuk, Going deep^ or far 
into anything. 

mAjC ta^atnmum, Fatting on the 
' turban or tiara. 

<U4a3 tamiyaty Blindness. Dark- 
ness, obscurity. Being enigmaticaL 

ta^ld, Baptizing. 

ta^mir, Repairing, restoring, 

rebuilding. Making any place habitable, 
cultiyatea, and populous. 

ta^mlk, Deepening. Pene- 
trating deeper, pushing £Etrther. 

^j4>ir7 ta^im, Bendering nniversal. 

^U^ijJ ta^iyahy Mystery, enigma. 

^^^ ta^annt, Fatigue. Affliction. 

L» g i; ' » iry ta^nlf, Inconyenience^ re- 

(j^^ ta^lk, Grasping the neck of 
another. [curred. 

^Jk3 ta^ummj, Being bent, crooked, 

Jj^ ta^wumd, Being accustomed, 

familiar, habituated. 


JyC ta^unouz, Flying (to God). 
^yu ta^iyaty Barking, howling. 
f^y^ ta^lj, Bending, perverting. 

tijyu ^<i^te^I<^, Habituating, training. 

S}yu ta^Uf Having recourse to the 
Deity against evil. 

jiy^ ta^r, Depriving of an eye, 
rendering blind. 

^j^yo ta^fold, Becompensing, re- 

(Jiy^ ta^k, Suspending, delay- 
ing. Hindering, preventing, averting, 

Aiy^ ta^lm, Laying down com 

fwhen reaping) by handfuls. Bearing 
fruit every second year (dates). 

JHfiu ta^ahkud, Tromiae, agreement. 


ta^ayyubf Beproaohing, ac- 
cusing, rendering infamous. 

.^wi^ ta^ylh, Beproaching, re- 
viling, disgracing. 

ta^id, Celebrating a festival. 

ta^ylTf Putting to the blush. 

Reproaching, abusing, reviling, dis- 

^jL^j> ta^Uhf Supporting, main- 

la--jju ta^itf Crying out. [ta"""*?- 

^jf^ ta^ln^ Assigning^ deputing, 

ordering, appointing, eMblishing, pre- 
scribing, specifying. 

Jilju tayhdfid, Negligence, inad- 
vertency, carelessness. Dissimulation, 
fiction. Feigning negligence. 

(.^Uji tayhdluh, Overcoming one 
another. [other. 

J^Uji tayhdmuz, Winking to each 

fayhblr, Baising (or soiling 
with) dust. 

^^J^ tayhaddl, Dining. 

£[Jju tayhdiyat, Causing to dine. 

^^Juu tayhazzi, Being nourished, fed. 

f^ytJ tayharruh, Travelling to fo- 
reign parts. Going towards the west. 

Jjkj tayhamtd, The singing of birds. 

-£^ tayharyhur, Gargling in the 

throat. The reverberation of words in 
the throat. 

JUyA3 tayhriyat, Anointing. Gluing. 

^j**lJo tayhrUf Planting a tree. 

(jijffj tayhrlk, Immerging, plung- 
ing, ducking, drowning, sinking. 

f^ljX) tayhrlmf Compelling one to 

pay (especially what he does not owe)* 
Fining, mulcting. 

fJ^Ju tayhassulf Washing the body, 



taghaMvihy Being; provoked 
to anger. 

Jixj taghaffdf Being careless^ being 

v_4*'? toffhaUub, Power, superiorityy 

predominance ; tyranny, oppression. 
Subjecting, subjogatingy taking posses- 
sion (of a city). 

iauLo taghllt, Causing to err. Ac- 
cusing of an error, reprehending, school- 

IfluLyj taghll%y Exaggerating, aggra- 
vating ; aggrandizing, thickening. 

(j'^ taghnk, Shutting the door. 


kV«jo taghamm'ud, (Gk)d) covering 
(sins) with mercy : (saving a sinner.) 

^/2yju taghmldf Half shutting the 


^nj taghannujt Using all the en- 
dearing words and attitudes of lovers. 

^<fO taghwigah, Seducing, deceiv- 
ing. Eluding. 

jJu taghaggur, Change, alteration. 


CL^^jJC taghayyurat, Changes, etc. 

L,. -^jj^rT taghylhf Causing to absent. 
Concealing. [change. 

j^i^u taghgtr, Alteration, making a 

1*\ij ta/d'Uhn, Prognosticating 

y-UJ tuffdhj An apple. ^^ 

s.Uj tafdkhw, Boasting among 

j^\su tafdnr. Commentaries, para- 
phrases. Explanations. 

Ji^Uj tafdail (or J^Uj), Divisions 
into sections, distinct discourses. 

CJaUj tafdwutf Difference, distinc- 

tion^ separation, disparity, discrepancy, 

^jUj' tafdwyd^ Consulting together. 

^ ^ x fc" ^qfaitut, Being broken to 

,J!i3 tafattuhy Being open, unbarred, 

^J:d3 tafattukf Being split, broken, 

JoAj tafattulj Being twisted (rope). 

\jL^^Ji3 taftlty Breaking, crumbling. 

>^^j ^a/^2^. Opening, unbarring, etc. 

{Ji>upsj taftish, Enquiry, examina- 

^j.^^ tafitk, Splitting, breaking, 
bursting (anything sewed). 

^J_^-"-q'' ta/tik, Goat's hair resem- 
bling sil^ and often more valuable. 

(J^cJii taftlly Twisting (a rope). 

fjoar^ tafahhu8f Investigation, dis- 
quisition, enquiry, demanding informa- 


«" !•• 

jsr^ tafahhkhur {or Jsr^), Being 

proud, boasting, thinking vainly of one's- 
self. Being exalted, honoured. 

tafkhlr, Excelling another in 
glory. Foretelling glory and happiness. 

^-^■^ tafkhimy Magnifying, honour- 

-pr -ft? tufwniijy Recreation, relax- 
ation of mind, walking, viewing, contem- 
plating, beholding. 

S^ tafarrud, Being singular, in- 
comparable. ' Singularity, separation 
(from the rest of the world). 

i?Jij tafarruiy Preceding, excelling 

c -r5 tafarru^ Being propagated, 

multiplied (branches). 

i Jaj tafanrughy Being vacant, at 

leisure. [ration. 

^Jj tafm-ruhy Discrimination, sepa- 

f^^Ju tafrijy Relaxing the mind. 
Banishing grief or anger. 

^^C/^' to/Vl A) Exhilarating, rejoicing. 


t^Jj iajrlkh, Hatching (birds). 
Shooting forth branches. 

LiyAJf tafrlt, Acting carelesslj, dor 

ficient in the performance of any duty, 
forgetting, relinquishing, losing an op- 

^j^ tafH^ Producing branches. 
Being produced, generated. 

^J^ tafrlghf Evacuating, empty- 
ing a Yessel. 

(^jSJ tafftk, Separation, division, 

^ijjiii tafrtkan, Separately, etc. 

{.L^^jAj taJHk, Eubbing with the 

^ji2 tafol^, Striking with terror. 

.. * ** 
^*'*^ tafasmh, Being ample, capa- 

dona (place). 
** • » 
^•***^ tafassukh, Being dissolved, 

broken, destroyed. 

JuamaJ tafsld, Destroying, overthrow- 
ing. Corrupting, ruining. 

j^^mjj tafair, Explanation, commen- 
tary, paraphrase, an interpretation. 

^•^"^ tafassuh, Displaying elo- 

^J^i^flj tafsll, Distinction, division 
(into chapters), dissection. Prolixity in 

JLtaft-T tafsthn (or J^m^J^^^), 

Distinctiy, at full length, clearl'^ ex- 
plained, [eminent. 

fj^dkj tafaddul, Excelling, being 

^^»ai9A tafdid, Covering or orna- 
menting by inlaying with silver. 

tafdil, Preferring, exalting. 

Preference, pre-eminence. ^1 

fJ^k^iOLScW, A comparative or super- 
lative noun. 

^U k 7 tafattun, Understanding, 

^^^JiAJ tafiin, Making one to under- 
stand, to look at, or to consider anything. 

Msu tafakktidf Searching for, en- 
quiring diligenUy. To enquire after the 
health. [jects. 

^M3 tafdkkuh, Studying divine sub- 
j^Mi tafkHr, Bendering poor. 
^Uiu3 tafkih, Teaching the law. 

^^Ju tafahkur, Thinking, reflecting. 

Cm^ikl tafahkuky Being disjoined, 
dissolved, separated, broke open. 

uJKjCal tafklhf Disjoining, sepa- 

JiJ tuflf Spittle, saliva, froth, foam. 

\jmAaj tajlu, Being indigent, un- 
able to pay debts. Declaring one a 
bankrupt. liame of a city. 

^s^^'^qV tufangt A musket, an iron 

rocket used in war. 

(Jjfjo tafawwul, Presaging happily, 

taking a good omen from a name, etc. 

ifjJ6 tafawwuhf Speaking, pronounc- 
ing, being talkative, delivering (a speech). 

jiy^ tafwir, Causing to boil or fer- 

^joj^yu tafwid, Committing, resign- 
ing, confiding, referring to another. 

j,^ ta/ahhum, Understanding, per- 
' ceiving. 

i^^^ tafhlm, Teaching, instructing. 

j;3 taki, Take care ! dread ! avoid ! 

JjUu takdhtd, Encountering, stand- 
ing face to face, looking at one another. 

JjUJ takdtulf Contending, fighting, 

^jUu takddlr, The fates, divine 

(^^liu takdruh, Approaching one 
another. Bem^ 'u&^t . 





j^jUj takdrun, Associating. Fol- 
lowing. Being allied. 

amaUj takdsum, Dividing among one 
^ another. [drop. 

Jff\&i takdtur, Distilling drop by 

Cy^jlUs tdkalibf Changes, revolu- 
tions. The Ticissitudes of fortune. 

JjUu takdwulf Conversing together. 

a,j\aj takawum, Eising one against 
another, getting up to fight. 

AJ^U3 takdwtm, Calenders, ephe- 
meras. Places of planets. 

(JmA? takhil, Kissing. A kiss. 

JmIu}* taktil, Slaughter^ killing 

A^r^ takahhum, Rushing violently. 

Behaving anxiously or importunately in 
any matter. 


A-^r*^ tak-him, Precipitating, thrust- 
ing one thing suddenly into another. 

jiX3j takaddtir, Being pre-ordained, 

decreed, predestined. Bein^ measured, 
proportioned. Possessing mtrinsically 
the power or force of another given ob- 
ject ; being equal (one thing to another). 

i^jJij takaddics, Being pure, holy. 
Being purified. Making one's-self clean, 
puriiying. Sanctifying. 

^JAJ takaddum, Precedence, pre- 
excellence, preference. 

C^UIa3 takaddumdt, The plural 

of ^*\a3. [a syllogism. 

^ jJu takdimat, The proposition of 

Jj tXAJT tukdld, Drying in the air or 
smoking (flesh cut into oblong pieces for 
future use). 

^ Jju takdtr, Predestination, the in- 
evitable decree, fixed fate. 

C^Kj jJD' takdirdty Plural of ^J^aj, 

as iL^lci;]^jJu, The divine de- 

4y»»JtXSj ^aMu, Sanctity, purity ; 
saDctifpng, magaifying. 

d^t^ takdim, Giving precedence, 
^ desiring to go before, or take the chief 

place, preferring, promoting. Proposing, 

offering, holding out. 

(^Jj takarruh, Access, approxima- 
tion, union. 

— yD takarruh, Suppurating (a sore). 
Being corroded with ulcers. 

jj£3 takarrur, Being fixed, esta- 
blished. Bein^ firm, settled, confirmed. 
Relation, repetition, account. 

L-i^.yftJ' takrlb, Approaching, prox- 
imity, neighbourhood. An occasion, 
conjuncture. Appearance, probability. 
Pretence, motive. An offering, a sacri- 
fice. To give access, to cause to approach. 
To offer a victim (to God). 

Lj Ju takrihan, "Near to, about. 

J Ju takrlr, Strengthening, con- 
firmation. A narrative, relation, recital, 
account, detail. A confession, extorting 
the truth by torture. 

^ JLj takrin, Associating, accom- 
panying, joining together. ' 

IimJu takassutf Distributing equally. 

jtMM takasmm, Dividing, separating. 
^ Being divided, scattered, dissipated. 

A^Ji.7 ^atom,Di vision, in arithmetic. 

jJjJsJi takaahshur, Being peeled, 
skinned, unbarked. 

jJH^ takshir, Peeling, excoriating. 

-maSJ taksir, A defect, error, fault, 
failure. Abbreviation. [etc. 

CL^LyiflAj takstrdt, Errors, defects, 

jlsLj takattur, Dropping, being 
ready to drop or distil. 

^2ft3 takattu^j Cutting into many 
parts. Dissolving. Dividing the dif- 
ferent departments of any business among 
one another. 

j^oAi taktlr, DistiUiug. 

wiaiij takti^ The oesura, or pause 
1 in veise. 


69 1^^ 

t—gJaSi iMlf^ Gathering grapes. 

L»g.gii3 tdkafhuf, Trembling (es- 
pecially with cold), chatieiing (the teeth). 

JjjiiJ takfilf Locking doors. 

l-^^JlaJ takaHuh, Areyolation,change. 

CL^LLsJ takaUubdt, Bevolntions, 

jlftj takaUud, Giving an investiture. 
Patting a sword-belt round the neck or 
over .the shoulder. r^p^ 

^ii3 takaUu^ Being removed, torn 

c,.>.j\5T taMlh, Bevolving, inverting, 

convertinff, tnniing upside down,reYolt- 
ing. BoUing, tumbling, throwing off. 

^1a3. taJsUhf Waxing strong (a 

JuLftJ iakhd, Imitation, representa- 
tion, a counterfeiting. 

wJlU taih^ Eemoving, splitting, 
tearing up. 

JJsi7 takhl, Diminishing, causing 
to look lebs. 

j^f^^ tatn^r, Toasting bread. 

)jflj takwd, Piety. The fear of 

God. See i^^* 

fJL^yu takaunout, Being nourished, 

^^JLa3 takawtous, Being crooked, 
curred. Arming with a bow. 

i»JlA3 takawwum, Becoming consti- 
tuted, confirmed. [abstinence. 

^yij takwa*, The fear of God, piety, 

iC«|a7 takaunffl, Becoming powerful, 
strong, courageous. 

il^ takmyatj Corroboration, con- 
firming, fortifying, restoring, comforting, 
promoting, propagating. 

^^ aa3 t&kwU, Bending the bow of 

loYe. Becoming crooked, decrepid (old 

^J'a}^ taiwid, Substituting one^ 
thing for another. 

M)yj takwlm, An ephemeris, calen- 
dar, almanac Adjusting, fixing a price. 

jA^ takahkwry Eetuing back; 
^Jtj tail, Pious, fearing God. 

,^vaJ takof/yuh, Becoming purulent 

taiofffud, Attention, diligence^ 

application. Jua3, To give atten- 
tion, to dedicate one's endeayours to gain 
any point. 

^.^ tahylh, Making purulent (a 

j)\^ takdhur, Playing the great 
man upon one another, behaying super- 

i*\i3^fakd'at, A prop, a support, a 
walking-stick, a cushion, a pillow. 

c^lO tahdtul, Writing to one- 
another. [tually. 

^jlio tdkdtum, Dissembling mu- 

JMj takdaur, A multitude, abund- 
ance. Multiplying. 

^Jjl5o takd%icb, Lying, deceiving: 
each other. 

/♦jlio takdrum, Being honourable.. 
Disdaining anything mean. 

(J*JSj takd8td, Negligence, indo- 
lence. Infirmity. 

cLllio takdshuf, Disclosing (their* 
mutual vices) to each other. 

J Ixj takdlunif Eevisiting, conversing. 

(.^IxJ takdUf, Impositions, public- 
burthens, taxes, tributes, exactions, op- 
pressions, contributions. 

Jj 1x3 takdyiid,Deceivmg one another.. 

jr^ takahhtbTy Aito^wMi^, Wxx-^oiJ^- 
ness, pride, loftmeBa, ^t^xtck^ctc^^ccKa 
tion, grandeur. "Bemig^Tom^^Xft* 




j^kSj taUirf Aggrandizing. Mag- 
nifying God by Baying ^^1^1, 
God is greatett 

tahtih, Assembling or draw- 

ing lip an annj in divisions. Writing, 
teaching or causing to write. 

M^zij idktimj Concealing, coyering, 

jXilj takasnir, Being multiplied. 
Being enriched. 

rfi^ taksir, Augmenting, increasing, 

J^^ takahhid, Tinging the eyes. 

tJ^ takaddttr, Being turbid, im- 

Stre, dark (colonr, liquor, etc.) Being 
sturbed, afflicted, unfortunate. 

^J^ takdlr, Bendering turbid. 

OiSending, distressing.^ Is^l^J^ 
Perturbation of mind. ^ 

«k_^J^ takzlh, Accusing of false- 
hood, giving the lie. 

j\^ takrdr, Bepetition, doing re- 
peatedly, once more, again. 

(jM J^ takardus, Being contracted, 
compressed. [rating. 

J^ takarrur, Bepeating, reite- 

^jmJ^ takarfou, Being contracted^ 

/JXj takarrum, Being honoured, 

magnified, dignified, ennobled, Hberal) 
disdaining everything base. Honour, 
glory, nobility, dignity, Uberality. 

xyj takarruh, Loathing, detesting. 

jljij takrtr, Bepetition, reply, re- 
visal, renewal. 

^j«j^' takrU, Laying the founda- 
tion of a house. C^Lu^^^ takrlsdt, 
Dedications. [ence. 

M^ takrlm, Honour, respect, rever- 
'-^^^^O' ^h^mdt, Eeyerences, 


c. "^hXt tt^tassub. Graining, studying 
to gain. 

jmJj takassur, Being broken, spent, 

taknr, Breaking in pieces. 
LmJj taksif, Eclipsing, darkening 

(tlie sun) 

^UamJo taksiyahy Investing with a 
robe, etc. [closing. 

t— pjAbVj takshlf, Bevealing, dis- 

Jj^ takaffuly Becoming security, 
giving caution for another. 

^^-iiof takfir, Covering. Expiating 
a crime (doing penance or paying a 
mulct as atonement). [the dead. 

fj^i^ takflUy Shrouding, burying 

^,tt-l-C..j takallufy Inconvenience, 
trouble. Ceremony, dissimulation. 

Cl-^UiO takaUufdty Troubles, incon- 
veniences. Ceremonies, compliments. 

JKj takaUuly Being crowned, put- 
ting on a crown. 

JX? takaUumy Conversation, elo- 
quence. Talking. Jl^, To con- 
verse, to speak, to relate, to tell. 

^^^mJj-O takUsy Calcining. Plastering. 

l^pJXj takllfy Ceremony. An offer- 
ing. The imposition of a burthen. 

JJjo taklily Crowning. 

JJiio takammiUy Being entire, per- 
fect, absolute. [betraying. 

fjf^^ takammun, Lying in ambush, 

jM.4io takmlly Perfecting, finishing, 
completing, satisfying, performing. 

_I0 takcmniy Being described by a 
- word which has properly another mean- 
ing. See the next. 

<Ui^' takniyaty Making use of the 
rhetorical figure, metonymy (by which 
the matter is put for the materiate, as 
'He died\)7 BloeV i.e.,\j^ ?t«^atd.^ 

f^l^f^ taJtwlm, AcoT^mnlating, heap- 
ing up. 

^yljf takwin, Creating, producing, 

giyin^ a being or beginning to, causing 
to exist. 

^l5o tahiyah, A place of repose, 
anytbing upon which one leans. A 

Jj tallf A little hill, a heap of 
sand, etc. 

la^)b taldhta^ Looking back at one 
another. [siyely. 

^j^^ taldhukf Pollowing sacces- 

J^\i taldshi, Dispersion, annihila- 
tion, [able. 

u^^ taldtuf, Benevolent, favour- 

Jb^ taldtttnif Eighting, buffeting. 

^y!i\Jblj, The dashing of the 

^'5^1?, Telegraph. ^^^''• 

iitj taldMy A meeting, re-union. 

Jljf ttldl, Mountains. 

9J^^ taldmizah, Scholars, pupils, 
disciples, students. 

i^ Ul&wat or taldwat, Beading, 

^pj taldwiim, Mutual accusation. 

v_,-V^ talb, Loss, damage, destruc- 

^^MbjftJj talbls, Dressing, clothing, 
putting on garments. Concealing (the 
truth, the faults of goods on sale, etc.) 
cheating, deceiving. Failing in proving 
on^s allegations. Fraud, fallacy. A knave. 
Mixture, confusion. 

^»il3 talassum, Kissing. Veiling the 
^ talfttn, Bridling. t"'^^^* 

cisr^ talahhuf, Covering with a 
sheet, etc. 

^jfior^ talhln, Speaking badly, pro- 
nouncing the vowels with impropriety. 
Speaking melodiously, reading with a 
sweet tone of rom. 



talhhU, An explanation, de- 
claration, a report or abstract of state 
affairs presented to the king by the refe- 

JtxLj talazzm, Pleasure, taking 

u,iWlj tahttufy Blandishment, fa- 
vouring, shewing kindness. 

Uiaij talattufan. By favour. 

C^ULLf ^a^^^t(/a^,Caresses, favours. 
L»Qjli\,7 talHf, Caressing, comforting. 

^Jaij talazzi, Burning, flaming. 

c-^JuJ tala^^uh, Playing, trifling, 

cjilj talafy Euin, destruction, kill- 
ing. Profusion, expense, prodigality, 
consumption. Losing. 

c::.^r1j talaffut, Bending, turning 
away (the face). Considering every 

mlj talaffui, Pronunciation, ex- 
pression. Articulation, speaking. 

cjJiSj falaffUf, "Wrapping one's-self 
up. Being involved, enveloped, wrapped 

li-ilj talfiz, Pronunciation. *-^P* 

L^iJi\j talfi/f Involving, covering 

^^^jjilj talflhy Sewing together. 

\_ ^Q^*? tdlahkubf Assuming a sur- 
name (or title). 

kftlj talahhuty Collecting everywhere, 
gathering up (what is fallen on the 

c,,.>^.»al7 tdlkib, Giving a surname 
(or tide). 

i^^Jib' talkin, Instructing, informing, 

(J.^7 tilha (fem. of lI^J), She, 

^/Jj talmlhf Indicating, showing. 




C^ talatpwus, Pollution. Con- 
tamination. Being stained. 

^J)j talawwun, Being coloured. 
Being adorned. Changing colour. 

<jd\jjLj talatcwundt, ChangeB, vi- 

i^Aj talawtolf Being bent, distorted. 
Twisting one's self. 

^^ talwiyahf Twisting, bending, 
•baking the head. Taming it away. 

^^ tahpln, Colouring, adorning, 

L^i^^ tahhhub, Burning, flaming. 

i^i^ll talahhuf, Lamenting, regret- 
ting (anything neglected). Crying Ah ! 

^^ talhly Playing, sporting, un- 
u,^jg\j talhlh, Burning, inflaming. 

^U^ talhit/ah, Loving, deligbting 

in, unbending the mind, taking amuse- 
ment (in order to forget grief). Dis- 
missing, letting alone. 

^■P*glT talhlf, Crying out in anguisb, 

^^jLLj talof/yun, Being softened, 

smoothed. Being caressed, cajoled. 
Being gentle, placid, benign. 

ijllj tahyyun. Softening, smoothing. 
Cajoling, flattering. 

M» tamma, It is flnisbed. This word 
(or (^1:^3 \ I3, The book is flnisbed) 

is generally written at the end of a book, 
similar to our Mnia or The End, 

JlJUj tam&sll, Pictures, images. 

Jl^UJ tamdjud, Contending for 

c^jUJ tamddt, Perseverance. 
4^UJ ^amdrM(7, Peigning a disease. 
^jUj ^amdzuh, Jesting together. 

j^[aj tamdm, Entire, perfect, com- 
plete, safe, untouched. All, whole. 
Pinished, accompli8hed,performed. 

Conclusion, end, termination. jUc 

^UJ, Pull weight. ^UjjAJ, Yull 


UUJ tamdman, Wholly, entirely. 
Totally, completely. 

lz^^\a3 tamdwuty Peigning to be 
dead. Killing one's-self. 

^jUJ tamdyul, Inclining, leaning 
to a side, stooping. 

ajUj tamdyim^ Amulets, charms. 

^JuJ tamattu^, Gaining, using, en- 

J.;^^ tamsil, Comparison, simili- 
tude, resemblance. An allegory, parable, 
fable, apologue. 

C^^^j tatnsildt, Examples, alle- 
gories, etc. 

tXs^ tamc^udf Being glorified. 

Ju^sT*^ tamjid, The glorification of 


^UsT^ tamhiyah, Erasing, defacing. 

-.Jl4j famadduh, Commending one's- 
self, fishing for applause. 

JtXAj tamaddud, Being extended. 
fCi^AJ tamdih, Praising greatly. 
jjX^ tamdld, Extending, prolong- 


jAJ tamr, A ripe date; a dry or 

preserved date. v^JukJb^, A 

ifj^ tamarah, A knot upon a whip. 
Tamraty One date. 

CijAJ tamamtd, The being refi»ctoiy, 
stubborn, obstinate, disobedient, insolent. 

f^j^ tamarrugh, Tumbling, rolling 

yH 73 

^J^ tamasauk, Being torn (cloth 
or garment). 

(jij^ tamzik, Tearing, lacerating. 

^Luy^J timsdh, A crocodile. 

v*^,^"t^ tamassuk, An obligation, 
bond, writing, instrument. 

(JlALimX) tamastukat (plur.), Obli- 
gations, etc. 

JaA3 tamattttr, Eaining. Exposing 
one's-self to the rain. 

^jL^ tamakkun, Inhabiting, taking 
up an abode, mftlriTiy a settlement. 
Power, dignity, authority. Having in 
one's power. 

^^JUj tamMn, Majesty, dignity, 
authority, power. 

^J^luJ tamallukf Blandishment, flat- 
tery, adulation, endearment. Cajoling. 

u■^^-^'^ tamaUuk, B«ducing by force, 
conquering, taking possession. Becoming 
master, mastering. 

JuUj ^in/!^, Filling faU. Tamliyat, 
Enjoying, possessing. Permitting to 
enjoy long. 

^ju^^j^ tamlls, Smoothing, soften- 
ing. Extricating one from any difficult 

C^;^-^*^ tamUJs, A possession, 

hereditiEoy property. Giving possession, 
making another master of anything. 

^>X} tamannu^ The being hindered, 
prohibited, excluded. 

^«*4J tamannl, A prayer, request. 

Supplication. ,«-^', To suppli- 
cate, implore, etc. 

wy.,43 tamnl^, Hindering, driving 

^y^ tamawumf, The agitation of 
the waves. Undulation, fluctuation. 

^^jj^ 3Xmilr Khdn, Son of the 

Persian historian Mirkhond, whose works 
he abridged. | 


jja3 tamiin, Name of a Syrian 

month (July). 

Jjlij tamatound, The being rich, 
becoming rich. 

^j^ tamawtoun, Bestowing much 
on one's dependents (as provisions and 
other necessaries). 

J^f43 tamahhitdy Having, or acquiring 
power or abundance. Gain, the being 
gained. The being idle, having nothing 

to do. 


j^ tamahhur, The being pene- 
trating, ingenious. 

J.^ tamahhul, Proceeding slowly, 
the being tedious in business, asking a 

Ju^* tamhld, Disposition, arrange- 
ment, adjusting. 

jJUo tamayywLy The being separated. 
"The being distinguished. The being 

ij^^Xi tamimat An amulet or charm 
against fascination or enchantment. 

Iwio tamylZfJudgment, discernment, 
knowledge, prudence, discretion. 

^5»*U3 tandjly Communicating se- 

^crets to one another, speaking privately 

i^jLj tanddum, Conversing fami- 

^^ jLj tanddlf Calling to one another, 
c jLJ ^dinasu^. Disputing, litigating. 

^LJ* tandauhhy The Metempsy- 
chosis, or Pythagorean system of the 

transmigration of souls. <Li:*^l:a!1, 
The sect of Pythagoras. 

J^UJ tandsulf Begetting, generation. 

-i-oli3 tandsl, Pretending to be 

Jjal:o tandshud, Eepeating verses 
together. Satirizing one another. Asking 
or being asked to recite verses. 

^UJ tandmh^ Admoid&\iYCi%\£c^\.Nir 




^UJ tandmr. Assisting one another. 


^UJ tanafur, Flying from one ano- 
ther in a panic. 

^^l:J tanafi4S, Wishing for, as- 
piring or panting after, grasping at, 

^l:o tandkur, Pretending ignorance, 
denying the knowledge of. Hostility, 
discord. [asleep. 

ajUj fandtaum, Peigning to be 

J-jJ tamhaly Lazy, sluggish. Un- 
employed. A poltroon. 

<U:o fanahhuh, Admonition, advice. 
Being put in mind, adyertised, roused, 
awaked. [nouncing. 

tamliyatf Prophesying. An- 

famhlh, Admonition, chiding, 

rousing, awaking one from sleep, putting 
in mind. Threatening. 

c:.;l^^:>} tamhthdt, Admonitions, 

L-y*.v." tantlf, Pulling off much hair. 

Aij tanasiur, The being dispersed, 

>«» . 

A^J tanajfum, Observing and con- 

' templating the stars. 

^rc\j tanjlh, Prospering, promoting. 

Ju^j* tanjid, Ornamenting a house 
with tapestry or painted cloths. 

^^^.ggU fanjis, Polluting, defding. 

^jygwsT nwjjas, To pollute, cont«imi- 
nate. To profane. 

^; tanjlm, Prognosticating or 

calculating any event by the aspect of 
the stars. [penting. 

^ JcJ tanaddum, Being penitent, re- 

<0 jcJ ^an^^a^. Making wet, moisten- 
ing, soaking. 

J JjJ tanazzid, Descending slowly. 
Humility. Condescending, deigning. 

jfjjoj tanazzuh, Being pure, free from 
T7ce or stain. Being modest, chaste. 

b^JjJ tanzlfy Emitting blood. 

JjJjJ tanzll, Revelation from 

heaven. The Alcoran. Causing (a 
traveller) to alight, or come into your 
house ; lodging and treating him hos- 

{^,^M»,u.7) tdnassuh, Pretending to re- 

^■«>»;J tanassuf, Throwing down 

(^,^M*ijfana88uJs,Bemg devout, pious. 

j^auUj tanassum, Breathing. Ex- 
* haling odour. Smelling anything fra- 
grant. Perceiying, gaining an easy 
knowledge of anytiung. 

^j;;Mjyus5 tamihf Arranging, disposing 
in order (a speech), stringing pearls, etc. 

]aEjJii tanashshut, Being brisk, lively, 
active, alert. Cheerfully doing anything. 

u,p.uJo ta/nashshuff Imbibing, suck- 
ing up. 

ktju^ij tamhlty Making cheerful, 
lively, brisk. 

^■*,M.v7 tansklf, Imbibing (water, 
as cloth, the earth, etc.) [nostrils. 

^J^:>j> tamhiky Pouring oil into the 

jfOitj tanasmTy Becoming a Christian. 

Endeavouring or attempting to assist 
another. Aiding. 

tanassuf, Dividing in half. 

-M^iJ tansir, Converting one to 

u.o**rrt;7 tansif. Dividing in the 
middle or into two equal parts. 

Ja:3 tanazzur, Expecting, expecta- 
tion, patience. Seeing, contemplating. 

uJla:J tanazzuf, Cleaning, purifying 
one's-self; being or pretending to be 
neat, nice, clean. 

j,\n V V tanazziim. Being arranged 

' strung (as pearls); Being set in order, 

regulated. [clean. 

L»oJa:.j' tanzif, Purifying, making 

yJ 75 

A,»la;!> tatizlmf Ordering, arranging, 

' Composing yerses. 

wcJ tana^um, Happiness, enjoy- 
ment. The being happy. 

JmjcJ tan^l, Shoeing a horse. 

juj tanajffur, Aversion, avoiding. 

^jijjcj tanaffus, Breathing, respira- 
tion, sighing feelingly. 

<Ufcg..'J tanfasahf A carpet. 

j^\g-v.j tanfidf Shaking (trees). 
Beating cloths. 

(j^JcJ fanflk, Selling fast (goods). 

Jlij tanakkuly Travelling, being 
transported from place to place. 

^^^ tanakhty Being chosen, selected. 

0^^ tanJcth, Extracting marrow. 

Lopping a branch. Cleaning, cutting 
off supei^uities, polishing. 

{jLiS:,j tankuh, Fainting in colours ; 
drawing nncoloured figures. Engraving, 
canring, embossing. 

^jSvj tanlns, Loss, detriment. 
Va^.:J ttmhit, Marking with points ; 


puttiiig the vowel point over consonants. 
t)ottiiig. I 

J--LiJ tanlil Transporting from 
place to place. 

C^^ tanaky Tin plates. 

jicJ tanakhid, Grieving, being 

JcXij tankld, Distressing, troubling. 

ji^^ tanklr, Altering, transforming, 
disguising. ■ 

jjij tanur, A portable iron furnace, 
a subterraneous stove. An oven. 

^yJ tanatmouc^ Being divided into 
distinct parts. 

jiy^ tanwlr, Illumination. 

^iy^ taftwi^, Distinguishing^ 
mf^ing differtot kinds. 

^^ iantcln, Nunnation, or mark- 
ing the final letters of nouns with ^ ^ "^, 
which gives them the sonnd of an, in, un, 

\^ tanhcL, Alone, solitary, singular, 
unique. Only, solely, singly. Private, 
secret, separate, apart. Pnvately, etc. 

iU^ tanhiyat, Prohibiting, for- 

^J^ tannin, A large serpent, a 

dragon* ^j^]^,^ J, The dragon's 
tail, a star. * [pcnting. 

(^^y tawwdh, Being penitent, re- 

^^y tawdhi^ Followers, depend- 
ants, partizans. Dependencies. 

jj\y tawdtur, Continuation, suc- 
cession, [heritance. 

CV|ly tatcdrtts, Possessing by in- 

Jj\y tawdrud, Joining, arriving at. 

fCj^y ^<ifw?drfM,Histories, chronicles, 
annals. Epochs, dates. 

\^j^y tawdzl, Parallel (lines). 
j^jLtfly tawdsuf, Mutually praising, 

describing, recounting. 

^^\y tawdsul, Conjunction, enjoy- 
ment. Joining, collecting. 

LlSLa\y tawdsuldty Conjunctions, 
joinings. [mission. 

«-J^y tawddu^ Humility, sub- 

ds\y tawd^, Promising to one 

another. Appointing a time and place 
for anything. Agreeing. 

j5\y tawdfv/r, Abundance, a multi- 
tude. Abounding. 

(jj^'^y tawdfuk, Concord, agreement, 
good understanding. 

jJly tawdhu<^ Tumbling over one 
another. [sion. 

^Jljj tawdll, Continuation, suqcgs- 

(^\y tuwdnl, Delay, slowness, lan- 

guorjlassitude. vi»^yViJb%latu'«oam^ 
Without delay. 

^y tawhf Piece of mannfactare. 

<oy tawhat, Sepentance, conversion^ 
Yowing to sin no more. 

J^y tawhlkh, A reproacli. 

Is^y tawMkhan, In reproach, 

CL^y tut, A mulberry. 

Ljy tutiyd, Tutty. A collyrium 
or medicine for the eyes. 

fjjy tawasBuk, Being confirmed. 
Beii^ constant, firm, steady in business. 

(j^y tawslhy Establishing, strength- 
ening, desiring one to rest satisfied. 

^ry^ ^(^W'^li Being pained. 
Grieving (for one). 

^y tawqjifuh, Turning the face 
toward. Conversion, praying (to God). 
Turning to go anywhere, proceeding 
towards. Regard, favour, friendship. 

t^^^'y-y ^^7t^'!5,Bienderingnecessary. 

S>-y tawahhud, Being single, un- 
paralleled. Remaining separate. 

JiJiy tawahhrnh, Aversion, horror, 

Ju>-y tawhld, Unity. Ju>-y:Jt, The 
unity (of God). 

d^i^y tawhlm, Giving a pregnant 
woman what she wishes to eat. 

0^y tawakMshum, The being un- 

^ healthy, unwholesome (as a country, 
meat, etc.) 

cJy tawaddu^, Bidding farewell, 
taking leave, dismissing. 

^ jy tawM^, Bidding adieu, dis- 
missing, taking leave. 

i\jy tawrdt, The Mosaic law, the 
Pentateuch, the Bible. [Scythia. 

^\j^ Turdn, Turcomania, Parthia, 

^LUU^ Tardmhdh, The king of 

TQrun. The proper name of many dis- 
tinguiahed men. 



^jy tawarrut, Palling into mis- 

t^y ^tt'^irru^. Abstaining from, 
^eing restrained. 

^jy tawrit, Precipitating to de- 
jjjy tawrim, Swelling, l^^^"^ 

jjji tawaxzur, Being chosen to, or 
exercising the office of vizir or minister. 

t Jy ^^<^A2sv^, Dividing among - 

«-[jy tawzi^, Division, distribution. 

'^y tawassukh, Dirtying (cloths). 

LLJ tawassut, Mediation. Becom- 
ing a mediator, interceding for. 

wy^y tawassu^, Sitting with ease, 
not crowded. Dilating, simplifying. 

(J^y tawasml, Conjunction. Copu- 
lation. Composition, placin|^ confidence 
in, having recourse to, resigning one*s 
self to God. 

l^y tawslkh, Dirtying (cloths). 

ia^y tawslt, Placing in the middle. 

Dividing in the middle. Acting as 

^^y tawH^, Extending, enlarging. 

* ~ 

^y tawashshuh, Putting on the 

sash or sword-belt, called ^l^j- 

Girding with a sword. Patting on a 

(J^y tatcasstd, Being joined. Form- 
ing a connexion by marria^, etc. 
Arriving. Receiving idndly, being affa- 
ble, easy of access. Attaining. 

^•ii^yf tawsiyatf Becommending, 

making a testament. ^Ui^ysJL, 
Without a will. 

ui^y tatP8lf, Description, com- 

J^y tawM, Joining, connecting 

^^ tawadduh, Being manifest, 
^^shibitmg. Showing. 

jJ>y tawaddHy Performing the ablu-, 
tions before prayer. [trating. 

i^if^y tawttlh, Pablishing^ illus- 

C^l^U^y tawdnhaty Explanations, 
declarations, illnstjations. 

^^ tawattun, Fixing residence 

anywhere. Vide ^j. 

JuLaj tawttd, Joining finnly to- 
gether. Making solid. [ening. 

tXc-y iawa^^, Terrifying. Threat- 

jSy tatoaffur, Abounding, being 

copious; being nnmerous or in large 

j;iy taufak, Anything proper, con- 
Tenient, adyantageons. 

^y tawajffuk, Being happy, pros- 

4iy tawaffiy Paying or receiving 

tiie whole of what is due. Receiving to 
himself (as God the souls of the just). 
GFiying up the ghost. [ing. 

j^y tawflry Multiplying, increas- 

j;Jy tawfik, The guidance, grace, 
or £EiYonr of God. 

^y tawk, Desire, passion, con- 
cupiscence, [passion. 

^IS J tawkdn, Desire, inordinate 

tyip tawakkud, Ardour, alacrity. 
Burning. Kindling a flame. 

-3*J tawakkttr, Being respected, 
honoured. Being modest, mild, gentle. 

^y tawakku^, Begging, praying. 
Expecting anything to be done. 

u^«3 tawakkuf, Delay, hesitation, 

<Jj tawahklf Being timid, cautious. 
Tukc^j Beligion^ piety, abstinence. 


Juiy ^atr^J,Settingonfire, burning. 

jt^y tawkir, Honouring, revering, 

respecting. Making grave, modest, 

wJ^ tdwkl^ The royal signet put 
to diplomas, letters patent, etc. 

ujLi^ tawktf, Retaining, detaining. 

preventing, prohibiting, restraining, 
causing one to remain in a place. De- 

iiSy tawakkud, Being confirmed; 

being closely connected, or drawn to- 

JT^ tawakkul, Besignation or confi- 
dence in God. 

Ju^y tawkld, Confirming, strength- 
ening, connecting strongly. 

i^y tawkll, Appointing a lieu- 
tenant, deputy, substitute, factor, or 
^ agent. 

jjy tawalhd, Being generated, bom. 

L].y tawliyat, The prefecture or 

superintendency of the affairs of mosc^ues, 
churches, or other religious foundations. 

JUll-^!^ tawUji^l mdl, A father 

assigning his estate to his son during 
his own life, that people may no longer 
importune him for legacies. 

Ju! J tawlld, Generation, birth. 

Procreating, brin^g forth. Playing 
the midwirc, assistmg at a birth. Pro- 
ducing anything. 

i^y tawahhum, Suspicion, imagina- 
tion, doubt ; suspecting, imagining, 

ft^y tawhlm, Causing to err, 
making believe. 

j^5»-l^ tahdji, Satirising one another. 

^^^l^ taharuBh, Growling and 

(JUj tahanl, Congratulations, 
tardiness, delay, "^^^<wiV 


Jj^l^ tahdwll, Eears, terrors^ ap- 
prehensions. Painted robes. Bracelets, 
jewels, necklaces, etc, (as striking with 
surprise, or dazzling the eyes of be- 

00^j^ tahhljy Being troubled with 
^a swelling. 

\^^f(^ tahtlk, Tearing a veil or 
curtain so as to expose those who are 
covered by them, 

Ls^ tahjcLj Satirizing, lampooning. 

Jd^ tdhcyju (or jc?f ), Repeating 

the letters of the alphabet. Syllabing, 
spelling. [ing. 

J Aff tahadchtd, Terrifying, threaten- 

^ J^ tahaddum, Being pulled down, 

Jj J^ tahdid, Terrifying. Threaten- 
ing. Jjj^c-;!^, An answer 
mixed with menaces. 

A^ J^ tahdim, Falling (houses). De- 
' stroying. 

78 (^ 

^u^ tahnl-at, Congratulation. 

jj^ Uihawwwry Plunging inconsider- 
ately into any business. 

J j^ taJmhy Purifying', adjusting, 

adorning. J Las?! \,^J^, Ele- 
gance, or purity of manners. 

Vi^^^ tdknby Putting to flight. 

A^^j toMhim^ iDebilitating, Break- 
' ing, bruising. 

Z^ tahahhumt Contempt, scorn, 
' mockery, singing to one by way of ridicule. 

^fS^ tahkim, Singing to one in 
' derision. 

iSlfi tahlihah, Euin, perdition. 


Ji^ tahaUul, Being cheerful, ex- 
ulting, brightening up. 

Jj^ iahlil, Praising God. 

Zi^ tuhmat, Suspicion. A crime, 
fault, vice. Accusing one of a crime. 

j^f To suspect. To charge with 
a crime. 

^uxj Mandum, Adapting properly, 

dressing well, 

jiyfi tahwlr, Throwing down. Toss- 
ing one thing upon another. 

Jj^ tahwll, Terrifying. Terror. 

^♦^ tahwln, Making easy. 

oL^ tihiydt, Preparations. 

iU^ tahiyat, Preparation, provision, 
arrangement, disposing in order. 

Jv^ tahayyujy Being raised (as dust 

or anger). Being agitated, moved, pro- 
voked, stimulated. 

u-fil^ tahayyuf, Being blown upon 
by the hot drying wind. 

^%jsf> tahayyum, Being astonished, 

stupified, turning ^ale (with love, etc.) 
Thirsting, being thirsty. 

^ tahylh, Rendering for- 

midable, awfal, terrible, dreadful, vene- 

^fi^ri^ tahyijy Exciting, raising a 
^"cimmotion. [dry. 

^j^ttt ? tayhzs, Drying, placing to 

jf^c^ taytlm, Making orphans. 

C^Uo tezdb, Aquafortis. 

jjM-j tays, A he-goat. 

j ^y^ tayslr, Facility, rendering 

JjuJ tlyhar, A water-pot. [®^y- 

liLj tayakkuz, Lucubration, vigil- 

^jA-J tayakkun, Knowing for certain, 
understanding well, exploring. 

uXj tikUf for lIAj (dimin. of 

C/Lj) fern, of lI^I J, She that. 

dlXoU, There she is ! behold her ! 

*#kJ tayammum, Purifying or rub- 
bing the hands, face, and other parts of 
the body with sand or dust (agreeably to 
the Mussulman law), where water cannot 
be got^befoie^^onning religious duties. 




^JA^ toyman, The Bouth, south 
wind. Noon. 

lyi-J Timnr, A proper name, jy^ 

{^S^, TlmUr lang, Timur the 
lame, the famous Tamerlane. 

^^ tin, A fig. ^Lj flnat, One fig. 
<Uj toyA (or ^^Ifo), Wandering 

about. <LaSl, The desert of the 

C-^, The fourth letter of the Arabic 
alphabet. In arithmetic it expresses 500. 

Lii^^b sdhit, Firm, fixed, constant, 
immoyeable, invariable. 

iis^\j sdhitahy Eem. of u:^li. A 
fixed star. 

«*\j 9€harf Taking revenge, retaliat- 
ingy killing one for the murder of 
another. Betaliation, blood for 
blood. DeHghtLDg in revenge. 

xj!i^^\, To take revenge. 
v^^Ij 8dk%bf Sublime, high. Shin- 
ing bright. Penetrating. Xfill^ 
v.^liil, Of penetrating judgment. 

J5l5 9d,Ml, "Weighty, heavy. Trouble- 
some, importunate. Oppressing the 
stomach. Bright, clear. 

(^ U 9ali9f The third place. Third. 

l!JU mludj In the third place. 

-^U 9ciimr, Loaded "with ripe fruit 
(a tree). 

^U sdminf The eighth. 

L^U sdmindf In the eighth place. 

J15 Bdnh The second. [Eigbthly. 

L}b Bdniyan, Secondly, in the 
second place. 

C^IJ sabdty Permanency, durability, 
firmness, perseverance, stability, con- 

J salty Constancy, firmness. Be- 
ing constant, fixed; impression, proof. 
To confirm, fix. To write, inscribe. 

Ci>^ mbntf Firmness, constancy. 
Proving by witnesses or other evidence. 

d^^^ljou. After proof. 

^jss^ sakhan, Thickness. Sikhan, 
takhanat, and aakhutty Thick, hard, firm. 

^^-.£5^ sakhln, Thick, muddy (the 
bottom not being seen). 

v^jj sadl, The breast in man and 

b Jj sadt/d, Having large breasts (a 

<Lj Jj sitdayyat, A little breast. 

\ji sard, Opulent, rich, wealthy. 

The earth. \jil\fjL^',ssertahta^8*8ard, 
Under the earth. 

c-^|y sardh, A clay-pit. 

,^\jj sardy, The seventh earth. 

\^y sorted, Wealthy, extremely rich. 

ifjjj sarwat, Opulence. Number, 
multitude. Abundance. 

• _ 

t^ sari, Bich. Much (wealth). 

Moist. Sara or aaran, Moisture. Dust, 
earth. A tomb. 

bJ surwyyd (dimin. of b j), The 


^^Uj sa^dhln, Plur. of ^j--JW. 

(J * ."^ * ^^C/^J> "^^^ basilisk or 

u^lxj sa^lib. Poxes. 

^jloo su^dn, Plur. of i..^. A 
large serpent, particularly the male, a 
dragon, a basilisk, a cockatrice, a croco- 

<U«3 suchat or sucohot, A venomous 

•UzardUagr^head. A mouse, a 

L.^*Jj(j sa^h, A fox. 





Jo Baghar or saghr, The fore teeth. 

The month. A large opening, fissure or 
gap in a mountain ; a narrow pass be- 
tween hills, bordering on a hostile 
country. The best- herbs. 

jJoBugJiur^ Passes, straits, frontiers. 

fjii Bxk (Imper. of ^j), Trust thou. 

ilUS saJcalat, Gravity. Ponderous- 
ness. Dullness. Moroseness. 


aakh, A hole, 
make a hole, to bore. 

aju sihat, Confidence. A trusty friend. 

Jib aihal, Gravity, heaviness. A 
burthen, load, weight. 

XlftJ sahht, Heaviness, gravity. 

Siklat, Anxiety, trouble, oppression, 
urgency, importunity. Molestation, 

J^ sakilf Heavy, grave. Morose, 

severe, sour, phlegmatic. Lazy, dull, 
slow, iiiactive. Oppressed with sleep, 
disease or guilt. 

^LJii saldsun (fern. <iuL saldsatun 

and jj^y^ salasun), Three, 4-l-?ibj J, 
Three-fold. A three-thread rope. Firm. 
Sulasy Three and three. In threes. 

^^Jij^t^, The rope with which they 
fasten the women's litters on camels. 

bL saldsd and suldsd, The third 
day, Tuesday. 

^^ saldsah, Three. 

j^yiU saldsun (^^^), Thirty. 

^Sj saldsl and suldsl, Triangular. 

" A three-letter Arabic root. Relative to 

^"ij salldj, A seller of snow or ice* 

i^ sail, Reproaching. Injury. 

c^lj sdlasy Three. Suls and sulmj 

The third part. 

LUj sa^a, Tuesday, the third day. 

bU Bolasan, Thrice, three times. 
^^^llj salasun, (or fjt^), Thirty. 

-^ salqf, See — ^. Salf, Snow, 

^^ sulujf Snows. 

Mi summa, And, then, therefore, 
after, since. 

jUj strndr. Fruits, products, riches. 
^Uj samdni or samdniny Eight. 
j^yUj samdnuna, Eighty. 

(JUj samdni, Eight. The eighth 
(for ^li). ^^> The feminine. 
^^Uj samdnlnf Eighty. 
j^ samar, Fruit, advantage. 

ifjAJ samrat, One fruit. One fruit- 
tree. Profit, advantage. 

^J^ soman, Price, value. J-i5jj«4J, 
A smaU price. Sttmn, The eighth part. 

Jy4J Samud, The old Arabians, to 

whom they say the prophet Salih was 

fj^ samin, Yaluable. 

Uj sand, A salutation, congratula- 
tion^ wishing joy, returning thanks. 

^jyj sanawi, Possessive, from ^^1^1, 

Two; and .-lucUl, Twelve. 

^\%i satvdh, A premium, recom- 
pense. Merit, virtue. Any good work 
(as worthy of reward). Having merit 
before God. 

dj\y suwdbat, A flying star, a planet. 

l::^!^ satadhat, Fixed stars. 

c^ly sawdkib, Bright glittering 

L^y sawh, A robe, vest, garment. 

j^ sawr, A bull. Taurus, the 
zodiacal sign. 




• • 

f^^jy sawardn, Springing up, as- 
saulting. Exciting (a tumult), raising 
(dust). Appearing. 

Ajj 8umf Garlic! 
v^Lj 8U/dh, Garments. 

,^j*m, The fifth letter of the Arabic 

^alphabet, and the character for three in 

antlunetic. [men. 

^jia2\h\^jdahaiu*rhatn, The abdo- 

^lif- j'dhir, One who is powerful, 
mighty, proud, cruel, or tyrannical. A 
setter of broken bones, a repairer of any- 
thing broken. A proper name. 

[ji^ j^^h A collector of revenue. 

iLjU>" jdsit/atf Kneeling. Name of 
a chapter in the Alcoran. 

c^jlff- jdzih, An allurer, what 

iij\p^ jdzibat, Attraction, charm, 
grace, beauty, allurement, loTeliness. 

j\p^ jdr, Neighbpuring. A neigh- 

^L>.jl^ jdrthat, A rapacious animal. 

y^J^ jdH, Running, flowihg, pro- 
ceeding, passing. 

A£ jUj" jdriyah, A girl, a servant, a 

female slave. 

jUj" jd%^ Copperas, vitriol. 

^ ;lf>- jd%imy Eesolver, concluder. 

[jMyJ^ jdsilBf A spy, an intelli- 

J^U*- jd<M, A maker, firamer, fixer. 
Doer. [ing. 

uJl^j- jdfy Dry, withered. Wander- 

ti^- j^fh Cruel, savage, unfeeling. 
"Bough, rude, stupid. Unquiet. 

k,^\^ jdliby A merchant who tra- 

vels from country to country with slaves, -^ , 

cattle, cloths, or other merchandize. An | tyrant, an o^i^xQ«AQit) «» ^gAS^« 

author, mover, exciter, causer. At- 

tracter, drawer, c-JjlftJlc-^Jls^, 
Attracter or ravisher of hearts. 

j^ls^ jdUSf Sitting, sedentary. A 
sitter. [sician. 

{jMy^\^ JatlnHBf Galen the phy- 

Jl«U»- jdmid, Concrete, congealed. 
Consistent. Bigid, stiff. An inanimate 

<Ul«x^l^ j'dmddna, Spot lappets. 

l>- jdmivf A collector, what 

assembles. w^l>-Jus:***^ tnasjid 

jdmi^ A great mosque, temple, 
or cathedral, where the prayer 

called ^}n<^ is repeated on En- 

i*tty\>'' jdmUSf A buffalo. 

j^l>- jdnn, A demon, the devil. 

u^l^ jdnih, A part, a side. 

jLjU>- jdn hdz, A horse-jockey, a 
dealer in horses. [side. 

j^^l5>- jdntbayn, Both parts, every 

2(U- jdh, Dignity, grandeur, mag- 
nificence. Place, rank, office. Honour, 
reputation. Fortune, prosperity. 

ibUj- Jdhat, Dignity. 

JjbU>- jdhil, An idiot^^ignorant man. 

A^Jdi/ir, Unjust, cruel, tyrannical. 

JjUj- jdi/i%f Passing. What passes. 
LaTi^, legal, permitted. 

«jU>-yay»^, Starving, hungry. 

Ll^gf juhh, A well (especially 
without parapet or cover). 

Uf»- juhhd, Pusillanimous, timid. 

ij\^ jahdhirat, Tyrants, powerful, 
proud men, oppressors, giants. 

J Lsj- y^Jiar, Great, omnipotent. A 
conquetoT, «u. «Das^\Afe ^^'^^t^^^g^ ^ 



•• « 

JLs*- jtbdl, Mountains. 

jjUsj- jahdn, Pusillanimous, trem- 
bling, abject. j^U5»- jabhdn, A 
seller of cheese. 

iL^jahhatf A waistcoat with cotton 
quilted between the outside and lining 
(without the cotton it is called 

ia[;J). The hollow part of the 
head of a spear, into which they fix the 

jahr, Power, force, violence. 
The reduction of fractions to in- 
tegers in arithmetic; hence -cpl 

alfahr, Algebra, j^ , To force, 
compel, use yiolence. 

\ -*5*- j'ahran, By force. 

L-*^ Jabrdyil, The archangel 

Ni^,^,.^- jahrut, Omnipotence, 

power, dominion. The kingdom of 

(J^jahal, A mountain. Jjjlla! \ i}f>- 

Gibraltar. j-**>^J>-kfl>^, Mount 

ll^^jibillaiy'FoTmy creation, nature, 

essence, quality, disposition, tempera- 
ment, constitution. 

i^jilL^ jdbaUakUm, An amethyst. 

jjuflj- jibilU, Natural, original, in- 

' nate, essential. <u]u>-^U^l , 
Diseases inherent in the constitution. 

^j^ jubun, Cheese. 

l^ jahahy A coat of mail, a cuirass, 

any kind of iron armour. <iUf>- 

ij\>^ jahah khdnah, An armoury, 

l^*^jahhat, The forehead, front. 
^^;--n5j- jablny The forehead. 
^l^jMdm, The nigbt-mare. 

^. - 

juasat (plur. w,i^l^), The 
figure of the human body (standing, 
sitting, or reclining). A dead carcase. 

^IsrT jihdshf Asses. 

J^^ jahd, Denying, disowning, 

j&^ juhr, The den or hole of an 
J^^jahsh, An ass. ^o'^- 

A*s:^ jahim, Hell. 

J^ jadd, A grandfather, ancestor, 
forefather, father. 

iJ^ jiddan, Plainly, clearly. In 
no shape. In earnest, seriously, atten- 
tively, eagerly, exceedingly, strongly. 

jl Jcj- jiddr, A wall. Fit, worthy. 

J1 Jcj- jaddl oTjtddl, A warm alter- 

^\t}^jaddm, The elephantiasis. 

if J^ jiddat, A grandmother. 

Sjd^ jadarat, A scar, a cicatrice. 
An unnatural excrescence on the body. 

lSj<^ jo/dwrl ov jvdarif The small 
pox or pits. 

Jjjk5»- jad/walf A river, a rivulet. 

The smaller veins. A line, rule, form. 
An astronomical table, an ephemeris or 

ad^ jadahf The sea-port of Jadda. 

Jj Jcj- jadid, !N"ew. if jjjj J^s^ Jil 
To every one novelty is pleasing. 

J J^ jadlr, Proper, fit. 
a1 j^ jimdmf The leprosy. A leper. 
3^ ja%b, Allurement, attraction. 
»►, To draw, attract. 

z:\iSP^ jckbdtf Attractions, allure- 

9«3^ jha^ The trunk of a palm 

or other tree. A young man. The 
young of cattle (as a bullock, three yean 
old; a horse, two; a camel, five; a 
sheep, two, etc.) 

[^i^jazmd (plur. ^^*X>-), Having 

the hand cut off (a woman). Amputated 
hand. Leprous (woman). 

L^^j^jazul, Atiaracting, aUuring. 
j^i^jazUr, Boots, origins. 

jarr, Drawing, dragging, hurry- 
ing away, pulling about. The vowel 
kasra (J at the end of words. 

J*]^ jira-at or jara-at, Boldness, 

audacity, courage. 
L^\^jarabflL sock. 

'r-ifT j^TOih^ A surgeon. 
^^\j^ jct/rrahly Surgery. Surgical. 

'^j>- jar&d, A locust. 

Jj^- jwrrafy Drawing anything to, 
with, or after one. Numerous (an army). 
A seller of water-pots or buckets. 

j\^J>.mA^ A numerous and war- 
like army. 

CSjSj>'^j^ fnin jarrdyk, On your 
account, for your sake. 

mi}^ jo^&yvmy Crimes. 

(^j>-jarahj The scab, the mange. 

b^jV^S, Heaven. Scabby. (Fem.) 
Barren (ground). 

jarjlr, Eocket (an herb). 

JirjlSy (Jeorge, particularly 

St. George of England, whom the Ma- 
homedans rank among the prophets, and 
confound with the prophet Elias, as the 
name Khidir Elia implies, by which 
they also distinguish him. 

'^^ j<^K Wounding. 

f^^JjS^ jirdaum, A rat, field-mouse. 

Jj>' jarsLf Cutting off, amputating, 
lopping, pruning. 

ijj^- jwrtai, A bundle of hay, 
gnus, etc. 

^^ jarSf A bell, either large or 



* •> 

A^j>' jiradm, The pleurisy. 

/^j>- jarm, Warm, hot. Jaram, A 

crime, a fault. fj>^^f Faultless, 
unsuspected. Jirtnf A body. A globe. 

-4iJl A^, The body of the moon. 

^j>- jarw, The whelp of a lion, 
dog, etc. 

-j^^ jurnh, Wounds. 

»j>-jarrah, Ajar, an earthen water- 
vessel, an ewer. 

/^\i:ij>'jarhdm,Keen, active, diligent. 
i^j^ jarl, Bold, brave, leading the 

van in battle. (^^^^fc,g/=r> Mag- 
nanimous, intrepid of souL 

e;V./r jf^rydn, Flowing, running, 

proceeding, issuing from, arising, spring- 

fCj^ jo^rlh, Wounded. 
Jjy5j-yarl(?, A lance, spear. 

* jjj^ jwrldah^ A book, a volume, 

a register, an account book. ' A branch 
of a palm-tree stripped of the leaves. 
A number of horsemen or horses (part of 
a larger body). 

<Uj^ ja/rlmdhj A crime, a fault. 
A fine, a mulct, a pecuniary punishment. 

>- jw&y A part, portion, particle. 
A quire of paper. A section of a book 
(the Alcoran, for example, being divided 

into thirty J5j-, each consisting of 

about fifteen folios or leaves. A juz in 
other books is generally five leaves, 
making one sheet and a quarter in quarto, 

or two and a half in folio). j,J^ 
cgj>-, In whole and part, totally, 
entirely, in every part. {^^^J^'f 

jutdany A portfolio. 

\jj>' jazd, Compensation, reward, 
recompense. Merited pimishment. 



j-^}j^ jatdyir, Islaads. jjUs?\, 
Barbary. Algiers. 

jj^ jazTf The decrease, or reflux (of 
rain, the sea, riyer, etc.) Cutting, kill- 
ing. aI^I^a^jSIj^jji^, The flux 

and reflux of resolves, i.e., irresolution. 
Jazar, A' carrot. 

zj>'ja%a^ Lamentation, complaint, 

sorrow, impatience, jc LsJljuo 

Q liJI, After-lamentations and 

^ jazm, Cutting, amputation. 
Ending, concluding. The orthographical 
character jazma r) which is jplacea over 
a letter in pointea books to show that it 
has no vowel. Marking with j'azma or 
jazm. Equality of the characters in 

L^J>- jazman, Resolutely. 
lS^j^ juzwl, A part, a little, a few. 

A trifle. 

vS*^ >Z2 (or ^^J5^), A particle, a 
part, a little, a few. t^j^j^^y 
In whole and in part, entirely, wholly. 


^J>- jtzt/at, Tribute, capitation-tax, 

Sj>- jazlrat or jazlrah, An island, 

a peninsula. (^jii\ij>-, The 

peninsula of Arabia. j^)}^ 

Ci^l jJls)!, The fortunate islands, 
the first meridian of the Arabs. 

Jjj5»-yazi?, Many, numerous, copi- 
ous, great, eloquent. Much, j^-] 
Jj >-, A great reward. [tion. 

ijukkp^ jasdrat, Boldness, presump- 

X^Uu5>- Jasdmatf Being corpulent, 

javaa^. The body. 

(^JuM>- Jasadl, Corporeal. 

j^M^ jisr, A bridge. [solid. 

j^Ms^jism, A body. A mathematical 

(JUau5>- jismdnl or jtismdnl, Cor- 
** poreal. 

jy**^ ju9urf Bridges. Jasur^ Mag* 

Q yMs^jmu^ Tenacious, avaricious. 

j^^uup^ jasimf Great, gross, corpulent. 

L^\xp^ Ja^^h, A quiver-maker. 

JUdhy plur. of <U«»-, A quiver. 

i^\x>'ji^lat, A good and laudable 

iU«»- ja^atf A quiver. 

t^xp^ ja^, A curling lock of hair, a 
ringlet. Having curling hair. 

^^\xp^ j'u^dahat (or <OJjuj-), A 
bubble of water. A spider's web. 

ijuLs>- ja^t, A curling lock. 

idj^y\ (The father of the curl- 
ing hair), the wolf. 

t^xp^, To braid, curl, plait. 

jixs^ ja^ar, A little stream. (^ 

contra), A large river. Ja^fary A 
proper name. 

Jj^p- Ja^, Creating, producing, 
making, placing, substituting, appoint- 
ing, nominating, instituting, holding. 
Beginning to do. 

U^ ja/d, Trouble, molestation, in- 
jury, oppression, injustice, violence. 

vj:^^ juft, A pair. ij:^h>'ifjjj[j, 
A double-barrelled gun. 

^jifij- jafn, The eye-lid, the eye-lash. 


Jrj- jalla. He shone in majesty or 
glory, an epithet frequently alluded to in 

the name of Gk)d, as^l^jfj^»i\, 
The glorious and the most high Crod ; 
synonymous to which are Jjj- 
^h^ and ^U Js^ jL^). . 



J^^ pddjU, Anything sounding 

clear. Bells, small globular bells hung 
about the heads and necks of cattle, or 
round fhe rims of Arabian drums or 


Jis^ jaUdd, An executioner. 

iJi^ jilddat, Strength, agility. 

J5U- jaldl, Majesty, glory, mag- 
nificence, dignity, grandeur, sublimity, 
eminence, greatness, power. 

jalb, Acquiring, gaining, 

ca^tiyating, conciliating, attracting. Ex- 
oitmg, raising a clamour, making a noise. 

Lis*- JuJhdhf A pavilion or awn- 
ing of net-work for keeping off flies. A 
long veil worn by the Eastern ladies. A 
shin. A wreath or fillet for the head. 
A decrepid man. 

^IJls>- jvIbcLn, Peas, beans. 

jisf- jaldf Striking, lashing, whip- 
ping, /o^ui^ Strength. Hardness. Hud 
teryd ground. The firmament, the ex- 
panse of heayen, /i^ A skm, a hide, 

\*Ap^ jvloidy Companions. 

^yuj*jij>- jidntirin, Eosa canina, 


ij^^ jihoat or jilwah, Splendour. 

The nuptial-bed; also the place where 
the bride sits adorned and unveiled. 

Jj]ls>- julud, Skins, hides. v^i^^W" 

juludij A tanner, a currier, or dealer in 

(jmj]l>- jul^y Sitting, sitting down 

to table, etc. The beeinning of a reign, 
the accession to the throne, the corona- 

^Iflf- jaU, Clear, manifest, evident. 
Bright, shining, resplendent. 

t__ ';}'^ jaUl, A slave carried about 
'tot sale. 

Ju]l>- jalld, Hard. Frost, hoar- 
frost, ice. 

^^^mJ^ /oAi, A companion, comrade. 

JJl»- jahl, Great, glorious, illus- 
trious. j*xS11JJl5j- (,^^'J-A^ 

and ^^^^ J-i^r), ffigh in dig- 
nity. jLxtfill Juis*-, In high esti- 
mation. j\jl:lj^1J-.J,.'>-, Most 

^^ jamm, A multitude, concourse. 

*f»-Wf- jcmdjimf Skulls. 

JjilljU^ jamdd (or jumdd) id 
awwalf The fifth month of the Arabian 

:L5I\jU.j»-, The sixth 

c \a^ jamd ^, A collection. Collect- 
ing, joining. All, universal. A multi- 
tude, the sum total, the whole of any- 
thing, /tmaf , Concubitus, coitus, /um- 
tnajif A mixed crowd of men. 

XcU^ jamd^ty A crowd, a troop, 

a body. A meeting, assembly, senate, 
council, society, a congregation. 

JUr^ jamdlf Elegance, beauty, 


jamdhlr, Bepublics. 
jamd, Congelation, concretion. 
jamr {li:\jA^\ Live coals. 
jamraty A live coal. An 

eruption on the bod;^. A sacred so- 
lemnity or peregrination performed in 
the valley of Muna, near Mecca, in 
which they defy and throw stones at a 
figure representing the devil. 

jam^ or jama^ A collection, 

accumulation, assembly, congregation, 
the totaL Conjunction, comprehension, 
contents. A multitude, a troop, body. 

The plural number, j^^^^^y A 
great multitude. 

Jum^t, Friday, the principal 

day of religious worship amouff the Ma- 
hometans, when they assemble in the 
great mosque. A week. 

•Jt4k>- jam^at, An assembly^ ^c^^« 


i^!1 J-i^ A pelican. 

S\a^ jumlat, The sum, the whole, 

total, aggregate. ^Lijpljor <Qw«^, 
nniversally, upon the whole. 

J*^«^ jumud, Congealing, concre- 

^y^jumU^, Troops, crowds. 

• a^^^ jumhur, A republic All, 
universal. The greater or prin- 
cipal part. j^-^^Mj^\, Public 

^^«i4^ Jaml^, All, whole, uniyersal. 

. U--4i>- Jami^n, In whole, alto- 

fJ^kA^ jis^mil (fern. <lL.4»p*), Beauti- 
ful, elegant. Good, fair, handsome. 
ilw«j>-j^\ (or simply iL^^, 

" plur. CL^fkA^), Gracious actions, 

good things, good works, benefits. 

ilfkA>-i^\^^\, Good qualities, 
excellent talents. 

^^ jmn, vulg. ^ jan, A demon, 
genius, spirit. 

c^l:^ Jonah, Majesty, highness, 

excellency. Power, dignity, dominion, 

h\:,^ jawibaiy Pollution, remaining 
in a state of sin or. pollution. 

C^Us^- janndt, Heavens. 
-Usf- jandh, A wing of a bird. 

2rjl:^ pndzah, A bier, or the dead 

body npon it ; the funeral solemnity and 

iUsf- jindyat (plur. C^ULcj-), A 
crime, iniquity. 

u.^Cifi>- janbf A side. A boundary* 
Apar^ a ttaot afooimtrjp a coast 

iLf^ jarniat, Paradise, heaven. 

^S£>dj^ jannat ^adan, The garden 
of Eden. The Mahometans assign 
three places for this terrestrial paradise : 
the &:st, near Damascus in Syria; the 
second, towards OhoUah in the Arabian 
Irac or Chaldea; and the third, on a 
spot bordering upon the desert of Nou- 
bendijan in Persia, called Sheb Bouvan, 
watered by the Nilab ; whilst others fix 
it at Samarcund. The more ancient 


traditions, however, place it in the island 
of Serendib or Cevlon, where they say 
Adam was interred; agreeable to which 
opinion the Portufcucse have named the 
mountain, where they pretend to point 
out the grotto and sepulchre^ oi the 
father of mankind, Pico a Adam. 

jund, An army, militia, a body 
of troops, a legion, alh'es, auxiliaries, 
confederates, companions, fellow-soldiers. 

jandal, Stone. A stony 
country. Jindal^ A sandy region, a 
«^ Jcj>- jundl, One soldier, ^desert. 

^jttJ:^ Jim, A genus, species, kind, 
sort, mode. A generation, family, of the 

same stock. ^jjujijpl>««9l, A generic 

or indetermined noun, ij-w*-^" 

jimiy Generic. ^Uu*:^ jtmif/at, 
The correspondence of a kind, species, 
or g^ius. 

UUL:^y0n%and,The herb gentian. 

tlx^ janp, War, battle, a combat, 
engagement, fight, skirmish, rencounter. 

J%ngl%, The famous Mogul 


conqueror, Oengiz Khan, The khans of 
the Tartars of Precop claim descent from 
this monarch. 

januhf The south, the south 
wind. Junuhy Sides, parts, tracts. 

iy^ januhl, Southern. 

iy^:i^junud, Troops, soldiers, forces. 

ijjjy^ junus, Kinds, sorts. 

^^y^yf(9ta»,Insanity, fiiry, phrensy. 

Darkness. c-^LguJ\^y*pj-, The 
madness of youtih 


jlj^ JantMiltf A Genoese. 

1^ jannl^ One demon, genie, or 
** spirit. 

^^j-iflf- janlny An embryo. Buried. 

JJ>- jawiio, The air, the sky, the at- 

moephere, the space between heayen and 

<^!j>- jawdh, An answer, reply. 

^Jbit^Sjp^, A categorical an- 

jI^jj- Jawdd, Liberal, beneficent. 
Banning swiftly (a horse). [ties. 

L^j\^ jawdzih, Attractive quali- 

jUsf- jiwdr, l^eighboorhood, pro- 
pinquity. Vicinity. 

S^l^ J<^^ri, Female slaves, ser- 
yant girls. 

j\^ jawdz, Being allowed, per- 
mitted, lawful. Ooing away. Passing 
by or through. 

Jl^5f- juwdlf A sack, a bag. 

K^^\y>' jawdnibf Parts, sides. 

jib\j9^ jawdhir. Pearls, jewels, gems. 

^^Jakh, Cloth. 

J^ jUd, Great or plentiful rain, 
liberal, beneficent. Liberality. 

^Jjfif- jawdat, Benignity. Judat, 
Being good. ^ 

jjs^ jawTy Injustice, violence, in- 
iquity, oppression, tyranny. 

;^5>- yfl««, A nut. c-^-iJflilj^, Nut- 

ZQ^* v/'^^^J^* ^® \^^ nut. 
\\^ javotd^ A star, the sign Gemini. 

Vj^l, The star Orion. 
\^fT3^%l Hunger. 
^U^ jaw^dn, A hungry starved 


i^j^ jaw^at, Hunger. Being once 
hungry. . 

i^ jawf, The belly. The interior 

cavity (of anything^. Jw/, Extensive. 
Hollow. Jawafy Cavity. Amplitude, 

li^yof^fi (fem.), Hollow. Exten- 

(J^ J^^^f -A. troop or body of men. 

^j^ jawkat, A crowd, a multitude. 

J^^jawaldny Wandering, walking 
round. Motion, agitation. 

J^^5*- jumcvrdf Liberal, beneficent. 

j^^ yatt^Aar, A gem, a jewel. 

Matter, substance, essence, i^j^jp^ 
jaiohariy Substantial, essential, naturaL 

Cl^Uf>- jihdtf The faces, the sur- 

jl^ jihddf An endeavour, eflFbrt. 

A gallant exploit. War, battle, combat 
(especially against infidels). 

b^FT y*^''«w, Publicly. 

j\^ j'ahdZy Paraphernalia, or por- 
tion given with a daughter, effects in the 
disposal of a wife, whatever a bride 
brings to her husband's house. 

J l^yMAAa/(plur. ), Ignorant (men). 
^Lf>- jahdlat, Being ignorant. 


^^^Jthat, The side, face, surface, 

form, fashion, manner, mode, reason, 
regard, respect. 

d^ jahd, An endeavour, effort, 

attempt. Care, labour, study, diligence. 
Fatigue, affliction. Power, strength, 

ji^-jahr, Public, evident, manifest. 
Revealing, declaring, publishing. Be- 
holding, perceiving, seemg clear tiirough 
every perplexity. 

\j^ jaJiran, Publicly, evidently, 

with a clear voice. ]/^j ]/-»> 
Privately and publicly. 

ij^ jahrat, Open, CQn6^lc>^<2iv\&» 





Xj^ juhrdh, Yellow berries. 

J,^ jahlf Ignorance. 

^L^juhald (plur.), Ignorant. 

Xi^^y^A^^^; Ignorant. Many fools. 

>:«^ Jahannam, Hell, the infernal 
fire. *i^ Jjbi, The inhabitants 
of hell, the damned. ^^a\ ^ *>• 

jahannamt. Infernal. 

'■ I >rJ\^\ J layMtCVjuhnly The 

twenty-third nieht of the month Rama^ 
darif esteemed fortunate for those who 

J^P" Jahnl, Extremely ignorant. 
jW ja^t/^lj Hunger. 

c.-^ Ja^hy The breast of a gar- 
ment or shirt. A pocket. 

i^ jiyat, Corrupted water. A ditch 
or other place where water stagnates. 

jjj^v^ jlhun^ The river Jihon or 

Ju5j- jayyid, Anything elegant or 
excellent. Fair, good. 

\^jiPr fi^^^t Neighbours. 

^JL^ jayshf An army, soldiery. 

jayfatf A carcase, a corpse. 

juyuly Pockets. Plur. of 

iJ^yPr j'^'^^9 Armies, forces, 

troops. (^j*^5/«^ The general 
of the army. 

^ hdorhe, The sixth letter of the 
Arabic alphabet, and the character for 
eight in arithmetic. 

^U^ hdtimy A judge, rendering ne- 
' cessary. A liberal man. A proper name. 

-^l>. hdj, A pilgrim to Mecca. 
^j:^L>-1^ Mfdt, NecGBasaieB, wants. 

>-U- hdjib, A porter, a groom, 
or door-keeper of the king's bed chamber. 
An eye-brow. 

to-l>. hdjat, Necessity, want, po- 
Terty. Any xmavoidable business (going 
to the necessary). Hope, wish. 

i^^U- hdjfat, A female pilgrim to 

l^- hdjiz, Hindering, preventing. 

>*l>. hdjl, A Christian who has 

performed the pil^image to Jerusalem, 
or a Mahometan tnat to Mecca. A pil- 

l^jlfiw hddia, New, just appearing. 

iJjU. hddtsat, (plur. CL^UjU.), A 
novelty, an event, an accident. A mis- 
fortune. Pudenda. 

J jU^ hddikf Ingenious, industrious. 

^j\.s>- hddi, A conductor, director, 
leader of camels. Wary. One. 
^^Jjl-Cv^jL&-, Eleven. 

^jU- hdztkf Ingenious, skUful, in- 
telligent, penetrating, excelling. Tart, 
sour, sharp, acute. 

jl>. harr, Warm, hot, sultry. 

5.U- hdrat, A street. 

^j\^ hdru, A governor, com- 
mander, protector, defender. A sentinel. 

jj^U. hdrik, Bumifag, ardent. 
^^jl>. hdrUn, A restive horse. 
^j\s^ hd%m, Wise, provident. 
L»A^ hd88at, Sense, the five senses. 

Ju«}l>- hdsid, Envious. An enemy. 

^l>. hdsh (or LlU-), Besides, ex- 
cept. God forbid ! let it not be ! in no 

shape ! L^L^^, Heaven forbid 

that .... Saving or excepting your 
reverence, with submission to you. 

«X&1>. hdshid, Eeady, prepared. 




LJii\^- h&skiyat or h&shiyah, A 

margin, brink, edge. A border. The 
hem of a garment. A marginal note. 
Men of inferior rank. 

Xa\>^ hdsid, A reaper, a mower. 

j^\^ ham, Prohibiting^ blocking 
up. A restrainer, an astringent. A 
calculator, a numberer. 

JyitfW hdsil, Produce, whatever is 
gathered (as com, fruits, etc.) Profit, 
advantage, utility, conyeniency. Ke- 
mainder, residue. The sum, end, con- 

^\^' hdain, A chaste woman. 

j0a[>^ hddir, Present, ready, prompt, 

coming or standing before. j*a»-, 

To appear before, to be present. 

ji^Uji^U-, Present and seeing^ one 
of the attributes of God. 

JkiW- hafid, A grandson. 

JW hafir, A nail, a claw, a foot. 

laiW. hdfiz, A guardian, a com- 
mander, governor, conservator, keeper, 
observer. A reciter. 

£Jail>- hdjkat, A female guardian. 

i^\^iy, A retentive memory. 

^W Adfl, Barefoot. [urine. 

^W hdMn, Having a retention of 

mS\»- hdkm, One of the attributes 
' of God. A sovereign, a prince, a lord, 
a judge, a governor, a commander, a pre- 
sident, an arbitrator, administrator, any 
person invested with power, a magistrate. 

X«^l»- hdkimat, A lady, a princess. 

JW hdl, State, situation, condition, 
mode, manner. 

jU- hdhn, ITow, at present. 

d^jtU- hdldtf States, conditions. 

Ci^lfi^ hdlib, A milker. A vein in 
the thigh. 

il\>- hdlaf, State, quality, condi- 
tion. A ih22^. Action, motion. 

jdl>* hdlik, Shaving. 

aW ITdmf Son of Noah, from whom 
they say the Indians, Ethiopians, etc., 
are descended. 

«X^l>. hdmidf A praiser (of Gt)d). 

J^l>- hdmilf Carrying. A porter, 

carrier. c-?yi^lJ.^U., The bearer 
of a letter. 

aL«1>- hdmtlah, Pregnant. 

^/•U. hdmi, A protector, defender. 

(j]^l>. hdwl, Collecting, containing, 
comprehending. A collector. 

JjU- hdyd, Declining, turning from. 
jA^ hdyr, Astonished, stupified. 
^joA.^' hdydy Menstrua patiens 

iaj W. hdyt, A wall, inclosure. 

(JlX>W. hdyhf A weaver. 

(^^%». hahlf A grain, a pill. c^^%>- 

jUll, Laurel berries. Sibhy Love, 

affection. ^jlsy^\^^^r^y Amor 
patrisB ; patriotism. 

oU>. hahhdty Corns, grains, pulse. 

JLs>. htbdl, Ropes. Sahhdl, A rope- 

^Ls>. hahdk, Pregnant (women). 

^U>. hahhat, One berry, one grain, 
one seed. 

l«3u^ hahha%dj excellent ! brave ! 
how charming! 

-kfi^ hihr, A learned teacher, a doctor. 
A Jewish scribe. Ink. 

^j**-^ hobs, Betention, detention. 

Imprisonment. A prison. ^/*f^, 
To arrest, to put in prison. 
[JL^ hahaah, An Ethiopian, Abys- 
sinian. ^JLp-, Ktl "^Hhxiss^^^a^- 
Ethiopic. * ' • • 




hdbak, Pulegium, or penny- 
royal. This word enters into the compo- 
sition of many plants^ as JPf^ 
jS^\, Camomile. 

jj-i^ AaW, A rope, a cord, a chain. 
Sabaiy Conceiying, being pregnant. Con- 
ception, pregnancy. 

^Ju&- hubla\ Pregnant (woman, also 
all animals that have claws). 

cr»>> huhuhi Grains, berries. All 

kinds of com, pot-herbs, or other pro- 

jy^ huhUVj Cheerfulness, joy. 

habhahi A grain, berry. 

hoMby A friend, favourite. 

ft\i»^ hattdma, How long ? 

k.Jio^ hatf, Death. iliJ^uJio^Cl^U, 
He died a natural death. 

a:;*- hatm, Eendering necessary. 
Jurisdiction. A decree. 

haUa\ Until, so that, in such 
a manner, and thus. As far as, as 
long as. 

t^o^ hass, Instigating, exciting, 

^ hojlf, A pilgrimage to Mecca. 

'\j^\, The chief or commander 

of tue pilgrims (an office of ^at dignity 
during the splendour of the Khali&t, and 
generally fiUcd by the son or declared 
successor of the reigning sovereign). 

^l^ hifdh, Modesty, blushing, 
shame. A veil. ITight. c^l^ 

c^Aiill, The veil of the heart, 


the diaphragm. ^^r^f -^^ ^^' 
to draw a curtain, to cover, to hide. 

hujjdb, Porters, janitors,^ 

chamberlains of the king's apartments 
(having the charge of the door- ways), 

4^1^ ^'dda^, A deputyship. 

^L^ hujlfdj, Pilgrims to Mecca. 
j\^ hifdr, Stones. j\^ hwjjjar, A 


j\^ hifd%, Mecca, and the adjacent 

country, Arabia Petraea. One of the 
principal species or modes in the Persian 
music, ' of which there are three, viz. : 

^ J^^^ o\f^> and jlf . 

<t«l5? hqfdmat, Applying the cup- 
ping glasses,bleeding,6carifying. Shaving. 

<U^ hajdbat, Janitors, porters, cham- 

i^ hyljatj A pilgrimage to Mecca 

(hence a form of swearing }^\i^^ 

By the sacred solemnities of Gk)d). 
Mijijaty A year. The lobe of the ear. 

dLsF^*^, The last month of the 
Arabian year (because upon the tenth 
day a solemn feast is celebrated at 

i^ hvjijat, A decree, a decision, the 

sentence of a ju^. An argument, a 
proof, a reason. Pretence, excuse. 

>?" ^w/V> Proofs, demonstrations, 
VI claims, causes. 

j^ hqjcvr, A stone. «jy*Sl^, The 
black stone at Mecca. ^A^J/?, 
Lapis lazuli, a jjt^. Bloodstone. 
J^\^, Lapis Judaicus. 

ci^t^ hufrdt. Cells, closets. 

ifj^ hujrah, A chamber, closet, cell. 
A court-yard, a hall. 

hqf%, Prohibiting, preventing. 
Interruptinff, interposing, interceding. 

J^ J^al,A pLid;e ^red 
feet and beak. 

<l1^ hqfaht, A female partridge. 

Jk>. hadd, A boundary, limit. A 
definition, distinction. The edge (of wit, 
steel, etc.) [habits. 

j\i\>- hiddd^ Mourning, mourning 



j1j^»- hadddd, A blacksmith^ a 

^\t^^ hiddk, Pupils of the eyes. 

^tj^>- haddkat, Eminenoe, excel- 
lence, skill. [stmments. 

Jj^J^>- haddyid, Weapons, iron, in- 

j;^l0k>> haddyik, Gardens, orchards. 

\i J^>- hadbd, Hamp-backed (woman). 

<0J^>» hadabat, Gibbosity (of the 
back, etc.) 

i^K\'^ hadas or httds, A novelty, a 

recent accident, contingency, event, 

^jM Jk>. hadSf Thinking, conjecturing. 

Opinion, a doubtfol opinion, a false 
opinion. An intention, a purpose, design. 

JLS Jk>. hadakat, The pupil of the eye. 

Vii-^Ok^ huduSy Novelty, invention, 

d^overy. Appearing, re-appearing, 

J^«X>. hudud (or <L*.&pjuJf J^jLfr^t), 

Bonndaries, confines. Penal laws. Jj^^^ 
To fix limits, to describe the boundaries. 

jj Jl>- hadur, A declivity, a descent. 
Sudur^ Descending, falling down. 

ci^J^>» hadlsy New, newly made. 

^^l(J^J^>-> Of a youthful age. 

An event, an accident, a novelty, a his- 
tory, tradition (particularly with regard 
to the saying and actions of Mahomet, 
which are divided into two classes ; the 

first called ^^^1 cUjJo-, The 
sayings of the prophet ; the other 

/;^«Xa) 1 ci^ J^>- , The holy sayings 

(which they believe the angel Gabriel 
brought &om heaven). 

<X[(Xfi»^ Tiodldj Iron. JjiXf^^Juc/t, 

An iron mine, iron ore. 

kJbi^^ hadllcat, A garden inclosed 
with a wall. A palm plantation. 

t«X>- And, Opposite, over against, 
filing. A shoe, a slipper. The hoof or 
80l6 OT ft bone'f or cameVa foot. 

(Li\s^ hazdkat, Acuteness, cunzdng, 

shrewdness, ingenuity. 
j*i>. hazar or hi%ar, Caution, pru- 

dence. jSs^, To be cautious, to 
be aware. 

* • 

hoif, Taking away (part of 

anything, as the hair of the head, or tail 
of an animal). Bejecting, catting off 
(a s;^llable of a word, by apocope). 
Blotting out. [standing. 

dJj ik»^ hazikat, Quickness of under- 

j^ harr, Heat, warmth, fervour, 
ardour. JTwrr, Free (not a slave), 
liberal, true (not spurious), genteelly 

C-^l^ hirdh, Short spears. 

i^ljrijs^ harrds, A farmer. JBurrds, 

ij]/>- hardrat, Warmth, heat. Ar- 
dour, fervour. Love. 

<Lj1^ hirdsat, Custody, guardian- 
ship, tuition. 

^]js>- harrdh, An incendiary. See 
^^ hurah 

<L5|^ hurdkat, Fuel for fire. JSar- 

rdkat, A fire-ship, loaded with missile 
brands, etc. 

/^\j>-. hardm, Unlawful, forbidden, 
^ prohibited. Holy, venerable, sacred. 

fijs^f To make unlawful, to inter- 
dict ; to prohibit or prevent from sleep- 
ing. (%1^1 Jusr**^, The temple of 
Mecca. [sassin. 

t^]/>- hardmt, A robber, an as- 
jl]j^ hardyir, IToble ladies. 
^ji>- ha/rhy War, battle. (^jSf\j\d, 

Hostile countries. Jl^jt- 
Battle and slaughter. 

b^ hirhd (fern. i\jj>-), A camelion. 
I armed iorce. 

hunting spear, a jayelin) a spontooU) 
a halberd, a dart, a dagger. 

^-^y>- harhi, Warlike, hostile, Near 
'* to or bounded by an enemy's country. 

Sj>^ hmratf Pfee bom^ noble 

(woman). Ijjs^UlA^ The night 

when a bride preserves her virginity (the 
night on which she loses it being called 

Vil^^ liarsy Cnltivating; sowing. 

^^j^ harjuwdny A species of 
locust with wings. 

^^f^js*^ harzun, The land crocodile, 
the male Lybian lizard. 

■Jjst- hirz, An amulet or charm 
against fascination or enchantment. 

uJ^ harf, A letter of the alphabet, 

a character. A particle (as an adverb, 
preposition, conjunction, or interjection). 

Changing, inverting. \d^\ 

An interjection of calling, 

uJ^, Letter by letter, literally. 

^j>- hirfat, A trade, business, pro- 
fession. A corporation, a body of arti- 
ficers. <Li^ Jjbl, An artisan, a 

^Jj^ hark, Burning, being burnt. 

d3j»- hurkat, Flame, fire. Ardour. 

^^^ harahat (plur. c:jI^^), Ac- 
tion, motion, conduct, procedure. Agita- 
tion of ^ mind or boay. Disturbance, 
commotion. A vowel. 

/♦^ Aflfnw, Unlawful. A prohibition, 

an anathema. Saram^ Sacred, inter- 
dicted from promiscuous use. 

<U^ hurmat, Eeverence, venera- 
tion, dignity. Honour. 

^^^jf^^'t^ Maramayny The two sacred 
cities, Mecca and Medina^ 


Aeirui, Battles. Wars. ^ISj 

, ^^j^^9 Encoimters and battles. 

^jXf^ haruriyat, Freedom. 

uJji^ huruf, Letters. Characters, 

particles. *lsrrluJ;|^, The letters 
of the alphabet. 

^*^j>^ harun, Eefractory, restive 

djj^ hurriyat{haruriyat), Freedom. 

jlj^ harir, Silk, silk cloth, a gar- 

ijlj>- harlrat, A kind of pap of 
milk and flour. 

<*jb^ harlf, A rival. One with 

whom you do business, a partner, as- 

(Jij>- harlk, Fired, burnt. Incensed. 
Flame, fire. 

Js^ Jmssz, Cutting, making an inci- 
sion, notching. Scraping. 

a\Js^ Mzdm, A belt, girth, surcingle. 

The swathes or swaddling bands of 

c^^ Mzh, A body, troop, associates. 
An army, company. 

1*^ hazm, Binding, fastening (a 
load). Occupying, taking firm hold. 
BeiiL^ provident, vigilant, attentive, 
stea^, firm in mind; considering, re- 

solving. YigUance, industry. Being 
abstinent, continent. 

<Uj^- huzmat, A bundle (of wood, 
com, etc.)) as much as can be held in 

^Jfl- huzn, Grief. t*^^ ^^' 

u\Aj^ Aas2ra», The month of Jiuie. 
_^ j^ hazln, Sad, afflicted, melan- 

^jM.>- hoBSy Sense, sentiment, feeling, 
imagination. ^JbUaJl^jjub^l, Ex- 
ternal sense. CJj:iJ^\Q*»^\y 
Common sense, i m*^, Toperceivei 

to comprehend, to discoyer, to under- 
stand, to receive certain intelligence. 
To comb the dust (from a horse, etc.), 
to curry and dress cattle. 

imj\*u^^ hisdh, Computation, calcu- 
lation, number, proportion. Jl^ 
^luyus)!, Arithmetic. 


hash, Computing, reflecting 
upon, considering. Calculating, counts 

ing. f^^ou^, According to. ^^x> 
Cy^Mt'v., In respect, on account 
of. l^NU-urw, According to which. 

, To the best of my 
■^Au-'w, Accord- 
ing to license, i^l^^^li^ 
Agreeable to my desires. 
J ls:M, According to exigency, from 
the state (of affairs, etc.) i^^^r^ 
Sj\J^*i\, In conformity to the signal, 
or hint. LiiS^I s^^mr^, As occasion 

abilities. ijU-Sl 

may require. ^^,j^^r^^ 

(Jj^^f As God commands and the 

prophet explains. JlsM l^^m>-, 
According to the order : a patent, or 
order under the seal of the vaztr. 

hiabaty A reward, hire, price. 

Goodness. <dl<Uufctv-, For the love 
of God. 

hasadf Envy, malevolence. 
, To envy. 

ijM*j>' hasrat, Grief, regret. jm*s^, 

To sigh after, to regret (the absence of 
any one), to wish anxiously to see a 

^J*M^ hasan, Beautiful. Elegant, 
good. Sumy Beauty, goodness, elegance. 

CL^U4M>-)^ana^,Public foundations. 
htfamai, Agood worli^a benefit. 

huma\ Most beautiful, most 
excellent. Fairest, best. 

J^MO^ hasud, Envious, malignant. 

^>M>. hoBsly Sensual. Sensible, be- 
longing to sense. 

^Jij\jjjj>^ hashdytsh, Grass. 

jjjix^ hashr, A meeting, congregation, 

concourse. Besurrecton.^juu^l.^^, 
The day of resurrection. 

c:jl^^dwu>- hashardty Creeping things, 

animalcules, little beasts. 

<UybL»- hishmat, Eeverence, respect. 
Shame, bashfulness. 

yM.>- hashw, Stuffing a pillow. 

^JjjMff*^ hashlahf Dry herbage, hay, 

iLuu^yuurw hashlshaf, One herb. 

La^. hasd, Little stones, gravel. 

jLa>- hasdd, Eeaping. The harvest. 

SiiMsdd, A Teaser. jLoslMlu-^j, 
In time of harvest. 

jlid»- htsdr, A siege. 

<LJLa.^ husdlaty Chaff, refuse, 
sweepings. Piorse. 

^Ua^- hisdn, A beautiful strong 
JjLa>- hasdydy Harvests. J^Ua^- 

Ij^V\, Sayings for which the 
tongue is cut out. 

L.a>- hasbdy Gravel, pebbles. 
<L.g>- hasbaty The measles, i Spotted 


ilUtfs^ hissat or hmah, A lot, por- 
tion, part. [Strong. - 

Juagfc- hasad, Cut down. Harvest 
(^j*^^ hisrimy Sour grapes. 

haaasy Lots. 

h%8ny A castle, fortification. 
, Aaim3^x.^^^dk^\<:sL<> 




Jm3>. htL8ul, Acquisition. Collec- 
tion, gain. AJ^lJ^.,a>., Obtaining 
one's desires. 

^•«a^ husUn, Eortifications, castles. 

■^ma^ haslr, A mat. 

^jMgirw A««z», A fortified place. 

JuLi^- haddnat, Eondling in the 
bosoni) embracing) caressing. 

ij,a>- hadrat (plnr. Cl^|^*a>.), Pre- 
sence. Dignity. Majesty. Higliness, 

^*^^ A«V?w, The breast, the body 
from the arm-pits to the short ribs. 

jya^ hudur, Presence, appearance. 
Being present. 

^jamo-'v. hadld, The lower extremity 
of anything. 

c—^lkd- hattab, A seller of wood. 

i^lLfk- hutdm, Anything dry, brittle, 
and easily broken; also small, minnte. 

L3j31/»lk^, Avarice. 
«* • 

Iltd^ hattaty Letting down, falling, 

\__ -.:^'^ hatiby Woody (place). 

^Vt*U"*^ hatUat, What is abated in 
a price. 

^L»- ^22, Good fortune, happiness. 
Enjoying prosperity. 

Sjli>. hazwat, Happiness. Dignity. 

hazir, A sheep-fold or stable. 

hafry Digging, hollowing out. 

ji^, To dig a pit in another's 
way to injure him. 

iji^ hufraty A ditch, a grave. 

^A>. hifzy Memory. Betention. 

Custody, guardianship. laA>-, To 
preserre, guard, defend. To learn by 

heart, u^^^t^^^^^^ l.h i r*-, 
Gaardiag bim &om ike kandB of men. 

^ji^ hafn, Taking up with both 

hands. (L:Jls*^ hafnat (plur. 

c:.^L&»-), The measure of both 
hands. A small quantity. A handful. 

lL;i>- hafl%y A guardian, etc. See 

hakhy Just, right, true. Truth, 

reason, justice. j^^J^Sy Truth 
is bitter. -^ 

\sL>- hahhdy Really, truly. 

lj\sL>- hakdraty Yileness, baseness, 

being despicable, .ii^. To despise, 
affront, disgrace. 

(Ju>- hdkkdniy True, pure, dis- 
" interested. 

^\ls^\^^y Theology. 

L-^vft5»- huhly Progeny. 

tX^ hihady Hatred, malevolence, 

Ji». hahly Land without houses or 
trees. Field. 

^jA>- hahriy Giving an injection. 

<L:JLg*^ huknaty The cholic. A 

JjA^ hahudy Malevolent, malignant. 

^^i>. hukuhy Laws, rights, duties. 

r*ii^ hahlry Ease, mean, contempti- 
ble. Jj UjuJU-i^ , Of base quali- 
ties. jljJu!!^y-to., Of little value. 

<iftJl>. haUhaty Truth, sincerity, 
reality. A thing notorious. 

/U LJL ?^ hakihatany Truly, certainly. 

^JL to - ^^?^?, True, unfeigned. 
** Real. 

cLf IL»- hakhdJcy A cutter and polisher 
of precious stones. 

aK>> hukMnty Princes, lords, nobles, 
governors, judges, magistrates. 




iAC^- hiMyaif History^ heroic ro- 
"mance, fable, ^adition, a relation, nar- 

IS>^ hikkat, Itching, rubbing. 

fS-^ hukm, Command, absolute 
' power, dominion. An order, judgment, 

sentence, decree. J^j>-, To judge, 
decide, sentence, decree, determine, order, 

command, rule over, regulate. 

^>C^t, GK>d is the judge, heaven 

mnst determine. 

UX»- huhamd, Wise men, philoso- 
'phers, doctors, physicians. 

Ia^,^ hikmat, Wisdom, knowledge. 

Art, science. <uXk.l Jx, Phi- 
losophy, physic, medicine. 

l^^Cs^ hiLkumat, Dominion, despot- 
ism, jurisdiction, authority, sovereignty. 
^A principality. 

Jj>. hall, Solution, loosing. To 
relax, to solve, resolve, dissolve, discuss, 

Ji^ haUdj, A dresser of cotton. 

^i>. haUdjat, The art of dress- 
ing cotton. 

j3U^ haUdk, A barber. 

lji»» huldkat, Shaving. 

J]L». haldly Being legal, legitimate. 
A lavrM thing. SaUal, A looser, solver, 

^^U^ haldwat, Sweetness. 
CyAfw Aalah, Aleppo in Syria. 

il>^ haUatf Caldron of a steamer. 

^fT^ half, Carding wool or cotton. 

^^•1^- halaiiuny A snail. A horn- 
beetle, [swearing. 

u.a\jv- half and halt/, An oath, 

jifr- halk. Shaving, scraping. The 
wind-pipe, the throat. 

4^iL^ haikat or halkah, A ring, a 

circle, a bracelet, the ring or knocker of 
a door ; the Unk of a coat of mail. A 
link, hoop. An assembly, a circle of 

'Ayil»- hulkum, The throat The 

Ji>. hulal, Arabian garments. The 
habits of paradise. 

^X^ hulm, A dream. Eilm, Mild- 
* ness, clemency. 

jLfc- haho, Sweet. 

{^^^^ hulwdn, A gift. A present. 

jy.>. hulul, Descending, remain- 
ing, resting in any place. 

^1>- hah, Jewels, female ornaments. 

Dressing herself with jewels and other 

t_ -,n\"^ hahh. Milk. 
• •• ' 

<LL5w. hilyat, An ornament (of a 

sword, especially on the hilt and sheath). 

^i». halljt Carded or dressed cotton. 
c-o-^-"w hal^f A confederate, a 

partner, a conspirator, 
jul^ hiUk, Shaved hair (or beard). 

aA>- hallm, Mild, gentle, afiEable, 

' humane, tractable. 

Uk»* humma, A fever. JL2di^U»*, 
A tertian ague. 

ifUd- hamdt, A mother-in-law. 
jU^ hmdr, A he-ass. ^JL^^J^^ 

A wild ass. Hammar, An ass-driver. 
ij\A£>^ himarat, A she-ass. 

t^j\T hmdrl. Asinine. 

LJ^ hamdsaf, The being steady (in 
religion^, bold ^in battle). Modem 
poetry (after the Arabians became mixed 
with strangers) . Heroic poetry. 

^U>- hamdkai, Folly, stupidity. 
Jli^ hammdl^ (fern. iiVA»- Ivonfw^ 

96 J^ 

l*U>»- hamdm, A dove, a tnitle, any 
bird with a ruff. a\a^ kammdm, 
i^Uk^ hamdmat, One dove. *- 
^w«Uk>^ hammaml, A bagnio-keeper. 

^jS^^^4>>^ hamma^ muhrihat, A 

malignant fever. Phrensy from this fever. 

<U ti^ himdyaty Protection, defence, 

tX4»- A(3(m(^, Praise^ praising. \d^ 


<0J, By the grace or favour of God. 

\/^'»^ haw/rd (fern.), Red. 

J..^.*- hamly A burthen, a load. 
Samalf A ram. A large lamb. Aries, 

the first sign of the zodiac. ^UJ 

J-4-sM, Sheep's tongue; the 
plantain tree. [an assault. 

dS^^s*- hamlat or hamlahy An attack, 

^y^»^ humudaf, Sourness, bitter- 
ness, acidity. 

U^ hamayydf Whatever one must 
defend (as a wife,, a standard, etc.) 

^U^«^>. hamJyat, Zeal, ardour, im- 
petuosity, a nice sense of honour, modesty, 

4}u^«i>. hamldy Praised. Laudable, 

glorious. 2rjLM«^uJL9jl, Laudable 

hamlr, Asses. [throat. 

>-l:.^ handjir, The wind-pipe, the 

J^li>. hindtat, The art of embalming. 

^U^ handn, Pitying. Parental or 
filial love, ffannan (fem. hannanat), 
Most compassionate or affectionate (one 
of the epitnets of God). 

^x'lNrv-jjl ahu himhas, (Pather of 
stratagems) the fox. 

^JmSo^- hanash, A serpent. A malig- 
nant villain, a scoundrel. 

^cLi^, Wheat 

hanafl, Orthodox, 
(fem.), The sect of Hanifa. 

hanakf The palate, and the 
under part of the mouth opposite to it. 
The back. Deep black. The jaw, the 

^i^^s*^ Hanlfah (or iJu^^S), One 

of the four chiefs of the great Mahometan 

^^^^*:.>^ haniny Parental or filial aflfec- 
tion. The affectionate cry of a camel to 
her colt. 

\y>. Sawd and hawwd, Eve, the 
mother of mankind. 

CjJ^^^ hawddis, I^ews, accidents, 

{jm\^ hawd88y. Sense. [events. 

^J^\y>^ hawdsM, Margins, borders, 

hems, marginal notes or observations. 
Followers, attendants, domestics. 

j^^j^ hawdfify Nails, claws, feet. 

i^\^ hatvdlat, A commissary. As- 
signation, a bill of exchange. 

-Jl^ hawdll or hawdla^ (or ^^\Jb\ 
jJl^j), Environs, parts adjacent. 

^y>' hawdyjy Things, afiairs, ne- 

(JL>^ hut, A fish. A large fish. 

The sign Pisces. 

j^ hawr, The (white) poplar (tree). 

t^jjjj^t The black poplar. 

^Ij^ hatordny The southern region 
of Damascus. 

ijy>' hawzat, A tract, side, part, 
the middle of a kingdom. 

^^ hawdy A pond, a large reser- 
voir of water. The basin of a fountaia. 

J^ hawly Changing. Passing by or 
over. Returning. Power. jJ*>-JI 

i^\iV\ ijfJ S, There is no power nor 
virtue but in God. 



<U^ hawmat, The greaitest quantity 

or power of anything. 
^ hat/if, Alive. LLJy^}^, 

Ever-living, eternal. aj^^Ja 

(Living and immortal (epithets of the 

Supreme Being). J U^^». House- 
leek (an herb). 

L». hayd, Shame^ blushing, bash- 

ifL>- hat/dt, Life. Life time. 

C/L^ ha^dk, Weaving. cL/II>- 
hayyah, A weaver. 

haym (or U2u>-), Where? 

Wheresoever, to whatever place j(7oa go 
I will follow). 

haytHyat, Examination^ con- 

hayr (5^-^^. or J^^), The 

being astonished, confounded, disturbed. 

J^;*^ hayraif Stupor, perturba- 
tion, amazement. 

^1^^:^ hayrdn, Astonished, con- 
founded, confosed, disturbed, amazed. 

j^mA*'^ hayf, Injustice, violence, op- 
pression, iniquity,injury,oruelt7, tyranny. 
Ah! alas! 

J-i^ hayl, Virtue, power. Decep- 
tion. Mayalf Frauds, snares. 

4Le^ hilat or hllah, Machination, 

fraud, treachery, stratagem, finesse, 

^J^^ hin, Time, an age. 

^ju:i.>gw, Then, at that time. 

^Ij;*^ haywdn. An animal, a brute. 

C^Ul^;^ haywdndt, Animals,cattle, 

t^lj;*^ haywdni, Brutal, sensual. 
^•*^ haywatf Life. 
hayyah,. A serpent. 

^ khd, The seventh letter of the 

Arabic alphabet, expressing in arithmetic 
600. Its power is generated by a gentle 
vibration m the t&oat. The sound is 
not familiar to the EngliBh, but is used 
by the Welsh and some of the northern 
nations. It is pronounced like the 
Spanish/. In this edition it is repre- 
sented by kh, not that it partakes of 
either of those letters, but because it has 
been usual so to note it, for want of a 
simple character. 

Ljlfs. khdhiyaty Jars (for wine,etc.) 

Jjlfls. khdtil, Deceiving, circum- 
venting. A deceiver, a cheat. 

^W- khdtam, A ring, a seal-ring, 
' a seal. 

iUjW- khdtimat, A conclusion, an 
epilogue. End. 

i^jj\s>' khdtun, A lady, a matron. 

ejl£>- khddi^, Deceiving. A de- 

>» jlfs. khddim, A domestic servant 

-.jlr>- khdrij, External. — jli)l^ 

From without, on the outside. 

^5»>- khdffi, A heretic. 

. c^Mk>-il£>- khdrehlnl, A hard sub- 

stance, of which the Chinese make mir- 
rors ; also heads to arrows, etc. 

j^lfls. khdrik, Tearing, splitting. 

j^lr>- khdzen (or ^1 Jjjlrs. khdsna- 
dar, A treasurer. 

Jjjjl^ khdzuk, A stake for impal- 
ing men. [loser. 

j^\s>- khdiir, Suffering loss. A 
1^ khdM^, Humble, modest. 




fjo[£>' IchdBSy Pure, unmixed, fine, 

excellent. Particular, private. A royal 
favourite, whatever the king enjoys, as 
his own domestic or private property. 

i»lcj^j(olrs., ^Noble and plebeian, 

all, everybody. Private and public. 

i^\:>. hhasaat or hhasaah (fern, of 

^jdUi. ), Property, peculiarity. 

'^liL.tfU;., Especially. But, yet, 
still. Only, at least. Entirely, qnite, 

however. Truly, certainly. <UjU^ 
khasahj Fine cotton cloth of a close tex- 
ture commonly called cossaes. 

^^l£>- khddi^ Humble, submissive. 

J^lrs. khdfir, The heart, mind, soul, 
affection, propensity, inclination, me- 
mory, remembrance. 

^U>- khdfl, Committing a crime, 
offending. A sinner. 

(ji^r^- hhafiJc, Trembling, palpi- 
tating. The horizon. j^laiU^- 

^^t-iilr^. The two horizons, the 
east and west. 

^^ISlrS-. khdlcdn, A king, an emperor. 

JL>- khdl, A mole on the face. An 
uncle (by the mother). 

jJU>- hhajidf Everlasting, perpetual. 

^^L>- IchdUSf Pure, unsullied, un- 
corrupted, entire. The best part of any- 
thing. ^Ixs^l^lfiL, Sincere of 

heart. '^LJU^ khdUaan, Purely, 


<UiSU^ khalifat, The same as L^Jllfs.. 
A refractory man or woman. 

jIU. khalik, The Creator. jlU. 

(jyyUljjjJl, The Creator of de- 
mons and men. 

jJlfls. MaZl.^Free, vacant. Empty, 

void, 15^^ To evacuate, to 

abandon, to desert, to reject, to throw 

^♦Ifs. i&Aa;;^, Eaw, undressed. TJniipey 

' immature. A horse that has been long 
in the stable. Long cloth, stout. 

J^lfs. khamidy Dead, resting, quiet 
^jM.^l£s. khdmis, The fifth. 

LuuvlfL khcLmsan, In the fifth place, 

J^lr>^ khamil, Mean, contemptible. 

^l>. khan, A caravansera, an inn, 

any place of jpublic reception for tra- 
vellers. A pnnce, a nobleman, a lord, 
the khan of the Tartars. 

^lr>- khaniky Strangling. A nar- 
row pass through mountains. A narrow 

street, a lane. -^JljI^Ui*, A 
species of night-shade. 

j(Uijlr>^ khdnakdhy A monastery, or 
religious structure, built for the Eastern 
sophs or dervises. A convent, chapel; 

AAjUi. khdnku, The city of Canton. 

^Irs. khdnam, A lady. 

(^^\s>^ khdwi, Without inhabitants, 
** ruined, fallen down (a house). 

c^Ul khdyl, Euined, impove- 
rished, disappointed. 

^^\^ khd-yid, Entering into, or 
passing through water. 

kjlrs. khdyt, A tailor. [moos. 

(«jul£>- khdyfy Timid, pusillani- 

jjjUs- khd-in, A deceiver, a traitor. 

cl.^L£>-b yd khabda, infamous ! 

^L^ khahdsat, Wickedness, in- 
famy, baseness, depravity, impurity. Bad. 

jus>* khdbhds^ A baker. t^Uc^ 

hJmbaziy Mallows. [tilings. 

bL^ khdbdyd, Secrets, concealed 

jUs*^ ^^dy<, Impurities, wicked 

things. The evil spirit 

L.iA£>- khulsy Malignity, malice, 
brutality, perfidy, malevolenoe, is^urity. 



"khahwr (or hhiibr). News, ad- 
vices, report, rumour, story. Prophecy, 

prediction, jr^i To announce, 

to signify, to inform, to relate, to give 
intelligence, to assure, to caution. 

ij^ khthrat, A proof, an experi- 
ment, a trial, experience. 

khtibi, Bread. 

khabls (fern. <Llyrw), Im- 
pure, wicked, base, malignant. 
iLk^^\jj\, The infernal spirits. 

khablTy Knowing, learned, ac- 
quainted with, informed. 

2(Lms>- khahlzah, Marsh-mallows. 
i«li£>- kMtamy The end of a thing, 
^b^ I^itdn, Circumcision. ^Lx^ 

^luLsrl, The custom of circum- 

ciedon feasts. 


^l:i£>>. khitdnah, Circumcision. 

JsLTw khatal, Deceiving, circumvent- 
ing. Seizing by stratagem (as a fox his 
prey). The former lurking-placeofahare. 

j;xs>* Ihctttn, The seal, end, con- 
clusion. ^»:;^, To seal. To con- 
dude. To finish reading the Alcoran. 

^\j^\y.iU\s;:^y May God 
end his days in happiness. 

khatn, Circumcising. 

khutnat, Circumcision. 

Xilfr khijaligty Shame, bashfulness. 

Jj^ kha^'al, The being modest, 
bashful, ashamed, confounded. 

khakhmn, A high priest of the 

khadd, A cheek. P®""'- 

^1j^, Frauds, deceits. 

jj^ khadr, Sitting behind the veil 
or curtain (women in the East concealed 
from the view of men). A veil, a cur- 
tain. The women's apartments. 



ej^ khada^y Deceiving, circum- 
venting, leading astray, being insidious. 

XfiJ^ khudc^at, Fallacy, fraud, de- 

ception, imposture. <UhX gv C, r^] 

War is fraud, i.e., stratagem is necessary 
in war, Khad^t^ Aa imposture, a 
cheat. [retinue. 

i«J^ khadam, Servants, domestics, 

CjUj^ khadamdt, Services, etc. 
plur. of 

<L«J^ khidmat, Service, employ- 
ment, office, ministry. 

fc>^J^ khudud, Cheeks. 

jl^os^ khttdur, Curtains. 

ioJo- khadl^tfYravid. Deceiving. 

j^ khuz (imperat. of J^l), Take 

Ji^ khazi (and ^Sj^), Weak- 
ness. Being destitute, disappointed, 

c— >|j:>- khardh, Euin, desolation. 
Destroyed, deserted, depopulated. 

CubLri* khardhdt, Devastations. 
—1^ khardj, Tribute, tax, revenue. 

ft **' 

j]y!>- kharrdr, Murn^uring (as water, 

j^L»l^ Rhwrdsdn or Khordsdn, An 

extensive and noble country, the ancient 
Bactriana, lying to the norfii of the river 
Oxus or Gihon. 

Lr:>- kharrdt, A turner. iLI^ 
The art of turning. 

A-tlp-, The proboscis of an ele- 
phant. The nose. 

dj\j^ khurd/af, A fable, an enter- 
taining tale. Malice, detraction, false- 

kharah, Ruining. ^ °° * 

-,^ kharj, Going out. Outgo, 

r* ^ 



A steward, a maitre d'hotel. 
To expend. To go or rush out. 

Jj^ hhurdal, Mustard, mustard- 

Jjs>^ kharaz, Small pearls, glass 
beads, coq de perle, or tilings similar. 

j^\jj>^, The joints in the hack- 

(jM/>^ khars (plur.) Dumh. Kharaa 
Being dumb. 

Lrf^ kharadf Dumh (woman). 
\^)^js>- klmradn, Dumh (men). 

^j=^ khart, TJnharking. Smoothing, 

especially in a turner's lathe. Stripping 
a branch of its leaves, or a cluster of the 
grapes, by drawing the hand from one 
ena to the other. 

(^y>- khurtum (or a^I?^), The 

proboscis of an elephant. The nose. 

jjlj^ khirfdn, Lamhs. 

^j^ khark, A fissure, a round hole 
in a torn garment. 

iJ^ khirkatf A garment made of 

shreds and patches. A remnant, a patch, 
a rag. [beads. 

Aj^ kharm, Piercing peavls or glass 

t«^ kharmd, Having the tip of 

the nose cut o£f, the bridge broken, lip 
chapped, or ear pierced. 

(i-J^^J^ khimuhf Bean-pods, carohs. 

The bread of St. John, or of the prodi- 
gal son. 

*^^j^ kharmh, See c^y^^. 

^^js>- khwrujt Going, rushing, sal- 

hring forth in a hostile manner. Gomg 
forth, issuing. 

^j^js>- kharmf, A lamh. 

03/^ ^AoriiA, Fissures, cracks. 

y^^^ kharirf The murmuring of 
ranmng water. 

uJj *s^ kharlf, The autumn, the 

harvest, autumnal rain, the fall of the 
leaves. [vest. 

iJij^ kharlf I, The autumnal har- 

JUI^ khi&dmat, A ring made of 

hair, put through a camel's nose, to 
which the bridle is fastened. Khuzamat 

(or ^]/>-)f A wild herh of a 

fragrant smell, with a long stalk, small 
leaves, and a red flower. 

dj[y>^ kMzdnah, A treasury, trea- 
sure, a magazine, a granary, a repository. 

The public revenue. ^Ic <U |jr>-. 

The imperial treasury. ^.UmJIZ}!^ 
An armoury. [sures. 

fjAy>- khazdyin, Treasuries, trea- 

(^1 ijri- khazttrdn, A cane. The 

flexible root of an Indian cane or reed, 
with which they make little yessels or 
' baskets. A spear made of this cane or 

^Jfw khazlnat or khazlnah, A trea- 
sury. A granary, magazine. Tribute. 

JLLur>- khasdsat, The being ava- 
ricious, mean, ignoble, low-bom,coyetoiii. 
Meanness. - 

auM£>. khassat, Yileness, etc. See 

jmk:>^ khusr (or f^\j**^), Damage, 
Fraud. Suffering a Idss, losing. 

u-nin<. khu8ilf, The being sunk 

(or lying concealed) under groun'd. An 
eclipse of the sun or moon. 

^jM,^yMS^ khasls, Avaricious, sordid. 
Low, base, ignoble. 

<U*«.%M^S» khasUat, Meanness, ayarice. 
\Jjjj:>-. khashshdh, A seller of wood. 
i\£^ khushthdf, A hat. A 



khashab, Wood, timber. 
khashkhdsh, Poppy, 


jlCufcfw khushhdr, Bread of coarse 
nnsiflted floury fall of bran. 

^^A^-g^ Jshashn, Bough, ^^ ^ jux, :^ 

v.^Ls'l, (A man) of rough un- 
polished maimers. 

ft^jufcf^ ^AtMAu^, Humility, sub- 
mission, respect, fear, modesty. 

^J ^ ^ ^ - khtuhunat, Asperity, se- 
yeritj, rigidness, fierceness. 

:>- hhashyat, Fear, terror, dread. 

:>- hhisd, Castration. 

^Lid£>- khasdi (or d^^Ldf^), 

Jl.a£^ khisdl, Good manners, pro- 
perties, or qiuQities. 

aLos^ khisdm, Litigating. 

^^L2fi>^ khasays, Qualities, virtues. 

JjLos^ hhasaylf Plur. of ^Juofi^-', 

rfUnflfv. khaslat, A quality, property, 

mode, talent, yirtae. Temper, hmnour, 
disposition, nature. 

^fw ^^m, An enemy, antagonist, 
^ adyersary at law, game. 

^yoi^ khtMiU, A thing, business, 
affair, particular. 

[^ya:^ khttsUsan or \^,flyas^, Par- 
ticularly, especially, chiefly. 

<Uw>j.»afv. M«Mil«?^a^, Particularity, 

singularity. Attachment, intimate Mend- 

f^yosS^ khitsum, Enemies, rivals. 

(ju[^ya:>-' khmUmdt, LaTtr-saits. 

a^yat:^ i&AtMuma^, Litigation, a law- 
suit. Enmity. 

^•os^ kha^, Testicles. ^Im^u^, 
An eunuch. A castrated animal. 

.^vn^ khusyan, The two pellicles 
of the scrotum. Eunuchs. 

v_ ^^.^^ lJuiaihjVm\ten}j abounding 
in produce. 

^ khatHm, Litigating, opposing, 
xri. JThidr, The prophet Elias, 

and St. George of England, whom they 
call Ehidr EUas. 

\j0d:s. khadrd (fern.). Green, fresh. 
gj»a:>^ khudrut, A green pot-herb. 
LU\j\j0d:>^ khadrdwdt, Greens, herbs. 

c yS:L khadu^, Humble. JThudii^, 

Subnussion, humiHty, respect, veneration, 
bowing the head in reverence. 

^^^a^:^ khadld, The foot of a moun- 
tain, and in general the lowest part of 

L^ khatt, A line, a stripe, a cha- 
racter, a letter, epistle, handwriting ; * a 
figure drawn on the sand hy conjurors, 
when making their incantations. 

i^^L^, Eoyal letters, diplo- 
mas, or mandates, signed or superscribed 

by the king^s own hand, la^ 
AjiA'Uui^, A right line. _x:^l^k>-, 
A curved line, (^j^y^^'^^f -^ 
parallel line. J^.4xlagv., A per- 
pendicular line. JiMUjuu^ki^^, A 
circular line. I^lla^, The 

' diameter, jl^lLf^-, Ameridianal 

ILfL khatd, A sin, a fault, a crime, 
an error, inadvertency, blunder. Mistake. 
A misfortime. 

c^lLf^^ M^'^d^, Conversation, speech; 
correspondence by letter. Address. 

I?ll2£>- khaftdt, Fine writing. An 

elegant writer. jiUltUarS-, A 

uJlksi- khattdf, A ravisher. KhuU 

\j}li!i. khatayd. Sins. Fanlta, errors. 

A.U-v. kkutlat or kJmtiah, Ad ora- 
tion delivered overj Friday, after the 
forenoon aenice, in the pnnoipal Ma- 
horaetjin nroaQnea (in "whicli tliej praise 
God, blesB Mnhomet and his dcscendanta, 
and praj for the king) , This waa gene- 
rally pronounced in formei timea by the 
reigning £hali^ or the heir apparent. 
Asking a iToman in marriage for a son. 
jk^ kkttar, Danger, risk, fear, 
hazard, foHnne, gaming. 

^.m-s. khataf. Seizing, carrying off. 

i^a:^ kkatwat (plur. t ■■ >\^<. ), A 
step, a pace. The space between the feet. 

l^jka- khutiit, Lines. Letters, 
epistles. &^\jLii)pja:>~, Badial 
lines, rays of the lun. 

c_ '■•,;n'^ i/uttib, A preacller. [crime. 

i-k^ kkatii, A sin, a fault, a 

j-la^ khatir. Great, honourable, 
dignified (man). ^Jb^j.^^, An 
important, doabtfiil, or dangerotia affair. 

\iLi. khafd, A secret, a concealment. 
Occult, hidden. 

^\sL^ khuff&ik, The bat. 

lili^ khafuj/a, Secrets, mysteries. 

iLAi. kkiffat, Levity in behaviour, 
Lightness of weight. Going fast. 
ijid- kkiffaian, Lightly, enper- 

fj^iS- khafd, Depression. Putting 
the yowel katra (,) under tbe last 
letter of the obUque case (called likenise 


JLRi- ihafk (or ^,Ui»-), Palpitat- 
ing, trembling. 
j«^ kkafm, Hiding, concealment. 
^J^ kkafl, Clandestine, concealed. 
- hhttfyat, Conoealment, hiding. 


j!*^ khaflT, A protector, guardian, 
tutjir. Toll paid for protection of the 

!_»■£•<- khaflf, Light (of weight). 

Undignifled, immoral. A species of 

(Ji- khal, \megar. [verse. 

^^ khill and khvll, A Mend, par- 
ticnlarly a sincere and intimate one. 
KhHtl, lotimate friendship. 

^id~ khaid, Being vacant, deserted, 
at leisure, &ee. ^!L>. orli.^t( 
Besides, beyond. ^J^^ , Saving 
that, uolesa that. 

^jO^L-U khalds, Liberation, redemp- 
tion. jJiJ.^, To set at liberty. 

•Uslbi- khuldsat, The purest and best 
part or substance of i^fthing. Purified 
or clarified batter, The esBence of a 

c 'iS- khuldj^ Thepalsy,the epilepsy. 

' "-^ kkUsf, Goniradiction, oppo- 
sition. .'U. Ji| t^A. _ Contrary 
to ordinary praetioe. 

iJid- kkilafat, The Khalifat, vioe- 
gerency, lieuienaney. Imperial dignity, 
moaareby. Succession, supplying the 
place. Hierarchyj vicarage. 

jis~ khaUdk, The Creator. 

iJ^ks~ khaldlai, Sincere friendship. 
Candour, sincerity, 

i^X^ khulldn, Intimate friends. 

t^hi- khalayf, Kings, vicegerents. 

etc. Plnr. 

f aA-U-. 


^JJ^i^ £Aa^y£,Men, people, nations, 

^Ur*" khalajan. Motion, agitation, 
commotion, palpitation, perturbation, 
trepidation, aniiety, curiosity. Kbuljan, 
Bays, gulis, anus of the sea. 

JU^ kltaMal, The ring of gold 
or silver worn by the Arabian ladiM 
Toond tti«i( ai&Us. . 


jiei. khuld, Eteriiity, perpetuity. 

j1>. khallad (in prayer), May it 

endure for ever. <toj^rv Ci? jJu*^, 
May his empire remain, etc. 

Dlt^- ^AtfZ^; Confusion^mixtnre. Uifiw 
To mix, blend, confound. 

^Li* khal^, Drawing out (slowly). 

Pulling off (clothes, etc.). Deposing, 
remonng from office. Eepudiation of a 
wife, when desired by herself from an 
ayersion to her husband ; (on which ac- 
count she resigns all settlements, and the 
presents made to her at marria^, which, 
nad the divorce taken place at his motion, 
must have been kept by or delivered to 
her). Disinheriting a son and turning 
him out of doors. Investing with a 
robe of honour. Khila^, Eobes of 

honour with which princes, etc., invest 
those whom they mean to distinguish. 

ijd^ ihal^at, In\;e8ting with a 
royal robe. 

c,,aL<. ihalf, Coming after or behind, 

flooceeding fas day to day, people to peo- 
ple, etc.) The latter part. Khdlafy A 
suocessor. Posterity, descendants. 

UL^ hhulafa, Xhalifs, emperors, 
kings, princes, lieutenants, vicars, sub- 
stitutes. ^^jLiy\UU?l, The four 

lowfiil khalijfe, i.e., Abubokre, Omar, 
Othman, and Ali, the immediate succes- 
fors of Mahomet. (The Persians do 
not acknowledge the three first, being of 

the sect of Ali. ^jL^dM ULl 
Successively, uninterruptedly. 

lj^j>> khalfat, Substituting another 
in your place. 

^iL>» khalafl, Successive. 

j;]ls»« khalk, Creation, production. 

People, a nation, the populace. Khtdk or 
khidak. Nature, quality, property, cus- 
tom, manner (i?enerally in a good sense). 
Disposition, temper. 

JLaIlc^ khuOu^, Creadon. Piction. 


JL>^ kludaly Disturbance, disorder, 
confusion, rupture, breach,defect,dama^, 
inconvenience, prejudice, injury, rum, 
destruction, corruption (of anything by 

ly^^ khahcat, Betirement, solitude. 

Emptiness. A closet, a private apart- 
ment. Secret council or debate ; privacy. 

J^L>- khuludy Eternity. Perennial. 
A fresh and vigorous old age. 

^^^ khulus, Purity, sincerity, 
candour, integrity. Friendship, affection. 

L^^i^ khuliUiy<xt, Purity, candour, 
honesty. [a whirlpool. 

,ff^^^ khallj, A bay, a gulf, an abyss, 

kjjr^ khalit, Mixed. Ajiy mixture. 

LsiAs^- khalifat or khailfah, An em- 
peror, king, prince, sovereign, monarch : 
a lieutenant, deputy : a successor. This 
was the title given to the Mahometan 
sovereigns or successors of the prophet ; 
to whidi was annexed, the most absolute 
authority both in reli^ous and civil 
government. It was first adopted by 
Abubekre (Mahomet's immediate succes- 
sor) who^ would accept of no other title 

than ^\ fJy^jUjiA^ , (the vice- 
gerent of the apostle of God) which, 

together with ^j^J>>^yii\j^\ (com- 
mander of the faithful) assumed by the 
succeeding Khalif Omar, became the 
principal titles of all the following prin- 
ces during a period of 636 years, vis. 
from 622, the commencement of the 
Hejra, till the taking of Bagdad, and 
the final period of their empire in the 
year 1258. 

/jA:>- khalik, Worthy, fit, proper. 

aJL)j^ khallkat, Nature, disposition. 
A creature. [friend. 

JJj>- khalllf A sincere and intimate 

U^ khimdr, A woman's veil or 
head-dress. iiCAammar, A wine-merchant. 

^mjU^ khumdsl, A word of fiya 
belongmig to, oi QOTksns^a3^ q^ ^c^* 



khamr, Wine. 

khamrat, Wine. 

^jy«.*4r>- khams (fem.) Pive. J^ums, 
The fifth part. 

<Uu4>£v. khamsat (masc), Pive. 
^yM^^S- khamsUn {^j^^^^r^ ), Fifty. 

^j^k*MA^\s^, Pentecost. 

J^A£^ khumud, Abating, going out 
(the flame or fire). Being assuaged, 
abated (the heat of a fever, etc.) 

-w4^ khamlr (or ij^^A^), Leaven, 
or anything put into a mass or paste to 
ferment it. 

^jtt^0j^£s^ khamis, A fifth. ^^^yy^^Ksr \ a^^ 

lie fifth day, Thursday. 
C^l:^ khinds, Hermaphrodites. 

^Lr>- khund8a\ JEermapbrodites. 

jjjb^ khanddik, Ditches round 
forts, etc. 

(jmIL>^ khanndSf The devil^ a demon, 
^^l:^ khandfis, Beetles, May-bugs. 

jLr>. khundk, That place of the 

throat where they usually strangle. The 
quinsey, or inflammation of the throat. 

JLil:^ khundkiyat, A disease af- 
fecting the throats of hirds and horses. 

jS^^ khanjar, A dagger, a poniard. 

J Jc^ khandak, A ditch round for- 
tifled towns, gardens, fields, etc. 

jlxci- khinzir, A boar, a hog. >.«**» 

J.j^> Hog's lard. ^jlj^, 
Hoggish. [flnger- 

-mo:^ khimlr, The little (or middle) 

^jjju:>- khunfus {Lusc^ or luuiicL), 
A beetle. 

(J:^ khanik, Strangling. [nose. 

XL>w khunnat, A sound through the 

cfi'^^Mifti^, Strangling. Strangled. 

i^^y>- khawdhl, Jars (for wine, etc.) 
^1^ khawdtim, Seals, seal-rings, 

etc. (plur. of *jl£>-). 

i^\y>^ kJCdjahj A man of distinc- 
tion, a rich merchant, a doctor, a lord or 

-j..!^ khawdr^', Heretics, schis- 
matics. Strangers. Eebels. 

Ajjl^ Khuwdrmm or KKdnam, 

Ehorasmia, the ancient Chorasmu, lying 
alon^ the banks of the great river Ozns 
or Gihon, and extending to the Caspian 
Sea ; part of it belonging to Iran (Per- 
sia), and part to Turan (Parthia). 

{ji\y>- khawd88, Properties, quali- 
ties, virtues. Grandees, ministers of 
state, royal favourites or domestics. 

(*l^Ju^^^^' Noble and ignoble, 

the whole people. [mind. 

jo\y>- khawdfir, Thoughts. The 

(ji\y>- khawdfikf The four cardinal 

points of the winds, north, east, south, 
and west. 

(il^ khawdflj Secrets, hidden 


_J\^ khawdMn, Emperors, kings. 

jo|5^ khawwdn, A deceiver, a 

(J^\^ khawdmk, Plur. of jlifii-. 

>T-y>' khawkh, A peach or peaches. 

S^y>^ khawkhat, A window, a sky- 
light, a little window or wicket in a great 
gate. An open space between two 

J*r>- khud, A helmet. •• ouses. 

ijjy>- khurly A parson, a rector 

of a parish. 
^jy^ iAauTsa^^, Impaling a man. 
[^y>- khawd, Entering or passing 

a river, ete. 

\ uiy>- Ichau?/, PQar, dread, terror. 




^^ Xshawn, Perfidious, deceitfol, 

breaking a promise. Languor of coun- 

^^ys>' hkHy, Manner, castom, mode, 
humour, habit, disposition, temper. 

jLs^ khtyoLTy A cucumber or cucum- 

\>\S^ Ihayyat, A taUor. P^' 

^UsL Jchtyatatf Sewing. 

JL^ hhay&l (or xJUs>-), A phan- 
tom, a ghost, a specif, a vision, de- 
lusion. Imagination, fancy. An idea. 

iJLU J Lj>^, a foolish imagination. 

^IXfL hkayyal, a horseman. 

c:^)!^ hhay&ldt and khiydldt, 
Phuitoms, or imaginations. 

^LsL khayaU, Imaginary, fantas- 

i*Lfi»* khiydm, Tents, pavilions. 

J&Ls^ khiydnat, Perfidy, treason, 

^^^'^ khayhat, Disappointment, 

j^ khayTf Oood. Goodness. Goods, 
riches. A good work. jy'i]jt^ 
\^j\, In the medium is virtue. 

iJL>]j,.^ khayrdt, Good things, 

sacred fabrics, charitable foundations. 
Ciood works, charities. 

ij^ khayrat, A good thing, any- 
thing exquisite of whatever species. 
The best of men. Whatever pleases a 
woman. The favour or blessing of God. 

^\Sj^^lcf With the blessing 
<^God. ^ 

Jij}^ khayzurdn (or ji}i^), A 
cane. Indian cane. 

l/i-'^ khayah, Coarse linen doth of 
an open texture. 

khayt, A small rope, a thread. 
^^Mi^Mi^ JAlidn, Plur. of k 

J^ khayl, Imagination, fancy, 
idea, suspicion. Horses. 

iU^ khaymat {khaymdh or kMmah), 
A tent, a tabernacle, a pavilion. 

J^^ khuyul, Horses. 

J ddl, The eighth letter of the 
Arabic alphabet, denoting four in arith- 
metic, and the ifburth day in the week, 
or "Wednesday; also the planet Mercury 
in the Ephemerides, and the sign Leo in 
the Zodiac. 

\i} dd (for *1 J), A disease, infirmity. 

J-«i!lMj, The elephant's disease, 

i,e, the leprosy. c-^Jjtl!Ul J, The 
fox's disease, i.e. the scald, loss of hair. 

c^*1 J daahf Custom, manner, mode, 
institution. Condition, state, situation. 

Thrusting violently forward. l^\ J 
aj Jj, Ancient custom. 

Sj\jddhhat, Beasts, animals,reptiles. 

\j ddjl (or i^^\S)y Dark 
(night). An obscure humble life. 

J^l J ddkhil, Entering, penetrating, 
arriving. (Part.) One who enters. The 

interior part. j*J\JS^\(^, In the 
secret, a confidaniT 

jl J ddr, A house, dwelling,man8ion, 
habitation . v*>^-f! \j\ J, The royal 
residence. j^jJ 1^1 J, The dwelling 
of perdition (likewise hell). Jl J 
j^yJl, The valley of tears, or the 
house of sorrow. ULSJ^Io, Life 
eternal ; synonymous to which are 
j\l^\j\k}, The permanent house. 
<.-J^Mj1j, ,An enemy's country. 




house. UilSltl J, An hospital, on 
infirmary. LaL!]^lj, The judg- 
ment-seat, the tribunal of justice. 

iiaLIS^jb (ijl^5;b), The royal 
residence, the metropolis. 

\i\j ddrd, A proper name. Darius ; 
the Darii, kings of Persia. 

^jlj ddra/yuy The present and 
inture life. 

1^1 J dd^, One who invites or sti- 

" mulates others to anything, an author, a 

iUclJ ddctf/at, Necessity, fatality, 
cause. Purpose, resolution. 

i\j ddgh, A mark. A scar, spot, 

^b ddghir, Abject. P^^'"^^* 

jJIj (%?^(part. or ielj), Eepuls- 
ing, driving back, averting, prohibiting, 

removing. <J*3^ jijli, The repel- 
ling power. 

^Ij ddliyatf A vine. A thing 

made of palm leaves tied on the tops of 
the palm-branches. 

/*1j ddma (in prayer), May it en- 
dure for ever. ^tL^^\j, May his 
virtues be perpetual, ajc- /*1 j,May 
his glory be eternal : (and in the 

feminine). <uSU.^l::^^1j, May 
his excellency live for ever. 

^^1 J ddmlf Bleeding, bloody. 

<U^)J damiyat, A contusion or 
wound on the head which does not bleed. 

J Lot J Ddnydl, Daniel. 

fc>^1j (and (^^1(^) Ddwud, David. 

(jmJ^I J ddhishf Astonishing. 

,^1 J ddhl, Ingenious, penetrating. 
^- Sly, cunning, shrewd. 

4^)j ddhiyat, An accident, mis- 

is\k} ddyif Morbid, diseased, ailing. 

j}\jddyr, Eevolving, turning round, 
forming a circle. Circumference, peri- 
phery, compass, circuit, orbit. Bound. 

^yjj ddyrat or ddymh,, A circle, 

circumference, circuit, orbit. A fatal 
period, bad fortune. 

ajJ J ddym. Permanent, perpetual, 
eternal, perennial. Always, continual. 

aUSIa^Ij, Perpetual. Always. 
UjI J, Continually, eternally, for 


<U) J ddyaty A nurse, a midwife. 

L^ J ddbhf Creeping, crawling (as a 
serpent), advancing, stealing upon. Ikihb, 
A bear. The constellation of the bear. 

jSi\(^df The greater bear. c-;J 

Ji^\f The lesser bear. i^^J^^^^ 

c-;J^J1, From youth to old age. 

^^jub-jU J dabhdhls (plur, of dahhus), 

jb J dahdr, Destruction. t^*^^' 

ilj J ddbhdgh, A tanner, a currier. 

iiiLib J dtbdghaty The art of tanning. 


^ Jj J dabdahat, The noise of^ drum ; 
also of a horse's shoe upon stones. 

^\jj^ dabardn (or ^j^^JlII ad 

dabaran)y A mansion of the moon, i.e.. 
The hyades or five stars in Taurus, par- 
ticularly the brightest, commonly called 
Aldebaran, or the Bull's eye. 

^J(?aJ^A, Tanning (a hide). Dibgh, 
Anything with which hides are tanned. 

^ J dihk, Viscous fruit. Birdlime. 

^ J duhlaf, A calamity, adversity. 
An imposthume. 

IjMjjSi^ dabhnst A club or mace witii 
an iron head, used by cavalry. A pin. 

-.U- J dqfdj, Powls, hens. Dqfajat, 
^A hen. 

>^\>-JJ^l aswadu dafdji, Ex- 
tremAly black, pitehy, dark. 

^J darh, "Way. 

darB-^hadtd, A rail^y. 
street or road. 


:jjii darhand, A narrow and diffi- 

ddt pass tbrongli mountams. A dax^er- 
OQS road on account of banditti. 

f^ iurrat, A large pearl. -.Ul SjJ, 

The largest pearl in a royal crown. 

i::Ap^jJ dar4ifdtf Steps, ladders, 

^jj 107 

JIp^J dajjdl, Antichrist. 

^J^^i dujn, Darkness. 

<L:^J dijnat, Darkness. A black 
cloud, overspreading the heavens and 
pregnant with rain. (A day or night) 
obscured by clouds. Dt^'natj (Camels, 
etc.) of an ugly black colour. 

J-^ J dafayl, The river Tigris. 

-.1(A>.J dihddhy Short-bodied, a 
^ dwarf. 

^\^ J duhhdny Smoke. Tobacco. 

^Is^ J dukhald, Intimate Mends. 

^^^ J d^M»,Smoke,smokyySmoking. 
The grain millet. [arrival. 

J^fi^J dukhul, Entrance, access, 

Jb^fl^- J dahhily A proselyte. 

jti durr, A pearl. Pearls. 

UXJ^\j^ <^aJa(?il», A fence, a 
parapet of paling or lattice work. 

^\jj dwrra^tf An upper garment 

for men or women, of cotton or other 
stuff. A soldier's cloak, a cuirass, a 

^I^J dardkm, A white peach. 

Ak\jii dirdhm (or ^SjS), Dirhems, 
coins. Money. 

iAj*^ dirdyaty Quality, property, 

mode, manner, habit, constitution, tem- 
perament, disposition. Boldness. Under- 
taking anytmng troublesome. Know- 
ledge, science. ^j^^Jif, Judg- 
ment and science. 


^jti dwyat, durajatf dwrajjatf or 

darqjahy A step of a staircase, or ladder. 
A degree. A degree in rank. An 
* astronomical or geographical degree. 

J^J dard, Grief, affliction, torment. 

Jj J darzy A joint, the joining of the 

skull. The sewing, hem, or selvage (of 
a garment). 

lSjj^ dttnl, Druze. 

U^ji^ dare, Eeading, a lecture, a 
lesson. Instruction. 

c J J dtr^, Armour, whether of iron, 

leather, or mail. 

Lu\^jJ darakdt, Steps for descend- 
ing. The lowest degrees. The deepest 
pits of hell. 

Jl^J darakat, A descending step, 

the lowest degree. 

Ujj dwrUZf The Druzes. 

^Jmj^^jJ darvish or dartvish, Poor, 
indigent. A dervise, a religious, a monk. 

A^jJ darham, Money. A sil?er 
coin. A drachm, or drachma. 

jjbjj dart/dk, Treacle. 

d:jj J doilna, A dozen. 

jjx^j dastnr. Leave, permission, 
license, dismission, cong6. The prime 
minister, a vizir, senator, counsellor of 
state. A model, exemplar, rule, basis, 
foundation, a canon, the original of a 
book, a record, a formula, or any writing 
of authority to which people nave re- 
course. Custom, mode, manner. Con- 
stitution, privilege. A customary fee, 

tax, or percentage. ^jLtjy:^*}^ 

An illustrious counsellor, jy:,*^^ 

J^l, A model, rule, regulation. 

fj^t^ dushman, An enemy, foe, 

Uj du^, An inyocation, prayer, 

salutation, congratulation. Invitation^ 
convQcatioii, o^enxi^ ^^^ V^ ^^si&i^ ^^ 
bring. An m^iQiQn^AAU% 




aUj di^dm, A pillar^ a column^ a 
prop, the pillar, t.^., the prince 

minister of a nation; the support or 

"y ; the two checK-] " 
of a puUey whicn support the axle. 

chief of a family ; the two check-pieces 

(^^If J da^wi, Claims, causes. 

^jMbf J da^8, Trampling under foot. 

lLncJ da^k, Bubbing, smoothing 
(cloth). Rolling upon the ground. 

i^J da^at (plur. LL^\^S), A 

prayer, a benediction. An invocation, 
convocation. An assembly, a convivial 

(^^ J da^l and 1 ac J da^d, A law- 
suit. Pretension, ambition. CSlaim, de< 

iLijLxJ daghdaghat, Titillation^ 

causing one to laugh by tickling. Pinch- 
ing, stinging. 

Jx J daghly Vice, depravity, comfp- 
tion. A forest, a thicket, a wood, a 
grove. Luxuriant intangled herbage. 

uJ J dafy A single drum, a cymbal, 
a tambour de basque. It is of Arabian 
original, and introduced by the Saracens 
into Spain. 

u^ J daffy A drum. 

'liJ dafaay Warming, cherishing, 
putting on a warm garment. 

jUj dafdtir, Books, registers. 

vja J dam Drummers, players on 

the drum called u^ J. 
<JL9 J daffaty Either side of anything. 

c^li^tl::iJ, The two boards of a 

book, or anything similar, between which 
a volume is contained ; the two skins of 
a drum ; the two sides or flaps of a saddle. 

jj J dafiar (plur.y li J), A book, a 

register, journal, roll, list, catalogue, 
inventory, account-book, an index. 

jlj^J daftarddry The high trea- 
. surer, the intendant of the finances. 

^bi^ dqfa^, Eepulsion, driving away, 
putting' at a diatanoe. 

itiJ daf^t (plur. cl^'UiJ), One 
time, once, a moment, an instant. 

£jk>.t« hody All at once, at one 
stroke ; for this time. aLx^J 

daf^tany Often. 

JiiJ dafky Plowing, pouring out 


jji J dafny Interring, burying. 

^ J dafnahy A laurel tree. 

^J dahky Beating, bruising. JJ 

c^Uf, To knock at the gate. 

j;j;l3J dahdyiky Subtilties, small 
things. Miautes, moments. 

<L3J dikhaty Diligence, industry, 

punctuality, accuracy, care. A subtile 
or minute thing. Avarice, meanness. 

<GJeJ dakdakahy Sound of horses' 
feet. [name. 

(jm^Lj J DakydnuSy Decius, a proper 

Jjj daMk (fem. iJLJj), Subtile, 
minute. Anything small. Flour. 

cl^J dakky Bruising, braying, 
grinding, diminishing. Loading a gun. 

j^l^J dukdn (dukkdUy plur. ^j-^l^J), 
A shop, a work-shop. 

^fisrl^j dukdnjly A shop-keeper, a 

Jl J dalldly A public crier, a herald. 
An auctioneer, a broker, a seller of 
horses, mules, etc. 

JLSlt J daldlaty A direction, guide, sign, 
mark, indication, signification, demon- 
stration, argument Dilalatf Brokerage, 

the auctioneer's allowance. <iJ) J, 
A female guide, a bawd. 

JjS J daldyly Arguments, demonstra- 
^,Jj dully A plane-tree. [tions. 
^^^^ J dalfln, The dolphin. 

j! J daUff, dahwy A bucket, an urn. 
The ttiga Aquarius. 




JJ J doM, A guide, a director. An 

ittgument. proo^ demonstration, a gyUo- 
gism. Direction, maica,tion. 

^ J damm, Blood. 

U J c^md and dam. Blood. 

4 1«4> dimdgh or dam&ghy The brain. 

The upper jaw, the soft part between the 

fJJij^ii Banuuhk, Bamascos. This 

city was the eeneral residence of the 
khalifs of the nouse of Ommiah. The 
great mosque was magmficent beyond 
description, the walls being of the finest 
marble, the roof of tin, and the inside 
profusely decorated with gold, silver, and 
^ems. Durinff the conymsions which in 
the end ruined the empire of the khalifis, 
it had many changes of masters, and was 
at last destroyea b^ Tamerlane, a.d. 
1400. This year, wmch was remarkably 
unfortunate tor the Moslems, is dis- 
tinguished by the word c^]^ 
(Buin), the four letters of which make 
803, the year of the Hejra corresponding 

to A.D. 1400 (viz. ^ 600, J 200, 
\ h ^ 2). 
w«4>dam^, Tears. Weeping, crying. 

^U^J dam^t, A tear. Bami^, 
Prone to weep (a woman). 

fp^t^ dumluf, A bracelet worn above 

the elbow; a shackle; also an amulet 
fastened round that part as a charm 
against fascination. 

c yii damn^, Tears. 

4^^ J damawlf Bloody. 

tL^ J Dtmpdt, Damiata in Egypt. 

i'Uj dandat, Baseness, worthless- 

ness. The being bad, mean, base, abject, 
careless of censure. 

iLiU J dan&sat, Filth. Dirty. 

ijLJ J . dmndtpat, Approaching. 

J J danah, A tail. 

Jlj J dunHWy Approaching, acceding. 

Propinquity. The lowest degree of base- 

^y J danaviyahy Worldly. 

(Jj danly A worthless scoundrel. 

** Vicious, contemptible, illiberal, abject, 
weak, wretched, dishonest, careless of 
reputation. Plebeian, of a mean rank. 

Lj J dunyd, The world. 

1^^ J dunyawl (or t^^Ui J dunydwi) 

\^J dated, A medicine, a remedy. 

c^l^J dawdh, Cattle, beasts. ^->lJ4} 

Name of a proyince in Hindostait, firom 
its situation between two rivers, the 
Oanga and the Yamuna (the Ganges and 

ifljj dawdt plur. ^^^J dawa^ (and 

CL^bfjJ plur. from three to ten). 
An ink-holder or pen-case. 

jl^J duwdr (or dutvar), Bound. 

ij\jj datvwdrat, Anything round 

and immoveable. A circular tumulus of 
sand. A circuit. 

^^Ij J dawwdrly Periodical, circu- 
lar. Versatile, variable. 

v..^ljJ datvdlih, Wheels. Plur. of 


AijJ dawdm, Perpetuity, duration, 
persevering. |*1jjJ1^Jlc, Con- 
tinually, assiduously. 

t/t\jd dUwdmat, A boy's top. 

cjMjJ dawdydtf Plur. of if|^J, 

j^tJ dawdyr. Circles. 

J^J dadf A worm. jijas\d^df A 

if Jj J dawdat, One worm. 
j^J datDT, A circle, drcuiti an orb, 




^j^*^ dawrdn, A revolation, period, 

a circle, cycle. Time, an age. Fortune, 

JL^J dawJcat or dulcatf A brawl, a 
qnarrel, a mob. Exciting brawls, etc. 

*mJi^J ddldh, A wheel. A machine 

in the walls of monasteries, hospitals, 
lazarettos, etc., into which people on the 
ontside putyictoals and other necessaries, 
and then, turning it upon its axis, leave 
them to be carried off by those within. 

JlIjJ dawlaty Fortune, prosperity^ 
happiness, felicity, wealth. Empire, 
monarchy, dominion, power. 

JcJjJ dawlatlu, Fortunate, happy, 

prosperous, powerful, rich. A prince, a 
lord, a gentleman. Most illustrious or 
excellent. * 

AjJ dawimy Permanency. Perennial, 
permanent, quiescent. 

^iJ dawn or dun^ Base, mean, in- 
ferior, ignoble. 

jJUj dahallz, Plur. of jJjbJ. 

^l^J dahhdn, One who anoints 
with oil. 

JbJ dahr, Time, a year, an age, a 
thousand years, eternity. Fortune, fate. 
Adverse fortune, danger. 

iybJ dahran, Perpetually. 

jC^J dahrl, Secular, temporal, 
worldly. DuhrJ, Aged, very old. 

^JttJbJ dahaah, Striking with aston- 
ishment or consternation. 

<LuJbJ dashat, dishaty Amazement, 
wonder. Fear, apprehension. The being 
abashed, disconcerted, confused. 

jjjb J dahllty A vestibule, a passage, 
place between two gates, or between the 
outer gate and the house. 

^ J dahHy Anointing. Dahiny Fat. 
Anointed. Duhny Oil, ointment, fat 

^Ub J duhne^ Ghrease, toL 
j^J duhUr, Ages, times. 
sj^ij ifi^a/. Fines, molots. 

Kj^d diyaVf Houses, mansions. A 

country, a district ; as^^^U J, The 
country called anciently Mesopotamia. 

jbj;\i!lviU, There is nobody in 
the house. 

j^b J dayyariy A weigher of good 
and evil ; hence an epithet of God. 
Computing, settling accounts with ano- 
ther. A judge. 

iLjbj dayyanat, Observation of 

-.Lj J dibdj, A vest of brocade with 
a rich edging. 

iC5f-LjJ dihdjat, The preface, exor- 
dium, or preamble to a book (as being 
generally written in an ornamented style, 
and adorned with gilding and other 

L J dtyat, The law of retaliation, 
an expiatory mulct for murder. In the 
time of Abdalmatlab (prince or chief of 
the Koreish tribe, and grandfather to 
Mahomet) the mulct fixed as the price of 
a man's blood was ten camels; which 
being paid to the heirs or nearest rela- 
tions of the deceased, the murderer was 
protected from all further punishment or 
censure. In the Stmnahy however, the 
fine was raised to 100 camels. 

jfsflii dayjuTy Earth, dust. Dark- 
ness, obscurity. People. 

jjb Jj J (or^b 5 Jj J didhdn, A watch, 
guard, spy, observer, the vanguard. 

jj J dayr, A monastery. 

f^S^J dlJc, A cock. 

^0 dayn, Debt, loan. ^jJ J^uLc, He 

is a debtor to him. ^y^, He is 

his creditor. ^;i«jiV?^> ^® sold 
it upon credit, or he gave a delay for 

^J diUy Faith, religion, worship, 
obedience to God, religidus abstinenoe. . 

jI:j4> dinar ^ 'i/Lfmej^ a dinar, a ducaty 

<U^J dtnunat, Judgment. The 
lart judpnent. 




_:j J dim (fern. <U^4}), Beligious. 

^jI^J dltcdn, A royal court. A 

tribnnal of justice, revenne, etc. A 
- ooancil of state, a senate or diyan. The 
Khali& of the house of Abbas consti- 
tuted a divan (called Jllx43\^|^ J, 

the court of oppression), which took 
cognizance of all the acts of tyranny of 
the ^at men throughout the empire. 
The Khalifs themselyes for some time 
presided in it ; but in the reini of Moc- 
tader (about the beginning of the tenth 
century) a woman, accoraing to some 
historians, discharged the office of presi- 
dent. \^^^^^U*'\j9 The presi- 
dent of the council, the high chancellor. 

UJi^uW*^' The august or im- 
perial court. 

^1^ J dltcdn, A complete series of 

odes or other poems by one author, run- 
ning through the whole alphabet: the 
rhymes of the first class terminating in 

i, the second in u^, the third in 

iJL^f etc. ; also the collection of the 

works of one author in prose, as well as 
verse, especially after he is d^. Dttoan 
signifies also a recueil, or miscellaneous 
c^leetion from different authors. 

O^ J dayyUBf A contented cuckold, 
an infiunous pimp to his own wife. 

^jj J dui/un, Debts, etc. Flur. of 

J %dl, The ninth letter of the Arabic 
alphabet, denoting in arithmetic 700. In 
the almanacs it is used as a contraction 
for the penult month of the Arabian 

year if JudU^^ J ; as \ J is the cha- 
racter for ^Us^ljJ, The last month. 
0^\3 taHh, A saorifioer^ a cutter, a 
butcher. ^\i^\*iJU9, Two bright 
stars in the loE horn of Capricorn. 

ci;M J %dt (fem. of jJ), A lady. 

Possessed of, or endowed , with. The 
soul, essence, substance, nature, the body, 

person. i,,.^;ytci^lj, The pleu- 
risy. Xj^lcL^l J; An inflammation 
in the lungs. ^\j^^*Ju^, Of 
his own accord. Cljljjl^l, A 

noun substantive. ^Li.Jl^l, A 
noun adjoctiye, a noun attributive. 

(Jlj %dil, Essential, substantial, 
** natural. 

cJ\j %dka, He, that. Ji\cJ\6 (or 

t::^j!lcJl J), Then, at that time. 

^\j zdkir, Eemembering, grateful, 
a praiscr of God. Thankfiil. 

(^^Jbl J %dh{b, Going away. 
Jjbl J zdhH, Careless, forgetful. 
v^f[t J s^yh, Liquid. Melting. 
Jj\3 %dyh (fem. ^li). Tasting. 

Job J %uhdhat, One fly. The re- 
mainder of anything, the balance of a 
debt. Zubbabat, A withered hanging 

f^J %ahh, A sacrifice, slaughter, 

cutting, splitting, cleaving. Cutting the 

^J zahl, Languishing, withering, 
becoming extenuated or weak. 

JlI^ J ttiblat, One globule of dung. 

^IsL J ga^^fiyr. Victuals, provisions. 

^ J mhkr, Laying up a treasure. 

Provisions, etc., for future use. 

Hj^Oi Treasure, stores, provision. 

(^j]jO tardri, Plur. of i>j4>. 

ft|^J %%rd^ The arm. A yard, a 

cubit. The fore leg of a horse. 

cl^jJt J;k>-, A vein or nerve ex- 
tending \^ox]^iSQA«tm.\A^'^&Mii^ K 

mark impressed on the leg of a camel. 

ft|;jJV..(and Ju-^lcljJ), Two 

bright stars in the head of Gemini, de- 
noting the seventh mansion of the moon. 

ijO zurat, A species of millet. ijJ 
earrat, An atom, a particle. 

ft jj %ar^ Measunng with a yard 
or cubit. 

2r^j J^ %virwaty The summit^ pinnacle. 

«UjJ zwrriyatf Progeny, offspring, 
descendants, a race, stock. 

^ J %dkuny The chin, the beard. 

l^J zakd, Vivacity, acuteness of 
genius, penetration. 

^l^J zakdwat, Brightness of genius. 

Sj sMkoTy Male, masculine. Male. 
Zakar, Membrum yirile ; veretrum ani- 

^J zihr^ Eemembrance, commemo- 
ration, memory, retention. Mention. 
2Sukrj Mental remembrance. 

2^Sj zihrat, Recollection, memory. 
An admonition (when remembered). 

j^J %uhury Males, etc., plur. of^ J 

Si^ J zukuraty The male sex. 

^J %akl (fem. ^J), Acute, in- 

^ij taldlat, Abjectness, obsequi- 
ousness. The being abject, obsequious. 

C^3 (or Ci31j) zaltka, This. 

JJ J zalll, Abject, submissive, mean, 
contemptible, wretched, base. 

aJ zamm, Blame, disapprobation, 
reprehension, reproach, accusation, de- 
traction, [patronage. 

j\^0 zimdr, Guardianship, clientage, 

i%LtJ zimdm, Protection. Bight, 

justice, what is due. Zammamy An ac- 
cuser, slanderer, blamer. 

^-^i zmrnl, A client, a tributary, 
a eubjeot, A Cbnstian, a Jew, 

112 ^i 

an*.^J zatntm, Blamed, blamable. 

' Bad, depraved. 

lJ\jS ztndb (plur. v.^13 J), A place 
through which water flows between two. 
higher grounds. The tail, the extremity 
of anything. 

ajl) J zindhat or <UJ J, A tail. The 
end of time or of an age. The lower 
part of a valley through wnich water runs. 

u^J za/nlf A crime, sin, fault. 

Zanah, A tail. ^^^Il^ J, The 
exterior angle of the eye. 

<LJ J zandbaL A tail. 

c^Jj zunuly Grimes, sins. 

J J zu (fem. CJ^jJ), A lord, master, 
Having, possessed of, endowed with ; as 

JLs^ljJ, Majestic, possessed of 

dignity, glorious. jliiJl^J, The 

* name of the famous two-edged sword of 
Ali, which Mahomet reported he had 

from the angel Gabriel. jJcLllj J, 

Powerful. ^^yiiljJ, Alexander 
the Great. 

CJ|^ J za/wdty Plur. of cul J. 

^^jj zawdh, Taste. ZawwdJcy A 


c»j»j J zai^5,Becomingliquid,melting. 


•jjjj zawhy Taste. 

(jr^ J zawi (oblique pi. of j J), Lords, 

masters, possessors. LS^*^^J^oL^ 

jt Jcjiill, Powerful princes. 

yj zih (fem. of 1 J), This. 

u^Uj zihdhy Going, walking, 
passing by. 


Lm^ii zahah, Gold. 

fjjbj zahl, Forgetting, leaving care- 
lessly, abandoning. That part of the 
nijg^ht when people are alreaay refireshed 
with sleep. 

^J zihn, Understanding, memory, 
genius, abUity. 



4^J %l (fem. of U), This. (The 

oblique case of j J), A lord^ a lady^ 

endowed, possessed of. J^l(^<i, 
Endowed with magnificence (one of the 

epithets of God). <Ls:^i, The 
last month of the Mahometan year. 

arj^ Jy The penult month, 
v.^ J %ayhf Vice. Ziihf A wolf. 

Jj J %ayl, The lower margin of a 

Book where the notes are usually pnt. 
An appendix, postscript. 


J re or ra^ The tenth letter of the 
Arabic alphahet. In arithmetic it ex- 
presses 200; in almanacs it is the 
astronomical character for the moon; 
and, in dates, it denotes the month 

^\j rdhth (fem. i£s^\j), GainfcQ, 
^^-QBorious. Anything of which profit is 

^\j rdht^ The fourth, \xi\j rdhi^d, 

UL^\^\yi\jAjsp', The Maldive is- 
lands, lyings to the westward of Cape 
Comorin. They are almost innumerable. 
The principal is called Ambuna, where 
the supreme power is Tested in the wife 
of the prince ; the women haying there 
an authority so absolute, that the men 
axe not permitted to disobey them, how- 
eyer unreasonable ,their commands. The 
cocoa-nut grows there in great abund- 
ance; but their principal trade is in a 
.little white porcelain shell (commonly 
called a cowry), which in some parts of 
India supplies the place of small copper 

. \---^^j rdtib, Firm, constant. 

0j^]j rdtinf, The resin of the pine- 
tree, [derating. 

d^\j rdjih, Excelling, prepon- 

>'\j rdji^ Betuming, retrograde. 
Xookhig Umaxd, relative, belonging to. 


A>-\j rdjif, A trembling fever, 
an ague. 

(f>^]j rdjim, Stoning. 

>-\j rdj% Hoping, asking, inter- 

-Ij rdh, Wine. A stormy day. 
Alacrity. The palms of the hands. 

d,^]j rdhat, The palm of the hand. 
Quiet, repose, ease, tranquillity. 

i)^\j rdhil, A traveller. 

^Ift-lj rdhilat or rdhilah, A caravan. 

j^»^\j rdhim, Pitying, pardoning. 

J-^1; Mhll, The wife of Jacob. 

uJjIj rddif (fem. i3j]j), (part.) 
Succeeding, coming after. The sound of 
the second trump at the resurrection. 

\3j\j **^2«^, Bestowing the neces- 
saries of life (an epithet of Grod). 

(jM*\j raas, The head, a prince, a 
chief. JUll/;*»*lj, A capital, a 

principal sum, a fund, cit^^t/**!;' 
The top of a mountain. 

^\j rdaikh, Firm, solid, durable, 
constant, rooted. 

Ci-i.s-'l^ rdskhut, Antimony, from 

a mixture of which, with galls, a kind of 
oil is expressed by a hot iron, with which 
the ladies anoint the hair of their eye-lids 
and brows, not only to give them a beau- 
tiful black, but to smooth away excres- 

it»Aj rdsim (part.) Sealing,marking, 
delineating, writing. 

^\j rdBl (fem. <^1^), Firm, im- 
** movable. 

JulU rdshtd, Faithful, pious, ortho- 
dox, following the right path. 

/JH-»|; rdahik, An archer, a thrower 
of the javelin. Penetrating (aspect). 

d^\j rdsid, An observer (of the stars^ 
roads) . One Nir\io "^e* Va. ^«^ Vjjcl ^ssi^SK- 
Bin, Tobber, iniocmi&T^ ^\A^^ 




o\j rddi^, Sucking, milking. 
Who sucks, etc. 

j^lj rddl, Content, satisfied; agree- 
able, ^^jf To be content, to 

consent, to' acquiesce, to permit, to con- 
descend^ to approve. 

^m^\j rdttb, Humid. 

J^\j rtf^w? (and i Acl;), Thundering. 

^\j ^^d^, A shepherd, pastor, 

guardian, observer, conservator, pro- 

c--^]^ rdffhtb, Willing, wishing, 
desirous, curious. 

^*]j raa/at, Commiseration, pity, 
compassion, clemency, grace, favour. 

J3\j rdjiz, A pulse, an artery. 

^^\j rdjld, Eefusing, abdicating. 
Who refuses, etc. 

^\j Tdfi^ Part. Elevating, ex- 
alting. Who elevates, etc. 

c-^lj rdUly An observer. A rival. 

^^U TdlcMy A dancer. 

^\j rdkim^ Writing, a writer. ^\j 

4-Jjl^M, The writer of the letters, 

t.A, of these presents, of this letter or 

ti|^ rdld (fem. '^\j\ An enchanter. 
c-^1^ rdMb^ Who rides, a rider. 
^jcS\j rdhidy Gallopping (horse). 
^\j rdU^, Who bows the head. 
^\j rdmih, One who is armed or 
pierces with a spear. cJUmI!! 

^V]J1, A large star between the 
legs of Bootes. 

(J^\j rdmih, Who looks slightly, 

ghuices at. 
if^)j rami, An archer, a thrower. 
^l; rdwand, Rhubarb. 

^^\j rdwl, An historian, one who 
narrates. [priest. 

c^l^ rdhtby A monk, a Christian 
f^*\j raay, Opinion, thought, coun- 
sel. L-^ li i^*\ u Prudent counsel. 

•■^^s^*b' ^^ advice. 
C^Wj rdydt, Standards. 

h^\j rawyat, A standard, ensign, 
banner, flag, pennant, colours. 

ffl\j rdyjy Usage, custom, current. 

iijss:y\j rdyihat, Odour, fragrance, 
perfume. Stink. [derful. 

(j^j rdyih, Beautiful, lovely ; won- 

)s rahh, God. A lord, a mroter, 

^ ■» 

a possessor, maintainer,snpporter. 

^j^ Ul \ L^j , Lord of the universe. 

^\3jV\Cjij, The Lord of Lords. 

jUxSl <-->;, God, the protector of 
his servants. 

-^ ruhha, Perhaps, now and then. 

^ ruhly Decoction of the juice of 

citrons and other fruits, for seasoning 
victuals. Inspissated juice. 

\ij ribd, Usury. 

ajl^ rihdhat, A covenant or treaty. 

A quiver, in which are contained the 
arrows used in drawing lots ; a heap or 
handfcQ of these arrows ; also the smng 
which hinds them. 

i^ljj rthdtf A firm structure, a pub- 

Uc edifice for lodging travellers, a cara- 
vansera, an inn. A station upon an 
enemy's frontier. 

^cbj rahd^, An animal that has 

shed his tooth called ^Lcbj, i,e. 
that which is between the two fore-teeth, 
and the canine (which happens to sheep, 
goats, etc., when four years old ; to horses 
and black cattle at five ; and to camels at 
seven). JSu^a^t, A four-letter word. A 

veiw oi io\a \ifi;iEdEtiahs^ a quatrain. 





iS^j rabhdniy Divine, godly. A 
doctor of divinity, a Babbi. 

^j rahah and ribh^ Profit in trade, 
gain at play, interest, usury. 

)a3j raht, Binding, ^j, To bind, 
strengthen, fasten. 

^j riib^ or ruhu^ A fourth, wj. 

ij^\^\, An astronomical quadrant. 

^^^j rtb^, Yemal. Bom in the 
* spring. Spring rains. 

liS I rdbhan&i our Lord ! 

yij rahw, The being increased, mul- 
tiplied. Growing, rising, malung en- 

^^j mbuhiyat, Dominion, supreme 
power. A deity, divinity. 

ijjj rahwat, Ten thousand drachms. 

]a^j rdblt (fern. JLla^), Bound, 

^sij rdbl^ The spring; also two 
spring months, called Jj^l j-jj, 
ThA first ^ra^tt, *•«. the third month of 
the Mahometan year, and «-^j 

jS^^V^f The last raM^ t,e, the 

fourth month. Babt^f Verdure, spring- 

^j3j ruthat or ruthah, Dignity, 
grandeur, office. A degree, the step of 

a ladder, stair, etc. ^uLcJlo;, 
The highest degree or step. 

fjjj rati, A discourse pronounced 

with a clear melodious voice. Smooth, 
clean, regular, white (teeth). Con- 
spicuous, distinct. 

£jUj risdsat Plur. of ^j rassat, 

Sasasatf Wearing, tearing (a robe, habit, 
etc.) Dirty, squalid, unsightly, ragg^ed, 
going to pieces. Eaggedness, aeformity. 

d^LjLJ^ rUdy&tj Hired female 

^^^j rosy, Weeping, mourning, 

** praising (the deceased) in a funeral ser- 
mon, crying over him. 

ttJ ^Wf Moving, trembling, agi- 
tating, causing to tremble. 

\s^j raja, Hope. Prayer, suppli- 
cation, intercession. 

4-Jl>-« rqifdf. The day of judgment. 
The sea. An airy manner in walking. 

J^V ^if^^f ^eR, 

v---.cj-^ rajah, The seventh month 

of ^e Mahometan year. JRqfab, A 
proper name. 

i^j rafah. Preponderating. Ex- 
celling, overconiing. Eujuh, Large- 
hipped (women). 

^j^-j rojraj. Movable, trembling, 

totterin?, sh^dng from corpulency. (A 
multitude) agitated to and fro, yet making 
no pro^essiye motion, on account of their 

Jp-^ rcja%, A species of verse. Rijt, 

Impurity, uncleanness. Fraud, deceit. 
Eajz, Making or repeating the verses 
called rqjaz, 

{j**^j rajas. Thundering loudly. 

Et^» and rya, Uncleanness. Torment, 
punishment. An infamous action de- 
serving of chastisement. 

raj^ Eetuming. Eepeating. 
Beducing, restoring. 

CjUr»-^ raj^t, Ketums. 

<U5>-^ raj^t, A return. 

^^^A>-j rajafy Tremor, emotion ; the 
being moved. 

j^^A5>-j rajafdn, Trembling dread- 

<U5>-j rajfat. Agitation. An earth- 

J^j rc^ul, A man. Rijl (plur. 
rujul, and J^j^), Foot, feet. 

ing a grave m^ %\A!ii<^« 




^y rujfnat, A tamnlas of stones 

orer a graye, a momiment. A sign, a 

f^j ruju^ Betmn, reversioii, 

repetition, resmniiig any operation. 

uJ^5»^ rujaff Tremor, great emo- 

ujusf-^ fajif, Emotion, trembling. 

M^j fc^fiff^} Overwhelmed with 
stones, execrable (an epithet of the deril). 

jjWj ruhdk, Pure ezceUent wine. 

JuLj rahhdl (fem. iJU-^), Travel- 
ling backwards and forwards. 

v.^1^ rahayh, Large possessions 

(in land), wide fields. Confines, boun- 

^m^^^^j rahh (fem. ^^j). Large, 
convenient, spacious (place). 

J^ raM, Saddling or loading (a 

camel), mounting a camel, departing, 
trayelling. A mansion, a resting-place. 
A small camel's saddle, a saddle-cloth, 
etc. Household furniture, especially 
what is carried on a journey. 

aJl>.j rahht, One journey. 

j^^-j rahm, The womb, matrix, 
uterus. Compassion, mercy. Pity. 

iz^^J iP^ iJ^J)* ^^f'^^f Ood, the 
merciful, the compassionate. 

^j rahmat, Pity. Compassion. 

^^>'j raha\ A mill-stone, a mill. 

(j^^j rahik, The best wine. 

fj^^j rahil, A journey. Biding a 

^jrahlm. See J^j. 

^j rakhkhf Loose, flabby. JRukhkh, 

The name of a monstrous bird, which is 
said to have powers sufficient to carry off 

ji lire rbinoceroa, JSukhkhaij A soft 

withered herb. 

l>.j ral^ {syS^j and JjU-j), The 

being loose, soft, flabby, relaxed. Af- 
fluence, the pleasures of life. Mukha, 
A gentle wind. 

aIt^j rikhdm, A large stone. JSuit- 
hSm, Marble, alabaster. 

^c^U>-j rukhdml, Anything made of 

ij:^^:>-j rdkht, A bridle of gold op 

silver. Bich furniture, tapestry, housings, 

{j^a^j rakhs, Soft, tender, delicately 
brought up. Lowness of price. 

Aiofvj rakhsat, Soft hands. BaJshsai 

(plur. j^lr&-j),Delicate-fingered. 

JRukhwt, Indulgence, unbounded lioense, 
remissness, connivance. Leave, license, 
permission to depart; dismission, dis- 

y>-j rakhaw, Soft, loose, relaxed. 

Bakhwaty Laxity. 
JUl^-ri-^ rcikhlyu^l hdl, Liberal- 

^jci^j rakhlSf A soft garment. 
Cheap. Low-priced. 

iij radd, Eepulsion, resistance, refu- 
tation. Kestitution. To cancel, erase, 
return, to repulse, etc. A refutation, a 

\t}j ridcLy A cloak or mantle (worn 

by dervises). An upper earment of fine 
linen unsewed (or sewed, if made of 
other cloth^ reaching to the middle of the 
le^; any kind of cloak put on when 
going out. . « 

cJ; rad^ Prohibition, repulsion. 

^^nging, staining. Subigens (foeminam) 
Striking a spear upon the ground, in 
order to fix tne head firmer. A spot, a 
stain on the clothes. The marks of 
blood, of sa&on, or of ointment upon 
the body. 

4^«^ radi (fem. <0 J^), Wicked, cor- 





suCij raiif, Troops, militia. A 

yeteran who has served five years in the 
army or nayy and placed in the reserve, 
but liable to be called out again in case 
of necessity. 

^Jj ra%ilat, A mean, worthless 
thing. ¥ice. 

J J rassz, An iron eye to a door for 
receiving a bolt or lock. Buzzj Bice. 

jl\jj rafssUtk, An attribute of Gtod, 
•8 the provider of the necessaries of life. 

iUtjj ra%dnat, Modesty, dignity. 

^\)j razdyd, Afflictions, misfortunes. 

ijj raszat, Seejj and gjj. 

J^j rank and ri%k^ Bestowing what 
18 necessary for the support of life. Rizk, 
Biohes, good fortune, acquired wealth, 
whatever brings gain. 

i^jj r«mat (plar. ^jj ratani), A 
bundle of clothes. 

^j ra&n, Balancing anything in the 
hand to try its weight. 

gjj rasah, A ring or staple for the 

bolt of a door, or to which a padlock is 

^^rosfn, Modest, grave. Weighty. 
Heavy, ponderous. Firm, strong. 

il\^j risdlat, and also rasdlat, A 
mission, legation. A letter, the man- 
date of a judge, a summons in writing, 
or anything sent. A little tract, a smiul 

J^L; ras&yl (plur. of iiUa;), 
•Writing, etc. Dispatches. The Epistles. 

^^j rustdk (plur. JmJI^), A vil- 
lage, a market town, an encampment of 
tents or huts. The chief of any order. 
A tithing-man. 

Jmi; rtudl, Sending news. Eustd, 

Prophets, plur. of Jj^y The 

j^j rasm, A law, precept, canoui 
' rule, regulation. A model, desigUfdraw- 

ing, description, writing. The trace or 

vestige of a house. 

^^c^j rasml, Usual, customary. 

^^J rasan, A halter. Putting on a 

yaj rasw, or JLi^ rasUw, The being 

firm, immoveable; The remaining at 
anchor (a ship). Reconciling, making 

^y^j rutukhf The being firm, solid, 
constant. Firmness, etc. 

JjM}j raaul, A missionary, apostle, 

^y^j rusUmf Inscriptions, written 
laws, canons, customs. Dues, taxes, 

usages, fees. iJijS.^y^j Customs 

or tribute exacted by Ihe lord of any 

^j rasl, Constant, immovable 

(either in good or evil). The middle pole 
of a tent. 

J-*-j^ rasll (plur. iL^i), One who 
sends or is sent to anotiier; also the 
person to whom sent. One who returns 
the arrow, etc. 

^j rashsh, Sprinkling with a little 
water, etc. Baining g^ently. 

«L^ J rashaa, A young deer beginning 

to walk. Miaha, A rope or anything 

rpent, the stall 
of a cucumber, etc.) A cluster of smaU 

similar (as the tail of a serpent, the 
of a cucumber, etc.) A cluster of i 

stars, called iSJ^\^Jiaj, as re- 


semblinff a fish, in the navel of which is 
one of me mansions of the moon. Plur. 

of ^^J' 

c\j^j rashdd, Gkarden cresses. The 
right way, the road to salvation. 

/^Lfo; rasMah (or rashdthat), A 
sprinkling of water. 

ij\j^j rashdkat, The bein^ ot «3^ 
elegant iib&^. 





^j roMf Sweating, flowing, dis- 
tiUing, trickling, dropping. 

Jb^ rashad or rushd, Eectitade,*the 
right way. 

Jh2*« rishk, Making an arrow fly 

^j rashw, Corrupting with presents 
(a judge or governor) to gain a cause, etc. 

Syiij rashwat, A gift for corrupting 
a judge, etc., hribery, simony. A bribe. 

JuJo^ rashld, One of the attributes 
of God; a director, conductor, guide; 

sagacious, intelligent. JuJo^ \ (jij|^y 

Sarun Arrashtd, The fifth khalif of the 
house of Alabbas, contemporary with 

(J^j rashik (fem. ^i^A^j), Of an 

elegant statur^ Quick, swift. A rapid 

JWj rassddf A patrol. A collector 
of toll. An astronomer. 

tfi^j rasas, Lead. 

dj\^j rasdnat or risdnat, A fortifi- 
cation. Firmness. 

Xaj rasady Observations of the stars 
or of roads. [stones. 

^^j ras^ Bruising between two 

Jlm^ rastd, Watching, observing. 
Balance of an account. 

^ji^j raszn, Firm, solid, fixed, 

fortified. ^^J^^^;t^jJ^,, An 
edifice supported by pillars. 

^jOj raddy Striking, beating,bruising, 

braking (in large pieces). Dates stoned 
and macerated in milk. 

\^j ridd and «5^,^^ raddyl, Consent, 

a^eement, acquiescence, permission, con- 
nivance. Intention. 

eLp^ rtddcj SuckiDg the mother. 
dsX^j raddcat, Sucking. ^^^^ 
4jslJ^), A foster-brother. 

«^j rad^y rada^ and radt^ Sucking 
(Ihe mo^er). 

f^\y^j rudwdn or ridwdn, Com- 
placency, contentment, satisfaction. A 

blessing, benediction. <0J1^1^-^ 
^j^ju^\m^As., May tlie blessing 
of Ood be upon them all. 

j_*Jj radl^ (fem. &jt^j\ Sucking. 

An infant, a foster-brother. Jit 

j_--ij, A sucking (or weaned) 
c-.>lLib yd ratdh, flabby ! (a taunt 
to a woman). 

(^m^j rath, Fresh, tender, moist. 

Mutb and rutuby Green herbage or trees. 
Much grass, many trees. Bipe dates. 

J^j rati, A pound of twelve ounces. 

c->^ « rutuh, Humid, fresh, full of 
juice, grateful to the taste, moist. 

^^j rutuhat. Humidity, moisture. 
Freshness, greenness, juiciness. 

j\sj ra^^d or JjUi;), Thundering. 

ra^^ Pusillanimous young 

men. The worst of subjects. 

uJUi ru^f, A hemorrhage. 

bU^i ra^yd, Subjects, peasants, the 
poor or lower order of people of all 

£»U^ ri^yat, Observation, respect, 

honour. Receiyin^ a£fab1y or kindly, 
giying presents to inferiors. 

^— ^J ra^J, Pearing. Terrifying, 

trembling. <t^9 Fear, dread, 
terror, fright. 

J^ ra^f Thundering. 

^Ju-s-j ra^h and ra^sh, Trembling. 


icj ra^, A hemorrhage or bloody 





Lc; ra^, Silly, foolisli. Idle, in- 
dolent, langnid, relaxed (woman). 

y^j ra^, Pasturing, feeding (as 

Lm;^^j ra^h, Tearing, terrified. 

ZJLci ratiyaty A subject, peasant, 
plebeian. Pasture. 

fjlc^ raghdwatf Froth. 

c^p^j raghahy ratfhb, and rughh, 
Wanting, wishing, desiring, longing for. 

<Ui; raghbat (plur. ^IL^Lcj), Want, 
wisn, dedre. Rughh and rugkub, Strong 
desire, avidity. Wish, curiosity. Esteem, 
estimation, preference, favour. 

«Xc^ raghad and raghd. Affluence. 
The being affluent. 

Mi,j raghmf Yiolence, force, con- 

i^j rughwat, raghwat, The froth of 
milk, etc. 

Ju^ raghtd, Leading a free, easy 

^\ij rafd^t, rifd^atf and rufd^at, 

An elevation of voice. Attitude. The 
being high, exalted, noble, of high price. 
R%^^mty The quilting of the petticoats 
to give a prominence to the nips. A 
rope fastened to a fetter or chain round 
the ande, and held by the person chained, 
to raise it, and prevent its hurting the 

^li^ rafdh and iili*, Benignity. 
Society, company. 

»\ij rafdh, h\ijt and ^\ijt Ee- 

pose, quiet, tranquillity, affluence, enjoy- 
ment of life. 

i^Jij rufsaf. Kicking, kick. 

^j^j rafdy Leaving, abandoning, 

^j raf^ Eleyation, promotion. 

raf^t, Highness, nobility, 

eminence, magnificence, sublimity. Alti- 


fjAj rafah, Benignity, benevolence, 
courtesy, favour, blandishment. 

Ui^ r«/ifefi, Companions. PI. ofj;-ii. 

iMj rafkat, rifkat, and rufkdt, A 
company, a society. 

^Jij ra/l^, High, sublime, noble> 
eminent, exalted, grand. 

JmJ; rafik, A friend, companion, 

colleague, accomplice, associate, assistant. 
Partner, ally. 

Jj rakk, Parchment. JRikk, Servi- 

jlSj rukdd, Sleep. Sleeping. 

^^j rakkds, A dancer, a jumper. 

^Ij^ rakdgk, Subtilties. 

<U3^ rakahat or rakahah, The neck, 
or the lower part of it. 

ii; rikkat, Pity, condolence, benevo- 
lence. Modesty. 

dJj rakd and rukd^ Going to bed, 

iSij rakdat, One sleep, or slumber. 

f^j raks, A dance, a ball. Dancing, 

«Jj rak^f Patching a garment, 
(mending by sewing being called 

lij). Bepairing a well. 

Ixij ruk^t or ruk^h, A letter 

written to a king by any one not a vizir. 
A piece of cloth. 

Jj rakam, Writing a character, a 

cypher. Arithmetic. Marking vdth 
orthographical points. A letter. 

t}yij rukud, Eeclining, sleeping. 
^ Jt rukum, Characters, inscriptions* 
^j rakg, Enchanting, fascinating. 

u^^^wJ^ raklh, A rival, a competitor. 
A guardian, a preserver. Keeper. 




Ljj ruhyat, Enchantment, fasci- 
nation, ma^c, a talismanic amulet, or 
written charm, against sorcery. Super- 

(Jiij rahiky i-AfSj raJcikaty A female 
slave. Tender, delicate. Subtile, minute. 

Benign, compassionate. ^UsLa 

c, ^^^(j^jf A prince of a com- 
passionate heart. 

iUiJ^ raktmatf A letter. 

t^L^ rakdh, A stirrup. Pro- 
cession, cavalcade, suite. [riding. 

^^m^j rakah, Mounting, sitting, 

Mj rikhat, A particular mode of 

Tiding. Stirrups. Rukbat^ The knee, 
the elbow. 

hi^j ruk^at (plur. ci^U^), A sacred 

inclination of the head, also a genu- 
flexion (in prayer). Ruk^aty Low hollow 

^^j rakn, A mouse. Bukn^ A pillar, 

prop, ete., especially that side on which 
anything is supported. Aid, support, 
guard, protection. Establishment. A 
momentous affair. A grandee. 

^^j rakuh, Mounting, sitting, 
riding (a horse, chariot, ete.) 

c^j raku^, Bowing the head in 
immility and reverence. [stant. 

^^j rukunat, The being firm, con- 

CS^j raklk, Thin, slender. Sub- 
tile, fine. Weak, silly, vile. 

^^j rimdh, Spears. ^\^j rammdh, 

A maker of spears. A thrower or juster 
with spears. 

jLvi ramddf Ashes. 

Jt^ rmdl, Sands. 

j:.j rrnmam, The pomegranate. 

^Ut^, One pomegranate. iS^jf 
rummaniy BesembUng a pomegranate. 

iS^ \^j rummdnlyat, A dish dressed 
wiHi Hbe aeeda and juice of pomegranates. 

ajU^, Botten, corrupted ; roitei 


<t«. rimmatf Becoming putrid, cari- 
ous, or worn. (Plur. ^^ and 
aU^), A carious bone. 

^j rumh, A spear, a lance. A star 

in the knee of Bootes. ^J^^^^Jf 
The plague. The tail of a scorpion. 

tX^j ramd, Destruction of cattle by 

hail, frost, ete. Ashes. Bamadf A dis- 
order in the eyes, ophthalmia. 

Jyj ramz, A nod, wink, sign, signaL 

Intimation, hint. An enigmatical dis- 
, course or writing, a cypher. A snl^e 
distinction or mark. A secret. Abbrevia- 
tion of words by cyphers. 

{jM^j rams, Covering with earth, 
burying. A sepulchre, a grave. Equal- 
ling. Hiding. Darting, shooting (an 

fj\^d^j ramaddn, The ninth month 
of the Mahometan year ; during which 
their prophet has enjoined a fast of the 
most rigorous kind; aU g[ood MoaUoos 
being interdicted from eating, drinking, 
and conjugal duty, from the rising of 
the sun till the appearance of the aten; 
the sick, the traveller, the soldier in the 
field, and others whose situation wHl not 
permit so strict an observation of it, 
being obli^ to fast a complete month 
when their health and oircnniBtanoes 
will allow. The Mamadan is gieottj 
revered on many accounts, but partiea- 
larly from the belief that it was on the 
27tn of this month, called * the night of 

Eower,' that the Alcoran began to descend 
:om heaven; on the anniversary of 
which aU orthodox Mahometans continue 
most ferventiy in prayer, imagining that 
every petition then put up to Omnipotence 
will he favourably received. 

^j ramk (or j^Ia^), Looking or 
glancing at. 

J^ rami, Sand, especially a par- 
ticular kind of it used in Geomancy, called 

by the Arabians J^^ Juc, The 
science of sand. Upon this sand (fix 





which paper is, howerer, sometimes snh- 
stituted) they draw many iine(^ual lines, 
upon which are disposed a certain number 
oi points, firom the combinations of which 
they pretend to foretel future CTents. 
Some Orientals attribute this inyeution 
to the antediluvian patriarch Enoch ; 
some to the prophet Daniel; some to 
Cham, the son of Noah ; and others to 
the Egyptian Hermes, or Trismegistus. 
It is m great credit in the East, many 
elaborate treatises having been written 
on the subject. 

^lL^j randatf One heap of sand. 
Bama in Palestine. 

yX^j ramll, Ssoid or gravel pits. 
^y*j rumuh, A kicking horse, etc. 
jyj rumu2, Signs, nods, enigmas. 
^j**yj rumus, Graves, sepulchres. 

^^j ramy, Throwing from the hand, 

darting a javelin, shooting an arrow, 
hitting the mark. 

f^^j ramlm, Putrid, carious^ cor- 

ijj rannat, Sound. ^^^^ ^^"^• 

gij ranam, Sounding, singing, modu- 
lating. Cooing (as a dove). 

^j^j ranln, Twanging (as a bow- 

stnng). Groaning. Vociferating, crying 
oat, making any sound with the voice. 
Listening to. An afflicted woman, 
groaning and lamenting. 

!C^|^j ruwat, Historians, narrators. 

-p,ljj rawdjf The being vendible, in 

great demand, or selling well (goods) ; 
• the currency of money or other com- 
modity ; disbursing or receiving money ; 
bnying or selling with facility. 

( jLu^ implying difficulty of sale). 

— .^jjjc:^^, The time of sale, a 
good market. 

l/^^jO ^^^^^y ^e who dresses and 
sells heads of cattle. 

^jaj\^j rawdfidf The followers of 

. the sect of Ali, called Shute». Heretics. 
.Soldiers, or any people, who desert their 

jljjj rawdk (or riwdk). A palace, a 

sfdoon, a gallery, a portico; an apart- 
ment open before, either at the top of 
the house or projecting before it, in the 
manner of a balcony, for the advantage 
of air or prospect. 

^\^j riioayaty A history, narrative, 

relation, tale, tradition, report, fiction. 

f^^^j rawdyihf Plur. of ia^|^. 

ij/^j ruuhat, A cloth for cleaning 

dishes. A ferment, or preparation of 
sour milk, put amongst new milk to make 
it to coagulate. 

^^j fHpah, Silver, a rupee. 

-.^ J ruh, The soul, the incorporeal 

spirit, the breath of God, prophecy, 
faith. Jesus Christ. The angel Gabriel 
(whom the Mahometans call likewise 

^J1^'i\^i)\ The faithful spirit, 

and ^jJill-^JJl, The holy spirit, 

f^\y^\^^J\, The animal spirit. 
jjjU-^Jl-^j, Mineral spirit, -^j 

^\ The divine spirit. <dJl-.^j, 

the spirit of God, the Holy Ghost (but 
with the Mahometans, as above, Jesus 
Christ, and the angel Gabriel). 

jJU*.^^ rawh&nl, Good, agreeable 
(place). Jtuhanty Spiritual, holy, con- 
templative; JLjoU-^j ruJidnlyat, 
Sanctity, spirituality. 

JL^ljjjj rdzndmah, A book of the 
day. A calendar, an almanac. 

(j^^j and (jM^^j (plur. of ^^u), 

Heads, chiefs, 
tops of mountains. 

ij^j rawdaty A flower-garden, a 

meadow, a pleasant place, a paradise. 
Pleasure. Water just covering the bot- 
tom of a lake or cistern. 

uJjlj ra-ufy An attribute of Qod^ 

JLJI^jw^jj, The 

s^ . • 




M^j Enm, Greece, Eome, the Eoman 
empire, Bonmelia, Europe, the whole 

Turkishempire; also a Eoman. ja^ 
^jjjjl, The Mediterranean Sea. 

f^^J\Jki, The cities, kingdoms, or 
empire of Greece. 
^j^^j Roml or Rumlf Eoman, Greek. 

^^iy^^jf The city of Eome. 

(J^^j r<m7n<j^,Beatity,el^ance, love- 
Ihiess, grace, splendour, ornament. 

uJ^j^j ru'uf, Compassionate. 

\j^j ruy&f A dream, a vision, j^m 

Ujl^l, The interpretation of a 

<Ujj ru-vyat, Sight, vision. Con- 

•. s- 

sideration. ^^jjJu, Inconsider- 
W^\ arruhdy Edessa. t^*®^^- 

^Ljbj ruhbdn, Monks, Christian 
' priests. [pawn. 

^^j rahin, A hostage, a pledge, a 

^jfii^j rahin, Pledged, pawned, given 

as a hostage. <^J^; (plur. ^jJ ^;)> 
A pledge, a hostage. 

\jj riydy Hypocrisy. Acting with 

CL^U^ riydtf The Inngs. 

'Aij ^W^K Winds. Odours, ex- 

{jii^^^J f'^^^'i^f Odoriferous herbs. 

i->bj ri-dsat, Government, do- 
minion, command, superiority. 

fjo\jj riydd, Gardens. 

^bj riyddat, Abstinence, morti- 
fying the flesh, austerity. 

^-tfU^ riyddl (ijJb^l/^jLJ), Ma- 
thematics, the abstract sciences. 

h—-^ ray^. Doubt, suspicion. 

Ljj ribaty Doubt, opinion, suspicion. 
^^ nh, Wind, ^r^'^.j , The 

south wind. 

^jmJ^ s raySy A head, chief, principal 

president, commander, the captain of a 
ship, a pilot. 

^Jj^ij Tish or rlshaty A feather. 

fjlj rthy Spittle, water running 
from the mouth in the morning ; whence 

j4jJl^J-c, "With a morning 

stomach, i.e.^ empty. 

i^lj ri'im, A milk-white doe or deer. 

j^j rimy A white deer. 


J %dy The eleventh letter of the 
Arabic alphabet, denotins^ seven in arith- 
metic, Saturday in the annanacs, and the 
sign Scorpion in the zodiac. 

— jj zdj (or ^^-ofii^l— Ij), Copperas, 

vitriol, 'jrlic^'^^*^' Mineral of 


>'\\ zdjir, Prohibitive, who hinders. 

uJ^-lj zdhify Dragging the legs, 
fatigued. [behind. 

J.d^U tdhil, Who retires, remains 

j^^j zdkhiTy Full. Swelling (sea). 

J*U zaad, Zddy Travelling, pro- 
visions, -victuals, yiyres. 

iiS\j zddah, Bom. A son. ifj\\if\j^ 

A king's son, a prince. ^j|j J^^f, 
Nobly bom. (Persian). 

c jU zdrioy A sower. 

i\j tdghy A crow, a raven, a ro(^. 

^\j zdhl (fem. ij^lj'plur. Cl^U^^j) 
* Pure, holy, pious. 


j^j sidmir (fern. Sjy\j), A singer, 
A perfonner on musical instruments. 

^U zdm, An adulterer, a whore- 

Lj\j %dniy<sti An adoltress^a whore. 

<Oj|j %dwiy<Ui A retired comer, a 

ce^, a monastery, a convent, a cloister, a 

Sib\j zahidy Eeligioos, devout, ab- 
stinent, content. 

j!b\j zdhir, Shining, florid, vivid. 
Lncid, plain, clear, ardent. 

Jj^lj zd'ld, Eedundant, superfluous, 
ascititious, additional, accessory. 

j*U td'Jr (fern. %d'lrat), Visiting, 
A visitor. 

Jjlj %d-tl, Defective, deflcient, fail- 
ing, perishing, vanishing, transitory, 
fleeting, frail. 

j\jj zuhdd, Civet. . 

JUj %ahhdl,Who draws dung, iibj, 

tttbalat, Filth. 

if JjJ subdat, The cream of milk> the 

best of anything. /«l3)tt if^jif Jjj, The 
most excellent and first of men. 

Jk?>-j) zaharjad, A kind of emerald, 

a chrysolite, a topaz, a beryl, jasper. 
Zabofjadt, Of the colour, of a chrysolite, 

^ J %%bal or %%b%lf Dung^ rubbish. 
j^j zabur^ The Psalms of David. 
v».,^wj; %abib, Eaisins. 

<UiJ ; %ablbat. One raisin. 
• •• •«• 

^U-J %iidj. Glass. ^1>-J %ajjdj, 
A glass-merchant. to-U-j, A 
bit of glass. Acup,aglass. i^^^j 
Made of glass. A glass maker. 

^^cj-U-j^^, A building or frame- 
work of glass. 

j>-j tiJT or «j/r. An impediment, 

opposition. Force, violence. Conjec- 
ture, divination, augury, observing the 
flight of birds. 

uJli-J tahhdf, Creeping. 
A»-j zihdm, Pressing (as people in 
a crowd. A crowd. /♦UjJJ^^, 


A great crowd. 

-J zahaf or zahf, (and 

Proceeding, making a progress. Creep- 
ing forward (as a boy on the groxmo). 
Dragging the limbs from fatigue. 
Escaping privately. ^A/, An army 
marching against tne enemy. 

J^J zuhal, The planet Saturn. 

>o^J zahm (or ^j), A crowd, a 

tumult. ^JJU^, Mecca (on 
account of the crowds of pilgrims). 
L^j zahmat, Affliction, grief, dis- 
quietude, indisposition of body or mind. 
Disease, disorder. 

^J zakhr (andj^j). Luxuriance, 

abundance, fullness. Overflowing (a 
channel). [ornament. 

uJ^J zukhruf, Beauty, elegance, 

Jij zarr, A coat-button. The edge 
of a sword. 

ic^jj zird^t, Agriculture. Cultiva- 
tion of the ground. 

ijl ij zardfaf, A cameleopard. 

Jjj zard, A coat of mail; linking 

together the iron rings of which the coat 
of mail is formed. 

sJjJ zardah, Kice dressed with honey. 

jjjj) zarzur, A small vehicle. A 

ft fj zar^ Sowing, scattering seed. 

\jjj zarkd (fem.). Blue. 

i^Uj za-^mcU, Answering (for 

another), being surety. Arms. Zi^tnat, 
A seigniory oi ^«£ \i^%VsHi^ W TcSa^ss.^ 

;Jj 124 

i^J^j %a^aranf Saffiron. 

fj^j za^, Calling out, terrifying. 

m£j %a^, Thinking, imagining, pre- 
suming, speaking from belief. An 

M^i^j %a^m, A boaster, pretending 

to what he has no right. A sponsor, a 
surety. A prince, a leader, a feudal 
chief, a military tenant. 

l:;.^ %ift, Pitch, resin. 

j3j %afr, Anything fat, from which 
they abstain in rigid fasts. 

^15; zuhdkf A street, a square, a 
market-place, a lane, an alley. 

u^Uj zukdki, Belonging to a street, 

market, etc. Vulgar. The vulgar dia- 
lect (as spoken in markets). 

/•yj zakkum, An infernal tree (men- 
tioned in the Alcoran), the ftniit of which 
is supposed to be the heads of devils. A 
thorny tree, from the fruit of which they 
make oil. Infernal food. 

Jlij zakdt and i^j (pi. c:^^^), 
Alms, purity, purification. 

>*^j zukdm, Defluxion, rheum. 

ij\^j zakdwaty Purity, probity, inno- 

^j zaki, Pure, virtuous, just, pious. 


Jj zull (or jSj), Slippery (place). 
A slip, a mistake, an error. 

'ifSij zaldhiyat, A thin pancake. 

(JLi'ij zalldt, Mistakes, errors. 

LlkfwjClJ^j, Eaults and sins. 
fjjij zaldzil, Earthquakes. 

ijij zuUdkat, A slippery place, 

where the foot slips. The buttocks of 
an animal. [water. 

J3 ; zuldl, Pure, limpid, wholesome 

i]j zallat, An error, a blunder. 
^//^' sakdl or zihdl, Tremor. 

^jj ; zahalai, An earthquake. 

^j zdlih (part.). Slipping. 

Sa1\ zalkat or zdlkah, A slippery 

place. A fall. 

lioJ; Zulaykhd or ZuMhd, The 

wife of Potiphar, whose passion for 
Joseph is much celebrated in the East, 
particularly in two elegant Persian poems 
by yazamt and Jarnt, 

a\^\ zimdm, A rein, a bridle. 

f^\^j zamdn, Time, an age. 

jyj zamr, A flute, or other instru- 
ment, [a troop. 

iy\ zumrat OTzumrah, A multitude, 

J^J zamrud for J^ zumurrud, 
An emerald. 

aI/^j zamzam, A famous well at 
Mecca, calle^- likewise Hagar's WelL 

^J zamn, Time. [frail. 

^J^j zamanl, Temporal, worldly, 

jij^j zamharlr, Intense cold, shiver- 
ing, the beginning of a rigid winter. 

J^j zamll, He who sits or rides 

behind another. 
Uj zind, Adultery, fornication. 

UjjJj, A bastard. 

djS[jj zanddikat and (J^f-^^J, PL of 

j\jj zunndr (or ij^j), A belt. 

jjU; zundk or zandk, Anything put 
round the nose of a horse to hold him 
steady. Zinakj A necklace, any orna- 
ment for the neck. 

-JUj zandnir, Plur. of ^uj. 

cli^J zenberek, A watch-spring. 

^J^j zamhakfThe white lily. Jasmine. 

J 4J J zamhur, A hornet, a wasp. 

J^J zamhll, A basket, or a pannier 
\ of mckfti. 




i^j %inj or ^yj, The Ethiopians. 

t^j 2*«;i> ^^6 Ethiopian. 
J--*2fr^ zanfahll, Ginger. 

IjAsf^j zanjifrah (or^^ir^), Cinnabar, 

ji^sfj zinjlr or zanjir^ A chain. 

JuJ 2a»(^, An instrument for striking 
fire. The elbow, the smaller and in- 
terior bone of which is called JjjH 
^111, and the other Ji^51 Jjjjl. 

ijityjj zindaTcat, Impiety, heresy. 

(ji'^j zindlk, Impious. An atheist. 
A worshipper of fire. 

>- \^j zawdjir, Prohibition, forbidden 
tbdngs. [hng- 

if jljj zaww&daty Frovis^ns for travel- 

^"^j zawwdr, Pilgrims. 

Jljj zatvdl, Defect, deficiency, 
failure. Declining. 

ybljj zawdMr, Elowers, ornaments. 

bl^J zawdyd, Comers, angles. 

Jj|jJ zawdydf Superfluities, redun- 

— .j zawjj Equal, alike. A pair, a 

couple. Joined, attached, next to. A 
spouse, a husband, a wife. 

d^lp-jj zawjdtf Spouses, wives. 

j^j zuTf A lie, a falsehood, adulter- 
ation. [By force. 

jjj tor. Violence, a strong effort. 

lij^ znfd (or d^j)j Hyssop. 

jl^ zuhhddj Eeligious abstinent 
men, monks. 

jjbj zahdf A small quantity. ZuM 

(or JjU;), Continence, devotion. 

J^i^jJbj, Abstinence from food, 

ybj zahr andjiybj. Flowers. 

\jlbj zdhrd (fem.). White, splendid, 

clear, serene, bright, shining, beautiful, 
flourishing, blooming. 

C^lyfcj zahardt, Flowers, etc. 

IjibjzaharatQTzahrat (plur. CI^^LtoJ, 
SeCjJfej). Zuhrat or aJbj zuhrah, 

JuJbj zahld, Abstinent, temperate. 

Few, small, narrow. J^ljuJbj, 
Eating little. 

^j zayy, A dress, habit, form. The 

c:-^bj zayydt, An oil merchant. 

ifjbj ziyddat, Augmentation, in- 
crease, surplus, addition. 

i;\jj ztydrai, A visit, a pilgrimage. 

^JmjJ zlhak, Quicksilver. 

e^J zayt, Oil. 

liuj Zaytd, A mountain in Mecca. 

jj^J zaytun, Olives. Zaytunat, An 
olive-tree, an olive. 

JuJ zayd, The being augmented. 

Increasing, adding. Augmentation. A 
fictitious name (as John Nokes or 
Thomas Stiles, etc.) 

JuJ ztda, It is increased; and im- 
peratively. ifji^dJj, May his 

fortune or rank be advanced (applied to 
a man in an inferior office or style of 
life) ; to those of a superior station they 

use, 2f*Xs^JuJ, May his glory in- 
crease; to a cadi or judge they say 

iLdidJj, May his learning or ex- 
cellence be exalted; and to those in a 

'religious line b\^t}jj, May his 
piety be promoted. 

j^yjjj zizafufif or zayzafun, The 
barren jujube- tree. 




<U£ J %lnai, An ornament^ decoration, 

dre80. <Lj dti^jj, A rejoicing or 
gala day, a fiertiTal. 

^l^J ziwan, A kind of tare m 

darnel growing amongst wheat, haying 
a black grain, wMch causes inebriety and 

(jM Hn, The twelfth letter of the 

Arabic alphabet. In arithmetic it de- 
notes 60, and in almanacs is the character 
for the sun, in his sixth aspect. 

«a^}'A, Swimming. A swimmer. 
«-jL} 8dh%^(maB.), The seventh. 

luL} sdhi^n, In the seventh place. 

4^L) sdlighf Complete, ample, fall, 
profuse ; long (tail, etc.) 

^L» sdhik (fem. ^L>), part., Past, 
preceding, going or gone before. Before 
m point of time. A predecessor. A con- 
queror, one who surpasses or excels. 

Before-mentioned, aboye-named. i»y^j 

^luJl, Time past. U^L», Before 
this, in past times, formerly, anciently. 

iSA^ Bdhikaty The past, ancient 
right or custom. 

jjJbL) sdliMn (plur. obi.). Prede- 

jLj sdtir, part.. Covering, hiding. 

-^L} sdj, Ebony. The sabine-tree. 
Indian plantain. 

Jc*-L* sdjidf Prostrate in adoration. 
Who prostrates. 

CI^U-Lj Bdhdty Shores. Areas. 

aL^L} sdhat or 8dhah{^\\a» d^l^-Li, 

•.Lj, or 9-^)9 A court, a quad- 
rangle, a piazza, the inner part of a 

sorcerer. S^La sdhirat, An en- 
chantress, etc. 

^j>-L> sdhik, One who^ brays or 
beats, a bruiser. 

43»-L> sdkH, The shore or sea-coast. 

^^^L> Bdhhin (fem. <C^L>), Warm. 

c:^fjL> sdddt, Lords (especially 
the descendants of Mahomet). 

(jM jL) sddis (fem.^ jL:), The sixth. 
Lc jL) sddisan, In the sixth place. 

^jL) sddah, Pare, unmixed, simple. 

jLj 8drr, Bendering cheerful. tUswt 

^^Lj, Happy tidings. 

L) sdrih (fem. i>-jL>), part. 
(Cattle) pasturing freely. 

jj^L» sdrtk (flm. ii;Lj), A thief. 

lJj\^ sari, Passing, penetrating, 
penrading, flowing. Infecting, contagious. 

J^L» sdtthf part. Expanding, who ex- 
pands (the earth), God. 

^L} 8dtt^, part. Exalted, raised. 
Diffused, spread. Shining, bright, clear, 

evident. jAXJ*j-tL.j, Luminous, 

j^L» sdtur, A large butcher's knife. 

ilcLj sd^at (plur. or oUrLs), An 

hour, a watch, a clock. ^11)1, 



»- Lf sdhir, An enchanter, a magi- ^ j,., 

dan, a necromancer, a fascinator, a \ Irf)^, y^% 

The hour of resurrection. <lcLi, 
In a little time. 

JlcL» 8d^d, The arm from the wrist 
to the elbow. 

j^La sd^t, part. Endeavouring, 

labouring, studious, indigent. Diligent, 
laborious. A messenger, a courier. A 

calumniator. jLuJJIj^^^L,, A 

labourer in iniquity, a malignant defamar. 

JiLa sdjll, The inferior part. Mean. 



jU sdk, The 1^. The trunk of a 
tree, the stalk of an herb. 

LSLj sakit, Falling. \aj\^fjOj^, The 
faUing sick. 

iiL» 8dka\ A water-carrier. A cup- 
bearer, [trench. 

4UiL» Bakiyatj A river^ a canal, a 

u---^L» B&hihf part. Flowing (blood, 
water, etc.) 

Ci^L) sdhit, Silent, quiet. 

^L> «d^w, Quiet, peaceable, sedate, 
firm, fixed. 

v^L) sdlib, part. Seizing, ravishing, 
carrying off by violence, plundering. 

L.i}L» 8dUf (fem. J^Ld), A prede- 

cessor. i^JJIt^jLlL}, Above-men- 

JL} «aZ/;m, Safe, free, entire, perfect. 

aIJ jSam, the son of IS'oah. 

/*L» Bdmih, Liberal. AfiGabl^, gentle. 

j/%\t0i Bdmir, part. "Who converses at 
night, especially by moonlight ; the place 
where such conversations are held; also 
the people assembled. 

w^L» Bdmi^f part. (fem. <U.^L}), 
^Hearing. An auditor. A hearer. 

^L» 8dml (fem. <U^L>), Sublime, 
* exalted. 

ybL* adhir (fem. J^Lj), Vigilant. 
jJ^Lj *5A2, Negligent, careless. 

Juj u» 8d-%bat, Set at liberty, as a 

slave ; or as a she-camel in obedience to 
a vow, or in consequence of having been 
delivered of ten female colts, when she 
immediately receives a dispensation from 
all farther labour. 

jiL» 8dyr, The whole. The re- 
. mainder. Walking, going, travelling, 
wandering. A planet. 

^^ Us adis, A master of horse, an 
equerry, a groom. 

rpLi Bdyhy part. Stimulating, insti-' 
gating, impelling, driving, forcmg, com- 

Jj Lj Bdil, part. Asking, interrogat- 
ing. A beggar. Flowing, fluid. 

CI^Lm) Buhdtf Sleep, lethargy. 

-.uL^a Bahhdh (plur, atibhdh), A 

swimmer. ^^Lm) sabdhat. Swim- 

]ff\^ Bubdt, A Syro-Macedonian 

month (February). 
cLmi Bihd^ Lions. 

UUm) sahdyd, Captives, slaves. 

uX^Umj Bobdyik, Melted gold or 
silver. Ingots. 

i,, >^.».o Bobahf Cause, reason, motive, 
argument, mean, medium, instrument. 

Bobabiyat, A cause, a motive. 

Bobt, The Sabbath. Suhhai, 
A reproach, slander, disgrace, injury, 

■tr •"'■ ="'°«^- "*•'■ 

^l^*-j Buhhdn, Praising, glorifying 

CL^l^ Buhzawdt, Pot-herbs, t^^^^* 

Soums Btht, A tribe (of Israelites). 

Bah^ (fem.). Seven. A lion. 
Sub^^ The seventh part. 

Bah^i (masc.), Seven. 

dj Ujcmj Bob^amdyatf Seven hundred. 

^4j(.«k.M} Bdh^una (obi. ^ <iir.»i..i 
8ab^n)y Seventy. 

j;^ sahk, Preceding, excelling, 
outstripping, surpassing, overcoming. 

Groing before. ^J^\^, The above- 
mentioned, [ing. 

f^\- ^ Bahk, Melting, casting, pour- 

^jJzi^ Sabuhtagln, The name of 

a brave general (and the father of Sultan 
Mahmud, founder of the dynasty of the 

J«- 128 

JbMi stfbul, W&js. InstitatioDB. 

-.^^ 8muh, See «- m. 9-^;^ «M^5tl^; 

^^jf^ 8ahy or «<i(^a', Making a slave, 

taking prisoner. 

<^ »Mu*» sdblkat, A mass, ingot, bar, 
or lamina of gold or silver. 

J--IMJ *«Jl/, A way, road, path. A 

mode, a manner. <d!^ J^A^ci; Iii 
the way of God. 

sa^adf A wicker basket. 

sitt (or <i;::u«}). Six. Hj^s-^ 

jILj sattdr, (An attribute of God) 

covering; as C-J^^1jILj, Hiding 
sins (casting a veil of mercy over them). 
^L:^^ sittat, Six. 

j:^ satr. Covering, veiling, sup- 

iji^ sutrat, Anything which covers 
or defends, as a veil, a shield, a wall, etc. 

<OUa^ sittamdyatf Six hundred. 

i^y^ sittuna (obi. ^j^^)y Sixty. 

^^^ sittlf My lady ! madam ! A 
" lady, a matron. 

i^jlsr* mjjdddhy A carpet or mat on 
which the Mahometans prostrate them- 
selves when at prayer. 

^Lsr» styjdn, The keeper of a prison. 

if Jjsr» sajdat or scydah (pi. ClA Sjst^), 

An act of adoration, an inclination or 
prostration, with the forehead touching 
the groimd. 

\j**-^ sajas, The being corrupted, 
changed, turhid (water). A crowd, a 
tnmiUt, a mob. 

j-sr^ 8(y^, Rhyme, metre, cadence. 

Jls^ njill or sijil, A register, the 

record of a court of judicature, the decree 
of a judgBf the minute or attestation of 
a notary. Tables of l&WB, public acts. 

^j^ sajn. Imprisoning. A prison. 

J^js-* st^ud, Adoration. 

jj^isr^ sufUn, Prisons, dungeons. 

<Uj5^ Bojiyatf Disposition, temper^ 
nature, habit, manner, constitution. 

i^\sf^ sahdhf A cloud. Clouds. 

jls^ sahhdr, An enchanter, a ma- 
gician, a necromancer, a fascinator. 

ifj\si^ Bohkdrat, A female en- 
chanter, a witch. 

c-^ls**' sdhdylf Clouds. Plur. of 

jS.*^ sahoTf The crepuscle, twilight, 
dawn. Sihr or sahr, Magic, enchantment, 
fascination, witchcraft, sorcery, necro- 

ijsr^ saharat (or sahrah), Magicians. 

fj^s^ sahk, Breaking, tearing, rub- 
bing, bruising, pulverising. To pound, 
bruise, grind, triturate. 

iiixs:**' sahanat. External form. 

j^*^ sahur, The meal or flour which 
the Mahometans eat a little before dawn 
during the month of Ramadan to enable 
them to fast till night. 

ls**» sahhd (and Jjls**»), The being 
Uberal, munificent. Liberality, generosity. 

iiLs^ iahhdfatt Soft, weak, simple. 

JjUi«*9 sakhdwaf. Liberality. 

L:xi:**9 sakhttydn, Morocco leather. 

ijsf^ sukhrat or sukhrali, Any ship, 
cattle, etc., pressed into the king's ser- 
vice without freight or hire. "Whatever 
is done gratis, either from courtesy or 

ksr^ 8ukht or sakhat, Indignation, 

sakhfy The being weak in 
mind. The being soft. Imbecility of 
intellect, deficiency of judgment. 

^ ^jir* «ufcn, "Warm. 



<Uji^ sakunat, Warming, being 

warm. Weeping, being hot or inflamed 
with fever. 

takhy, Liberal. Generous. 

sakhiff Weak in understand- 
ing. A foolish man. Thin, of a thin 

Jud sadd or sudd. An obstruction, 
anything blocking up, barring, or pre- 
Tenting a passage, as a mountam, barrier, 
fortiflcation, mound, bank, wall, rampart, 
ditch, impediment. To stop up (a hole), 
to block up (the way), to shut (a gate) 
to arrest, impede, obstruct, etc. To shut, 
lock, or bolt a door. Siuldy A mountain, 
a bar, etc. 

i^\ X^i saddh, The herb rue. 

saddt (or \s^), The woof. 

J^Juj saddd, Rectitude, the way of 
truth or salvation. Prosperity, happiness. 

2rJu9 suddat or sttddah, A court, a 
vestibule, a gate, a threshold. 

fa> Ju«9 sadad, Well-directed (action or 
speech), accomplishing any object happily. 
A good, successful, or well-directed plan. 

jJu» stdr (or ifi Ju^, plur. jJuj and 
CIjUjl-j), a lote-tree. ijiX^ 

.{"■v^ill, A tree in paradise. The 
heavenly mansion of the angel Gabriel. 
^jMf JuiA 9ud8, The sixth part. 
i4»^Ju«) Sadum, Sodom. 

i^JuiA 9ada% The woof of cloth. 

jjJud aadld, Eight, well-directed, 


-rf sirr, A secret, a mystery, a 

K-j sirran, Secretly, mysteriously, 

clandestinely. JlJ^^L^ (or L^j 

\j^j), Privately and publicly. 

4--^L«o sirdh or sardh, A vapour re- 
sembling the sea at a distance, formed by 

the reflection of the sun's meridian rays 
xi^on the surface of sandy plains. The 

-p.|^ sardj, A lamp, a Ian thorn, a 

luminary, candle. ^U-j aarrdj, A 
saddler,, a groom. 

Jy>^\j^ sardkhur, A master of the 
horse, an equerry, a groom, a horse- 

jjjl^ sarddih, The curtain before 

the door of a house or tent. Dust whirled 
up into the air, and enveloping anything. 

ij$j\j^ sardrif Concubines. 

jjK-rf surrdkf Thieves. 

i,.^dj\j»^ Sardndih, Ceylon. 

(^\j^ sardy, A palace, a grand edi- 
fice, a king's court, a seraglio. 

y 1 — J sardyr, Secrets. 

l::.-^wwaJ^ sarhast, Free, at liberty. 

— pj sarf, A saddle. PI. ^^j^ suruj. 

— ^ sarhj Allowing to roam, setting 

jIj^ sarddr, A general, field-mar- 
shal, an officer of rank, a king's lien- 
tenant, a chief in any department. 

ft *** 

jiJ^ strrddr, The keeper of a 


jjlt^ sartdn, A crab. The zodiacal 
sign Cancer. A sore, a cancer, or canker. 
A disease incident to the feet of cattle. 

<Lc^ surety Haste, expedition. 

liis^-rf sur^tan, Quickly, [mander. 

iluuiiy-j swr^kar, A general, com- 

uJ^ sarafy Exceeding bounds, the 
being prodigal. 

jj^ sarak, To steal. <L5^, Stealing. 

Theft. "^Ijij^, By stealth. 
^-ol^ sirkdtahl, A secretary. 
A-*j iurm, The intestine whic[h.<5ft\BL- 




X«^ sarmad, ^temol. Perpetual; 
everlastiiig. \«x«^ sarmadan, 
Eternally, , for ever. ^jfXy^ 

tarmadty Eternal. 

• -rf aarWy^QQ ^j/^> The cypress-tree. 

im^ aarwaf, One cypress. 

^ ayyi stirilj, Saddles. Plnr. of 

j^j-^ stirur, Joy, cheerfdlness, de- 
light, pleasure, contentment. 

jjr^ sirrlf A secret, a mystery. 

i^^j*^ Swyariy Syrians. (Jb^, 
Syrian or Syriac. 

<0 -nj aurriyat, A concubine. 

j^ «arfr, A throne, an ornamental 
sofa or couch. 

ijlj^ sarlraf, A secret, a mystery. 
«->-«> sarlc, Quick, nimble, ready, 

swift, making haste. \jlJj»^, 
Swiftly, with the greatest expedition. 

<b -»*> sariyahf A concubine. 

f*^ sath, A flat roof, a platform. 
A surface. 

Ix«) satar or satr, A row, line, 
series. Delineating, describing. 

L^^ix^ suturldh, An astrolabe. 

Jlxyj «a^/, A brass kettle. A vessel 

with one handle, used in baths, to pour 
water on the bathers. A large bucket. 

^a^ satfU) (or iyaJ)^ Making an 

attack, assaulting, overpowering. 

i^a^y Dominion, majesty, power, 
authority, awfiilness. 

i^k^a sutur, Lines. See yo^. 

ir jU^ sa^dat, felicity, happiness, 
beatitude, good fortune, prosperity. 

^U^ su^dl, The cough. 

<oUm) H^yai, Calumny^ accosation. 

<Um» sa^^t, Amplitude, capacity. 

Facility, conyenience, opportunity, or 
abililr (of doing anything). Obyious, 
easy (to be performed). 

j:jl^ sa^ar, A kind of origan or 

Juud sa^, Felicity, happiness, pros- 
perity^, a fortunate aspect of the stazs, 
especially ten stars, of which four make 
the 12, 13, 14, and 15th mansions of the 

~ moon. 

jX»^ 8i^, A price, rate, course. 

dJjL^ Ba^at (and l^oamj), A kind of 

ulcer growing on the heads of infants. 
Sa^afaty A d^ branch of a palm-tree. 

<lUm} sU^t or sa^lat. Coughing. 

Jyu» au^d, Pelicity, good fortune. 
Happy, fSayourable, propitious. 

LftA^ m^ut, Snuff. 

j^jL-j aa^y, An endeavour, purpose, 

"intention, an enterprise, design, effort, 
diligence, care, labour. 

aa^d, Portunate, happy. 

aa^r, A flaming Are. An 
Arabian idol. 

ff^^i Bills of exchange. 

.Uwd aaffdhf A shedder of blood, a 

tyrant; one whose words are powerfdl. 
The surname of the first khauf of the 

tyrant; one whose words are powerfdl. 
The surname of the first khauf of the 
house of Abbas. 

Sj\sui aufdratf An embassy. 
cJIjLj aaffah See ^ILj. 

<LjblL} aafahat, Stupidity, folly, in- 
solence. Insipidity. <UbLLirf, 
Foolishly, saucily, petulantly. 

jjJiILj aafayn, Ships, boats, plur. of 

^.saLd auftajahj £01 or letter of 
exchange, bankers' note. 

^ aafhf The foot of a mountain. 


jSL^ safoTf A journey, voyage, tra- 
yelling, setting out on a warlike expe- 
dition. Sifr, A written book, a volume. 
Sufar, Tables. 

XjSL^ aufrahf A table (especially a 
circnlar one of leather, which travellers 
spread upon the ground ; when on the 
road, it is contracted by strings round 
the edges into the form of a wallet for 
carrying provisions, etc.) A table, a 
cloth, a towel. SufraH, Anything on or 
in which victuals are placed. 

<u.£>-ji*«i safarfaht, A quince. 

<Uiug..i safsatat, Anything bad, or 

trifling. An argument (especially so- 

u>g.o safk, Effusion, as .^jJIuInAms, 
The effusion of blood. 

Ji^ sufl or 8tfl, Meanness of origin. 


^ji*«d sufuriy Ships, pi. of 
i^ ^U Lrf aafanjaty A sponge. 

i^yui sufufy (A medicine) taken 

simply (not mixed), or dry, (in oppo- 
sition to an electuary). Powder, dust. 

^LAm3 Bafahy Folly, stupidity, im- 
prudence, rashness, caprice, inconstancy. 

I^Am) mfahdf plur. of ^UAmi. 

jJl^ Baflr^ An ambassador, inter- 
nuncio, mediator, arbiter. 

ii^^Sui saflnaty A ship, a vessel, a 
bark. A boat. -.y-^L^i^, The 

ark of Noah. 

safih (fem. <if,«Airf, plur. 

iZjX^Juti), Imprudent. Imperti- 
nent, impudent, insolent, petulant, saucy, 
licentious, extravagant. 

Um> sahkd, A carrier or vendor of 
water. A cup-bearer. [door. 

l^lLa sakkdty The bolt or bar of a 

aUmi takdm (or ^Ia^d), Sickness, 

jL» Boiar, Hell, jA»^\j, Hell-fire. 

Lam) sakt, Abortive. Sakat, Any- 
thing of a base or useless nature ; mer- 
chandize of a perishable quality, either 
spoilt or spoiling. Lame, mutilated. 

sakf, A roof. 

Ja-j saM (for Ji-<?), Polishing. 

^Uju) Saklabah, The Sdavonians, 
supposed by the Arabians to be descended 
from Seclao, a son of Japhet. Under 
this name, however, the Mahometans 
comprehend often the Servians, Bnl- 

Sarians, Moesians, Thracians, Albanians, 
[acedonians, and the northern parts of 

aAm> sukm, Sickness. 

\^y^ sakmuniyd, The herb scam- 

mony. sJy^^'^, 

Ib^A^i sakut, Palling. Sukut, A fall, 
a slip, a tumble. 

A^iua saktm, Sick, infirm. 
^j^ICm» 8akdkin, Knives. 

^l^ mkkdn, Inhabitants. 

t^^S^ sakh, Pouring out (water), 

Jj«xk.f ^^ sikkat alhadldy a railway. 

ii^ sikkat, A die 'for coins, etc. 

See ii^. 

SsJL^ saktat, Silence. An apoplexy. 

jL^ sakar, Shutting (the eyes, a 
door, etc.) Damming up (a river, etc.) 
Sukr, The being intoxicated. Sakr or 
8ukry Drunkenness. Sikr, A mound or 

dyke for confining water. JL) 

sukkar, Sugar, jj^^^. Sugar- 

CJlyC) eakardt, Agony, fainting. 
Ll^^\ CL^\jLa, The agony of death. 

^]J^ sakrdn, Drunk. 

ii^ Bokinaty A habitatloiL« QcQCkS^> 



CL^yL) sakut, The being quiet^ 
taciturn. Sukuty Silence. 

j^yLj 8uhunf Tranquillity, rest, 
quiet. Firmness, constancy. 

<^Cj $ikkah, A die for coining, the 
^impression on money. 

Ju-j sill, Consumption. [dynasty. 

^LA:>-Lo aalujikah, The Seljukian 
-.1^ sildhf Arms, armour. 

,^La salldkh, A skinner. 

J-mjjLj saldsil, Chains. [sovereigns. 
jj-tLo saldtln, Kings, princes, 

JLj 8uldl, The consumption. JLo 
tallal. A wicker basket maker . 

iSL^ mldlat or <dL-», Whatever is 
extracted from anything. [safety. 

f^L^ saldm, A salutation. Peace, 

Jui^ saldmaty Salvation, tranquility, 
safety, peace. 

L-^i.o «flf?flJ or sdlh, Rapine, plunder. 
Spoiling, seizing by force. Reiection, 
denial. A negative argument in logic. 

j^.s^ Saljuk, The founder of the 
Seljukian djrnasty in Persia, etc. 

\k^^ iulahfdy A tortoise. 

'J^ salkJi, Skinning (an animal), 
peeling (bark). The end of a month. 

JLuuLj saUdl, A chain. Pure lim- 
pid water waving like a chain. 

jL-uMuLo sahahll. Pure water. Name 
of a fountain in Paradise. 

^LLb>ii.^) silsilatf A chain, a series, 
suite, concatenation, succession, line, 
descent, inheritance, genealogjr, family, 
progeny. Lightning, when darting along 
like a chain. Sands blown into the form 
of a chain. 

^UaLo suUdn, A monarch, king, 
sovereign, prince. Absolute power, 
despotic authority, sovereignty, dominion. 

tjUaL^, Royal, imperial, princely. 

&:i^^ suUanat, Power, authority, 
magnificence,majesty. An empire, king- 
dom, principality, territory. 

^ l.>i salaf, A predecessor. Ad- 
vance. Money paid down, or before it it 
due for goods to be afterwards delivered. 

UL: salafan, Beforehand. 

^aL> silfat, The affinity of two 
women married to two brothers; a 
brother's or a husband's brother's wife. 

^^^ sdlky Boiling eggs or potherbs. 
Silky The herb beet. 

^y^'* salk, Inserting, threading. 
^Silky A thread. A series, order, train. 

Ju-j sallam, To surrender. 

j^^i-j Sahna* or SaUma\ The pro- 
sper name of a woman. Sulma\ The 
proper name of a man. 

I^Lj salwd, Honey. Manna. Quails. 
^^L) sulwaf or salwat. Content. 

^^'j^--' sulukf Proceeding. An in- 
stitutioh, mode, manner, rule, conduct. 

iLgciL,^ salikhahy The cassia of Arabia, 
which gives a clearness to the voice. 

jt^L^ Sallm, A man's name. Entire, 
free from flaw or stain, perfect, healthy, 
wholesome. Sincere, mild or gentle- 

j^UJu-j Sulaymdn or Sulimdn, So- 
lomon the son of David. 

>mj 8umm, The orifice of the ear. 
* The eye of a needle. Sammy Poison, 

Uy^ aamd, Heaven, the sky. 

<)L»-l4Md samdhat, Beneficence, lihe- 
rality. [victuals. 

LU^Mj sumdt, A tahle covered with 
cUy^ samd^, Hearing, listening. 

jU**9 summdk, A species of plant, 
particularly that kind of a sourish taste, 
which, like pepper, is strewed over vic- 
tuals. ^OoULs mmmdklyat, Meat 
dressed with summak. 


^\a^ sammdn, A seller of butter. 

^J^stUm-j aamdnjunl, A hyacinth, 
a sapphire. (Persian.) [quail. 

(JU^ summdnl (plur. C1^UUm«>), A 

Cj\j\Am^ samdwdt, The heavens. 

,j:^Uw«j «wwatt?I, Heavenly. Sky- 
" coloured, cerulean, azure. 

bUw-j samdyd (and ^jU^), The 

/^ samdh (fern. <lsr^), The being 

beneficent, liberal. The being merciful, 
humane. Generosity. Clemency, fe- 
licity. "Without knots (wood). 

jA^ samar, Evening conversations 

(such as the Arabians hold sitting around 
their tents). 

\jA>*^ samrd, Of a tawny colour. A 
yellowish, tawny, brown colour. 

xJy«^ SamarJcandy A province of 

Persia. A celebrated city and kingdom 
in higher Asia. Samarkand?, An in- 
habitant of, or anything belonging to, 

jIam^ Bomsdr] A broker. 

|MM^ sumsam, A fox. The grain 

WW Bamt^ or sama^ Hearing. The 

ear. iiU?j l*^, Willing, obey- 
ing a word or sign, showing that one is 

ready. ^^^ W^^^ It is heard, 

but let it not be confirmed (a mode of 
expression when any disagreeable news 

is reported. _ItcLCc^; Listen 
thou to me. Sim^^, Fame, a good repu- 
tation. |i-ju!l^<U^i..^v&J,His 

fiime was difiused~ among the people. 
Siml^y The mongrel whelp of a wolf and 
a ^e hyena. 

^U;w Btm^n, Simeon. 

The sign Pisces. 

^^ samn, Butter. Simatkf Fatness, 

(JL^\y^ samawdt for C^ljUw, The 

^^ samuh, Beneficent, affable. 

to-^^w, Liberality, clemency, be- 

jy^ sumUr, Of a tawny, brown, 

weasel colour, jy^^ summur, The 

Scythian weasel or marten, the sable; 
also the fine skin or fur of that animal. 

/i>j^ samum, A sultry wind, which 
destroys travellers. 

-*^ samlr. Evening entertainments, 
nocturnal conversations ; the places, 
especially among the Arabian tents, 
where these conversations are held ; also 
the subject. Simmlr, One who is fond 
of such entertainments. 

«-;^ aamt^ A fearer. 
jj-^ samin, Fat, fuU, plump. 

jj^ sinn, A tooth. Age. The nib 

of a pen. CS^^t What is 
your age? ' 

l:*^ sandy Shining. Light, splendour, 
brightness, flashing (lightning). Ele- 
vation, altitude, eminence. 

JjL^ sandlil, Prickles, etc. 

^C«U^ sandmlcly The senna of 


JuXmj sumhul, A flower (especially 
of an odoriferous plant). The hyacinth. 

^^jjjbj,j*x«j. The spikenard. J--**» 
^^lk>., Angelica. 

<U-j sanat, A year. Sunnat or 
aunnah. Nature, habit, custom, manner, 
institution, regulation, mode of living. 
The Stmnah, or the traditions of Ma- 

-jIcCUj smjdh, Ermine, the pontic 
mouse, the gray squirrel. Saf\jably Gray, 

sanady A prop, anything upon 
which another leans oc ^ ^\i3kaV^ V* 




t^jjt^i^ sindarus, The gum of the 
red juniper, sandaracha, red arsenic. 

^b Jj«*^ sindw/dn, A kind of oak. 

CL;ly»M» sanawdt, Years. 

yjy^ sununu, The domestic swallow. 

i^y^ sanawl, Annual. ^^j\j\, 
Monmnents, chronicles, annals. 

^Ums sanah, A year. 

^Xm» sanl (fern. <U:^)^ Sigh, ex- 
alted, sublime, precious, grand. 

fji^ sanln, Years. 

*y^ saw or sU-u, An evil, a calamity. 
The being yicious, corrupt, malignant, 

(Jj\y^ sawdhih, Past events. 

^^\y^ sawdhil, Shores, coasts. 
Edges, banks, borders. 

J^ams sawdd, Blackness. 

j\^ suwdTf A hracelet. 

tXe.\y^ suwd^d, The arms. 

jLirf sawdkl, Eivers. 

^L««9 sawdkin, Inhabitants. 

jjl*«^ audi, A question, petition, in- 
terrogation, demand, request, begging. 

L^\^ sawdUff Past events. u^Ia^ 

/♦Wl, Past times. [choly. 

\0y^ sawdd (fem.). Black. Melan- 

^\ J^ suddn, Negroes, Ethiopians. 

<£^1j^ sawddtol, Melancholy, de- 
jected. 'Trl/^^LS^^^^f Of a me- 
lancholy temperament. 

jyti 8ur, A wall, a rampart. [tige. 
ijy^ sawrat, A sign, a trace, a ves- 

ip^y^ saws, Injured hy moths 
(wool), by weevils (com), by ticks 

(sheep), i*^^, The moth, the 
weevil^ the tick (or other similar worms). 

^^ sUsan (or aL)^), The lily. 

]ff^ sawf, Hogging, lashing. A 

scourge, a bull's pizzle, a cat-o'-niae- 


jj^ sawJs, Driving. A market, a 
public square or forum. 

/%^ «dft^^,Estimating, fixing a price. 

^jya sawif siwa\ Equal, propor- 
tioned, right, alike, parallel. Entire, 
complete. A mean, medium, middle, 
mediocrity. Equality; rectitude. Be- 
sides, about. 

ijy^ sawlyatf Equality, uniformity, 

rectitude, ^y^ \ ^Xs- or ^ %am! li 
Equally, uniformly. 

a\^ sthdm, Lots. Arrows^ either 
for shooting or drawing lots. 

jjl^ suhrdn, "Watching, sleepless. 

J^ sahl, A plain level country, 

soft soil, (fem. ^lL^), Easy. 

^ sahm (plur. /♦If-a), An arrow 
for shooting or for drawing lots. 

^^ sah% An error, fault, mistake, 
blimder, inadvertency. Omission. 

\^^ sahwan, Inadvertently. 
cH^^UL) sayydtf Sins, plur. of JLmi. 
— L-j siydj\ A thorn-hedge, a fence. 
^UL) sayydh, A traveller, a pilgrim. 

^^L««), Travelling, a journey, a 
voyage, a pilgrimage. 

idVf^ siyddaty Dominion, role. 


jULj sayydr (fem. ij^ or ^U-*), 

Wandering, walking much. A planet 
or planets. 

^Lid saydsat, Government, admin- 
istration of justice, public pTUushment, 

LLmi siydt, A scourge. 




JULj aayydl (fern, ^l^). Current, 
rapid, flowing like a torrent. 

^I^Uj, The river Gydnus. 
^j^U), The river Jaxartes. 

jJL) sayyidy A lord. The title of 

the chie& of the family of Mahomet, 
descended £rom Ali and his daughter 

S4XjL» sayyidat, A lady, a princess, 
especially the wife or daughter of a 
Sayyid or descendant of Ali. 

(^jJL) sayyidi, My lord. 

ij0^ slrat, Eorm, disposition, tem- 
perament, morals, qualities. An insti- 

sayfy A sword, a scimitar, a 
Mchion, a sabre. 

jflj^yL^ sicurta, Insurance. (Ita). 

Jmm9 eayl, Flowing, a torrent, a cur- 
rent. Flux, flood. 

jjlLwdj^^TiyElowing rapidly. Sildn 
The island of Ceylon. 

L^i^..) 8lmyd, .Enchantment, fasci- 
nation, natural magic. 

Ix^ or \i^jjb Tart Sind, Mount 

ui^ suyuf, Swords. 
J^AM> auyiil, Torrents, inundations. 

^ sMn, The thirteenth letter of the 
Arabic alphabet. It denotes 300 in 
arithmetic, and is the abbreviature for 

JUJ», The north. 

Ui 9hd (for *U), Plur. ifU, Sheep. 

(^l^ shdh, Alum. Shdhh, A young 

jyUi Shdpur, King of Persia, called 

by the Romans Sapores* This prince 
defeated and took prisoner the emperor 

i\j^ shdf, A sheep. 

^\^jO\J^ shddratodn, An artificial 
fountain, a jet d'eau. 

c^Lij shdrih, A drinker. 

-. jLij shdrih, A commentator. 

J^Lm) ahdrid (fem. ahdridat), Flying, 

c jLji «Aan^, A highway, a straight 
road. A beginner. Making laws. 

fjj^ shdrih, The sun rising and 

wy.}Ll shdsi^ Distant, separate. 
|JjL^ shdsh, Tangibs. 

-tLii shdti. The side or bank of a 
^U Shamir, A poet. t"^^' 

Jf \j} shd^l, One kindling a fire. 
«^Lm3 «Aa/?^, An advocate. 

j^Ll >SAa/^?, One of the chiefs of 

" the four principal sects of the Mahometan 

^JU» shdft (fem: L}\J^), Healing, 

salutary. ^\J^l^\^j>' jatodh 
shaft J A categorical answer. 

jLl shdhk (fem. iiLl) Diflicult, 
troublesome, disgusting, perplexing. 

^Li shdhir (part.). Celebrating, 
praising, thanking. Grateful. 

^Ll «Aa^7,Lamenter. Acomplainer. 

JL^ shdl, A shawl, merino. 
/»Ll sM^n, Damascus. 

<C«L^ shdmat, A black mole (on the 
face). [ther's loss, 

Ll shdmit. Rejoicing at ano- 

^Ll shdmikh (fem. ii^Li), Sub- 
lime, high, exalted. Lofty, proud. 

^Li J^^rj-, A high mountain. 
J..^Li* ahdmll, Comprehending^ qcwl- 


^^Lij Shdmt. A Syrian, a citizen 
" of Damascus. 

^^\J^ shdn, A thing, an affair, busi- 
ness. Nature, constitution, habit, de- 
sire, disposition. State, condition, dig- 
nity, equality, degree. 

8\J^ shah, A king,- a sovereign, an 
emperor, a monarch, a prince (of Persia). 

« Jki-JbLi» shah bandar, The shabender, 

the receiver-general of duties, tributes, 

jJbLl shdhid, A witness, an eye- 
witness. 4\/CJc«JJbLl (or JJbLl 
Jjlc), A witness of veracity. 

^jUbL^ shdhik, High (mountain). 

(JL^\^s\j^ shah mat, Checkmate, at 

^LluJbLl shdhinshdh, The king of 

kings, lord of lords. ^JbLuLxfcLl, 

The imperial dignity, monarchy. Royal, 
princely, monarchical. 

jj-JbLl shdhin, A royal white falcon. 

c-^,l-l shay lb, Gray-haired. 

ijLl shdyibat, Doubt, suspicion. 

j-j>Ua shdyu. Divulged, published, 
promulgated, disseminated, diffused. 

shabb, Alum. Youth. 

shabdb. Youth. ^\^JLiS' 

c-jIJu!^, The flower of youth. 

]ff\^ shubdt, A Syro-Macedonian 
month (corresponding to February). 

isS^ shabd^at, Satiety. 

cJtJa shibdL Plur. of IjLJ^. 

Jl^L^ ahabdkat, Net- work, a lattice- 

^^lll shubbdn, Plur. of c-^l^. 

,^^J^ shdbah, An object indistinctly 
MoeD at a distance. 


jj^ shabr, Measuring with the span. 

8hibr, A span, a palm. jMi\j^, 
Of a compact body. 

shab^, Satiety. 

a shab^n. Full, satisfied. 

f * ^' -' 8?uibh, Mixing, inserting. 

Shabah, Plur. of ^L-i», JiTet. 

iLjt» shabakat or shabahah, A flsh- 

J«J» shibl. The whelp of a lion or 
other beast of prey. 

LJ^ shabah or shibh, An image, re- 
semblance, similitude. Shabbe, Alum. 

(k^^ shubhat or shubhah (pl.CI^L^ ), 
Doubt, ambiguity, suspicion, an obscure 
doubtful point. 

«U^^^ shabinat. The godmother. 

aL*^ «^'(732^,Alike,equal, resembling. 

l:x-i» shitd, Winter. 

azJ^ shattdm, A supercilious man. 

Uk^i^^LLl shattdna baynahumd, 
There is a great difference between them. 

jtsJ^ shafm. Contumely, contempt, 

outrage, reproach, injury, villany. Op- 

(^yiJ^ shatwt, Winterly, winter 

rains. ^^J^ shatta^ Distinct, 
separate, various. 

<l,4>.*.r.,.^ shatlmat, Contumely, re- 
proach, outrage. 

cljs*** shujd^. Intrepid, warlike, 

magnanimous. !Bold,heroic.icLs-», 
Fortitude, bravery, valour. 

HjS!*^ shajaraf (or shajrah), One tree. 

j^Ujs-» shuj^n, A brave or athletic 
man, a hero. 

shq^i (fem. <iLjs^), Anxious, 
vexed, oppressed with sorrow. 

shafl^ Brave, intrepid. 




«• A 

,^ shuhh, Avaricious. Avarice. 

-.Isr*^ shahdh, Avaricious. Shahdh, 
plur. of ^. 

A ** A 

ms:^ ahahm, Fat, tallow. ^Ujk-*^, A 
bit of fat or tallow. 

^^.s^ 8hahn, riUing a vessel, load- 
ing a ship. 

^Uflc*^ shahnah, A viceroy, a vice- 
gerent, a representative, an ambassador. 

(^jsA, Plur. of a3:--». 

shahlh, Covetous, miserable. 

8hakhr, Braying, snivelling, 
granting, making a noise through the 
nose or throat. 

shakhs, A person, body, indi- 

yidnal, any figure appearing black at a 

ahakhlr, Snivelling, braying. 

shaddf Bunning, rushing to 

battle. Binding, strengthening, estab- 
lishing, confirnSng, corroborating. 

JolfaX^ ihaddyidf Plur. of f JjJul, 
Adversities, troubles, disagreeable events. 

ixl^ shiddat, Yehemence, violence ; 

force, strength. Severity. Magnitude. 
Adversity, afiUction. 

HJj^ shaddah, The sacred ensign of 
the prophet. 

^Ju^ shadk, The environs of the 
mouth. The side of a valley. 

JjjJa shadldf Strong, vehement, 
violent, brave, intrepid, fierce, rigorous, 

severe. c-^liU!tjj jJa, (God) the 
severe punisher of the wicked. 

idJXti ehadldat, Adversity, distress. 

j\oJ^ shuzzdz, People living in a 

tribe or family to which they do not 

•Ju2j shmr^ Particles of gold from 

the mine unrefined by fire. Small pearls, 
beads, etc. which are UBuaJly strung. 

]^ sharr, The being wicked, malig- 
nant, malevolent, perverse, acting vil- 
lainously. Wickedness, depravity, 

\jJ^ shird, Buying. Purchase. 

t^\jJ^ shardhfWme or any beverage. 

^)yci\i^\^, Syrup of roots. 

iJL)\j\JL 8hardhdt,SjTu:ps. {J\i\jJ^, 
aharabatJj A maker of syrups. 

-.VjLl sharrdh, A commentator. Seo 

ij]j^ shardrat, A spark of fire. 
Wickedness, malice. Dryness. 

c\jj^ shir a ^f The sail of a ship. 

The string of a bow or musical instru- 

iS\j^ shardkat, Partnership. 

(J^\t^ shardmk, Cocoons, 

<UbLj^ shardhat, Gluttony, appetite. 

kjL^ shardytf Conditions, compacts, 
agreements, capitulations. Laws. 

^}r^ shardyi^ The laws. Plur. 
of i«Jy-i>. 

mjj^ shurh, sharh, or sMrh, Drink- 
ing, imbibing. jjL>- jJ ^ S-f/*» > 
Smoking tobacco. 

djJ^ sharhat, Sherbet, syrup; a 

beverage, a draught, a dose, a medicine ; 
one dnnk or sip. A cathartic, or purga- 
tive medicine. 

<0 -i» shurhatj A draught of water. 

^j^,r^ sharhln, A tree, from which 

flows liquid pitch; the larch, whence 
comes the agaric; also another thorny 
tree ; berbens ; the ditch bur. 

ijJ^ shirratf Malice, malignity, per- 

verseness, wickedness. ^;-}»> 
ahirratany Maliciously. 

^jJ^ aharhy Explanation, declara- 
tion, interjieta.t\oT^ ^is^s^^st^UKc^^ ^^bs^ 
phrase. 'Ex^o^V^ou, 


^ fharhat or tharkah, A slice 
of meat 

ipij^ shars, Hard, rough. Shorts, 
Of a bad disposition. 

[fJ^ short, A condition, agreement, 

eompact, conrention, paction, regulation, 
law, stipulation, limitaticm, diMise, re- 
striction, modification. 

»Joj^ sharti, Conditional. 

CjJ^ shor^f Law, justice, equity. 

Making or prescribing laws. ^\ 

9j^\, A judge, an assessor to a 

judge, a lawyer. U^ , Judicially, 

i^j^ shar^J, L^^, just, equitable. 

sharaf, Nobility, dignity, 

honour, glory, grandeur, excellency. An 

^jJ^ shark, Sising (as the sun). 

The east. ujfyi\jjjJ^\, The east 
and west. 

jjy-i) sharkl (fern. <U3^), Oriental. 
** Eastern. Sunny, exposed to tlie sun. 

f^j^ sharkln, The Saracens. 

\ijJ^ shurakd, Plur. of tl^ -1), 
Aaeociates. Partners. 

d^jJ^ sharakat or shirkat (plur. 

cL^^ sharak or shuruk), Society, 

company, partnership, communication, 

AtjJ^ sharm, Splitting, cleaving, 
cutting slightly. Fissures in the nose. 

iJBUjJii shvrnukat (plur. d^U^J^ 

and (jj\j^)i The cone or clue of 
a silkworm. 

J|j|^ sharwdl, Drawers, trousers. 

^jfJ^ sharnh. Water neither salt 
nor sweet. 

^^j^ shtfTuh, Plur. of ry^' ^* 

pJsnations, oommentaricB; rudiments, 



J^jJL sharud. Flying, ihe being ter- 
rified, [erib. 

j^j^ shurur (plur.^). Iniquities, 

^jj^ shurut, (Conditions. See 1?^. 

^^*b^^^^, The articles and 

conditions of peace. 

ment, onset, attack ; entaoBg. 

^•j^ shuruk, Bising (the sun). 

Hj^ sharah, Desire, appetite, aTidity, 

jjIj^ shirydn, A tree of whidh 
bows are made. An artery. 

fCj^ sharih or ^^s^jJ^, An oblong 

dice of meat [Wieked. 

jlj^ shirrir, A worthless scoundrel 

^^j^ sharttat, A condition. 

i^ijJ^ shart^, Law, justice. Any 
place where beasts drink. 

L^jJ^ sharif, Noble, eminent, holy. 

A nobleman, a gentleman (especially thfi 
descendants of Mahomet) ; the prince or 
sheriff of Mecca. 

CS>ijJ^ shartk, A partner in trade, 
a companion, an associate, an acc<»npIioe. 

k^ shat, The bank of a river. 
^Ik^) shatdrat, Alacrity, ability. 

J^aJ^ shatr. The half or part of a 
thing. The two fore or the two hinder 
teats of a camel. One side or part. 

ffj>^ shatranj, Chess. 

UUmi shatat, Injustice, oppression, 
excess. Falsehood, a lie. 

LaIi^ shatut, See \iJ^, 

qAx^ «Aa^a^,Light, splendor, lustre, 
array. ^jmjJ^\ ^U^> The rays of 
the sun. ^\xJii, Eadial. ^^u>. 
LtS^xL^ BA.dial lines, radii. 




j)\xJ^ shu^&tfir, Signs, symbols. The 
public service -or a panegyric on Grod and 
the prophet performed at Mecca ; a symbol 
of obedience to God. Any animal sacri- 
ficed or offered in a gift. 

(^^ffM> sha^h (plur. t^ycL), A 

crowd. People, a nation, a larj?e and 
noble tribe, oistinguiBhed by the lame of 
their founder ; also a branch from such a 

^Ujl^ shaman, The eighth Arabian 
month. A man's name. 

8hu^hat, The branch of a tree ; 

ramification. Deriyation. A part se- 
parated from the whole ; distance between 
oranches, horns, etc. The prelecting 
members of a horse (as the head, breast, 
etc.) [metre. 

jSlS» sha^, Hair. Shi^, Poesy, verse, 
\jxJL shu^d (plur. ofjS^\j^), Poets. 
«jLc2* sha^dnl, Very hairy. 

sha^at, One hair. Hoariness. 

Shif^at, Fubes etpecten (pec muliebris). 

jxjmjiJL sha^hacat, Mixture, tem- 
pering, diluting (wine with water) . Mak- 
mg uiin. Dipping (a cake into fat). 
Splendor, light, reflection. 

dut^ shu^lat or shu^ah, Light, 

q[»lendor, lustre, shining, flashing, corus- 
cation. Fire, flame. A mixture of 
white on the tail. 

i^ycti shu^h, Plur. of «-,. ^t^^, 

Uul Sha^ydy The prophet Isaiah, 
j-jti aha^r, Barley. 

iijfjd^ sha^raty One grain of barley. 

\^JfJ^ shaghb, A tumult, noise, dis- 
turbance, concision, cries, lamentation, 
shrieking. Accusation. Sauciness. 
Shoffhiby A fomenter of broils. 

Jju2» BJmgM, Occupation, employ- 
ment, business. 

Um« ahafdy Cure, recovery of health. 
U^]^ij, An hospital. 

<uU^ shtfd^t, Deprecation, inter- 
cession, recommendation. 

uJIa-1 shtffaf, Transparent, very 

i!\sLi» shifdh, Lips. Plur. of IaJL 

or^. [LabiaL 

_JbU^ shufdhi, Having large lips. 

^JLii shafat, A lip. See <U^ ov^aJ^, 

JJU shafar (or iiJJ^)^ A sword, the 
edge of a sword. 

ijLL %hafrat (plur.jU-1), See %hafair 

and 'ij^Al^. The side of a spear. 

«^^ %hafa^, Deprecating, inter- 
ceding. Wishing to add a neighbouring 
estate to one's possessions. 

UaJa, Plur. of w.gjj, Advocates. 

UmlL shuf^tf Eedemption. Any 
possession coveted. 

flkti shafuky Thecrepuscle, twilight, 

or rudeness in the sky, from sunset till 
total darkness. 

isXti shafkatf Compassion, pity, 
mercy, clemency, indulgence. 

di^ aJiafahf A lip. 

_A^ shajl and ^^fft^ (fem. <U|A<&), 
** Labial. 

w«!gjj shafl^ An advocate, a patron. 

^j-^JlL ahaflhy Merciful, compas- 
sionate, condoling. 

^Jj^ shahhy A fissure, a crack, a 

crevice. JILA, To tear, split, di- 
vide. Shlkky The half; as much as a 
horse, etc., carries upon one side; also 
the space between the two loads. A 
brother. The most prominent part of a 
mountain. Trouble, difficulty. 

*\JJ^ shdkd or shiJcd, Insolence, 

^UL^ sMkdk, Discord, opposition, 

hostility, rebellion, felony. ShuJIeak^ 
in the ieel oi\i!awfe*> ^\ft. 

• fkKM* 


ij\SJ^ shakdwat, Misery, disgrace, 
poverty. Insolence, sauciness. Villany, 
malignity, robbery, assassination. 

(JAaJ^ shakdyik, Fissures, etc. (or 

(JUjO j;JL^), The aDemone. 

^JLm shihhaty The half, especially of 
anything split the long way. 

\jj^ shakrd, A woman of a rosy 

ijSJ^ ahukrat, A clear shining red 
colour. [potsherd. 

••» A 

ahahf, An earthem pot, a 

(j.s^^ ahihak or shukak, Plur. of aJL^. 

jyLi) shukuk, Fissures. PI. of JJ^. 

SaJ^ shakah, A fissure, a notch. 
A letter. 

^LS)«^a^f,Poor,miserable, wretched. 

^Wicked, villanous. Petulant, insolent. 
A robber, assassin, banditti. 

^,p,.*.B *j shaktf, Split or divided into 
halves. One balf. A brother uterine. 
A strong calf. 

^JLJL^ shaklkatf A fissure, a crack, 

a crevice, a notch. One side (of the 
head). A pass or space between two 
mountains. A sister german. [picion. 

lL^ shak, Doubt, ambiguity, sus- 

JliLi» shikdl, A horse- tether of 
goat*s-hair. A surcingle. 

ci^ljlL^ shakdwdt, Plur. of sjL^, 

iALii shikdyaty A lamentation, a 
complaint, an accusation. 

^^J^ shukr or shukuVy Praise (of God), 
gratitude, returning thanks. 

^yJ^ shukrdn, Gratitude, acknow- 
ledgment ; assent, complacency. 

JiLi» shakl, Figure, form, shape, 
manner, mien, face, appearance, effigy, 
semblance, mode, species; the graceful 
air of a beautiful woman. 

yLi shakw, Complaining, relating 

a state of one's maladies. \^J^t 
A complaint. 

iSj^ ehdkwat, Complaint. 

jy^ shakUr, Grateful. 

CSyLii shukuk (plur. of uX^)i 

^^yLi» 8hakwa\ See \^J^. 

^ shammy Smelling, the smell. 

Cl^UJa shamdt (and <C3t»Jb), Be- 
joicing at the distress of another. Cla- 
mour, noise, tumult. 

jUJa ahamdr (or IjaJ^ shumrat). 
The herb fennel. 

^UJa shtmdSy A horse of a bad 
disposition, enduring no rider, or throw- 
ing him. /^ULl shammds, A 
Christian priest or deacon. 

cUwl shammd^ A maker of wax- 

JUJj shimdly The north. The left 

hand. Shimdloi «Awwai^(pl. Jj UJ» ) 

Disposition,innate quality. ,JU«S 

JjUJj shamdyily "Virtues, talents, 
abilities of mind and body. 

A^UJa shamdyim, Odours, perfanies. 

h%J^ shammatf One odour. 

AjaJ^ shimrdkh, A branch or clus- 
ter of dates. 

SjaJ^ shamratf The herb fennel. 

fjM,AJ^ shams (fem.), The sun. 

_AM^ shamsi, Solar, i^^auAJ^ysham- 
siaty An umbrella. 

sham^ Wax, a wax candle, 

(in general) any candle. 

^IjummI shama^tifA candlestick. 
^jyLAJ^ Shm^ftf Simon Peter. 
_A4i^ shtm^, Waxen, of a candle. 

J-4Ji shamlf Comprehending, con- 
taining, surrounding on all sides. 

ihamaytaty A little sun. 




(hjaJ^ shamim, Odoar^ perfume, 
* fragrance. 

v^l:Jj shandyi^ (plur. of <U ;JJj), 
SbameM actions, yices, crimes, yillanics. 

1^ shan^ Baseness, deformity. 

shun^at, Baseness, a horrid 
crime. Turpitude, brutality. 

Jh^ shank, Hanging on a gibbet. 

^»*>Jj ehanl^, Base, shameful, odioas, 
hateful, deformed, abominable, hideous. 

detestable, shocking. <U;jJ^ L^ \ 
Disagreeable news. 

shuwd, Any thing roasted, es- 
pecially flesh-meat. 1^ shawwd, 
A roaster of meat. 

|u shawdjir, Things averting 
or preyenting. Accidents of fortune. 

rlf^y^ 9h(mdrih, The whiskers. 

^Ijl^ shatpwdl, The tenth Mahom- 
etan month, in the beginnine of which 
ihey celebrate their festival called Beiram. 

Y^\^ shoiffdmikh, High mountains. 

jJbl^ shawdhtd (plur. of JJbLi), 

^^^\y^ shawdhln, Ealcons, hawks. 

i»^l^ shatodyh (plur. of iwlj»), 

U*^ shurhd, Broth, soup, gruel. 

^3^ ghawJc, Love, desire, affection, 

inclination. Alacrity, gaiety, cheerfal- 

Jj^ ahawhly Loving, cheerful. 

Cjy^ »hawk, Thorny (plant) ; priok- 

ine (as'a thorn) ; piercing anything with 
a worn; walking over or falling amongst 

i^yt shawkat, One thorn. Majesty, 

power, grandeur, magnificence, dignity, 

ij^ shatcnat, A granary. 

(^If^ shihdh, Bright stars; the 

nocturnal fires, commonly called falling 

^ jlf^ ahahddatf A testimony, attes- 
tation, witnessing. 

X^lf^ ahahdmaty Generosity, noble- 
ness of mind. Bravery. 

c^^^ shahah, of the colour of 

ashes; of a mixed colour where whitt 

L^ shuhhd, Ash-coloured (she-ass 
or camel) verging to white. 

<Uf!a shuhhat, Inclining more to 
white than black. 

J^ shahd, Honey, a honey-comb. 
Shahdf Evidences, eye-witnesses. 

1j^ ahuhaddy Plur. of Ju^, Mar- 
tyrs. Ij^l^jU, The history 
of the niartyrs. 

j^ 8hahr, A month. 

ij^ shuhrat or ahuhrdhy Eenown, 

fame, reputation, divulging, celebrating, 
rendering illustrious. Kumour, report. 

ii^\\^ shahzddah, A king's son, a 
prince. (Persian.) 

ff^ shahm (plur. /«lf^), Nimble, 

aotive, swift. Bold, audacious. Prudent, 
ingenious. Of great authority (a chief). 

j^la.v^il shahinshdh (or <LuJ^), The 
king of kings. (Persian.) 

C^fjf.1 shahwdt (plur. of ^^f^), 
Desires. Carnal appetites, sensuality. 

iy.^ ahahwat, Desire, appetite, 
sensuality, lasciviousness. 

JftfMi shuhud, Being present or an 

eye-witness. Witnesses, evidences, pre- 
sent at the fact. 

j^^fl shuhur, Months. 

^^f^ shaht, Lascivious. Desirable. 
iUf^iUjt!?^, Exquisite viands. 



Bhahtr, Celebrated^ fiunons. 

shahlk, Making a mummrmg 

noise in the throat, as an ass before 
braying. Sighing, sobbing, groaning, 
drawing the hst breath. 

aj{m) sJuihlm, Prudent^ ingenioTis. 
^1^ shot/, A thing, anything, some- 
things somewhat. ^J^^, Nothing. 
^^^L^ shaydtln, Devils, plnr. of 

k» ^^ «* shayhf Growing gray (the 
h^), becoming old ; white hairs, hoari- 

ahayldf Gray-hair'd (woman). 
LJbXL!, The last night of the 

tmoJ^ shlhj The wormwood of Pontus, 

^which destroys worms. 

J^J^ shayhh and i^^s^X^ (plor. 

^^IflO-i and 4^0-2*), Growing old. 

Shaykh, A venerable old man, a man of 
authority, a chief, a prelate, prior, abbot, 
a superior of the dervises or Mahometan 
monks ; a doctor learned in religion and 

law, a great preacher. >»UI1^,^, 
The head of religion. ^ 

Shlrdz, A celebrated city in 

Persia, the birth-place of Shaykh SadI, 
the anthor of the Gnlistan, Bostan, etc., 
whence he is likewise called Shirazi. 

Jm^ shuhahy A bottle, flask, phial, 
cap, carafe ; a cupping-glass. 

shayt, The being bomt np. 

^Ik^ ahaytdn, Satan, the devil, a 

4U^ ahl^ (plnr. ^^ shiyaQ, A 
multitude following one another in pur- 

snit of the same object. <?irjyjl, 
The sect of AH. 

A^jJj shlmat, Habit^ nature, an ex- 
cellent disposition. [age. 

^fi^, Flur. of ^. ^^iq^,01d 

^ 8&dy The fourteenth letter of the 
alphabet. In arithmetic it expresses 90» 

and is the abbreviature for Jl^, 
the second Mahometan month. 

jiLs sdhir, Patient. 

^yi\a edhun, Soap. (Sy,^9 -^ soap- 

^L* sdhly Those idolaters who 

** who change their religion, Pagans, 
Sabeans, etc. 

v,,^r».tg sdhib, A lord, a master, a 

great man, a governor, a ehieL A 
title of courtesy equivalent to Master. 

jLs^\i^^'^\^, Esteemed, enjoy- 
ing reputation. j\ JclSI cyw^^Lg, 
Potent, possessed of power. 

_s^li0 sdhiy Eecovering one's senses 
or health after intoxication. A serene tky. 

jfc)li0 sadiTy Flowing, originating, 
emerging, springing up or out. Arising, 
goin^, returning. Hurting the breast. 
Prochiced, derived, happened, arrived. 

J jLtf sddtky True, just, sincere, in- 
genuous, good. 

^j\^ edrtkh, One who calls. 

Aj\^ edrimy A sharp sword. An 
intrepid hardy man. 

^LftcLtf sa^kat, lightning, a thunder- 
bolt, loud rolling tiiunder. 

Xcl^l^'-^ mdhu^i sdghati, Borax. 
(^\^ Bdf, Pure, clear, sinoeie, 
candid, dean. See ^^* 

J\^ 8dfiry A blower on the' flute or 

pipe, a hisser, a whistler. 

^iLtf aafl (fern, ^l*^), Pnze^ dear, 

fine, bright, unsiillied, limpid, unmixed, 
sincere, candid. 

Ji\«0 %dhUy A polislieri etc. 


Jlitf sdlih (fern. ^'L^), Good^ apt, 

fit, proper, just. A man of probity and 

i^U'^Ltf 8dmit, Silent, satumine. 

« 8dni^ (God) the creator. An 

u^Ltf 8di/ib, Bight, straight, hitting 

the mark, rf^ Jc)^ i^^A^, Advising 

right, prudent. 
4^li0 sdyiglk, A goldsmith, 
^t^ sdyim, One who fasts. 

\_-r »ahh, Effusion, l^^^^^^y Pour- 
ing out water. 

Lm0 sahd or mbd, The zephyr, a 

ffentle gale ; a refreshing wind (generally 
Sowing from the east at the equinox). 
Touth, youthful ardour or love. 

'U«0 sahaa, Eising (a star). Coming 

forth (a tooth, nail, etc.) Watching the 
motioiiB or rushing upon (an enemy). 
Changing one's religion, t.^. apostatizing 
from Mahometism, and becoming a 
Sabean. This is one of the most ancient 
xehgions we have any traces of, being 
supposed to be that which prevailed in 
Persia preyious to the reign of Kishtasp 
(Darius Hystaspes) ; when it gave way 
• to that of the Magi, then introduced by 
Zerdust or Zoroaster. They believed in 
one God, and in the ministry of angels, 
or inferior deities, as represented by the 
stars, which became in consequence high 
<^jectB of their adoration. They held 
many tenets in common with the Ma- 
bomietan, the Magian, the Jewish, and 
erem.the Christian religion, being by 
trareUers called Christians of St. John, 
beoause they adopted a species of bap- 
tism. Their chief pilgrimages were to 
Haran in Mesopotamia, to ll&cca, and to 
the pyramids of Egypt, which they su^« 
posed to be the tomos of Seth, and his 
sons Enodi and Sabi, whom tiiey con- 
sidered as the founders of their faith. 
This was the principal religion of the 
jkrabians before Moalemism, and is one 
«f tiiose tolerated by the Alcoran on 
paying a certain tribute to the prophet 
and his sucesBBOfTS* 

ajLwitf sahdhatf Love, desire. 

Ij\^\, The ardour of love. 
-.Im^ sahdhf The morning, the dawn, 

aurora, j^ \ ••U-^, Good morning ; 

to which they answer, -j^l—L^'o, 
! good day (to you also). 

i\^ sahdghf Colour, tincture, iu^ 

aabbaghf A dyer, tinger, painter. 
bLi0 sahdydf Girls, damsels. 

^.^ mhhy The morning, the dawn, 

-Mtf sabr, Patience, toleration. The 

being patient. jsr\JtJu*j^\f 
Patience is the key of glory (a proverb), 
^j ^j^i The small Arabian aloe. 

(JUcUy-jj-Mtf, The worst species 

of aloe. [tizing. 

w«0 aahgh, Dyeing (cloth). Bap- 

j^^ «a^ur,Most patient, gentle, mild. 
^^j^ sahi (plur. ^U^i^, ^^y-a^, and 

^^), A boy, a youth. 
iOLitf sdbiyatj A girl, damsel, child. 
0f^:^ sahih, Beautiful. A lovely face. 

<L<i.-^ sahlhat, The morning, the 
dawn. [suffering. 

r;^ saMr, Patient, mUd, long-- 

h\si^ eahdhat, Society, companions. 

ujbU:*^ sahdyf (plur. of isusf^), 
Pages, leaves, books. 

c,^i<y^ eahb (plur. of c^-A^Ld) 
Companions, etc. 

iL-k-s:** suhbat, Society, friendfihip, 
companionship. In company. 

<l5L-^ sahhat or sahhah, Truth, per- 
fection, rectitude, integri^ ; health, any 
thing sound, entire, complete. 

\jxr^ sahrd (and jsf^\\ ^ ^wewtf^^ 
a plain. 




L-^ M«Aw/(plur. ofdJus^), Books, 
leaveS) pages, folios, etc. [or platter. 

iisr^ sahfat, A plate, a large dish 

:** sahfiy A hollow dish or platter. 
A small dish or plate. 

sahw, Eecovery from ebriety. 
Serenity of sky. 

8a?nh, Complete, perfect, en- 

'tire. Kight, just, true, certain, authentic. 
Free from hlemish, unhroken. Accurate, 

,^^*^j^, Authentic 
', An accurate 


news. — u.sri^^- 
historian. ^' 

^Atjsf^ sahlfat or sahlfahy A book, 
a leaf, a page. [stone. 

ijS!^ sakhrat, A rock, a huge hewn 

Ijutf aaddy A sound, a tone, a re- 

▼erherating noise, an echo. Rust. A 
rusty sword. Contracting rust. 

i\d^ suddt, Of a rusty colour. 

ij\ Jutf suddrat (or ^^^^^ ij\s^), The 

office of a grand vizir or prime minister. 

^\ Jutf saddky A marriage settlement ; 
a portion which the husband engages to 
give to his future wife. 

^iJutf saddkat, True friendship, 
sincerity, candour, loyalty, fidelity. 

OJutf sadad, ITear. Opposite. Pur- 
pose, design, point (as on the point of 

jJutf sadr^ The breast, the thorax. 
The beginning, the first part (of a day). 
The first seat of precedency. 

uJ Ju9 sadf, A shell, a shell-fish, a 
pearl, mother of pearl. An oyster. 

^iX^sidk, Truth, veracity, sincerity. 

^t\^ sadakat, Alms; that part of 
an estate dedicated to pious uses. 

^Jl.^ «a(^. Beating, bruising. LtXp 

sadmat (plur. CL^Uju^), A blow, 

contact, collision. Adversity, a blow of 

j^i^ stidUr, Breasts. Yizirs, min- 

(JJ^SiO 8adlk(tem, ^Xa), A sincere 

d^\j^ sardjah/The scrofula or evil. 

ii^y^ sardhat, Pure, unadulterated. 
Purely. Publicly, evidently. 

]ff\^ sirdt, A way, a direct road. 

uJ|y-tf sarrdf, A banker, a money- 
changer, [clothes. 

Hj^ surrat, A group, a bundle of 
j*^j^ sarsar, A cricket. 
Cj^ sar^, The epilepsy. 

uJ^ sarf, Expense, disbursement. 

Vicissitude of fortune. Sir/. Pore, un- 
mixed (wine). 

iJj^ sarf I, Grammatical. 

imJ>^j^ 8uruf, Changes, vicissitudes* 

f^l;^ sarthf Clear, evident. Pure, 

unmixed. ^j^^J^, The un- 
disguised truth. ^ 

sa^, Hard, difficult, ar- 
duous, rough, troublesome, disagreeable. 

jxx^ sa^ar, Savory, origan, etc 

Ij^a.^ 8u^ada\ Deep, long-fetched 


LL(j\n^ sa^uk, Poor, indigent. 
^ybi0 su^hat, Difficulty, trouble, 
Jjx^ su^nd, Ascent. [affliction. 

]0jx^8u^t, SnufP, a cephalic medicine. 
JuA.^ sacld, Earth, dust on the sur- 

face of the earth, i Jua.^, Aloft. 

yi<2^ JuAtf, Higher Egypt. 
j\x^ Boghdr, See yL^ sughr, litHe. 

SigMr (plur. of j^\ SmalL 

J U^jjL^,The great and the small. 

i^suc zaghdraty Smallness (of price). 

,j}m aaghdyrf Small or venial sini. 




mghr^ Meanness. A|i injury, 
injustice. Sighar, Smallness, lightness. 

^-yLtf, Tender age. 

1^/^^ 9ughra\ Less, least. The 
minor term of a syllogism. 

JLtf aaghlr (fern. SjJt^),' Small, 

saf, A series, order, rank, row, 
file (of soldiers). 

\Lo sofa, Pleasure, joy, festivity, 
delight, recreation, diversion. 

C^lLtf 8%fat^ Plur. of^Laj Qualities. 
j\Lp aufdr, A hissing or whistling. 

iJjUfi safdraty A hollow tube, with 

which they make a sound which decoys 
pigeons, and calls asses to water. 

jjUU*p Sifdhdn or Isfahan, The 
metropolis of Gebel.or Persian Irak (the 
ancient Parthia) . It is said to have been 
founded above 800 years before the 
duristian era, and derives its name, as 
supposed, from itpahan or sepahan (ca- 
Talry^, that being the principal station 
for tne Persian armies, which, in all 
times, have consisted chiefly of horse. 
It was before the feign of Cyrus the 
capital of the Persian empire ; out Per- 
eepolis, Susa, Madain (Ctesiphon), and 
otner cities, having afterwards alternately 
shared that honour, it was not restored 
to its former dignity till the eleventh 
century of the Christian era, under the 
Sdjukian dynasty. On the fall of that 
fiunily, however, the dynasty of the 
Mozafferians (conquerors) attached them- 
selves to Shiraz, which continued to be 
the seat of government till the elevation 

' of the Sefi family in the sixteenth cen- 
tury, by whom, but particularly by Shah 
• Abbas the Great (or the Cruel) I^ps^an 
was rendered the most extensive and 
most magnificent city of Aa&. 

isLfi si/at, Quality, attribute, pro- 
perty, form, species, mode, manner, de- 
seription. Epithet. An adjective, noun. 

^ 8afh, Pardoning. Clemency. 

saf hat or saf hah (pi. c^ls^) 
▲fm; aade,apage,&ne3^anse,sur&ce. [ 

jLa safar, The second month of the 
Mahometan year. Sifr, A cypher. 

\JLa safrd (fem.). Yellow, pale, 
^ livid. The bile. 

SjLa safrat, Hunger. Safrat, Yel- 
lowness. The yolk of an egg. 

Ljjji^ saf r awl, Bilious, choleric. 

<— iUaiig sifsdf A willow, an osier. 

^Jji,ff safk, Flapping (as a bird its 
wings) . Clapping the hands, applauding. 

yLa safw, Brightness, the purest 

i^ safwat, The best or purest part. 

^J^siXi^L,^, safwat al kalh, Purity 
of heart, peace of mind. 

>^^i^ safuh, Liberal; forgiving. 
i^yua sufaf (plur. of fi^J^), Banks. 
^Ju> safl (fem. ^Sui-^), Pure, clear, 

bright Just, upright. 

^L^U-tf safihatj The surface, the ex- 
terior. The broadest side of anything. 
A thin plate. 

jJua saflr, Sound, clangour, hiss- 
ing, blowing. Singing (as a bird). 

(J-^J^ saf thy (A garment) of a coarsf 
hard texture. 

JU^ siJcdly Polishing. Polish, lus- 
tre. A large press or calender for 
smoothing or glazing clothes. Sakhal, 
A polisher, an armourer. 

XJliLtf sahdltbat, The northern na- 

tions, the Sclavonians, Scythians. 

jLa saJcr, Any bird of prey. 

f^suo sakl, Polishing, furbishing (a 

J-tf> sail, A basilisk, a serpent proof 
against incantation (an imaginary mon- 
ster with a round face, the distant sight 
or sound of which makes every creature 
to fly, the near approach being instant 

iL? saldhat. Majesty, dignity^ aw^^ 
reverence, Be^mt^ , tv^^>sl^ ^-Bsaswk* 




JiiLa 8dlat, A prayer, benediction. 

ijlij^lifiiflll, The Lord's Prayer. 

JLa sakth, Eectitade, probity, Tir- 
tue, integrity, honour, honesty, derotlon. 

aalb, Crudifbdon. Sulb, The 
lion, the flank. 

^ci^ ^Mlf Ptoceeding from the 
- loins. 

J^ 8ulh, Peace, concord, reconcili- 
ation, pacification. 

jLc said or sild, Hard, solid, strong. 
Smooth hard stones. 

J LatLtf sakdl, Clay mixed with sand. 

j^mLp salaam, A mysterious word 

(added often to the name of Mahomet) 
formed from the abhroTiation of the 

followingwords, J^iULaAUl^L^ 

The blessing and peace of God be with 

1^1^ sahwdt (plor. of ij^ and 

i^ ), Pfayers, benedictions, 

ii^ saint, Prayer. 

sallh, A cross, a crucifix. 

Ubtf sammd (plur. j^ summ), Deaf, 

dumb, one that can neither hear nor be 

a\a^ samdm, Misfortune, Deafaess. 

c^^imo sand, Silence; the being 

sumtat, Silent)e, taciturnity. 

samad, Perpetual, eternal, per- 
manent, [sword. 

/XoAifa Bomsdm or i^\^>aA,»9, A sharp 

w4Mtf samA^h, Otun, the tears of a 
plant ; an aromatio.^^>^ w4«0,Gum 

Arabic. ^Ju^ samghat, One lump 
of gam. 

samnf, Silent 


smmit, Silent, tacitun^ 

^^f^^Mtf samim, Pure, unmixed, sin- 
^ cere. The best part (of anything). 

i^^\jt^^4,0a^^, From the bottom 

of the heart, cordially, affectionately* 

^^^AjMii^Mtf samiml, Cordial, sincere. 

Jjolxitf sanSdld, Kings, princes, 
chie&, generals. Troops, battalions. 

Sfi\i^ sind^t, Art, industry; a 

profession, trade. ^Li^, Arti- 
ficial. ^ [mirades. 

^jUk^ sandi/i^, Arts, artifices, 

Jjcm^ sandal, The sandal, an odor- 
iferous wood. 

^j JkiMtf sanduh (or <t3j jcm^), A chest, 
a casket, a coffer, box, trunk. 

JjJCm^ sindld, Violent (wind or 
heat). (Kain) consisting of large drops. 

sun^ or san^. Creation, action, 
preparation, work. [Arabia. 

Icm^ San^, A pleasant city in 

iUiMtf san^, A profession, art, trade. 

^^jCm9 sun^*, Industrious, clever- 
' handed. SunfJ, ArtificiaL 

(— aiMtf) sinf or sanf, Article. A part, 
portion, kind, species, genus, form. 

A^Mtf sanam. An image, an idoL A 
^ beloved object, a mistress, a lover. 

jjiitf sanuhar or sanatiflar, Pine- 
nut, pine-tree. 

sunuf, DifBsrent sorts. 
sani^ Any work of art, an 
operation, creation, performance. 

^ffJOitf sani^t. An art, an action, 

a benefit, or the person upon whom it is 

wAya sawdh, Bectitude, justness 
of acting or thinking, reason, the right 

way. L^\y^\i, Justiy, properly. 


k^j\ya imoariff The yicissitudes of 
fortune, accidents, eyents, reyolutioni. 

fj\y^ sawdrim, Sharp swords. 

fjc]^^ amod^k, Plur. of dAA^a. 

i\j^ sawwdffh, Ooldsmiths. 

v^t^ sawtodf, A woollen-draper. 

w«l^ sawdmi^ Monasteries, her- 

ij\ya sawanat (plur. ^\y»^), A 
species of hard stone, a rock. 

^^\ya sawdnl, China, porcelain. 
^ya aawh, A part, a side. 
CJ^ sawty A Toice. 

Sjya eurat, An image, form, figure, 

fiuse, effigy, yisage, countenance, appear- 
ance, resemblance, picture, portrait. A 
oopj, transcript, abstract. 

^jy^ wratan, To appearance, ap- 
parently, extrinsically. 

iya Bmogh, Creating, fabricating. 

l(ehin^, forging, exercising tbe art of a 

ui^ <il/, Wool. ^^, A flock, 
oar lock of wooL 

^yc Bljfahf A sofa. 

(^^ iUftf Wise, intelligent, pious, 

derront, spiritual. A religions man of 
the order of the Sofi; hence the sur- 
name cf the kings of Persia. 

\J^y^ aawlafdn, A kind of dub, 

hocJrad at the end, with which horsemen 
strike a wooden ball in a game peculiar 
to the East. 

Ayff Mum, A fast, fasting. 

^y^ smoma^ (or ijiyya\ A monas- 

\ay j[eBpecially with towers and belfre^s), 
ft (uoist^, ceU, hermitage. Suma^h^ A 
hiiting place, an inn ; a chamber. 

^yc Boum, Defence, etc. 8ee Sj\^. 

^jlftf Buhdrif (plur. ^W)> ^ 

oistem, bath, pond, or other reserroir; 
anything hdlow. 

J^ *»*r, Son-in-law. 
f^^i^ SahffUn, Mount Sion. 
oIjL^ stMfydd, A hunter, a fowler. 
dd^lolLtf, A fisher. oULp 

j^Jall, A falconer. 
(^j\^ ioydrify Bankers. 
^L.^ aiydghat, The art of a gold- 
^L^ iiydm, Fasting. '^'"^ * 

&Li0«»yaf}a^, Defence. Observation. 

f^^*»f> sayhi The being well-directed 
(arrow), hitting the mark. Saytby Clouds 

pouring down rain. ^^U^, <«- 
ibany Nits. 

alt, Fame, good reputation. 

sltat, Gbod fame. 

,^ %ayh (£i^). Exclaiming. An 
^exclamation, clamour. The crowing of 
a cock. 

h^ sayhat, An exclamation, cry, 
shriek. [game. 

J^ saydy The chase, hunting; prey, 

1 JuMtf Saydd, Sidon in Fhcenicia. 

j^ sayr (or ij^jt^), Being, be- 

k^j^sayrafoT 4j:M^(plur.u-i;U>), 
A banker. 

(,^w> say/, Summer. 

Ji^ saykal, Polish, lustre. A ftir- 
bishing instrument. A polisher, an 


^ ddd, The fifteenth letter of the 
Arabic alphabet. In arithmetic it ex- 
presses 800. 

iajU ddhit (fem. XluU), Holding 
firm; proyident. Aeoyemor,commander, 
Bupmor, chief, loro, master, possessor. 



>-\^ daji^ Who reclined much 

from lazineBi, indoloit, silly, foolish. A 
star setting in the west 

t^,wLg ddhik, A ridicnler, wag- 
gish ; a satirist, mocker, derider. Flash- 
ing (cloads). K^\^, The fore- 
teeth (as being conspicuous when langh- 

^ ing)- 
jLp ddrr, Noxious, detrimentaL 

c^L? ddrih, part. pres. Beating, 
bruising, striking, stamping, coining. A 

striker, beater. ^|^jJl(^U, A 
coiner of money. * 

t^^L? ddri, Trained to hmiting (a 

i^AcX^ dd^fa (in prayer), May it 

increase; as ^IjcJl^OJlk^L^, 
May Ood increase His power. 

JU ddU, Straying. A preyaricator. 

^U ddUat, Wanderings lost (ani- 

^J^\^ ddmin, A surety. A sponsor. 
Security, bondsman. 

^L^ ddyi^, Wandering, lost. 

Ij\^ dahdhat (plur. l^\^), A 

k^i dabt, Oovemment, direction, 

administration, discipline, regulation, 
check, control, keeping in subjection or 
obedience. Confiscation, sequestration. 

iw, To take possession, to role 

over, to watch, guard, preserve, moderate, 
keep in the line of dut^ etc. To seize, 
restrain, sequestrate. To confiscate, or 

^ dab^or e^(u^(fem. plur. ^^ 

duh^ or dubu^ and qL*^ or ^f^\), 

A hyena, ifc^ daba^t, The 
female hyena. 


dqj; and ^js^ daflj, Crying 
out The noise of a tumult. 

', The being oppressed in 


daf^, "Reclining, especially on 
the side (on a bed, the groimd, etc.) 

\s^ dahd, Basking in the son. The 

i^Ai^,. Laughing, grinning. 
dahiyat, A sacrifice.^ dahkrn^ Thick, large, corpulent. 
A*s*^ dahhlmy Large, tall, corpulent. 


S^ didd, (Contrary, opposite (as 
virtue to vice). 

jJ dorr, Hurting, injuring. 

ij]/^ dardrat, Blindness. 

\9\j*a durdty Breaking wind loud. 

<uLi0 dard^t or dird^t. Humbling 
one's-self, submission. 

ji\j^ dardyir, Plur. of S^, Two 
women having a husband in common. 

i^j^ darh, Striking, beating. A 

blow, a stroke. Multiplication in arith- 
metic. Beating (with a stick, etc.) 
Striking, touching. Making any saying 
proverbial. StriBng or coining money. 

\jj^ darhan, By force, Tidentlj. 

iZj\ij^ darabdt, Plur. of ifj^, 

^U^ darabdn, The pulse, the beat- 
ing pain of a wound. 

<U^ darhat or darhah, One blow. 

)ije durrat, One woman haying a 
husband in common with another. 

f^ darar, Injury, damage, detri- 
ment, loss, ruin. 

ijMj>^ dirs (plur. (jm\j^\ and 
^•1^)9 A tooth, a grinder. 

t^ dart or dartt, Breaking wind, 

making a similar noise with mouth ia 
contempt. Darit^ One who breaks wind. 

<U^ darmai, A fire-brand. 




^^j^ durHh, Modes, forms of 
speech, idioms, phrases. 

Jy^ dariirat{'plTa, CL^ljfji^),Force, 

yiolence, compulsion, constraint. Want, 
indigence, necessity. 

\^j3j»o dariiri, Forced, compelled, 
constrained, necessary. 

>^jj darlh, Far distant. A sepul- 
chre, a tomb, a grave dog in the middle 
of a borying-place (if dug in the side it 

is called Ak.). 

jlj^a darlr {fern, ijlj^), Blind. 

L-OM da^ or du^, Infirmity, weak- 
ness. ^Jub«Sl (^inJ>, A weakness 
in the stomach. 

L M^ da^f (fern. ^JuxJ), Weak, 

infirm, impotent, extenuated, emaciated, 
enfeebled, powerless, frail. 

6 jUJ dafddi^ Frogs. Jb^tA^ & jliJ, 
Boasted frogs. 

^JAa dafda^t, A frog. 

jSLc dafr, Plaiting (the hair of the 
head). Twisting (a rope). 

•• . 

SjLa dafrat, Anything twisted, a 
braided lock of hair. 

ijJt*^ dafirat, A braided lock ; hair 
.twisted or plaited. 

J*^ dall, To deviate, to err. 

JLa daldl (and iSLi), An error, 
Tice, fault ; ruin, perdition. Deviating, 

losing. ^^^^ JLp, Mere heresy, 
An error in faith. 

%X»o dala^ A side, part, 
ft jL^ dtdn^ Plnr. of - ^ 

JJui diUil, Erring greatly (a man). 

^ damm, Contraction, conjunction, 
incorporation. To contract, join, add, in- 
oornorate, insert. To mark a consonant 
wiUi the point (') dammah, 

aWj dimdm, That into which any- 
thixig is collected or contracted. 

jl^A^ dcmdyir, Plnr. otj^j^, 

^tki dcmdyim (plur. of ij^^^), 
'•' Additions. 

^j^ damn, Answering or being 
surety for another ; redeeming ; ransom- 
ing ; receiving the use of anything for a 
certain time. JHrnm, The middle or in- 
terior part of anything. The cover of a 
letter. The contents, anything, compre- 
hended, contained, or inserted. 

■qwK^ damtr, The mind, heart, 
thought, reflection, sense, conscience, 
conception, comprehension, idea. The 
affixed personal pronoun. 

iU^uiM^ damimat or damimah, An 
addition, augmentation, increment, in- 

^j^^ damin, A sponsor, surety. 
\2j\ya dawahttf Plur. of IsjL? and 

LJ diydj Light, splendor, brilliancy. 

^Li^ diydfat, A feast, banquet, 

convivial entertainment. Hospitality. 

iw day^t, ViUage. [HospitabU. 

(_ft*i dayf, (Fliir. *—•>*••?> and fern. 

<U^), A stranger, a foreigner, a 

JU-i da/yh or dlJc, Anguish, vexa- 
tion, grief, sadness, melancholy, afflic- 
tion, anxiety, doubt, oppression of 
spirits, or anything which tortures the 

mind. ^j^i^Jlj;^, The asthma. 
^j!La dayytk (fem. ^tL-^ ), Narrow. 
^ daym, Injustice, oppression. 

t td or td, The sixteenth letter of 

the Arabic alphabet, expressinjB^ 9 in 
arithmetic, Capricorn in tne zoduc, and 
the moon's descendant. 

i-^lL tdh, Sweet, agreeable, good, 
lawful. An excellent flavour. (Inprayer\ 




«^U9 tdha^ or tdhi^ A seaL-rmg, 

or any other instroment by which an 
impression is made. 

J^U? tdbiJt, A commercial house in 

^^U? tshiin, A pit, or other place 
where they kindle and cover up fire. 

^^It tdjin, A frying-pan. 

J>.lt tahil, Turbid. 

fj^^ tdhtn, An ox placed in the 
middle of a bam, round which the other 
oxen move when treading out the gndn. 

Lu»-U9 tahnat, A back tooth, or 

dji^U? tdhunat (or ^^U?), A 

jflL tdrik (fern. ^It), A nocturnal 

CI^CIL tdssdt, A cup, goblet, basin. 

iclt ^a^a^ (plur. C^Ult), Obedi- 
ence, obsequiousness. 

^^% td^n, A plague, pestHenee. 

^filL ^a^Af, A rebel, a leader of 

faction or insurrection, a refractory, dis- 
obedient, insolent man. 

^IL tdjih, Overflowing. 

jjU? tdk (or ci-^lSlL), Unique, sin- 
fiplar, one part, or fold of anything 
doubled. A fold, a ply. 

iilL tdlcat, Power, force. Patience, 
Order, a series. 

XJU? tdkiyat, A fillet, especially 
one worn under the head-dress. 

Jit tdla (in prayer), May it be 

long. 2(lib JIL, Hay his life be 

c-JU? tdliby Asking, enquiring, 
demanding, interrogating, requesting, 

^lU ^d/i^, Wicked, villanous. 

^U? tdU^ Fortune (good or bad)* 

fate, destiny, chance, honxeope or pre- 
dominant star at a person's nativity. 

^Ua^lOjAMA^^lt, A constella- 
tion of a happy ascendant. 

^IL tdlihf Divorced, repudiated 
(woman). Pasturing at liberty, without 
being milked (sheep, camels, etc.) 

LjlU? Tdlut, King SauL 

(jwjlt tdw% (or ijM^^)f A peacock. 

JblL tdhir, Clear, pure, unsullied, 

chaste,clean,holy. c^LSIy^lLand 

Jjt3ulyhlL>, Immaculate, of unsul- 
lied life. 
L^U? td'tb, Good, pleasant, lawfuL 

^U? td'ir^ A bird. Flying, miming 

(^^jujIL td'Uhy Inconstant, volatile, 


uJjU? tdyif, Surrounding, going 

iAi^ tdyifat or tdytfah, A people, 
nation, tribe, family. Equipage. 

JjU? tdt/il (and ibll?), Power, 

pleasure, the comforts of life. 

k^^ tdbh or tibh, Medicine for 
*body and mind. 

^Ul? tdbhdJch, A cook. ^U?, The 
art of cookery. 

jfJ^\^ tahdshir, A substance of a 
silicious nature produced in the bamboo, 
used in medicine ; also the ashes of the 

roots and joints. l^LsrU^Lt, 
Chalk, white Hme, plaster. 

cLL ttbd^ Nature, temperament, 
complexion, disposition ; understanding, 
genius, intellect, judgment. 

JO? tahhdl, A drummer. ^Ut, 
The art of drum-beating. 

v^UL tabdyi^y Plur. of <U^ 
^ 1^^ ta5£ft) Cooking ; cookery. 



^J\i^J^ Ihbriitan, The ancient 

40^ Tibriyatf Tiberias. 

JLia^ tdbtdbat, The sotuid made by 
* the dashing of torrents or waterfalls, etc. 

wiL taha^ (plur. ^\^), Nature^ 

genius, complexion, temperament, quality, 
mtcllect, judgment. To print. 

juL tdb^a\ Natural. 

^j^ tabah, A dish, a plate. A disk. 

^ftj? tabakat (plur. CI^ILL), A de- 
gree, stage, story, floor. A class or 
order of men. 

JJ? tdbl, A drum, a tambourine., 
t_ -^ tdblh, A physician, a doctor. 

^^^ tabikh, Cooked. Anything 

dressed, especiallj roasted or parboiled. 
A decoction, an apozem. 

JUaJ? tablet (plur. Cl^ljuJ?), Na- 
ture, essence, quality, property, Junius, 
complexion, temperament, constitution, 
humour, instinct. Temper, disposition. 

Jlsr tthdlf The milt, the spleen. 
2\thal, A disease in the spleen, splenetic. 

^Isf^ tahhdn, A miller^ a grinder. 

iA^ tahmat, Impulse. A crowd, 
a multitude. 

^^sr tahn, Turning or grinding (as 
a mill). 

^jik^ tahln, Flour. 

4-.^l/-»jL|^ TirabuluB-alrgharb^ 

TripoliinBarbary. |*luJt^^l^, 
Tripoli in Syria. 

yjj^)j^ Tirabuzan, Trebizohd. 

i^\Jb tardwat, Fresh. Freshness, 

(^]J^ tardyihf "Ways, tracts. 

^j^ tarib, Gheerl^ilness, mirth, 

gladness, rejoicing; jubilee; skipping 
or dancing for joy. 

^Jo tarh, Injeotion, ejeotioni throw- 

J^ tard or tarad, Banishment, 
persecution, expulsion. To banish, eject, 
persecute, ruin. 

jj^ tarz, Form, maimer, habit. 
Fashion. « 

^J!»J^ taraah, Dea&ess. 

uJ^ tarf or taraf, A border or 

tract of country, a margin, brink, part, 
comer. Side, way, manner. An ex- 
tremity, point, end. ^j^Jti\^^, 
Noble by father and mother. 

^Jti ta/rfat^ Winking, shutting the 

eyes, ^^^l^i^ J, In the twink- 
ling of vsTj eye. Twfixty A painful 
watery tunning from the eyes. 

^^jo twrafa/yn^ Both sides. 

j«^ t(Mr\ Beating with a rod (cotton) 
in order to separate and rarify it. 

l3jo tarkat, Once. ^^j^Ja^MiJb, 
Once or twice. 

^^Jff tariy Fresh, green, moist, 
humid, new, recent. 

j\j^ tirydk, Treaele, an antidote. 

^Jbjt tarydkt, One who chews 

^Jb tarlh, Abject, despised, hum- 

jjjb tarld, An expelled orbanislied 

f^mJoJb tariff New, fresh, newly- 

^ i? tarik, A way, a road, a path. 

A manner, mode, institution, profession, 

order, custom, fashion. M^fJ^Js, 

A public road. JOiXiwljljJb, 
tarik al hadidy a railway. 

u:^^ tasIU, A large basin, ewer^ 
or cup. 




aUL ta^m, Meat, yiands, victuals, 
refreshment. Food. 

^^UL ta^n, Striking or piercing 
with spears in battle. 

^jJb ta^, Blame, disapprobation, 

accnsationLchiding, reyiling, reproaching, 
cursing. Piercing with a spear. 

^Ujc!; ta^t, One blow (with spear 
or tongae). 

i\ilb tughatf Eebels, insurgents. 

\jiio toghrd, The imperial signature ; 
an order. The royal titles prefixed to 
letters, diplomas, or other ^public deeds, 
which are generally written in a fine 
ornamented hand. The great men of 
the £ast have long been great admirers 
of caligraphy or elegant writing, some 
of the most distinguished yizirs haying 
Talued themselyes on being the finest 
penmen of the age; amon^t the most 
remarkable of whom was the celebrated 
Hosain or Abi Ismael (vizir to the Sel- 
jukian Sultan Masud), sumamed Tograi, 
on account of his excellence in this 
species of writing ; but better known in 
Europe by his admired Arabic poem, 
entitled Cfarmen Tograi. Being taken 
prisoner in a battle wherein his soyereign 
was defeated by his brother Mahmud, he 
was put to death (a.d. 1120) by that 
prince's yizir, who hated him &r his 
?reat abilities, but particularly, it is said, 
for his uncommon superiority in writing 
the Togra character. 

i^^JLl? taghwcH y Eebellion, dis- 
obedience, insolence. 

,^J^i The being rebellious, insolent, 

"impious, unjust, exceeding bounds in 

^Lil? tughyauy Rebellion, sedition, 
disobedience, peryerseness, insolence. 

^lod^JJbl, Rebellion, etc. The 

LLL tifahy Plenitude, fulness. 
What runs oyer a boiling pot, the froth 
or scum. 

if^Ul? tufdwatf A halo round the 

gun or moon. The oyerflowings of a 
boiling pot 

J^ tafah, The being full, running 

oyer (a yessel). Filling anything till it 

^l^ tafhan (fem. l^), Over- 

fjS^ tafdky The being fixed to, or 

busy in a place. Setting about anything 
one means to finish. 

Jik tafl (fem. ilil?, plur. JUl?), 
Young, tender (boy or girl). 

•iL tufu-u, The being extinguished 


Hy^ tufulat (or ^iJlyl?), Infancy, 


^jM^ takSf Order, ceremony, consti- 
tution (especially ecclesiastical). 

^J^ tildh, Enquiring, searching, 

asking, c-^'^ tMab (plur. of 

L^li?), Students, curious en- 

AMd^ taldsim, Plur. of amI^. 

oi^ tild^y Considering, the being 

attentiye to, looking at, reading, pro- 

^^ talahy A divorce, repudiation. 

jWlc-^l:;^, A libel or formtda. 

ipiSff taldwatf Beauty, grace, love- 
liness, elegance. 

c^JJ^ taldby A petition, request; 
demand. Summons, call. To ask, 
petition, request, demand, exact, solicit, 
pursue with ambition. To call. 

<OLs:^^ talhlyat, A sheet of paper. 

a^uILt tiUam or tilstm, A talisman, 
' or magical image, upon which, under a 
certain horoscope, are engrayed mystical 
characters, as charms against enchant- 
ment, or fascination. They use talis- 
mans as preseryatiyes in yarious ways, 
particularly in burying them with trea- 
sure, to preyent it from being discoyered. 

iUUb tal^, Aspect, face, counte- 
naace, appearance. 

\jL 153 

^_^ talk. The being repadiated. 


c^ iuia^ The riBmg (of the siUi, 

or of a Kar). To rise (aa the son], to 

tscend. To appear, to grow (teeth}, 
jji? lah, Anointing, beamearing. 
^jult talli, Set atliberty (a captive). 
cUl^' tommd^, Wiahfol, oovetons, 

<Lj UJd ^ttmafiirki^, Rest, repose. 
^-^ tama^ Avarice, avidity, covet- 

onsnoaa. Bcdre, concapiacenee. 
fji*ia iamn, Quiet, qaieecent. 
jff^ ttmiilr, A kind of lote or 

guitar with a long neck, and aii brus 

ibriiigB. A drum. 
-t'lr-^- tantanat, Sound, resounding, 

le-echoing of mnaical inatnunenta. The 

nmrmuring of vater. 
A/jJuis tunfiuat, A carpet. 
^^J^ tarUn, NoiBe, sound, reverbe- 

istioD, echo, nunoDr, tame. 
_jj-l)to tawdjm, Plur. of |js»-ll?. 

i—ij^^ tatodrif, Plur. of AijUj, 
Sjet, Sach wild beaata a» are hunted. 

^\^^ tawdrik, Nocturnal travellers. 
Angnrs, diviiieia, aoethaayeia, projdketa, 

uJljl^ tawieaf, Taming anrronnd- 
ing, inafc'Tig a procession. i_^1jb 
*t^-^1iLU1c:..<^, The procession 
naai the Kaipah or temple of Mecca, 
which the pilgriiDi} are enjoined bj the 
Alcoran to do aeven (dmes, the three firat 
in a quick, the fooi laat in a grave ordi- 
nsrj pace ; it being alao necessary, btgit 

. time ther paag the hlack atone (which is 
wt in alTer at the sonth-eaat somer, 
abont eeren apant abore the nanndj, 
wtber to kiaa or tonoh it with the hana, 
«Udi they immediBtely applr to their 
Upa. ItianqipasedbjtheHshonietani 

to have been one of Uie stoaei of Para- 
di«e, and that it fell to the earth with 
Artarn ; bat being again taken up at the 
DelQ^, it remained there till the angel 
Gabriel brought it to Abraham when 
he was building the Sa^bai. It ia aaid 
to have the property of swimming in 
water, and that it waa originally as white 
aa snow ; though it has long since be- 
come snperficially black, either in con- 
sequence of the touch of a menatmoiia 
woman, according to aome doctor^ or, 
aa othera imagine, by the kisses of the 
numberless pQgrinu that have in all 
timea flocked to Mecca. 
^Ijls taw&li^ (plor. and fern, of 
^IL), Dawns, Horoscopes, fates, 

fortunes, etc. 

ijt^,}^^ tuwAteU, Peacocks. 

uJjI^ tawdyif (plur, of iLajl^), 
Peoples, nations. 

^•L tulii, Good, excellent, agree- 
able, Bffeet ; better, best, sweetest. 

(_ijl3 tUp, A cannon, piece of 
ordnance. |_^s?jl3, A cannonier. 
<U la<^, An arsenal, the artillery. 

j^ iater, A mode, manner, condi- 
tion, Etate, action. TuFy A moantain, 
especially Mount SinaL 

c^ iaw^. Obedience, voluntary, 

y^Ujls Hf&n, A storm, tempest, 
hurricane. The univeraaldeluge. Tufanat, 
One deluge or inundation, 

jjL tawh (plnr. of jl^l), A neck- 
lace, a chain, a collar. Circle. 

fj^ lawl or t&l, The being long, 
tall, eiteosiTe, lasting long, of a long 
dmaliou. Tul, Jioug, Length, espedoUj 
of life. Prolonging. ^^'-^'(JjW, 
A long time. ^JkJl JjJs, At no 
time, never. 

t^ tulan, In length, at length, 
according to the length. 



<u J? tawlyaty Faith, belief, opinion, 
"purpose, intention. 

Jj^ tawll (fern, i^^^)^ Long, 

tall. A kind of long verse. 
IX^ tahdrat, Purity, neatness, 

cleanness, sanctity. 

j^ tuhr, Cleanliness, purity. 

j^ tahur, That by which anything 
is purified or cleaned. 

J^ff tayyy To contract, to roll or 

" fold up, to abridge, to make a compen- 
cUom. To surround. To coyer or fill up. 

iUJlJU faydlisat, Plur. of ^LiJb. 

^lll? tayt/dn, One that prepares 
plaster, mortar, or clay. 

km,^3^ tayyib (fern. <^*1?), Good, 

sweet, agreeable, delicate. Legal. Odour, 
perfume, aromatic unguents. 

&j^ tlyat, A folding or wrapping 
up (of anything) . 

-jt tayrt A bird. 

^^iujt toAfshj Levity, inconstancy, 
foUy. Irresolution. 

«J^ twyy^, Obsequious; willing. 

U-i?, Willingly, voluntarily, of 
his own accord. 

ujLi? tayff A phantom, a spectre, 
a vision (in a dream). 

j^iJ? tayfur, Name of a little bird. 

^^■J? taylas and ^LuLb taylaadn, 

A |)art of the turban, sash, or any thing 
similar, hanging irom the head over the 
shoulders ; particularly that worn by the 
noblemen in Arabia, etc., of the family 
of Mahomet ; also a kind of head-dress 
or mantle worn by the Sophs or Dervises 
in Persia. 

^^ tin, Earth, clay, mud, loam, 

<Lu.L^ itnat, Nature, complexion, 
temperament, disposition, genius. Earth, 
plaster, mortar. 

y/^ ^uyur, Birda, etc,, plur. of^^. 



]a zd, The seventeenth letter of the 

Arabic alphabet, denoting 900 in arith- 

ji^ %dfir (part.). Overcoming, con- 
quering, A conqueror. 

JU9 %dlim, A tyrant, unjust, in- 
iquitous, barbarous, cruel, oppressive. 

^U? w,mx (fem. L^l!^), Thirsty. 

ybll^ %ahir (fem. J^Ucr), The sur&ce, 

superficies, external part, exterior. Ap- 
parent, clear, manifest, evident, certain. 

^J^ %dby, A wild buck, a chevrel, 

** a zebi, a gazelle, a roe, a doe. 

ij\Ja zardfat (plur. u-jb|^),Beauty, 
elegance, gracefiilness. 

v-i^ zarf (plur. uJ^Jio), A vessel, 

a vase, a pix, a bottle ; a purse. (Gram- 
matically;, ibi adverb (of tmie and plac^). 

(^jl^^Lx^^(.J^,The containing and 
contained. ^\L«!\uJ^, An ad- 
verb of place. ^L^luJ^, An 

adverb of time. 

t—QJ^ %arif{iem. iijjo), Ingenious, 

acute, subtile, industrious, dexterous. 
Beautiful, graceful, polite, gaUant 
Speaking elegantly. 

jsij zafoTf Victory, triumph. Nails 
^or claws. 

JJ9 ztU, A shadow. A cooling 

shade. Darkness of the night. Protec- 
tion, guard. 

fjiia ztldl, A cloud pr anything 
similar which affords a shade. 

fH^o zaldm. Obscurity, darkness. 

iU^ zuldmat, Lijustioe, oppression. 

fj^ zcUam, Becoming dark, obscure. 
Jia zulm or ztdam. Tyranny, op- 
pression, injustice, injury, omelty, out- 



rage, ferocity, barbarity. To oppress, 
etc. Ull? zuhnan, Oppressively, 

tyrannically, barbarously. 

UU^ zalmd (plur. %ulm), Obscurity. 
Dark (night). 

<uU9 zaidmat, Oppressors, tyrants. 
^j^ ziUmat, Darkness, obscurity. 

A^ zalum, A^ and *JJi9, Most 
crael, unjust, tyrannical. ^^ 

JJi? zalil, Shady (place). 

liJd? zaltm, Affected by injustice; 

milk not quite turned ; earth thrown out 
of a well ; a he ostrich. 

'Ui? and SUi^, Having an excessive 
thirst. Burning with desire. 

^J]0 zann (plur. (jy-^ zunUn), 
Opinion, thought, imagination, suspicion, 

jealousy. ^^|^, A bad thought, 
a rash judgment. 

^yia zunun, Thinking, supposing. 
Zanuny A suspicious man. 

j^ zahr (plur. jj^ and^^t), The 

back. v..i^\^, The back of the 

jyi^ zahUr, Appearing, arising. 
Eeign, dominion, fame. 

& ^n, The eighteenth letter of 

the Arabic alphabet, expressing 70 in 
arithmetic. The power of this letter is 

that of \ alif pronounced with 
greater exertion of the throat, not easy 
to be explained. As the Roman alphabet 
does not furnish any character of similar 
power, we have in this edition used the 
original letter itself in spelling the words 
wim the European alphabet. [God. 

jjU ^hid, An adorer, or servant of 

ji[e> ^hvr (fern. 5^lc), Weeping. 

Passing. Jjt^l^U, A passenger, 
ft trayeller, a stranger. 

^^U ^h%8, Austere, stem, sour. 

^U ^tlf Proud, violent. 

-.Ic ^jy Ivory. Elephant's teeth. 

i^^'^y^i^^^ ^abun ^jibun, Ad- 
mirable, a wonder of wonders. 

J5>-U ^4;Vs, "Weak, impotent, ex- 
hausted, defective, hopeless, powerless, 

Ji5>"U ^jil, Hastening, transitory, 
frail, fading, fleeting. i^^^^- 
<dp>-U, This transitory life. 
L>-U ^jilan^ In haste. Hastily. 
^^5»-U ^4;?, (Made) of ivory. 

f jU ^dat (plur. C^l jU), Custom, 

mode, manner, habit, usage, rite, obserya- 

JjU tidily Just, equitable. A 

jU cdr, Keproach, scorn, disgrace, 
ignominy, dishonour, shame. 

{jojKs- ^rid (fem. iijU ^ridat). 

An accident, an event. Contingence. A 
misfortune, evil, disease. 

L^lc ^ridan, Accidentally. 

dj>j\£. ^idat, A transverse or hori- 
zontal piece of wood over a door- way, or 
on a roof. 

^J^ ^ridi, Accidental, unfor- 
tunate. Ju^jUilLtf, An accidental 


uJ^U ^rif, Part. Knowing, per- 
ceiving, scientific, wise, skilful, capable. 
A penetrating, intelligent, ingenious 


t^U ^rl (fem, <^,jU ^driifat), 
Naked, destitute. 

jj[p ^zar, Lazarus. 

AjU ^zim, Applying the mind to. 
Undertaking (a journey). Inviting. 



^jLmU e-dthik (tern. ilUL), A 
lover, an inomoiato ; a sweetheart ; a 
mistreaa. AmoToaa. ^jLlw 
jyiji^j, A lover and his beloved. 

L^le ^sak&rC, The tenth day of 
the first month, called fj^^- 

t.jL>ls ^&nf (and d!i^U), Strong, 
riolent (wind). Stonny, blowing (day). 

fKa\p ^d«Hn, Safe, protected; chaste. 

^^Ic ^Osl, Disobedient, rebellions, 
■editiaiu, re&aotory, etabborn. A 
■inner, a rebel. 

jbLc ^tir, Odoriferous. 

^jtj3\e. ^tU, Sneezing. 

i.jil?U ^tif, Benevolent, gracions. 

<!itU ^tifat, Affection, benevo- 
lence. Grace, fiiToor. 

JJjIc ^til. Idle, vacant, wanting. 
Tun, UBeless. 

^jLlc jdia*, Anything exciting 

LiU ^afiyat. Health. t™**^- 

h.^lc ^kib, A snccessor, one who 
comes last. 

iL>lc ^kibat, The end, conoluaion, 
anecesB, aecomplishmeut. Isaae. Fol- 
lowing, sncceemng. A son, ofFapring. 

JjU f^dfetf. Part. Binding, fiisten- 

ing, tying in a knot. [(woman), 

jjila ^kir (fern. i^U), Barren 

JiLc ^aM, Prudent, judieioua, in- 
telligent, Bflnrible, wise, sagacioos. 

Jlc ^diwB, The world, the univeTse. 

JU ^lim, ILeamed, intelligent, 

jjaIIc j^dJwttf, "Worldly, mnndane, 
~ existing in the world, 
jJU jdft (or JU), The upper part. 

tUlU ^Sliyat ^lit/ah (fern.), High, 
exalted. BublMlty. 

I»lc ^am, A year. JjlH,.U, The 
year before. 

iuVfi ^mat, ^Ammat, The vulgar, 
tbe commons, plebeians. A commnnity, 
society, all, everybody. oUei^U 
jjjt. All the servants of Ood, 
all tbe subjects, ij^ lUle ^am- 
matan ka^taa. Generally, aniTeiwlly, 

i^\e; Wha proposes or designs. 
jrtle ^mir. Cultivated, inhabited. 
lUch, abundant. 

f^\e. ^mU (fern. iLLiLr), Uaking, 
performing. An operator, eiecntor. 

djU ^nid, Obstinate, wilful, per- 

ayftU ^hira, A whore, a worthless 
woman, a female thief. 

JjU ^yid, Betuming, referring to, 
turning towaids, apperl^ning to, be- 
longing, the being reuted, connected. 

(jIjIc f^t/iih, Living oomfcvtaUy 
(a man). 

JLujlc fdyishah, The daughter of 
Ababekre, and the fiiToarite ynh of 

^U ^yik, part. Preventing, hin- 
dering, diverting, frustrating, detaining. 
An accident. 

^jAe. ^yin. Looking witih a fixed 

Lc ^a, A coarse cloth of which 

tbey male sortont coata, etc. 
iiLe ^hdi (plur. Ua and i.:jLc}, 

A black striped cloth of goafs hair. 
jUa tiidd. Servants, worshippras 

of Ood. A society. 
ijLc f^bddat, Divine worship, 





i»Lc cjbdrat (plur. LZJ\j\^), Ex- 
planation, interpretation, commentary, 
amplification. A trope, figure, aUosion. 
Sense, meaning, intent, plmme. 

iS^ ^haSf The being vain, idle ; 

trifiing, playing. Vanity, absurdity, 
folly, a trine. 

Juc ^hd, A servant^ a slave. 

jf£> ^ar, Passing (a river, etc.) 
Going away, retiring. 

Cj\j^ ^hardt or ^abrdtf Tears. 

ij^ ^hratf A tear just starting. 

^abirat (fern.). Weeping. A miracle, 
prodigy, mystery, anytbmg wonderful. 
An exemplary punishment. 

^^JLe- ^hkafl, Perfect in every^ re- 

qMot, excelled by none. A lord, a chief, 
a conunander. 

jfJaaC ^hudat (or aj J^), Servitude, 
davery, submission, subjection. 

j**fi ^hur, A transition, transit, 

passage, ^ar, To cross (a rirer), to 
pass, to travel, to walk. To transport 
across a river, mountain, etc. 

uttyfC- ^u9j Austere, morose, stem. 

Jua£ ^hidf Servants, slaves. 

j««£ ^Ir, Ambergris or any other 
grateful perfume. 

oliLfr ^t&hy Beprehension, reproach. 

jla£ ^tdh (or iil:^). Giving liberty 
(to a servant). Liberty. Manumission. 

JjIsx ^t&ythy Plur. of ^A^, 


Lss, ^tabat, A royal court. A 

gate, a port ; the lower and also the 
upper threshold. 

iajxC' ^trasatfieinng with violence. 

Js^- ^tk, Liberty, manumission. 

aIa ^atm, Becoming dark at the 
* orepuscle (at night). 

^id, Eeady, prepared. 

^tlk (fern. JlaaJlc), Old, 
ancient^ antique, the past. 

^Uic ^Mfndn, or vulg. ^thmdn, 
The ancestor of the Grand Seignior. 

(JUifi oosmdnl, Ottoman, Turk- 

ish. A Turkish coin of ten aspres, or 
according to some forty aspres (eighty 
aspres, if good, being equal in value to 
an English crown). 

L->ls^ ^ajfdh or ^->^^ ^(ifdh, A 

wonderM thing. A wonder. Very 
marvellous.^ ^'dj, Blowing hard. Mur- 
muring (as flowing water). 

<i^Ls^ ^'djat, Some dust or smoke. 

y^JJlv— i^Ls-^ ^'drtfu^d'dahr ( or 

jJbji\k^lj\jsF'), The accidents of 

c^Ik^ ^dyih (plur. of ^L-jb^), 
Miracles, prodigies, portents, things won- 
derful and stupendous. i^^Ls^ 

i,^^\jZ^y Admirable and strange. 

jAsP" ^dyi% (plur. of Jj^), Old 

s.,-*^ ^'alf "Wonderful! A mar- 
vellous thing. Admiration. {^„^ss:P 

j».j^Lk*^!, a wonder of wonders, 
strange portents, moQstrous appearances. 

Ls^ ^ei;ai^n, Astonishing! strange ! 
ts it possible ! Wonderfully, strangely. 

Sjsf- ^'at, An egg, fritter, or omelet. 

ii-sr^ ^'arafat, Celerity; precipi- 
tation, iuconsiderateness, temerity. 

Plural of i*js^. ^u%, 

Weakness, infirmity, debility. 

JbS^ ^alf Haste,expedition. ^Jl, 
A cow calf. 

<lLs^ ^alat or ^qfalah, Haste, ve- 
locity, expedition, precipitation. 

^l^\^ls., In haste, readily, ex- 
peditiously, tiflatf A cow-calf^ a heiCec. 

^^Sjmajb^ ^'amistdn, Persia. 
^c'i^ f^'aml, A Persian. 

Ja^ ^waty A fine Medina date. 
jysP- ^'Uz, An old woman. 

ijys^ ^uzat, An old woman. 

{^>^^ ^qjlb (fem. <L-wS^), "Won- 

derftily admirable, strange, 
jj-js^ ^fl;f?,Ma]dng haste. See Jj^ 
^^^-js:^ ^in, Plour and water, paste. 

Ac ^(JM^, !N'umeration, number. To 
number, compute, reckon, estimate. 

\«X& ^add, Transgression of the law, 

or any other iniquity, 
t (Xc ^d, Besides, except. 
4)1 Jlc ^dddf dumber, enumeration. 

iUljic ^addlat, Justice, equity, law. 

A court of justice. 
^\SC' ^ddn, The time in which 

anything is done; as vJ^J^l^ 

^\(\c>^\c-, That was in his time. 

LZJ\j\sc, Plur. of i^\j^ ^dwat, 

Enmity, hatred, animosity, rancour, 

iSC' ^ddat, ITumber, a multitude 

(of children) ; many. 
JJcc ^adad, Number. 
^i\z ^adasat, One lentil. 
d^tXr. ^adaslyat, One dish of lentils. 

Jjcc ^adal, Equity, justice, recti- 
tude, probity. The being just, equitable. 

StXft ^adald (plur. of tJd*^)> Pairs, 

j^SC' ^adam or ^udum, Want, priva- 
tion, defect, inex]9t6nce, nothing. An- 
nihilation. To annihilate, to reduce to 
want, to make defective. 

i<^*^ ^adamlj Privative, depriving. 



^Jlc i^adan^ The garden of Eden. 

That paradise in which alone they behold 
the fetce of God. 

jJ^ ^uw, An enemy. Jil&jJk^ 

JjbU- Jj Ju^^^,Better apru- 
dent enemy than a foolish friend. 

^I^Jlc ^adawdn, Transgressing, the 

the being iniquitous, unjust. Hating. 
Hostility, injustice, oppression. 

ifjiJic ^duwat (fem. of j«Xc)r A 
female enemy, etc. 

t^J^ ^adwa\ Contagion. 

Jjjca codld (or ifJuJca), ITumerous. 
A number. 

JjJct ^ilf In quantity or weight 
equal to another load. Alike ; just 

aJJlc ^dlm, Destitute, deprived. 
J II4J \ aJ J^,Incomparable ; a non- 
pareil. lijll^^A^, Paithless, an 
infidel. Ungratefol. 

c^fj^ ^%dh^ Pain, punishment, 
torment, torture. ^ 

j\ss' ^%dry The face, cheek, jaw, 

temple. The side of the beard, part of 
the down stretching along the cheeks. 
That part of the bridle which presses 
upon the jaws. 

jtX£ ^mr, or ^tosor, An excuse, pre- 

IjJ^ ^eM5rd(plur. tj^^»X£), Avi^in. 

^^Jlc ^%vJ>atf Purity or sweetness 

of water. 

u-iUii ^rdfy An augur. 

jLc f^rdlzy Babylonia, Chaldea. 

^^jc- ^dy%8 (plur. of (jw^yi), 

uX>L& ^dyik, Plur. of .^^. 

^jS- ^ah, Arabia. An Arabian 
(applied to those who inhabit oitka, 

c^l^t denoting the wandensg 
\ 'plundering Arahe). 



hjp ^abaty A rapid river. The 
sonl, mind, self. A wheel. 

^JcmjJX' ^rahistdn, Arabia. 
^j^T^ ^urhUn, Earnest, 

^jp ^hah, A wheeled carriage, 

chariot, coach, curricle, chaise, wagon, 
cart, etc. 

^j£, ^ahl (fem. i-J^), A civilized 
Arabian. The Arabic lang^uage. 

•y£ ^ajy Lameness. 

\J^jS' ^ajdn, Lameness. 

jMj-fi ^rs or ^rus, Matrimony, 
nnptials, a marriage feast. 

^jS> ^sh, A throne, chair of 

state. The ninth or empyrean heayen, 
as being supposed the throne of God. 

i^j£^ ^aat or 4i^ ^aah, A 

court, square, quadrangle, area. A 
plain, a field of battle. 

^jS. ^d, An exposition, pro- 
position, explanation, manifestation. 

Breadth, amplitude, width, ^jo^ 

Jl>- (or only (j^j^)f An expla- 
nation of the state of anything, a 

memorial, petition. [»ejc ^dan, 
In breadth. 

y0^ ^rd, Eepntation, honour, 
&me, estimation. 

ijOjC ^rd, The side (of anything). 

iijS. ^dat or ^dah, An ojQfering, 
exposition, exhibition, oblation. 

j-J^ ^adlf Accidental. 

jlc-c ^^r and J^iyfi, A boy's 
game. \ar^r, The jumper. 

CL^li^ ^afat (or ^yc), A moun- 
tain near Mecca, from which, among 
other ceremonies, the pilgrims make a 
procession to the Holy Monument 
situated on another moxmtain at a little 
distance. It was on Mount Arafat 
where the Mahometans imagine Adam, 
conducted by the an^ whnelf met 

Eve after a separation of 200 years, in 
consequence of their disobedience and 
banishment from Paradise, whence he 
carried her afterwards to Ceylon. 

(^li^ ^<w/d». Knowing, being in- 
telligent, discerning, recollecting, fjrfdn, 
Knowledge, learning, science. 

iJj^ f^rjl, Accumulated, accessory, 

aggravated. Notorious, public 

LjijCL^iJ\^ , Public burthens, 
extraordinary taxes or oppressions. 

^jC- ^ak, Sweat. Juice, spirituous 

liquor, fjrk, A vein, an artery. The 
root, origin, stock, a Hnd, species. 

LmJyjC ^rkuh, A narrow pass over 
a mountain. 

(^r^jS' ^amran, A numerous army. 

ij^ ^urwat, The handle of a jug 
or flagon. A loop or hole for a button. 

JLj^ji^ ^ariisah, A bride. LS^yj^y 

Nupti^, a marriage-feast, also a cir- 
cumcision banquet. 

U^^J^ ^a/*fi<?. Poetry, poesy, verse, 

measure, prosody, fjirud, A contingency, 
an accident. 

jjjjyC ^wril^, Veins; vessels. Boots, 

origins. ^ \j J^, The pulse, a 
beating artery. 

i^jS> f^wrl and <0y&. The being 

naked ; without a. saddle. <0^ 

^Mrya^,Nakedness. ^J^^j^y Naked, 

\j»t^^ ^«rf«, A bridegroom, a spouse. 

U^^j^ ^an(? (fem. Lajj^.), Broad, 

large. Wide, expanded. 
J^yC ^arikat, Nature, disposition. 

j£ ^fsssi, The being rare, excellent, 

precious, incomparable, honorable, glo- 
rious, powerful, great. The being y&e- 
ment, neayy, h^d, adverse. Agreeing 
with, suiting. Glory, dignity, grandeux^ 
ma^iflceufie, houoxm. ]^<^^^ ^n^^^ssos^ 

%fifA f" 



\j£, ^zd, Consolation, condolence, 
lamenting, mooming. 

j^\j£. ^ix&df/m, Incantations. 

sl£> ^isszat, Grandeur, magnificence, 

glory, power, honour, esteem, respect, 

JbjUjc ^zrd'il, The angel of death. 

J^ ^zl, Eemoval from office. To 

remove from office, to depose, to resign, 
to abdicate. 

Jujc ^laty Eetirement from office, 
resigning an employment. 

^^ ^azam (and ^\^Jc), An under- 
taking, anything necessary to be done, a 
design, purpose, resolution. To under- 
take, to apply to anything. To adjure. 

<0*j£ ^zuhat, A single life. 

jljc- ^zaf/r, Esdras. 

Jij£. ^zlz, Excellent, precious, mag- 
nificent, incomparable, glorious, power- 
ful, precious, rare ; venerable, pious, holy. 
Choice, valuable, dear. 

dUJj£ ^aztmat, An incantation, 

spell, amulet (against fascination, ser- 
pents, disease, or any other evil). In- 

^Lux ^asdliir, Armies. Soldiers. 

jLsr***^ ^asfad, Qold (not used). 

j^mc, ^ar, The being difficult, op- 
pressive, severe, heavy, ^mt, Oppress- 
ing a debtor, ^imt, Difficulty. 

ij*u£. ^wrat and kJf**^ ^U9ra\ Diffi- 

^^^MMuuf ^0909^ The patrol, the nightly 
watch. • [tine. 

^JiLuuuc ^haldny Ascalon in Pales- 
■Cuf. ^ocibrr, An army. 
JoM^ ^awly Honey. 

u.»j«ur ^atuff Violent, cruel, un- 

joat A tjnntf an opprsaBor, an ex- 

j»*»**£- ^vr. Difficult. 

{Jus. f^hihy The nest of a bird 

building on trees (those who nestle on 
rocks or in houses being callfid 

LuLc ^(^Ad, A supper. 

^lijr ^h^haTy A collector of tithes. 

jlLc ^hihak^ Lovers. 

\^JuT' ^hh, Green grass (when 

dry it is JLm»-). 
jJmx- ^ashara and ijJuxSi, Ten. ^hr, 

Decimating, receiving (as taxes from the 
people). The tenth part. 

ijjjj^ ^hrat, Conversation, agree- 
able familiarity. 
jjl^yLc ^hruna (oblique ^jJ^Af ), 

Twenty, the twentieth, ij/^f 
My twenty. 

jMuyLft ^hk, Love. ^^^(JJ^, Di- 
vine love. [dem. 

mJILc ^ham, Concupiscence, Btr<mg 
jy^ ^hur, Decimation. The 

tithes or legal tenths. 
iUjucc ^hiyaty The evening. 

j^Jms ^hlVf The tenth part A 
Mend, a companion. 

ijJUjS- ^ashirat, Parentage, kindred, 
a family, tribe, house. 

jH>Ai: ^hthik, Desperately in love. 
Lie ^d, A stick, staf^ baton. 
<OUic ^sdhat, A bandage (for a 

wound) ; a fillet, wreath, a tiara, a torbtn, 
or anything which they bind roond, or 
wear upon the head. 

i^Lac ^dt (plur. of ^U), BebelB, 

obstinate ainneis. 

^iLdf ^drai, Pressed juice ; also 

the dregs after the jniee is eqnwsed. 
^loc ^Mdftr, Plur. QtjyuoA. 

Qu]a£' 161 

'i ^ --^^ ^db, A tendon, a nerve. 

JLm^lc ^dbat or <U.<ac, Nerves, 
tendoos, ligaments of the joints. 

^asr, ^usr, or ^tt«t^ Time, an 

age. ^asTy Afternoon. 

^ttsfar, Saffiron in the flower. 

^fur (fern, ij^uar), A 
sparrow. The forelocks. 

^tsfnai, Defence, protection. 
Continence, chastity. 

i?Ou*<ar. ^Idat (plur. Jj Lie), Broth, 

etc., so thick that it cannot he stirred 
with a ladle. 

J m>a.r ^Ir, Juice pressed from 
grapes, etc. 

(Jmo^ ^adtl (fem. dJuoc), Muscular 

(arm). ^lLoc ^adalat, A leg. A 
xnuBcle. ^adlaty Muscles. 

ydc> ^adw, A member, a joint. 
\jayns. ^adud, see ^Uac , Biting 

*^ ^a^a, A biting. t^^^"")' 

Ua^ ^a^d, A present, a gift, a dona- 
tion, a favour. ^ttOf Giying presents, 
liberal, munificent. 

Jiac ^ttdr^ A dealer in perfumes 

or drugs. ^Ikc, The profession 
of a perfumer or druggist. 

0;lkc ^tdridf The planet Mercury. 
Quicksilver, mercury. 

^Ikc ^tdSy Sneezing. 

^Ikf ^tdsh and _^lkc, plur. 

of ^liLir. 

blk^ ^tayd (pliir. of ^:*ii^, Gifts^ 

iwJLr. ^^^5, Destruction. 

^^ke ^0^ar (fem. ijaz), Odour, per- 
fdme, fragrance, ottar (of roses). Essence. 

^jJ^ ^ats, Sneezing. 


(jlkkc ^tcuh or ^ish, Thirst. 

^luLkf ^tshan, Thirsty. 

(^Jkc ca^, Favour, affection, in- 
clination. A copulative conjunction. 
Turning, conversion. A present, bounty. 

^j0mJu^\it, (or ,y>**irJlw,flUr., 

An explicative conjunction (connecting 
several synonymous or explanatory 

words). ^LJft^jikc, A copulative 


uJ^lsLC ^aHf, Favourable, well 

^^kc ^tufat, Affection, inclina- 
nation, favour. 

Xixc ^tlyat, A present^ a gift. 

^Uic ^tsam (plur. of Jaf ^a»n), 

Bones. ^U^^/^U^, Dry, carious 

bones. (Plur. of aJoc), Great. 

Jciifr ^isa^. Admonition, exhorta- 
tion, preaching. 

i^ ^azm, A bone, ^t^/n, Magnitude. 
Magnificence. The principal part of any- 
thing. Uk& ^amd, The grandees. 

iUliLC ^zamat, Magnitude. Mag- 
nificence, pride, pomp. Grandeur. The 
largest elbow bone. 

_#4lic ^mma* (fem. of Jatc\), The 

** greatest, the most supreme. 

mJ^t. ^im, Great, large. Grand, 

magnificent. High in quality or dignity, 
much esteemed, 

ujbUfi ^afdyf, Chaste matrons. 

Sm ^ffat, Chastity, continence, ab- 
stinence, modesty. 

^^z^^jLc. ^i/rlt, A giant, a demon, 

any fancied spectre of a horrible appear- 

^^aks:- ^fas, Wry nosed* St^tasi,* 



fjke- ^fiky Going at discretion, at 

fall liberty. Coining, ^oing, or repeat- 
ing anjrthmg often ; yisiting frequently, 
"flipping severely. 

^^^ ^Jin, Corrupting, rotting. 

yLP ^fifff Pardon, absolution. 

SjyLC' ^fUnat, Corruption, infection. 

t— flj>g.r- ^fif, Abstaining (from any- 
thing forbidden). ^JlJlT', a chaste, 
modest woman. 

(■^lib ^kdb, Punishment, chastise- 

ment, torment, ^kab, An eagle (espe- 
cially black). 

j\az ^kdr (plur. cjI^Uu), An im- 

moyeable estate in land, bouses, palm- 
trees, etc., bousebold furniture. 

C-^lib ^karih, Plur. of (-rt/^f 

JjUa ^hdyidy Plur. of Jjuif , Con- 
fections of sugar. Fundamental articles 
of £utb. 

^hdby The heel, ^hib^ Off- 
spring, children, grandchildren, suc- 
cessors, posterity. The end of a montb. 
j:ukby The end or success of anything. 

^Lac ^khdn, PI. of L-i^Uf ^kdh, 

^UAc- ^labatf A nerve, a tendon 

(particularly the nerve of a camel's neck 
used when macerated to bind the heads 
of arrows, etc.) The summit of a moun- 
tain, a steep decUvity. Successors^ pos- 
terity. The form or vestige (of anything) . 
^kiat, Posterity. A time, a turn, a 
period. The turning or sweep of a bird 
from the beginning to the end of his 
flight. Any duty, etc., done alternately. 
Day and night. Anjrthing received for 
another commodity, mre (especially part 
of tiie broth made in a pot given to the 
owner for the loan of it). 

ig*Ac ^kha\ The end, accomplish- 
ment, success. A return, reward, or 
punishment ; hence, the life to come. 

JkAc ^IcoA, Pearls strung together. 
A knot, oompaot, league, confederacy, 

alliance ; a chain, connection. 1 
fEusten, to confirm an agreem 
marry, to enter into partnership, 
any commercial contract, to est£ 
confederacy, to conclude an aUiax 
tie a knot; to betroth, to en| 
marry, tikd, A collar, a neckla 
the jewels or beads of which it ; 

ii^AC' fjidkat, An excrescence 

cially at the joint, or where bon 
been broken). An impediment in 
An estate, a manor, a villa. A 
ture, government, presidency, coi 
A place thick planted with trees ; s 
ing with pastoe ; or provision f 
Perplexed affairs, entaugled thin( 
fdsed words. 

jAP ^hr, Vounding, hurting 

ting, lopping, destroying. De 
long, keeping bouna. t*^> 
(woman). ^«^, Barrenness. Av 
marriage portion. 

^jAC' ^Jcrah, A scorpion. 

celestial sign Scorpio. The pi 
dial, the hand of a watch. 

Jib ^U, Intellect, kno^ 

reason, judgment, sense, mind, n 
prudei\ce, wisdom, understanding, 

Mft ^hald (Plur. of J^Ui), 
dent, wise. 

_ijLc ^Ul (fem. ju Ia t .), Jud 

h^ ouMhat, Punishmei).t, 
tisement, torment, torture. 

4>yL& ^kud, Knottyness. (P 

jJb ^kd), ITecklaces. j 
ments. Knots, etc. 

Jyb ^kul, Wise, sagacious 

astringent medicine. t}*kiU, Jui 
intellect, genius. 

c,.'^*flV. ^kih, A follower, 
'posterior or after part. 

Juib ^kid, Thick, concreted, < 
lated. Confederated. 

ifju&g ^kidat or ^kidah, 

belief, a fundamental article of r 
Confections, conserve of roees, di} 


jM- ^kiTj Cat, wounded. Barren. 

j;^ ^Mky A cornelian ; a red gem 
(sometimes a ruby). 

(^ ^m. Barren, past child- 
bearing (a woman). 

jl^ ^akdZy A staff with an iron 

ffflTole. ij^f A short spear, a 

walking staff. A shepberd's crook; a 
bishop's crosier. 

Js- ^aiar, The being turbid, muddy, 

feculent. The dregs or sediment, the 
mother of oil, the lees of wine, etc. 

IjS^ ^aks, Eeflection, inversion, 

reverberation, recoiling, repercussion, 
refiraction; the contrary, opposite. 

jy^\{j*Ss', The reflection of light. 

To represent by reflection. 

^, Acca, Ptolemais, or St. Jean 

Jfr ^oHa, Perhaps. 15^ ^Uanl, 

Perhaps I (may come). u^Cr. 
^aUakoy Peradventure you (may see Mm) . 

lU ^aldy Glory, sublimity,exaltation, 
eminence, dignity. The being superior, 

above, on the upper part, ^^j^. 

From above. ^J^<jf^, Ood 
the glorious and most high, 'ic 

^jJl, ^Id'ud'dtny (The glory of 
religion) a proper name. 
rJLc ^Udjy A medicine, a remedy. 

vJlU ^Mdff A vendor of forage or 

4S1U ^IdJcat or ^Ic, Eolation, pa- 
rentage, connection, attachment, interest. 
Pretension, right, justice, necessity. Com- 
merce, communication, correspondence. 

dlU ^uldkU, Whatever diverts one 
from any pursuit. 

/%&£ ^MSm, Omniscience. God 

163 ^ 

(as knowing everything). 
,%£jlLL<Ullai]^, With praise to 

God, the king of knowledge, or the 

i^\s> ^Idmat, A sign, signal, maris, 

any distinguishing characteristic or im- 
pression. A standard, banner, ensign. 

£J1L tolaniyat, PubUoation, divul- 

gation, notoriety. ^^, ^aldni" 

f/atan, Fabliclj. ^^j 1^, Pub- 
licly and priyately. 

h^ t?^^^^ ^^^' S^J^)> -^^ upper 
part, anything placed aboye another ; 
the head (as above the neck), a small 
packaec laid on the top of a horse or 

ijx- ^fdbat, A case, a coffer, a box. 

^If ^Mat, An accident, misfortune, 

casualty, calamity, disease, suffering. A 
pretence, cause. 

^«U iohf, Grass, forage, hay, etiaw. 

^f, Feeding cattie. 
fj^ ^lah, Love, affection, attach- 
ment, (plur. of Lftlc), Leeches, 

is^s. ^lahaty A horse-leech. 

aaLc ^Ikamy The coloquintida, or 

wild gourd. Anything bitter, most bitter 

{L^ ^ f-- ^Ik, Chewing, ^ilk, The 

gum of pine, juniper, etc., which may 
be chewed. 

Jle ^lal (plur. of <Clc), Infirmities ; 

pretences, etc. 

A& ^lam, A standard, ensign, 
colours, flag, banner, comette, guidon. 

As- ^Im, Knowledge, science, doc- 
trine, art, profession. Jxl^IL, 
Studious, searching for knowled^, 
A student. \^\Ax.,'Y)aa>cass^- 

ledge of the names^ i,e,, of the 
attributes of God. ^^^-aJIJx, Cer- 
tain knowledge, demonstration. 
^LJlJx or i^JKJIJlc, or A& 

X^LS!, or (JU^! Jx, The explana- 
tory science, i,e,, Ehetoric, ora- 
tory, eloquence. c^Jl^l Juc, The 
mystic or contemplative science, 
cy Luk.1 Jlc, Arithmetic. ^Jlc 

jsdL]\, iPoetry. <lU! Joc Jj«J1, 
The knowledge is with God, God 
knows. ujijy*ajJlA-ic or mAs. 
i^j^\, Grammar. ^^.ja-LJI Jl&, 
True knowledge, a religious life. 
-^\yJI^, Chronology; history. 

CL^b'LJlJ.^, Botany. j*^lA&, 

U1& ^ulamd (plur. of JU), Doctors, 

theologians, ecclesiastics. The learned. 
^^•It ^Imi, Scientific, theoretic. 

^JLc- ^lan, Becoming published, 

jfle- ^uw, An eminence, height, 
sublimity) the upper part. Altitude. 

^\j^ l^hodn, The title or preface 
of a book. 

ii^ ^lufat or AijLi, A stipend, 

salary, pension, soldier's pay or sub- 

jj^ ^luk, An embryo, a concep- 

^^ ^lUm, Knowledge, science. 

4^^ ^lwa\ An enemy. Excessive. 
^vn^ Aboye, high, sublime. 

Jx ^la^ Above, upon. According 

to. Against, opposite. In, from, etc. 

(as will appear from the following com- 




binations) : ^J^ Jic, (It haj^ 
pened) in his time, y^i^t ^' 
stantly. Jl.^D1,JiX,Gontuiually, 
without interruption. jl^*4i;«ill^ 
Continually. jiLtJl^Jic, Abao- 
lutely. c\jjui\^^9 Sepaiatoly. 

^jji^\l\^le.y Certainly, sordyi 

in truth. ^}^jf^\^, Hastily. 
J-MflA-IilAp-j^Jic, Prolixly, dif- 
fusedly. ^|^ljJLC,Succe88ivc^. 
^jgj .n ^\^As>, Especially, par 
ticularly, precisely. i%|^jJ1,Ji^y 
Continually, perpetually, always. 
jj-j«11^(jwVJI1^Jlc, Above head aaJ 
eyes, t.^., willingly, cheerfblly. 
i/yJi\^ls>y Equally, in a paialld 
or similar manner. La#«xJV i^^ 

Ahji\, Eashly, imprudently, in- 
considerately. Jl>- 4^^ iJx, In 

every manner, however it may be. 
^\c^b_L&, Carelessly, slightly. 

it^fjt^f According to their rank 
and dignity. ^jSj:- (J^Jo ^^ 
!L^\, On the contrary, j^^}^ 
£iiyi, According to his^ strength 
or powers. ^ J3^^ J^^Jlc, Om- 
nipotent. C5-?ls^ \ <U J^aJ U jjlft 
L-^UaJoA^ As the sacred book 
taught him. jj 4 ' " ^ l;jj^(jJ^ 

^, In the course of months 

3ars. (jwQliU^i^, Before 

orld, publicly. db^^^Jic 

, All, universally. jij^iJ^ 
At pleasure, ad Ubitum. 

ItXib^jLC, In this case. ^J^> 

"he proper name of a man^ the 
&w, and fourth khalif or successor 
lomet. High, the higher part 

JL5»-jj*XftJljJLC, Eminent 

ily, and exalted in glory, ^uia'f 


ya (fem. of ^J-c^)> More or 

gh, eminent. A high place. 

liyat (fem. of j<Lc)# High, 
, sublime, etc. 

Uiyat, (plur. of ,J^)j A 

aVif, Pastured, fed. 
^lat/ka, Above on, or to 
>U-c ^laykum, Above 

My Weak, sick, indisposed. 

hm, "Wise, learned. 

lof/ht, ITpon, against, with 

r it. /%1mJ1<lJlc, Peace be 
im, which is often abbreviated 
-*£, when following the 
of any prophet ; after that of 
met they frequently add <uix 

ilJ^^^^S^lILJlJ-JJl, On 
be the highest blessing and the 

perfect health; or l2J\^ 

^ ^JLvl^ <UJ \ , With whom 
blessing and peace of God; or 

-jLc^UjaJl^, May 
bless lum and place him in safety ; 



and others similar. After the names of 
Ali, and others famed for sanctity, they 

write <uLs <l)J\ ^^jy^j, May the 
blessing of God be upon him; <uix 

irjjll or <lJlc i]\\ hrji On whom 

be the peace of God. 
f^ ^mm (pi. i^l^V and i^j^), An 

uncle, a fiather's brother, 
l^ ^amd, Blindness. 

jI^ ^m&dy Lofty buildings. A 

column, pillar, pilaster, a tent-pole. 
Confidence, trust, faith. 

ij\i ^mdrat, An edifice, a pious 

foundation, a sacred fsibric, a temple, 
church, mosque, seminary, college, 
academy. A fortification. Any inhabited 
place; a habitation. Longevity. Cul- 
ture, cultivation, education. A tribe, a 
society, a multitude. The fourth de^e 
of consanguinity. 

JLil^ ^mdkat, Deep. Depth, deep- 
ness. Profundity; stupidity. 

JUkc ^mmdl, Artificers. Tax- 
gatherers. Officers. [Amalekites. 

J^l^ ^amdllk and iiJUf, The 

iUUf ^mmamat, A turban, that 
particularly worn by judges, doctors, etc. 

U^ ^ummdn, The high sea, the 
ocean. A river of Persia. 

Ai' ^mdyvTy PL of ij\i. 

j;jf If ^mdyihj PI. of JL*^ or ift-^f . 

J^i ^amdym, Turbans. 

<U^ ^mmat or <U^ ^ammah, An 

aunt, a brother's sister. 

fcXf ^amad, The being wet with rain 
(ground), ^amdy A resolution, purpose, 
design, intention. Setting seriously about 

anything. lA^ ^amdan, Delibe- 
rately, firmly. ^^Jt^^^, Bili- 



isf ^umdai, A support, pillar, prop. 

Whaterer we trust to or confide in. 
Qreat, rich, consequentiaL A minister, 

jf ^mr (plur. jL^O, Life, age. 

9umar, Proper name Omar Amra or 
Bomer. ^utnaran, The two Omars, t.^. 
Abuhekre and Omar, the two first kha- 
lib. ^amr, Cultiyating, building, mak- 
ing a country habitable. 

ijf ^mrat, The sacred visitation or 
pilgrimage to Mecca. 

(jM^ ^mash, Weaknessa of sight, 
and a defiuzion in the eyes. 

^ ^muk, ^ami, or ^umk, Depth, 

profundity. A deep, an abyss, a gulph. 

J^ ^amal, An action, operation, 

work, labour, practice. To do, make, 
act, effectuate, operate, execute, labour, 
put in practice. 

<Jl^ ^amalat or ^ ^amalah, La- 
bourers. Officers. 

^Xi ^amall, Practical (in opposition 
to theoretical), laboured, artificial. 

^j-«bC ^amman (for ^^), From 
that which. [Palestine. 

Lpt^ji" ^mwds, Emmaos, a town in 

j4^ ^ammn, A paternal nnde. 

Oyf ^amUd, A column, a pillar, a 
prop. 1j^ ^amUdan, Ferpen- 

Sj^ Gomorrah (dty). E^c^larly. 

M^ fjimnm, The being common. 

Community, universality. Uj#, 
Commonly, uniyersally, Tulgarly. 

i*^ fdmnnuii (pi. of j^), Paternal 
nndes. [uniyersal. 

t^^ c^Uml, Common, general, 
4^^ ^matvi, Poolish, silly. 

_^ ^aml, The being blind, dark, 
obscure (business). 

^amlh, Deep, profound. 

Ji^ ^amU, See J^U. 

f^mf ^amlm, Full, complete, perfect 

The superior rank, the better sort of men. 
Common to all, or to many, uniyenMl, 

gmeral. ^Lm^SIa^, Benevo- 
lent or beneficent to all. f^ 
CJL^t Enriching universally. 
^ui\j^, Advantageous to alL 
^ ^n, Of, from, with, after, on, 
concerning, above, before. ^ 
(^JaUa;*^^..^, From the bottom of 
the heart, u.^^^, In a little 
time, soon, immediately. Jci^^, 
With design, intentionally. ^^ 
^J^'i, In vain. 

l^ and, Affliction, labour, lassi- 
tude, adversity, distress. [firoit 

c^uc ^nndh, The jujube tree and 
_j ux ^ndhl, Of a carnation coloar. 

jLc ^ndd, Obstinacy, stubboin- 
nessyperyerseness, resistance^ repugna&M. 

jLc ^andk, A kid. [cluster. 

JujLc Plur. of fc^jAie, A bunch, a 

^l:^ ^indn, The reins, a bridle. 

Ju Lc ^ndyat, Assistance, aid, favour. 
Solicitude, anxiety. 

v,,.>^vr. ^inah, The grape, grapes. 

CyJt^ll ^m^^i^f Foxes grapes, 

nightshade. [gnp^* 

Xjx ^nabat (plur. d^Lxc), One 

j^ ^amhar, Ambergris, a rieh per- 
fume and cordial. 
JCn^ ^nd, ^nd, or ^and, A side, a 

part, fjnda, ^anda, or ^unda, (An ad- 
verb of time and place), near, ni^ 
with, before, about, m, according to, efee. 

UJtjL:^, With or before God. 



^jax^\su^, According to some. 

J|L*A^f Jocy In truth, certainly. 

43US1jcx^ At length, finally. 

J^^l JOf , On the arrival, when 

it happens, in such an event. S(\i^, 

With him, in his possession. 

^JjJcLJjaxi, Take thou (this) 

Zayd. dCwf.^, On your part. 

Uj^ic, In the meantime. ^ 

(^Jc^, By my own authority. 

vlxijJC^, Then, at the same 

L^tXu r . ^andaM, A nightingale. 

OjuJuc^ ^amarUt, A Persian gum 
or balsam. 

j«fl;i-r> ^Mur, An element. The 

Imman race. A foimdatioii. Tempera- 
ment, constitation, complexion. 

LXufr ^ttn/^,Inconveniency; severity, 
rigour, -violence, fury, force, oppression. 

i^ixc ^nfntcat and ^^I^axc, Yigour. 
The flower of youth. 

^cLe ^unft, Eigorous, severe, furi- 
008, violent, imperious, tyrannical. 

(^ ^Mnk, The neck. 

^ ^anid (fem. of Jh^), Long- 

oecked ; haying white streaks on the 
neek, especially of a spiral form (a dog, 
a spiecies of greyhound), f^ka, A 

Iftbalons bird which makes a distin- 
gniahed figure in Eastern romance. It 
eonesponcu in some respects with the 
Idea of the Phoenix, one only of the 
raedes bein^ supposed to exist, and witii 
me griffin in shape and monstrous size. 
It is fisncied to be rational, and to have 
the gift of speech, and to have reigned 
M queen on the fitbulous mountain of 

v»^j^^AJi£ ^ankarih, Soon, near to, 
about, presently, etc. 

O^XnD ^tmkabut, A spider. 

fjj>^ ^hum, Prom you. 

j^iS' ^rum, A species of Arabian 

tree, bearing red fruit and soft branches ; 
also the extremities of the Syrian willow. 
The tendrils of a yine twining round the 
arbor, fjmamaiy A single tree or texudriL 
A fissure on the human lip. 

uV^ ^«nt&d!i} or (^\^ ^ulwdn, 

The title or inscription of a book. 
ifjjN^ ^wat, Porce, compulsion, 

oppression. (contr&). Love, affection, 
^anwatan, By force. 

^Uj^ ^nhUy Prom him or it. 

Juxc ^nld, Obstinate, stubbom, 
contumacious, refractory. 

u,fl*vr.. ^an{/. Imperious, tyrannical, 

rigorous, cruel, severe in reproach. 
Troublesome, inconyenient ; riding with 

\^ ^wd, Barking, howling. The 

thirteenth mansion of the moon, or four 
or five stars in Virgo. 

(jOj\y' ^awdrid, Accidents, inci- 
dental distempers. u^V^ 
<UiUMuu5>-, Bodily infirmities. 

uJ;|^ ^wdrif, Plur. of uJ.U, 

Sciences, etc. 
j^\y' ^tcdahir, Camels accustomed 

to drink once only in ten days. 
j>^^ ^wdatr, Three stones with 

which they press grapes, etc. 
b^fl^^l^, Plur. of u^U or iLc\^. 

See c,.>^Jb. 

imm^\jS' ^awdlify Plur. of J^aLU, 

Affections, etc. 
f\^ ^dm, Plur. of ^U, The 

common people, the public, the Tulgar. 

i^fjjc ^awtodm, A swimmer. 
(S^\^ ^awdmd, Plur. of ^i^U. 



^moajf The being crooked, dis- 
'torted. Carratare. 

J^ ^Modf Eetandng. tiyc- ^ud 

(plur. C^ys^ and (^^*X^), Wood, 

timber, the tnmk or branch of a tree, 
a stafE^ a stick. The wood of aloes. A 

late or harp, c^^^^y A species 
c^ aloes wood. 

Jj^ ^todat, A retom, coming back. 

^ J^ ^awdcik, A hooked instniment 

with which they pull buckets, etc., out of 

Jys, ^tcM, Befuge, an asylnm. 

miftka, Grod defend me from thee. 

jyc- ^tcar, The being blind of an 

\jyp ^tcrd (fern, of j^^)f One- 
eyed (woman). [bramble. 
^^ ^awsaj or ^js^yc-, A kind of 
fjo^ oitoady or ^wad, A reward, a 
. recompense, compensation, ^t^ 

or <U& w^. In his room, instead 
of it. 

^yp ^u?k, Delay, procrastination. 

Hindering, detaining, preyenting; pro- 

J^ ^tcl, Deviating, straying. 

Leaning to one side, partial (jud^). 
Exceeding bounds, exoroitant, exacting 
more than what is due. Troublesome, 
yexations (affair^. Oyercoming, excd- 
ling. Supporting (a fSunily); intro- 
duong anything (among a nonily or 
domemcs) ; haying a large fiimily to 
maintain. Tingling or twanging (as a 

Ays> ^wm. Swimming (as a man). 
Floating, sailing (as a ship). 

Ul^ ^aum, Aid, assistance. Suc- 
cour. A defender, patron. 

L^j^ ^au^i, A groan, lamentation. 

J^ ^Mkdf A promise, agreementi 

compact, contract, obligation, trea^, 
peace, trace. An oath, a yow; fidm, 
security, A mandate, precept, com- 
miasion, at patent, for any office or dig- 
nity. A testament or last will. Honour 
reyerence, respect, esteem ; modesty, 

Sj^ ^ahd4xt, or ^Jo^ ^hdah, An. 

obligation, a debt ; obliging one's-self t» 
pay, becoming security for another ; any 
land of agreement or oaigain. B^oin* 
ing goods (when damaged). Deficients 
^ imderstanding or business). 

y^ ^hwy A young strong camel, 
horse, etc 

J^ ^fihud (pi. of J^), ConditionB, 
capitulations, promises, agreements, etc. 

Lc ^yorj Difficult, incurable (dis- 
ease), [eioos. 

^^llc ^ayydb^ Slanderous, loqna- 

jLf ^iydzy Plying from evil to 
good, taking refuge. Refuge, an asylum. 

jLc ^tyar, A mark, a proof. A 

standard of weight, measure ; a touch- 
stone. A fall measure, a l^;al naiked 
weight. [mestics. 

JLc ^tya/. Family, children, do- 

io^ ^aySn, Clear, manifest, public, 

conspicuous, certain. Eyidence, ap- 
pearance, perspicuity. Observing^ con* 

templating. UL& ^oyafton, Pub- 
licly, visibly. ^JCs- f^yydm^ Fa- 

^L^ ^iydnat^ The being a spy 
upon another^s actions. 

tw^jr. ^ayh, A vice, fault, defect, 

stain, disgrace, affiront, crime, infamyt 
dishonour. [holiday. 

Juc ^d, A solemnity, feast, festival; 
^S^ ^ddn, or Xj\ju&, Tall 


^^Juf ^dl, Belonging to any «o^ 

lemn feast, ^'^f A preeeot 
made at that time. 




v^^AMMf ^aatplf Of the religion of 

Jesus, a Christian. ^ 4AM^fXJJLf, 
The Ghristiaii people. 

, g»M.^ c,Ua\ The Lord Jesus. 

(Jm^ ^t/sh, Life. Living. 

i^^Lc ^ylamy A male hyena. 

^j^ ^ayn, The eye, sight, aspect. 
A fountain, conduit, flowing water. 

Spring, source. ifUiwlj^^, The 

fountain of life or immortality. 

^jyyM««ufcHjj-*£, The sun's eye (a 

flower), ^^j^ijt^t The river 

Jordan ; also any fountain, ^j^ 

JUi3l, The height of perfection ; 
also the eyes of some Arabians (called 

JUS^) "which were supposed pierc- 
ing enough to kill people, ^j^ 
^Jfj*[}f The eye of the balance 
(».«. wherein the tongue moves.) 
cr^'c;:^^> Certainly, obviously, 
conspicuously. j^LJjSI^^^, The 
eye of men ; t.e. The first or most 
distinguished. j^^\jol**u^. The 
image or pupil of the eye. u^ 
^nan (^j-^ and <^»*^), Exactly, 
justly, clearly, truly, effectually, 
precisely, to the point. ^Jx ^*Xf 

^cr^> or ^cr^^*^> Certainly, at- 
tentively, uninterruptedly (I did 

it). ^^i-^^Jlcl::.-J1, You are in 
my rcgiurd, you possess my esteem. 
/-x*£ ^ynl, Genuine, original, es- 
sential, real, natural, effectiye. [etc. 
Vj-^ ^yi^h pl. of i-.--^, Vices, 
^^ ^Hn (pL ^j^ ^n or ^u^^n) 
Eyes, fountains, etc: 

i^ghayn, The nineteenth letter of 

the Arabic alphabet. In arithmetic it 
expresses 1000, and denotes quadraturo 
in the aspects of the stars. 

<--^l£ ffhdh, A forest, a wood, a 

thicket, a groye, the haunt or den of a 
wild beast. 

<UU ghdhaty A forest. 

jjjU ffhdbin, An impostor, a de- 

ceiyer. [stupid. 

j^U ffhdhl (fem. ^U), Careless, 

^,U ffhar, A cavern, the den of a 
wild beast. The laurel. 

ijU gharat, Rapine, plunder, booty ; 

a hostile incursion into an enemy's 
country to carry off spoil or captiyes. 

^jww^li ghdris, A planter. 

^^U gM%l, A conqueror, a hero, a 

gallant soldier (especially combating 
infidels) ; a general, or leader of an 

Jh-jU ghdsihy That part of the night 

immediately succeeding the crepuscle. 
The moon. [crite. 

^U glmshy A dissembler, a hypo- 

Jilc ghdfily Imprudent, inconsid- 
erate, incautious, negligent, indolent, 
inattentiye. Careless. 

v«^U ghdlthy A conqueror. Over- 
coming, excelling, yictorious. Trium- 

Ulc ghaliban (or (»^U!l«j), 

Chiefly, principally; flnally, upon the 
whole; apparently, probably; neces- 
sarily, without fail, beyond a doubt. 

JU ghally Dear, precious, valuable. 

*jlc ghdnim, laden with spoil. 

oU ghdyh, Absent, latent^ coxvr- 
cealed, m^\\A&. 




iU ghayaty The end, extremity, 

jIc ghdyvy Jealous. See jy^* 

jJjLc ghayily Attacking suddenly, 
oppressing, destroying. 

kl^ ghibha, After. \Sl^, After 

that. L«t^^, After which. ^.^ 
. ». 

\^ix\, After salutations. 

Uc gkihhan, Seldom, rarely, 

jLc ghuhdr, Dust. 

ijLi ghdbawat, Inadvertency, stu- 

i^ ghaharat, Dust, etc. Ghahrat, 
Small dust, fine powder. 

jj-*i ghahan, The being weak in 

mind, liable to deception. Fraud, cheat- 
ing. The bein^ negligent, forgetful. 
Mistaking, erring. Doubling up and 
sewing part of a garment to make it 
shorter. To deceive. 

l::^ ghattf Plunging into water 
head foremost. The being aMcting, 


Jlc ghadf The day after. liXc 

^Afl<^w, To-morrow. ^iXsit^iU,ha^da 
ghadin^ The day after to-morrow. 

\jJigMdd, Meat,victuals,provisions; 
anything eaten in the morning, breakfast,' 
an early dinner. 

j\iXcgkidddr, Fraudulent, perfidious. 
A traitor, a cheat. 

HjvJ^ ghadddrah, A two-edged 

J Jlc ghadvy Perfidy, fraud, treachery, 
deceit, malevolence, malignity, hostility, 
injury. To act perfidiously, to break a 
treaty or agreement ; to persecute. 

^ iXi ghaduw (and if j iXc), The morn- 
ing, coming in the morning, j JoJ Ij 
Jl^S|^, Morning and evening. 

^j'Xc ^hadur, Fraudulent, most per- 

jl^x, ghadir, Fraudulent, perfidious. 
A ditch, pool, stagnant water. 

-c gharTt Deceiving, flattering with 
Tain hopes, cajoling, coaxing. 

Lc ghard, Glue, isinglass. 

t*-;Lc ghtrdb, A crow, raven, rook, 

(jw^-c ghirds, The season proper 

for planting. The shoot of a palm tree. 
a\j£. ghardm, Desire, cupidity. 

<t«Lc ghardmaty A tax, trihute. A 

&ie, a mulct for bloodshed. Debt. 
v^^Lc ghardyib, Plur. of ^jS" 
c-^ gjiarhf The setting of the sun; 

the west ; Africa. 
Ij-c ghurdbd (plur. of L-^ji)> 

Jb-c ghMdl, A large sieve, 
^b-i gMrhdn, Crows. Plur. of 

dj ^ ghurhat, Travelling, the heing 
far' distant from country and friends. 

^ -c y^flfrJt, West, western, westerly. 

J-j^ gharhil, A sieve. 

i ji gkurrdt, The most excellent of 
anything. The beginning of the month. 

1^ gTtorary Any thing suhject to 

the caprice of fortune, or of uncertain 
event. Enga^g for what is not in our 
power, as sellin? a bird in the air. A 
white mark on me forehead. An orna- 
ment, etc. 

jj£. gharaZf A species of very had 
herbage. Gkarz, Piercing (with a sword, 
needle, or sting). Filing a stake in the 
ground. Thnisting the tail into ^ 
earth (as a locust when laying eggs). 

(jw^ ghars, Planting (trees) . Ghari. 

(plur. (jw]^), A plant. GMrtj- 
\ A. -^oxm^ -^iBiSited shoot. A proBelyte.. 


arad (pi. of ^\j£\), A de- 

w, intention, end, machination, 
rancour, malignity, rage. A 
nark for archers. 

hargharat, The sound of 
water. A gargarism. 

rfat oigharfahf One draught, 

Mr fat, A parlour, hall, or other 
nt for supping, etc. 

mk, Drowned, immersed. 

A shipwreck, drowning. To 
drive to the bottom, to plunge, 

m, Debt. A mulct. 

lur. of (^r^f Creditors. 

hurmulf Penis crassior, non 

sus. Veretrum equinum. 

huruhf The west. Setting 


irur, Pride, haughtiness, 
ition, vain-glory, vanity. Fallacy, 

rah, The first day of the 

gharlb (fern. <L-*J -ji) A 

r, a stranger. Exotic, uncoxji- 
onderful, admirable, extraordi- 
Docile, meek, tame, gentle, poor. 

IL^c-^^^;_jL!\ (proverb), A 

' is like a blind man. 

vrlr, Simple, deceived, in- 
iced. A raw youth, easily im- 
pon. Of a noble disposition, of 
eable temper. Beauty, a hand- 
rson. A surety. 

harizat, ^KTature ; anything 
le to nature. 

^ha/rtzi, Innate, natural. 
ha/rlk, Immersed, drowned. 

arf w, A debtor , a creditor. 

a (or She), War, battle, an 
lon zgdHnst inMela ; Yictorjy any 

171 ^ 

heroic achievement. i\je. ghwtdt, 
Warriors, soldiers, heroes, champions. 

Jhc ghazal, A young deer just 

able to walk. A fawn. Ghazzal, AYendor 
of cotton thread. 

ii\j£. ghazdlat, The sun, light, rays ; 

especially the sun's meridian lustre. 

2fkc ghuzd, Soldiers. 

sjz Ghazsuih, G-aza in Palestine. 

jLc ghazar, The being plentiful, 
abounding (cattle in milk). 

Jlc ghazal, An ode; an epigram; 

properly a poem on the subjects of love 
and wine, interspersed with morality and 
satire, never exceeding eighteen distichs, 
nor less than five, the last line of every 
couplet ending with the same letter, in 
which the first distich rhymes. Ghazl, 
Thread, twist. 

Jij^ and iJ;£. Plur. of fj\^. 
• Ic ghazw, Making war, fighting. 
c:^lt^ ghazmoat, Plur. of ]j-c and 

tj5^ ghazawl. Warlike, heroic, 

^ Lc ghazlr (fern. 5^J-c), Copious, 


J wc ghassdl. One whose business 
it is to wash the bodies of the dead. 

ilUui ghmdlat, Dirty water, with 
which anything has been washed. 

(Jmjs- ghash and ^^LLui, Dark 

(night) . Oasak, The darkness, especially 
at uie beginning of the night, just after 

^J^uuc ghasl or ghml, Washing, per- 
forming ablutions. 
j4A**i ghasul or ghasBul, Anything 

used in washing the hands (as water, 
soap, etc.) 

J^ ghaeA (Sem. li-^ ^^ ^^^^« 




^ fJuukaky or ghUJM^ BeedTia^ [ JL«s^ ficdSn^r, A fiao. An in- 

1^ fissAdr ( An aziimal) lisrin^ a i ^ t^ 

wkffie bead. GkaJy?, Tht mmbnce o^ ; V>« «)i«i^ T lmwing or thiown^ 

rile }sr3iM I -^ p«fri)i!ar-*riai- Tbif WT^r- , ^ ^ , . . , i* 

z ^MiAd^at, A diirmca in the I J^ f^^* Hiding, coraing ^ft 

I "dasBes ^35 the ni^liI}. 

i: y4<uAajM^aii, Intrepid, ^-"^^ fMf^r, One who paidons. 

itcodr. p^sseTsis^y ccBssam. oceciBas?. .» .^ yAtc/rujiy Fazdoiiy lemiaBiflD* 

^•.I-i y.%GA^«-c«'. A veil, a coTeria^. i:^^i^T.^ / ^-^ «v.*. ' 

Goii bkss ^^-n and pardm aU his obs. 

^^ y^Ai, StcpeSed, confoanded, ^^ ^ Carelesn^s. Comfbit, 

*-^ r«=»«'. Fainting, swooning. U^fh^ oryfc*.*, Impradenoe. 

<-" '' S^'i*i. Seizisg Tiokntlv, «arslissc«& DesEseiitw. iadoleaee, *c 

^^Ll^'ttJ^C^'- *^ serftilness, inadrertoice- 'iiie 

pei.TTig cae to Co ai^Ttr.iEg. ^r- ^ ,,. --..tar 

.-fi^ ffnMsn^ A branch. d.£xr.eecedS-, iziavares* etc. 

^-jL^ ^hadd. Casting down 'the .%ii fAafkr, One who foEgiTe£ 

--.rvi^-.^. ;,,._.-;,: «„«-^_^»irr? Cement, •mJl'c.^.S The mpn 

dirrrg arr tr.'i-y CLSkZTEiKi^Ie- The n-ernfsl CSod. 

lenzdiaif^^ irj^^^^ ?^^^- " .ii cfo; W, X egjfictiiig. X egfigeiit 

Fresij: ErV, t€iic=r; lil if xi^w- ,^ fiafir. All, many. 


I •• 

^ yAtfi!}, Violence, force, com- J-^ 5*«^^ Hatred, malioe, earj, 

pnlaon. GAadah, Bage, anger. ^i^jy, iJEtr^me tSiint. A y«ke m 

i ox€s' : the ptlkvT ;ftr bcb) ; a eoW 
«s-:^ yhaiahMJhhy The* ch- aarthiiienu loudtheae^ofiieBj 

wiathofGod. ^'.-^yiWW*!,,. '^^'*^^*^^- A fctUr, a chain. 
In a rage. ^Aiiiki or' y.UitiS. Angir. . li fAflte, The bang dear, precioBS. 
I X .n- i> T-» --x'-o • S^rareitT^ want. 

w^*!L^ fialldh, ConqiiaiDg oftaL 


•di ghadabtttf Angry, foil of 

.m^ gJuidn. Detaining, retaining, 
keeping back (a man}. Gkaimm (phir. 

\z)j A wrinkle, a plait, a ^idd. 
.J^f*^,J, In the meaQtime, 


.zJil gJmBai, Ooni. Grain » 
geaen], all sons of graia. 

«^!U yAiTo/, Hie sheath of « 
sword, knifiev eiCL The pRpwce. Coae, 

coTer, lid. 

JU f Man, A boy, a aorftt^ « 




ghalb or ghalah, Conquering, 
ing. Victory, dominion. 

'halabat or <uLd ghalahah, 
J, conquest, superiority, power. 


allat or ghallah, Com, grain, 
harvest, produce. 

%lat, An error, blunder, sole- 

^halafy The prepuce ; uncir- 

hulfat, The prepuce. 

uilk, Shutting (a door). A 

bar, lock, chain, or any fastening 

ghilmdn, Boys, etc. (pi. of 

Uah, Corn. 

\alt (or j^Lli), Boiling. <uLc 
tt, One boiling or ebullition. 

'haliz, Gross, rude, rugged, 
, rustic. [tressed. 

jhalll, Tired, fatigued, dis- 

am, m£, Grief, affliction, 

y, distress, care, solicitude, sorrow, 
s, anguish, melancholy. 

mmmdZj An informer, accuser, 
tor, sycophant, tale-bearer. 

\imdmatf Clouds overspreading 

nd, Sheathing (a sword). 
nr, (Water) covering, over- 

mrat, A great body of water ; 
ipool. Adversity, misfortune. 

iz, Accusation, impeachment, 

ition. Pointing (with the finger) ; 

ling, making a sign (with head, 

or eye). Limping, leaning to a 

Peeling cattle (if fat), ij^ 

"Winking with the eye, dis- 
,tion, comuvance. 

i\i ghamzat, A wink or signal with 

the eye ; an amorous glance. The eye- 

j^ ghumUr (pi. of J-), Whirlpools. 
(*^ ghumUm, Cares» (Fl. of ^ or 

^ ghama\ Fainting. 

lilc ghand or ghind, Eiches. Utility. 
Content. Ghina^ A song. 

^Li ghandgtm, (pi. of j^), Sheep, 
(pi. of <U-J^), Spoils, preys. 

^£. ghunj (or ^l^), The amorous 

glance, graceful walk, or alluring air, of 
a lovely woman. 

j^ ghanam, Sheep, cattle, a flock. 
^i gJumifRich, copious, abundant. 

<U«^ ghanimat, Plunder, booty, 
spoil, prey. Abundance, wealth, plenty, 
affluence, good fortune. 

(Jl 4i ghawdni, Songs. Plur. of lii 

and <lJIc. 

Jjl^i ghawdyil (plur. of ^.U), 

Misfortunes. [ance. 

Cj^ ghmoSf The crying for assist- 

jy. ghawr, Depth, profundity, low 
ground. A plain, a valley ; whence 
Phoenicia and a province in Arahia. 

^y^ ghaws, Diving, plunging under 

water to bring anything up. Studying 
any suhject to the bottom. 

^^ ghutat, Soft ground, planted, 

and well watered. The country round 

U^ ghawghd, A noise, cry, tumult, 

clamour, contest, squabble, quarrel, 

J^ ghul, An imaginary sylvan 

^5fti gkawa\ Disobedience. Ohawl^ 
part. Emug, %tta;^^, ?>ft^'i^^.^\asi»3&&^^ 





^ ffhay, Erring, straying, the be- 
" ing deceived. An error, a sin, an offence. 

c^Uf ghaydby Absence. 

i^Lx ffhiyds, Assistance, snccours. 
Support, prop. 

^,^jr ffhayh, Absence, invisibility, 

mystery, doubt, anything in the womb 
of futurity. The being absent, etc. 

iL^x ghayhat. Absence. 

-«x yhayhi, Concealed, invisible, 
** future, fatal, heavenly, divine. 
-X ghayr, No, not ; except. Beside. 
Another, different. ^jA\:>y^y 
Insincere, impure. j^T^-x, Besides 
that. Although, notwithstanding. 

An unworthy action. J^L^^, 
Imperfect. \,^^jL^j^y Unex- 
pected. i^^\*u::^j^y Unequal. 
-4l^^, Unfruitful. J^^*^^^, 
Unusual, extraordinary. J-!^-^ 
(w»JjL«, Unconquered. Jui.^-^, 
Useless. Juxj -^x, Not far distant. 

ghayrdn, Jealous of honour, 
magnanimous, zealous. 

ij^ ghayratf Jealousy, enmity,enyy ; 

a nice sense of honour, magnanimity, 
courage, generosity of mind ; emulation, 

\ibj^ ghayruhdy j^ •^, l^^ (comp. 
of ^^ and the afiixed pronouns, 
and sometimes preceded byj, as 
bb-xj, etc.) And the others, the 
rest, the above-mentioned, etc. 

«^j^ ghuyuh (plur. of i^-^jf) In- 
visible, etc. 

^ y^yydr. Jealous in point of 

Jove or boBouTj high-minded. 


uJ fdy The twentieth letter of the 

Arabic alphabet, expressing 80 in arith- 
metic, and, in alnumacs, the moon in 
her altitude. 

^li fdtih, A conqueror. aLsrli 

(plur. f^^), The beginning, ex- 
ordium, commencement. Opening. In- 
troduction, preface. 

^U fdtir, Weak, languid, remiBS. 
Tepid, lukewarm water. 

(jSj\i fdtih, Intrepid, strong. A 
robber. . 

^jjU fdttn, A tempter, a prover, a 
seducer from rectitude. 

j^^ fyi^ (fem. i^\i), A sinner, 
a liar ; an adulterer, a fornicator. 

^jJuuci-li fdhishf Shameful, base, 

mean, dishonest, wicked, obscene, im- 
pudent ; enormous, exceeding boonds 
(in anything bad) ; avaricious, ugly, de- 

U/aAMAfl^,Awhore. An abomi- 
nable crime. 

a^li fdhis, An examiner. 
^^^iiiS\, (God) the searcher of 

x>^\i fdkhir, Precious, valuable, ex- 
cellent, honourable, distinguished. 

J^U <uL>-, A rich dress pre- 
sented by Eastern princess to those whom 
they mean to honour. 

j\3 far, Mice. j\i farr, Fugitive. 

ij\3 fdrat, A female mouse. 
-.jU fdrih, Glad, happy. 
J ili fdrtd, see J^. £ J^li, Solitary* 
\j\i fdrisij Clear, distinct (speech). 
(jM;\j fdris, HorsemaOy a cavaliiT' 


drighy Empty. 

ari^, Discerning, distinguish- 
eciding. Who discerns, etc. 

FdrakUL The Comforter 

loly Ghost). 

faruh (or ^^J^^\,j\ The 
yrt of treacle. 

rah, A mouse. 

faas, A hatchet, an axe. 

isiJch, part. Dissolving, hreak- 
mrsting, corrupting. A violator. 

asidy Vicious, corrupted, per- 

fdsihy A scoundrel, a pre- 
tor, a sinner. 

ushy Manifest, clear, public. 

fashiy Divulged, diffused, 
known, propagated, multiplied. 

Easily Separating, distinguish- 

lisceming the difference, deciding, 
irator. Any thing separating one 
mother, distinguishing between the 
nd false religion. Distance, separa- 
The end of a verse or period m the 
in ; also the end of a poetic distich. 

^ddil (fem. <LLtfli), Excellent, 
us, learned. 

tiry The Creator. 

atiny Intelligent, penetrating. 

fd^ly part. Making. An 
Maker, doer. The participle ac- 
j\* JsXjji^iXsJ y Divine 

jstination. ,J^li, Effective, 

3nt. auLclialc, An efficient 

}. J^UJt>M»l, In grammar, 
denoting the agent. 

iJcaty Poverty, necessity. 

Ikihat (plur. ^^y^y Fruit. 

faal or fdly An omen, an 
7, presage. Enchantment, necro* 


175 ^ 

^\i fdlijy The palsy. 

^li falihy Splitting. Creating. 
Utli faamm&y But, sorely, etc. 
See uf. 

^yi^ fdnuBy A pharos, lighthouse, 
Ituithom. [stant. 

^S^ fdniy Prail, transitory, incon- 

^li fdy%h (fern. la^\i)y Diffusing 

odour, issrli (fem. fC^^), Fra- 
grance, perfume. 

Sjj\3fdyidat or fdyidah, Profit, gain, 
utility, advantage, emolument. 

jAi fair. Strong, nervous. ^^i^U 

His anger raged, his passion was strong. 

ijLi fdi%y Overtaking, obtaining. 
Overcoming. Flying, escaping. 

(jaj\3 /did or fdi/id, Abundant, over- 
flowing, affluent, exuberant, excellent. 

j^J^^^li, Luminous. pent. 

(Ji^ fO'yiky Superior, super-excel- 

cJj^ fO'yily Two veins in the thighs. 

The flesh of the side, or hollow part of 
the hip. 

i fatty Breaking, crumbling. 

CL^lii futdty A crumb, a fragment. 

—l^ fattdh, A conqueror, a judge. 

/ibi fattdahy An exact enquirer. 

CL/Illi futtdh. Plur. of uijli. 

Jui fattdly A rope-maker. 

j^bj fattdUy Malicious, villanous, 
factious, seditious. 

JjIsj fatdyily Plur. of il^. 

<L:J futtaty Anything crumbled. 

^ fath or fatahy An opening, aper- 
ture. Victory, conquest, the taking of 
a city, (or <1L^), The ArabiaiL 



ji fitry The distance between the 

stretched-out tips of the thumb and 

ij^j fitrat (plur. CL?]y:i), Languor, 

debility, relaxation, remission, inter- 
mission. An interregnum, an interval 
of time between two apostles or prbphets. 

^Jii, fataJc, The being plentiful (sea- 
son). Aurora, the dawn. The being 
open, large, patent. Fatk, Opening, 
loosing; breaking, spUtting, bursting 
(as sewing). 

i^S^ fatky Attacking unawares, 
and treacherously destroying another. 

^^ fatly Spinning, twisting a (rope). 

^jJLJ fatn. Tempting, throwing 

temptations in the way. Exciting sedi- 
tion. Seducing ; making mad (as a 
woman her loTer). 

toi fitnat or <Lci fitndk (pi. ^jii) 

Sedition, insurrection, tumult, mutiny, 
discord, disturbance, rebeUion, calamity, 
distress ; malignity, iniquity, infamy, 
treachery, fraud, i)erfidy,TiUany, knavery; 
a crime, sin, wickedness; temptation, 
seduction, anything diverting a man from 
his duty. 

\^ for t^yS fatwa\ A judicial or 

reli^ous decree (pronounced by a mufti, 

—jii fatuh, Having open eye-lids. 
Ddah (or c:jU-y;i), Victories, 

conquests, taking of towns. 
,y:J futur, Weakness, languor, de- 
^jii fata\ A youth, a boy. P*^*^- 

J^ fatlly A match for a cannon 
or lamp, a linstock, a candle-wick. A 

tent for wounds, ^l./.-i (plur. 
Jjlii), A match. 

^ fWi Unripe fruit. 

\sr fajd and i*\sr, Happening un- 
expectedly; rushing upon and destroying 
unawares. lit/aat. An unforeseen acci- 

l^\^ fujdjaty Crudity, rawness. 

• « 

4^Ls:* or ^}^ fi^^yh TJnforeseea, 

tr fi^ir, The crepuscle, the dawa. 

jsrSij;:^^ Early in the morning^. 

jSp^\\^^^y The morning star. 

Jjsr* fiijl (or iLsr), A radish. 

j4^ fajur, Very wicked ; adulter- 
ous. FuJuVy Deviation, wickednerf^ 
adultery, lust, luxury, lying, villan]!, 
impiety, depravity, corruption. 

^\^ fahhdsh, Wicked, etc. See 

JW/Ad/, Plur. of J^. 

^jiksr* fahshj Obscenity, shameftil 
discourse or action. 

* fahs, Examination, investi- 
gation, enquiry. 

liAJ^j^ fahshiyaty Obscenities. 

Jlst fahly Any male animal, & 

A^ fahm (or ^U^s^), A coal. 

\^ and i^ysT fahwa\ Significa- 
tion, sense, meaning, argument, scope. 

^]y^ fuhul, Males. 

Aj^ fuhum, Coals. Plur. of 4^* 

•J^ fahil. Potent (man or stallion]- 

'J fakhy A gin, noose, snare. 

j\^ fahhaf.Qiioij. j^2^ fahhkh&Ty 
Potter's clay, earthenware. 

jc^lsr fakhkhdn, A Tender of 
" earthenware. 


faihr or fakhar, Glory, aaut 


ment, grace, nobility. 
<^.*,<Vwdi.>»H<LL»H, The ornament ef 
the Christian princes. Ji^L«lL£t 
^Li-cJII^, The most illustrimis^ 

' falihrdnlyaty Glory, beat!- 
not mucli used). 

Ikkkhir, Very vain, proud, 

2khlm, Great, etc. 

'd or Jidd, A sacrifice, conse- 

1, devoting one for another, re- 
ion, ransom, exchange, cartel. 

Wan or fadddUy A yoke of 
A plough. 

^t/at, A ransom, sacrifice. 
rd, A skinner, a vendor of 

or furs. 

^urddan, Separately, one after 


5 farddu (plar. of (jwjJ^), 


zr. Flight. 

fardrij, PI. of ^^y. 

rdsat, Physiognomy, judging 

; mind of another from external 
•ances ; sagacity, penetration, judg- 
understanding, ingenuity, address, 

!rity. *Lj|^1^Jlc, The science 


fardsh, A butterfly or moth 
^ round a lighted candle. 

1 1 j^lyi. The thin scaly bones 

skull reaching to the neck. Firaah 

. ^ji and |^|^), A bed, 

^uilt, or anything upon which 

fardshat, One butterfly* 

rdffh, Cessation from labour, 


rdls, Departure, separation, 
regret on account of absence. 

M'dnsah^ Trance, 

^^^Li fa/rdyidj The divine precepts, 

statutes, laws. The knowledge of divid- 
ing inheritances according to law. 

^j^ farajy The being satiated, 

glutted, satisfied. Joy, comfort, pleasure. 
J^arjy Pudenda tum maris turn foeminse. 

i^j3farjat, Dispelling grief. Mtjat, 
A rent (in a garment). 

^j3 farah, Gladness, cheerfulness, 
briskness, wantonness. L>-^ 
faraJuM, Gladly, cheerfully. 

^^ji furhdn, see ^j^, glad. 

Jj3 fard, Unequal, simple, singular ; 

the singular number. Incomparable, 
sole, only, unique. One cheek or jaw. 

<Ui»J^ farddnlyaty Unity, singu- 

/j-jj J^ fir daws y A garden, paradise. 

Name of several delightful places. 

jj5 fwrzy Separating, distinguishing 
one thing from another. 

(jgy^ faros y A horse or mare. The 

knight at chess. Fursy Persia; the 

j^Lj^ fursdUy Horsemen, cavalry. 

Name of an animal of whose skin they 
make leather. 

<Lj^ farasat, A mare. 

'^j3 farsaJch, A parasang, a league 
about 18,000 feet in length. 

l^ji fa/rshy A bed, couch, cushion, 

a mat, carpet, bed-clothes, or any similar 
household furniture. Farehy Spreading 
a carpet or the like. 

^j3 fursat, Occasion, opportunity, 
conveniency, coincidence. 

^ji ford (plur. ^.)/), A duty, a 

^vine command ; a necessary observation 
of certain precepts of the Mahometan 

■ cept. 



kj faraty Greatness, plenty, super- 

c y fara^^ The being produced, 

descended, derived, spmng froiQ. Pro- 
duce. Bein^ at the summit; excelling 
others (in birth, beauty, etc.) The top, 
the head, the chief of a people or fanuly. 
The branch of a tree (especially the top). 

is.j5 far^dty The top or declivity 
of a mountain. 

«Uft^ far^naty Craftiness, saga- 


^^j^ fir^awfiy Pharaoh; and in 

general any cruel tyrant. 
^j5 far^y Derivative, productive. 

^^ farhy Separation, distinction, 

division, difference, discrimination. 

^^L, Indiscriminately, without 

distinction, indifferently. 

^j3 firJcat orfirhah, A body, a sect ; 
a troop, a band. Furkat, Separation. 

Sij5 farkady A bright star. 

f^Sij5 farkaddn, Two stars near 
the pole, the greater and lesser bears. 

CJ)i farahy Limber, loose, flagging 

(soft ears), etc. Farl\ Rubbing with the 
hands or between the fingers. 

jjt#^ /armdn, A mandate, com- 
mand, order. j^UlJIc ,^t#^, 

The exalted or imperial mandate. This 
is synonymously expressed in a va- 
riety of ways ; as j^L^^ 

JllL^j(lc^^^5>-lj, Ordinances ne- 
cessary to be obeyed. j^^r^ 
^UjS1c«^^5>-|^, Orders proper to 
be promulgated. J-^(^^ -^ 
J Jill, Precepts of high authority. 

j^l^i-jJlJ-Jj>-^L«^, Diplomas 
.with the illustrious imperial signature. 

fj^L^/armdfsh, A shawl. \ 

fjf^ fwruny An oven. 

il^ji Franky A franc, French 
money, worth about tenpence. 

ij^ farwaty A furred coat ; a fur. 
— ^/orrw; (plur. ^^ly), A chicken. 

<^^^ fwrunyaty The art of 

tj^ furuty Preceding, outstripping. 
i3^ /wrtt^, Plur. of c^. 

Jj^ farid (plur. of J^J^i), A pre- 
cious gem, a pearl, especially one of a 
larger size than others. One, unique, in* 

comiparable. Singular, only. Jufy 
^Jul, The phoenix of his age. 

jjl^Jj^ FanduHy The name of an 

ancient and celebrated king of Persia, 
the commencement of whose reign is 
placed about 7oO years before the 
Christian era. 

iJUuJ^j farisat (plur. (j-ujUi), A 
Uon*s prey. 

^^Wji fartst, A Pharisee. 

^^ji fartdaty An ordinance of God, 
an indispensable religions or legal daty* 

fjl^fariky A troop, squadron, corps. 

t-p ^^t* fi^V ^r/ossa^. Fear, flying 
in terror. [belly)- 

Lui fasdy A slight wind (from tiie 

jLuui fasady Corruption, depravity, 
malignity, perverseness, iniquity, Yillaay, 
wickedness, jnolence, war, horror. 

J^Uui Jussdiy ]ff\saui and WILmJ, A 
tent, a tabonade of goat's hair. The 
metropolis of Egypt, Cairo. 

jLyib ydfamhy O, wicked ! 

^jli-uui Jktdn, A loose gown, a 

petticoat [tac^o. 

Jirjyyi fiutaky JUiiky or JUtuky Pia- 
^<i:Lu J , Of a pistachio or sea-gieen 


fitmh, Spacious, capacious. 


^, Easter, is.***^ fas-hat ilax^Q- 
ampHtude, space. Liberty. 

%8lchy Fracture, violation, dis- 

ig (marriage), breaking Tan agree- 
) ; dislocating, bruising fthe hand, 
Throwing aside (one's clothes). 

fish and ^Jy**^9 Iniquity, vil- 
sin, impiety, preyarication, impu- 

e, obscenity, adultery. ^UmJ 

r. of 4^«oli), The wicked ; the 


sw, Breaking wind gently. 

fusukf see ^^^mJ. 

faslhy Ample, large, capacious. 

I fasdhat, Eloquence. 

fasdd, Plur. of Juoi. JUti 
i, A bleeder. 

isady Bleeding, opening a vein. 

%8l, A section, article, chapter 
ler division of a book. A difference, 
ction (between right and wrong), 
lecision of a cause. Time, season, 

179 jU 

iUii faddat, SQver, 


fusuSf Plur. of ^joi, fmSf 
Dezel of a ring. 

fmulj Departing, going out. 
. of J-^, Sections, etc. 
fasih, Eloquent, rhetorical. 

fasil, A child or young camel 
ed firom the mother. 

fasilat, A small tribe, a 

ly; kindred. ^^l^Abljl^y 
came all together. 

dd, A plain, field, open place ; 
rt, an area. 

fuddlat, A remainder, re- 

mcy, exuberance. The remains of 
tertainment, the scraps after a meal. 

faddyil (pi. aJu-oi), Virtues, 
l^cies, seiencesb 

f^ fadih, Detecting villanies and 
exposing them to infamy. 

f^^fadly Excellence, virtue, science, 
wisdom, learning, knowledge, sense. Ex- 
celling, etc. Increase, augmentation, 
gain, advantage, redundancy, excess. 

JLii/w^^a/i, The more. ^^ JLai, 

Not but, that. Lai (plur. of JjU), 
Learned men, doctors. 

<sS^fadlat OT fadahh, A remainder, 
abundance, redundancy. 

^^ fudUiP, The being ample, spa- 
cious (place). 

JjJii fadul or fttdul, Exuberant, 
excessive, disproportioned. 

i}y^ fitduli, Proud, haughty, pre- 

" suming. One busying himself in things 
not belonging to hun. 

f^j^ fadlh, Ignominious. 

A Ij-n ^ fadilat, Excellence, emi- 
nence, virtue, perfection, greatness, 
science, art^ learning, knowledge, doc- 
trine, superior excellence, any qualifica- 
tion which one has to a hi^er degree 
than others. 

^Uliai fatdnat, Animadverting, un- 
derstanding, perceiving. 

J^ fair, Creating, producing, doing 
any thing immaturely or preposterously. 

Breakfasting. ,kftJLv».f>. The 

festival of breaking the fast, which im- 
mediately follows the Mahometan Lent. 

ijai fitrat, lyfature, creation, form. 

^jJiai fatasy The being flat-nosed. 

iUuki fatasaty Elatness of nose. 

Jai fatmy Weaning. 

jjki futn, Animadverting, per- 
ceiving, comprehending. Fatin, Wise, 
intelligent, sagacious. 

^Lki fitnaty Understanding, intelli- 


*** ^ . ^uJ. -Destitute, deprived. . 

^^ ,... i>.-^' ^-^- n>i;-t&^S:«^-- 

.^ V' ^^«^^'- . see >• V £Si-,C^ ^^"^'' " 

T^S, Base, s.a.efuUa«au). U^^l^g. - « pl«lge. To x«»^ 
t^. 7 Effectual, operating. .pledge. ,^^3 ^e^g obeeifiil^ 

>i /« J. ^«^^'l^- , ^ ac U ^ork, Joyous, joco^"' ««f ;*' fl^tioU, 0*^ 

^ration. A^^''^ UiJb, lu W^,i/era6ou,op«ioB,deUW 

action, to labour- -JJ-^ j, ^^ce. /^^ Beflectm^ 

V of actually. >»J'J^' A,SJ /«**»• *"* £rvely,tVxo^^*^' 

fact, actu y ^^ ^„,d muc^e^-^^'^fjTiS «> "^'"^ 

>■- ""w "o^l. ,^ «/.«». ^-^'" ^^„w^, 

Jrcelaiu veBsel. j^jV^ Cbtoa. \ .^j^Aat, Agriculture. 

the coxnittOTi peuj? ^ „^ore. 

^^rr'^cSy solely.-'^""- , jv^ ./^»^^'' T^t^. 

\^ faiat, Only, 8 J ^^^ iJ j3 ^^^ Greedy, avar 

^ ^^. Knowledge of rebg.^^^ \ ^^^^,i„«.Hfc, And becau« 

more. .^ ^»aj, lu^— ^^^, 

\^ /a*at, vuv. - - . and ^^ U f^at, Greedy, av« 
^ ^^. Knowledge of rebg.^^^ {^.J^^u^ik. And becaua* 

l^ fukaha, Doctors of la^ 




alas, Indigence, want. Mk, 

ill coin, an obolus, or anything of 
r shape ; as the scale of a fish, the 
n a bridle or book, etc. 

i Filistln, Palestine. Filtstl, 
listine, belonging to Palestine. 

Msafat, Philosophy. 
ulfulf Pepper, long pepper. 

alaJc, A fissure, a crevice. 

Splitting. Breaking (as the 
I. Filk^ A branch split into two 
of which two they make one bow ; 
le bow so made. A misfortune. 

falah, Heaven, tlie universe, 

orld. Fortune, fate. The orbi- 
motion of the heavenly bodies. 

C^ii, The sphere or orbit of 

moon. cJliiSl lJUJ, The 
in mobile, empyrean heaven. 

luw, A horse colt (especially 


fulus (plur. of (jyJi) Small 
scales, shells, etc.) 

uluky Fissures, cracks. 
altkazd, And because, there- 

, The mouth. sSx^ \ ^, The 
I of the stomach. 

^ami, Oral, belonging to the 

\n (pi. j^yi and ^^liil pi. of 
^-olit), Science, learning, 

iedge, sagacity; cunning, stratagem, 

ndy Mortality, frailty, cor- 

finjdn, A porcelain cup. 

funduk, An inn^ a house for 
it people. 

funUs or fanus, A pharos, a 

j^yi funun, Sciences, etc. Plur. of 

mstI^ fawdtih (pi. of ^a^li), Be- 
ginnings. Openings, prefaces. 
^J!L>^\^ fawdhish, Sham6ful things. 

jly fadd (pi. Xjui^), The heart, 

the liver, the lungs, the bowels. The 
mind, the soul. 

dj\^ fawdyd, (pi. of **V.l3), G-ains, 
profits, advantages. 

iZJ^ fawty Death. Passing away, 

elapsing, omitting, neglecting, slipping. 

Jjli fuwaty Madder, a red dye. 

JOy futah or fdtahy A cloth which 

they wrap round the middle when going 
to bathe. [a squadron. 

— y fawj, A body of men, a troop, 

-.y fawhi Fragrance, odour, per- 
fume. Diffusing (odour). 

-.Jy fawdaj, The camel litter, in 

which Arabian ladies travel ; a vehicle, 
in which a bride is carried. Inguina 

^j^ . fo^o-rdn^ Excessive heat. 

Boiling (as a pot). Shedding, streaming 
(blood). Beating (as the pulse). Dif 
fusing (odour). 

jy faiJO% oxfuZf Victory, superiority. 

d^^ futah. See ^iJy, A kind of 
striped Indian cloth. 

jy fawh, Superiority, excellence, 
altitude. Fawka, Above, more than. 

Besides, except. C^ii\ ^V' 
wards. J^^T^' Downwards. 
<--^]^ljy, Above the ground. 
Jl5:m jy, Above measure, exces- 
sively. 2rjU!\ jy. Unusual, out 

of the common rule, ^y U! \ ^J J, 
Beyond expectation. Fuk.^ '^'t%^i^sEv% 

i^\3ji faatdnl, Superior, aapreme. 
i^fj fan: tit/at, Supremacj*, sa- 

peiiDritj (not much used). 
Jly ful and ^ji, A species of bean 

(when diy). 
(ujlfj faharh, Indexes, etc., pi. 

of t^- 
Jfi fahad, like to the Thos (a 

■pedes of rough irolf, of a torpid or 

i^py nature). Fahd, This kind of an 

animal, abo a hjena. 
ijHj^ fahrit (or i-y^J), An index, 

Catalognc, invcntorj-, ligt. A canon, 
ni]e ; the preface or bepnning of a 

f^ fahm, TJnderatanding, intellect, 
knowledge, science, prudence, wisdom, 

M^/akint, Learned, intelligent^ etc. 

ti ft, In, into, among ; above ; of, 
to, with, for, by, concerning, notwith- 
standing. ■' ■ t •~^iji. Wholly, 
totally, cntiioly, aniversally, in 
all things, upon the whole, to sum 
up all. fj^^tj, Immediately, 
Boddenly, instantly. Afl-a^l j, 
Beally, truly, in effect, in fact. 
fcjljjlfcjj, fieally, effectively. 
Jd-1 j4' 'Within. l1S3 J|^j-iA4> 
In the meantime, after which, 
then. ^J^J^iS, Everywhere, 
_;&iill jy4' ^''B ago- LT^d, 
j^\, To the bottom of the 
affair. jlfJlcj)_>l_,J-Ul*l3l4' 
By night and by day. (_/»-»31ij' 
Teeterday. *\j31^jj.**j_jii. 

One &&y. j^\id, Immediately, 

u^Q /"iHf'^ CopiooB, plentifbl. 
Liberal, gsnertms, profiise. 

ilentifbl. ^ 

— Jjl-i JtrHiaj (»jj.j-j), A torquoiBW 

1^-^ faj/sal, A decision, '^""". 

determination of a lawsuit, a ilifliiiHii i 
lenience from which there lies no appeal 

^_,c*j/iiy(f. Plenty, ah ondance. Gvu}t^^^ 

broar. Booaty. PlentifQl, "■'"-■'"* m i 

onicdowin^, many, nomeniDi. Publish 

ing, diTalgin^,reTealing,communicating_ ~- 
Dying, expiring, giving up the ghost. 
^L3^/ay>Kian,Bednndancy, snpei 

J-i ftl, An elephant. J-i!lcyl j,_— 
Haying the leprosy. 

■ -J ■■'_■ fayUuvf, A philosopher. 

(^yJ-j faglak&n, The plant papyriu 

l*»j fimd, In that which, from thaS^= 

which ; so that, on which, whoice ; why z "" 

whilst, in the mcantiinB, nccorduig to 

JuuL^^, After this, henceforward-^ 
LLi\Jiy^ fuj/uddt, InondationB,. 


[*^ J' -^^ /"yy*"' S^"™o of a oitj — 


J £a/, The twenty-first letter oE" 
the Arabic alphabet, ezpitoiiig 100 im. 

ijai\j Miid, Taker, seizer. An as- 
tringent, constipator. r'j^^ijoi^f 
The seizer of aanls. 

JjU kaUl, The ftjtnre ; that which 
is next ix approaches, the folloiriiv 
(year), Poasible, capable, akilftil, suffi- 
cient. Able. 

•UjUiaii^, The next night; (plur. 
Jj^jsl, A midwife 




JuLU haMllyatj Capacity, skill, 
aptitude, conyeniency. 

J-olS Kdhilf Cain. 

JjlS Jcdtily Killer, murderer. 

J jlS hddir, Potent, powerful, capable, 
skilful. Able. 

(jmJIS Kadis f Cadiz (in Spain). 

^LJb jlH Kadanyahy A city in Chaldea, 
famons for the battle which subjected 
Persia to the Arabian' Khalifat, a.d. 636. 

Ajli hddim, Coming, arriving. 

Ji kdr, Pitch. [large ship. 

L^Xi kdriby A boat belonging to a 

c j\i kdri^ Gainer at drawing lots. 

icjdy Adversity, evil. ^UJt, 
The day of judgment. 

J^ • jlS kdrurat, A flask. An alabaster 
vase (for ointment). 

^^•;l5 Kdrun, Supposed to be the 

same person called Eorah, Numbers, 
chap, xyi., whom the Mahometans de- 
scribe as the cousin of Moses. He is 
frequently alluded to by the poets and 
moralists, not only as extremely hand- 
some, but as possessed of immense wealth, 
acquired by nis skill in chemistry, and 
the discovery of the philosopher's stone ; 
whilst his avarice is represented as so re- 
markable, that his name is proverbially 
applied to aU misers. They add, that it 
was on account of his refusal to pay 
Moses a tythe of his possessions for the 
public use, the earth opened and swal- 
lowed him up. 

^^l5 kdrl, A reader. 

^IS kdsimy part. Dividing, distri- 
' buting; distributive. 

^«jU kdsl (fem. <U-jIS), Hard, cruel. 

J^\i kdshir (fem. ^-lo), part. Ex- 
ooriating the skin (a olow). 

«wlS kdsid (fem. ifju^li), A mes- 
senger, a courier. 

jc\i kdmy Defective, insufficient, 
imeqaaly impotent. 

i^^U kdsify part. Breaking, shaking, 

_^lji kdst (fem. ^^li)^ Eemote, 
** far distant. 

j^lj kddly A cadi, a judge, civil, 
criminal, and ecclesiastic. ^<«^U 
JIuajJ!, An army judge. ^^-^IS 
c:.^U^Uh, . (God) the judge of 

the necessities (of mankind). [one. 

<ul^l5 kdtibdt, All (mankind), every 

Jb\j kdtir, part. Distilling gum (a 

tree, especially that called dragon's 
blood), dropping urine. 

j«Llj kdtt^ part. Cutting, rescind- 
ing, dividing, separating. Decisive, per- 

emptory, categorical, ^ JJ \ %J» l5 , 
A cut-purse, a highwayman, an assassin. 

^\j kdtin (plur. jjlSaS), An in- 

<lclj kd^t, A court-yard ; a gutter. 
Jlc15 kd^dy Sitting, sedentary, 

^JlcIj kd^idaty The base, basis, 

foundation, ground-work. The metro- 
polis, capital. A rule, custom, institution, 
mode, manner, style, regulation. 

uJlii Kdfy A fabulous mountain, 

anciently imagined by the Asiatics to 
surround the world, and to bind the 
horizon on all sides. 

^Jilji kdfilat 01 kdfilah (pi. of Jily ), 
A caravan, a body of travellers. 

<LiU kdfiyat or kafiyah, A poem, 

rhyme, cadence, metre ; the last conso- 
nant in a verse, to which all the other 
distichs rhyme. [cine. 

idili kdkulah, Cardamoms; amedi- 

jji\i kdkum, The ermine. 

Jl5 kdl, To say. 

L^lii kdlih, A form, model, mould, 
'anything in which or from which ano- 
ther is made. The body^ a bu&t^«}&3&3^^ 

^U 184 


i^\3 kdmat, The stature, shape, 
form, figure. 

As kdmic,. part. Sahduing. A 



fjMy\i kdmus, The ocean, the 

middle of the sea. The name of an 
Arabic lexicon, compiled by FirozbadT, 
who liyed in the fourteenth century, co- 
temporary with Tamerlane ; who made 
him a present of 5,000 ducats as a re- 
ward for his industry and learning. This 
dictionary was translated into Latin by 
Giggeus, and published at Milan, A. D. 

^LjU or 2^\3, The crop of a bird. 
«Jl3 hani^ Contented, satisfied. 

^ylS Icdnun, A species of dulcimer, 

harp, or sackbut ; the strings of which, 
firom fifty to sixty in number, rest upon 
two brieves, and are touched by both 
hands, without making use of any kind 
of plectrum or bow. A canon, rtue, re- 
gulation, form, mode, manner, law, usage, 
custom, constitution, statute, ordinance. 

i kdhir (part.). Subduing; tri- 
umphing. A conqueror. 

6jib\5 hdhirat or kdhirah,^ A con- 

queress, victrix, Augusta, iry^UJl 

Alkahirah, (The yictorious) Al Cairo, or 
Grand Cairo, the metropolis of Egypt. 
It was so named by Giauher, general to 
the first Fatemite Khalif of Egypt, who 
ordered the foundations to be laid 
(A. D. 968) when the planet Mars was 
in the ascendant (to which the Arabian 
astronomers giye the epithet of kahir, or 
the conqueror). It was completed in 
fiye years, and was considerably enlarged 
by succeeding princes, particularly by 
Saladin, who enclosed the new ana the 
old town, called Mesr or Fosthath, with 
a wall 26,000 cubits in circumference. 

J^U iayd, A goyemor, president. 

^Ju^\Si}3, The general of an 

bis kd^, A physiognomist, a 
cfaoromancer, a fortune-teller, skilled in 



iJ/ljIdy/(or 3b\j idybtn), Saying. 

j^\j kdym (fem. ^U), Standing, 

erect, firm, fixed, durable, constant. 
'VigUant, attentiye, assiduous, perseyer^ 

ing. >»lL«Ajli, A lieutenant, sk^ 

yice-gerent, the Kaimacam. 

c^Li kibdby Towers, vaults, cupolas. ■ 

JU-US kdbdhat. Deformity, yillany^^ 
baseness, dishonesty, a crime, a &ult, ^^ 
rascally action. Biise, shameM. 

d!Li kubdlah or kabdlah, Any con — 

tract, especially of bargain and sale^^ 
signed by a judge. 

^US kahhdn, A great pair of scales-i^ 

^L5 kdbdyih (plur. of ^^rci.gj)^— 
Crimes, etc. 

^Li kahdytl (plur. of <lL^)^.^ 
Tribes, families, etc. 

iui kahbat, A builder of arched.^ 
work. Kubbaty A cupola, yault. 

^ kahh, Beprobation, detestation^ 

baseness, yillainy, meanness, deformity.^ 
Kabih, Bad, useless. 

j^ kahr, A sepulchre, tomb, monu — 

ijMj^ Kvhrosy The island of Cyprus^ 
^j^y A Cypriot. ^j^^j, 
The yitriol of Cypms ; copperas. 

^jc^ kahd, Taking, seizing, capture, 
sequestration. Griping. Constipation. 

LaJs kabdat or kahdah, Power, the 

gripe of a sword; a handle. Xubdat, 
A handfuL 

iaJ kibt (or ^^Jo^)9 Copts. 

v.^lLi kahkdh, A wooden shoe or 


J^ kaH, The anterior part, the 

front. Before, Jj^jJ^ J^, Be- 
fore entering or anriying. 

^lLJ kihUt or ktblahy Anything op- 
posite ; that part to which people direet 


towards the Caaba, or temple, of which 
city the Mahometans, in whateyer 

Soarter of the world they are, turn 
demselves when going to pray.) 

iUlJ Icuhlat or kuhlah, A kiss. 
jy^j Jcdbur, Tombs. 

J^ kahul, Eeceiving favourably, 
taking well, consenting, granting, appro- 
bation, concession. J^^^(ji^> 
Acceptable, agreeable. 

<LaJ kuhhah, A vault, an arch. 

,^<^ kablh (fern. <iL^uJ), Deformed, 
ugly, shameful, base. 'f^-f-^ 
Ja\Ai\, Of a hideous appearance. 

JOu^ kahllat or <d^', Species, kind, 

sort, genus. A tribe, a family, a house, 
kindred, parentage, race, line, stock, 
generation, progeny. 

JllJ hitdl, A battle, conflict, com- 
bat, engagement, slaughter, carnage, 
destruction. Opposing, fighting. 

^^ katlj Slaughter, murder, death. 
To kill, murder, slaughter, hurt. 

J-ji5 katil (fem. <U-jiS), Killed, 

^Lsr kahlahf A whore, a courtezan. 

)a^ kaht, Scarcity, barrenness, 

rterihty ; deamess, penury, hunger, want, 

jjlks:' EaMdn, The name of a man 
called the father of Arabia Felix. 

^^ kuhwdn, Anthemis, camomile. 

Jj kad (A particle preceding verbs, 
signifying in the preterite), certainly, 
alreaay, some time since, long ago, for- 
merly (he did it) : (before verbs in the 
present or future) sometimes, now and 
' then (he will come) ; in which sense 

Jul is also used ; though both, as 
well as many other particles, are often 
mere expletives, which give a nervous- 
ness or elegance to the style, whilst the 
aense would be complete without them. 

SS, Ststare, 

185 ^^ 

•.f Jj kiddh, A flre-steel, a tinder- 

box, or anything similar. -.IjJ 

kaddahy A flint. A potter, a maker of 
glass ware. 

(jmIjJ kudds, The mass, the bread 
of the Eucharist. 

l^^jJi kuddm^ Ancient, anterior, 
prior. The front, the projecting part. 

^joxASASsy Before some. ^ 
cLC«Lv5, In your presence. 

•.jJ kadahy A cup, a glass, a bowl, 

any drinking vessel, especially of the 
larger size (sufficient for two men). 

jjj kadar, Fate, destiny, divine 

predestination, providence. Quantity. 
Kadr and kadar, "Worth, value, dignity, 

office. Power, ability. m^os. 
jjJi!!, Of exalted rank. 

^ jj kudrat, Power, potency, vigour, 

force, prowess, authority, virtue. One 
of the attributes of God, omnipotence, 

(jyu jJi Kudu% or Kuds, Jerusalem. 

/»Jj kadam, A foot, the sole of the 

foot, the fore foot, a footstep. A step, 

UfjJi kudamd (plur. of /»:>J^), The 
ancients. ' 

(juu^jj* ktcdmus, Ancient, antique. 

Sj jj kadwat or kidwat, An example, 
model, any person or thing imitated ; a 

man of renown. j\Si\l^d3, An 

example of justice, a model of equity. 

^JiiM^SAf An honour or pattern 

to his nation, etc.) 

/i-j^Jlj kuddus or kaddus, Pure, 

holy, blessed ; hence one of the names of 

A^^Si kaddum, A hatchet, an axe. 
jjjJi kadid. "Dii'^^* ^\\«^» l^^a;^ 



jijii leader J Powerful. An epithet 
of God. 

aJ Ji hid^m (plur. t«j3)y Ancient, 
old. Former. 

4_5l ji hs^Mfy A pair of great scales. 

Abalista, a catapulta, a cross bow or any 
engine for throwing stones or darts. 
Kuzzafj Battlements, pinnacles, turrets. 
Kizaf, The Telocity of a galloping horse. 

uJ J3 htzf, Accosation, crimination^ 
impeachment, reproach, censure. 

i*\^ kirdat, Heading. 

c^l^ kirdh, A sword sheath, also 

a case in which it is laid np with all its 

^\^ hardhat or hirdhai (or h\3 

dj.M.yj), Propinqmty, affinity, re- 
lationship, kindred, consanguinity, pa- 
rentage, alliance. 

li\3 iarrdlah, A large flagon or 

ressel with two handles and a spout 
(espeeially made of glass), ia which thev 
allow wine to stand forty days in order 
to refine, 

j\3 iardr, Constancy, flrmness, 

stabHitT, a sa5?, undistuPued habitation. i-il7- ti i.- 

wrt, ^eaee, qiemess, repc«. Con- JA'' *«'"^^''' ^ ^"^ ^P- 
elusion, determinacion. 

JUS trdi or kirdl (finom the Sda- 

TOJiic), A king. Chief, prince. 

^j3 hurdn^ Beading. The Alcoran. 

^-^ harh^ Xeighbonrhood, Ticinitr, 

\j3 hiraid (pL of ^— .^ J), Ke- 


JcJ htrhdM, A sacrifice, Tictim, 

obLmoa ; the conunucion. 

1: 3 kirbaty A large leather water \ 

haZ' Kmritit^ XindrEd; xiciiiity; inti> 
maer. Adlnitr. promxitT. duniliaritT. 

^/Mmi J htrahui. The bow of a saddle. 
J^-^ .^WTOJ^ X&e pcmfl of the Cfj^ \ 

^^ harah, The being nlceroiu. 
Karh, Wounding, uloeratilig. (Phir. 
^^^), A wound, a scar, a painfa} 

<L>^ karhai. One wound with a 

sword, etc., one ulcer, pimple, pustule. 
Kurhaty A small star on the forehead of 
a horse ; -also a speck on the eye. 

J^ kird, A male ape, monkey, 
baboon, marmoset.- v 

5 J^i kirdat{j^\, Jj^ ihrui^, A she ape. 

^^ kursj A round ball of paste or 

^^ kard, Debt 

{jM^2ffj3 kirids or kartds, Paper. 

dLi? J Kurtubah, Cordova in Spain; 

2s 3 kurtum, Bastard saffiron. 

c^ iE»r^, Knocking (at a gate); 

beating, stiikins (with a stick, etc., on 
the head]. 

<^ J karaz,at, Baldness. Kur^, A 

^ J knfak. Cinnamon. 


A J ATWm, The Crimea, the Taunc 
or Cimmerian Chersonese. ^, 
^^\ The Euxine sea. 

^Lt 3 A!cn0iidji,Caiamania(GOicia)- 
j^j3 kirmhy CochineaL b^r^ 

^^J kifwitiy A roof or gutto* tile. 

^j^ kmm .'jlnr. ^,« i% A horn. An 

a^. KertL, The top of a mountain; 
alio a cesturr. 

<iJ 3 kwrmai, A comer. 

]ii J karamSy. The doTe jiDy flower. 
••^J ksr^y, Oeerated. Km^ (pL 



4)jy kurud (plur. of *3^), Apes. 
4^ ^tra', Yillages. 

u,y^^ /wrfJ, !N"ear, in point of time, 

place, or connection. Neighbouring 
(place) ; near (the timej ; connected (by 
relationship). Nearly, nard by, with, in 
his possession. About. 

<Uy karyat or kiryat, A village. 

^2/ karlh, See ^L/* fv^ ^tirnA, 


4a^ karlhat or karlhah, ^Nature, 

genius, anjrthing to which the mind has 
a peculiar bias. 

^/*iji Kurayshf A noble tribe in 

Arabia, of which Mahomef s gprandfather, 
Abdu'l'motallub, was prince. 

^^Ji Kirlm, Crim Tartary. See /^. 

^^Js kartn, Connected, joined, next, 
contiguous, adjoining ; related, allied; 
adhering; tied with the same rope. A 
friend, companion, cotemporary, coeval, 
of the same age ; a conspirator, associate. 

u^^{j^,y> Acceptable, agreeable. 
^Ji karlnat, A wife. 
<Uy karyah, A village. 
JS kaTiz, Raw silk. 
^IjS kamn^ A cauldron. 
Jj J^ kazdir, A starling. 
^U^, The Persian sect of Ali. 
^juj kas, A priest. 1 JJb Jjr^^j, 

And so with regard to the rest; et 

l*Uu5 kassdm, A distributor, a giver. 

JjLwj kasdwat, Cruelty. 

kuuS ktst, Justice, equity. Kist, 
An instalment, a dividend. 

^UxwJ kmtds, A balance, a pair 
of scales. 

tlkwJ kustdt, A curtain before a 
door-way. [nople. 

K * \\y\\\Au'f i Kustaktantyah, Constanti- 

^gjiroJa^J Kmiantln, Constantino. 

i^ kasam, An oath. <d!b ^.auS, To 

take God to witness. Kaam or kism, 

Division. ^.auS, To divide, to make 

a partition amongst others. To make a 
measure agreeable to its just standard. 
To expend, to dispose of. Kismj A j^art, 
a portion, division, a Innd, sort, species. 

Zk*M3 kisnuU, A division, distri- 
bution, portion, lot, share. Fate, for- 
tune, the decree of God. Destiny. 

^^yMMMj kasia, A priest, a monk. 

^/jui kashah, Holm, straw, stubble. 
yuJ kishry Bark, skin, crust, husk, 
shell. K»dJ^\jJMj, An egg-shell. 

ijtj ktshrat, Any covering, natural 

or accidental, a shell, pod, husk, scale^ 
skin, bark, cuticle, crust. 

ijj^jxJjJ kmha^lrat, Horror, mak- 
ing the hair stand erect. The trembling 
of a fever. 

c^Uui kas8dh, A butcher. 

<LjU]t3 kassdhiyat, A certain duty 

payable on skins. 
^Laj kisds, The law of retaliation. 

Revenge, retribution. 
JuLoii kasdytd, Poems, elegies. 
i_ ^-^'^ kasabf A reed, a pen, or 


anything similarly hollow. The wind- 
pipe. Tubes, water-pipes, canals. 

L^ kasdbat, A town. A large 


iUaS kissat or kiseah, A thing, affidr, 

business, condition, accident. A history, 
tale, fable, apologue. 

tX>ai kaad, Intention, design, reso- 
lution, determination, scope, view, ma- 
chination, conspiracy, project, delibe- 
ration, pretension, attempt, endeavour, 

desire, wish, will. JuaJi, To m- 
tend, i^io^«e \o wi'^v^buSsi^Xxi ^^sa^go.^- 




lassar, To dimimsh, abbreTiate, 
abridge, contract Kasr^ A palace, an 

degant yilla. ^JiiXj^j^ai, A royal 

kisM, Histories^ narrations^ 

Jktuai kas^t, A dish^ a plate, a 
saocer, the bason or scale of a balance. 

kaswd, The end, extremity. 

kusur, A defect, defanlt, de- 
crease, failnre, want, deficiency, re- 
mainder; error, sin, fault. Palaces, 
Yiilas, castles. 

L^y^ huswa\ Far distant, remote 
(country, etc.) The extremity. 

Xioi kusah, A history^ tale, romance, 
fable, apologue. 

LwaS kasf/d, An extremity. 

Ju^ kaszd, Broken (spear). A 
poem. Marrow, a marrow-bone. A 
staff, a rod. 

ifju^ Icasidat or 

J^LoS and CLJi\ 

j^^ Icaslr (fern, b 
unequal, short, barren. 

L33 Jcaddy The office or sentence of 

a judge, a decree, mandate, judgment, 
order, jurisdiction. Fate, destiny, pre- 
destination, fatality, death. An accident, 
chance. ArriTal, approach. Departure. 

JLiS kuddt (pluf. of ^jli), Judges. 

bLiii kadaydy Plur- of ^^^^^^ 

c, ^jorf'j Jcadib, A long slender branch 
or rod. A bow of the branch of a tree. 

^Os^i? hadiyat or Jcadiyah (pi. bL^); 

A thing, substance, action, fact. A decla- 
ration, proposition, decision, determina- 
tion. Quarrel, dispute, contention. His- 
tory, narrative. Command, order. 

ai kat, or lai katt, kitty kutt, Only^ 
at least. Viz., to wit. Ever, never. 

Jzf4sjl^L^, I never saw him. laS 

kasiddh (plor. 
), A poem. 
). Defective, 

iattj Cnttiiig a tiling trsnsfendy; oib' 
ting or making a pen. KiU (plnr. 

l^lLi, A he-cat 

Iks hatdy A bird of the shape of the 

ah^e of a pigeon, flying in large flodo, 
ana knowing whoe water is to be foimd 
at a great distance. 

clLS kuttd^ and ^Jai (pL of ^J^U), 

Bobbers, assassins. ^ JLJfcUai, 

Infestors of roads, highwaymen. 

ilLd katdf or kitdfy The vintage. 

9IL3 kattdf, A vintager. 

b\Ld katdyif {^xa. of ^Juioi), A 

Persian cake of fine floor, honey, and 
sesame oil. 

^,>i^ 1 kuth, The polar star, tiie 
north pole. A prince, lord, chiet The 
iron axle round which a wheel tmas. 

^1,4-lJlw-^, The arctic, or 

north pole. .^y>jsr\t^^^. The 

antartic pole. 

JaS katr, Dropping (as water). £tdr, 

Tlie side of the body. A tract or quarter 
of the heavens or earth. A diametCT line. 

djUaS katrdt, Drops. 
^liaS katardn, Liquid pitch. 

5jbj katrat or katrah. One drop. 

vJai kata^y Catting off, amputating. 

To cut o^, amputate, break off*, retiie^ 
withdraw fVom ; to terminate, conclude, 
finish, stop short. To fix the price of 8 
ransom. To pass (a river or bridge). 

UI23 kat^an, In no shf^, not at 
all, never, by no means. 

iUiaj kit^t, A segment, section, 
portion, part, division, piece, cut, morsel 

^\vi katafy Gathering in the vint- 

^kj kuiun or kutn^ Cotton, i^^t 
Made of cotton. 

wjlaa hiXX^ A fL<ick (of sheep). 



ixAaS hatl^t, A portion of land 

(especially in feudal tenure). Tribute, 
toU, impost. 

i.g.jVrji katlfat or Jcatlfdh, Velvet, 
satin (not used). 

dM Jca^d, To set down. 

Isx5 ka^t, One sitting, session, 

or the space which one person occupies 
when sitting. 

j6 ka^, An abyss ; a gulf ; the 

bottom or depth of a well. 
JaaS ku^d, Sitting. 

Ju«3 ka^d, He who sits with ano- 
ther, i.e., a colleague, a confederate. 

\s3 kifd (plur. ^ii, ^J^^, and 

lfSj\ or liJil), The back part of 

JUi haffal, A locksmith. 

<LftS huffatf A basket (especially of 

palm leaves, in which women keep their 
cotton when sewing, etc.) 

^liiS kaftan, A robe of honour 

which Eastern princes present to ambas- 
sadors, etc. 

jii kafr, A desert without herbage. 
Ij*b« kafas, A bird's cage. ^j*m 

f^^J[}, The netting of a ship, 
especially on the tops. [cage. 

^^fOki kafas (plur. jjcliSl), A bird's 
JiS kufl, A lock, a bolt, a bar. 

iJi3 kilddaty A collar, necklace, 
chain, or any ornament for the neck. 

c^ kild^{^\\xT, of ^Jj and ^uii). 

Castles, forts, citadels. 
is^ kild^t, The sail of a ship. 
/i!i3, Plur. of Ji kalam, Pens. 
Vi..Ji kalbj The heart. 
Ui kalban, Cordially, heartily. 
^^Ji kMl, Cordial^ hearty. (Adj.) 

XJi kUlut orkaUat, Penury, scarcity^ 

indigence, poverty. 
aJSj Kuhum, Clysma, a town in 

Egypt near Mount Sinai, whence 

^1^, The Eed Sea. 

«Jj kal^, Extraction, pulling up, 

tearing out, extirpating. To draw out, 
tear off, extirpate, eradicate, extract, 
pull down, subvert, overturn, ruin. KUa^^ , 

Castles (plur. of iJi). JTa/^, The 
sail of a ship. 

iAj kal^toi kalath(j^hiv. «Jjl kilaQ, 

A castle, a fort (especially on the top of 
a mountain). 

fj\j kalk, Disquietude, commotion. 
Kaliky Unquiet. [dgitation. 

JLLIJ kalkdl, Yiolent motion or 

Aj kalam, A pen. A character, a 

mode of writing. Aa engraving tool. A 

i^lp^ kalamtirdsh, A pen-knife. 

jliUiS kalamkdr, An engraver on 

brass, silver or gold. Kaiamkarl, The 
engraving art (from the Persian). 

^*««li kalamun, A chamelion. A 

changing-coloured cloth. 

jjoli kalandar, A kind of wandering 

Mahometan monk, with shaven head and 
beard; who abandons everything, wife, 
friends, possessions, and retires crom the 
world ; also the name of the founder of 
this religious order. 

if^MdMAi kalanmwat, A mitre, high 
cap, or tiara. Hearts. 

(^^ kuluh (plur. of i-^ kalb, 

jJi kah, Cooking in a frying-pan. 

Kit, A kind of soap-ashes. 
^^Lli kaliydn, A kind of pipe for 

smoking through water. 



JJi halily Little, small, moderate. 
JJi^^^, A small thing, a trifle, 
a bagatelle. ^^^^JJi, Small and 
great. jLl&5\ JJJ, Of small es- 
timation. 5Lli Lis, By degrees, 
sparingly, by little and little. 

•LJ Mmdr or Icumdr, Dice, or any 
game of hazard, with arrows, etc. 

iii\A humdahy Silk cloth, fine linen, 
stuff; merchandise, household furniture. 

LLj kimdt, A swaddling or cradle 

Tcimmat, The top of anything. 
hamhy Wheat. 

-{ kamar, The moon, 

L4 hamt, Swaddling an infant. 

J JLa-J kamtarlr, A calamitous day. 

«--j kam^ Destruction, subjection, 

throwing down, striking on the head; 
bumbling, rendering contemptible. To 
quell sedition, to qmet the public discon- 
tent. Kama^y A pimple on the edge of 
the lip. Kumu^f A fiinnel. 

M^i kimkim, A decanter, a vessel 
' shaped like a cucumber, used for warm- 
ing water. 

J-J kaml (plur. of aJ-J kumlat, A 

^j^ kamln, A chimney, etc. 

i\:3 kmdt (plur. 1:^5), A subterra- 
neous canal. 

-jtl:J! kandtlry Plur. of jllai5. 

isXui kand^t, Content ; tranquiHty ; 

abstinence; continence. 
v_, "'"i kinnab or kunndb, Hemp. 

\j0:3 kumhurd (or ijf^), A lark. 

JcJ kand, Sugar, sugar-candy. 

^Uju3 Kandahar, A kingdom and 
ci^ bordering upon Persia^ India, Balk, 
ana Khorassan. 

Jjjci kandUy A lamp, lanthcmi, 
chandelier, branched candlestick. 

jLL:^ kintdr or vulg. kantdr, A 

«-X5 kana^ The being contented. 

j^ ^;»/t/z (fem. iss:3 pi. <i3l:i), 
A hedge-hog, an urchin. 

iZ^]^, Plur. of ifli. 

^^ kunwat or kinwat (or <U:i), 

L>^ kunut, Despairing. Despair. 

c yJ ^;»u^. Contented. 

j^Li5 kunydn or kinydn, Acquired 
wealth (in flocks, etc.) 

<^*i5 H»»f»flf^ or kanlnah (pi. vjliJ), 
A phial, a glass bottle. [wives. 

JjIjS kawdhil (plur. of ^'l5), Mid- 

c jly kawdri^ (plur. of <^^li), A 
verse of the Alcoran, which the Ma- 
hometans repeat incessantly when in 
apprehension of danger either &om men 
or animals. 

^IjlS kaimads, A bow-maker. 
«^1ft3 katodti^ Birds of passage. 

ds\^ katvd^ (plur. of JjlcIS), 

Bases, foundations, pillars, props. Bules, 
canons, etc. 

Jily kawdfil (pi. of iiilS), Cara- 
vans, bodies of travellers, 

^jaj\^ katcdnts, Plur. of <U3Jl5. 

fj^\^ kawdnin (plur. of ^y\i)f 
Canons, regulations, statutes, etc. Haipfl- 

Jjjyi, Sayings, words. 

Mi\y kawdym, Plur. of <UjIS. 

cuJ kut or ^e^^, Kourishmenti 
aliment, food, victuals. 

Jjli* kuwaty Power, force, vigour, 
strength, firmness; virtue, anthori^. 

Faculty. S^Ui ^, The Tisihle 



11^, Touching. 
power of s 

sJJ, Tasting. ijli 


I allnrenieat. 

oner, precedes 
blluwing and- many others; as 
.♦— », Diatributive (power) ; 
it J, Expulsive, repelling; 
"", Moving; <iLiL«, Eeten- 
: ti^tX*, Inlellectnal; ^, 
ible (also rage, anger) ; 
^, Concupiscent. 
'lates, A bow for shooting or 
parating cotton. Sagittarius Che 
ical sign. —Jijf^y, The 

aul, A word, a saying. An 
sent, compact, consent, acquies- 
contract, bargain. Speaking, pro- 
ing, giving an opinion upon anj- 

iv-lmj. The colic. A dia- 
originating from cold seizing the 
]ers and back of the nock. Having 

•wm. People, a nation ; tribe, 
a-Ul, Loquacious. E^""?' 
iwi (fern, ^y), Robust, firm, 
;, solid, powcrfiil, vigorons. 
awlm, Eight, straight. 
thhur. Powerful, conqueror, 

er, imperious, aTengor. An op- 

iivo tyrant, ^^^1, The om- 
mt or avenging God. 
hr. Force, violence, power, 
sston, Gabjection, vengeance, se- 
, torment, punishment, chastise- 
; rage, indignation. 

ii hah-amdn, A celebrated 
lus hero of Feida. 
kahkara', Retreating. 

'1 Js3 

^.^^ hdhkdhat. Laughing loudly or 

ii^ kahwat or >^ Jtahwah, Coffse. 

^Sjjij^, Of a dusky cloudy 

j'.-s kiydd, Eeins, a bridle, halter. 
^jLJ kiy&iat, Leading, conduct. 
^JA^ kii/di, Measure. Comparison. 

Iteasoning, logic ; a syllogiim. Ab 
npinion, argument. Thought, design, 
(onjcctiire, imagination, suppositJtm, 

jLj kiydgl (fern, lU-iLji), Aua- 
" logical, regular. Imaginary. 
j'^Li' kayHiarat (plur. of j>£lJ), 

Ciesare, emperors, monarchs. 
ij\J» kiydfat, Appearance, sem- 

I lance, likeneEB, rceemblance, imitation, 

representation, port, air, manner, mode, 

/tLi kw/dm, standing erect, riaing 

i*LJ) kit/dmat. The resurrection, the 
last day. 

jli-i kstdr, A guitar, harp, lyre. 

^■.} kaj/h, Matter, pus. 

^^ kayd, A ' chain, fetter, knot, 
ligament. A paction, compact, treaty, 
Ijargain, rule, regulation, article of agree- 
ment, obligation, restriction, modidca- 
tion ; enralling anything in a poUic 

-i klr, A kind of pitch or bitumen 
flowing &om some mountains, whicli 
they nsed in ahip-huilding, etc. 

ij^jjf^ Sagrawan, CyreoeinA&ioa. 

j^ kayiar, Ciesar, an emperor. 
Aj_j^a^, The imperial dignity, 
empire. Cesarea. jjttant}. 

^u3^ kaytum, Southernwood (a 

JJ }Al, A word, a speech, a Baying 




the proposition and the answer, conyer- 
8ation,dialogne; loquaciousness, garrulity. 
Tumult, confusion. 

ud klmat (plur. >JI hit/am), Price, 
value, estimation. Measure. Stature. 

^UJi hlmah. Hashed meat. 
J^ kv/yud (plur. of Jui), Chains; 
ohligations ; laws, etc. t^^^^jJ^ 

^r^l, The articles and conditions 
of peace. 
^jJLS hayyum, Permanent, firm. 
Stable, durable, fixed, steady. 

CJ leaf, The twenty-second letter 

of the Arabic alphabet. In arithmetic 
it expresses 20. 

l1/ ha, Is an inseparable adverb of 

similitude prefixed to Arabic nouns or 
particles (never to pronouns), signifying 

as, like, so, etc. JjSl^, Like the 

first, as before, ^j o , As if. \ j^, 

So, thus : and others, which will be 
found in their alphabetical places. 

CJ lea (masc), Cj hi (fern.), is 

the affixed pronoun of the second person, 
having, with verbs or prepositions, a 
relative or personal signification, and a 
possessive or relative with nouns; as 

CSs^ji darabaha, He beat you. 

clxjl::^ hitdhuha, Your book. 

iy^ haahat, Melancholy. The being 
disconsolate. [mare. 

ijM^}^ hdhus, The incubus or night- 

^\^ hattb (plur. c-jI^' and 

i^), A notary, a scribe. A 

writer. JJj1l-^\^ or ^^-Jl^^, 
A secretary. 

ajI^ haUm, part. Concealed, ab- 

c^jl^ ka%ib (fem. ibjl^), A liar. 

False. c-jjI^^Lj, A false syl- 

jl^ hdr, Business, occupation, labour, 

art, profession, trade, commerce. 

^iLi^ljl^ hdrdatah, Planks and other 
materials for house-building. 

JOUi-^l^ hdrhhdnah, A fabric. 
jj\^ kdrtz, A preacher, 

jjljijl^ hdrwdn, A caravan, a large 

body of travellers. 

(^j^ hdrih, Abhorring, detesting. 
An abhorrer, abhorrent. 

^j0i \i haas or (jwwl^ kds (plur. it^jjft 

(jwLi', CI^LI^, and (^^\)f A 

cup, a goblet, a bowl (especially when 
filled with wine). 

v.»^-wjI^ hdsth, A gainer, an acquirer. 

Jurfl^ hdsid (fem. ifjujl^), Worth- 
less, deficient in (j^uantity or quality, 
not selling or passing current, de8pi^ 
able, in no esteem. Destitute, in debt 

Jurfl^jj^, A dull market, where 

nothing is bought or sold. 

-ydl^ hdstr, A breaker. 

d^\^ hdsah, A cup, a goblet. 

i»gA\^ hdshif, A detector, discoverer. 

JlsI^ hdfat or hdfaJi, AU, universal. 
The whole. 

Jl^ hdfrr, An infidel, an impious 

wretch. <UjcJLil^, Ungratefulf 
Unthankfal for benefits. 

Jil^ hdfil, A sponsor, a surety. - 

jjyl^ hdfur, Plowers of the palm- 
tree, or vine ; also their envelope. Caffi- 
phire. A fountain inlParadise. 

(Jl^ hdfi, Sufficient, enough, effica- 

** cious, entire, perfect. 

J jlil^ hdldwijoal, As before, like fb^ 


juT 198 

thf Hideous. Adverse (for- 


Imil, Perfect, complete, full, 
. (or ^J^lJ^l^), Of just 
it. jL*!lJ^l^, The best 

he complctcst proofs or materials. 

':dmin, Who is concealed, 


lay It was, existed, became, 

innaf But if, as if, like. 

dnun, A fire-grate, chafing- 
or any place for holding fire. 

ij^^L^, December, and 
^ylS, January. 

innahu, As if he (or it), as 

'cdhruhd, Yellow amber (so 
from its attracting straws). 

:dhily Slow, tardy, languid; 
izy, negligent. 

dhin, Priest. 

layn, ^li and ^l^, Being, 

ing. A creature. ^J^^J^,^ 

Be he who he may, whoever 

as. cjIujI^, Beings, crea- 
the universe. 

ihh, Inverting, overthrowing, 

ng on the ground, throwing one 
lis face. 

Mdh, Eoasted meat. 
ihdhat, Cubeb^, an aromatic. 

►ar (plur. ofj^), Grandees, 
, men distinguished for wealth and 
ledge. jC^ kahhdr, Capers. 
^ihdshf Plur. of ijjj^, Eams. 

Myir (plur. of ijf^), Great, 
enormous things ; mortal sins. 

d (plur. J^, jL^l and Ju^l), 
3art, the liver. 

j^ kihr or kuhr, Nobility, eminence, 
magnitude, magnificence; poRip, pride, 

\j^ kuhard (plur. of j^)f Great 
men, g^randees. [etc. 

^5^ kuhra' (fem. of ,^1), Greater, 

\jj^ kahrit/d, Grandeur, magnifi- 
cence, power, excellence ; pride, haughti- 


jj^ kihrltf Sulphur. \j:^jS 
j^\ The philosopher's stone. 
^JuJ^ kahsh, A ram. 
j^ kahir (fem. bj^ kdblrat). 

Large in body, great in power and wealth. 
Great, grand. 

Lm^ kahlsah or Uuu^, Intercalary, 
embolismal. Leap' year. 

c-jI::^ kiidh (plur. l-*^), A book, 
volume; writing; a letter, a missive, 

dispatches. c->lil^ luttdh (pi. of 
u«^\^), Writers, secretaries. 

^l:;^ kttdhat, Writing, describing, 

inscribing. An inscription, the title of 
a book, a picture or painting (on the 
walls of houses). 

^l:;^ kuttdn, Linen. Flax. 

<^^"X kath, Writing, describing. 
Kuttib or. kutby Books. 

l^ katdbat or katahah (plur. of 
jl^), Writers. Kithat, De- 

scription, inscription, the writing of a 

\ss^ katkhuda, A lord-lieutenant, 
vicar, locum-tenens, deputy. 

L^ katafy kttfoT katif{-pl. ^\si\ 

or Isc^), The shoulders ; shoulderr- 
blades ; broad shouldered. 

l-n (".^ katkatat, Acting irroQg. 

Laughing loud. 

a:;^ katm (and ^jUs^), Hiding, lurk- 
^ ing, absconding ; covering, veiling, con- 
cealing. To keep a secret. GoQoeaiisg 
his thoughts. 





M^ hatum, Close, secret. 

Sj^ katlrah, Gum tragacanth. 

^li^ kasdfat, Density^ thickness. 
Hardness, solidity. 

^ kasr, Abundance, riches. 

Sj^ hasrat, Multitude, plenty, 
abundance, superfluity, the best or 
greatest part. 

j^ haalr (fern, ij^), Many, much, 
copious, abundant, plentiful, numerous. 

Superfluity, redundance. j^j^k^\ 
^ii J-iiSlj, Superfluity hurts, a 
little does good, jti^^^j, A- long 
time. jjLwu>-jSL-j1^, Liberal 
kind. jj^U-^, Many coloured. 
jj^\j^, Most noxious or hurt- 
ful. --^ JJi, Little and much. 
\j^ hoBiran (^^-l^C-^beJ and 
i^dj]^), Often, frequently. 
\jJ^ kaalrd, Gum tragacanth. 

imJiy^ ka9if, Thick, dense; many, 

Jlflc^ Jcahaly A species of antimony. 
A collyrium. Small beads, or anything 
similar, used as amulets against the fasci- 
nation of malignant eyes. Kahhal, An 

JbSL^ JcMy A coUyrium, or antimony 
reduced to a fine powder used for the 

eyes, etc. ^jljyUlJ^^, A tree 
bearing black berries, which are excel- 
lent for the eyes. (jw^^J^ , 

SarcocoUa, a Persian gum or bidsam, used 
in dressing wounds. 

\s^ kdhldy Having naturally black 

eyesj eye.-brows, and eye-lashes, without 
the assistance of art. 

3i kadd; Trouble, labour, fatigue, 
diligence, endeayour. 

jj^ iadar, Trouble, affliction, agita- 

tion, vexation, sorrow, sadness, grief, 
anffuish, solicitude, anxiety, perturbation, 
mdancholy. Darkness, dimness, im^ 
purity (of colour, of the eye, of water^ 
etc.) The bein^ turbid, airty, mud^ 
water. JTa^tr, Distracted, perplexed win 
misfortunes. Poured out (as water). 

Ij^^i kadurat (plur. of Cl^lj^J^f), 
AfBiction, anguish, perturbation, oppreB4- • 
sion of spirits. 

1j^ kazd (comp. of lL^ and \d), 

This, that. 1 J^iU, This or that 

night. \ J^, Thus. * \ j^^l j^. So 
and so, consequently, consecutiyely, et 

c^lj^ ktzdh or kazdh, See ljU 

kazh, L^\i^ kafszdhfAllar. JKiizaii ' 

Calling one a liar. ^Kissb, A lie. 

c^Jc^ kazh, kizh, kazth, Lying* 
<L J^ kuzdbat or c^jj i^, A liar. 
ul^ j^ kazalik, So, thus, in the like 

manner (compounded of cl^ like, 

and ul^ J, that). 
^^S^ kazuh, A liar. See t^\»' 

-i karr, Eepeating, reiterating; re* 

turning, bringing back. 

\^ kirdy Hire, rent. To fjEum, rent, 
give, or take upon hire. 

L:L^\f kurdt, Plur. of S^ kurat, 

CjVi' karrdt (plur. If^ kairrat\ 
Times, many times. 

KS kurrds, A leek. 

U**^'j\f ^^^^ (plur. of i-»y)> 
Volumes, sections, chapters, pi^ai) 

writings. <Uu^tJyj>jg^Vg>-LiJi 
iujjjj\JS^iXjs^J[ii\j, The glory 

of a merchant is in nis purse ; the g^ 
of a learned man in his writings. 

(jm\^ kurdB, The Alcoran, or a see- 

tion of it. 
iJCf kurrdmt (plur. ir'\f ^^ 
\ \j^^^f)% A. volomey wxitingi etc* 




kiJi^ harditak, Planks and other 
materials for baflding. 

^\^ Jsara^t Plur. of l<-^- 

^S\f iardhl, Plur. of ^J, Cranes. 

^J kardm (plur. of (i^), Noble, 


u\f hardmat, Generosity, munifi- 

oence, dignity, excellence, reverence. 
Venerable, liberal, beneficent, precions, 
TBlnable, worthy, dignified. 

b^lj^ kardwiyd and ^„^Si Carra- 

hb\f kardhat, nj and ^)/y 
Arersion, horror, loathing, detestation. 

^\^ kardhatan, Unwillingly, 

LjJ karhy The being afiiicted, 

melancholy, unfortunate. (Plur. 

^^S and S-^ hiruh)f Anguish, 

iif kurhat, Affliction, distress. 

i^ huraty A globe, a sphere, a ball. 

i^ harratf Once, one time or 
torn ; one attack. 

diUk^ htrkhdnahf A w'orkhouse, 

i}^ kurd, The Curds, a nation in 
Armenia about the Gordian mountains. 

jj^ J^ karddn, A necklace. 
i^C^S kurdt, A native of ^J:i^df. 
j^ kar%y Preaching. 

^^S kursl, A throne, a chair, a seat, 

a stool, the bench (of a judge) . A pulpit. 
The crystalline or empyrean heaven (as 
being the supposed throne of God). 

iit^ karish or kirsh (plur. ^j^)f 

The rough tripe or stomach of a beast 
chewing the cud. 

%S^S karshunl, The Arabic lan- 

ffiiage written in Syriac characters : any 
1]^ writing. 

{jt*i^ karafs, Celery. 

i^^ karkaratf Ee-entering, renew- 
ing, repetition. Tuminjg^ (a mill, etc.) 
Driving, agitating (as wmd the clouds). 
Thrusting away, repelling. Collecting, 
^thering together. Retaining, detain- 
ing. Cfuling (to a fowl). Takmg flight. 
Laughing immoderately. 

iSS kurkum or karkam, Saffiron; a 
yellow root which tinges of a saffiron 
colour; dioscorides; name of a medicine. 
The rainbow. 

Jl:^ karkand, A rhinoceros. 

/^ karam, Generosity, liberality, 
nobleness, grandeur, magnificence, bene- 
ficence, grace, favour, clemency, courtesy, 
Stodness, kindness, benignity. JTariim, 
onourable, praise- worthy, excelling in 
greatness of mind. Karm (plural, 

j*j(^), A grape vine. 

W^ kiiramd (plur. of fP^)i The 
noble, generous (men). * 

Ju^ karmat, One vine. 

L-^^3^ karanh, Cabbage, cauliflower 

or <UJ^), A dish made of, or 
meat dressed with it. 

jjl^^ karawdn (fern. ^\jj^), The 
name of a bird, a bustard, a crane, etc. 

jj^^^ ^(Trt^an, A caravan. u^U-wJ \^^, 

Jcarwanaarayy A caravansera, or public 
building for caravans. 

c->jg/ kwuh (PI. of 4-^), Griefs. 
^,^^ karuMn, The cherubim. 

^^^J^\KAy9, The cherub angels. 
jj«^ kurur, Eetuming, recurring. 

(Plur. ofj^ karr). [Vines. 

/^j^ kurum (plur. of ^^ karm), 

*^ kirh or karh, Aversion, abomi- 
nation, detestation, abhorrence. Trouble, 
molestation, difficulty, whatever one is 

compelled to do reluctantly. U^ 

karhan (or a^^lc^ With difficulty, 



j^ karih, Sad, mournful. 

^S karlhat, Misfortune, calamity. 

j^l^ karlm (pi. m\^ and U/), Gener- 
ous, mnnificcnt, liberal, magnificent, 
splendid, grand, benign, benevolent, 
beneficent, courteous, gracious, merciful, 
venerable, reverend, respectable. Kind. 
One of the attributes of God. A religious 

man, fearing God. ^jy>*AJl*j^, Of 

a noble, beneficent disposition, j^^ 

j^LuJl or jl>-Sl^^, Most noble, 

generous, etc. aJ^<0J1, God is 
* great, merciful, etc. 

^S karimat (fern, of (^S), Noble, 

generous, etc. A princess, a lady. 

jjli^^l. The two eyes (as the 
noblest parts of the body). 

ijS karih, Detestable, abominable, 

dirty, filthy. Jai^l^Jj^, Deformed 
in countenance. 

i^^ Jcarlhat (fern, of ^S karlh), 

War, and the calamitous circumstances 
attending it. 

jji kuzhttr,0T SjiJ^ , Coriander, sj^ 

-*-Jl, The herb maiden hair. 

^^ ktM, Pudendum muliebre. 

Lm^ kisd, A garment. 

4^u^ ^^m^. Gaining much(a man). 

^Lu^ kasdhat,, Impotency in hands 
or feet. 

jLu^ kasdd, Difficulty in despatching 
of anything, badness of markets, cheap- 
ness of merchandize, decline of trade, 
indigence, penury. 

j\m^ kmdr, Chips, fragments. Jm, 
kassar, A hewer of wood. 

JLilu*^ kasdfat, An eclipse, obscura- 
tion. [Gravity. 

iLSLu^ kasdlat, Heaviness, slowness. 

u^>^M*^ kcuh, Gain, acquisition (by 
]ahour), industry. 

^***^ kasihf Having an infirmity in 

the hands or feet. 

jM^ kasr, A rupture, breach, rout, 
putting to fiight. The vowel point ktur 
or Aasra ( ^) or short t. To break, to de- 
stroy, to rout, to put to flight, to break 
the edge. To mark with the point katra. 

jj^fciJl^^, To mortify the flesh, 
To humble one's-self. 

Sj**d^ kasrat or kasrah, The vowel t. 

One fracture, rupture, breach. Kisrat^ 
A fragment. 

^j**^ Kisra^ Chosroes, Cyrus, an 

emperor, the surname of several kin^ d 
Persia (like Ptolemy among the Egyptiaiis, 
or Caesar with the Romans). 

J-wui kasal, Laxness, slowness; 
cowardice. [CJlotheB. 

(JLj\yjS kiswdty Plur. of iyuSf 

iyjS kmwat or kiswat ; kiswah or 

kuswahy A robe, a habit, a mode of 

uJyuu^ kusiiff Eclipsed. 
J^*u^ kasul, Slow, dull, lazy. 

^.msx^ kaslh, Infirm in hands or feet; 

lame, unable to move from place to 
place; impotent. 

t X uyuS kasldt See Jujo. 

-*A«^ kasir, Broken, torn off. 

t— aj,<>*.^ kasif, Thick, gross, impure^ 
bad, unpleasant. [coverer. 

l^\m kashsMf, A detector, dis- 

V— fi^^ kashf, An opening, a mani- 
festation, revelation, declaration, solutioO) 

^JLaJjS kishmish, Dried grapes, 
corinths, or currants, a species of niall 
grape without stones. Baisias. 

Kashmir, Cachemire, a fine 
country in Tartary, lying to the nortib- 
ward of Delhi. 

Ja^ ka%am (plur. /♦U^)! The monlii* 

Prohibition, restraint. To rastraiB 




ka^, The heel, the protube- 
rant joint-bone of the foot and leg ; any 
I'oint resembling it ; the top of the foot. 
)ice, tables, or the bones with which 
they play at those or similar games. A 

geometrical cube. JJu11l>-^o«^, 
A kind of sweetmeat. 

(Ux^ ka^hatj The square temple at 

Mecca, (dual) ^jXx^, The two 
temples, Mecca and Jerusalem. 

C^^^ ka<:,Jcy Cake. 

^mmi^ haff The palm of the hand. 

^.i^lJic, Chiromancy, fortune- 

telUng by the lines on the palm. 

«*-» kafff Prohibition, restraint, im- 
pediment. Abstinence, continence. Hem- 
ming a garment. 

U^ hifd^ The being equal, alike, 
resembling, corresponding. Opposing 
equal to equal ; comparing. Reward- 
ing, recompensing. A kind of skirt 
fastened to the lower part of a tent, (or 

S*U^), The produce of camels for 
one year, viz., colts, milk, and hair. 

—li^ kifah, Discovering, revealing. 


jU^ kuffar (plur. of ^l^), Infidels, 
unbelievers, pagans, worshippers of idols. 

ij\i^ kafdrat or aj^, Penitence, an 

atonement for sin. A penitential ex- 

\^\si^ kafafy Sufficiency, compe- 
tency, enough. 

i!U^ kafdlat or kifdlat, Security, 
caution, a pledge, a pawn. ^U^ 
^^^^jyiJb, Personal security. 

iU^ kifiiyaty Sufficiency, enough. 

'48^ kaffat, The bason or scale of a 

J^ kafikf Kevealing, discovering. 

Looking or speaking with an averted 
*"'- oountenance. Kissing with naked lips. 

Fighting in an open neld, hand to hand. 

y^ kafrf A village. Kufrf Blas- 
phemy, incredulity, impiety. 

^jS^ kafrdUy Ingratitude. 

IJ^ kafarat (or kafrah). Infidels, 

Ji^ kafal, The crupper (of a horse). 

Kafl^ Maintaining, educating; being 
security for another. 

\i^ kufald (plur. of J-i^), Securi- 
ties, pledges. 

^^ kafan, Dead clothes, a winding- 
sheet, [another). 

J^ kafulf Being security (for 

Li^ kufyat (plur. ^J^), A suf- 

J-i^ kafil, A security, surety, cau- 
^tioner, ransomer, hostages. 

J^ kull, All, universal. The whole. 
(This word never takes the article, and 
is construed with verbs or substantives 
in the masculine or feminine, singular or 

plural). J^J^> Every man. 

'i\j^\ J^, Every woman. ^U I J^, 

All men. (jwl^lj^. The whole 
cup. When preceded by verbs or sub- 
stantives, it has sometimes the affixed 

pronoun annexed ; as m^\ J^ \ J:;i , 
He put every enemy ' to the sword. 

l^ifjuj. With his whole hand. 
Jo-1J^, Every one. Ui^, As 

often as. <*-r^^"J^M;^» Prom 
every side, from all quarters. 

*^ kalaa, Forage, fodder, herbage, 
grass. Abounding with green herbage 

(ground). K kila, Both. K 
kalla, Not at all, not in the least. 

d^K kaldh, A delirium, insanity. 
(Plur. of ( ^1^), Dogs. KuUdh, 

A pot-hook; also a hook for drawing 
bread from ovens. 

^K kulalat, Forceps, pincers« 




J]L^ hdldJf Weakness, languor, 
futigae, lanitade, impotency. 

aa^f kaldUU, The being fatigaed. 

f!ii kaldm, A word, a speech, an 
oration, harangae,discour8e. .^u&i, 
Ai]\, Eloquent. /•KllJ;, To 
refute, contradict, oppose. ^\u 

f!i^\, Slow of speech. ^iU^K, 

The word of God. |»KJlJat, 
Metaphysics. Rhetoric. ' 

i^^K Mawl, Plur. of iJ^, Kidneys. 

ii^ kuldh, A cap, a cowl, a night- 
cap, especially one worn by the Maho- 
metan monks or derrises ; also in general 
any similar head dress, a mitre, tiara, 
turban, a Tartar cap, a fillet or wreath. 

^J^ kalb (plur. <-^K), A dog. 

u-Ji31 or jUJlk-jJ^, The dog- 

<Li^ kalhat, A little dog or bitch. 

^1:lJl^ kalbatdfif A blacksmith's or 

farrier's forceps, with which they take 
hold of hot iron, pull out nails, etc. 

^jmK kik, Quick-lime, also mixed 

with sand, or formed into plaster. An 
ointment mixed with arsenic and quick- 
lime for taking off hairs. 

4iL^ kulfat, Trouble, vexation, dis- 

UK kulhcmd, Whatever. As often 

as, every time, (or ^^^^), Whoever. 

C^Uli' halimdt (plur. of iJi"), 
"Words, vocables, discourses. 

Ia^ kalimat or <uK, A word, say- 
ing, discourse, vocable part of speech. 

CH^UJJ^^mjcJI, The decalogue. 

i^\l^, The word of God. i#K 
<uJij, Word for word. 
iji^ Hlwat, see JL^, A kidney. 

^;b^(^),(Gfoiuid) covered 
with plenty of herbage, gieen or diy. 

^ kuHi, TJniversaly total ; (fern. 
^JLL^), Universality, the total, 

whole. ^^11^ V ^oXhuIkyatf TJni-; 
versality, upon the whole; plur. 

CL^lIi^ kuUiydt, All, ev^ one, 
everything, the whole works of an anthoz^ 
as, ^UaJCL^U^, The works of 
Nazami. [or kidneys. 

JLK kulf/at (plur. ^), The reixu 
j^ kallm, One who speaks to aiio« 

1 ** 

ther. ddll^^Ji^, One who speaks 

to Grod, i.e.f Moses. 
jS kim (comp. contrac. of cl/and 

U), How much? Many, mudi. 

A multitude. ^j^fS, How often? 
j^ kumm, A sleeve. 

U^ kamd or *jS kama^ A mushroom. 

U^ kamd (comp. of d^ and U), 
Like ; as^ jU^, As it is asserted, 
as above related. Jji^(jU^> As 

before. ci^jl^lJ'^J^' ^ ^^ 
is related in the sayings (of Mahomet). 

4A>.ybU^, As it ought ; agreeable 

to justice. jJUjJlSUi^, As God 

spake. ^ouS, As it was, in the 
same manner and situation, equally, 

alike. c.^^|^|ybU^, As it may 
suit or be agreeable. ^^^oA^y^^^ 
As before folly enlarged upon. U^ 
^, As things are, as the afifoir 
stands. J^^S J^^ As it is said, 
vj^'^yjl*^^^* Aa you pay you 



>e paid ; such as yon measure will 
leasured to you. ^-jLijU^, 

suits. U^ kammd, Agaiherer 
ider of mushrooms. 

md, A mushroom, a fungus. 
amaat (plur. of *jS), Mush- 


imdh, A mushroom or ftingus. 

,amal (plur. LzSIU^), Perfec- 
excellence, integrity ; completion, 
plishment, conclusion ; punctuality. 

kamdllyatf Perfectioii. See 

kimdm (plur. of S kimm), 
}uds, etc. • 

amdn, Again, still. 

^ kamdnchah (<^rLi^), A 

kumasra', A pear ; pears. 
'omtsli, Like, as, according to. 
imkhd, Damask sUk. 
nor, A girdle, zone, belt. 
ammun, Cummin seed, i^xy^ 
Aniseed. ^^^j\^yi^,Caim- 
ammiyaty Quantity. [ways. 

kammj An ambush, a lurking 

where any one makes observation 
it being seen. 

J, Let it be ; as jj^^^, 
iaid) let it be, and it was. 

mr or aj^, A side, brink, 

shore, extremity, limit, boundary, 
the hem (of a garment); the 
a (of a book). 

lai^ndSf A sweeper. 

undsatf Sweepings, rubbish, 

mdyat or <V.^> -^^ allusion, 
lior, metonymy, rhetorical figure. 

kandyis (plur. of <Ua^), 

199 cS^ 

^jA^ kandyin (plur of ^-ii*), 

^ kannat, The wife of a son. 

Ji^ kanz, Treasuring. Kanz (plur. 

Jy^), Treasure (especially buried 
gold or silver). 

^jyuO^ kana, Sweeping, cleaning (a 

^Ui^ Kan^n, Canaan. 

i*jii^ kanaf, A side, edge, margin, 
coast, shore. 

j^ kunus, plur. ofji^, Treasures. 
d>^ kunyat or <lI^, A metaphor. 
<Uu*:^ kanisat A church. 
(^-Q^ kantf, A public necessary. 

ij\^ kuwdruf, kuwdrah or ^j^j^t -^ 

hive or any place in which bees make 

j-ilj^ kawdsir, plur. of ijJ^, fem. 


\^ kawd^, plur. of c-.*%cl^, 
(A girl) haying swelling breasts. 

c^lj^ kawdkih, plur. of ^^^^* 

Jii^ kawsar, Necteu* ; a sweet beve- 
rage ; a nectar-flowing river in Paradise. 

^^ kdkh, A small hut or house of 

ij^ kurat, A city, a town. A tract 

of country, a region. 

J;^ Kurdf A Curd. ^\:x^Jj^, 
Kurdistan, The country of Curds. 

Hji^ kurahy A large village or market 
town. A number of contiguous villages. 

Jj^ ku%y A jug, a decanter ; an 

earthen bottle, a guglet; a flagon, jug, 

S^^ Kufat, The city of Cufa. 

s^^tf kawkdby A star; a constel- 
lation. TYift "wVsi^fe ^il ^<^ «^^* 




^^ kulan^' or hulunj. The cholic ; 
a pain in the back and loins from cold. 

i^i^ kumatf A heap of earth. 

^^ katon, jBeing, becoming, hap- 
pening. Essence, existence. The nni- 
verse, the world, every created being. 

Ajy3 likaumihi, Because it might 

fjiiJ^ kawnayn (dual of j^^), Both 

worlds ; both kinds of beings, corporeal 
and spiritual, men and angek. 

^jf kufjoayy, Name of a star. 

ij\^ kahdnat, Turning prophet, 
priest, or soothsayer. Kikanat, Predict • 
ing. The priesthood. 

\)j^ kahntbd for bj^l^, Attracting 
straws ; i.e. Amber. 

fc— ft^ kahf, A cave. A large cavern, 

a grotto. An asylum, especially a cave 
dug by men, or formed Dy nature, in a 

mountain. ^j^^ \j] \ i— a^, The 
asylum of supplicants. C--?lsr^l 

t—g{Cil, The companions of the 

cave, i.e. The seven sleepers. This is 
founded on a legend of seven young 
Christians of Ephesus, who fled, they 
say, from the persecution of the Emperor 
Decius, and slept in a cave, accompanied 
only by their dog, for 309 years. Mahomet 
has adopted this story in the 18th chapter 
of the Alcoran. 

J^ kahl, Of fiill age, i.e, from 

about 30 to 50. A man beginning to 
grow gray. 

i^ kahanat (plur. of ^jJ^l^), Priests. 

cJ^£-^ kuhuf, Caverns, grottos. 

^ kay (and ,<^), That, in order to. 

JLjLo kiydaatf Ingenuity, quickness 
of parts, vivacity ; cunning. 

JIj^ kayydl, A measurer of grain. 

Ju^ kayd, Deceit, fraud, stratagem, 
laying snares, entrapping. 

^^^juyo ku, A sack, hag, purse. 

^jyuM^ kays, Sagacity, ingenuity. 

Coitus (especially with moderation and 
circumspection, without overstraining 
the natimil powers, or touching undean- 

ness. Ku (plur. ^^L^l), A purse. 

(j*t^ kayyis (fern. <Uu^), Ingeni- 
ous, sagacious, prudent ; cunning, shrewd, 
sly, crafty. 

(^.i^ kayfa^ How? cPjO, How 

then! How much the more. Kayfy 
Hilarity, good humour, a little elevated 
by drinMng. 

\aslS kayfamdf In what manner? 

aiJ^A^ kayflyat, Quality, mode. 

Hilarity. isf^\jiSsL^, A fixed 

permanent quality <OL^lc<ULL^; 
A moveable or accidental quality. 

J-j^ kayl, Measuring (grain) ; 

weighing (money) ; computing or mea- 
suring (one thing by another). A mea- 
sure of grain, also oi other dry goods and 

^ kayld, Lest, that not. 

dl^ kaylat (plur. ijJtS) Measure, 

dimension. Ktlaty Anything measnied > 
the mode of measuring. 

dL^ kllah, A measure of com. 
U>^ kaymd, In order to. 
fjMy^ kimuSf Chyle. 

UUy*^ klmiyd, Chemistry, alchemy; 

the philosopher's stone. This word v 
supposed to be derived from the Greek 
X^fiosy which signifies juice, humour, 
etc., and therefore it is confined property 
to the extraction of the essences of plants. 
It is, however, extended also to prepara- 
tions from mineralB, metals, etc. 

^y^ kaynunat, Being, existing 

^1 A^ klwdn or kaywdn, The planet 





The twenty-third letter of 
rabic alphabet. In arithmetic it 
s 30; and in the ephemerides it 
ses night, the planet Saturn, and 
posite aspect in astrology. 

m inseparable particle pre- 
verbs, and generedly used in the 
! of a sentence). That, to, for, by, 
e, on account of, therefore, in order 
It also marks the dative when 
3d by the affixed pronouns; as) 

To thee ; ^, To him, &c. 
fixed to nouns denotes the genitive 

w» ft 

ell as the dative; as u^J 
', Of or to the Lord; and also 

se of the Lord c^jlid] 

• •• 

adtb, For instruction or education. 
illaM, By God ; for God ; 

^<d! Por the love of God and 

)phet. (This particle is often pre- 
likewise by way of pleonasm or 
ve, without having any precise 

3, not, not at all (or ^^-uJ), 

not. iOJl^UlS, There is no 

but God. ^^"if Nothing. 

either. L, Without. 

-a uhdl or ^^1^> I do not 

am not afraid. 

d Idea, It is not bad ; there 

this, Delaying, dilatory. 

md or dSi l&Jmdda, Neces- 
infallibly, entirely. 

ihisy Clothed, who puts on 
I. [drinks milk. 

hin, Who abounds in, or 

\ or ±M\ alldt, Name of an 
}rshipped by ihe pagan Arabians, 

as the eldest daughter of Omnipotence. 
There was likewise an idol called Zat^ 
worshipped at Sdmanat, in India ; it was 
one la^ stone, 50 fathoms in height, 
placed in the midst of a temple, and sup- 
ported by 56 columns of massive gold. 

(^j^^ Idjaram, Undoubtedly, neces- 

Jj>-S U qfli, Because. ^U J^3 

<0 U^ A»ai^ ^ ^^*^^f ^A account of 
his wealth and beauty, or learning and 

perfection. ^J^3, On my ac- 
count. tl^Jj^^, On that 

Jji^ll Idjaward (and t^j^Ji)f Lapis 

lazuli. A blue colour, t^'^j^'^ 
Azure, cerulean. 

j;^-^ Idhik, Touching, adhered, 
conjoined, adjoining. 

^^^1! Idhin, Pronouncing vowels 

^l^S Idkhardj, Bent-free. Lands 
let out free of rent. 

^jwUlJl(i«^Jj^Jx^kfli-!l, It never 

entered into the heart of man, it is in- 

fc^^jS Id da^f, A release or ac- 
quittance in law. 

c^jll Idrayh, There is no doubt, 
unquestionably, infallibly, certaii^y. 

JtjJ Id %dla, May it never fail; 
may it last for ever. 

L^Ji Idztb, Pirm, solid. ^-^JUL^ 

t^Jidjj^, The thing was done 

jjS Idzik, Adhering, coalescing. 

j^Ji Idzim, (fern, i^ji), Necessary, 
urgent, proper, suitable, important. 

\Ji\Aji, Necessary to be done. 
\3j^\/^ji, Necessary to be pre- 
served, catei\)iS3t^ \ft \ife '^^^iSw^ Kst"^^^ 


ViliUlt|*j!t, Proper to be prefixed or 

Hononrable, irorthy of reverence. 

jLiiJlllAjliIfecesBaiy to be obeyed. 
(UfjH Idzimat or iL^;!l Idsimah, 

Hecemty, crigenw, obligation, debt 
■UmI Id ikabih, Incomparable. 
CS~i''i id ihak, TTndonbtedly. 
iJiii Idthah, A carcase, a dead body. 
^e^* l&thay, If othing, a trifle. 
fjJi Idtih, Adhering, joined. 
liei Idtim, Striking, boxing. 
i._.-scl Id^ib, A player, a gamester. 
M^^ Idkalam, Let it pass, I agree, 

there is no more to b« eoid. Withont a 

word ; indUpntabl}'. 
ii Id Id, Ko, no, not at all. 

J3 ladh (plor. of ^jl). Pearls. 
hlill*^ Idm alif, This componnded 

cbaracter 'i Id some Arabian gram- 

DiariaoB coneider as the 29th letter of the 

alphabet ; and mpport it by aajing that 

Uahomet denoon^ eternal damiiatioii 

to sU who refused to adopt it as sach. 
^1 Idmih, Looking alyly, bnt at- 

tentivel}'. Shining, glancing. 
ilW'S Idmahdlah, Ineyitable. 
■f*'i Zdmakh, The fether of -y, 
TJoah. ^ 

^jH-^ Idmis, Touching, feeling. 
^3 Idmi^ (fem. ht^\ Splendid, 

Bhining, bright, flashing. 
^IC«]J Idmakdn, Inexigtent, haviiig 

no abode. 

-»3 l&ml, Belonging to the letter J . 

J^ lianna, Because, since, in order to. 
y^H Idnmir, Incomparable, nn- 

i^Jta-^ JavJuuh (or A^^^^^fi^»■p), 

God forbid ; maj God remoTe all BOirOT 

from him. Btbto ! Well done ! 
^jS Zoirf , A Lerite ; Levitical. 
^MH Idhif, Injured, afflicted, sad, 

aig^iing. A ti^ handsome, corpnlent, 

great man. L-.Jij1(_aAl, A heart 

tram with grief. 
LZJ j tii Idhit, Divinity. tJ^A3,DiTiiLe — 
^ji>i^h Why? wherefore. 
^S^ Id yutaiaSdal, Incommnt 

able, nnchangeable. jjJlz^ l^^ 

yutaghayyar. Unalterable. 
J.4.s^ll la yutdhamTnal, jf^ mczM 

jUajH, Intolerable, 
jjscjl Id yaju%, Prohibited, illicit. 
«r3 Idyih (fem. laS>, Evident^-, 

cltar, appearing ; bright, splendid. 
^^iciri Id yuhsa', Innumerable. 
i^>X>3 Idyudrik, Incomprehenmbl^^ 
Jar;:! Id yuhaH, Bl^tiiDate. 
i_)1J^V Idyiodh, Indissolnblfl. 
Jl^S Id yazdl. Eternal, dnrabl^^' 

jjui Id yit^add, Innnmerable. 
iJaju^ Id ya^il, Insane, mad, dnul^^ ' 
i_ -^-;^ Id yughiah. Invincible, ni*- ' 

lU^H l& yafat. Immortal. 
Mii Id yufham, Unintelligible. 
(j^ layikoilayli (fem. AsjII), Worthy a 

5 roper, adapted, convenient, soitibL^' 
oc, fit for, able, qualified. 
CUbwi Id yumut, Inunortal. 
_iL^l Id yanbayhi, Indecent^ iin-' 
"pertinent. j 

i^^iJi:^ Id yvn/ai, IndiviuUe. 


luhhf The heart, the soul. 
Marrow, a kernel ; the pith of a tree. 

The best part of anything. (Ji^ 

jys\, The kernel of a nut. Zubh 

(plur. ^jUO, The understanding, 
genius, judgment. 

^U! lahabat, Intelligent, ingenious. 

jU luhdd or lahad, A kind of 

woollen cloth, fjul lahhdd, A 
manufacturer or vender of woollen cloth. 

i!jL! luhddat or lahddat, if Jul luh- 

Iddat or 2rjLJ, A short thick 
woollen coat worn in the time of rain. 

jwL! libdSy A garment, vest, robe, 
etc., or cloth for making them. 

iss^ lahkhat, A cataplasm. 

if jj Uhdatf A piece of woollen cloth. 

^j^ labs, Putting on a garment. 
Libs, A garment. [of habit. 

LuJ Itbsaf, A mode of dress ; a kind 

kJ tahaty Striking the ground with 
the fore-feet. 

fjj lahahy The being intelligent, 

skilful, ingenious, worthy, proper, fit. 
A garment (fitting well). 

^ Idban, Milk. 

^UJ Zuhndn, Mount Libanus; so 

called from the milky whiteness of its 
perpetual snow. * 

^ lahanat, A square brick. 

i^ (plur. cl:\^), A lioness. 

i_. -^^ Itbth, Prudent, intelligent, 

wise, sagacious, acute; industrious, at- 
tentive, assiduous. 

uXm3 Idblayhy What do you want 

with me? What would you have ? Here 
I am : I wait your commands. 

aIsJ Usdm, A veil, or any fillet 

bound round the mouth to disguise the 
fiace, or keep out dust. 

203 ^ 

aSJ lasm, Kissing. Veiling the fisuie. 
* Breaking, bruising, wounding. 

^ lajf, Contention, obstinacy, stub- 

^bomness, repi^nance, reluctance. Im- 
portunity. Litigious, contending against. 

Ls? lafd. Flying to, taking refuge. 
An asylum. 

aW Ujdm, A bridle, reins. 

iiJ hffat, Plenty (of water, etc.), 
the great deep, the middle of the sea, an 
abyss. [quarrelBome. 

Iqfuj or to-4js?, Litigious, 

i^W lahdz, The exterior angle of 

the eye. Lihaz, Observing attentively, 
looking through half-shut eyes. 

ujW Uhdff A blanket, a coverlet, 
a counterpane. [meat 

f\^ lahhdm, A butcher, a seller of 

jjL^ lahhdn and iW, One who 
pronounces with great impropriety. 

Ss^ lahad, A place dug in the side 
of a sepulchre, a niche, a catacomb. 

(j**^ lahs (or <Uu^), Licking. 

^Ls^ lahz, Looking through half-shut 

eyes. i\^^ lahzat or lahzah, One 
look, a glance. In the twinkling of an 

eye. ^iis|^j, But for a mo- 

lJu^ lahfy Covering with any cloak 
or coverlet. 

Q^ lahaJcy Anything following and 
joining another. Lahh, Joining, ad- 

^ Mm, Flesh, meat. ^1^®^- 

X^ksr lahmat (plur. /«^)> A piece 

of meat. Zuhmat, The woof of a web. 
Lahmat The fleshy skin of the head. 
Zuhmat, Propinquity, relationship. 

^.J lahan, Deviating, pronouncing 
erroneously. Saying anything to one 
which he understands, but is uniiL- 

^^ and j^l^), A soimdy a tone. 

Melodj) modulation. An error in pro- 
nouncing the vowels. A cacophony, 
monotony, a barbarism of speech or 
accent. The signification of a word. 

<U5:% One sound, one barbarism, 

^^ hihuk, Following, reaching, 
arrival ; conjunction, touch, adhesion. 

j^ys luhum (plur. of j^ and^U^). 

(^^ lahawl, Belonging to the beard 
or jaws. 

<JLsr lahyanl (and t<^ 0, Having 
a large or long beard. 

<U^ lihyat (plur. jc^), A beard. 
jJ hdu, To, with, nigh, after, at. 

Q jJ ladghy Stinging (as a scorpion) ; 

biting (as a serpent). A cutting ex- 

i^jJ lada\ To, with, nigh, near, 
after, at. 

«\! la%Zf Sweet, agreeable. Eloquent, 

c:.^! jj lazzat (plur. of i'jj). Plea- 

sures, delights. <GLu>>cl;1«\J, 
Pleasures of the senses. 

JjliJ lazdyiz (plur. of if jj JJ), Plea- 

if jj lazzat, Pleasure, delight, con- 
tent, sweetness ; taste, flavour, savour. 

l1>! J3 lazalika, Because, on account 
of. Pightfiil. 

jj iJ laziz, Sweet, full of juice, de- 

jlj! lazak, Glue, l^ JJl jljl. The 

glue of gold, i.e. Borax. Gum am- 

Ajj] luzum, N'ecessity, compulsion, 

obligation. Necessarily following, be- 

^ J lazlk, An inseparable com- 



^UJ U%any The tongue. Language^ 
dialect, idiom, diction, speech, jargon. 

The style of a book. j^\^J^, 
Bugles, ^ borage. Jb.«is.\^U, 
Plantane. ^JuJI^UJ, A high 
encomium. ^^Urdl^UJ, The 
seed of the ash-tree. i^^^JlCI^LJ, 
The heib dog's-tongue. ^^U 
jull. The tongue of fire, t.^. flame 
without smoke. ^^LJjJ, Two- 
tongued, i,6. deceitful. LjU 
lisanan, Verbally. 

5^ las^, Stinging as a scorpion. 
Reproaching. [quent. 

^^^ lasan, Eloquence. Zasin, Elo- 
(JA lisB (plur. ^^yA)f A robber. 

iUJ lissat (fern, of ^), A female 

yjy^ lusuk, Conjunction, adhesion. 
(J'^ laslk or ^Uu«J, Neighbouring. 

^UaJ latdfat, Grace, elegance, 

beauty; the being small, slender, yet 

i)Ly latdyif (plur. of XLlai), 
Jests, etc. 

L^py lutf, Gentleness, humanity, 
graciousness, loveliness, goodness, favour, 
courtesy, blandishment, kindness, be- 
nignity, bounty, generosity, pleasure, 
benevolence, elegance. 

aU latnty Striking with a palm 
twig; cutting the cheeks with blows. 

Latm or ^uU, A blow, a box. 

^-jLU latlf (fem. ^U-U), Elegant, 

graceful, beautiful, agreeable, lovely, 
genteel, gallant, pleasant, soft, gentle, 
benign, benevolent, affable ; thin, 3end^ 
with elegance. 

c— jU! lu^dhf Saliva running from 
the mouth (of an infant) ; snot, mucus^- 




la^, Play, game. 

Cji lu^at, One game. A puppet. 

jtf*«l hi^l, Ludicrous, belonging to 

^Lidxi U^uydnthif On account of 

hifi disobedience, sin, or rebellion. 

Jji! la^lhy Perhaps. ^JjJ la^Ul 
«• •• 

and s^^ la^lanJ, Perhaps I. 

Ci^Ul h^allaka, Perhaps you. 

clU! la^^f Pusillanimous, timid. 

^ la^y Cursing. To curse. Driv- 
ing away (from anything good). 

^ la^nat or la^ah^ An impreca- 

tion, curse, anathema. <id!tJU 
^lJlc, la^atullah ^Iwyhi, or JL«lf 

, icjJJl, May the curse of God be 

upon him (an imprecation generally 
added to the name of the devu, or any 
worthless man). Lu^nat^ Execrable. 

^j^ la^n, Detested, execrable, 
abominable, anathematized, excommnni- 

oated. (j;-jJJ^ Satan. 

oU! luffhdt, Plur. of JU!. 

iii loghat (plur. CL^UI), The tongue, 
idiom, speech, language, dialect ; a dic- 
tionary, lexicon, vocabulary. J^ 
ij^\, Lexicography. 

^ lughaz, laghaz, lughz, An enigma ; 
anything occult, ambiguous, or mys- 
terious, difficult to be understood; any 
speech liable to misinterpretation, or to 
give offence. 

f^ laghw, An inconsiderate speech ; 
speaking thoughtlessly and improperly ; 
talking triflingly. Barking. Swearing 
tftshly. Disappointing, cutting off from 
hope. Anything contemptible, low-priced, 
of no value. 

4j5yL3 laghwa\ Anything mean, 
little, contemptible, etc. Anything infa- 

mous, the subject of public conversation. 
Lughawt, Belonging to language, etc. 

Li:\iyfl laghwiyatf Inconsiderate 
words, rash, trifling, without foundation. 

<i.jl1 laff^ Involving, twisting, fold- 
ing, complicating, joining. 

C1?U! lafat (plur. of lil), Turbans. 
<l5UJ lifafat or <Gli! lifdfah (plur. 
i^li!), Any kind of bandages 

wrapt round the feet. A wrapper, an 
outside cover of a letter. 

jjU! lafayiff Plur. of ilil. 

iUiLftI Uftlyat, A dish of carrots or 

lai! laf% (or <Llai!), Pronunciation. 
A word, a vocable. Ejecting, throwing 
out (of the mouth). Pronouncing, ar- 
ticulating (words). jJjt^jlai!, 
The pronunciation and sfgnification. 
Uai! lafaartf Explicitly, distinctly, 
properly pronounced. lkft]<dl^ 
^^^ix^j, A word resembling ano- 

ther in sound and sense. j<lail, 
Enunciative, pronounced. 

fjs^ hfk^ Sewing two things to- 

c- g ^ii laflf, A crowd, a mixed mul- 
titude or congregation. Mixed grain. 
A friend, a companion. The double im» 

perfect Arabic verb. iLil hfifan^ 
Assembled from every tribe. 

Is) lah&j Meeting, being opposite, 
occurring, opposing, encountering (in 
battle) ; falling or hitting upon. Seeing. 

LU! lahdty Stalks of com left uncut 
by the reapers. 

L-^ lahab (plur.c->U!l), A title of 

honour, a surname, an addition ; a nick- 

jJii lakad, Altogether, entirely. 

klil laJcatt Anything collected or 
gleaned from the ground. Lakty^ Gathet- 
ing anyt^mig itoisi^iQA ^^-vxsA* 




^Jaftl lakatatf One thing picked from 
the ground. 

A^l lakam, Quickly eating or swal- 
lowing (anything) iuii! (pi. ^il), 
A mouthful, a morsel. 

^UJi! Zukmdn, The name of a 

famous Eastern fabulist (supposed by 
some to be ^sop). 

]a^ laktt, Collected^ assembled; 

(pi. Ikfl!), A foundling boy. 

(J.^ lak, A hundred thousand. 

u^ /aX% To thee. Bed tears, or 

CA^ lakf, A tribe of Ethiopians. 

A^ lakm, Striking, boxing. Zahitiy 
To you, your. [still. 

^j^ lakin, Idkin, But, nevertlieless, 

^j9 la^an, Any basin or vessel in 
which the hands, feet, or body are washed. 

J3 likay (or (j^,<^), That, so that, 
" in order to. 


ti^ lakaymdy See ^^1 lakay. 
j^lQ lagany A water-pot. 

^ Itllahi, Por God. j^^, Por 
the great Grod, for the love of God. 

£Jlj4X«iw\dU, To God be praise 
and glory, 

Cl^jli /i7t^a^^,Suddenly,extempore. 

J lam, Not. When prefixed to the 

future, it gives it the preterite significa- 
tion, and sometimes the present ; as 

j»a^^ J ) He did not assist or remedy. 

0lJ14^«^ J^(J> There is not 
a created thing resembling it on earth. 

I! 2(iinm, Assembling,collecting what 

had been dispersed. U] lamind, 

The whole, totally, uniyersally, leaving 
nothing remaining. 

^U l$ma, Why} For .that which 

(comp. of L« and J). Ul lanma^ 

Not yet ; why ; after that ; when ; i^oe 
the whole, entirely, quite, totally. 

C^U] lammdtf Plur. of ^. 

IjUJ lamdzd (comp. of J, L«, and 

] j), For what reason ? why? 

<UU! lammd^t, A desert where the 

vapour ^j|^ glitters. The shining 
of the skin. 

<u3 lumat (plur. C^US), A body of" 
men from three to ten. 

^ lamah and jjlas'*^, Shining^ 

twinkling (star), flashing (lightning) - 
Looking at slyly, glancing the eye at an^' 
object. A glance ; a twinkling of th^ 
eye, an instant. " 

Is^ lamhat (pi. CjUl**^), A glance 
with the eye, a wink. [feeling 

\j**Jil^ lama, The touch, handlings 
^^ Um^ and jjl*^. Shining, glit — 

tering, glancing, twinkUng, flashings 
glaring. Splendor, brilliancy. 

cl^U^J lama^t, Plur. of <Lm3 anX- 

^J^ laman (comp. J and ^^), Tc^ 

him or them who. To whom, whose. 
^AM^ Imunshtihi, See ^^^i^^^j 

^^(j:^ hayt Imuallifihi, A^ 

verse of the author («'.«., such as tii^ 
reader can perceive is not borrowed, bu€^ 
the composition of the author). 

^ Ian, (A particle preceding ther 
future) no, never, not at all. 

jl law, If, but if. ^j , Although, 
notwithstanding. lU, Did (I) 
not. ilj-J, Unless. iJuyJ, 
Although he surrendered or submitted. 

Ijl lawd, The twisting or coiling of 

a serpent. The winding (of a xiver, 
«to.^, a \«IkYi a ehannaL A tait, » 


district. lAWOf Twisting^ bending, coil- 
ing, winding, tjl lawwd, Name of 
a bird. 

Ijl liwd, A standard, flag, banner, 

colours. A goyemment (of a small dis- 
trict, town, or castle). 

ij\Jl\ allawdti, Plur. of ^jJl. 
(j-=>^^j^ lawdhik (plar. of (J^^ or 

fern. iSsJi), Dependencies, ap- 
purtenances, relatives ; followers, clients, 

^Ij! hwdztm (d^Ujljl) plur. of 

Aji or fern. ^Ji, Necessary things, 
requisites, pertinents, 
tu! lawwdtf PrsBposteraB veneri 

addictus. <l!?|^ liwdtat, Prse- 
posterse veneris nsus. 

-tf^lj! Imod^jy Plur. of ^H (or 
<^r^J}), The ardours (of lovers). 

c^ljl lawdlth, Plur. of c^^. 
^Ji lawdmi^ (plur. of huti and 
^^), Lights, rays. 

lawdyihf Plur. of ias^X 

i^\^ lawdyim, Slanders, accusations, 
reproaches; faults. 

\^ji luliyd (<^J^), French bean. 

(^j^ lawaSf Dirt, fllth, contamina- 
tion, defilement, impurity. 

-.^ lawh (plur. 7-|^^)} A table, 

plank, or any thing flat, of wood, bone, 
etc., especially on which any thing is 

ii>^^ lawhat, One table, etc. 
i^*^^ lo/w%^, Eloquent, ingenious. 

Jj! law%, l^e almond, ij^. One 

lutl, The people of Lot ; the 

'people of Sodom, prsepostersB yeneri 

207 J^ 

Xej! lawhat, Inflaming (with love). 



Afflicting. The being indisposed either 
from disease or fear. Black round the 

Sjl lawldy Unless. Seejl law. 

c^^ hwlah, A screw, a vice. The 

spout of an alembic. Any tube or 
canal through which water flows. 

^^^^,Belonging to or resembling 
a"screw or vice. 
^J! lulu or luu luu (noun of unity 
ij!^), A pearl. 

i^yji, Belonging to pearls. 

^y luum or lutn, The being ignoble, 

inglorious, mean, sordid, avaricious. 
Covetousness, villainy, vice. Zawm, 
Blaming, reprehending, accusing. A 
fault, error, sm, crime. 

^ji laum, The colour, or external 

form. A species, a genus. jJi^ 

fjj^\, Many coloured, variegated ; 

deeply tinged. jji^^J-ij# Dis- 
coloured, of a bad or weak colour. 

2r^jJjI Zdndrah, London. 

is Zah, God (for^l). Poland. 

<id lahu (fern, l^). His, to (from, or 
of) him. 

^^l^ lihdh, Plur. of Vi.^^ and 

^L^. Zuhdh and l^^*^, Burn- 
ing, flaming (fire). Flame without 

aI^ luhdm, A numerous army (as 
devouring or destroying all opposition). 

^^ lahb or lahah, Burning with 
thirst or with fire. Flame (especially 
without smoke). 

4fsr hhfat, The tongue. hsT^\,^^, 
Eloquent. ^ 

J^ lahid, Oppressing, overloading, 

afflicting ; wearing out cattle by oyer- 
working; beating, thrusting^ ^uahini^v 



tempt Eatm^, Hckuig witli the Umgae. 
Any kind of ware in the feet, etc., of 
Ben or animaln. A tamoar under the 
dionlder-blades of beasts of burthen. A 
grare, also an indolent, or sedentary man. 

M^ lahasdf Because o( therefore. 

U^U yd lahfan {^^, ^Wk> 

^Jx Jl^\} or iflid^lLr), Alas ! 

•^ lahw, Playing, amusing one's- 
self, passing the time agreeably, unbend- 
ing tne mind. Play, anything Indicrons 
or jocolar ; whaterer direrts the thoughts 
from anything serions (especially women, 
diildren, etc.) 

i__ -^ lahih, Ardour, inflammation, 
beat, the passion of lore. 

luhaym and >^V^ ummu^ V 

Maym, Misf ortone ; a f erer ; &te, death. 

^ ft. To me. 

ZiL) liydkatf Dignity, decorum^ 

worth, merit, skill, excellence. Propriety, 

JU Uyal, JU, PL of JJ, Nights. 

jX^Udm (plur. oitH^), Mean, sordid, 

^LS laydn. Softness, gentleness, 

lenity, smoothness; conrenience, ease, 
conmnt. Behaving placidly, compas- 
sionately, hmnanely. 

KZ^ layta (or ^j:^\i), Would to 
God ! I wish. . ^, Would to 



I wish 

heaven that I. 
tiiat yon, etc. 

ci .^jl lays, A lion. A lioness. 
i^MhJ hysay Not; is not. ^i{j*^ 
U-ji.ljJ\, There is nobody at 

d^\ ,1^1 


It is 

home but us. 
not as I wish. 

aJ hf and XLS, Fibres, filaments, 
eepecially of palm-trees. 

JJ layl or i3J, Night. jlfJljJJJl, 
IHgbt and day. )U laylan, In the 

night time. jJji\UJ, The night 
of power. 

&^] /toAa, Lest 

^JJ Ldyl^^ Name of a lady fre- 
* qnently alfaided to in the East 

^^^J /iM«ii, A lemon, a citron. 

^ layn (fem. JLJ), Soft, gentle, 
mild; placid, smooth, humane. 

^y^ hwdM (see ^'jJfc>), A royal 
tmt, etc. 

Cj^aJ luyu*^ Plur. of <^^J lays. 
^, Tile, abject, mean, base, worth- 


leas, ii^orions, ignoble, sordid, avaiici- 
ons; cowardly. 

A mim, The twenty-fourth letter of 

the Arabic alphabet. In arithmetic it 
denotes 40, and in tUmima^ is (he 
character for Sonday. 

L« md, Which, what, that which, 
whatsoerer. Why, wherefore. No, not. 

How ! UJ^l Jj^^, Let there be 

some (or a given) circle. 1 J^j j^l 

c, 'tXii^Wa^, Indeed Zeid is an 

excellent writer. l^^^^*yk^\U, 

How excellent is Omar. ^jVr>,jl t«, 

As far as I can. L»^c::>w>jL«, 
As long as I liye. This particle is fre- 
qaently added to others, without making 
any sensible difference of sense ; as 

i:;\, If, but if. Uj (for J,l), Be- 
cause, certainly; although. L«\jt 
(for \j\), When. U^, As, as if, 
like, according to. 1*4^3, In order 
to. U^, That, in order to. Ui^, 
How? U^, As often as. Where- 
fore. UK, As often as. Whatso- 
e^ei . ^^ y^ , According as it 

}\\^, Most 



was. fJJ^jW^, Most rapid, vi- 
brating with velocity; what rapidity! 

al&jlLt, Most superb; how glori- 
ous I 

U» wa or *L« maun, Water, juice, 
sap, humour, liquor. i\^\ *U, The 
water of life or immortality. *L« 
J-ujcll, Water and honey, me- 
theglin. ijj^*^f ^'lowing or 
running water. *X^l>-*L«, Stag- 
nant waters. ci^*t«, Pure water. 
^^k^'U, Eain water. JaiU'U, 
Distilled water. j-J*U, A foun- 
tain, a spring, t-^j^^ or J;j!l*L«, 
Eose water. ^<juJ1*U, Barley 
water. \^^J^y An aqueduct. 

libUi wa hdkt, The remainder, the 

^l^i^ltUU, That in which there is 
joy, gladness, rejoicing. 

^ tn mmht (fem. iljL«), Abomi- 
^nable, detestable, loathed. Pestiferous. 

^uu\^^\j^\, Pestilential dis- 

fji^\y* mdhayn, An interval, inter- 
stice, space between two bodies, both 
sides. Between. Among. 

AjJut« md takaddartif The past, an- 

Aj*t« maatam, A misfortune. An 

assembly of female mourners, beating 
their breasts, tearing their hair, face, or 
garments, and making a melancholy 
noise, on account of any misfortune, as 
tiie death of a friend, etc. It also, 
sometimes, implies a promiscuous meet- 
ing of men or women on any festive 
occasion. Condolence, consolation. 

aJUi mdtam, Mourning. 

y*t« maasar (plur. iyL«), Signs, 
memorials, illustrious actions ; histories, 

w*L« maasam, Sinning. Iniquity. 

jy*L« maasur, A history, saying, 

j^Ui mdjtd, (A man) conspicuoos 
for honour, nobility, or glory. 
0^t«(.ijby^, Most glorious, 

honoured, noble. 

\^L« mdjard or t^r^t* tndjara*, 
An accident, event, any thing past. 

^^t« Mdjuj, Magug, the son of 

Japhet. That part of Eastern Tartary 

bordering on China. See ^^^j-U . 

Ui mdhadar, Whatever is ready 
or prepared in haste (as victuals, etc.) 

^^-»-U mdhi, Obliterating, defacing. 
** One who erases or defaces. 

(dll^jlo^U md Ichahk' allah, That 

which God has created, i.e. all the world, 
all sorts of men or animals. 

i^y>^*\yt maakhuz, Eeceived, taken, 
occupied, held (as an opinion). 

U^t« mdkhdlldy Melancholy. 

a1jL« mdddm, During, whilst, so 
' long as, until that. Shirting. 

^Jt« mdddat, An article, pointi 

subject, matter, argument, 

-.jt« mddih, part. Praising; an 

4^jt« mdddiy Material, tb jt«<Ll£| 
A material cause. 

jjj^jjL* md%(myiln, A Persian herb 

five or six feet high, bearing green berries 
like capers, which, being preserved in 
vinegar, are excellent for the dropsy. 

<U J*U maazanat, A tower belonging 
to a mosque, from which the crier pro- 
claims the hour of prayer. 

f^^J*\^ maazHn, Dismissed, suffered 
to depart, licensed, permitted, allowed. 

jU mdr, A lord, a rich man; a 





jt« mdrr, part. Passing. "Walking. 

Any one, some person, jj^ 5^L«, 

The before mentioned, the above ex- 

L^jX^ maarahy The time or place 

for any necessary business. A small 
place between Sanaa and Hadramut in 
Arabia Felix, famous for its salt. 

<Oj*Ui maarhat, Any thing necessary 
to be done. Necessity, indigence ; (whence 

the proverb) i^U5j-3ij*U, Ne- 
cessity is not importunity, i.e. Necessity 
has no law. 

J;L« mdrid, Contumacious, stub- 
bom, rude, insolent, proud. High, 

^\i^j\^ maristdn, An hospital or 
infirmary, a madhouse. 

h^Ju ij U mdrhashlsd and l:>;JuJjl^, 
An herb. 

iij\^ mdrrah (for if^L« fern, of jU), 
Passengers ; things passing away. 

^\^ md8 for /i*<Uit, A diamond. 

(jwUf mass (fern. <Lol^), Touching, 

^jUmjL* mdaahakf That which pre- 
cedes ; anything past, said, or done. 

uX«9t« mdstk, part. Holding, re- 

^■iLiU mdsalaf, The past, the be- 
fore-mentioned or performed. 

^Ui mdsh, Pease, pulse. 

ix^Uf mdshit and <Lk^t«, A tire- 
woman, comber or dresser (of a bride, 
etc.) [veiling. 

j--lUi mdahly Going, walking, tra- 

X%^t« mdshiyatf Quadrupeds, sheep, 
oxen, camels, etc. 

^tXi^L* mdsadahf That which is 
true, anything demonstrated or verified. 

ijL^X^ mddighat, The jaw, that part 

whence the teeth grow. Two veins in 
the jaw. 

^\^ mddi, part. Passing away, 
past. j^Ull, The past, time 
past. ^JjU^UJI, Of thepast 
nothing is mentioned. Xm^UJ\^)1 
^LuJljL»]|^, The ancients, the 
people of former times. Jjult 
^^Ull, The preterite tense. 

i^L* mdtir, part. Kaining. 

1 JlcL* md ^ddy That which is past. 

Besides, except. 
(Jli^liU mdfdt, That which is past 

^•iL« mdfak, Beyond, without, 

above, aforesaid. 
JUIJt* md/rmi {j^iA^\d\^ or 

jlyJltiU), That which is in the 
mind, intention, thought, design, re- 
flection. j^'^\fjJud^, That 

which is in the thing itself, i,e. The 
essence, substance, foundation, principle. 

J-JL« md hihal, That which pre- 
cedes, the antecedent, the former part 

^\^ mdkir, A deceiver, a cheat. 
J^U madkalf Victuals, viands. 
(^luuu«l|^J^ U!l, Meat and drink. 

JlK U maakalaty Aliment, food, any 
kind of nourishment. 

J^*U maakul (plur. CL^Sj^U), 
Eaten, devoured. Food, victuals, viands. 

J,U madl, The suhstance or ten- 
dency of the words. 

JU mdl (plur. J^y«^), Riches, 
money, wealth, possessions, goods, effects, 
estate. c^^L^ JU^j;!L>v3 JU, 

Goods moveable and immoveable; also 
an estate animate or inanimate (as slaves, 
flocks, herds, and money, lands, or 

houses), LSj^^iJ^f The royal 

\ xe^eiixi^ ot domains. JU)lij>^i 




A treasury, v^^ J J U, Temporal 

aK1IL« md Id kaldm, Immense, un- 
speakable, inexpressible in words. 

^l^DUt md Id nihdyat, Infinite. 

2mV^ mdldy^nl, Yain, foolish, 
* signifying nothing, useless. 

Jt« mdlih, Salsuginous (plant). 
Salt (water). Salted (fish, etc.) 

U^^t* mdlicMUydy Melancholy. 

md lazim, That which is 
necessary. [frequents. 

L^'Lv maaltf, A place which one 

j;It« mdliky A flatterer. 

vl^U mdlik, A king. A possessor, 
lord, master, proprietor. 

4jl^t« mdlikdnah, Possessing, in 
sole property, with despotic power. 

ij\jL^\^L^j^, Complete pos- 
session, absolute dominion. 

iGLdt* mdlikiyaty Possession, pro- 
perty. Patronage. 

t^^'t* maalufy Eamiliar, accus- 
tomed to live in friendship with, ordi- 
nary, customary. [afflicted. 

'L« maalum^ Sad, mournful, 

^JUi mail (fem. ^U), Belonging 

to riches, wealthy. MaUt/at, The 
finances, the treasury, the exchequer. 

^-jL^i^LlU, The secretary or 

comptroller of the treasury. Jifaltyaty 

i^«a^t« md mada\ That which is 
past. ^^*fiUL«jtf*A^, That which 

is past is past ; let us not think or speak 
of the past. [sesses. 

f^^J^V^ mdmalak, All that one pos- 

jj.^*Lt maaman, A place of security. 

j«^*L« maamUr, Fixed, defined, de- 
termined, ordered, commanded. Any 



one to whom authority or orders are 
delegated; a commissary, a plenipo- 

<Ojy«*t« maamUriyat, Commanded, 
ordered ; submission to a mandate. 

Jj^'t* maamulf Hoped for, what 
is expected. 

i^y*\^ maamUfiy Eendered secure, 

preserved ; freed from, exempted. Firm, 
constant. A person in whom confidence 
is placed, to whom one trusts. The great 
Almamon, son of Haron Arrashid, and 
the fourth Khalif of the house of Abbas. 
He reigned from a.d. 813 to 833. 

^y\^ mdmUniyah, Marchpane, 
sugared bread. 

bji^t« mdmud, An herb. 

ij*U maanat, The lower belly, 
abdomen; hypochondria; the navel or 
that part of the belly surrounding it. 
Fat adhering to the interior part of the 

*jL« mdna^ (plur. ^\yi), An 

impediment, obstacle, opposition, hin- 
drance. Refusing, denying, prohibiting. 
Manif^, A prohibiter, etc. Difficult of 
access, reserved (man). 

(jMy*V^ maaniis (or ^^(jm^^^), A 

companion, associate, friend, domestic. 
Familiar, intimate. 

maawd (,^jl^ or i?ljt«), A 
mansion, dwelling, habitation. 

l^jU mdwardy That which is behind 

or after .^^ \ \j^Mdwa/rarCrCnahr^ 

That which is beyond the river (Oxus), 
i.e.y Transoxiana, Khorassan. 

«Jijt« mdwaka^ An accident. 

ij:^*L« ma€i/wa\ A mansion. 

tj^U mdwt (fem. ^^\^), Any copy 
of verses, of which every distich ends 

in U. 

^l^ mdhir, Acute, ingenious, saga- 
cious, cunning. Skilful in swimming. 
A master of any art. . [which is. 




*-JbU mdhiyat, Quality, essence, 
i^U may, Watery, aquatic, t^^^®* 
cji^Ui mdyty Dying. 
4j*U weii^y^, A hundred. See <L^. 

Jlfi^Uf ma yatahallal, Whatever 

is dissolvable by liquefaction or concoc- 

^Ui mdyih, One who goes down 
into a well in search of water. 

SiXjU mdyidat or mdydah, A tahle, 
especially covered with victuals. - 

^,U mdyi^ Melted, fluid. Liquor. 

i«jUf mdyi^t, Oil of cinnamon 
or myrrh. 

Jj*Ui mail, Inclined, hent, curved. 
Taking delight in, affectionate. 

<ujU mdilat, (A woman) waving 
gracefully when walking. 

(jww^*t«- w«<?yifc«,Desperate, hopeless. 

— L^ muhah (plur. CL^U-L^), Any 
indifferent action, whatever a person may 
do or let alone ; being attcnaed neither 
with praise nor blame. Lawful pleasure, 

Li--k>- w« mahdJm, A disputant, dis- 
puting. <L2.5»"L^ mubdhasat or 

mubahasah, A dispute, contest, debate, 

ifijL^ muhdddt, Manifesting, dis- 
playing (enmity) towards any person. 

jJu^ muhddir, Who makes haste. 

i^JU^, Haste, expedition. Making 

i! JU^ muhddalat, Exchange, barter. 

4^ jL^ mubddi, Beginnings, origins. 

J^L^ mabdriz (plur. of j^ or of 

^jL^), Battles; fields of battle. 

Mubariz^ A warrior, a combatant, a 
brave soldier, a hero. Prepared for war. 

ijj\^ muhdramt, War, battle, 

d^L^ muhdrak, Happy, fortunate, 
august; blessed, sacred. 

J^L^ muhdzarat, War, battle. 

j^\^ muhdshir, A superintendent, 

supervisor, inspector, commissary, pro- 
curator, deputy, factor, agent, plenipo- 

ijJ^\^ muhdsharat, A beginning. 

Superintendency, prefecture, agency, in- 
vestiture with Ml powers. 

<Ljuu1?w« mubdtashat, Seizing by 
force. Fighting in close combat. 

iffcVcL^ mubdc^dat, Separation, dis- 
tance, removal, departing one from 

if^y muhdldt, Consideration, atten- 
tion. ifjiL^ttLiJI, Inattention, 
-carelessness, indifference, 

^L^ mubdliyh, PI. of ^-S^, Sonu 
of ready money. 

^wv mubdlaghat, Exaggeration, 

hjrperbole. Amplification, excess, ^fysc- 
abundance. Superlative. Endeavour, 

j^L^ mabdni, Edifices, fabrics, 

** structures. Foundations. 

^l&L^ mubdhdt, Vainglory, pride, 

arrogance. Disputing for superiority in 
beauty or any other qualification. 

^L^ mubdharat, Boasting, glory- 

<UJI)L^ mubdhdlat, Execration. 

^^L^ mubdhl, Glorious, exalted. 
" Presuming, arrogant, proud, 

<Uj u^ mubdya^afy Commerce, traffic, 

trade. Mailing a contract of purchase 
or sale. Plighting faith, promising 

\ JCw« mubtadd, A thing begun. The 
beginning, principle, or subject of a propo- 
sition. A substantive noun. tjkSdkJI 

j^\^j The subject and predioate, 
\ QT %\v}^^\.^xiVvt^ ^ad adjective (in Syatvz}* 



jJcu/« muhtadir, part. Eushing to 

seize anything; flying to arms. Oyer- 

cJcu^ muhtadi^ An inventor, in- 
novator, author. Mubiada^y A new in- 

^Sx^ muhtadi, Beginning. 

jimI^ muhtashir, A receiver of good 

Jju^ muhtally Moist, watered. 

)Li^ mubtald, Afflicted, unfortunate, 
tried or inured to distress. Demanding 
OIL oath or confession. 

^JcL.^ muhtally, A glutton, a de- 
vourer. Mubtala^ , Absorbed, swallowed 

^xi-i^ muhtanl, Founded, erected, 
bmlt. joices. 

-tff^ muhtahij, Who exults, re- 

JfL«^ muhtahilf Who supplicates. 
Who groans (in prayer). 

Jiii^ muhajjal, Much esteemed, 

venerable. Mubajfil, Who reveres, 
honours. [ous. 

yiry* muhahhkhar, Perfumed, vapor- 

ijs£\^ mabhharatfk. censer for burn- 
ing incense in. 

CJuicU* mabkhut, Fortunate, happy. 

1jw« mahdd, The beginning, original, 
origin, principle, head (of any thing). 

&Ju^ mahda^ An invention, dis- 
covery, first production, fiction. 

ti^lcJu^ (plur.). Innovations (in 
a bad sense), revolutions, heresies. 
Mubdi^f A creator, author, inventor, 
founder. A heretic, a leader of a new 

Jjli^ miibaddid, Changed, altered^ 
exchanged, converted, turned into. 

•Jui./* mahdaw, A roral place. 
, Mabdu, A beginning, a thing begun. 

(Plur. t^jL^), Small pox be- 
giiming to appear. 

t^Ju^ mubdif Who begins, does 
"any thing first. An inventor. Who 
makes manifest. 

J Ju^ mubazzir. Prodigal, expensive. 

J^A-i^ mabzulf Expended, bestowed. 
A magnificent present. 

1^ mibrd, A penknife. 

J^ mabrad, A file, a polisher. 

J-«^ mubarrid, Refreshing, cooling. 
Mttbarrad^ Cold, afflicted with cold. 

jjf^ mubarrir, What justifies. 
Mubarrar, Justified. 

\j^ mabrazy A field of battle. An 

j^j*^ mabrur, Pious, religious, 
Uj^ mabruz, Produced, published. 

^Jb^ mubarhin, Demonstrative, 

^^^ mabri, Cut, chipped, hewn. 

^Lu-i^ mibsdm, Who smiles much, 

aSL^ mubassit, One who spreads. 
J£uba88atf Expanded. 

/MAw« mabsim. The mouth when 

r ' 

smiling; the fore teeth which then 

]cyu^ mabsut, Spread, extended, 
expanded, dilated, stretched out. 

^ju*-^ mubshar, Rejoiced with good 

.juuuw« mtibashshir, A bearer of good 
news ; an evangelist. 

^ytM^ mabshush, Who has an 
agreeable, afiEable, cheerful countenance. 

j*au^ mubsir, part. Seeing. Who 

sees. Clear, manifest. y>^f^ tnU' 

bassir, Provident, penetrati^. JtMoi- 
aar, Clear, perspicuous, made mamfiBst. 

ijiou^ mubsaraty An evident, or 



Jlxv« tnubtal, Abolislied, annihi- 
lated. Mubtil, Frnstratiiig, defacing, 

mvhattan, (A garment) 
adorned with an elegant lining. 

^Jou^ mubtin, Having a large belly. 

iJjJx.^ mabtush, Seized by force. 

^^L^ mahtun, A distended belly ; 
haying the cholic. 

^Li^ mtibtl, loLzy, slow. Late. 

mtiba^j^, Eemote, distant. 

mab^s, Sent. Baising 
(from the dead), awakened, ronsed. 

^y^ mab^j, Burst in the belly. 

^yu^ mabffhnd, Detested, odious. 

^JL^ mabghl, Desired, wished for, 
^sought after. 

^Ji*y mublcd! or mubla^ Preserved, 
reserved, remaining (plural). 

cL^LL^, Horses continuing to 

run after others started with them have 

iw« mubdlclcir, Doing any thing 
early in the morning. Who does any 
thing early in the morning, etc. 

6j\^S^9 Bew&iled, mourned. 

^ C«,^ mubakhCy Deplorable. 

MubTciy Causing to monm, making cry. 

^JU^ mublaf^, The isthmus of the 

jaws, the opening into the throat. 
Midla^j A glutton. Mubli^ , part. Caus- 
ing or allowing one to swallow anything. 

^L^ mvUagh, A sum, ready money. 
ajS^I^JumJI, The above-men- 

' tioned sum. Quantity, price, produce, 
the product or quotient in arithmetic. 
Mubligh, Causing or enabling one to at- 
tain any object. 

iJLb^ muoaUtl, part. Moistening well. 
ib^I^iT mai/ud, Stupid^ ignorant. 

c^L/t fnablu^ Swallowed up. 

J^L^ mabliU, Moistened, watered. 

^Ju^ mubll, part. Wearing, truing, 
«* consuming. Trying an experiment; 

^<^ mabnl, Suilt, constructed. 
^An edifice, a fabric, a foundation. 

jAjJ]\jLk:>^, (A word) ending in 

kasra or i short (^). Mubnty Who orden 

to build. t5^ mubannl, part 

Building, rearing (with expedition, and 
well). A builder. 

Jv-^ mtbfJDol (or ily^\ A urinal. 
Mubtoil, What causes one to make water. 

-^^t^ mubhij, part. Exhilaratingf 
^rejoicing, recreating. Luxuriant in 


herbage, verdant, -^f^^ mubaMijf 
Beautifying. ^ 

>^^ mubhim, part. Shutting (a door). 

* Miibhanty Shut (door). Occult, unknown, 
doubtful. Anything prohibited, (at 
marriage between brother and sMrter). 

>^^1^^1, The relative pronoim. 

LZJy^^ mabhut, Stupified,astoniBhed, 
struck dumb with astonishment. 

jj^^ mabhur, Eatigued, breathless. 

ci^'ww* mablt, Passing the night, 
doing anything in the night time. A 
bed-chamber, or any sleeping place. 

,^L^ mubih, part. Disclosing (a 
^secret), opening (the mind). Allowing 
every one to lollow their inclination* 
Doing anything by common right. 

Ju^ mubid, part. Destroying, ruin' 

mabl^ part. Sold or bougH 

venal. Mubtfif part. Exposing to sale; 

^^;wt muhtn, ^^ji^ mubayyin^ part 

Manifest, clear^ distinct. Dividing' 
separating, distmguishing, explamiog* 

^^^--wiJl^jJl, The true Mth. 
^^^^^^\) An evident tbipg. 



^ mubayyany Declared, ex- 
id, illust^ted. Separated, distri- 
under heads. 

mutabi^ part. A follower, 

mutdha^t, Obseqniousness. 
ring, understanding, or imitating 
mother; conforming one's-self to, 
itting, obeying. Doin^ anything 
y and certainly ; doing in the same 
er one thing after another. 

I mutaatiy part. Heady dis- 
, prepared. Easy, expeditious 
less). Arriving at, meeting by 
ie,coming upon suddenly, surprising, 
tening. Behaving mildly, \indly. 
nely ; conforming to society. 

mutaoBsir, part. Afflicted, dis- 
d. [made one. 

/• mutaahhid, part. United; 

• mutaakhkhir, part. Delayed, 
ling, receding, lagging behind. The 

^y^^li^l^U, The lan- 
9 ofthe modems. 

^ mutadhhl, part. Being bro- 
or friends ; acting, or receiving, as 
ther. Studying attentively, taling 


z^ mutaaddih, part. Well 
; learned. [published. 

^ mutaazzin, part. Signified, 

^ mutaazzi, part. Injured, 
I, offended. 

z^ mutaassif, part. Afflicted, 
ling. Anxious. 

matd^, Mercliandize, goods. 
iture, clothes, effects, utensils. 

:l^ mat^ih, Difflcolties, vex- 
s, afflictions, evils, misfortunes. 

» mutaakkid, part. Confirming, 
gthening. Mutadkkadj Corrobo- 
, repeated. 

^ mutaalUff part. Gnltivating 

;^uaintance. Jftitoa//a/j AssociAted, 
»ined, familiar. 

J'l:;^ mutaaUam, part. Afflicted^ 
' pained, sad, inconsolable, discontented. 
Orieved, troubled. 

^^* t^ mutadll, part. (pi. C-^Ula^), 

"Consecutive, following (especially <me 
who accompanies anomer in song in a 
lower voice). 

J^'lsL^ mutaammtl, part. Contem- 
plative, considering, examining oare- 
riilly. Considerate. 

Mi I 

^*\s^ mutaammin, part. Confiding 
in, secure. 

^^ matdnat, The being firm, 

solid, fixed, constant. Firmness, solidity. 
A fortification, a castle. Obstinacy. A 
place where figs grow. 

l1^^*\s>^ mutaannis, part. Of the 
feminine gender. 

^jjuJ'b^ mutaannasy part. Tamed, 

familiarized. Domestic. 

^'l:;^ mutaannl, part. Behaving 

** with address and attention in any affair ; 
patient and cool in transacting business. 

i^y^ mutaawwly part. Assembled. 
Bemaining at home. 

v.^*l2^ mutaahhtb, part. Eeady, 


Jjb'b^ mutaahhil, part. Harrying 
a wife. Worthy, proper, adapted, suited. 

jJ'l:^ mutaayyady Strengthened, 

jJLx^ mutdbddir, part. Making 

haste, endeavouring to get the start of 
another. Bising, originating, emerging. 

J^U::^ mtdahdnZy part. Striving, 
quarrelling. A striver, quarreller. 

d^Ui^ tnutahdrik, part. Blessed 

(God), venerable. Who lives happily 
and comfortably. Holy. Illustrious. 

(j^LcL^ mutahdri, part. Absolving 
one another, dissolving a partnership. 

^LU^ tnutahdtJ, part. Delaying. 
* Lying on the side. [distant. 


^-cLjl^ mutdbdghiy part. Desired, 
* wished for. Proper, suitable. 
jJLs^ mutahdJn, The residue, re- 
mainder, [glorying. 
JhLj^ mutabahl, part. Boasting, 

^LcL^ mutahdyin^ part. Distinct, 
separate, distant. 

j^p^ mutahahir, part. Yery learned. 

-asrUL^ matabakhkhir, part. Perfum- 
ing one's-self. [dissipated. 

J JuCL^ mutahhaddad, part. Dispersed, 
mutabaddic, part. An inno- 

Tator, inventor, an author, a leader of a 
sect of heretics. [substituting. 

J Jlw« mutdhaddH, part. Changing, 

mutdbassir, part. Contem- 
plation attentively; considering, pru- 
dent, judicious. 

^k-CL^ mutahattl, part. Delaying, 

^jofux^ mutaha^^d, part. Divided. 

fjL:^ mutabaUal, Moistened, wet. 

c A;w« 9na^^^, part. pass. A lord, 
chief, leader. 

«-^lsi^ mutatdbi^, part. Consecutive, 
successive, coming one after another. 

^l:;:^^ mutatdli, part. Consequent. 

" One following another in reg^ular suc- 

^o::^ mutafdUl, part. PoUowing 
- one another. 

Jil2u^ mutasdhU, part. Heavy, slow. 

Grud^n^ to do any thing, and desisting. 
Gravitating towards the earth. 

^J^^i^ mutasannl, part. Folded, 
doubled ; inflected, complicated. 

Iss^ mutqjdsir, part. Brave, 

;al^v« mutajdwiz, part. Trans- 
g^resszng, exceeding, pa<«ing by. 

matjar, Commerce. 

j^^:s.w« mutajazzl, part. Divided 
into parts. 

Ju<»jCL< tnutajasfidf parL Incarnate, 

embodied; corpulent. An^gCl^^^ 

>Mk?«rv» mutaJMiim, part. Corporeal, 

* incarnate, incorporate. Having a laige 
. body, corpulent. 

J-L;sv« mutajaTlal, part. Covered, 
clothed. Magnified. MMtaJallil, Orer- 
coming, excelling, rising superior ijji 

^l.s<V^ mutajaUl, Illuminated, en- 

,X4.ssx^ mutajammad, part. Con- 
gealed, concrete. [loving. 

(^\^^ mutahdhb, part. Mutually 

^y^Lt muttahid, part. United, made 

C^,^^ mutaharrik, part. Moved; 
moving one's self; moveabk 
ci3-^L«-ji, Immoveable. i^^\ 
d^ys\A^\, Moveable powers. 

^jli2^\y9 mtdahassin, part. Betirifig 
to garrison, fortifying one's-self. Taldng 

L»a<U mut-hif, part. Giving a 
present, nuddng an offering, consecrat- 
ing, dedicating. 

(J^^^ mutahkik, part. Certain, true. 
_L^t« mutahalh, part. Adorning* 

" Muiahalla* Adorned (especially widi 
bracelets or other female ornaments). 

JJL^L« mutahammil, part. Beariogi 
supporting, suffering patiently. 

.jl^Lt mutahayyiTy part. Astonished, 



• mutakhdgim, part. Disput- 
lolding an altercation, litigating. 
iTersary, an opposite party in a 


^ mutakhdltf, part. Oppos- 
pposite. Adverse. 

muUakhiz, part. Taking, re- 
^, selecting, choosing, assuming, 
iting. Muttakhaz, part. pass. 


U mutamassis, part. Appro- 

^^^^^ mutakhadhhid, part, 
i, moving. [jointed. 

^ mutakhallchal, part. Dis- 

^ mutakhalUff part. Bemain- 
left behind. [engaged. 

I mutahhdlli, part. Free, dis- 

mutkhtm, part. Having an 
stion. Causing indigestion. 

matlchamat, (Meat) corrupt- 
the stomach. 

• mutakhayyilj part. Imagin- 

uspecting, fancying (good or evil). 
:hayyal^ part. pass. An^hing similar 
idea conceived of it. A cloudy sky. 
ing highly, but falsely of one's-seLf. 
d covered with luxuriant herbage, 
stic, imaginary. 

^ mutadd^if part. Disputing, 
iding, provoking one another. 

nutadabhir, Considering with 
ion. Mutad<ibbar^-^2j^.'^dia&. Regu- 
disposed in order. 

» mutadarra^, part. Armed 
a coat of mail, or quilted cotton 

mutadaffih, part. Spreading 
overflowing (water). 

I mutadallts, part. Concealed, 
r a little. Licking anything in 

• mutadalUf, part. Approach- 


ee tJjJ 

^ JCL^ mutadahhin, part. Anointing 


j^Jo^ muttadi, part. Receiving 
money, as the expiation of homicide. 

^Jc^ mutadayyiuy part. A debtor. 

c J^ JCL^ mutaza^^, part.Dispersed, 
^ dissipated (wealth). 

i^ Jo^ mt^<;»5a^^,part.Beniembered, 
recorded, recollecting, recalling to mind. 

(—5^1^ mutara-aif, part. Compas- 
sionate ; merciful, pious. 

i^\jx^ mutarddd, part. Contending, 

driving, pushing, repelling one another. 
Dissolving any contract by mutual agree- 

uJjl^, part, of uJjl^, Successive. 

^\^ mutardkam, part. Accumu- 
lated, heaped up, condensed. 

9^]^ mM^at<;i]^A,part.Struggling, 

jjjbUx^ mutardhinf part. Depositing 

mutual pledges or wagers, 
^j^ mutarahhl, Educated, in- 
' structed, trained, accustomed. 

i«^J^ mutarattab, part. Firm, 

settled; ordered, established. Running 
in, upon, or against ; springing, rising. 
Suffering, affected. 

mutarojlfih, part, of ^^^*, 

Prevailing, conquering. 

>^^J^ vnutarajrij, part. Agitated, 

trembline, tottering, moving to and fro. 

^jr^ muta/rjjamy part. pass. In- 
terpreted, translated. 
i^J^^ mutaraj^'i, part. Hoping. 

A^-JL^ mutarahhim, part. Compas- 
sionate, merciftd, tender, affectionate. 

JJ^ mutaraddad, part. Repulsed, 
rejected, refused. Mutaraddid, Ooposing., 
resisting, oANecM. ^Qitdcccl^ «sa. ^\s>s^-. 



wandering, sanntering. Irresolute, re- 
ceding, ambiguous, perplexed, hesitating. 

{jaj^ fnataris, Trenches round a 
camp or castle ; a parapet of wood, 
earth, etc. 

Xaz^ mutarassid, part. Watcmng, 
expecting, exploring. Vigilant, hoping. 

^jAcji^ mutarraddid, part. Broken. 

,^J^ »iM^«/Ta(Wf,part.Contenting, 

satisfvring; begging anything to be ac- 

v^-^rp^ mutaraghghibj part. De- 
siring, expecting. 

L^p^ muta/rahhib, part. Contem- 

plating, observing. Expecting, desiring, 
wishing. Guarding. 

^^Jr^ matruh (pi. fern, ci^l^^^), 

Abandoned, left, ci^l^j^ matru- 

katf Moveables, anything left behind one 
(eitibier when leaving a place or dying) ; 
unnecessary baggage. 

v.^'Jb^ mutarahhth, Dedicating 

one's-self to the service of God ; leading 
a monastic life. [tiplied. 

Juh:^ muta%ayadf Encreased, mul- 
Jjljs.^ tnutazayil, Transitory. 

-jD^Ja^ mutamhzihy part. Eetiring, 

distant, absent. 
. '* 
\^^A^J:^ mutazahhtf, part. Ad- 
vancing towards. 

Jj^ mutazzaytd, part^ Increasing 

([the price of provisions). AflSxing, add- 
ing a commentary or supplement. 

j^j2.^ mutazaf/yan,DTeB8edf adorned. 

J.LuX^ mutasa-U or Jj>Uul^. part. 
Asking one another. 

cjlwyCL^ mutasari^ part Hastening 


LSUui.^ mutasdlcit, part. Falling, or 
throwing one's-self (into any place). 

4^^Uui^ mutasawif part. Equal; 

c^ muttaai^, part. Large, TaioaA. 

_iuu:x^ mutasakkl, part. Imbued, 
imbibing. ( 

Jjjgyq.^ mutasaUm, part. A vicar, a 
' locum tenens, a lieutenant to the gover- 
nor of a province, sent before to take 
possession for his superior, and managt 
affairs till his arrivaL 

^XmS^ mutasalll, part. Consoled, 

satisfied. , [tricate. 

u^IAiil^ mutashdhik, Perplexed, in- 

JuluCL^ mutashdhth, part. Like, le- 
sembling, conformable. 

aLuuuj« mutashdmm, part. SmeQiog, 
' snuffing up. 

\_^ -i;'^-"-f mutaahahhis, part. Grasp- 
ing strongly, fixing the nails or davB in 

J^A:^ mutasharradf part. Dispened, 

put to fiight. 
CjJ^z^ mutasharri^ part. SUQed 

in the laws. 

A M 


mM^(i«^Mz, part. CompLun- 

" ing, lamenting ; afflicted, pained, dis* 

JujLLu!^ mutashalshil, part. Haldsg 

water, dropping. 

4XcL3::^ mutasd^d, part. Asceaidmg 

^judiL/* mutasaddt, part. TunuDg 

away the face, opposing, objecting. At- 
tempting, presuming, daring, intent idoD' 
Any infenor officer of govemxDent, cfo^ 
accomptant, etc. 

uJj^ao^ mutasarrif, part. Possessiiig; 

occupying, enjoying. A possessor, t i 
master. Whatever is in one's povff 

or possession. L^j^aia^mj^f What 

is out of one's power (as a bird is the 

air, a fish in the water, etc.) iy 

^j^as^^j The thinking faoolfy. 

ujLa:^ muttaaif, part. Praisewnrfliy' 
Qualified, endued with. Beflcribed, de- 


muttasilf part. Contiguous, 

Qing, adhering. \J^m'uUa' 
Continually. Contiguously. 

mutasawwir, part. Imagining, 
^yin?. Matasayowary Imagined, 
nable, possible. Inclining, Terg- 
3nding towards. 

mutadajja/Ty part. Distresscidy 

ssed, injured, afflicted. 

muttadih, part. Manifest, evi- 
clear. [injured. 

mutadarrar, part. Dispersed ; 

« mutadarri^ part. Suppli- 
l, [resigned. 

muttadt^ Hambled, lowly, 

^ mutadawwl, part. Receiving 

(when in a dark place, from a neigh- 
Qg fire, etc.) 

mutazallam, part. Darkened, 
re. Injured, aggrieved. Com- 
ing of wrongs. Oppressed, and 
nmng justice. 

z^ muta^htby part. Suc- 

ve. tNi^^ {,,^\fC^, Coming 

muta-^l, High, etc. The 
; High God. Muta^l (or 

c^), Coming, approaching. 

iding by degrees; appearing aloft 
jh. Carrying one's-self high. 

>• mut^h, part. Fatiguing. 

muta^hlidj part. Devout, 

mut^ty Enjoying, etc. part. 

I. Advantage, gain, utility. 

ig a wife on the condition of dis- 
Qg her after a few days' cohabitation. 
%t. Performing the ceremonies at 
a, making the sacred visitation 

'^^ muta^jjihf part. Admiring, 

JJuc^ muta^addid, part Many, 

4^Juc^ miUa^addl, part. A trans- 

?ressor, a wicked wretch, a villain, 
assing by, or from one to another. 
Having a contagious disorder (people) ; 
dying one after another. An active, 
transitive, or casual verb. 

jJuc^ muta^asair, part. Difficult, 

impossible. Stained. Defaced. Making 
an apology. Deserving pardon. 

jmjc^ muta^assir, part. Difficult, 
impossible, intricate, hard to be ex- 
plained. JyaL.\j*MfC^, Difficult 
to be obtained, arduous. jmjXL^ 
j^j^\f Difficult to pass, hard to 
be got over. 

^Jlu}t2jc^ muta^Uish, part. Thirsty, 

pretending thirst. Wishful, desirous, 
eager, curious. 

1mL« muUa^z, part. Admonished, 

receiving, and following advice. 
(J^sc^ tnuta^lUk, part. Belonging 

to, depending upon, touching, concern- 
ing. Suspended, suspending, hanging 
to. Addicted, dedicated, attacned. 

CIi^UIjc^ (plur. fem.), Dependen- 
cies, appurtenances, circumstances. 

LZJya^ mut^h, part. Fatigued, 

oppressed; vexed. 

^jjoc^ muta^yin, muta^yyan^ 

part. Public, open, manifest, conspicuous. 
Certain, determined, constituted, ap- 
pointed, deputed. Following with the 
eye, piercing, influencing, or fascinating 
with n^ignant looks. Pierced full of 
small holes (a bottle, bag, etc.) • 

^kicL^ ww^fliy^a^^I,part.Covered,hid. 

v_ \*r-^ mutaghdllibf part. Euling, 
predominant, powerful, superior, see 

J^jc,^ mutaghayya/r^ Altered^ txw:^^- 
formed) <^\is^[v^^. "^!&»i«i?J^^* 


(JU::l^ tnutafdnl, part. Destroying 
** one another in war. 

iZJj^\Jc^ mutnfdivit, part. Distmct, 
separate, distant, different. 

^^as^^^^ mutafahhis, part. act. In- 
yesti^ting, enquiring, examining. . An 
enquirer, an inquisitor. 

— .jix^ mutafarrij, part. Contem- 
plating, examining, walking about, gazing 
around. A spectator. 


C^jXX^, part. Singular^ incomparable. 


{j*ijSC^ mutafarris, part. Judging 
from signs or appearances, conjecturing. 

9y^^-^ mutafa/rra^ part. Produced, 

originated, derived, propagated, effected. 
Mutafarrij, part. Belongmg to, depend- 
ing upon. 

y^jX:^ mutafwrraky part. Separate, 

distinct, different, divided, dispersed, 
scattered, confused, dissipated, ruined. 

(jsc>^ muttafih, part. Consenting, 

agreeing ; corresponding, concurring 
(testimonies) ; confederating, conroiring. 
United, uniform. Happening. Nearly 
related together. An accomplice, a con- 

ijc^ matafahki/ry part. Contempla- 
tive, considering, thoughtful. 

Jjlft::^ mutahdhily part. Opposite, 
meeting, opposing, or facing one another. 

Jc\JkL/t mutakdtiry part. Dropping, 
coming in a train, one after another. 

«Xf U::^ mutalcdMy part. Sedentary, 

stationary. Exempted from joining the 
army (a garrison soldier). Abstaining 


AjJb.^ mutalcaddim, Ancient, an- 

' terior. An ancient, an ancestor. A chief, 
president, principal, governor. 

k^Jc>^ mutakarrih, part. Approach- 
ing; having access to a king, a royal 
relation or favourite. Adjacent, near, 
allied to. 

Itl^ muttakdy A day-bed, couch, or 
Kof/if a cusbioiif carpet, or anything upon 
which people recline. 


tnutaiabhir, part. Proud, 
^haughty, arrogant, I0A7. 

JicL^ mutakallim, part. Speaking; 
* a speaker, an orator, declaimer, advocate. 
An eloquent orator. 

iJ^ muttaJA, part. Supported, 

propped, leaning, reclining, sitting (es- 
pecially upon the heels), lying down to 

^jsJiz^ mtUaldhik, part, Following 
in succession, in a continued series. 
Added, augmented (one following ano- 
ther), [continued. 

^IL^ mutaldzik, part. Contiguoos, 

^J^'h^ mutaldshl, part. Yanishing, 

" annihilated ; vain, of no moment, worth- 

JirDh^ mutaldtim, part. Boxing one 

' anothet, cutting with blows. MittalaUmh 
Agitated as the waves. 

^Ijl^ mutaldU, part. Shining, 
- glittering. 

^Jb5L^ mutaldhi, part. Playing, 
** amusing one another, soothing care or 

jlz^t mutlad, part. Indigenous, na- 
tive. Mutlid, part. Hereditary wealth; 
slaves or cattle bom in their master's 

house. jJuL^ mutaUid, part. Col- 
lecting, assembling. Keeping or ward- 
ing off, preventing. 

l-qI-*^ mutlif, part, Destroying, 
ruining, consuming. A consumer, a 

^^jJcL^ mutallawin, part. Changeable, 
variable, of different colours, variouis. 

JixIUJc^ matluKl^ktly Insane. 

AiX^ mutimmj part. Completing, per- 

^j\,^z^ mutamddl, part. Persever- 
** ing, continuing, prolonging, protracting- 

CJjUjlii mutamdmt, part. A hypo- 
crite. Feigning to be dead. 

ja::^ mutmir, part. Abounding in 

3^^4S^ mutamarrid, part. Stubbom^ 
disobedient) insolent, rash. 



rmdamahkin, part. Powerful, 
having great authority. Placed, esta- 
blished, inhabiting, residing. An in- 

A»4CL^ mutammtm, part. Completing, 
perfecting. A finisher. 

^j:>.as^ mutamannl, part. Wishing, 
" hoping, praying, asking. 

-. j|U»i^ mutamaivwij, part. Dashing, 

foaming, swelling, raging (as the sea); 
overflowing, boiling over. 

^^ main, A hard or elevated piece 
of ground. The text. 

^Jbli::^^ mutandhi, part. Pinished, 
^terminated, arrived at the utmost ex- 
treme, gaining any point. Coming, or 
bringing intelligence. 

^UJiS^ mutandblihf part. Waking 
from sleep. Circumspect, animadverting, 
tnming the attention towards, recollect- 
ing, remembering, diligent. Eeceiving 
advice, and profiting by it. 

A^Ub^ muta/na^m, part. Affluent, 

fortunate, enjoying the delights and com- 
forts of life. 

jcc^ mutanaffir, part. Averse, ab- 
horring, shunning, flying, detesting. 

^JJLjx^ mutcmdkkal, Translated, 
transported ; copied, portable. 

cZ:,2^ mutanawwi'^ Various, of 

different kinds, sorts, or forms. (Any- 
thinja^) divided into different parts or 

j|y:^ tnutawdttr, Successively, one 
after another, distinctly (as chronologies, 
quotations, etc.) 

i}j\y^^ »iw^««?arw?, part. Successively, 
one following another. 

KjJ^f^ mutawdrl, part. Withdraw- 
uig, lurking, absconding; concealed, 

J^Ua.^ muta/wdsaltSoinedi or fastened 
together. Connected with one another. 
Mutatoasily part. act. Arriving, proceed- 
ing, coming forth. 

9\^ miUawddi^ part Submis- 
sive, obedient, tractable, humble, affable. 

^^y^ mutawdllf part. Continued, 

" successive, consecutive, following one 
after another. A sect in Syria. 

iS^y^^ mutwdni, part, of (J\^; 

-prjl:;^^ mutawwif, part. act. Crown- 
ing. Mataunoqf, part. pass. Crowned. 

^f^y mutawqjlfihy Travelling, turn- 
ing or going towards. 

9jjp>^ mutawarri^ part. Continent, 
abstinent, pious. 

fj^^ mutawattin, Inhabiting, re- 
siding, dwelling, remaining. 

jSjx^ mutawajfflr, part. Many, numer- 
ous, plentiful, copious, much. 

iJy^ mutawaffi, Bead, defunct, 
giving up the ghost. 

fjj!^ mutatowakyDeQiredf wished for. 

f^^ mutawdkJca^ part. pass. Ex- 
pected. MutawaJcki^y part. act. Expect- 

(..oJ^ muta/wakhify part. Slow, 

tardy, delaying, lingering. Expecting. 


(J^y-^ mutawdkUlf part. Trusting 

in God, resigning to one's fate ; placing 
confidence in another, unable to manage 
one's own affairs. 

jjji^ mutawallad, Bom, generated. 

^)yi^ mutawalli/Uhe superintendent 

**or treasurer of a mosque, an adminis- 
trator, or procurator of any religious or 
charitable foundation. 

lI^I^:^ mutahdlih, Bunning head- 
long to ruin ; destroying one another. 

s^f^ muttaham, Accused, arraigned. 

jy-^ mutahcmwir, part. Yiolent, 
fiirious, rash, inconsiderate. Bushing 
upon, stumblings tallixi!^ "^r^u «3B?^f^s££&% 
by accideiit* 


«IfiL^ mtttdhayyiy part Beady^ pre- 
' panng one's-flelll 

p^ mata\ When, if at any time 
' (nerer used interrogatiTely). 

z^ Jfatta*, Matthew. 

i9 •■ 

mutayakhizj part. Pradent, 
caatious, YigOant, attentiTe. 

^^fLp<^ mutayakhin, part. Knowing 
for certain, exploring, examining. 

,«:l^ matin, Strong (castle), firm, 

<^ll^ masahy The place at the 
brink or parapet of a well where the 
water-drawer stands. The middle of a 
weD, dstem, or pond; also the place 
into which the water runs from the reser- 
Toir or spring. A place of rendez- 
Tons where scattered people assemble. 
Whererer a hunter spreads his nets. A 
premium, ete. Mutab, Eewarded. 

<;jll^ masdbat, A place to which 

one returns again and again. An inn, a 
carayansera. Stones projecting round a 

Jl2^ misdl. Similitude. An ex- 
ample, model. A form, %ure, mode, 
manner, definite quantity. History. 

^ll^ masdlijy plur. of Jdsh^, 

(Jll^ masdnif The fiist section (of 

the Alcoran). J,\!i^\, The whole 

Alcoran. The two knee and hind-leg 
joints of cattle. 

Lh^^Jl^ mushit, part, (or i^^mL^), 
Establishing, fixing, confirming, ratify- 
ing, giving a sanction to. lowing 

With certainty, c: •^•^tm^ mmahhat, 
part. pass. Established, confirmed, written. 
Musabbit, part. act. Beducing to writing. 
Fixing, establishing, proving, ete. 

JUl^ tniskdl, A drachm and a half 

i^^A\^ maskah, A wimble or other 


boring instrument, c^il^ mu" 

9aA-kib, part Perforating often, piercang 
^uU of boles. 

Ji2^ musM^ part Oppresmng, dii- 
tressing, affliciiBg (aa a heavy load, 

sleep, diseaae, goih, etc) J^ 

part.pass. (fern. <Llii««),()ppres8ed, 
heavy laden. 

J2^ moMl or miml. The heing like^ 

equal, resembling. A fiiUe, tale, panbie^ 
apologue, proTcro, adage, example, ooo^ 
parison. Alike^ eq^al, lesemUiiig. 

d\^ mi'sMu (or ^i^f jjh), This 
resembles it, it is the same with thiL 

it^, For example. Hul, Simili- 
tude. Alike, eqnaL cl^jji^f 
like to this, the same with that 

cUJl/* miulisyjaiL Amounting to 
three. LJ '\\^ musaUis, part 

Triangular, triple. MusaUoMy port pafl. 
Triangular; a triangle. 

-^*^^ muslij, part Snowy (day); 
snowing ; doing anything in snowy 

weather. Gladdening, cheering. 

, An ice or snow-cellar. 

mwmir, part. (A tree) hearing 
fruit. Opulent, increasing in weaUi. 
Fruitful, beanng plenty of £nit 

jAt^j^J. (fern. ijAt^jix)^ Un- 
fruitM, barren, sterile. 

f^jAt^ musmin, part Consisting of 

eight, ^^y*^ musawMnm, part 

Octangular, eight-fold. Making in thfi 
form of an octagon. Miu amm an, ei^t 
times doubled. 

ij^y^ tnasnawi Grmasnavt, Shyme^ 

poetry where the second line of ero^ 
disticn rhymes with the same letter. A 
book of moral doctrine written in tbis 
species of metre. 

matnc^y Two and two. (phor* 

cjh^), The winding of a river, 

ete. The second chord or string of s 
lute. A distich. Maml, Doubled, 

\ io^^Lfi^. I^ m wow i iij part 

- * 



ng two, doubling. (A noon} of 
ual nnmber. MusannOf part. paas. 
led, two-fold. 

mwoffl, Diminutiye of Jl^ 

. tjJbJ^^tjJb, This resem- 

St* mwjahashatf Contending, 
ng, pushing. Restraining, pre- 


'^ ww;ad!flj^af, "Wrangling, dis- 
g, reproaching, reviling. 

<]dW*, The heavenly lumi- 

3. [another. 

f* mvjarahaty Wounding one 

• mujdrl (plur. of i^jS^\ 

[ents, events, occurrences. Streams, 
nts. Running, going, proceeding 
g with another). 

mafdz, A way, a passage. 
z, Permitted, lawful, convenient. 

ij\js^), A metaphor, simile, 

)ry. A deceitful word or action, 
led, political, worldly, superficial, 
ne (opposed to divine lore). 

B^ mujazajif Metaphorically. 
rflciaUy, insincerely. 

• mujdzdt, Compensation^ re- 

l of good or evil. 

• majdzt, Metaphoric^ hyper- 

il, not true, feigned, insincere 
). Political; profane; superficial. 
zlf part. Recompensing. 

majdl, Power, strength, 
y, vigour, skill. Force. 

*• majdlis (plur. of ^jAjst*), 

srences, assemblies, convivial con- 
tions. Sessions. Mujalis, part. Sit- 

together. JLJLs^, An as- 
ly, conversation, etc. 

^ majdmi^ (plur. of ^^ajsT*), 

^ miifdma^t (pi. Cli^U^lsr^), 
abitus, coitus. 


L^j\jB^ mufdtvib, part. An an- 
fwerer, a speaker, a proposer. 

jjLb^ mufdwir, part. A neighbour ; 
living near. 

J^Lsr* mufdwh, part, Passing, trans- 
gressing, exceeding bounds. J^ W* 

«xk.l, Immoderate, excessive. 
^ULs^ majdhdtf Boasting. 

JJbLs^ mufdhid, part. A warrior 

^especially in defence of religion). 
One who labours or endeavours, 

ifjJbU^, Fighting for the faith 
against infidels. Striving, labouring. 
JybLa^ mufdharat, Conquering, pro- 
vailing over. Reproaching, railine at. 
Reading, speaking, or calling witii a loud 
voice. Carrying on open hostilities, 
being an undisguised enemy. 

mujhtr, part. Forcing unwil- 

mufahhir, part. One who sets 

broken bones. 

j^-^ majbur, Constrained, forced, 

Consolidated (as a broken bone). Re- 
established after being in distre^ed cir- 
cumstances. Round. 

(Jj^^ maj'hul, Formed by nature, 

mujtall, part. act. Selecting, 

choosin?. Collecting. Mtytdbay part, 
pass. Elected, chosen. 

/^j:^ mujtarim, part. Guilty, ac- 
knowledging a crime. Taking away, 
seizing. Cutting off. 

uf/^ tntiftarl, pari Bold, getting 

fresh courage. 

^/*sjs^ mujtm or ^jujmSjst^ mujtasis, 

part. Touching, handling, feeling (the 
pulse). Enquiring after or getting in- 

c-JcLsr* multaltb, part. Carrying 

from place to place (^^odalbj ^kss^^s^^ 
cattle, etc. fox m<E^^. 




mvjtaliy part. Seeing a bride 

"^adorned and unveiled. Unrolling the 
turban sash. 

..a::,js^ mujtami^ part. Assembling, 

'coming together. Agreeing in the same 

c^::^s^ mujtanih, Abstaining from, 

declining) shunning, flying. 
ij'^i^ mujtani, part. Collecting. 

J^fLs^ mujtahtd, part. Endeavouring 
to conceive or perform anything. 

Jls^ mqfd, Glory, grandeur, great- 
ness, splendor, the honour derived from 
ancestors. Praising (God). Excelling in 

glory. jLsr^t^^o-Ltf, A glorious 


and magnificent lord. ^rj^sr^Jj 
May his glory increase. 

Jls^ mujidd, part. Solicitor, one 

who labours diligently to accomplish 
anything. Doing one's endeavour, 
stretching every nerve. 

JJlst^ mujaddid, part. Renewing, 
making afresh. Mujaddadf part. pass. 

Eenewed. Repaired. \jJusr^ 
mujaddadan, Again, afresh, newly. 

J Jusr^ mujadder(fem. ij Jcsr^ ),Having 

the small-pox. 

c-ijLsr^ mujaddif, See imJ^Ssf^. 

Jjlst^ majdalj A troop or body of 
men. Mij'dal, A strong castle. 

c«?^ Jusr^ majduh, Drawn, extended, 
abstracted, attracted. 

c-il Jusr^ mtj'zdf, An oar. 

c-;^jLsr^ majzuh, Drawn, attracted. 
Tom or carried away, abstracted. 

/♦j Jus^ wq/sswwj, Having the Iqprosy. 
Lsr* mujrd, A channel, canal, aque- 
duct. U! \ LJj^f A water-course. 
j^\f^jjs:^. The bed of a river. 

L^jjsr^ mujarrtb, part. Trying, 
j)roving, making an experiment. Miffar- 
radf Expert, skilled, versed. Proved, 


HjS^ mafarrat, The galaxy or milky 

JpS^ mtijarrid, part. pres. Laying 
bare, stripping naked. Mujarrad^ part 
pass. Stnpt. Solitary, unique, alone, 
unmarried. Only, solely. 

^jS^ mijrafat, A wooden shovel 
with which they clean streets. 

(^jS^ mtijrim, part. A malefactor, 
criminal, sinner. 

^^jS^ majruhf Wounded. 

J^^jsr^ majrud, Tom off, skinned, 

unbarked, peeled. Infested by locusts 
(ground). Having the belly-ache from 
eating locusts. 

i^jsr^ mujrtf part. Causing to flow 

or run. An executor, one who causes 
any order to be obeyed. 

c Isr^ muj%ijj part. Striking with 
terror. [a donation. 

Jlsr* mvjtilf part. Liberal, giving 

^•Jjsf* maj%um. Cut, amputated, 
abrupt; marked with ya^ma ('*'). 

>Mu5r^ mujassim, part. Incarnate. 
' Mujasaam, part. pass. Incorporated ; cor- 
pulent; massy. 


mi^a^idf part. Curling (hair). 

Jjts^ mif^al, See Jjwj". Muj^j 

part. Making, performing, causing, con- 
stituting, fixmg the price of labour, etc. 

J Ajts^ maj^ly Constituted, effected. 

Jjsr* mujill, part, Revering, mag- 
nifying, considering as illustrious or 

jJusr^ mujaUid, part. A book-binder. 
Mujalladj part. pass. Bound in leather 
(a book). One book, a bound volume. 

{jmLsT* mqflis, An assembly, con- 
gregation, convention, congress, council, 
consistory, convivial meeting, conversa- 
tion. The time and place of assemblings 
etc. A judgment-seat, a tribunal. 

jlLs^ mafluw, Polished, splendid. 
A.'Vsndjb «i^<(snv!^^m\k^sa ^auoe unveiled. 

,^^Lsr^ mufdlll, part. Polishing. 

Illustrating, explaining, declaring, re- 
vealing one's thoughts. Mt^'alla\ part, 
pass. Illustrated, manifested. Polished, 
riirbished, made clear, clean, or bright. 


mujammad, part. pass. Con- 


mijmar and Sj^i^^, A censer 
for incense, a chafing-dish. 

^*«k5r^ nKyma^QjidL majmi^, A place 

of assembly. A concourse, crowd, con- 
vention, congregation, meeting. A book 

ofmisceUanies, a magazine, ^-f^^js^ 

^jlji^^f The confluence of two 
rivers. Mujmi^f part. Collecting, con- 
taining, etc. ^-^i'^ mttfamma^, 
part. pass. Collected. Resolved, intended. 
majmU^ (fern. ix.y^^)^ 

225 U^ 

fM^ld, Sacred. Glorious, 

honourable, noble. Jujs^lc-^l, 
The most glorious God. 

mujlr, part. Protecting against 

mujl%f part. Permitting, giving 
leave, approving. Granting liberty, 

Collected, assembled, convened, con- 

is-yAJs^ mqfnu^t (or c yijsr*), A 

collection, miscellany, magazine, a com- 
pendium, etc. 

^y».s^ majnun, Foolish, insane, 
mad, farious. 

^^JsT* mufnl, part. Gathering fruit. 

(A tree) having fruit ripe for pulling. 
Bipe fruit. Ground abounding in £ruitS| 
com, herbage, etc. 

(jwjjsr* rnqfus, The Magi or adorers 

of fire. L^ys^, The religion of 
the Magi. 

i^Jis^ mqjawwafy part. pass. Hol- 
low, vaulted, concave. 

y^jjsr* mujawha/Tf Adorned or set 
with gems. [passive voice. 

Jjfs^ mafhnl, Unknown. The 

^c^ i^h part. Coming, arriving. 
** Bringing, adducing. Arrival. 

Cy'^jy^ mujlh, part. Listening to, 

gr^tin^, complying with, consenting. 
An auditor. Giving an answer. 

dismissing; giving way; causing to 

^jaljs^ mujayyiah, part. Baising an 

w^js^w^'Sc, Milk and dates. Mujl^ 

part. Starving, clinging with hunger. 

t— a-jsr* mujlf, part. Concave, hollow. 

Penetrating to a cavity (when digging, 
etc.) Shutting. 

IjIs'^ muhdhd, Bespect, regard. 
Winking at, connivance. 

<Uls:^ muhdhhat, Loving, shewing 
regard, cultivating friendship. 

j^^^-jW* muMhth (pi. of c->4-bS:^ 

or fem. Sj^^^ss^), Lovers, friends, 


d^[sr^ muhdjlfat, Pleading a cause ; 
bringing proofe. 

i^lsL-^ muhdjazat, Prohibiting, 

taking one from another (to prevent 

JljjIs:'^ muhddasat, Conversation, 
narration. [opposite. 

SIjI^^ muhdmt, Answering to; 

^^^^\s^ mahdzl, Opposite objects. 

c-j.lfl:^ muhdrih, part. A warrior, 

a combatant. ^ j W* muhdrabat, 
War, battle, combat. 

jj^s/* muhdrt%, part. A keeper, 
guardian, governor. 

A^ls*^ muhdrim, Things unlawful. 
Plur. of L%js^ . 


Xs/* muhdsibj part. A keeper 

or settler of accounts ; calculatiiig, com- 

JL^lsr^ muhdsahat, Computation^ 

^[^^ mihdssat, A curry-comb. 

^Isr^ mahdsin (plur. of ^^*yk&-), 
Good works, laudable actions, irirtues, 
merits, benefits. 

^Isr* mahdsir, part. Surroundings 

besieging. J^lac^ muhdsarat, 
A siege, circumvallation, blockade. 

tlflB^ muhatf part. pass. Surrounded^ 

)aj\s:^ muhdfizy part. A commander, 
governor, defender, guard, keeper. 

adails** muMfazat, Custody, pre- 
servation, guardianship. ifj-S 
iliils^l, The retentive powers, 

the memory. 

Jils*^ mahafily Assemblies. Hur. 

of Jas-^. 

6jS<s:^ muMhtmatf Citing before a 

Jlsr« maMl (and ills*^), Fraud, 

art, machination, ills'^i!, Un- 
doubtedly. Muhal, Impossible, absurd. 

CjSIs-^ muhdldt (plur. fem. of 

J Is** muhdl), Impossibilities. 

iftSlsr^ muhdlafaty Entering into an 
- agreement, confirming by oath. [etc. 

Jl^Ist^ muhdmad, Laudable actions, 

ijjl^*^ muhdwarat, A dialogue, con- 
yersation, conference. 

v,.-*-^ muhtbb, part. A lover, a 

friend. jjUaJl*.^^.^! or 

^jaLs^ \ Ly^.^^1 , A sincere 
friend (a mode of subscribing familiar 

letters), i^^Msr^ wwJkW, part. 
pass, Belored.', * 

aL;*^r^ mttAaiie^^, Love^ affection, 

friendship, benevolence. 
J.aS'^ muhbtl, part. Impregnating. 

c^v^s'^ maA^ili, Beloved, amiable, 

affectionate, beautiful. A sweetheart, 
mistress, lovely woman. 

^jMj^^ mahhu8j Detained, arrested, 
confined, imprisoned. 

-p.lis:'^ mahtdj, part. ITecessitous, in 
want of, indigent. [besieged. 

l^lix^*^ muhtdt, part. Surrounded, 
Jlrijsr^ muMdl, part. A deceiver. 
.^ciLS'^ muhtdbis, part. act. Con- 

taining, imprisoning, detaining. Muh- 
iabdSj part. pass. Contained, detained, 

t-^-c^ls-^ muhtqfah, part. Veiled, 
retired, sequestered. 

Jos^ muhtadd, part. Keen, vehe- 
ment, fierce (in anger or in batUe} ; pre- 
cipitate, impetuous. 

jJcLs-^ muhtazir, part. Shunning, 
cautioning. [carefiil 

jji-s^ muhtarlz, part. Safe, cautions, 

/y-^jx.^'^ muhtaras, part. pass. 

Guarded, preserved. Muhtaris, part act 
Guarding against. 

^j:^s^ muhtmris, part. Pull of 

desire. Studious, studying or endea- 
vouring to do. [bumt 

^jjis^ muhtarak, part. Kindled, 

i^^-^ muhtaram, part. Honoured, 
venerable, sacred, revered. 

joj-^^** muhtazin, part. Sorrowful. 

L,. >><».•; ^r^ muhtastb, part. The sn- 

perintendent of provisions, who examises 
the weights, etc. An accountant. 

MM^^^ mtihtashimy part. Bashfiil 
(from respect). 

ijMsi^r^ muhtadin, part. Taking in 
the arms, embracing. 

^ ^aic^*^mu^<a/S8)Pre9erving.Cautio08. 


muhtqfil, part. Assembling, 
meeting together. 

muhtakir, part. Yile, base, 
mean ; thinking contemptible. 

JcLs*^ muhtalim, part. Dreaming. 

J«4»xs^ muMamal, part. Suspected, 

conjectured. Hoped for, probable. Muh- 
tamil, part. act. Suffering patiently. 

c:.?l>c%jr* muhtamildt, Things 

(^yxf*^ muhtatoz, part^ Collecting, 

assembling, comprehending, embracing, 

-prLsr^ mihfdj, A quarrelsome liti- 
gious man. An instrument for levelling 
or smoothing ground. 

jjsr*^ mahjar, The circuit of a town 
or territory. The socket, environs, 
or comer of the eye. Stony, rocky. 

Ji^ muhajjalf (A horse) having 
one hind foot white (if all the four are 

white it is expressed by (^sF^ 
^j)ll. If the two hind and one 
fore Cjhll Jir^, If the hind 

right j-xi^ljus:*^, the left 

i^j**>^\iSk^)' -2fwAq;JKf^ Shining, 
qdendid (applied to the blest in heaven). 

jpjysr^^ mah^'uh (fem. ijys^^), 
Veiled, covered, retired. 

muhdib, part. Giving a pro- 

pensity or inclination. Making hump- 
backea ; raising the back ; makmg any- 

thing gibbous or convex. 
muhaddabf part. pass. Convex, gibbous. 

L^%A ^^ muhdts, and (^Jl^t^ 
muhaddisy part. An inventor, an inno- 
vator, a controverter. A narrator, re- 

JJucr* muhaddad, part. pass. Termi- 
nated, bounded. Limited. 

OjtXsT^ mahdud, Limited, bounded, 
separated, terminated. 

gjj^JkST* mahzUrai, Caution. Terror. 

. . 

mahzuf, Taken away, cut 

off (as a syllable from a word, or a foot 
from a verse). 

^jS^ mihr ah f 'The principal place 

in a mosque, where the priest prays to 
the people with his face turned towards 
Mecca ; a kind of high altar. The chief 
seat at an entertainment, etc. The royal 
closet or chamber. 

Lsr^ mihrds or cJ\jS^, A coal- 
rake or malkin for ovens, etc. 

jjS^ vnuharrir, part. A scribe, 
writer, accountant. Muluirrir, part. pass. 
"Written, inscribed. 

-5-sr^ muhrik, part. Incentive, 
giving warmth, burning. Muhrak, In- 

flamed, burning. (LijSi-^, A whole 
burnt offering, a holocaust. 

cJ*^*^ muharrik, part. Moving, 
putting in commotion. A mover, a per- 
suader. An inciter. Marking (a conso- 
nant) with a vowel. ^jS.-^^ The 
movable power. <iuLfii \ cJj^:^, An 

exciter of sedition. jUuillcJJs^, 

The promoter of mischief, tumult, insur- 
rection, or war. 

/^j^'^ mahram (plur. a^Isl*^), Un- 
lawful, forbidden. Any one to whom 
the A^j^ haram or women's apart- 
ments are open (as a father, a son, etc.) 
(^jS^ muha/rrim, part. Porbidding, 

interdicting. JfMAarram, The first month 
of the Muhammadan year, during which 
fighting is prohibited. 

tl^t^^-^ muharramdt (pi. fem. of 

(*j^!^)f Things prohibited. 

^jS^ mahramat (plur. f^Jiss^), A 

j^jSi^ mahrurf Freed from being a 
slave. Hot, choleric, furious. Libidinous. 

Written. -.|j^l^j^iEr*,Ofaw«in 


ij*»^jS^ wtf Arfi«,Guarded, preserved, 
^tjfs^, A garrisoned city, a 

capital, the metropolis of an empire. 
L^jyS^ mahruf, Inverted, changed. 

ijjj^'^ mahruk (fern, ^^jss^), 
Burnt, inflamed. 

^•^•^ mahrum, Prohibited, for- 
bidden; debarred, excluded, frustrated, 
disappointed, repulsed; deprived of the 
support of life, unfortunate, spoiled, 

jjjls:'^ mahzun, Vexed, afficted, 

^U*^*^ muhassat, Anything burning 
or destroying (herbage). Mihaaaat (or 

jjyybS^*), A curry-comb. 
j^^M^sr^ muhsin, part. Doing well, 


benefiting, i^;**-^'^ muhassin, part. 

Acting properly. Approving. 

d^JjoMic^ (fern, plur.) Beautiful 
chaste ladies. [bered. 

c-jw-sL*^ mahsuh, Computed, num- 

Oyj^xs,-^ mahsud, Envied. 

^jwyuu-s^ mahsuSj Perceived, felt. 

JLs.-^ mahshar and mashtr, A place 
of assembly ; the Last Judgment. 

j^JuxSL-^ muhshim, part. Holding in 
^ reverence, honouring. 

mihsad, A reaping -sickle. 

fj^^is^ muhassil, part. A collector 
of revenue. Muhaasal, part. pass. Col- 
lected, acquired, brought together. 

Jyos*^ mahsud, Cut down. Harvest. 

jj nn *g^ malisur, Besieged, sur- 
rounded. Detained, restrained, com- 

J^-As:*^ wflj^M?, Collected. The har- 
vest, the gathering of fruits ; the produce 

or sum of anything, d 
(plur. fem.), Com, fruits. 

:"^ Piahun, Fortified. 


i&^ mahd, Pure, unmixed. Only, 
mere^ simple. Sincere. 

is."^ mahdar, (Eoyal) presence, 
appearance. A general supplication or 
petition, signed by a body of people. 
Muhdir, part. A mace-bearer, seneant, 
Uctor, or officer appointed to cite before 
^ a judge. 

ks*^ mahatt, The end of a period or 

sentence, a full point. The plfuie whew 
people deposit their baggage when 
alignting off a journey. 

jJ>^^^ mahzur, Forbidden, unlawfol. 
CL^\j^^ (plur. fem.), lUicit 


'* mahzuz, Glad, cheerful, 

contented, pleased, delighted. 

Is^jlis:'^^^, Discontented. 

iisr^ muhzl, part. Preferring or 
favouring (one beyond others). 

LsLs."^ mihaffat, A species of travel- 
ling litter or couch for the women, re- 
sembling the <9^^y^) hut not arched. 

Ji.s:^ mahfili A place or time of 
meeting, an assembly, congregation, 
council, convention, congress, society, 
chorus. A pulpit, a tribunal- 

LaiiJlJi.s:'^, A court of justice, 
the tribunal of the Cadi, or judge. 

\s^Ls:^ mahfuz, Guarded, preserved, 
kept safe. Committed to memory. 

t-i^As:'^ mahfuf, Covered, enveloped, 
girt, encompassed. 

^is:'^ muhfi, part. Barefoot, unshod. 

jJisL*^ muhkid, part. Causing hatred. 

JLs'^ muhkir, part, Despising r^^, 

mukakkar, part. pass. Despised. Poor, 
low, humble, contemptible. 

iy^sr^ mahkaratfSee i;U>-. i^s^ 

muhakkarat, Despicable things, trifles. 

^jAsn^ muhakkik, part. Verifying, 
affirming, confirming. An assertor of 
ttvktb., a philosopher. 



^isr* mihkan, A glyster-bag, or the 
pipe. Muhkitij part. Eestraining (urine). 

i^ilsi'^ mihkanah, A syringe. 

i^Jis^ mahik, part. Brawling. A 

wrangler, Cxss^ mahakk, A 

Jls^ muhkm, part. Strengthening, 
' confirming. Muhkam, part. pass. Forti- 
fied, strengthened, firm, robust. 

JuJls^ mahkamatf A tribunal, a 
court of justice, a town-house or hall. 

v^^C^^ mahkuk, Erased, cancelled. 

f^S-s^ makum, Invested with su- 
preme power, (contra.) Subjected, under 
command. Ordered, commanded, em- 
powered, ordained. i^^^Lsr^, 
Judicially condemned, sentenced. 

^S^^ mahkt, Kelated, told, written. 

* ^Uii^Xs.'^, That which is told of 
^him. -* mahall, A place, post, situa- 

tion, station, district^ Quarter. Time, 
opportunity. Accommodated, adapted, 


opportune, suitable, apropos. <^ 
^^T J^^, In another place, ^ 

^Tj^sT*, From another place. 


^^Tj^as^^l J-c^, Sent to ano- 
ther place. 

CjL?^ mahalldt, Streets, squares. 

-.ILflt'^ mihldjy An iron instrument 
^with which they separate cotton ifrom 
^e seeds. 

.•^ mahlah, A species of grain 
resembling cherry-stones growing in 
Aderbijan (Armenia). 

JlLse^ mahaUatf A street or quarter 
of a city, a parish ; an inn, any encamp- 
ment or halting-place for Irayellers. 

ff*"^^ mihlij (or ^usr^^), A wooden 

table on which they separate cotton from 
the seed. 

muhlif, part. Exacting an 

oath, binding one by it. A doubtful 
affair, about which people swear dif- 

Jls^ muhaUil, Solving ; resolving ; 
rendering justice. 

J^Ls"* mahlul, Loosed, absolved. 

muhalla% part. pass. Polished, 

adorned, dressed ; illustrious, ornamented 
with jewels, elegant, laudable, agreeable. 

*X4s:'* muhmid, part. act. Acting 
laudably, meriting commendation.'^ Muhammad, A proper name, 

particularly that of the great Arabian 
JProphet, wbich, by Europeans, is vari- 
ously spelt and pronounced as Mahommed, 
Mahomet, Mahmut, Mehmet, etc. etc. 

i^^*^ Muhammadl, Muhammadan. 

J-^^*^ mahmil, That by which Any- 
thing is supported; that which fastens 

the two loads of a camel. jJks:'^ 
muhammil, part. Bearing ; a carrier. 

f^y^^"^ mahmud, Praised. Worthy, 

laudable. A proper name. iidy4,s^ 
mahmudi, scammony. 

J^^kSL'^ mahmul, Loaded, charged; 
carried. A cargo, burden. Lading. 

i*^-KS'^ mahmum, Feverish. 

mahmt, Protected, guarded. 

A protected city, i.e. A metropolis or 
other distinguished place. 

^^"^ mihan, plur. of <Us:'^, 

ILs^ or ,^_^^ muhanna\ Bent, 
crooked, hooked. 

iU^*^ mthnat, Calamity, misfortune, 

affliction, mi^ry, evil, trial, temptation, 
trouble, perplexity, sorrow. 

ci->v^^ muhms, part. "Wicked, per- 
jured. An infamous yillain, a catamite. 

ialsr^ muhannit, part. Burying the 
dead with odovxs^. 



ys^ mahWf Erasing^ cancelling, ob- 
literating, defacing, annulling, effacing, 
annihilating. Flacking off the feathers. 

i^s!^ mahwat, An erasure, deface- 

j^s^ fnihwar, The axis (of apulley). 

tj|jsr* muhatmoity part. See iai^asT* 
Muhawwat, Surrounded by a wall. 

^sr* mahy, Erasing, etc, \^j^^ 
nuihayyy The face. 

S^^sr^ mahid, A bend or curvature. 
Muhyid or muhld, part. Averting. 

muhayyir, part. Astonishing, 


muhUy part. Containing, sur- 
rounding, embracing. j^i^^ 
L-^s'^l, The ocean. 
^-.^E^ muhyl and ^^^s^, part. Ke- 

viving, giving life. 15-'^'^ ^^ 
hayyl, part. Saluting or creating a king 

by pronouncing <d!lcJl>j»-, May 
God give you life ! [kernel. 

^ mukhf The brain, marrow ; pulp ; 
^Isr^ mikhakh, Plur. of ^ vnukhkh, 

icjlsr^ muhhdda^t, Deceiving, 

^jlir* makhdzll, Mean men, the 
rabble. Destitute, poor, indigent. 

^j^lir* makhdzin, Plur. See ^j^* 

MtAs^ mukhdsm, part. Adverse, 
' contentious. 

4UMtfls^ mukhdsamat, Animosity, 
enmity, altercation, com^tition, con- 
trast, opposition. Contention. 

^lir* makhddy The pains of birth. 

tlsT^ mukhdty The mucus of the nose. 

c»^l^ mukhdtiby part. act. A 
speaker, one who converses with or ad- 
dresses another. Mukhatab, part. pass. 
One to whom another speaiks. The 
teoond person. 

^^L^ mAkhdtdhaty Speaking, 
speech, discourse, conversation. 

iJo\s^ mukhatarat, Danger^ peiili 
risk, hazard. Hazarding a battle. 

djLs^ makhdfat, Fear, terror. 

L^Ur^ makhalihf Hooked talons, 
the claws of rapacious birds or beasts. 

l»J\si^ mukkdlaaat, Sincerity, can- 
dour, unfeigned affection; acting can- 

<Lyis^ mukhdlatat, Conversation. 

Commerce. Mixture. Conversing, mizii^ 
together in society. 

ujiSlir* mukhdlif, part. Contraiy, 
opposite, repugnant, adverse, dissentient, 

ifilU:."^ mukhdlifat, Eepugnance, con- 
tradiction, opposition, contrariety, trans- 
gression, disobedience, contravention, 

^Ur* makhdll, Plur. of JlsT*. 

i^JLs.'^ mukhdwadat, Entering 

or passing through (water). Plunging 
into or encountering (ousiness or duiger). 

L^jlfi^ makhdwify Dangerous or 
dreadful places. 

jjjli^ makhdyily Marks, indexes, 
observations. Imaginations. Signs, ideas. 

LsT* makhhd, A place where any- 
thing is hid or laid up. 

makhhar and 5,-^i^, The 

knowledge of anything by evidence or 
declaration. A place of trial or proba- 
tion. Mukhbir, part. Announcing, si^ 
nifying, certifying, telling news. 

JcJi^ mukhtdr, part. Chosen, se- 
lected, most excellent. 

Jlxi.'^ mukhtdl, part. Self-impor- 
tant, haughty, vain, looking round in 

mukhtabtr, part. Expert, in- 

^f:i>^ mukhtahl, part. Hid, oon- 
coakd, lurkiag. 


6 Jo^ mukMada^ Deceived, cir- 


cy:Ls:^ mukMari^ part. An inventory 
an author. [humbled. 

m, 1^1 ". fr^ mukhkuhi^ Homble, 

^jn'i ^ mukhtass, Appropriated, 
proper, peculiar.' Ghoseu, selected, 

elected. Friyate, domestic. 

m'^^n", ^ mukMasih, Eroitfnl, 
plentiM. ' 

mukhtasar, part. pass. Ab- 
breviated, abridged, contracted, a com- 
pendium, an epitome, a digest. 

^^aoJi^ mukJUasl, part. Castrating 
(a horse, etc.) Castrating himself. 

f^fji^ mukhtadi^ Humble, de- 
pressed, submissive. 

i,^VrmA^ mukhtatif, Snatching, 
seizing, carrying off. 

^J^'^ mukhtafl, Hid ; absconding, 


extenuated. Corrupted; disturbed, con- 
fused, depraved ; ruined (as any business 
by negligence, etc.) 

^yJi'sA'^ mukhtalts, part. Seizing, 
snatching, drawing to one's self, stealing. 

y^Lsi^ mukhtalat, Perplexed, con- 
fiised (business). 

^!cL^ mukhtali^ Eepndiated (as 

a wife, eithei^ with or without her 
marriage settlements). 

(^r*,^ mukhtalif, part. Diverse, 
rent, discordant, various. 

^bLsT^ mukhtall, part. Eeing alone 
(with another) in a retired place. 

mukhtamirf part. Permented, 

Fermenting (wine) ; leavening a mass of 
paste. Altered in smell or flavour. 

Jh"-*-^ fnukhtanak, Strangled, 

(^f>^ makhtum, Signed, sealed. 
^fJL*^ makhtUn, Circumcised. 


mukhjil, part. Making 
ashamed. Astomshing, confounding. 

ij*\s^ mukhaddarat, (fern, of 

j*xi^) A matron, a virtuous 

lady (true to the marriage bed, and 
always veiled when ^oing abroad); a 
youn^ girl kept retired, behind the 

^Ss^ makhda^ A store-house, or 
place where any thing is laid up. 

c Jlss^, mukhaddi^ part. Deceiv- 
ing remarkably. 

AdJs,'^ mukhaddimf Having many 
domestics or followers. 

(^j^*^^^ makhdum, A lord, a master, 
one who is served (either by slaves or 

Jj»xir* makhzul, Abandoned, for- 
saken ; disappointed, frustrated ; con- 
temptible, vile, wretched. 

mukhrth, part. Desolating, 

laying waste ; a destroyer, ^js^ 
mukharriby part. Destroying all around^ 
far and wide. 

jjsi^ mikhraz, A shoemaker's awL 
i^jjS."^ makhruh, Split, broken. 

Laid waste, destroyed, plundered. 
Ljj.s.'^ makhry>t, Unbarked, peeled, 

planed, turned in a loom. 
^J^ makhzan, A store-house, a 

magazine, a granary, a cellar. 

jl^Sl^^^ji^, A repository, or 

keeper of secrets. 
jj«J^ makhzun, Laid up in a store- 
house. Concealed (secret). 

i^J^ mukhzl, part. Affecting with 

shame or ^ominy. Despising; de- 
pressing, affilcting, ruining. 

J AAWbS^ makhsur, Injured, damaged. 

^JLi*^*" ^^^ mukhashkhish, part. Pro- 
ducing sound by the coDiaioa of hard 


mukhshi^ part. Hnmblmg^ 

j^-wiir^ mukhsib, part. Becoming 
populous. Growing fat. 

makhsus, Peculiar, par- 

232 ^^ 

Lb^ mikhld, A scythe^ a sickle. 

SLc^ mtkhldt, A provender bag 
ound a hon 

mikhlabf A nail, a claw, the 

ticular, proper, belonffing to. Private, 
domestic, intimate ; addicted, dedicated ; 
peculiarly ascribed or attributed to. 

\»aya^ makhsusan, Specially, 

i^yo^ makhsUsit/at, Property, 
peculiarity. Intimate Mendship. 

makhsl, Castrated. 

mukhdi^f part. Humbling, 
abusing, making submissive. 

cyds^ makhdu^, Depressed, hum- 
bled. A subject, a vassal. 

kir^ makhtj Blowing the nose. 

Jak.'^ mukhtir, Eushing into danger 

against an adversary ; going out to fight 

C-J'^ks^ makhtuh (fem. ^Jasr^), 
AJaSanced, betrothed, promised. 

J •kir* makhtury Thought, imagined, 
supposed, conceived. 

^-kir^ muktty part. Sinning through 

mistake, without design, blundering, 
doin^ (anything) improperly, (contra), 
Sinning intentionally. Causing one to 
step or go. 


L.Ms!^ mukhaffif, part. Alleviating, 
making light. 

fjoyis!^ makhfud, Submissive. 

L-ijAsT* makh/uf, Alleviated. (A 

consonant) having a short for a long 

^^isr^ makhfak, Affected with a 
palpitation at the heart. 

yJ-s!^ makhftf Hid, concealed, 
** covered, occult, clandestine. 

i)^ mukhtll, part. Disturbing, 
corrapting, spoiling. 

hung round a horse's mouth, a wallet, a 
l(fl( " 

liooked talon of a rapacious bird or 
J^®^*- [permanent 

jJlsl'^ makhallad, Eternal, durable, 

fjol J:^ mukhUs, part. Sincere, 
candid, pure, real, loyal, unfeigned. A 

friend. (jaLs^\i,,^.>^sS.'^\ ahnuhib 

almuJchliSy A sincere Mend, lovin? affec- 
tionately. (This is often used in letters, 
and is synonymous with most devoted, 

affectionate, humble servant. ifA^ 

mukhallis, part. One who liberates, a 

mukhalh^y part. Paralytic. 

(— qL<^ mukhlify part. Substituting, 
causing to succeed or follow. 


Cl^Lilsr^ mukhallafaty Heritage, 
succession, effects bequeathed or left. 

!? Jlst^ makhlut, Mixed, confused. 

j^Ls!^ makhluk (fem. ij^S^), 
Created, formed, produced. Makhlukaty 

A creature, a created thing. ci-^lS *Li^i 

>i^^^^ mukhamkhim, part. Speak- 
* ing through the nose. 

iXi^sr^ mukhmid, part. Quenching a 
fire, allaying the paroxysm of a fever. 

j^^ mukhammiry part. Permenting, 
leavening. Mukhammary part. pass. 
Fermented, etc. 

jjA*^4*.sr^ mukhammasy Pentangular. 

i^As^ mikhmdly Satin or velvet. 

jy^'^ vnakhmury Drunk, completely 
intoxicated, crop-sick. 

C^Ows^ mukhannis, part. A fool, a 

blockhead, a knave, a good-for-nothing 
fellow. Pusillanimous, effeminate, abject, 




mukhannik, part. Strangling, 
Mukhannaky Strangled. 

mahhuf (fern, ii^'^), Dan- 
gerous, formidable, dreadful, horrible, 

frightful^ tremendous, l^^^, 

fMtkhatoioify part. Terrifying. Mukhaw- 
wafy Frightened, deterred. 

Zj\3^si^ mahhuf at, Dangers, terrors. 
mukhat/yar, Left to free choice, 

indifferent ; Mukhayyiry Giying an optioti 
of two things. [midable. 

SLfJs.'^ mukkxfy part. Terrible, for- 

JlsT^ mukhayyU, part. Imagining, 

fancying, doubting, being deceived, con- 
jecturing from physiognomy, conceiving 
a good omen. 

XllsL'^ mukhayyalatf Pancy, the 
powers of imagination. 

A-J:*^ mukhlmy part. Pitching a tent., 

ilsr^ mukhayytm, part. Ifukhay- 

yanty An encampment ; a camp. MakhJmj 
Grathering cut com. 

J^ madd, Extension, production, 

lengthening. ^«ju!l J^jJI, As far 
as the eye con reach. Maddy The altitude 

or flux (of the sea). J/Tj J^«> The 
flux and reflux (of the sea), the tides. 

Madd, or bJ^ maddah, The mark 

{^) placed sometimes over alif I , 
which gives it a long broad sound. 
Muddy A modus, a measure. 

-.Ijl^ maddah, An encomiast, a 
praiser, one who extols highly. 

Jifik^t Jl^ maddkhil, Flur. of ^jsL^^ 

madkhal (or ^l^-fjt^), Entering 

into, engaging or taking part in, inter- 
meddling. Mudakhil, part. Undertaking 
any business. 

j1jl« madar, A circumference, a 
centre, a place of turning or returning, 
a boundary or goal. 

i\j \ Jl^ 9?»ti(^ra^, Affability, courtesy, 
lenity^ gentlesass. 

^j1jl« maddris (plur. of JL^Jt^), 

Colleges, academies, public schools. 
Muddrisy part. A doctor, a reader, a 
learned man. 

^j \ J^ muddrakaty Prosecuting any- 
thing without intermission. 

(jmI J^ madds, A kind of rustic shoe. 

w31jl« muddfi^ part. One who re- 
pels or averts. 

iUJlj^ muddlaaat, Deceiving, cir- 
cumventing, acting darkly or fraudulently 

4^S/* muddm. Wine. 

\iX^ maddmi^, The internal cor- 
ners or angles of the eye. 

ifljl J^ mttdawdt (or s\^\j^)y Curing 

a disease, remedying, restoring, bringing 
aid, assisting. 

^\jkyt muddwim, part. Assiduous^ 


persevering. Assiduously. ^U^ix* 

muddivamaty Assiduity, continuance, 

tirjlj^ muddwa\ One to whom 

"remedies are applied, or assistance is 

brought. Who is cured. [liar. 

^lx« maddhin, A hypocrite^ a 

^Jl« maddyih, Laudable actions. 

^^Ij^ maddym, Cities. 

yj^ mudalhir, part. Disposing in 
order, governing. A governor, rector, 
moderator, director, administrator; a 

master. « j { 4> yj^^^Lj J^, A 
minister, or director of public affairs. 

^J^ maddat, An extension or pro- 
duction. Muddaty A space of time. 

jAJi^\id^, A lifetime. 

.Jt^ madh, Praise, eulogium^ en- 
comium, commendation ; approbation, 
applause, recommendation. 

^J^ mttdhat. Praisings an en- 
comium, (plur. ^1*X^), A land- 
able action^ anythixv% ds»er^Y&% ^tRSQa>i» 




mudahnj, pari. Taming, 

^^Xt madkhal, Entrance, access. 
MudkhUy part. Introducing, inserting, 
putting in. Mudkhalj part. pass. Intro- 
duced, sent or let in. Mudakhkhily part. 
Immitting, causing to enter. 

^2^x« madhhan, A place where 
smoke issues. Mudakhkhyn, part. Smok- 
ing, fumigating, perfuming with burn- 
ing odours. 

J^(X^ madkhuly Entered, put in. 
A return, gain, profit. [succours. 

ft>jL« madad, Assistance, help, aid, 

i^jj^ madrasat or madrasah, An 

uniyersity, a college, an academy, a 
public school. 

C^Jl« mudrik, part. (fern. i^jtX^), 

Comprehending; comprehensiye.MiiraA;, 
part. pass. Comprehended. 

i^jd^ mtidrtkat (or K^J^S^), The 

understanding, the intellectual powers; 
memory. [prenended. 

CJ^jJ^ madruk, Understood, com- 

j^jiX^ mudarhim, Monied, rich. 

(^Jl« madarl (fern. ^jS/*), A 
citizen (especially of Madar in Arabia). 

j£>S/* mad^w, Invited, called, 

4jy:jL«, Any person prayed for, 

or upon whom a benediction is pro- 

^^Jl« mad^l, Called, etc. Miid^, 

part. Causing one to be considered as a 
-son, though he is not. 

-frj^ maddacJ, An adversary in a 

lawsuit, a prosecutor, suitor, claimant. 
Pretending, presuminff, asserting, vindi- 
cating ; Doasting (of birth, courage, 
etc.) Wishing earnestly. Professing, 
declaring. Calling, aesiring to be 
brought. Asldng a blessing. Claiming. 

L^^S^, A criminal; a de- 

fendant in a lawsuit. 

JJtX^ mtid^hil, (A country) full of 
thick woods. 

w3J^ madfa^ Cannon, artillery, 
anything by which an enemy is repulsed. 

j;*j^ mudfik, part. Pooling out 

^x« madfan and ^ Jtit, A burial 

place. [off. 

c yj^ madfn^ Eepnlsed, driven 

^yx« madfun, Euried, concealed, 
hid (as treasure, etc., under ground). 

^J^ midakk or <L3tX.^, An instm- 
ment with which anything is bruised; 
an instrument with which com is 
thrashed ; the pestle of a mortar. Mv^ 
dikky part. Bruising, beating small, tiun, 
or fine. Receiving or taSing hold of 
anything small or subtile. 

J^Jl./* madlul, Demonstration, 
proof; anything proved. 

c)[/^X^ midmdk, A row of stones 
in a wall. 

^>/* tX^ mudammt^ 'paxt. See^^Jj. 
^^Jl^ tnudamlaf. Bound and 

Jl^ muacmla^^ 

^Jl« mtidun, Cities. 

tj Jl« madant, A citizen ; belon^ng 
** to Medina. 

jjX^ fmtdatoiotr, part. Convertii^j, 
turning, etc. Mttdatowar, Bound, ci^ 
cular. [founded. 

fiiJbiX^ madhosh, Astonished, con- 

t^j^ mad^, A boundary, term, 

period, goal, butt for archers, j J3 

y^^i^*^^f As far as can be seen. 

^l>Slt-^iV«, At all times. c^J^ 

^\yii\j^j^ji\, In all ages. 

^J^ mudlh, Praise. 

jjX« madid, Long, extensive, tall 
^of stature. A kind of long measure in 

J J^ mudlr. Turning round, con- 
. verting, surrounding. One who goes or 



^«X^ Madtfon, Median, A city in 
Arabia Petrea. 

^J^ tnadlnaty A city, especially 
Medina in Arabia, wbere Mabomet was 
buried, formerly called Yatrib. 

^^ Jt^ madynn (or^^ J^), A debtor, 
involyed in debt. 

^«X^ mazaUhy Flnr. of f^iy. 

i^j\ Jt^ mazdrif, The interior angles 
of the eye. [palate. 

jl«X^ ma&ak, Tasting, taste; the 

i^\s^ ntuzaharatf Conferring to< 
getber, commemorating, recollecting ; 
conTersation, conference, etc. 

\^ mazdhih, Plnr. of c^Jb Jl«. 

f^i^ mazhah, An altar, or any 
place wbere an animal is sacrificed. 

-^J^ ma&buh, Slaughtered, sacii- 

jys^ mazbur, Written. ^ficed. 

j^iV* mmakhir, part. EecoUecting ; 

advisinf , mentioning. Muzakkar^ part, 
pass. Oi tbe masculine gender. 

jS^ mazkur, Eemembered, before- 
mentioned; said, related, mentioned. 

^t-il-^j!l5^^»X^, Above-described. 

Jj^ tnuzUl, part. Eendering yile 
jar abject, discovering one to be so. 

ili^ mazdUat, Baseness, contempt. 

JJiX^ mazaUil, part. Vilifying. 

/♦Jc<« muzimm, part. Eecoming con- 
temptible, despicable, yile, mean, base ; 
discovering to be base ; doing anytbing 
viUanous or mean. [contempt 

^X^ mazammaf, Elame, scorn, 

/^y^ fnazmum, part. Despised, 
contemptible, blameable. [sinner. 

w«^ (V« muznth, part. A criminal, a 

v,«^Jb(X^ mazhah, A sect, a religious 
order. Canon law, rule, religious 
opinion. An institution, regulation; a 
nte, ceronony. 


jXt mmlh, part. Melting. 

-^ marr, Passing through or by, 
departing. Murry Bitter. Myrrh. 

i \y and l*j^ and ^, fern, of 

*jy mtra, A woman, if I -^ mirQt 

(plur. expressing a few, 1^ plur. 

expressing many IJ^), Alooldng- 
glass, speculum, mirror. [turns. 

d^]^ marrdt (plur. of ifj^), Timesu 

c^l^ mardtib (plur. of iJ.^), 
Dignities. [Meadows. 

^)j^ mardti^ (plur. of ^j^\ 

iu^m^\ „^ mv/rdjamatf Pighting, 
throwing stones at one another. 

{,^\j^ mardhil (plur. of H>y^\ 
Joumies, stations, etc. 

A^-L^ mardhtm, Favours, etc. 

j|^ murdd, Desire, will, intention, 
design, inclination, affection, wish. A 
proper name, Morad or Amurath. 

aijl^ mwrddafaty PoUowing one 
another, succee^g. [neous. 

u^j|^ marddl, Voluntary, sponta- 

j\j^ mirdr (plur. of ^), Timea^ 

turns, (plur. of -^ mwrr\ Bitter. 

\j\^f Often, frequently, many 
times ; sometimes, now and then. 

ij\y mardrat, Bitterness. 

JlLjL/* murdsdlat, Writing a letter 

or sending a messenger to another ; cor- 

wL^ mwdiimy Laws, conditions, 

agreements, pactions, conventions, cove- 
nants, obligations, observances, duties, 
prescriptions. Marks, signs, customs, 

i^j^y Plur. of 5Lj^, anchors, 

jJbL^ ma/rdsUdf Plur. of Ju&^, 
Guides, escorts. 




sXa\j^ murdsadat, Seizing an op- 
portunity of myading or attacking (an 
enemy). [please. 

i\^\^ murdddt, Endeavouring to 

SlcL^ murdddt, Looking back upon, 

considering, reflecting; viewing atten- 
tiyely through half-shut eyes. Attending 
to, listening. Taking care of, preserving, 
guarding, maintaining. 

^cl^ murd^, part. Observing, an 

"ol^rver, a guardian, a cultivator, a 

i \j^ mardgh, The rolling or wallow- 
ing of a horse, camel, etc., on the ground. 

iUclj^ mardghahat, Desire^ affec- 
tion, propensity. 

wil^ »uircyJ^,High places. Murdfi^ 
Two litigants before a judge. 

ij6\^ murdfa^t, An action, a law- 
suit, [traveller. 

(J^\j^ mardfih, part. A fellow 

<LA3L^ murdfakatf Company, society. 

c^L^ murdkib, part. Looking to, 
observing. [templation. 

^]j^ murdiahat, Observation, con- 

j3\^ mardlid, Sepulchres, monu- 
ments, tombs. Beds. 

k^^\j^ mardkib, Ships^ any ma- 
chine or animal by which people are 
transported firom place to place. \ chicles. 

a\j^ mardm, Desire, wish, inten- 
tion, purpose, design. 
—^1^ mardwih, Plur. of ^n/^' 

^iSj/% murdwaiat, Endeavouring 
to conciliate. [fraud. 

4c^\^ murdicaghat, Using art or 

ifSy tnirat, A mirror. 

AJ^]^ mardhim, Plur. of >»Jb^. 

«CJb|^ murdhanat, Contending, de- 
positing the hets (espedally at a hoiae- 
nee, etc) Pledged 

f^\y mwrdi (or ^}j^)i A hypo- 
crite. " [cafly. 

i\jl^ murdydt, Acting hypocriti- 

<0^ murabhat, A preserve, a con- 

lijy* marhit or marhat, A place 

where cattle, etc., are tied up ; a stable. 

^j^ marha^ A spring habitation. 

«^j^ murahhi^ murahha^ Square, 

quadrangular. An epigram, song, etc., 
of four verses or four lines, a quatraiiL 

Lv;^ marhut, Bound, fastened, con- 
tained, inherent, depending upon. 

c yij^ i»ar^u^(feni.<u^^j^),Twisted 

or formed of four ropes or parts. Haying 
a quartan ague. Of a short stature. 

^r^ marhl, Educated, brought up. 
^j^ mtirahhl, An instructor, 

tutor, curator, guardian, corrector. A 
confectioner or preserver of fraits. 
IJurabba\ Educat^. Preserved (fruits). 

Sj^ marrat or marrah (plur. CL^\/*)t 
One time or turn, once. ^^*r* 

ij^, One after another, again and 

«^.^J^ muraUih, part Ordering, 

directing; a director. Murattab, part 
pass. Put in order, r^ulated. 

i^y martahat or martdbah, A step, 

degree, di^ty, office, employment, 
charge, iuiul of honour. 

f^^y^ murtajf. Moved, agitated, 

trembling, raging. 

*f^j^ fnurtajih, Moved backwards 

and forwards, up and down in the swing 
or see-saw. 

Jj^ murtaddyAn apostate, ren^;&do. 

cJo^ muriadi^ p^> Abstaining, 
restraining one's-self. 

tJ^f^ murUuM, part. Corrupied 


murtadt^ Sacking (milk); 

(a she-goat) sucking her own. 

ij^j^ murtadi, Content, satisfied. 

Murtada\ Agreeable, chosen, approved. 

lijUj^ murtacid, part. Trembling, 
dreading. [frightened. 

^JiijUj^ murta^sh, part. Trembling, 

^a7^ murtafa^, Elevated, exalted, 
high, sublime. 

c^^^y* murtahib, part. Perpetrat- 
ing, committing (a crime). 

Sjy murtakam, Heaped up, 
augmented, and becoming condensed 
and compact. 

Jj^ murattaly part. See J-J;5. 

^^y* nrmrtami, Thrown, cast forth. 

t^^j^ murtatotf part. Having the 
thLrst quenched. 

^j^ murtahin, part.Eeceiving from 
another a pledge or security. Pledged, 

being a surety or bondsman, ^^j^ 
Anything pledged. 

i\iy ma/rsat and <U^, Lamenting 

(any person) pronouncing a fimeral 
eulogium. A funeral oration, an elegy, 
a dirge. 

<— ^ marj\ Earth, ground. A field 

with raised borders for planting or 

sowing (plur. >9^^j^)t -^ meadow 

(jwU>-^ mtrjds, A stone tied to a 

rope and let down into a well in order 
to move the mud, which being carried 
off by the flux, the remaining water be- 
comes pure ; also a stone with which 
they fathom the depth of a well, whether 
there is water in it or not. 

jjlp-^ marjdn, Coral. 

f^j^ mara^'th, part. See <f)pry* 

Mvrajjah^ Most excellent, superior. 

y^r^ marja^ and <U5>-^, A re- 

turn, the time or place of return, refuge. 

j>'j^ ma/rjUf part. Hoped for, ex- 
pected, requisite. 
'^j>'j^ marjuh, Preponderating, 

prevailing, becoming superior, placing 
before, preferring. 

ft y>j^ vnarju^ and <Uj5>-^, A re- 
turn ; whatever is returned, brought back, 

i^^^j^ marhah, The being large, 
spacious, convenient. Amplitude, large- 
ness. A^jLd-^ marhahd toa 

sahla, You are welcome, may your 
arrival be happy (a form of salutation, 
for which they generally use simply 

Lo-^, Hail ! welcome ! Gbd 
bless you ! live for ever !) 

(J>y^ marhaly A day's journey. 

ad^y^ marhaldt, A day's journey ; 

the time or place of travelling ; an inn 
or any halting place for travellers. 

<U>^ marhamat, Pity, compassion, 

mercy, clemency, favour. 

(*^j^ ma/rhum (fem. <)Up*j^), 

Pitied. One who finds jpity. One whom 
God has taken into his mercy, the de- 
funct of happy memory, the deceased. 

^tc^iy^ murakhkhas, part. pass. 

Permitted, allowed. A licensed person. 

^^a:>-j^j^, Not permitted. TJn- 

J^ maradd, Returning, answering, 

reducing, restoring, remitting ; repelling, 
rejecting, throwing back (upon one). 
Eeprobating, refuting, averting. A 
place to which one returns. 

t-it)-^ mv/rdafy part. pass. Entered, 

or carried, after another. Murdify part, 
act. Coming behind, following ; remain- 
ing or riding behind. 

iii^t2ij^ mardkushf See ij^y^jy* 
iiiS<^r^ mat*c?go8?i,Mflx\fi\»ss!L. 



<iS(3^ mardnd (fern. If Jjc>^)^ Ee- 

tamed, restored, rejected. Repulsed, 
excluded, reprobated, confuted. 

c j(^p^ mardu^f Infected, tinctured, 
stained. Inverted, fallen back, relapsed. 

Jjj^ marzul, Contemptible, repro- 

Cy^h^ mindh (plur. t-*^j|/«)> A 
canal, a conduit, a water-pipe. 

^jr^ murzahdn, A general of the 

confines, a governor on the borders of a 
hostile country, a lord marcher, a mar- 
grave or landgrave. 

li^f^jif marzanJQBh and L/*y^j/^ • 

Sweet marjoram; a blue flowered in- 
toxicating herb. 

jUi-^ mar%il1c, Happy, fortunate. 

Acquired by art. 

/-j^ marsj Sticking (as a rope) 
between the block and the pulley. 

5Lj-^ mirsdt (plur. l<-j]/« and 

(jm\j>^\), An anchor. 
JLy* mtrsdl, Despatched, sent. 
L^j^ marasat (plur. of r/J/« and 

{jM\j^\)y A rope. 

i^j^ murstl, part. Sending (an 

ambassador, etc.^ Mursal, part. pass. 
Sent to others. An ambassador, prophet, 

apostle. J*^^^, The prophet 
sent. ^^^Jurf^1,I^ophets, apostles. 

^1 J*^, The man to whom any 
person or thing is sent. 
dJuj^ mursalat, Pern, of J««a^, An 
epistle, a letter. d^^Lo^l, Winds. 

Angels, Horses, (plur. J-^), 

A necklace, especially that part of it 
hanging down the bosom. 

A*^ marsam (plur. wL^), An 
argument ; sign, mark. 

/•j*^ fmrsum, Signedi marked, 

notified, described; prescribed, aceos- 
tomed. A mandate. 

^Umj^, Prayers for the dead. 

ilij^ marashshat, An instrumeDt 
with which they sprinkle anything. 

Jul^ marshad (plur. sJ^\j^), The 

right way. A firm resolution. MurshU 
A guide to the right way, i.e, to salnip 

Xoj^ marsad (plur. iX^]jy)y A 

place of observation or lying in wait 

^jcucj^ mnrassas, Covered with lead. 
%^r^ nrnroBsi^ part. See ^p^J^ 

J/wrflw««^,part. pass. (rem. <U«tf^), 
Covered with gold, set with jewels. 

iPy^y fnarsus, Compact, firm, iih 
dissoluble. Filled up, fall (well). 

(jOjyt maradi^ha. ^\;^\)9 Disease^ 
indisposition, malady, distemper. 
kJiluuSl^jd^, The falling sickne8& 
i^j^u^r^f An accidental indis- 
position. iX^^u^r^f A disease 

from nature. " 

i\^j^ marddf, Content, etc. See 


<Uy« muraddaf, A hammer or maUet ; 
anything used in threshing com. 

%^j^ vnarda<^ A teat, a nipple; 
any place sucked. Murdi^ (fenk 

iiu^j^), part, (a mother) having 
a sucking infant or young. A nmae. 

^^^j^ marda^ (plur. of (^/a^i^)> 

Mardt, Agreeable, acceptable, anything 
one takes a pleasure in, laudable. 

L.^j^ mnrtth, Humid, moist, wet 

^Ll?^, A glazed vesseL 

-L^^j^ martuh, Moist, full of 

^ l\s.jf% mir^t^ Pasture, a meadow. 

Jj^ 239 

JuK^ nntr^id, pari Thundering. 
c-yy« mar^uh, Terrified, terrible, 
^^c^ mar^\ Pasture. Forage. A 
place of pasture. Mar^ (fern. 

w III 

4jji^), A shepherd, pastor, one 
who feeds or goyems. Governed, guarded, 

observed. ilc^^La/*, Things 
worthy of attention. 

^j^ marghy Pasturing, eating up 

the whole forage Ta horse) j being 
amongst herbage. Anointing all oyer 
with oil or ungnent. 

C-^^i^i»afyAu5, Desirable, amiable, 

lovely, estimable, excellent, beautiful. 
Desired, coveted, etc. 

fjij^ mirfaky The elbow ; a cubit. 

Marfikf^ A place upon which a person 
leans with the elbow. 

^^^j^ mwrfaiy Broken, brayed, 

^y fna/rfu^ (fern. Xc^i;^), Ex- 
alted, raised high, honoured. Marked 
with the vowel point (' w). (Garments) 
of ffreat value ; also, laid one over 

A5^ muraffihy part. See <Ui^, 
Muraffahy Quiet, tranquil, contented, 

^VWi prosperous. J U \ dS^ and 

Ji9\^\^j^, Contented in mind, 
easy at heart. 

^Jj^ tnarak, Broth. 

c-^r* marhih and LS^, A watch 

tower or other high place whence obser- 
vatian is made. 

djtj^ marakat, A quantity of broth. 

iiij^ markad, A sepulchre, a tomb, 

a monument. A bed, sleeping place. 
Murkid, part. Soporiferous, concihating 
Bleep. Markadf A medicine promoting 



mwahki^ part. See 

Murakkaf^j part. pass. Patched, xnended ; 
ragged, clothed in rags. 

/♦yj** markum, "Written, described, 

inscribed, computed. Above-mentioned^ 
predicted. Marked, especially with or- 
thographical points. 


(J^ markl, Fascinated; defended 
by magic. 

Uji3)ltLi^ marhayd^l unfi, The two 
sides of the nose. 


^m^j^ markah, A ship, ^^^j^ 
murakkab, part. pass. Compounded, com- 
posed. Mixed. s_ -^-f J (y. 

Gross ignorance. iL j s_X ^ t 
markab nar^ a steamer. 

J^ markaz, A centre. SjAji\^y9, 

The centre of a circle. Markaz^ A 
place of residence, a halting place, a 

c-jjS^ markuh, (A carriage, animal, 

road, etc.) by or through which one 

jj^j^ markuz, Fixed, fastened. 

<C«^ murammat, Eeparation, mend- 
ing, accommodating. 

4V«^ murmad, Blear-eyed. 

j^j^ marmar, Marble. 

^jyy fnarmuk, Looking back, con- 
sidering or glancing at slightly. 

tfj^ fnarmi, Thrown, cast forward. 

c-jjj^ mtrwah, A milk vesseL 

ijj^ maruaty The being bold, mascu- 
line^ manly, vigorous. Manhood, viriKty, 
fortitude. Humanity, generosity, polite- 

^j^ muruj, Plur. of ^^. 

<^jj^ minvahaty A fan, aventilatDr. 

jjy^ mwur, A passage, pass, tran- 

i^^j^ marwt, Belated, alleged, 

told. Placing confidence in the words 
of another. Having the thirst quenohed. 



^ wmrknly Yfflrfhfe, dreadfiiL 

^ ^ 

^^•^ iidrifia^ PLeifgedr pawned. 
^«<« jMri, The windpipe. 

[l[iix& Iran. 

or '^j^r ^^ planet 

i^ (plsr. ^-^t ^cfe^ 

^ •« Mdrycnt, Msrj. Hie BLessed 



«^^ :^ misdj. The ten^oamsit, coixl- 
pii^dan, eolifititiitaiiu IiaMc of bodr. A 

mJYPd witL wine. 4»i: ^^^^1\ 
A noble dispafituni, an. ffiRplIfflit cimstL- 

fierj complexioti. «^^4^c. 

Ox & riTmiTti (ff wigtrtn^nn , 


^|j^ jNiEsaA, flaying, jesfeing. A 

tnrbtn^, prsaBfm^ upon, especially in a 
crowd. Hindenmce^ izapedrmaLt:, ob-> 
stmction. A etowd, a mob. A^roaeh.- 
nij^ to dflf. 

J^ jnasddf Auction, selling to the 
bluest bidder. 

y '^ mazdr, A place of TisitatioiL ; 
hence a sepokbrer a tomb. 

t^l« tnazdrtz^ Pinr. of <{^»^. 


.i^^^l^ jRozdjRlr, PInr. of tL«I^ and 
•^'w^, Tlie Psalms. r mg 

>-^|l« wtMsdttajirty, CoapHng, joiji> 
Sil^ wmzbii, part. Foaming (sea). 

ilj '^ vuribahfty A dimgliiU ; any 

place wbere tbey tilrQw tbe filth or sireep>- 
mga of a hooae ; a necessary. 

«j^ mmbur. Written. Abore men- 


lg.1 HlwbTl. idHMC^ iTWfF. 

«^ L« 'MBiry Hixmg, temperxng wine 

with. watEzv efic 
^J^ MiBsi^ Tbspn^ jesting. 



Legs ^3B a fiittgoedhiicKr etc.} 

^]:>-l« Btmhmi^ Dieeiining, receding, 
departing from. 

j^^-'lm MHsimy XiBB& pccBsed or 

preaang. [tioiliie. 

Perplexity^ difltnrbanee, 

^ ^ 

>* JUi mmsii^j. port. PlrohibitiBg. 


pulsed^ oejected. 

Jiuadar^^ port. pao. Deapmud^ 


c^^^»:^ MJEsra^ (or c^^2r*)» -^ ^'^ 
2^ »*^ jtcsToiy A jard&a, a dend- 

t» :^ iMBTtfc or £f * ;«, A fidd SOWS. 

^jl^ »U Musflrlaift^Made of gold wire. 

c •»l«ndsrdcv&ni.^^ •]*«•)} Sown. 
, Aaf :^ ffMScvi. Terrified. 

Zi:^ xtaczibE^, Tlie name of a fit^ 
bird. [to foot 

^•i/* Mossiui^ Skbmed from liead 
^•^'•« iMEsJtum, Haring a riieom. 

^jll^ mkldi^ A bolt or bar of a door. 
(A mare) often, bringing lortib abortions. 

dw "^ nasilhi, A sli^ery place. 
«ui:/t masl4tia;t^ A ^ppeiy plaoe. 


nimndr, A flute; a psaltery. 
miusmi^ Constant, diligent. 

muaminf part. Lasting or con- 

ig long. 

mazmur, A psalm, a canticle. 

mfjamahirrf Very angry. 

mizwdjf (A woman) marry- 


musumwqf, part. pass. Con- 

l, associated, married. 

'^uuoad (plur. i^j\y*)f A tra- 
*8 proYision bag. 

tu&atowir, part. act. A liar, a 

I, a cheat. 

a%ah, Taste, anything agree- 

the palate. 

musduik, Killed, destroyed. 
ikf part. act. A murderer, destroyer. 
^laziyat, Excellence. 

tnazld, Increase, augmenta- 

%uzayyin, A barber. Muzayyanf 
[mss. Adorned, dressed, haying the 
at or dressed. 

ma89, Handling, touching, 

Mfi, The evening. -jirVLMf, 

od evening. Luu«j,^v^, Mom- 
id evening. ^ 

« moBdjidf Mosques, temples. 

masB&h and ^J\^\*u^, A 

trician, a land measurer. 

) masdhat, Stroking, handling, 
ly drawing the hand over the head, 
e surface of anything liquid, 
ring (ground), measurement. 

uJL^ J^) The science of mea- 
9iit, geometry. 

1 mtudra^t, Haste, celerity, 


^Lmi nuu&tir (plur. Sj^\m^), 
Geometrical canons. [anoe, aid. 

ifiX&LMf muid^adai, Favour, assist- 
ive L^ musd^at, See Sj^Luu«. 

^^Luu« ma«a ^2,Endeavour8, labours, 
laudable studies, works, or attempts. 

iLiL^ ma«d/b^,Distance, an interval, 
part of a road or journey. Space ; a 
journey. Masafat, A day's journey, as 
far as a loaded camel can travel with 
ease, t>., eight parasangs. 

^Lm» mwdjlr, part. A foreigner, a 
stranger, a guest. A traveller. 

^Luu« masdkin, Habitations. ^L^ 

JLiil^^l^jUIxll, The mansions 

of the learned and the residence of men 
of science, t.^., universities, colleges, 
• academies. Muaakin, An inhabitant. 

^L^ (plur. of ^jt:L^), The poor. 

JL!*Luu« moiolatf A question, etc. 

(•I^Lmi masdlik (plur. of (JL^Luu«), 

Ju!L^ mwdlamat, The art of culti- 
vating peace or friendship. 

^Luu« masdm, pi. clj\^\m^, Pores 
of the body. 

jUtLuL^ mtMdmdi, The art of com- 
paring or disputing about height ; boast- 
mg over another. 

musdmih, part. Forgiving. 

^r^luu^ musdmarat, Conversation 
(especially in the night-time). 

Um/« masdmi^ (plur. of 




^^LuL^ masdmlr (plur. of jUwuum*), 
Nails, spikes. [Thrones. 

jJUu^ masdnid (plur. of JCmuumi), 

iffjLuu« musdwdt, Equation. 

iiUjLu.^ mtMae^oma^, Bidding against, 
raising the price upon another. 

(^^Lm^ mtMawtol, part. Equal, 



mmmii^ part. Se^H^CBt, _.=;; 

—rf« wiT, port. Endi- 

^''>_« wtutaH, Qnesdoas, plar. of 
ZJ'.« or 11 — a. 

'r^ e«ae itf nates, u^ GoL 

^ -^ «MCM((d. A praiser of God. 
^j.— .* wntii^F, FrevQUed, antid- 

(J''^^u^ aMtfte-An, psrt Desinng 
~ ooc to eooe, npectJog. 
y'i'..ii ■» ■iiwte-cnr, port. &<de, emi- 

one who him a house, a Hnant. tie. 
X imntKT, renter. 

i_t^'\^._ wtmtfu-^jil, part. Amving 

■t mT tam or objwt nshed for or ei- 
peetcd, an appinnted time. Flockiog 
together ^u ■ mnMade itf people}. 
Begging time or dday. 
^*\i..^ wuttfa-aHiir, part Bemam- 
I retinng, Ewng 

) mmtttMidH, part. Cnlti- 
ratimr the helles kttns, EtadTin^, be- 
t ::..i.,' .._ md polite. Veiled is 

^*Cai_« tniufa-azm, part. A airing 

Jwi'c.i.ii « mtutm-fuid, part. Bold, 
feari^ inbvjnil, nidhiiviipoii, uUcckiiij 
fiercel]', like a litai. (A naul) nowii^ 
lo the foil axe. Bnnidng here aid there. 
Stiiimlating, impefling'. 

j-i'ii— * mutta-atir part. Binding 

iilii^ "f»ti aiit Fre«. exempted. - 
^^'"l:-.* VMrfi-Mw, part. Accns- 
t a ^A, ^^^*— — ' bKOBii^ tHM (ma 
wiUbM^ FaailtK. 

-=-.i;^', tfl, fit. 

. — ri ri Ju , put. Cbnmdef- 

PTlm 1 1 lAK el 

<:r^— * ■MibMjr^ part Glad, »• 

■"-joiciuf. [eiflin. 

g^:^.^ M«rf«il, part. Carryingaw^ 
.-w,:u»« wttutmbin, part. Beccmuai 

erid' ct, knowing for certain, appennig 

»-.•-....* mutefd'^, part. Followed 

diavinr after; <me who wiahet to kt 


:;:;.u4 mtutatir part. Hiding ou^*- 

eeif, abawnding. Concealed. 
»:.^u— 4 muttalinim, part, FerfontuDgi 

complEting. [with *^ 

f jit-...^ MtutMib'/, part. Oppceuti 


mustama', part, pass^ 

Tom any common rule. 

mmtajdhf part. pass. Ac- 
leptable, agreeable. 

Mtqfidd, part. Renewing, 
•, considering as new. 

ustajirr, part. Drawing, 
ff. [ing, causing. 

» mustajUhy part. Attract- 

mv^tajhil, part. Consider- 
orant, despising. 

%iLstajtry part. Imploring 

[an anny. 

mtistajtshf part. Desiring 

I miMtahdis, part. Learn- 
; discovering (anything) to be 
ustahdasy part. pass. A novelty, 
ion. Discovered, found out. 

tntcstahstn, part. See 
ol . Mmtahsan, part. pass. 
dd, laudable, beautiful. 

^jMj^j^Ljj^y Excellent de- 

ons; convincingly proved, easily 

mustahdir, part. Calling or 

ing one to appear before or in 

desiring to come, wishing to 

It. Kecalling to mind, recol- 


mmiahihkf part. Worthy, 

mttstahkam, 'Finn, esta- 
rtrong. [lawful. 

mmtahall, part. Esteemed, 

^ mtcstahlihi part. Milking, 
dd, Milked. 

mustahll, part. Impossible. 

mtcstakhbir, part. Interro- 
one who interrogates. 

I mustahhrijf part. Extract- 

icting. Mtuiakhrqff part. pass. 
(Ut, extracted. 

miMtaddnif part. Perpetual, 
il, asBidiM>iU; ancictttf immemorial. 

yjJCoM.^ muHadtr, part. Bounds 

spheric, circular. 

^ JCuAj^ mustadln, part. Asking or 

receiving money on credit. 

i^«3aM^ mustazkir, Becollecting> re- 
cording. Calling to mind. 

^jiMj^ mwtardh, A place of rest 

or quiet. A necessary. 

^^-fl»-yLi*fc/» tnu8tarfa\ part. Hoped, 
** wished, prayed for. 

fja:>-jXjM^ mu8tarkh%8, part. Esti- 
mating, or buying at a low price. 

_£>-^:uu.^ mtutarkhl, part. Languid, 
' relaxed, enervated, flabby. A laxative. 

J jjXM*y mustarzil, part. Considering 

or finding (any person or thing con- 

^J^jxmx^ mustarshi, part. Asking a 

" present (for an opinion to be given, or a 
decree to be passed). 

j^j:mj^ mustardi^f Seeking a nurse 
to suckle a child. 

jJ^Im^ mustarfid, part. Asking as- 

«J^1am.^ mustarki^ part. (A gar- 
ment) requiring to be mended. 

^jjb^ruA^ mmtarhin, part. Demand- 
ing a hostage or a pledge, receiving in 

jhxAJu/« mtcstazdd, Increased. 

..sf**^^"* mtMtaakhir, part. Eidi- 
culing. Scorning, deriding. 

i^^SmCSmi^ mtutasdi, part. Laying 
** down the warp in the loom. 

jucduuJL^uuu^ tnustas^ad, Bendered 
happy, blessed, favoured, gratified. 

^.Luuuyuuu« miutaski, A dropsical 

^person. ^^^ drawing out. 

Jjgyjjgu^ mtMtasiU, part. Unsheath- 

lJ\m^t»am^ mustasUf, part. Desiring 
to borrow, ot to \s«:^^ «0l ^J^va^fii^ ^si^ 



V One wiio is 


aailMifiZ^ part. "Hf^wg 

« wmmttufi, port. See * '" 

c,JvV,M>»# mMsMah^ Good, agreeable, 
cli'gant. GncxoiB. 

c, ■.Vr.M.># wmtUtikih, Begging a pie- 
Knptiaii or remedj (for giirf or pBQi)- 

i3;Vr,i.i># MUitat il, Long. 

^ Vr.iii^ wnutaatB, Sitting in die 
■hade. [rowed. 

jIclmm* gwrfjfcor, pert. paaa. Bar- 

^lir.ufc^ iNi«^ae.aji, pert. peas. An 

avifltsnt, aarffiary, one wbose aid is 

wtMita^Hf port. See 

J'.f:*^l ^Ls*^*-* jmuta-^fOmt, 
In baste. Qiddij, speedilj. 

h V , tr _ ' ^» » ^ OTfM^^tiiiJ, part Able, 

ei^Ktble, apt, fit,proper, wordi j, arranged, 
piEt in order. Beadj. 

musia^, part. BebelHouSy 


mmta^il, part act. Using. 

Muitafjitaly -pari. paaa. Usurped, applied, 

jMm*^ muda^r, A borrower. 

l^Jgm^ mmtaghra^y part pass. 
Wofiderfial, foreign, rare. 

^Jc^**^ mmtaghrahy part. pass. 

Immened, pUmged, drowned. Mutta- 
ghrik, part. Plunging, immerging. 

yjc^M^ mustaghfirj part. Penitent, 
fc, ■^I c'mu ^ mtiita^Mib, part. Preyail- 

ariBag aayihisg on eoa- 
tka^Tife iUl not be letezned. 

^vir..i.< amMUfkm, part Bieh, 

of wcalA, pcood, kllj, bangiitXi 
^ ' Contenty 


', part Conflaltmg 

wmuUfVkirf part Eraai, 

wMuUffirighy An emetic. 

^^.r-iii^* wsMaUfid, part Acqaiziiig» 
gaining, profiting (in idenee and wealtb). 

^r,hnuim wuuU/H part Diyulged, 


«iifla2M,partFatare; ibe 
fiiture tenae of a Terb. lo^r' 
^ tSTi Hi <4. 1, l^me future. 
j-r...^ wmOdM, part Wishing 

for deadL 

f;..>^ wnuisiirr, Bemaimng firm; 
dwdling, hnring a fixed rendmee ; eon- 
itauit,steBd]r,sta!Ue; eoiifirnmig,streDftii- 
ening. if«i<dbar,partpaaB.AdweImig' 

^^ wnuf§in, part Curious. 

wtustahUy part Particolar, 
abflobite, independent; hairii^ pknqMH 

tentiary powers. Icui*.^ mm- 
takHamy Abaohttelj, expresslj, spedall J. 

^j;,ti.^ fmutaJ^m, part Bigbt, 

straight, futhfol, true, lofral, wdl oos- 
stitnted, baring a good tenaency. Stand- 
ing ereoty rising up. Ajfc.w,^Vi^i 

A rigbt line. X^ldLj.B*.iw^, Of a 

jnst proportion, of an er^ figure. 

gicuM.^ mustahrahy part. pass. Abom- 
inable, disagreeable. XTngrati&L 

^Jz>**^ mfutahr% part IQnngi 


«^ muUakfi^ part. Desiring 
o do anything effectually or soffi- 
7. [the cautery. 

ub^ mustakwi, part. Eequiring 

• mustamidd, part. Asking 
emee or aid against an enemy. 

mustamirr, part. Firm^ con- 
durable. Continuing, persisting, 

glong. Passing by, going forward, 


Cma^ mustamsik, part. Appro- 
i^, seizing, holding &st, containing, 
aining ones's self. 

^ miMtami^ part. Hearings 
ing; a listener; a hearer. 

'• mustamiH, part. Loathings 
ling tired, disgusted. [farour. 

« fMMtaminn, part> Asking a 

« mustanbit, part. Causing to 
DYerflowing. Acquiring knowledge 
! law by ingenuity and study. Ap- 
ig (as anything before concealed). 

^ miMtanid, part. Leaning 
or supported by anything. 

^ mustansih, part. Asking 
», consulting ; considering as a feith- 

mustanttk, part. (God) 

Ig rational, bestowing the gift of 

^ mtutanki^ part.Stagnating, 
^ing (water). 

uw« mmtanhtd, part. Eousing> 
ig, ordering one to rise to do any- 

• mustanlr, part. Shining^ 
ng, sparkling. 

^ mttstawsik, part. Solid, 
iteady, constant. 

Sm,/^ mustawjtbf part. An 

r, cause, motive. Meriting, pro- 
vorthy of. Making or judging 
ary. Condemning to death. 

^tvd;^^^2yuuu«, Deserving a 
1, meritorious. 

musUMhUhf Afflicted, 


J>*j1m^ mustawhil, part. (A place) 

full of soft clay or mud. 

c J^Iaa^ muatawdicy part. Desiring 

one to preserve anything committed to 
his care. Committing, recommenduu^. 
Mutiawdif^ part. pass. A person wiu 
whom, or a place wnere, anything is de- 
podted. The uterus, matrix, or womb. 

jyZ^M*^ mastur (fern. ijjiM^), 
Coveredy oonoealed, hid, veiled. 
Sj^Xjm^ maaturat or ma$inrahf A 
chaste matron. CL^Kyu^iit^b^ 

The crown of ladies or matrons (a title 
often given to princesses). 


^jxm*^ musiatpdih, part Desiring 

another to make anything evident. En- 
deavouring to discover anything dis- 
tinctly, by holding the hand over the 
eyes to keep off the glare of light. An 
explainer, narrator. 

^jiMi^ mustawtinf part. Frequent- 
ing (a place). [(fir©)- 
JJjIam^ mwtawhidf part. Kindling 

^jiLuA.^ muBtawhi^ Expecting, 
waiting for. Hoping. 

^^i*wMt mustawllf part. Overoom- 

** ing, subduing, taking possession of, sur- 

f^^fnMj^ muaiawhibf part. Asking 
a present. 

vjrj:uu,^ mtutawl, part. Equal, 

straight, direct, ^y^^*^ musta* 
wif/an, Equally, directly. 

^I^Ima^ mtutahdm, Astonished, dis- 
tracted, wandering or unsteady in mind. 

^^\ {**» ^ mustahdn, part. pass. 

Despised, abject, base. 

sjjfM^ fnwtaJal^ part. Bidiculing, 

a mocker. 

Jfyuu^ mustahiU, part Appearing 
(the ue'sv mooi^. 



mwtofifnry part Easy, 
quick, ezpeditioiu ; prepared, well dis- 
posed, arranged. 

Vrfl .. r ..ui.>» muitayldty part. Watching, 
awakening, vigilant, provident. 

^ » fl j-m i ^ mustaykin, part. Knowing 
for certain ; searcliing into, ex|teing. 

^ 4>. ; . 'U m,^ mudayminj part. Pros- 

perons, acting or happening fortunately. 
Adjuring, desiring or cansing another to 
. swear. 

nuujid and moffad (plor. 
>*Um^), a mosque, temple, or 

plaoe of worship. ^\,x^^**^\, 
The mosques of Mecca or Medina. 

w«l^. The great or general 
mosqnc, where prayers are said erery 

Friday. j*1^1jusr**^\ (or 

c-wytJljLf^l), The temple of 

Mecca. ^^^\ssr^\, The 
temple of Jemsalem, or the Turkish 

mosque there. 

shrine in the ralley of Muna near Mecca. 
Ma^ad, That part of the forehead which 
touches the ground in the adoration called 

mmajlja^f Bhythmical 

(speech). The Arabians consider it as a 
gmt beanty in watory to make their 
periods similar in rhyme and cadence. 

iS^i**^ musajfal, Proved, authen- 
ticated, and sealed by a judge. 
*^ys^**^ nuufudf^doved, worshipped. 
jji^jsr***^ nuufun, Imprisoned. 

^***^ masah, Washing, wiping, 

cleaning. Anointing. Cutting off. 
Drawing the hand orer the suimce of 
any liquid, or over the head in order to 
wipe it; handling, stroking, rubbing. 
Flattering, cajoling. 

l«***^ musdha, (plur. of <^(^ma^; 
Anointed^ etc,) Christ 

jU;***^ MM-Adib (plur. J-ft^L^), 
The tiuA cntide or aiemharaiie eoTering 

the outside of the skulL /Lk>. wi 
UmJI, The memhranes of heaven, 
%.$, Thin clouds. /;La>.Lm^ 

^s^\^^ The grosser parts of 

fiit which adhere to the intestines. 
maS'hat, One unction. 

masahhar, part. pass. EaBci- 
nated, enchanted, deluded by witcheraft 
Endued with lungs. 

j^^*^ fna$-kur, Enchanted, fuci- 
nated. [bnuaed. 

^ys^'^ moi-huh, Worn, hrayed, 

'J**^ maskhy Changing, metamor- 
phosing into a more deformed Aafu 
(especially men into animals). 

ijS^**^ mas'hharat, A buffoon, toA^ 

jester, a droll, a wag ; a facetious man. 
A man in masquerade. A pleasantry, 
anything ridiculous or mirthful, sport 

L^ir**^ maslhut, Hateful, dis- 
agreeable, odious. 

JJut^ muMddad, part. pass. Well 

directed ; rectified ; managing affiun 
witii ju^^ent and success. 

i^Jum^ masdiid. Obstructed, shut, 

ijM^ moMrrat, Cheerfulness, glad- 
ness, joy. Briskness, UyelinesB, happi- 

^Jmi^ mutarrajy Saddled (horse). 

ip^jAM^ masrajat, A lamp. 

c jjM^ inu9n^, part Quick, making 

haste. Having a quick-going beast of 
burthen. Going fast, or ordering to be 

uJ^AM^ mwrify Prodigal, extrava- 

j^j»**^ nuurur, Glad, cheerful, ex- 
ulting, gay, happy, content. JoyfuL 

\ y35 j***^ mttwrafe. Stolen, robbed. 



mastabaty A large bench on 
-which people recline. A smith's anvU. 

jkuyw^ mtstar or J J o a u,^, A geo- 
metrical rule by which right lines are 
drawn. Parallel threads strained on a 
piece of pasteboard, used by those who 
copy manuscripts for ruling lines. Mu- 
satttTf Writing. Mtuattar, Written, a 

j^ojm^ mastur, Written, delineated, 

described, specified, expressed. 

j\xuj^ mis^r, A poker, a piece of 

wood with which fire is stirred. 

{^J^j\jtMj^f A raiser of war, a 
seditious man. 

tiyt*M^ moB^ud (or Juuuu^), Happy, 

fortunate; &yourablc, propitious; au- 

j^Luj^ masfurf Written, above men- 
tkmed, touched upon before. 

V*^°-'-* masfiiky Shed (blood). 

IxAamu^ maskat, Palling. A place, 

especially where anything faUs. 

^^VjSlkftAM^; A native country 
(where one falls at birth). 

{^Mku,^ Eoofed, floored. 

yuM>^ or jAmi^) Moscow. 

/^^Am^ maskum, Sick. 

^Jm*^ nM8ka\ Watered (field) by 
" art, or by a rivulet. 

diCuu^ mask, Seizing, holding fast, 

retaining, restraining, checking one's- 
self, refraining. 

V* ^—-' tnisk or mttsk, Musk, fj^^ 

lL^om^, a musky soap ball. 

dLuji^ mishit, A bit of musk. 

(j:.^Cm^ mmhit, part. Ordering 
silence, striking dumb. 

■Cu^ mtLshir, part. Inebriating. Any 
intoxicating liquor. [dwelling. 

^jLm^ maskin (plur. ^Uu^), A 

hLm^ maskanat, Poverty, misery. 

Humility, modesty. 
^j^yLu.^ maskubf (Water) flowing 

over the surface of the ground. 

^yLu^ maskur. Intoxicated, dnmk. 
cl^^Cuv« maskuk, Coined, struck. 
^yLmy maskun, Habitable, in- 
habited, ^yluv^^, IJninhabited. 

^Cuuu« miski or mtuki, Husky ; of 
the colour of musk, dark. 

^jSm^ maskin or miskin (fern. 

<UwJ^AAMf, plur. da^UMSiduuw^ and 

^\m*^\ a poor man, a beggar, 
a miserable wretch. Humble, suppliant. 

^Xuyu« mislakh, A skin, a raw hide, 
the slough of a serpent. 

JlLLu« mas-alat, A question, propo- 

sition, action, thing. JlI 


jniaallat, A large needle for sewing sacki. 

J^"**^ musaUah, part. pass. Armed 

for war. 

' J-«*^ mashkh, A place where they 
slaughter and skin animals. 

J.mJuuuu« mtisalsal, part Enchained, 

linked, sewed, or fastened together, 
coherent, successive, consecutive, placed 
in order. 

kLu^ musdUatf part. A governor, 


ui3uuu^ maslak or maslik, A way, 
path, track. An institution. 

JuM^ muslirn Jfem, ^laLm^), A 

musulman. Jum^, musallim, part. 

Keeping safe, preserving in liberty, 
rescuing. Saluting, pronouncing^ a bene- 
diction or salutetion. Blessing the 
memory (of a dead man), saying 

iuLc^O^, Peace be with him. 

musUmln (plur. oblique of 

Am^\ T\i<& '^lLsiat;si£L^\^^ 

L^^au/9 masluh, Seized, snatched 
away. Spoiled, stript, erred, forgotten. 

^^Lu*^ masJukh, Skinned. 

J «Lu^ maalul, Drawn, led, brought 
out, unsheathed. Consumptive. 

UuM^ musammd (for ^^4^*^), Galled, 

c:.^Uyuuu« musammat, 'Names, denom- 
inations, [stake. 

jUoM^ mismdr, A nail, pin, peg, 

cJUouu* mtsmdk, A tent-pole. 

<Uuu^^Jjb^ aMu^l masimmat, Eela- 
tions, friends, intimate companions. 

^4jm^ mtsma^ The ear, the organ 
of hearing. 

f^j^Mj^ musmin (fern. <U.4ma.^ muB- 

manat)y'E2Lt Naturally fat. ajM4aM.^ 

mtisammanat, Fat by art or care. 

c y^au^ masmu^ Heard, audible. 

My^JM^ masmum, Killed or injured 

by poison, infected (meat), poisoned 
(sword). (A day) distressingly sultry by 
the blowing of a hot wind. 

^^^kuA^ musammt, part. act. see 

<U^«yuJ. MU8amina\ part. pass. 

Named, called, intituled, denominated, 

jj**i^ mtsann, A whet-stone, any- 
thing on which another is sharpened. 


masnad, A large cushion on 
which they recline. A prop, a support. 

j^yM*^ masnun, (Ground). *if4Xcl5 

^yjjj^, A canon or rule ; in law 
an evangelical council. 

ijyu^ musawwadat (fbm. of Jjlu.^), 

Blackened. A black thing. A note or 
memorandum book, the first sketch, con- 
ception, or rough draught of anything, 
with many blottings ana corrections. 

iJj^^*^ masul, Asked, demanded, 

anythiag sued for. iJL:liym^ (pi. 
fern.). Petitions, prayers, qaestions. 

Uy^^iM/t mag'hib, Speaking much, a 
blabher. [in the belly. 

J^Aw« mtiS'hil, part. Laxative, loose 

c^^JLwuu« mmayyaiby part. pass. Dis- 
missed, set at liberty. 

ijs:\*M^ masij'at, An inclosure fenced 
by thorns. 

.^ftuu.^ muHh, Anointed, ^^y^ll 

^The anointed, the Messiah, our Lord 

Jesus Christ. J^-«>!f.^^u4l; 
Antichrist. ^ 

_^M4^ maslhf, A Christian. 

,^w« maslkh, A monster. 

jfiM*yii maslr, Gbing, walking, pro- 
ceeding on a journey, travelling. 

J.;MM.^ masil, A channel ; a flux or 
stream of water. 

<oluL« mushaUhf part. Like, resem- 
bling. c:.^\^luL« (plur. fern.), 

Similitudes, semblances. 

Jc^luuu« mushdhahat, Similitude, the 
comparison of things similar. 

X4jImu« mttshdtamat, A reproacL 

ijp^\jjj^ mashdjaratf Eesisting, op* 
posing, controverting. 

j\jMy$ mttshdrf part. pass. Signified, 

indicated. ^\ j\J^ mwh&noi 

ilayh. Above-mentioned, aforesaid, 
touched upon before, related above. 

L^JJL^ mashdrib, Plur. of hJu^^ 

Drinks, things in general which are port- 
able. / 

iJiioj\JL^ mttshdratat, Acting or 

making an agreement on certain con- 

interrogate requested. A petitioii', \ 'fiiUi^fiscDL^^^Bfin^ 

Jj\j!l^ masharify (pi. of uJ^), 

j^ljuu^ tnasMrih (plur. of ^jM^)t 



- . * 

C^Im4^ mushdrik, part. A com- 
panion, associate, comrade, partner. 
Musharak, Common. Changeable, re- 

o^Llu« mushdrakat, Community, 
society, association, communication, cor- 
respondence. Partnership. ^Uu.^ 
<Ljjj J, A unity of religion. 

l^luL^ miahdtf Plur. of kuu^, Combs. 

^IuLl^ mishdtaif The art of comb- 
ing the hair. Mmhatat, The manner of 

combing. Hb\Ix^ mashshdtat, A 

comber, a waiting maid, a bride dresser 
of tire woman. 

^luuu« mushd^, part. pass. Divulged. 

JfiLuu^ mashd^l (plur. of Jjluuu«), 
Lanterns. Torches. Flames, lights, 

4k£luuu« muahdffhahat, Injuring, de- 
faming, squabbUng, raising tumults. 

^LuA^ mtMhdfahat, Speaking to 
one's fkce. [veniences. 

jLlw« maahdkh, Afflictions, incon- 

Lj\j1^ mushdkat, Whatever falls 
from hair, wool, etc., when combed. 

4jIuu^ mushdkkat, Contention, 

^luuu« muahdkaratf Showing grati- 
tude. Gratefulness. 

J^\j^ tnuahdkd, part. Eesembling, 
suitable, apposite, convenient. 

jjluuL^ mushdwir, part. A counsellor, 
senator, fjij^^^^t Counsellors. 

^^Luuu« mttshawarat, Counsel, con- 
sultation, deliberation, conference. De- 

Jjblu4^ mushdhid, part. Seeing, con- 
templating. Who sees, etc. 

if Jjhltju^ mushdhadat or mttshdhadah, 
Sight, vision, contemplation, speculation. 

^UL^C^VjJblu^, The contempla- 

tions or visions of future, absent, or in- 
visible things. sdJb\jjj^, A testi- 

ijb\jjj^ mushdharat, Bargaining by 
the month. Monthly wages. 

j^\jlk^, Plur. of t*^juuu«. 
^\ji^, Plur. of ^. 
(JJZmj^ fMuha^hah, part. Latticed, 


i,JL/9 mushabhah, part. pass. Counter* 
feited. Like, resembling. 

liLuuu* maahtd and i\sJjj^), Winter 


^\sJm^ mushtdk, part. pass. Full of 

desire, wishing to see an absent friend. 

(JLCxuv* musMahik, part. Mixed, 

confused. Latticed, grated, made like 
a net. 

iUiLuL^ mmhtabih, part. Obscure. 
An ambiguity. [strength. 

iXzJL^ mushtadd, Increased in 

mushtaritf part. Making a 

(JJ^iLux^ mushtarak, Common. Jl^t 

l15]):jjuJL1, Common sense, i^^ 

iSjxJL^f A word of many signifi- 
cations, common to many senses. 

ijSJ^j^ muahUvrly A buyer. The 
planet Jupiter. Mushtara^j Bought. 

JjCuuLu« mmhta^ly Inflamed. 
,ycJL^ mmhtaghaly Employed. 
^JcJL^ mtc8Af^,Itecovering health. 

f^J^y mmhtakk, part. pass. Derived 
(as one name from another). 

fJijxL^t mushtakil, pai-t. Doubtful, 
difficult. Obscure. 

_^ajuu/« mtMhtaki, part. act. Com- 
" plaining, lamenting. MuahiaW^ part^ 



A _ 


^j4>r>A.^ mmhtamily part. Compre- 
hending, containing, surrounding,^ em- 
bracing, [claimed. 

^fLuw^ mushtahar, Famous. Pro- 

^gfjjj^ mmhfahl, part. Loving, 
** wishing, desiring. 
jS^ mashjoTy A grove ; (fem. 
if^isA^), Planted with trees. 

Mishja/r (plur.^5>-lu*^), A three- 
- footed piece of wood upon which they 

hang clothes. j»- IjIu* , The wooden 

works of camel litters open at top. 
MrnhjiVy part. (Ground) producing trees. 

j^!^ mushajjir (fem. i^jsr***^). 

Abounding in trees. Mushqjjar, A gar- 
ment figured with trees. 

^j^"***^ mash-hun, Filled, full. 

Jjulu^, Strengthened. A letter 
marked with the sign of duplication (*) 

called iX)Ju2LJ. 
4j>aJuu^ mashdud, Bound, fastened, 

L^jJjx^ mashrah, Nature, temper, 

humour. (^JJi^^^^SA^, Of an 

amiable disposition, affable, good-natured. 

i^JL/4 mushrtff part. Imminent, 
impending, near. An eminence, a high 

place. i^^jJjj^ micsharraf, part, 
pass. Exalted, honoured, ennobled. 

j^^A^ mashrah (plur. Jjl^), The 

CJjJ!*j>^ mtishrik, part, See cJU-l^. 

^j-.^^^. Infidels. cJjJix^ tnushar- 

rakf part. pass. A thing common to 
many. Shared. 

c^yuuu^ mashrub, Imbibed, drank, 

potable. iZj\j^jM^ (plur. fem.), 

^^j^^ mashruh, Explained, de- 
clAred, illustrated, Aboye-mentioncd. 

^^jMj^ nuuhrnt. Agreed npon^ 
stipulated, obliged by paction. Prefixed. 

c ^jJM^ mashrU^ Initiated, begun, 

commenced. LegEd, just, prescribed by 

kuuu« masht^ Combing. Muaht (plor. 
\s\j!L^\ and \d\jL^), A comb. 

jxJL^ mish^ (or /^\ja^\yd^\), 

The Kaaba or temple of Mecca; a place 
dedicated to religious ceremonies; the 
rites of the temple of Mecca. External 
sense (as hearing, seeing, etc.) Mushjjff 
part. Si^;nifying, indicating, making a 
sign, givmg information. Hairy, shai^. 

Jjcuui^ mash^l and <d.itAu^> A torch, 
a flambeau, a lantern, a fire-grate, a 
pharos or light-house. 

ilkJL^ mashghalaty Business^ em- 
ployment, occupation. 

J^jLu*^ mashghul, Busied, wholly 
dedicated to anything, diligent, anxiow 

^piJlu* mushfik, part. Condolingi 
pitying, commssionate, mercifiil, show- 
ing favour. JKind. 

(JJiy masM, An example, a copy 
to write after ; an exercise. 

SJmj^ mmhahkat (plur. C1^Umu«), 
Affliction, inconvenience^ adversity, pain, 
distress, misfortune. 

J^LuL^ mushkil, Difficult, intricate; 
doubtful, obscure, ambiguous. (Plur. 

fem. cI^LCAl^), a difficulty. 

JiLuuu« mushahkal, Formed, well 
shaped, assorted, beautiful, handsome. 

lzMJl^, Difficulties. 

JDiLuuL^ mushktlat (fem. of Ji^1mu«), 

Difficult, obscure. A doubtful propo- 
sition, a problem. 

ySj^ mashkuw or ^JjL^, Any- 
thing complained of, ^ 

jyLlu* maahkur, Thanked. Worthy 
of thanks or praise. Praised, laudable, 
agreeable, acceptable, rewarded, ac- 

CS^J^ mtuikk^ly Doubtful, un- 
eertain. Transfixed with a spear. 

^SJL^ maaliMf See JICua^ mmhhuw. 

^JLaJ^ mmh-mtMhy An apricot, 
with a sweet, also with a bitter, kernel. 

w4m1u« muAhamma^ part. pass. 
"Waxed ; wax cloth. 

J^«4mw« maahmul, Comprebendedy 
contained, surrounded. 

ij^jM^^ maahwarat, Counsel, consul- 

liyjx/t nimhawwash, Disturbed, 
confused, intricate, embroiled. 

j^dux^ mashnh, Full of desire. jJm/^, 

mushawmk, part. act. Kindling, in- 
flaming with aesire. 

vi,^^^ mushwik, part. Bearing 
thorns. [fortunate. 

AjMk^ mashum and /^j^***^, Tln- 

i^y^ nrnshwi, Boasted, toasted. 

Mushwl, part. Boasting meat, preparing 
it for dressing. 

jk^MA.^ mash-had, A burying-place 

for those especially who have been killed 
in fighting lor rehgion. Muah-IUd, part. 
Attesting, calling for or bringing evi- 
dence. Maah-hwy A place of coniession 
of faith or of heavenly vision. 

J«fufc/« mash-hud, Attested, proved. 
Witnessed, evident. 

.•fufc/« mash-hur, Celebrated, pub- 
lished, divulged, conspicuous, illustrious, 
fEunous. PiU)lic, notorious, well known. 

^*u*^ ma«%, Walking, going. J^ 
j^\dp^^^l^, To sail on tbe face 

of tbe sea. ^<^"J^J^ W^> To 

fo upon the face, i.e., to behave with 
umiiity, to approach as a suppliant. 

cLA^ mishyd^y One wbo discovers 
or blabs all. 

t__ '.;'"-* mashiby Growing hoary 
(the head) ; becoming old. Grey hair, 




<U/L« mashiat and <U^uiut mashlyoit, 

Will, pleasure. Miahyaty Walking. 
ikxJL^ mashyakhat (plur. of i^J^)y 

Seniors, elders, old men, princes, presi- 
dents, chief priests, prelates, doctors. 

mashid and XjJL^ mTishayyad, 

Plastered. Extended in lenj^ and 
breadth. Muahayyady High, raised (edi- 
fice). Firm, solid, stxen^ened. 

j^J^ mtishlr, A counsellor. (General 


iU^yu^ mushlmaL Tbe membrane 

which enwraps the foetus in the womb, 
and comes along with the birth. 

(^L^2^ musdh, Afflicted, burt. 

Struck (as an arrow upon the mark). 
Happened. Found. 

^%>-L3^ musdhih (fem. <U»-li^u«)y 

part. A companion, a friend, the favourite 
of a prince. 

L^2^ musdhahat, Company, 
familiarity, conversation, society. 

La^ »MJ«fiA{r(plnr.of w—isf'^^), 

jjl^/« masddtr (plur. of jXa/t), 
Sources, etc. Infinitives of verbs. 

^jLa^ mttsddarat, Concussion, op- 

(^jLa^ mtMddtf, part. Finding, 

meeting, falling upon; or Li jLx^, 
An encounter. 

JLijUs^ musddakat, Sincere and 
mutual friendship, veracity, sincerity. 

^^ jLd^ mtisddamat, Collision, con- 

fiict, a blow, the shock of combatants. 
Beating one another. 

i»- jLa^ musdrahat, Doing anjtbing 

openly. u^-iUa.^ mmdrahatany 
Openly, before another. 

c J La.^ mmdri^ part. A wrestler. 
^jL<3.^ musdra^ty Wrestling, 


ij\,^^ wuadii/f Ezpenaei^ di»- 


u^L.2^ wuudJF (plur. of ^.g-^^)y 
Fields of battle. Baaks. A fidd of 
battle, an armr in battalia 

«ULa« musd/ai. Pore firienddop; 
haTing a dneere affection f(^ anocfaer. 

^sr'Lx^ musdfoMai, Taking- by the 
hand, joining or shaking hands. 

JLiUa^ musdkahat. Being opposite 
and near. 

^Ls^ masdlik (plor. of ^^ ), 
AlCura, employmenta. Occupations. 

4iLk.Lx« mmaJahat, Becondliation, 
accommodation, pacification. 

^J^L^ut miMa^ra^y Affinity, con- 

jUs^ nuudyih, Plor. of ^Lm^si^. 

' ' nuudyid, Traps^ snares, etc. 

muiibh, part. Walking on a 
declivity, hanging downwards, declining. 
Mttsabdf Smitten with lore. 

-.L.;3^ mishdh, A light, a lantern, 
a lamp, a torch. 

musabhagh (fern. <L)L«a^), 
inged, stained, dyed. 

musahhih, part. Mending, a 

mender. An emendator. MtuahhaA, 
part. pass. Mended. Emended. 

Asf^^^ mas-haf, Ahook. ^^'^^\, 
The Alcoran. [associated. 

* mas'huh, Accofflpanied, 

«Jua^ ma$dar, An origin, source, 
spring, theme ; the infinitiTe or nonn of 
action of the Arabic verb. A place. 


iJu3^ musaddar. Strong in the 

^Ju3^ miModdik (fern. iLiJua^}, 

part. Verifying. A veriiyer, affirmer; 
also one who belieTes another. One 
who receives or collects alms, orwhat- 
erer is due to God ; one who bestows, 
and also one who asks them. 

DeriTed. iMfid, 

«^, Hsving the head- 
Jfiar, i^Tpt; alao its me- 
tropolis Cairo. y^^9 Mtimr, part 

F e Meicda g, c unlAmiia g, insiBting TSfon. 

V \ ^^^ Mura^ One leaf of a finding 
Ahemirtidi, oneTCfse. 

wuunff Es^ense, dishnrBe- 
raent, cost, diazge. 

c J -^ ^ wuufiL^ Prostrated, 
especially fiJling down in the epilepsy. 

t^m ^^^ msaruff Tamed, changed. 
Expended, emgiajeiL 

^jA^ IfMrt, An !^yptian; (a 
native) of Grand Gaiio. 

jlir.^^ wUstdr or wuutdr, Sonr wine. 

JLk.2^ wuut4ibai, A place for tra- 
ve]Ien,aninn,aeaimyaB8ezm. A bench, 

^^a^Aio^ wtustahih, part Taking a 

nunming dranght, one who drinks it 
thattiine; remaining or doing anything 
daring the morning. 

l^qVi,^^ wnuiafff Placed in a row, 
arranged in <Hrder. 

_fik.a^ musta/i^, Choeen, selected. 

" A man's name, particularly one of the 
n ftmflB of Muhammad. 

Kk,^^, mustakd. Gam mastic. 

f^'^^ mustaliky Idiomatic, phraseo- 
logical, metaphoric. d^W*'^*, 
Metaphorical speeches, full of phraaes 
or idioms. 

tijua^ mas^ad (plar. J^li^^), An 
ascent, a step, a ladder, a stair. Merit 

L^La^ masaff, A field of hattle. 
\Ju>§ for ^J^A^ mi%fa! and arUid^ 

(plur. i3^*^3^)» Pore, sincere. A 
\ c^?raL\n£i^ ^ ^\ander^ a searse. 


yJi^A^ m%afa\ A strainer^ a searse. 
^J^^A^ muMfft^i Strainedi parged^ 
clarified, pure, clear. 

Ji^i^L^ mishdlf A smooth shell, or 

anything used in polishing. Eloquent, 

J^Ld^ tnaskul, Polished, furbished. 

J*^^ musUh, part. A corrector, 
cenBor, rectifier, restorer, mediator, ar- 
Uter, pacifier, reconciler. 

maslahat, An afiGEor, bnsi- 

1M8S, employment, transaction, occupa- 

^jLo^ nuuluh, Crucified. 

_L.^3^ muaaUl, part. Fraying. 

jt,a^ musmm, part. Deaf, dumb; 

^ discovering to be, or making deaf or 

LoA^^a^ masmasat, Sipping, tasting 
with the tip of the tongue. 

^^4>^A^ mtMommam, Eixed, concluded, 
^ determined. Eesolute, firm. 

^M^^ musanna^, Eacetious, artifi- 
cial. Manufitctured. 

UJ^M^^ muaannif, part. act. The 
composer, author, editor of a book. 

JfiMatmafi^ait. pass. fern. A k»^ A ^), 

CjULa^ musannafdt, Books, works, 

c aIma^ masnu^ Made, formed, 
created, prepared. Artificial. 

izj\£y»^a^ m^i^tl^af, Created things; 

jy^^ fnaaawwir, part. Eorming, 

figuring. A painter, sculptor. Musaw- 
wtiTf part. pass. Formed, painted. 

^y^^ rnasiln, Guarded, kept safe, 
preserved, defended, laid up. 

uJLid^ muyafy (Ground) having 
great plenty of summer rains. 


ffitMf^, part. (An arrow) 

liitting the mark. Qood or fortunate 

mwihat, A misfortune, dis- 
aster, calamity, affliction, trouble, adver- 
sity. Disgrace. 

««d^ masid (fem. JJu«d^), Taken 

by hunting, (plur. JjL^u*), A 
net or any hunter's implement. 

ma^r, Departure. The place 
of destination. Masir (pL ij^a^\ 

and ^^5/A^» Pl- ^^ uij^)> The 
intestine which receives the chyle. 

ci%»a^ maslf, A summer-house, 
villa, country residence. 

^ju^^ maslfat{ox ^^;M£u«),(Ground) 
watered by summer rains. 

^ytjto^y Safe, well. 

^A^a^ maddji^ Beds, sleeping 

places. Muddj'i^, part. fem. 

^je>-L£«, Sleeping (with a 

ifU-L^ mtiddhdt, Coming to one 

after sunrise. 

i\A0A^ mtiddddt, if jIJ/« or if JjL^, 

Opposition. The being adverse, repug- 
nant, contrary. 

(.^iLd/t maddrih, Plur. of i^^,*a^, 

Muddrih, part, of <U^L^, A 

battle, combat, conflict. Selling the 

g>ods of another for half the profit, 

Q jLi^ mttddri^ The future tense. 

ujicLi^ mudd^af (fem. ^JlcX^o^), 

Doubled, mcreased, multiplied. A du-< 

(^L^ mt^/(plur. fem. CL)\i\JL^), 
Annexed, added, related. A noun 
placed in regimine or construction; as 

^Jjj^lc ghuldmu %aydin, The 
boy of Zeid (.♦Ic being called 
cJUi^ or i^UiX\^T\i<^^^^Ti!ir 


ing notm ; and ^*^j sfyled 

^f (^LiX^ The noun governed). 
Mudafj One who is added to others 
(especially to those with whom he has 
no natural connection). 

Ll^liLi« madd/dt, Additions. 

^^Li« maddmin (pi. of ^^y^^ay), 
The contents. [(another). 

Cl^LzbLd^ mudaMt, Besembling 

JLftjLd/* muddyahaty Oppression, 
penary, scarcity, want, necessity, dis- 
tress, poverty. 

t^jMA^ madbuty Possessed, occupied, 

held, goTcmed, regulated, checked, re- 
strained, tamed, moderated, disciplined. 
Committed to memory. Firm, strong. 

j^^ mui^ar, Languid, vexed in 
mind. [repose. 

^-jsT*^^ madja^ A bed, any place of 

cJls^^^ mtdhdJcy Laughing, face- 
tious, merry. 

CS>si^^^ mudhik^ part. Eidiculous, 

droll, causing laughter. Laughing at, 
ridiculing. Mudhak, Eidicmed, de- 
rided. Cl^LLsr^ (or -5r^ 

(JL^\Lst^^)y Jests, jokes, buf- 
fooneries, any speeches or actions which 
excite laughter. 

madhly part. Being early in 

"the morning, doing anything at that 
time. [hurtful. 

jto^ tmtdtrry Offensive, noxious, 

\jtA^ ]j0^2s>^ hidran midran, With 

impunity, unrevenged (was his blood 

c-^Li^ mtdrdb (or ^J^..^), Any 

instrument for striking. A musical 
plectrum or bow. 

L^j06yt madrah, A sword, the edge 

of a sword. A place where anything is 
struck, fixed, or planted. A field of 
battle. A place of encampment. 

i;.*^ madarrat, Detriment, damage, 


nrndrii and )of^ wmimfii^ 

part. Oansin^ to make a hanh sofimd. 
MftVing a noise with the month in d^ 
rision. A scomer, a mocker. 

r^^j»^ madrnhy Struck, stamped, 

hammered, forged. Beaten. Used, 
idiomatic, proyerbiaL 

j^j*^ fnadrUr, Damaged, injured. 

£J^«^ muiariyaty The Modarites 

or Mozarites, an Aralnan tribe (whose 
war ensigns were red, those of Arabia 
Felix bemg yeUow). 

^ ^ * ^ '* mudtc^^y^^iaj^ Lying down, 
reclining on the breast. 

J W«g?^ mudtoTTy pass. part. Beduced 

to difficulties, rendered desperate, forced 
by necessity, distressed. 

i^J^Loy^ mttdtaraby part Agitated, 

moTcd, disturbed, confounded, afflicted, 
anxious, fluctuating, staggering, nodding, 
distracted, tormented, chi^^in^ ; waTer- 
ing or preTaricating (evi&nee). 

^jVi »n ^ mudiartm, part. TTindling 
• ^(fire). 

S(Vi»n^ mudtahidy part. aot. Sub- 
jecting, compelUng. MmUakad, part 
pass. Constramed, forced, sobdaed. 

muda^^af, part. pass. De- 
bilitated. DonUed, multiplied. 

mad^/y Doubled, etc. 

<U«d^ mudghat, A piece of meat (or 

anything filling the mouth. A morsel, 
a mtgment. 

J.1^ mvdiUy part. Causing or per- 
mitting one to err, leaving one in error. 
A seducer. 

^lui^ mudli^y part. Heavy, in- 
clining to one side (a burthen^. Weak 
in ^ the sides, unfit for carrying loads. 

«Jy^ mudaUa^ part. Woven in 

the shape of ribs. 

jLo^ mudalUly part. Insisting in 

IL, ■ 255 

m. • 

Jat*^^ mu imah i Uf part; Disap- 

peannff, vaninhing; cancelled, defaced, 
carried off. [(in mind). 

mudmaTfCkmcealed; conceived 

^j^^*^ mudamman, (A poem) com- 
preKending the verses of another poet ; 
also, a Terse or word depending npon the 
following word or verse to be fully in- 

A^^«M<i« madmam, Added, joined^ 
accomnlated. A letter marked with the 

vowel point damma{^). LuVtyi^^^ 
(plur. fnn.), Additions, accumulations. 

^^^ib.£S/« madmUn, Sense, significa- 
tion, contents (of a letter). The sub- 
stance of the contents (of a letter). 

^.1^ mudl, Shining, Incid, illnmi- 

nating« Passing by. ^^^»a^\^^^<a^ 

model ma mada^ (proverl)) Let wnat is 
past be peat ; let us speak no more of it. 

wmo^ mudyt^ part. Losing, dis- 

j^^mo^ madnhf A. narrow place, a 
difficult affair, straits, perplexity. 

(li^isL/* fnatdhik, part. Conformable, 
suitable, equal, agreeable to. Conform- 
ing, etc. <iJbU3/«, Conformity, 
proportion, equality. Similarity, con- 
gruity, uniformity, sameness. 

-^ILk matdrih (plur. of r)^^)* 

SJ;\1x« mutdradat, Opposition, re- 
sistance, combatiog, a mutual attack. 

^JjILk matdrinat, Plur. of jjUa^. 

cU3/« mutd^ (fern. <iclk^), part, 
pass. Obeyed. 

ujUa/* maidfy A place round which 
they walk in procession in religious cere- 

u.^Us3u« matdlih (plur. of c, JVr^), 
Questions, etc. Demands. 

^Ua^ mutdlahat, Asking, requiring. 
vJUa^ matdlii^ (plur. of ^Ub^), or 

X«Ilk« mutdlahat, Consideration, 
contemplation, reading, study. 
i.^^f^lL«, The reading of 

Jl^jIL^ mutdtoa^, Consent. 

^k« mathakh, A kitchen, any place 

for cooking. Mithahh, Any cooking 
instrument, a spit, a pot, etc. 

,^^vJL^ muttahahh, part. pass. 

Cooked. Mutiahikhj part. act. Cooking. 
Taking or preparing anything for dress- 

«^J3^ matha^ A place where any- 
thing is imprinted, or mark made. 

JlZk^ mutabhahf part. pass. Com- 
plicated, multiplied, double. 

-:.^Jx« mathukh, Cooked, boiled. 

c^Ja^ matbu^, Struck, stamped, 

impressed, coined. Natural, innate. 
AOTccable, acceptable, worthy, laudable, 
celebrated. Desired, covetea. 

J^**^ mat'hul, Splenetic. 

Ja^ matar (pi. jlk^^). Bain. 
^^3^ Matrdn, Metropolitan. 

>T-Ja^ matrah, A place, station, 
post, situation, foundation. 

J ix^ mutarrk, part. act. A worker 
of lace or fHnge for garments. lf«- 
tarras, part. pass. (A vest) ornamented 
with such borders. 

(Ld^L^ mttrakat, A smith's hammer. 
A rod for beating cotton or wool. 

.ji^^k^ matruh, Eejected, dejected, 

Jjix^ ^ta^ru^,Banished, persecuted. 

cJjj^^ matruf (fem. ii^Jb^), 

Having the eyes steadily fixed upon any 
object. (Eyes) hurt by anything, which 

makes them water. dj^Jay ma- 

trufatj A woman who turns her eyes 
from hex Vv\]&\)^wd. (^^^\^ ^^<Gt\&ss£\. 

Jk, 256 

jfja^ Mffrfr, An impadent, olamor- 


008 woman. 

mAx^ mut^ or Jux« imsta^jMnf 

{Moi. Feeding, giving to eat, one who 
maintains or entertains others. Mttt^am, 
part pass. Fed, snpported in the neces- 
saries of Ufe. 

^Kk« MfY^on (plur. ^Ikn), Pierc- 
ing enemies with spears. iijisL^, 

^^ff!L« wust^n^ Transfixed. In- 
fected with the pestilence. 

^Jia^ mutfif Extinct. Muifi or 
_2k^ fMttaffij part Extinguish- 
ing. An extingoisher. 

1L« mutdOa (for ^Jia^)^ Gilded, 
coTered with gold. 

jUa^ mitl&h^ (A man) frequently 
divorcing (his wiTCs). 

Cy^lU^ ma<2(i5 (plur. u-JUa^), A 

question, petition, intention, proposition, 
wish, desire. Bcanand, request. 

«JJa« fnaila^ Arising, appearing, 
the rising (ofsun, stars), etc. «JJx« 

jB^\ The rising of Aurora, the 
dawn. ^ji»AJjl\^^ia^, The rising 
of the son ; the east 

f^io^ mutJai, part. pass. See fjtiff\, 

Ahsolote^ nmrersal, principal, supreme. 
Free, exempt, unreitodned. A course or 


The chief good, or sonunum bonum. 

^^1:jcH j; \ Vi^, Free, giving the 

reins. ^ \ V>^ jli. Omnipotent 

(God), powerful UUx« (or 1^ 

^jlLLlt^ Absolutely, properly, 
sim]^, quite, altogether. 

^J^lls^ matJuh (fem. ^^^Ua^), De- 
manded, exacted, required. Galled. The 
thing desired, wish, intention. 

^^^«.«L^ sMi^fMifi, Quiet, secorei con- 
tent, acquiescing, safe, enjoying i^qm 
and ease. 

JjL* matol, One who delays pay- 
ment of a debt, or the perfennanee of i 

promise. ^}J^ mmfa wwaJ, Ex- 
tended, prolonged, oontiniied, iaIL 

i^j^ mahai, Folded, complicatoi. 

j^a^ mai-kar, A place of purifiok 

tion, purgatory, jftus mmtM w, 
Purified, dean, pure, holy. 
i^ZVi^ mviayyab^ Aromatic. 

wix« ifiti^^, part. Obedient, snl^ 
missiye, obsequious. 

3Ux« nuaaUf plur. of ^lUm. 

JUx« nuaalim (plur. of ^uLLt)i 
Oppressions, tyrannies. 

^llx<« mwahanU^ Pkoteotioii, aid. 

Jia^ wiMSLfar,JicL9 mmajfair^ A con- 
queror. Victorious, accustomed to eoB- 
^qner, superior, fortunate^ august. 

£JJa« mkattaty A shade, a tent) a 
paTilion, especially of goafs hair. 

jilx« MiflM^Zti/, Shaded. 

Jl^ mmdim (fern. iuJJM), Baik 

*^ (night). 

tCalJa <w«/(ifWtff,OpprBaaian,tyrannyi 
cruel^, injustioe, iniquitj. 

A^]Jx« w a s/i U w, Injured, oppressei 

£!]a« M «iiiwrf, Opinion, thougfat, 

^ylx« Momilii, Thought, suspectei 
w« fiui^. With, together with, in 

the company of. t jj5^w«, 'Witt 
alltiiis, notwithstanding. 

\x^ fiui^aii. Along with, together. 
At once. 

JjU^ flM^dW (plur. of Oujm)i 
Sacred pkoes, tonpleStdiurdiflB, dufdiy 




^U^ ma^hir (pi. of^^-jt^), Passes. 
u^U^ mu^dtah, Eeprehended. 

i^\jL^ mu^tdbat, Eeprehension, 

expostulation (especially between friends 
or loyers). [fections. 

^j^\jt^ ma^djln. Electuaries^ con- 

n jL mu^adat, Enmity, hostiHty, 

hatred, animosity. Detesting, inimical, 
hostile. Passing from one to another; 
seeking immediately one thing after 

J jU^ mu^dil, part. Equal, equiva- 
lent, alike, resembling, comparable, op- 
posed to. Jnst. 

UjLft^ mu^ddlat, Equilibrium, 
equality, parity. 

^ jU^ ma^din, Mines, quarries. 
j\m^ ma^Zf Refuge, flying to Otod 

in any misfortune. <0J! jU^, Otod 
forbid ! may Heaven defend me ! 

^ jU/« ma^%lr, Excuses. Coverings. 

fjoj[j^^ mu^rid, An adversary, 
competitor, opponent. 

iL^L«^ mu^radat, Opposition, 
contradiction. [Sciences. 

4.J^U^ ma^rif (plur. of ii^), 

CJj^x^ ma^rik (pi. dSjL^\ Fields. 

ISJsji^ mu^rakat, Fighting, es- 
pecially hand to hand, jostling one 
• another in battle. 

^^j\jL^ ma^rij, plur. of ^)/^. 

j\x^ ma^z, An owner of goats. 
/^U/« ma^9h, Life, living. 
^^U^ mu^ahir, A companion, in- 
timate. Ma^dshir, pi. of^^jujt^. 

ijJ^\jf0^ mu^harat, Conversation, 

familiarity, society, living, eating and 
drinking together. [tion. 

ifLtfU^ mu^8dt, Rebellion, defeo- 

j»c\x^ mu^dsiry Cotemporary, coeta- 

^U^ ma^dsl (plur. of Lk^ofL^), 
Sins. Crimes. [helper. 

JuiU^ mu^ddid, An assistant, a 

ifjL^Lx^ mu^dadati Assistanoe, 

mutual aid or subsidy. L^i^i^* 

iflLU^ mu^tdty Labouring, serving, 

cJU^ tnu^fi Absolved, spared, 

dispensed with, exempted from, fr^ 
privileged. Forgiven. 

iliLc^ mu^fdty Safety, health, 

security. (God) restoring or preserving 
health, etc. 

c^U^ mu^hib, part. Following, 

Coming behind. Apunisher. Mu^kaby 
part. pass. Followed, punished, chastised. 

jjU/« ma^kid, Knots, etc. 

if j3U^ mu^kadat, A league. 

^U^ mu^laf, part. pass. Cured, 

curable. JLsrLi^ mu^lafat, A 
remedy (cure of a disease). 

ma^dll, Tl. of SiM. u:..v«1j 

iUlU^ ddmat ma^lihu, Hay his 
grandeur be eternal. [Trading, etc. 

J.^U^ mu^mil, part, of JLL«U^, 

JQ^U^ mu^malat, Business, trade, 

commerce, traffic, money, contract, cor- 
respondence, agreement ; usury, interest. 

jJU^ mu^nid, Obstinate, stubborn, 
contumacious, disobedient, opinionative. 

ifjjU^ mu^nadat, Obstinacy, op- 

(JJ^jf^ mu^nik, part. Throwing 
the arms round another's neck ; holding 
and embracing. 

<UJU^ mu^nakat, An embrace. 

vJU^ ma^ni (plur. of ^^i*^), Sig« 
" nifications. ^ 

J^bv« mu^tcid, Habituated, accus- 
tomed. One who returns often to the same 
thing, ^^xi^n^^^ABL^^'Qss^^sssB^^ 



if J^U^ mu^wadat, Eetuming to a 

fonuer habit or action, relapsing. 

^jU^ mu^wadat, Betaming like 

• :for like, retaliating, recompensing, ex- 
changing. Eetaliation, etc. 

ijji^U^ ma^wan, Plur. of <GU^ or 

djyc^. MU^win, part* Assist- 
ing ; an assistant. 

4;^U^ mu^wcmat, Aid, assistance^ 
succonr, subsidy, supply, fayour, grace. 

<0^U^ mu^wvyat, A man's name. 
43JbU^ mu^had, Confederated. 

if JJbU^ mu^hadat, An agreement, 

confederacy, alliance, association, stipu- 
' lation, bargain, treaty. 

^^U^ ma^ayishy Victuals, vivres, 
provisions. Necessaries. Allowance. 

^U^ mu^yany part. pass. Seen, 
made public. Clear, manifest. 

fU^U^ mu^yanat, The sight. 

duM^ ma^htd, A temple, bhnrch, 
chapel, or any place dedicated to divine 

worship. Juoc^ mu^hhad, part. 

§ass. Beaten (path^. Subjected, sub- 
ued. Tame, submissiye. 

ma^ar, A pass, a ferry, a ford. 
fnu^hhtTf part. An inter- 

freter of dreams. Mu^abbar, part. pass, 

Jj^jL^ ma^ud, Adored, worshipped, 

' served. A god, a deity, whatever is 

jlru^ mu^dd, Custom, habit, use. 
Accustomed, wonted. 

Thu^abtr, part. act. Bespect- 

able, worthyof consideration. Muitabar, 
part. pass. Honoured, esteemed, revered. 

^43CJL^ muUadUf part. Moderate. 

Temperate, neither hot nor cold. Equal, 
even, just. 

^JLic^ mu^adl, part. Contagious. 

jjcjt^ mufiaitiir^ part. Ezcuaag 


jijf^ mu^arr, Poor, indigent; (a 
man) not daring to ask what he wants. 

\JiJi'»^ mu^tarid, Opposing, inter' 
posing. Transverse. 

i^J^J^ mu^arl, part. Surprisisgi 

cominf suddenly upon ;^ approaching to 
ask a nivour. Seized with the paroxysm 
of a fever. 

Jjiu^ mu^azil, part. See J]^l. 

^Jjix^ mu^tcaalah, A sect of Ma- 
hometan schismatics. 

j.<nr..»,^ mu^tasir, part. Ptessiiig 
grapes. Squeezing one's-selfl 

(J::j^ 9/»M^^a^,Manumitted,Iiberated. 
An emancipated slave. ^Jh^^a^ 

mu^ttai (fem. S^sj^^), Old, an- 
cient, antique ; made long ago, kept a 

long while. ^U Lro n .^ nm^aitakatt 

Old wine. See (^S-sjtT. 

JkA2A/« mu^akidf part. A believer. 

ci^l <^A:u^,Things credible,article8 
of faith. 

jSCJiy mu^akir, Hurt, (a camel or 

horse) galled on the hack. 

^jMuicjc^ mu^tdki8j part. Inyersei 


c-fi^cjc^ mu^ahif, part. One who is 

continually at prayer in the temple. 
^Attentive, religious. 

Jjjc^ nm^aU, Weak, sick, infirm. 

A word in which any of the letters 

^^ or ^ (called d^^nUa or weaik) 

make a part pished. 

mu^alan, Divulged, pub- 

mu^amad or <i ■> Ir A43Litt, 
One in whom confidence is placed. 

^j,::jl^ mutant, part. Diligent, at- 


wj^^fiby part. Pleasing or 
admiring one's-self. Mu^t^, Admired 

. by others, c^^-^i*^ mu^'ab, Ad- 
mirable, wonderful, stupendous. Aston- 

iys^ mu^azat, Weakness ; in- 
firmity; impotency, defect. Muj;^jieatf 
A miracle. 

JjsL*^ mu^'tl, part. Hastening) 
causing to make haste. Mu^^al, Done 

in a haste. 5Ls^ mu^Jftlan, 
In haste. 

Ajs;*^lc«*J-itf mlMl ma^'ami, Ee- 
' spectable in himself, yenera^e, grave. 

ajs*^ mu^'cm, Marked with dia- 
critical points (to distinguish letters of 
the same shape, whose difference of 

sound proceeds merely from punctuation ; 

* . 

as J and J, c^ and C^, etc., J being 
called i^^*^ Jl J (or more com- 
monly ^u^s^ J \ 3 %(lli mu^jfamat, 

and J being named <Ol«^J\J; 
and 80 with regard to the others). 

ma^'Un, An electuary, 
medicine, confection. 

mu^iddy part. act. Preparing. 

Mu^addf part. pass. Prepared, disposed 
in order, arranged. Computed. 

ixju^ mi^ty The stomach. 

j^JjcJic-in^, A weakness in the 

^Jut^ mu^addily part. Just, etc. 
Mufjiddal, Rectified, adjusted. 

JUtXft/* ma^ddaty See J J^> Justice, 
equity, rectitude. [annihilating. 

i%tXft/« ma^imy part. Depriving, 

^Jue^ ma^m or ma^dofiy A mine, 

a quarry. The j^lace of anything, 
eepeeially where it remains fixed. 

A^\jfJ^\^dJL^, The mine of 

leaminj^ and eloquence (applied to judges 
md pneste). 


(Jju^ fMydanty Ifineral, metallic. 

MetaL vJ«^^^^^•;;^<^2^l Mineral juice. 

JjJu(^ ma^ii(^, ITumbered, counted, 

/»j Ju(^ ma^um, Wished for but not 
found, non-existent. JtJi\i}^j/§ 

MMkjsf\/^^i\x^, Known by name, 

but inexistent by nature. 
^^ Jm^ ma^ or ma^y A transiti 

pass, passage. (^J^A«^LxC|jt«| 

There is no pass for me (to escape) from 

CyJtX-t— ^ irmf^taMby Tormented, 

chastised, punished, afflicted, yezed. 

jdJL^ mu^ir. Making an apology, 
deserring to be excused. 

ijSx^ ma^irat or ma^raty An 
excuse, an apology. 

jy^^^f^ fna^ur, Excused, excusable. 
^y^ fnu^tby part. (fem. ^/t-^)f 

(A horse) descended from a noble 
Arabian breed, without mixture of other 
blood: one possessed of such horses. 

f^yt^ mu^rah or mu^ab, Made 

• Arabic or Arabian. (A word) pointed 

with short vowels (called l^\j£.]) 
in the Arabic manner. 

ij3L^ Ma^raty A city in Syria. 
09^ j^ ma^' and '^l/^y A ladder, 
step, staircase. -prfycil^^JJ, T^e 

night of ascent (when the Mahometans 
suppose their prophet to haye ascended 
through the seven stages of heaven into 
the presence of God). 

ijOjX^ mu^rtdy An occasion, a con- 

• tingency, an occurrence ; a place of meet- 
ing. Mu^dy part. Averse, abhorring. 

[jjL^ mu^rtdan, Promiscuously, 

from every quarter. 



Mu^af and (— y^ mu^rafy The 

&ce. Muf^arrafj A place on Mount 
Ara&t where theyperronn certain reli- 

S'ouB ceremonies. ilf«$'am/l part. act. 
aking known, distinguishing, giving 
notice. Aft«tprra/J part. pass. Made 
known, marked, notified. 

^JL^ ma^ifat (plur. cJjU/«), 

Knowledge, acquaintance; science, learn- 
ing, virtue. 

^jf^ mu^arrak, In high perspira- 
tion. ^^Ss\^jjjf^, Having 
meagre jaws. 

cl^^ mu^ai and ^y^^ A field 

of battle, an amphitheatre for gladiators 
or prize-fighters. 

{jo^yut ma^d, Offered, presented, 

exposed, related. An exposition, ex- 
planation, representation, exhibition, 
retition. [famous. 

Lmi<^jSf>^ ma^f, Enown^ celebrated, 

having little fiesh on the bones. 

cl^ii^ 9/»a^rtl^;Compressed; heaped 
together (water or other things). 

Lgg/^^ or \jL^ ma^rrd (fern. J)»«^), 
Naked, stripped. Deprived, exempted. 

JM^ ma^, The goat species. 

jyL^ j^tu^assas/Honoured, magnified, 
revered, glorious, honourable, venerable, 

Jjjx^^ ma^ul, Displaced, deposed, 

removed, dismissed, turned out, deprived 
of dignity, degraded. 

iSj^-^ mu^fs&l, A comforter. 

ijMX/% majorat, Difiicnlty. 

jLmsu9 mu^kir, part. Encamping. 
Exercising. An officer who marks out 
camps. A commaiider. Mu^kar, part, 
pass, A camp. [honey, 

Jwu4)t« mu^sal, Preserved with 

jyuM^ ma^nr, Difiicnlt. A difi- 

enlty. CI^I^jaua^, Difficulties, 

jmx^ maf^hn/r (plnr. ^U/t), A 

company, troop, society, body of mieiu 
^yuM^ ma^huh, part. pass. Loved. 
djjjLff^, A mistress. 

j»ax^\j^l^ karimuTma^ar, One 

who eiiows liberality when asked. 

j0ax^ mi^ar. An instrument with 
which anything is pressed. 

u::j\j0aLx^ mu^airdt, Clouds expressed 

or pouring down rain. 

ij^>axy$ mu^arat, A'pTOBB (for wines, 

olives, etc.) Mafjaratf The place where 
things are pressed. 

c— (Luc^ ma^af and iSua^y Yiolent 

(wind). [bracelet place. 

M0ax^ ma^am, The wrist, the 

jy»aL9Lrt 9n«^«ur,Pressed out, squeezed. 

Mtyojut ma^um, Defended, pre- 
served, innocent. 

^u^ojf^ ma^yat, Disobedience, re- 
bellion, defection. Sin, prevarication. 

XojL^ milady A bracelet, or any 

ornament for the arm. An instrument 
like a sword, used in felling trees. 

OK ^ 

Xaaut mu^addad (fem. arjuix^), 

A garment having the sleeves ornamented 
with figures, borders, etc. (A canMl) 
marked on the fore leg. 

i^yax^ ma^ud, Bit, seized by the 

teeth. [peril. 

u-^Jax^ ma^ah, A dangerous place ; 

Jbxy mu^ttar, Perfumed, fragrant. 
^jJax^ ma^as and ma^is, The nose. 

JJoA/f mu^ttal, Abandoned, desert- 
ed, uninhabited, unfrequented, n^lected, 
fallen into disuse, obsolete, antiquated, 
voided, annihilated, annuUed, powerless, 
destitute, empty, vain, idle, of no account 

cJ^lax.^ ma^uf, Turned, twisted, 
\ (i^sto^fi^ ^T£^^»^»L Joined, ooiq^ed. 


^Jm^ mu^f BoBtowing. A giver. 

Mu^\ Given^ presented. Jjb 

SiAiM^^^'A hdl unta mu^toffahu, 
Do you give this ? 

fiojf^ mu^%am, The greater part, 
or better Bpecies (of anything). 

Ja«^ mu^mam, Honoured^ great, 

mtf^sMfio^, An important event 
«M^Ay Absolved, pardoned. 

MsL^ mu^kkad, part. pass. Much 

entangled or inyolyed. Knotted. In- 
tricate, knotty. 

JjJL^% .^ ma^kud, Bound, tied, 
fiurtened, tied in a knot. 

J^Ax^ ma^ul (plur clU^Sj^^), 

Beasonable, probable, just, pertinent, 
to the purpose. Formed in wisdom; 
g^od, mce, choice. Probabilities, words 
or things consistent with reason. 

^ju^jL^ mu^kus, Inverted, reversed, 

i^^ij^ ma^Mf, One who is de- 
tained or confined. 

j{3U/« mi^k, That to or by which 

(meat, fiP^p^ etc.) are suspended, as a 
nook. The lever. 

^\ir^ ma^f (plur. t^U^), A 
stable, or any place where food is given 
to catde. MilJaf, A sack with provender 

hung round the neck of a horse, etc. 

ujLLt^ mu^laf (fern. ^LaJla^, 
Fatted, crammed. 

^jJjL^ mu^allak, Suspended, hung 
up, pendulous, hanging, dangUng. 

cr^liJjc^ mu^laidt, pi. of (J^Jt^, 

and particularly applied to denote the 
celebrated Arabic poems hung up in the 
^ temple of Mecca. 

A/L^ mu^allim, A schoolmaster, pre- 
ceptor, professor. JjcJij Jx«)1, 

261 ^ 

The teacher and the scholar. MuiaUamj 

»ass. Taught, instructed, trained, 
ned (as a man, horse, dog. 

^ pass. Taught, instructed, trained, 
hawk, etc.) 

^jJut.^ mu^in, part. A revealeri 
divulger, publisher. 

cJjijt^ ma^lnf (fern, ii^jf^), Fed 
or fattened with fodder. 

J^Li^ ma^ul, Appeased, soothed. 

Distempered, indisposed, infirm. Caused, 

Apuu^ ma^Hm, Known, distin- 
guished, celebrated, famous, remarkable, 
notorious, signalized, clear, evident, 
certain, obvious, apparent. 

iJLj\/9t^jL^ ma^Hmdt (plur. fern, of 

/^^jf^), Things known, sciences. 

ci^UjLt^iUyf, The ten known 
days,, Ten days in the last month of 
the Mahometan year, called jJ 

<Ls^\, when the pilgrims visit 

^U^ mu^alli, part. Elevating, ex- 
** alting. Mu^aUa\ part. pass, (in regimine 


)U^), Elevated, exalted, sublime, 

Ua^ mU'^ammd^ An enigma. See 

JiAM mt^dr, An architect, an 
overseer of buildings. 

(X4jt^ mu^ammid, part. act. Bap- 
tizing; a baptizer. Muf^ammad, part, 
pass. Baptized. 

j^4jf^ mu^mmam, Adorned with a 
diadem, tiara, or turban. 

dj0y4jLr$ ma^udiatf Baptism. 

jy^^f^ fna^ur, Cultivated, inha- 
bited, peopled. jyiJL^j^, Unin- 
habitable, desert. 

J^^«jL^ ma^ul, Made, prepared; 

^^^4bJt/f (and in regimine Lka^), 
ma^mdy An enigma, an oracle, a verse or 
saying of an occult mysterious meaning. 

(^Ux^ ma^dwl^ See i^jux^. 

-•:jt^ mu^mhar, Perfumed with 

kjy*^ fna^wl (fern, iyjt^), Sig- 
nificant. Tme, real, intrinsic, essentiaL 

iiy>jui\^j\xA^\, The speculative 

^^xjc^ ma<^a\ Sense, meaning, sig- 
nification, reality. j<:jt^ ma^nf 
EeaUy,infact. ^/\Mlafom 

wa malm, In word and meaning. 
<L:jc^ ma^iyat, Sense, reality. 

— r^jt^ mut^ajy Curved, crooked, 
bent, hooked, distorted. 

^]yf^ ma^lf Castrated. Overcome, 

exhausted (patience) . Mif^al, A pointed 
instrument with which they split stones. 

<ulx J^*/«, One whom you lament. 

,A«/« ma^hu, "With him, together 

t\^x^ ma^hady A place which one 

frequents, in which he does anything 

J^^x^ maJhudy Agreed, established, 

fixed, promised, determined, appointed, 
resolyed. Known, certain, distinguished, 

confirmed, bound. J^^jt^^-^, A 
known or undoubted thing. 

^JL^ ma^ and \x^ (plur. U^\), An 

jL*^ mi^ary The mark or standard 

of money, weight, or measure. A touch- 

maclh and c^a^jc^, Yicious, 


reproached with' vice, the place where 
any vice is committed. 

*y^^^ ma^t/at, Conjunction, society, 
co-exiatenc9 ; favour, affection, partiality . \ «n.^ T^Van!\«t as\. 4'ftsmY* oo^mtry. 


mu^d, Skilful, experimieed. 

(God) the exalter. 

<iufa«A^ ma^shaty Living, leading a 

Ufe. Ma-yisJuity Any place where one 

^J-jt^ ma^ly "Wanting, being indi- 
gent, helpless, destitute. 

^jfM mu^n, part. An assistant. 

^^-x^Jl al mu^fiy God the de- 
^Joc^ mu^yan (fern. <L:>^<^), 

Fixed, determined, specified, destined, 
assigned, declared, expresscdi, certified. 

Settled, appointed, stationed. -*c 

^^JL*-/», Undetermined, inex- 
L^y^jL^ ma^uh, Yicious, defective. 

^ Faulty. Opprobrious, dishonoured, stig- 
' matised, infamous. 

^^:^x^ ma^iiny Touched or struck 
on th^ eye. Fascinated. 

^-jt^ ma^l, Belonging to the in- 
" testines. [Wests. 

L^j\x^ maghdrih (plur. of c-^^), 

ij\ky magliarat, A den, cavern, 
grotto, a ditch or trench. 

iftjU^ mugha%s>dty Contending, dis- 

^U^ mughdnalaty Soothing, flatter- 
ing a beloved object, especially by amor- 
ous verses or speeches. 

t^U^ maghdzi (plur. of u-ff**)) 
Wars. Gamps, battles. 

Jmi^sU^ maghdsily Plur. of J^uyjL*. 

JL!1jL« muffhdlahat, Contending with 
another for victory or superiority. 

^JslU^ mughdhtat, Leading into 

ji^IjL» mughdwir, A warrior, one 
who makes many excursions to lay waste 




Mghuyir, part. Contrary, re- 

int, adverse. ^r^LjU^, 
ry to the peace. ^ 

ighbir, part. A raiser of dust. 

naghluty Happy, prosperous, 

ite, emulated, enyied or imitated 

maghhun, Deceived, cheated. 
itigMdz, Inflamed with rage. 
mv^htazl, N'ourished. 

mughtazilf part. Spinning 

L, &c.) 

nughtanim, part. Enriched, 
3d with abundance, possessing, 

maghrab, vulg. maghrtb, The 

either of the heayens or of the 

The western countries; Hes- 

Africa, Mauritania, Barbarj. 

n^ mugharrah (fern. <0^), 

stant. Muffharib, One who goes 
3 the west. 

maghrahi, "Western. AMcan. 
aghrat, Eed clay or earth. 

mghrafaty A pump, or any 

aent worked by the hand for 
s water. A saucer. A ladle, 
tt, forest, grove. 

ighram,Seeiii^\^, Mughram, 

us, wishful, giyen op to love, 
led in debt, 

naghrur, Deceived. Proud, 
nt, presumptuous, haughty. 

I magkrus (fem. <UyJL^), 
d. [sunk. 

naghruiyLmmersed, drowned, 

itghzal, A spinning spindle. 

magh%a\ A fleld of battle, 
m expedition, especially against 

maghsaly A bathing-place or 
especially for dead bodies. 

J^Aux^ maghsul, Washed, cleaned. 

^i^JUty maghshush, Deceitful ; 

^^jujl^ mughihd' (fem. LJmm), 
Covered, disguised. <Llc ij^^*^ 

maghshlyun f;alayh, Fainting. 

maghs, The cholic. 

maghdah, The being in- 
flamed, enraged, angry. Mughdib^ part, 
act. Provoking to anger, irritating. 

L^ y ^a Ju ^ mughduh, Irritated. 

J^S^L^yoMf Odious, one with 
whom you are ang^. 

ijix^ maghfirat, Pardoning, remit- 
ting of sins, giving absolution. 

(jAiu$ mughaffal, Destitute of genius^ 
attention, or presence of mind. Negli- 
gent, careless, 

j ^ JLx^ maghfnr, Pardoned, (or 

^jyjL^), One whose sins are for- 
given, the pious defunct. 

JjL^ Mughal or Mbghal, The Great 
Mogul, emperor of Hindostan. The 
Moguls, the Tartars, the natives of 
Turan, Scythia, or Transoxania; also 
the Greorgian Christians. 

J^U.^ migMdk and ^^J^y A lock, 

bar, bolt, or any instrument for shutting 
a door. 

^•JjL^ mughallab, part. act. Often 

conquered or defeated. MughdUib^ part, 
pass. (A poet) the conqueror of his co- 
temporanes, and acknowledged by them 
as superior. 

(^M mugUahy Shut (door). Ab- ' 
struse, abstract, obscure, difficult. 

L^Sk/4 magMuhy Conquered, over- 
come, subjected. c^^JuL^^, 
TJnconquered, invincible. c^jU^ 
ji^AJUj, Overcome, and subjected. 

iSjJ^M »u^AZiZ^2ya^,Subjugation# 

\L, 264 


A^Jf^ magMuhf Shut» barred. 

iJ^Ia/* ifMpMnl, part. pass. Having 

the hand tied to the neck. Oppiessed 
with thirst. 

j^^jL^ muffhammar, Inexperienced. 

jy^^^ fnaghmurj Obscure, mean, 

f^y^^ maghmUm, Afflicted. Ci-^ 

^yJt^, A sorrowM heart. 

^^^\Jl^ miffhndtU, The magnet 

or loadstone. 

^^VM muffhannl (fern. <U:JL«), A 
singer, a mnsician. 

Ly^jjtr^ maghlbj Absence. The 
setting (of the snn). 

ci^*^ m«^A{«, part. Auxiliary, 
giving aid. 

J>M mugha/yyar, Changed, altered. 
,f^\su% mafdtih (plur. of -.\iL«),Ke7S. 

^b^U^ mufdtahit, Beginning (any- 
thing with another). 

ilsj-lL* mufdjdt, Falling upon any- 
thing unexpectedly, rushing upon un- 
awares, and^snatching. ^ ^ 

wU^ mafdhhir (plur. of J^ir*^), 
Ornaments; glories; illustrious actions. 

^t^Xl^ JjUHI^U^, The eminent 
amongst their peers. 

^^Liw« mufdhha/rat, Olorying, 

^jLi^ mufdrakat, Separation, 

alienation. [Evils. 

JuaU^ mafdsid (plur. of ifjuui^), 

J-tfU^ mqfdsil (plur. of J-oi^), 

Joints, etc. Jm^U^^! \ ^rj > -^ P^^ 
in the joints. 

^U^ mufdkahaty Disputing about 
or discussing a point, in religion, law, 
or science. 

^Li« mufdkahat, Jesting (with 
another), being merry, festiye, joyous. \ 

^^\L$ mujuwadat, Company^ eevK 

panionship. Retribution. To have ban- 
ness with another, to consult or ei^lon 

anything with him. ^yJif 
mufawadatam, Reciprocally, altenoiftely. 

^\sJut miftdh, A key, any instror. 
ment with which a door is opened. 

,^asu* mufattih, part. A conqueror, 
a taker of towns. 

mufiakhir, part. Boasting. 
Ju^ muftada\ Bedeemed. 

Muftadty Ransoming one's-self. 

fjMj^JL^ mufta/risy part. (A lion) 
tearing (prey). 

(^yu^ fnuflan^ A slanderer. 

(jjuJlL* mufattish, part. An inquisitor, 
a commissary, examiner, superintendent, 
censor, syndic, yisitor. 

J*****^ mufiadah, Exposed to infamy. 

Scsut mufiakar, Reduced to'poTBrty. 

Jlft/« mu/aftal, Twisted. Jii« 

muftaly A spun thread. A twisted girdle 
or garland of flowers. 

iJcLLt maftalatf An orbicular piece 

of wood put upon a spindle, to gi^e it a 
steady motion when spinning. 

^Jls^ muftan, Tempted, seduced to 

evil, drawn into sedition. Charmed, 

CJ^lLi, mufiut, Broken, crumblcid. 

^fJ^ mafiuh, Open, occupied, 

taken (as a town). Opened; defeated, 
conquered. (A consonant) marked with 
the Yowel fatah (^a). 

Jyxi^ mafiul, Twisted. 

^jxL* ma/l(il»,Eascinated, charmed, 
mad with loye. 

-ii^ mufti, "Wise ; one whose 
^word or sentence has the author!^ of 
the law ; the Mufti or head law omcer 
amongst the Turks. 

(jALsr*^ mufhish. Obscene, or shame- 



mfakUthar,(ilon&ed, glorious, 

mafkharat, Anything in 

I a man glories, or which giyes him 
•eminence oyer others. 

nufakhkhamf liagnified, great, 
•us, iUostrious. 

farr, An asylum wherever one 

or refuge. 

nufarrqf, Large, wide, opened, 
split, divided. 

mufrth, Exhilarating, making 
d. rj-^ mufarrih, Ex- 

ating. c,,^lsn—ya^,Be3oicing 

hufrid, part. act. mufrad, part. 
Singular, alone, solitary, unique. 

le. iJjSLt mujradat, Simple, 
tiinor term in logic. The singular 

ber. c^^IcijIj^, Simples 

lufrat, Immense, exoessive. 
wjrih or mafrak (plur. Jj\i«), 

•ing or separating the hair. The 
I of the head. A place where a 
leparates into many. 

mafrur, A deserter. 

ma/ru%, Dispersed, separated. 

« mafrUsh, Expanded, spread. 


« mafrUd, l^ecessary to be 

red, by divine precept, ordained by 

C^li^A^Jt, The commands 

/ut mafrdffhun ^hu, Left, 
.oned, deserted, rejected. 
mafruh, Separated, divided. 
« mafruk, Scratched with the 
«. [ous. 

mafaxza^, Frightened, timor- 

Ls:jJU9 mafka^, Anything that 
causes terror. Terrified. 

Juui^ mufnd, part. Corrupting, 
destroying, pernicious. A corrupter, 
destro)rer, an author of eril, a maldisctor, 
a seditious man. 

J Juu£« mafsadat, An evil, anything 
pernicious, tending to disturb or corrupt. 

j*Lju9 tnufasstrf part. Explaining, 
commenting upon. A conmientator. 

^yM*L«,Commentators. Mufassar, 
part. pass. Explained, etc. 

^yjJi^ mafiakh, Broken, dissolved. 

^ s> > y MA^ ma/mkhlyat, A rupture. 

y^^^ mufsih, Clear, manifest. 

JuoLt mi/sad, A lancet, tf scalpel. 

J«ai« mafnl, A joint, juncture, the 

space between the joints. JJkL« 
mufaual, Distinct. Divided, particu- 
larized, separated; separate, distinct, 
clear. Mtrfaaiil^ Enlarging upon, am- 

^^^oMASUt mufaddad or Xj«aL«, Qilt 
or plated with silver. 

J^^^xA^ mufaddal, Excelling greatly, 
eminent in virtue and beneficence. 

jfjki« maftur, Created ; innate. 

M^ mti/*^am,Full,replete,redundant 

J^jti« fnaf^l, Hade. Done. The 

passive voice; (or Jyw-iSlA-jl), 
The participle passive. ' * 

J j JiA^ mqfkud, Unfortunate, de- 

E rived, frustrated. Carried off or taken 
:om the middle. Destitute ; disgraced, 

^^jAft^ mafkns, Broken (egg). 

jiJut mufakkir, part. act. One who 

thinks or deliberates; (or i^^Ji^), 
The thinking faculties. 

C^Cr^ mufkuk, Liberated, manu- 





J^^ muflihf Prosperous, happy. 

^^jLi^f»ti/^,part.Abanknipt. Poor. 

^jlLt maflnj, Paralytic. 

{jojJU9 mufawwadf Committed to 
ue care o( recommended, submiUed for 

f^if^ mafhumj Understood, per- 
ceived. The contents, tenor, or sense of 
a letter. [salutary. 

JuL« mufid, part, Usefdl, profitable, 

j^gfti/< mufld, A giver. ^^ ^i^ 

(JlA^jJ\^ Anything producing 

y}sut makdhir, Sepulchres, Plur. of 
JjIL« mukdhtl, part. Opposite, over 

against, looking towards, meeting, con- 
fronting, controlling, collating, or com- 
paring (one copy of a book, etc., with 

Zj\S^ mtikabalat or mukabalahf Op- 
position, the opposite quarter, com- 
parison, control, collation, rencounter, 
exchange, reciprocation, equality; re- 

<^vjIL« makahlh (plur. of ^a^L*), 

^Crimes, yices, misdemeanors, infamous 

^jiU^ mukdttl, part. A soldier, a 
combatant who kills. 

^lL« mukdfalat, A battle, conflict, 

slaughter. X^iiciljfU^, A great 
and bloody battle. 

C-^lLi mukarib dsidimukdrdb, Near, 

<0«lL« muh&rahat^ Drawing near, 
approaching. Proximity. 

i^j\JL^ muMrOdat, Lending at 

interest or usury (especially to receive a 
certain premium on the sale of mer- 

^lX« mukdran, Associated, con- 
nected, related, familiar, intimate, do- 
mesiieated. Allied, near. 

ijj\A^ mukdranat, Conjunction, eon: 

nection, companionship, tamiUaiity. 

ilL»U^ mukdsdtf Tolerating ; bear- 
ing with patience. 

X^MtU^ mukatamiU, Dividing wifii 

«wlL« makdM (plur. of Ju^, 

XaS, and ^}yaLt), Designs, en- 

teiprifles, machinations, great attempts 
or undertaking. Thoughts; dedres, 
wishes, wants, inclinations. 

vJ^lL* makdti^ (plur. of %^oL%\ 

Sections. Fords, passes, or passages of 

h^\A^ makdta^t, Any place where 

' public taxes are received. District 
Mukata^, The being disjoined. Cut- 
ting. Contending with another whose 
sword is sharpest. 

«XclL« makd^f Plur. of JutLt, 

Places in the market where people sit. 
Benches, seats. 

JliU makdl and ll\S^, A word, 
discourse, speech, saying, opini<»i, sea- 
tence, adage, proverb. 

AL^ makdm, Station, place. A 

place of residence, a dwelling, mansioii. 
State, d^niity, condition. A musical 
tone. £e8iamg anywhere. A ^aoe, 

post or office. /»ljutc, ^r%Xa, 

Baised to honour, dignified. SkOled in 

musical sounds. /^Imj ^U^, Prom 

tone to tone, through every mode. From 

place to place. /«Ul«A^l3 kd^ 

makatn, Locum tenens. The vicegerent. 

Lt\L^ makdmat (plur, CL>UU^); 

A meeting, an assembly, a sessicni. Mo' 
kamat, Sitting conversations held at 
those assembhes. Musical- modes, of 
which there are twelve. 

J3*lLc mukdwalat, An agreement, 
compact. Conversing, conferring. 

A^UU mukdwim,, part. An adrer* 
\ f»x^^ QTL<& 'vVi'c^ tlsea up against anotkr. 


lUjU/* mtiiimtmat, Opposition, 

A^\i^, muiSi/adat, FropoeiDg to 
^■t.-A'^ timkaibai, Vaulted, atolied. 
ijfi^ maiiarat, A Bopulchre, tomb, 

monomeut, a churclLjrard, buFfing- 

Ja£.« taaiiil, part. Frosp«roiu, 
forbmate, fBToaring. Approaching, 
being near airiTing. ,J^^ 
muiaiiat, A person or place kiaced. 

^jo^fS^ maUad, Taken, seized, 
occupied, poBsewed, hetd, received, pre- 
■erred, restricted, contraoted, boniia (in 
ttieboUy). A Btjptio. 

Jj^ maUul, Agreeable, accept- 
able, pleasing, taken in good part. 
Admitted, approred, accepted! 

u.nA^ makl. Hatred, enmity. 

^_^.mJ.&4 muitabii, part. Beceiring, 
BoqniriDg, boiTOiriiig from another (light, 
fire, soienie, etc.) 

*^LA^ muitahim, part. Flanging 

' nahly (into anj biuineu). 

\Mi^ Muiladd tor ^ix 
Followed, imitated ; imitable. 

•iliu.* imtkladih, part. Striking fire 

^irom a flint, etc. 

jMa^ nmlctadir, pait. Powerful, 
potoit, ittODg. [follower. 

jcjcJL* nmktadi. An imitator, a 

W^:x£« muktarib, part. Approach- 
ing ; broaght near (in order to perform 
a piomiee, etc.) 

_^si^ mulitarih, part. Asking, bo- 
lleiting with importuni^, improperly, 
and unnecwaarily. Speaking ' 

camela, etc. [in debt. 

ijoji^ Muktarid, Borrowing, getting 
i^jfiJ'^ maktariti, Associated, joined. 

Following immediately. 

jiBsu* nwlttautr, part. pass. A com- 

pendinm ; a lummary ; abbieriated, 
abridged. MiiHatir, put act. Addicting 
one'B-Belf (to anythiuff), content with that 
alone, and not siceediiig oi leaving it. 
Ld::^^ Muktadi (in construction 
for _Jsi^), Exacted, required. 
Exigency, necessity. 
ri^°.r mui^fu/l (plui. OjL..3:jU), 
part. Exacting, roqniring. ^jLc 
f.\j*i\ygitjL-*, At pleasure, atone's 
wish. O'l.^.aJii-a^, Exigencies, 
events, conjunctorsB, necessary conee- 
^JsJU muklafl, part. One who fol- 
lows another. 
Ji£^ taaktal (plur. Jj'U«), A place 
of slaughter. The plaee of death, i.i.. 
Any part of the body, which, being 
wonnded, canses death. 
^JX« MUjfcfeib'^, part. RemoTing from 
a place, eztiacting, polling out. Tora 
up, drawn out. 
^joMSL^ mvUdanw, part. Hostiag. 

Mukiaiuu, Hnnted. 
jJwiJU ' maktMH, part. Acquiring, 
'possessing. J&£A»m' (in regimine 

L:;X*), Fossessed, eta. 
J ■ Ti B ,1 maktul, Killed, slain, 

j\xiL^ nikd&r. Quantity, space, 

number, measure. 
i_j)j.iL« mukddf, An oai. 
-Ai^ mikdah {^\<i^ or ^JtA^), 

A Bteel, flint, tindec-boi. 
j3l1« muiaddir, part. act. (Ood) the 
predeslinalor. An appraiser, one who 
fiiaBaprice. JfHiodlw, part, pass. Pre- 
destined, predetermined, decreed by God, 
prescribed, fatal. Fate, destiny. 
ijiiS^ makdarat, Power, ability. 

^ 268 

(juf J^maMt«,Aholyplace. ^jm JJU, 
mukaddis, part. One who lanctifies or con- 

secrates. Mukaddaa (fern, ^sLt), 

Sanctified; l^oly, consecrated. ls.-%>j 

/ufJJult, Jerusalem. 

^««dj^ makdoil or ^^aL« mukad- 

daaJj Belonging to Jerusalem. Pilgrim. 

/♦J^ mukaddm, part. Placing be- 
fore, eiTini? the preference. Mukaddam. 
part. pass. Ant4ed«iit, prior, preceding! 
The major proposition of a syllogism. 

^Ut^i^jJUSl, The antecedent and 

the consequent, the subject and the pre- 

t«(\L« mukaddamanf Firstly. An- 
ciently, long before this. 

LZJ\^ *}3^mukaddamdt,The premises, 

requisites, preparations, arrangements. 

<UjX« mukaddamat, The preamble 
(to a speech) ; the preface (to a book) ; 
the premises (in an argument) ; the major 

proposition of a syllogism. <t« J^ 

(jAi^t, The advanced guard of 
an army, also its commander. 

j^JuL^ makdUr^ Fate; fiEital, pre- 

^^J^ Makdunii/ah, Macedonia. 
(_J«jJU mihaf and i^\j>S^, An oar. 


JU mahtrr, A residence, a dwelling, 

mansion, habitation, station, seat, place 
' of rest or quiet. MukirTj part. Esta- 
blishing, confirming, settling (affairs). 
Confessing, professing. 

^LiU mikrdd, Shears, scissors,* 

(^j^ mukarrah, Approximated, 

admitted, allowed to approach. Mu" 
karrib, part. act. Offering, sacrificing. 
A cherubim. 

»JL^ mukarrar, Established, con- 
Hrmed, ratified, fixed, ascertained, un- 
doubted, certain^ infallible, unqueatiou- \ 

ablv, ^iU-arrir, part. A relater, not- \ 


rator. ^^^ jiW^, An adrckakte, 

counsellor, barrister, pleader. 

ijOjA^ mukfidf Lending. A umirer. 
isijL^ mikra^t, A whip, a scooig^j 
^^jA^ makruhf Ulcerated, wounded 
fjo^jA^ makrudf Cut. Lent. 

f^jU^ makrUn, Conjoined, fastened. 

adhering, bound toeether; ocmiteoted, 
related ; near, neignbouring. HaTiag 
close eye-brows, (in yerae) when i&ree 
consecutiTe consonants are moyeaUe or 
have vowels, and the fourth is quiescent 
or gezmated. [proximity. 

^^jA^ makrHntyat, Conjunction, 

kuwJU muksit, Just, equitable, dis- 
tributing justice. 

amJU mdksam, A part, a portion. 
Maksim, A place of partition. Mtdmmf 

part. act. Swearing (by God). JLlU 

mukasaimf part. act. Diyiding, dbstiflMit- 
in^; dispersing. Jiftf^oMam, part. pass. 
Divided, etc. 

a^aJU maksUm, Distributed, di- 

jMxLt mtikashshar, Barked, skinned, 

jJjJl^ mukash^irr, part. Trembli&g 
with horror. 

^jcSi^ tnikaas, Shears, scissors. 

Ju3A^ maksad (piur. Ju^U^), Litent, 

end, desire, will. An intention, desi^pi, 
enterprise. Any place of destinatiQQf 
whither one tenos. 

Oy'oS^ maksud, What is intended, 

desired, wished for ; design. Proposed, 
wished, etc. 

jyojiy^ mahur, Deficient, defeotiTe, 
unequal to, impotent. Insufflcient 
Abndged, diminished, restricted. 

^j9yaAy* maksHs, Cut. 
JbA^ tmtkattir, part. Distilling- 

Dropping, trickling. ^^L£^*U 



makta^ (plor. ^lL«% A 

e place of separation. The pass 
Yet. A pause in the Alcoran. A 
or pause in reading yerse. 

fMitUr, Distilled. 

tnaJdu^f Cat, amputated^ 

id, mutilated. Separated, inter- 
, intercepted, abrupt, definite. 
I upon, adjusted, concluded, ar- 
. Deficient, carried off, remoted. 
ain, a price agreed upon. 

ak^, Sitting down, resting, 
chair, carpet, cushion. A nlace 
idence, a mansion. The nips. 
idy A lame man, one who is obliged 
ind cannot moTe. [(door). 

wkfal, Bolted, locked, shut 
liJddtf ^Jift^ miJUa^ (plor. 
0, A frying-pan. 

tkld^, A sling (for stones). 

mtklah, A spade or any 
instrument with which gronnd is 

(^^J^Lf mukaUiby A con- 

', tamer. 

^e converter of hearts. 

^ukallad, A person imitated 

esented; imitable. 

lukaUa^ part. pass. A ship 
with sails. 

Muw (or 1^^1-5^), Fried. 
mdlduh, Tamed, inverted, 

naUu^ Eradicated, torn ap, 
d from its place. Bemoyed from 

mukantardt, Circles 
L with the horizon. 

lukanntn, part. An author, 

itor. fjd^\^\^^^^J^ 

^)U, Aathor of the insti- 
of justice and demencj. 

i>yU mikwad (plur. J^U^), Beins, 
a bridle, halter. 

JyU fnakul, part. pass. Said, abore- 

mentioned. What is said. A wotd, 
anything spoken before. 

k/j-^ Mukawwl, part. act. Cor- 
roborating, strengthening, fortifying. 
Oonfirminff, conuorting. Whateyer 
giyes comfort. Mukawwt^f part. pass. 
Strengthened, etc. 

j^^ mak'hnr, Conquered, sub- 
dued, oppressed, rexed, distressed. 

(jmLa^ mikifdi, Quantity, etc. A 
measuring instrument, the Nilometer of 

JuLL« mukoj^ad, Bound, fixed, at- 
tentiye, solicitous, dedicated to, diligent. 

j^^S^ muklm, part. An inhabitant. 
' DweUing, resident, inhabiting. Fixed, 
assiduous, constant, perseyering. 

^jjlC« mukdhadtU, Becoming callous 
with reffard to any eyil, and endurix^ it 
yrith all its inconyenienoes. 

L^IC« makatib (plur. of k^^cjLt), 
Schools. [6y letter. 

Lj\jL^ mukdtabat, Corresponding 
c^^lL^ mitkdilh, Letters, wzitings. 

j\i^ makkdr, A cheat, a knaye, an 
impostor, a deceiyer, a worthies fello^, 
a malefiBictor. 

A;IC>« makdrmj Laudable or gener* 

ous actions. Noble, honourable men. 
Graces, fayours, benefits. 

^1 ICi mukdri, A mule hirer. 

^..^MdlC* makdsih (pi. of Cy^X,^), 
'Gains, acquisitions. 

iJi»\!L9 mukdsharat, Laughing or 
grinning (at one) with shut teeth. 

illilL« mukdfdt, A recompense, re- 
tribution. A compensation, 

clC^lC« makdM, Plur. of CJ^ 

iUJLL« mukdhnuii, Conrersation, 
dialogue^ oonfereaoQ^ 




^LL« makdn, A place, statioii, 
dwelliiig, habitatioiL. 

Ju\X« muldyid (plnr. JJl^^C^ or 

Ju^), Frauds, snares. 

i^ Makkat or Mahkah, A place of 
great conconne, the citj of Mecca, in 
Arabia, where Mnhanmiad was bora. 

mMdb^ A school. 

M\\i^ tnuktatam, Hid, occult, dis- 

JLtf{C« mnkUihil, Haying the eyes 
anointed or tinged with collyrinm, to 
give them a lustre. 


:iC« muktasih, part Acquiring 

gaining, stodious, giving attention to. 

JlsJL^ mttkiafi, part. Content, 
having enough. 

^;^dL« muktamin, part. Concealing 
one's-self^ absconding. 

-9jiC« fnaktah, Written. A letter, 
a writing, scriptore. 

(^ji^ mahtHm, Hid, concealed. 

J.^V* mtkhal, The instrument with 
which they apply the collyrinm to the 

eye. Jisr^ mukahhU, Painting 
or anointing the eye, especially with 
black lead or a preparation of the powder 

of tutty. ^ji^^i^^^t An eye so 

anointed. JLLsr^, A box in which 
they keep this collyrinm. 

j<X^ mukaddar, part. pass. Dis- 
turbed, afflicted, vexed, anxious. 

iJL^\jJii^ mukaddardt (plur. fern.), 

Disturbances, afflictions, distressful 


f^jL^mukaoLiby part. Discovering a 
falsehood, accusing of lying. 

^^ mahr, Fraud, treachery, machi- 
nation, imposture. Malice, malignity. 

l^wJ^ mukardatp Shrunki con- 
tracted in body. 

jjLt mukminr, Bepeated* 
A^J^ wttJarmm^ Honoozed. 

^ mdkramat (plur. /«;\JL«), 

Honour, f^^mj^ dignity, nobiHty, liber- 
ality, generoa^, ^moicy, grace, good- 
ness, TOunty. 

L^^^^ M«iru5, SanowfoL 

2[2^ makr^ (fern. isb^^^\ Hated, 
odious, detestable, abominable, ezecraUe. 

cz^Uj^^ (plor*)' Abominations, 
sham^^ actions, dirty tilings. 

c-iiu(^ fMkkMab and ^UamL«, Gain. 

^jL^ mukassar, Broken. The im- 
perfect plural in Arabic. 

ytX^ maktHWy Clothed. 

<■ yy i^ fnakfUh, Acquired, gained. 

jy**^ makgUr, Broken, cut. (A 

bone covered with little flesh. A oodso- 
nant marked with the Yowel katfm (^t). 

cJjJLw-C^ makshuf, Detected, re- 
veiled, unveiled, discovered ; open. 

^■■Ajnt— ^jiu i^, Of an Qj^ 
h^urt, sincere. 

^jJ^ mukaUas, part. pass. Calcined; 
covered with hme. MukaUtM^ part, set 
A lime burner, a maker of mortar. 

l-LK^ fnukaUaft Excellent choioe^ 
distinguished, well-made, elabtnata, 

JJlC« mukalMy Crowned. 

^}aL^ mtkmal, A consummate man 
(either in excellence or viUaiay). 

JJ(kL« mukammal (fern. iLiC«)} 
Perfect, complete, most excellent. 

^y^^ tnakmHn, Hid, concealed. 
^jywJjL« mukannia, A maker or yendor 

of besoms. Am^X,^ miJsnasat, Be- 
soms, brushes, brooms. 

jyiU maknUZf Hid, laid up is a 



makniU (fern, iL»yiC«)| 
(as a house). 

naknun, Hid, concealed. 

niktvdt, A hot instrament 

hich they cauterise or mark the 
A smoothing iron. 

makdk, A wearer's shattle. 

« makhuk (plur. clX*^lC«), 
leasure containing three 
^, at 3|lb. each. 

ikkah, Mecca. See <lC«. 
n«2y(7/ (or HS^), A mea- 

instniment or vessel, either for 
)ds or liquids. 

lakln, Inhabiting, dwelling, 
fixed, well established. 

makyul, Measured. 
dy Filling. (jwID15U^Jlc, 
the people, in the sight of all. 

%ald (dual ^J^^)i Time 
af day or night 

ai-dnu (fern. iSi^ mal&nat), 

maldhii (plur. of ^jtiA^), 
Qts. [riner. 

lUdh^ A seaman, sailor, ma- 

maldhat, The being good, 

l)le, elegant. Beauty, elegance, 


muldhadat, Behaving hypo- 

ly, or indirectly (with any person). 

hidaL Plur. 4X>.)U, Hypo- 
heretics, iniquitous men. 

) muldhazat or mtddhazah, 

iplation. speculation, observation, 
aration, imagination. 

ntddham, Added, annexed. 

Idz, An asylum, refuge, pro- 
. A protector. 

AjlU muldum, part. Assidaous, 

dilijfent, attentive, attached to, perse- 
vering, insej^ffable, adhering firmly. 

ZtjLt muldzamatf Assiduity, dili- 

Jh^^ mtddsih, part. Contiguous, 
adjoining, neighbouring. 

c^^ muldUf, part. Courteous, 
polite, civil, affable, humane. Pleasant, 

facetious. XiJ?^ muldtafiU, 

Courtesy, politeness, gpradousness, fisi- 
vour, benignity. 

Zi^l^ muldtamat, Boxing one an- 

k,.^pH^ mald^ (plur. of i^y>^tV^), 

Jests, pleasantries. . [Cuned. 

^*J^^ nudd^n (plur. of ^y^)f 

irliLt mtddkdi, A meetings con- 

J»l<« mtddkl, Encountering withj^. 

^'oining, meeting, conversing with, oc- 

cJ'i^ mal-ah (plur. L^jfLt and 

^Ls), An angel. 
JL« maldl or ULt, Sadness, grief, 

vexation, affliction, anguish, languor. 

aL* ffuddm, Eeproaoh, reprehension, 
accusation, disgrace. 

Lm^^^ muldma8(U, Handling, feeling 
X^^^ muldwimat, Blaming one 


_JbL« maldhl (pi. of ,<^ tnulM), 

Musical instruments ^ any kind of ludi- 
crous or wanton pastimes prohibited by 
law; amusements forbidden by divine 

uiolU mdldyh and ^^> plur. of 

cliXv or cJ)Lt, Angels, etc. 

Jh% muldym, Mild, gentle, afOetble, 
' ^easy, tame, submissive, docile, pladd, 
ben^n, quiet, peaceable; tender, deli- 
cate. Agreeable or conforming to, just, 
equitable* ^Qit^«(&iCM^^s\«BL« ^ 



(JL>L«^Ju« nuMsMt (pliir.)i Qar- 

ZL« mfTZci^ (plnr. JJl«), Eeligion, 
faith. A natioii, people. [Kissed. 

Jt2^ multasinif Kissing. MuUcuatn, 

_£s:i[L« midtqflf Plying to or taking 
refiu^e with one. A supplicant, petitioner. 

^o.<lL» mtdtahiff part. Covered or 
coyering one's-self with annpper garment. 

(j£S^ mtdtahikf part. Added, 
numbered amongst. 

^^3^ midtahl, part. Oetting a 
"beard (a youth). 

j^y^ muHMtk, part. Adhering, 
coalescing, joined. 

AJjJl^ mtdta&im, Constrained, com- 
pelled; convicted, conjunct, necessarily 
following, attached to. A tenant, a 
hirer, a farmer ; a toll-gatherer. 

^J^^ssL* multoBiktCanjcfmed, adhering 

aVt;!^ muUattm, part. Waves dash- 
ing against one another. 

c-M/« muUiff, part. Wrapping him- 
self in his garments. 

JbLi maltahim, part. Swallowing 
' a mouthfiil. 

^juu^d/« mtdtamis, part, Begging, 

praying, supplicating. Multamas, part, 
pass. Asked, importimed. 

w4:d^ mtUtami^, part. Splendid, 
shining, glancing, brilliant. 

>»^iL« mtdtmoam, Blamed, repre- 

^^^jlL« multawl (fem. ^^jlL«), 

Crooked, oblique, distorted, squinting, 

f^^fS^ mtUtahah, Inflamed, burn- 
ing, ardent. 

*ljsr^ tnaffa'a or Lsr^ malfd, An 

asylum, a place of refhge, a retreat ; a 
security, support, 

^^ mm, Salt 

jLsr^ wnMidf part Ahenitic, pegia, 

unbefiever, one eqpeeiaDy wko deaM 
the lesiDTeetiaii of the dead. Impious, 

imdkaf and iksr^ (phr. 

X«}, The outward ooTNing 
of the body. 

(Jar^ mudhak, Added, joined, an- 
nexed, attributed, coherent, adhcBJng, 
touchhig, belonging to. Adopted. 

ft^^ mulahhamy Fleshy, corpulelit' 

Lksr^ malhamat, A bloody batile. 

^^s^ mtOhfiz (pi. fem. CL^^yJ^), 
Looked at kindly, observed wUh kn^ 

regard or respect. CL^^^sr* 

malhuzat, Thoughts, meditations, agita- 
tions of mind. 

^jA^r^ mulaJMhag (or ^joJr* 

J><M^J1), Succinctly related, ex- 
tracted, abridged. 

jjijLf makuk, Clammy, sticky, co- 

^•jL« mahnm, Inseparable, necei* 
sarily conneeted, affixed, belonging to. 

JUai.^ fMdsak (or ^yal^ lism. 

JlLJu*), Conjoined) heaped to- 

gether, united, confederated, fjM) 
fastened, fixed. 

c^^otL* mal^ab, A play, pastima^ 
show ; a theatre or place where wbj 
similar exhibition is pmbxmed. 

^jxLi mal^n, Cursed, ezecrated, 
detestable, excommunicated. 

uJ^iLt malfnf, Wrapt up, involyei 

Folded up. 
LlftL* mtlkdt, Tweezers. 

c^iiL« mulakkab, Sumamed. fin- 
titled, piqg. 

L>yiL« mdlkilf, Collected. A foufld- 
ui3u« mahk (for cJ'l«, plnr. 



^^^mata (plor. Cfju), A king. 

JlitSI^Ll^l aknalika'l a^\ 

(jM^J^^U-C^l ahnaliku^l kudus, 

and ^I^lJIu^UcIA^ mo/tJl 
wiSHk^l muiht Ood Almigh^, the most 
hiffh and mighty King, the glorioug 
. Kmg. the benevolent Soyereig|ii, the 
iMcroa Lord, the King of the fings of 
kliigdonis, or the Lord of lords. 

uA^ milh (or ^SIa^), a kingdom, 
dominion, poaseasion. 

uiOu* fMdk, Possession in lands, 
patrimony, herita^ property, power. 
< A Gcnmtry. Dommion. 

JECl^ maUkat or malikah, A queen. 

d^yX* maUnt, The heavenly conrt, 
the hall of angels, the kingdom of heaven. 

_C1^ malaki (fern. i'iSL*), Eoyal ; 

orthodox; one who follows the religion 
«f the king. ^ ^^ 

^jLt milal (plur. of i^)t Eeligions, 

JlJu* mtf^dmi^, CoUected into one. 

fy^ iMiJmum (fern. ^^^Ju*}, Col- 
leeted together. 

\j3jjgu>< malankhullyd, Melancholy. 

^1^L# mo/te^dn, Dual of ^ mo^d. 
. Jfolfft^Sn, Day and night. 

d^ mfi/ili&, Plur. of CJL$ tnalik, 

J^ fnalal, Fatigued, tired, lan- 
guid; melancholy, vexed. 

^J^ mulawivan, Coloured, dis- 

tangnished by various colours. 
4^5^lL« mfiUawufa\ Distorted, crooked. 

A^ mUham, Gluttonous. MtUhim, 
* part. act. Inspiring. Mulham, part, 
pass. Inspired. 

r^y^ malhuh, Kindled, inflamed. 
milha\ Any instrument used 


play or by way of recreation ; also a 
muedeal instrument, or the art of per- 

,JLf% mahh (plur. -.1^ and ^)U1)/ 

Beautiful, agreeable, sweet, charmtng. 

^2^IL« muhyytn, part. act. Soften- 
ing, emollient. A lenitive, laxative. 
iSdayytm, part. pass. Softened, soothed, 
pacified, pleased. 

UL« mtmmd (for Ut^;^ mm md\ 
From that which. 

tnamdt, Death. 
JjU^ mumdsil, part. Alike, re- 


sembling, equal, comparable. 

^U^ mumdsdlat, Besemblance, 
similitude, allusion. 

U*>j\a^ mumdriSf Dedicated or 

addicted to anything; studious, cultivat- 

JLrf^L*.^ mttmdrasat, Managing 
(affairs), applying with great attention. 

i^j\A^ mumdxahat, Playing, sport- 
ing, jesting (with another). 

{Jm\a^ mumdss, part. Touching, 
contiguous. [ing. 

JlaIU^ mumdlahat, Flattering, sooth- 

u^U^ fnamdUk (plur. of HIa,^), 

Kingdoms, provinces, dominions, states, 
regions, estates, possessions, crown lands. 

dCiU^ mamdllk (plur. of 4il^l>»,>^ 

mamluh), Servants, slaves. The ifam- 
luk9 or MamaHki were a d^masty of 
Egvptian sultans, sprung from Circassian 
ana Tartar slaves, wno usurped the throne 
A.D. 1249, and possessed it till 1516, 
when they were subdued by Selim I., 
Emperor of the Turks. 

^U^ mumdni^ part. Hindering^ 

opposing, forbidding, impeding. 

iju\A^ mumdna^t, Prohibitioni 
obstacle, repulse. 

j\s>A>^ mtfm^ds. Chosen, dij^tinguished, 
eminent, excdlent, illustrious. Select. 
Separate, distinct. 




^^^^^^ mumtahtnf pari. Trying, 
proTing, eiaminhig, weiglmig (words). 
(God) opening and aJsplaying (tne heart 
of man). Anexperienceaorikilfalman. 

Jcub^ mwntaddf part. Extended, 
prolonged, protracted. 

-pji^«b^ mtfmtost;, part. Accustomed, 
used to, agreeing with one's constitotioii. 

^^_Jc>^.^ mtfjfi^, Filled, replete, 
" heaped up. 

mumtani^, Prohibited; im- 

poflrible. Reiiising access to another, 
rejecting, abstaining from. 

mumqjifad, part. pass. Glori- 
fied, glorious. 

js^^^ mamhuw and jc*^> Ob- 
literated, defaced. ^ 

JJc4b^ mumaddad and J^Xi^, Ex- 
tended, protracted ; stretched as a tent 
with the cords. 

^^Sa^ mamdnh, Praised, celebrated, 

famous, laudable, commendable. 

J^*Xa^ mamdud, See OXi^, 

j^4^ mMmassMPA;, Lacerated. 

^j|U^ iTkimsu;, Tempered, mixed. 

^jjjA^i^\jJi», Wine dilated with 


ujCuw4k^ mtim^iMa^, (A garment) 
perfumed with musk. 

^yM,A^ maiMuh, Cleaned, wiped, 

polished, furbished. Anointed. Haying 
a plain face or a level superficies. 

fjMyMA>^ mamsils, Touched. 

Lujuuu4b/t mumshut, Combed. 

^^d4>^ mumdl or mumda!^ Sub- 
* scribed, authenticated. An authentic 

writing. JjK:***^^*a4^, Signed 
and sealed. ^ 

ULJ^j^^ mamkut, Hated. 
fjL4>^ mumkiny Possible. 

dooi, raafan, domiiiioiiy comtiyy pro- 
▼inee, district, poasenon. Power, gran- 
deur, magnifioeDee. 

jLi^ mom/ti, FuU, filled, replete. 
Indisposed with repletion. 

^ Jl^^ mamlah, Salted. vJi^U^ Ju^i^, 
(plur. feuL) Salted meat, pickles. 

Cm(^\f%>^ mamlaJt, Possessed, in one's 

power. A purehaaed daTe or a eaptiTe. 

^J4l^ WftOMn (contracted fmm the 

prep, ^^jy fnin, and the pron. ^^ 
man), Than him who. 

& c^A^ mamnU^ Prohibited. For- 
bidden, restrained, i^y^ky (pL 
d^lcy^iw^). Forbidden things. 

^y'Jk^ mamnUn, Obliged, who has 
recdyed a &your» 

jfjf4b^ mamhur, Signed, sealed. 

i^^'^^uk^ mumit (or ir*^.^), Mortal, 
fatal, deadly. 

^ man (pron. of com. gender, 

singular andplural). He who, she who, 
they who. whosoeyer, whiutsoeyer, emj 
one (either interrogatiyely or not). 
Some one, any one, a certain penon. 

c^-Jlc^^ASp^, He who aaksre- 
ceiyes ; he who searches finds (a proferb). 
^ min (prep.), From, of, for, on, 
than, by. J^^^;^, For which 
reason. cLxb^l^j^, On your ac- 
count, j^^^f Behind, at the 
back. ^\^, Henceforth, after 
this, from this time forward, n^ 
^\ (or fJ.,-0-^^), Whence. ^^ 
Jju, After, hereafter; presently; 
never, in no shape. \^iXMi^t 
After that, l:^^^^. From be- 
low. ^9^^;^> Besides, except 


d^Ju^ mamlakaiy An empire, Idng- \ ^^^y^^ ^\&sa morning. ^ 




• . 4-J)t, Ap&rt ^)|;-i^, NotwiUi- 
standing, although^ nevertheless, 
jy^, From above. J^J^, 
formerly. ^^ J-S^^, Heretofore, 
jjtfr^^^, From elsewhere. \:Jb^ 
orcJLib^,Hence. cJLtb^Ujb^;^ 
On every side. ii>^^, Daring a 

whole year. /♦^ JJ^^^> Prom 
the first day, ^jij^, By my God. 
From the cradle. ifj^'\^\^}^^j^, 

From the first of it to the last. 


j^^^^JcT'J V^^^^^cT*^ In 
one respect a Mend, in another 

an enemy. tlX)jJ^\jj-^, On 
that account. ^^J^^j^ (or 

if^ji\fj$^j^), In every man- 
ner, in all respects. ^^^^ 
rliL/ ^ iJ ^ 'f^ ^ ' From the morning 
till the evening, yj^^^^fl^^^i 
In whatever manner, in every 
shape^ however.^ A>. ^ (^(J*^- U, 
There did not come to me one of 

them, j^^c-^jj, A garment 
■ of edlk. 

^ mann, Manna, a species of honey 
dew gathered from plants. 

Ci-^U^ man&h, Supplying the place 

' (of another), doing anything for him; 
acting as a locam tenens. Lieutenancy, 

jIx« mandhar (pi. ofj^ mmhar), 
Pulpits, rostrums, etc. 

i\pfl^ mmajat, Prayers, recom- 

mendations. Acting or speaking pri- 
Tately with another. 

^L« mandkh, CHmafe, 

i\t}\:^ mundddt, Calling to one, 
convoking, proclaiming. 

>» jI:w« mimddm, part. A companion, 
an intimate Mend. 

^^jU^ munddl, part. A orier, a 
herald, a proclaimer. 

Jj jUi/* manddll, Plur. of J^«3c^. 
j\i^ mandr (or J^U^, plur. jjU*« 
and^U^), A candlestick, lamp, 

lanthom, pharos. A march-stone or 
boundary-mark, a way-stone or direction- 
post. jL*«!|^J %u^l fnandr. The 

surname of Abraha, king of Arabia 
Felix, who is said to have first erected 
such posts when going to war, as direc- 
tions for his return through deserts and 
uninhabited districts. Manor, manarat, 
or manarahy A lofty turret on the Ma- 
hommedan mosques, from which the 
crier calls the people to prayers (aa they 
use no bells). 

c jl:w« mund%i^, part. Contending, 
litigating, opposing, refractory. 

dsj\:>>^ mundza^t, Contest, litiga- 
tion, coutroyersy, altercation. 

JjU^ mandzil (plur. of (U-».^), 
Mansions, stages, halting places, inns, 


[i^ mundsih, part. Correspond- 
ing or adapting to, conformable, pfo- 
portioned, agreeing with, quadratmg, 
congous, just, apt, fit, proper, suitable, 
pertinent, accommodated, equal, con- 

iUydU^ mtmdsabat, Proportion, con* 
nexion, relation, suitableness, conveni- 
ence, comparison. 

dCdlx« mandsiky The ceremonies 
and sacrifices prescribed in the pilgrim- 
age to Mecca. 

^l:w« mandtim^ Plur. of aam:^. 
SjJbU^ Tnandshadat, Praying, con- 



ibw^ tnandiMr (plnr. otjyw^), 
Royal mandates, patents, or diplomas. 

^U^ mands, A place of refuge, an 
asylum, a retreat. Retiring, declining, 
flying from, taking refuge with. 

^L^Lw« mundsabat, Conspiring 
against, laying snares for. 

ij^\i^ mundsaraff Assisting one 

Ls^L^ mundsafat, Dividing into 
two equal parts. 

tU^ mandt, Distance. iKilftUi^, 
Distant as the Pleiades. 

Jff\i^ mandiir (plur. of JoX/t), 

Spectacles, public or theatrical 
exhibitions, aspects, appearances. 

^L/« mundfuiratf Disputation, con- 

Luil:^ mund/asat, !E!ntering into 
competition with. 

j-iL^ mandjl^ (plur. of <Ua:».^), 
Gains, adyantages. 

^L^ mundfih, A hypocrite, an 
atheist. A dissembler. 

tibw^ mundflf part. Dispelling, re- 
pelling, repugnant, contrary, endeavour- 
ing to ruin. ^J|/*l^ci^> Re- 
pugnant to politeness or humanity. 

v.^L^ mundhih (plur. of ^^»Ai^)y 
Virtues, abiliides. 

isal^ mundhadat, Contending, dis- 
puting, [postulating. 

^liw^ mundliarat, Disputing, ex- 

dduuiL^ mundkashat, Contention, 

contrast, dispute. Entering minutely 
into calculation with another. 

(^^U^ mundhid, part. Contradic- 
- tory, contrary, repugnant opposite. 

XioiiL^ mundkadat, Contradiction. 

t-^L^ mandkib, plur. of ^^livt 
mankib, Shoulders. 


S J^L« miMiSJbuM^Behttfixiglianhfy 

(to another) ; giving pain, perpleziiig. 

^U^ manam (plur. CL^UiUw^)^ A 

^\L« manndn, Beneficent, benign, 
propitious (applied especially to (hui- 

^li/» mundtodbat, An altemaia 


^jU.^ mundicalat, Giving, oflbring. 

j^U^ mandhl (plur. of ^<f^ « 

JL^), Prohibited things; wdb, 
conmes. [Deaths^ eie. 

bU^ mandyS (plur. of i^), 

i^^^^ mumhit, part. Sproutmgy 
growing, vegetating, fertile, prodoeing 
plants, fruite, etc. MambtUy A plaee 
where plants, etc., grow. 

manhaTf A pulpit, a high ehaiTi 
a reading-desk. 

Uam^;^ mumhasit, part Dilated, ex- 
tcHuded. Having an open or dttofld 
coimtenance, rejoicing, exulting. 

wu.^ fnom^a^; A fpuntain, spring; 

source, origin. 

ci-i-n,..;^ mMm}a^t9; Sent. 

^Jff^^ mumhaghl, Desired, requited, 
** requisite. [not. 

^y^ mamhush, Dug up by Hie 

£^ mMfui^^'A, An admonisher, an 
awakener. An alarm bell or dock. 

<Ci^ minnaty An obligation, fiiyooTi 

courtesy, grace. Muimat^ StraDgfl^ 

muntadrf Scatterings dispemi 

muntahib, Weeping Ut- 
terly, lamenting loudly. 

^.s<\,\^ muntakhib, part, set 

Selecting, choosine the best. MuHiMtf 
Chosen. Selected ; a selection. 

^M*:u^ muntasab, part. NameJ* 
^er^oTOQikaXfe^^ T«»^mblihg (another) ii 


7^MTi'm^ mmUaiiif Arrangod, dis- 

poied in order; adhering in a reg^nlar 
. series or row. 

jwS^i^ muntashar, part. Explained^ 
. published, diffused, dispersed. 

(Uy^^^n*;;^ uMintaHb^ part. Standing 

erect. Pointed with the yowel/o/Aa {^a), 
Baised (dust). Having erect horns. 

^"^•"•^ muntamhy part. Listening to 
advioe, and improying upon it. 

nmntMiry part. Conquering, 
becoming superior to an enemy. 

f^i^*\^ munUuif, part. Mid-day. 
Kee^ng the middle. 

JdBJMf mufUasuim, part. Ordered, 
* arranged, placed in rows, joined to- 
gether, threaded (as pearls, etc.) Jftm- 
tosun, Begulating, placing in order, 
transfixing, piercing. 

^«Uii mufUafi^, part. Using, enjoy- 
ing, haying the advantage, profit or nse 
of anythii^. Gaining. 

tJcx:^ muntafi (fern, ^uirr^), Be- 
^pnlsed, rejected, removed, dissipated, 
destroyed. Retiring to a side. 

Jjb:>i^ muntakil, Being transported, 
carried, emigrating, passing (to another). 

^Sx>^ munfakim, past. Thepunisher, 
^ the avenger. 

^Aiu^ muntaM, part. Selecting. 

^^imJcj^ muntakas, Inverted, crooked, 
having the head hanging downward. 

muntahh, part. Seizing an 
Importunity. [Sising up. 

munfahid, part. Excited. 

j^ muntaha\^ait» pass.Einished, 
Iterminated, ending. MuntahJf part. act. 
Bringing to a conclusion. Mmtaht^, 
The ^ conclusion, term, boundary, 

■Li-*^ munsakah, Perforated, 

jj^ mansur, The winter gilly- 
flower. jji:^^/^yiai^f Terse and 




mmfmih, part.Goingqmck. 

Mm^'aeab^ Drawn, dragged, seized, 

mufift%, part. Performing 

A|£Ct« munJMam, Cut, ampatated. 
Abrupt (business). [scythe. 

Jl^cu munfal, A reaping-hook, a 

^^scu« munqj^'im, part. act. An as- 

* 'tronomer, an astrologer, an almanao- 

maker. [creted. 

munfamad, Congealed, oon- 
manfanlk, A warlike engine, 

w •• • 

a catapulta, a balista, a battering ram. 
A puUey, a machine for raising great 

«^w« manh, Oiying, presenting. 

4— >Ju:CL^ munhadah, Prominent 

j4X^U munhadir, part. Descending 
a declivity. 

uJ^^-^L^ munharaf, Changed, in- 
verted. Mtmharif, Declining or taming 

munhasaTf Surrounded, be- 
sieged, blockaded, pressed, environed, 
co^Sined to, restricted, contained, com- 
^ prehended. 

k^U munhitt, part. Palling, let 
down, descending. 

^*.,jcu< munhanl or munhima*, 
** Flexible, crooked, bent. 

{jM^^ manhns, Unfortunate, un- 

C4\icu« munkhadi^ Deceived. 

js^ mankhar (plur.^U^), The 
nostrils, the nose. 

JjS^ munkharik, Tom, lacerated. 

c jict« munkha%4^ part. (A rope) 

cut or broken through the middle (not 
at the ends). 

i^^iuJ^^ munkhasiff^clvpBed (moon) 



• • « 

mmkhafid^ part Depressed, 

subjected. [absconding. 

■ giJgVt munkhaflf part. Bid, 
Jicu« munMM/ or munhhal, A sieve, 


9nt«n^A«/i^, part. (A bone) 

dislocated by any accident. Extracted; 

jM^icL* munhhanik^ part. Strangled 
by one's-self. 

^ tJCw^ mundarij, part. Compre- 

bended, contained, collected, registered. 
Comprehending, etc. Inyolved within 
itself, coiled or rolled up. 

^j JCw« mundaris, part. Obliterated, 

fnundafejo-di ^ JCw« mundafat, 

A large bow bent, the string of which 
thej beat with a kind of mallet in sepa- 
rating or teazing cotton ; also the mallet. 

• mundafi^f part. Beat, 

trampled upon, repulsed, remoTcd, taken 
away. Given, deHvered, surrendered. 

fj3X»^ mundqfik, part. Spreading 
wide, diffused (water). 

j;!jcw« mundaUk, part. Preceding, 

outstripping in ^oing, running, etc. 
Going^ out, removing from one's place. 
Bursting from the belly (the iutestines]. 

4C« Jjw« mandamat, That which one 
repents of. 

C-p^Jo^ manduhf Lamented, cele- 
brated in a frmeral oration. 

uJ^4XX/« mandnf, Carded or teazed 

(cotton). [one's-self. 

^|JbJc»^ mtmdahinf part. Anointing 

4jjJCw« numdil, A table-cloth. 

Mindil, A towel or table-cloth fringed. 
A wreath, sash, turban-doth, or any- 
thing rolled round the head of man or 
woman. A handkerchief, whether thrown 
round the neck or worn stuck in the 

«-U^ munzu or ntfnssu (contra from 

^ and j\), From, sinoe.< iXx« 

^jiUf^^^A^, From Thursday (I 
have not seen him), 
jjo^ munzir, An admonisher, 

adviser. jX»^\ almun%ir, The 

name of a prince of the Arabians ; also 
of his tribe. 

jjjj^ manzur, Promised, vowed, 
offered up, dedicated, consecrated. 

c LJw« munazsa^ Palled trp 


uJjj^ munzaf, Bleeding. 

^^j^ manzal, See Jt^JJ* ManssH 

(plur. JjU^), A caravansera, inn, 

or any place for the accommodation of 
travellers, a house, hotel, lodging, man- 
sion, habitation, dwelling. A mansion 
of tiie moon. A post-office, a stage 
where post-horses are frimished. 

i]\j^ manzilat, A post of honour, 


dignity, station, condition. J 

^tlJjj^, In the capacity of a 

brother, like a brother, brotherly. 
(j^j^»^ munzaUk, part. Slipping, 

sliding ; slippery ; liable to slide or Mi, 
^jj-^^ manzu^ Tom up, eradicated, 

swept away, carried off. 

2r^jM« munazzah, Exempted £rom, 
free. Pure, blameless, holy. 

-tf^^***^ mansaf, The instrument by 
which the web is stretched when working. 

^j^M*:^ ffii^jigahik, part. "Worn by 
friction ; reduced to powder, crumbled 
to dust. 

JuaaI.^ munsadd, part. Closed, ob- 
structed, shut up. Closing up (holes). 

-.^^duw* munsarih, part Mowing, 

gliding, creeping. Moving to and fro. 

J*****^ munsatih, part. Expanding 
0Tie*«-^^\£^ V^ti^ on the back without 

* . 



(kjLuX^ mimafy A. faxif a yentilator 
for winnowing corn, etc. 

uXu<Mw« mansik (plor. uX«}l:w«), A 

place of sacrifice, especially in the valley 
Monna near Mecca ; also the rights and 
ceremonies attending those sacrmces. A 
£reqnented place. Manaaky The being 
devoted to religions ceremonies. 

UyXui;^ munsakib, part. Mowing; 
flnid (as water) ; shed. 

JyuAi^ mamU, Oeneration, progeny. 
Mvmal, Begotten, generated. 

^*"***^*^ munsalikh, part. Drawn off 
(as a skin). 

kL^L^i^ munsaUh, part. Joined, 
connected, enrolled amongst, added. 

AM*:w« munasBimy Enlivening^ vivi- 
^ fying, animating. 

jy**^»-^ MOfwAflr, Diffiised, spread 

abroad, divulged, pnblished (aa a book). 
A royal mandate,* d^iloma, patent, or 
privilege. Divided, cut with a saw. 

^jr^yO^ mumhmolj Boasted. 

j^Mw« munshl, A writer, the author 
" of a book, a secretary. 

i,,^«rrv^ mansaib or mamib (plur. 

t^ >**i^U^),Dignity, o£ice,ministr7, 
magistracy. A high place ; a place 

where anything is erected. 

^jam:^^ mansuh, Belative, related, 

belonging, addicted to, depending npon. 
Connected, allied. 

^^am:w« mansnjf Woven, (a gar- 
ment) wrought with gold. (plor. fem.) 

c:jLf»-jAuJw«, Things wealed ; 

gold-wronght garments. 

^y^x^ mansUkh (fem. ^^yuL^), 

Cancelled, obliterated, abolished, broken. 

^c***i^ fnansi, Forgotten, buried in 
oblivion, neglected, omitted. 

*Lu*i^ mansha-ay The principal, be- 
ginning, origin, source, spring, motive ; 
the exordium or argument of any com- 

j\jMi^ mtruhdr, A hand-saw. 

JuuiJ^ munshid, part. Making a sign, 

pointing to, or informing (where any- 
thing is lost). Beciting (verses). Satir- 

^jL:^ munsharihf part. Cheerful, 
rejoicing. [cut. 

A^juw« munshartm, Split, slightly 
^jJuJ^ manshaky The nose or nos- 
trils. 4Jucw« munshakk, Split. 

mtmsabhy part. Poured out, diffmring it- 
self. Smitten with love. 

^Jfj^a:*-^ mwMorifj part. Converted, 

turning back, receding, departing, re- 
lating to. 

^■o-rr'o ^ mamafy The middle or half 
of the way. Muntify Discreet; just; a 
judge advocate. 

k^)yau,r^ mansuh, Erected^ consti- 
tuted. Marked with the vowel-point 
fatha (^a). 

j^«ai^ mansUr, Aided, defended, 
protected (by God) ; (or jy^f^^ 
Jia^j), Yictorious, conquering. 

aoTy Name of the second Khalif of the 
house of Abbas. 

ijya:>^ mansurat, "N&me of several 

^ya.j^ mansil9, Manifested, de- 

ws:*^'^^ mundqft^, part. Eeclining 

on a bed or on the ground (especially on 
the side). 

jLa:>^ mundafir, part. Two (ropes) 
twisted together. 

i^»a:»^ mundamm, part. Contracted, 
* heaped together, joined, added, inserted. 

J^^^2i^ muntahikhf part. Cooked^ 
^boiled, dressed. 

Ja:^ i»t^ft^«^part.Tame,trained^ 


t^Jiai^ mtmtarid, part, (and (3^) 
Driyen away. 

^Jki^ muntaflf part Extinct. 

Jjiii^ mantikf A.n oration^ eloquence.; 
(or /jUv^IIaLc), Logic, reasoning. 
Mintak (and JlaLi:^), A girdle, 
zone, belt. ^^U.qU;^, The 
celestial girdle, the zodiac. <i5k*M»H 
JjjUl, The Mgid zone. <^vJl 

ii^^i^l, The torrid zone. 
^^Ak:^/* man^a^I, Logical, dialectic. 

j;ll3:».^ muntaUky part. Dismissed, 

set at liberty, departing; loosened, re- 

^^k:^ man^iZ^, Said, spoken, articu- 
lated distinctly, related, told. 

i^^k:^ fniuntawly Folded, involved, 
"wrapt. Inclosed. 

^la:w« inonsar, The countenance, face, 

aspect, visage, looks. A spectacle, 
stage play, theatre, scene; anything 
looked at, agreeable or disagreeable. 

Object of sight. ^;ki^l<0^, De- 
. formed in countenance. 

mwMmmaf, Cleaned, purified, 

Jia:^ mumdlim, part. Bearing in- 
' ^juries. Sufifering injustice. 

Jsu^ munauam, Arranged, in ex- 
' cellent order, placed in a row. 

jjk:^ fiMmtUrj Seen, looked at, 
admired, visible. 

Ajl3:k^m(;(ftsilm(fem. <t«j]ai^ ), Joined, 
threaded, arranged in order. Metrical, 

versified, poetic. ^U^laiw^, Ehyme. 
Anything placed in a series, Une, or 
- order. 

jw« man^y A prohibition, hindrance, 

Jjuc^ mun^adil, part. Dev ia tin g 

from the right way. 

aJuUi^ mun^adim, part. Extinct, 

lost, ruined, destroyed, annihilated, an- 
nulled, demolished. 

(^Jut:^^ mun^adi, Contagions. Men 

dying one after another of the pestileitee 
or any contagious disorder. 

Ju:m« mun^zil, part. Deprived of 

office, removed Arom ministry or from. a' 
government. . [Expressed juice. 

mun^^asiTf Pressed (grapes). 

mun^m, part. Preserved, 
defended. [turned, inflected. 

t, Vnr ; ^ mun^tif, part. Bent, 

jJU:*.^ mun^kid, Agreed upon, con- 
cluded (peace, marriage, bargain, etc.) 
Tied; bound. 

jAx^ mun^akir, part Wounded in 
the feet (as a camel or horse). 

^j*Jjc^ mun^kis, part. Inverted, 

placed topsy-turvy, reversed (as a figure 
in a mirror). Contrary. 

aax^ mun^m, part. A benefactor. 
' Beneficent, liberal, gracious. Generous. 

<Uai^ muna^^amatf A benefit, a re- 

JdMuJci.^ munffhasil, Washed. 

^j^jc^ munghalik, part. Shut up or 
against, close. 

fnunffhamir, part. Sunk, 
plunged. [deceived. 

^^^Ci^ mtm^hawl, part. Seduced, 
L^ii>^ Manf, Memphis in Egypt. 
^Ui.^ mtnfakh, See ^*^^. 

^h^ munfatih, part. Open (door). 

jHi:^* munfatik, part. Split, broken, 

Jiic^ munfatily Twisted (rope). 

"i?2wtecle, nreventative, refusal, opposition, k*^^ minfakh, A pair of bellows. 
To forbidf repnise, inhibit, reject, nega- \ ^ . . , _ 

tive, denjf dissuade^ etc. \ v.S*i^*C*^ munjcwa, ^^\,, ^^^^^so^dL 



iki^i^ Mdii/!«^ A place throogfa which 

anything passes or penetrates; a hole. 
A passage. 

'^y^^^ munfarij^ part. Tranquil, 
contented, happy, finee from care or grief. 

i^|ii^ mumfarid, part. See djio, 
Sinq^la, alone, solitary, singular, unique. 

Ij^a:^^ Separately, solely. Singly. 

^]j^i:M« munfarxk, part. Distinct, 
•epante, dispersed. 

\ j »M^ man/as, A Tent, a breathing 

hole. [broken. 

^*****^ munfmkh, part. Dissolved, 

iJUMAX^ munfasid, part. Corrupted. 

Juoa:^ munfml, part. Separated, 
dissected, disjoined, distinct. 

f ^k n.^ munfiMm, part Broken, with 
a separation of parts, dashed to pieces. 

^"^^^^ mmfadih, part. Detected in 
^Tillan]^and exposed to reproach, rendered 

^MU^ manfi^, Emolument, profit, 
gain, adyantage. 

(Jjdu^ munfa^il, part. Disturbed, 

afSieted, altered. Made, performed. 

(jsc^ munfiif part. Expending 
money (upon any person or thing). 

cLxfiv^ munfakk, Dislocated, re- 

qioYed from a place ; separate, distinct ; 

^^k^ manfakhf Inflated, tumid, 
swelled in the belly, fkt. 

^^k^ manfosh, Separated, carded 

{^yt^^ man/tl(^, Shaken; concussed. 

Affti^ munfahim^ part. Perceived, 

y^^^ manfi (fern, ^^A:^)f Negative. 
** Bepulsed, rejected,thrown aside ; banished 

oUii^ munkady part. Obedient, 

j\5i^ minlt&rf The beak of a Ujcd. 

^Ux^ mtnkdshf Pincers, tweezers. 

^joM^ munkabtdf Betracted. Con« 
tracted within itself. Constipated. Be- 
vtndned, constrained, bound. 

JsSi>^ munkatU, part. Slain, killed. 

iXAX^ munkhf part. Liberating. A 

mmSx^ munkanmf part. Divided 

* into parts. 

fjuk»^ minkashf Pincers, tweezers. 

^jJ:^ munakkoih, Painted, em- 

jJjjI:^ munkaahirf part. Peeled, 

skinned, barked, 
fc— a>flAv^ munkasif, part. Broken. 

ft^aiu^ munkasm, part. Broken to 

* pieces, separated. 

_«<3Ai^ munkail, part. Finished. 


yL/« munakiat, Marked with points 
or vowels. Spotted. Dotted. 

u^munkat*^ part.Broken(rope). 

L^ tnankacatf Macerated, soaked ; 

JlLSj^ fnunka/U, pari (A gate) 
bolted or locked. 

Ly'^iflv^ munkalib, part. Turned, 
changed, converted, perverted, inverted, 

^Ux/t muniaU^f part. Tom out or 
up, removed from its place, extracted.. 

wiix^ munkami^ part. Subdued, 
tamed, subjected. 

(^y^^ manhui, Bored, hollowed, 


^y^^ manhiuh (fem. dj^yi^\ 
Carved, painted, embroidered. 

^yii^ mankut, Spotted, dotted. 
Jjiu^ mankalf Said, narrated, re- 




^J^ fMmtXkii part act. One who 

deans eorn. JlfiirMJl;^, Cleaned, purged, 

K^J^\ ^ manktb, The shoulder, also 
• ' ' 

^that part of tlie arm next to it. 

jfs>^ munkfTf part. act. Deii3ring, 

rejecting, disapproving, repudiating, 
taJdn? ill, being disobliged, baying no 
confiaence in anotber, not beliering wbat 
he professes. Munkar^ part. pass. Denied, 
not acknowledged, disowned, unknown. 
Ungrateful, wicked, iniquitous. Iniquity. 

(^j^^ munkarim, part. Honoured. 

fjiS.:^ mundkkas, part. pass. Inverse, 
baying tbe bead inverted. 

j *M ^ munkasir, part. Broken, fra- 
gile ; frail. Put to fligbt (as an enemy). 

4— i uu Cv .^ munkasif, part. Eclipsed or 
obscured by clouds (as the sun or moon). 

^uiXV/t munhishi/y part.Discovered, 

uncovered, revealed, detected, published, 

cfiA^c^ munia^f, part. Eclipsed. 

L^^L^ mankul, part. Afflicted, 

jjii^ mankur, Denied, etc. 

(jM^Cwo mankus (fern. JLyo^), ^' 
verted, perverted, preposterous. 

Jlyw« mantpdh A mode, manner, 

rule, form, constitution, disposition, 

frame, texture. Jly^JU jjb^l^. 

In this manner, according to the rule. 

iy^ manwaty Desire ,* a wished for 

j^ munnawir, part. act. One who 
illustrates ; that which illuminates. 
MimatcwaTj part pass. Illustrated, Ulu- 
minated, clear, splendid, bright Eluci- 

]ffy^ manutf Dependent, fastened, 
booBd, belonging to, attached, tied. 

^l^ mMcgi A patent road, or 

^^de street ; a highway. 

Lufwo munhdblt, part. Depressed, 
descending, Ming. 

L^"C'^ munhatik, part. Tom; 

vitiated (virgin). 

-^^ manhqf, Way, manner. 

jtX g;^ munhadir, part. Raining 
heavily. [destroyed. 

A4X^ munhadim, part. Demolished, 

(^j^ fwunhasm, Put to flight, run- 
ning away, discomfited in battle. 

jJL^ munhashm, part. Broken. 

M »n {\ >< munhadim^ part. Well- 
* digested. 

Ufii^ munhamiZf Marked with 

hamza (»). 

_^ manhl, Forbidden, prohibited. 
ci^lJl^ manhiydtf (plur. fem.) 

IDTnlawfril things. yj(^ munMf 
One who announces news. 
^^x« man% (plur. ^J>^ muni), Sperma 
genitale (viri aut mulieris). 

JLj^^ manyat, Sperma genitale. 
Muwyat (plur. ^^J^)^ A wish, de- 


fi/Mnlr (fem. ijf^\ Shining, 
splendid, illuminating, illustrious. 

mani^, Inaccessible, impene- 
trable, impregnable. 

^jjfx fnunlf, Eminent, exalted, 
sublime, incomparable, noble. 

C^lj^ muwdt, Death. 

i\j\yc mudtdt, Consenting, agreeing, 


j;j1j^ mutod^ik, Confederated. 

(J^\yc nuHodnk (plur. of ^l^). 

Agreements, confederadei, pactioM, 
compacts. [Waves, 

J[^ mmu^al, A weaver's beam. \ ^3^tiiwwDv>a^^^Vsim^^ii^^^ 



i^^yt mttwdftAai, Presence, ap- 
pearance, meetmg fiice to face, coining 
before (another) ; beholding, confronting ; 

conferring ; laying. <^>-|^ mu- 

icdjahatan or <^>-\^b la^l mu- 
wajdhahy Before, in presence of. 

ifL^tj^ mudkhdtf Fraternity, bro- 
therly love. 

ii^Sj^ mu&khaxat, Blaming, re- 
proaching, [delaying. 

ijtS^^yo mudkharai, Postponing, 

I>\j^ mawddd (plur. of £jU), 
Matters, arguments, points, articles. 

^^\j\yOf Articles of peace. 

*ij\^ mawdrtd (plur. of *^jyc), 
Passes, entrances. fJS^\d^jt^j\yo 

(and 'rj^'^*i;^}^)f Passages, 
entrances and exits, ingress and egress. 

i\J\yo mudzdt, Being parallel, op- 
posite to, eqnidistant from; propor- 
tioned, equal to. 

Sjj\yc muiffdsumat, An eqnilibriam. 

Comparing (two things), making equal; 
being equivalent or opposite to, cor- 
responding with. 

kSJ^j-'^ tnudzl, Parallel, being 

exactly opposite to, and resembling 
one another. Equal, nearly, about. 

^j^yo mawdzin, Plur. of ^U-^. 
Balances, measures, weights. 

J^^yo mawdshl (plur. of <UdM)U)„ 

Quadrupeds, esDecially camels, sheep, 
cows, calves, and other similar cattle. 

^lL^Ij^ mtiwdsdlat, Conjunction, 

adhesion, copulation, enjoyment. Being 
constantly with another; enjoying a 
beloved oDJect. Attainment. 

^^\y^ mawddi^i'pbir. of ^^j^). 

\j9^y« mawdtin (plur. of ^y<\ 

Countries, native dwellings, luibitatioDS. 

u-^1^ mmod%%bf AssiduouB, per- 
severing. \J^\y^ mmodtibany As- 
siduously, continually. iJ^\yc 

muwazabatf Perseverance. 

iiX&yc muwdcodatf Promising, 

plighting faith, appointing time and 

]ac\j^ mawd^z (plur. of <dacj^X 
Advices, exhortations, sennons. 

Juc\^ tnawd^df Promises. 

^\y< muwdjik, part. Consentingi 

agreeing, approving, conformable, con- 
sonant, congruous, apt, expedient. 
Prosperous, favourable, propitious. 

dAi\^ fMHWdfakat, Conformityi 

agreement, concordance, correspondence, 
consent, sympathy, unanimity, analogy. 

and h6\y<), Occurrences, con- 
tingencies. Accidents. 

i„^\yo mawdktb, Troops, soldiers, 
legions, armies. 

i'i]^ muwdldtf Friendship, love, 

LJ\yc mudlasatf The being per- 
fidious, unfaithful. 

lsi^y« mudlafat, The being accus- 
tomed, etc. 

^)\ye mmodfl (plur. of ^J^), Lords, 
** princes, judges. [ing« 

i>j^\yo mudfnarat, Consulting, advis- 

^jyj|^mt^m«, Familiar. See^j^^l 

Luj\yo mudnmaty Custom, famili- 
arity, society, intimacy, companionship. 

^\^ moMdni^ Impediments, 

c^i^ mawdhih, Gifts, Ditches. 

t^\yo mawdyd {-phxr. ^^jjU), Tables, 
especially covered with meats. 

Z^yc mawtf Death. 

mu-utn^ir^ part. Mercenary^ 

^j^y^ mU'Utamin, part. act. Trust- 

io|^^ to, confiding in, devolving one's 
a&iis to the management of another. 
Mu'ttfaman, j^. pass. A curator, any 
person trusted in whom one is safe and 

ijyc mawta\ Deceased, the dead. 

^yc mu-usir, part. Preferring, ohoos- 
ing. Estimating, thinking. 

^y< mawf, A wave, surge, billow. 

i^^'>-yo mnjih, part. Motive. An 

acceptor, receiver. t-^c>-j*«^-^ J.? 

Lmj\^\, A good action, worthy of 

a reward. c^LkJUIi..;^^^, 

Causing a diabetes. u^-^sf^^L, 
Without a cause. 

C^U^j^ mujtbdt (plor. fern, of 

u^^j^). Causes. 

«Xp-j^ mnjid, part. An author, 

js^yc mujir, Hiring, letting to &rm, 
renting. [tome. 

Js^yo muJM, A compendium, epi- 

%frj^ »»^V^> Painful (blow, etc.) 

f^js^yo mawfuh, Bendered neces- 

. eary. 

J^j^ mawjnd (plur. C^l J^^), 
Found. Present, existing, standing 
before. c^W^sf-j^ mawjadat. 

Creatures, existences, beings. Things 

4X>.j^ muwahhid, part. Professing 
that there is one (God), orthodox. 

^JL>^yc milhiih. Dismal, causing 
sadness, afflicting. 

(J^j^ mawhil, Thin day; or a 


«• »- 

^^yc mU'oihkhat, Taken, snatohed ; 

j^yo mu'dkhkhar (fern. 2r^j^)^ 
Posterior, consequent. 

3y« mtwadd, Loving greatly. 

(^J^ mU'Oddib, part. Chastiring, 

chiding. Teaching the belles lettres, 
educating well. An instructor, tdachar, 
preceptor. Inviting to an entertain- 
ment. i/M-oittiti^, n^. pass. W^-brei^ 
learned, polite, civil, modest, eonctipQUS. 

2fJ^ mawaddat, Priendship, loTe, 



ijJ^ mu-aiztn, part. The publie 

crier, who assemhles the people to prayers 
hy proclamation from a minaret or tower 
of a mosque. 

iji^yo muzi, Noxious, troublesome, 

importunate, vexatious, hurtfU, per- 

f^jyc murts, part. Making a person 
an heir. A cause, author. 

rJJ^ mtf-orrtiE^, or '^jy «m(- 

warrikhf Chronological, histonoaL 
^^^t^jy^^^j^,9 Some historians 

Cfjyo mawnd, A place whenoe one 

comes, or through which he paaes, 
access, entrance, passage, approacn. A 
station, quarters. A iSad to water. 

'^^jyo tnawrHs, Hereditary, pos- 
sessed by paternal succession. JU 

C^j^, Hereditary wealth, patri- 

jy tnaw%, rnOs, The banana, or 
plantain fruit. 

^Jyo muwaszt^, part. act. A divideri 

distrihutor. Jftfuwcsa^, part pa«. 

UVy^ fv^au^iln. Weighed. 


^^ye fnUss, A razop. 


^y« musikh, part Soiling* '^y 





mtHMtif A foondar. 


h^y^ maw9m,Timef season. Mutm, 

An Arabian (aai or market. 

f^y^yo mawsUm, Marked, signed, 
' - " to Mosei. 

ify^y^ MSLsawl, Mosaic, belonging 

f^y^ muwashshah, part. (fern. 

isf^yo\ Wearing anything, es- 

pedaHy obHquely, ae a scarf from the 
ahoiilder to the opposite side. 

Jupj^ miU%l, A carrier, bearer. 

jiusul, The name of a city and district 
i?hich joins Mesopotamia to Babylonia, 
flitaatea on the western. bank of the 
Tigris, opposite to the spot where 
, Kinereh was supposed to haye stood. 

i^yayc mawsuf, Praised, celebrated, 

commendable, laodable, endowed, quali- 
fied, described. 

^y^yc mawsUlf Joined, coupled, 
irriyed. Attained, collected. 

^^^yc mHii or ^^yc muwoBsl, 

part. Making a testament, bequeathing. 

^^yo muwassa*, Commanded, by 

last will, etc. A testator, etc. 

'f^yo mUdih, part. Explaining, 

mawda^ A place. 

9y^y* mawdu^ (fern, ix^yayc), 
^^laced, situated. Deposited. The subject 

(of a speech), an object. 9y^y< 
JjJly The object of science. 
'^yc mawta-a and ^y^t A foot- 
step, the print of a foot. A foot-stool. 
A sock or wrapper for the feet. 

^yo mawfin, A habitation, man* 
sion, place of residence, house. 

JX'yc maw^, A promise ; the time 
or place of a promise. [nition. 

i^Asj^ maw^zat, An advice, admo- 

J^yo maw^tul, Premised, predicted, 

j9yo muwaffaTf Luxuriant, plentiful, 

redundant, impossible to be collected. 
Abundant, copious. 

(J^yo muwaffik, part. Directing, 
prospering, seconding. 

j^yo mawf&r, Complete, perfect, 

entire, luxuriant, copious, fiill, numerous, 
many, abundant, plentifuL 

^yo mawfiyaty The city oi Medina. 

\j:^yo muwakkat, Fixed or restricted 

to a certain definite time. Muwakkity 
A person in the Muhammadan mosques, 
who obsenres the exact hour when the 
people are to be assembled to pra3rer8, 
and gives notice accordingly to the crier. 

Jij^ mawhidy A fire hearth, a grate. 

^yo mawka^, An accident, con- 
tingency, occurrence. A place where 
anything falls. 

immJ^yo mawknf, Left or bequeathed 

for pious uses, consecrated to God. A 
le^y, a bequest. Established, dete^- 
mm^ fixed, supported. Belonging or 
restricted to, denendent upon. Delayed, 
deferred, put on, suspended. 

f^^^yo mawkib or mawtah (plur. 
c^lj^), An army, forces, a 

large detachment, either of horse or fbot ; 
life-g[uards ; a large catalcade, riding 
especially on camels. 

d^yo mu-akkid, part. Confirming, 

strengthening, bindSng close, connecting. 
Redoubling, re-iteratine. 3itt-akkcS, 
Confirmed, corroborated; redoubled; 
efficacious, powerful, strong. 

J^yc muwakktl, part, mutoakkal, A 

guardian, a commissary, a superintend- 
ent, a yicegerent, a substitute. A deputy. 


"iye mawld or iy< mUUd, A judge, 

the magistrate of a large city. A lord ; 
and sometimes Omnipotence. 

^ya mawKd, Kativity. A natLve 


^y< miUa^ Wiahfal, deaionsy fond 
of, dedicated or addicted to, greedy. 

i^Slj^ miiUf or i^^yc, Bendering 
familiar, accustoming, nsmg, assodatiiig. 

Familiarized. ujU^ mu-aUif 

part. Making the number of 1000, having 
completed uiat nnmber. Joining two 
things together. Collecting together; 
composing a book. An author, an editor. 

fJL^\si^ fnu-aUafdtf Compositions, 

Jj^ mulim or Jyo mu-uUm, Melan- 
choly, making sad. MtUam or mu-tdamj 
Afflicted, distressed. [son. 

t^^yc mawlnd, 'Bom, generated. A 

u^^yo mawlawi, Judicial, belonging 

to a jnd^ or magistrate. Diyine, reli- 

S'ons, bdonging to God. A dervise, a 
uhammadan monk. 

tjye momlcHj Ood. Airings prince, 

sovereign, lord, master, judge, magistrate ; 
one who liberates. Piope. 

J^j^ nM-ammil, Hoping, giving 

^j^y^ mUmin, part. Believing, fsdth- 

fdl. ^j^^yii\j^\, The com- 
mander of the faithfuL 

i^y< tnuma^ (or ^\^yt), As- 
sented to. Aboye-mentioned. 
Lw«y« mUmiffd, A mummy. 

^yo munat, ^yo (or ^^yo), Pro- 
Tisions. [nate. 

^jujyc mttannas, Feminine^ effemi- 

^j*<uyo munis, A companion, an 
intimate Mend. 

ioMjyo mawnisat, A city in Meso- 
potamia. <Uj^f, I^ame of one 
near Thebes in -B^ypt. 

fj^yo mU'ul, J^j^ mu-awwtl, part. 

Bringing back, desiring to return (to a 
former station) ; reducing to first prin- 

fnawhih or Jub^ (phr. 

\yc), A present. 

L^^yo mawhub. Given, presentei 

(^y^ye muhum. Imagined, fancied, 

Jjyo mii-ayyid, part Confirming, 

increasing in strength, corroboratiiig, 

(^l^ muhdh, Awful, revered (man). 

Jblf« mahahat, Beverence, fear, 

yf>-lf« . mvhajir, A fugitive, one 
who abandons his country, especially on 
account of public calamity or pene- 

cution. ij^^^ muhdjarat. De- 
sertion, flight,* flying from country to 

i\cL^ muhdddt, Begaling one 
another, giving mutual presents. 

iUjl^ muhddanat, A truce, peao^. 
Making a peace or a cessation of arms. 

jl^ mthdr (and ij^^). Horse colts. 
5j\^ muhdrat. Subtlety, acuteness, 

genius, excellence. 

cl^lf^ mahdlih (plur. of SH^\ 

Dangerous places, perils, predmces, 
' deserts. [Serious anain. 

>»lf«c mahdmm (plur. of <Uf«)i 

k^^-^ mahabh, A breathing hole, a 

Vent. A place whence or whither the 
wind blows. 


_£sa^ muhtqft, part. Beproaching, 
" railing at or satirising one another. 

(^iX;^^ fnuhtadi, Directed, oon- 

" ducted, led (into the way of salvation). 
One who is guided on the road. 

Aif« muhtimm. Solicitous, anxious, 
being concerned (for another). Revolv- 
ing Anything great) in the mind. 

<LsT^ muhjat, Life, soul, spirit 
Blood, especially from the heart, 


ciples). J&plawing, interpreting, d«iAai.\jy^ mah^ur, Separated, cut 
""?•. Jnatitating, Erecting. \ \&iV.,«X»si^<5Sftfi^xftY'*'^'^^f^^ 



j^ •uiM(plar. J^), A oradloy a 

ooucli. t>f«J1^, From the 
eradle. [prayer). 

«Xf« muhadda, May Gk)d amend (in 

A^Jt^ mahdum, Destroyed, levelled 

"with the ground. (jmL^UjJ^^ 
Totally ruined. 

4^J^ mt4hda\ Offered, presented, 

j^ mahr, A marriage portion or 
fnft settled npon the wife before marriage. 
3fffAr, A horse colt. 

^l>-^ mOvrijdn or mahrajdn, The 
aatunmal equinox, the autumn. 

j1«^^ mtf^ ddr, The keeper of the 

JjlJ-fo maA«il^ (fern. Uj^f^c), 

Emaciated (especially with age). 
A 9^ makmm, Bonted, put to flight. 
J^ fnahal, Quiet, leisure, delay, 

oalm procedure, slow movement. 

^d^ ^Ir, ^M i»aAa2t%t,Leisurely, 

by degrees. lf«o mahlanf Fair 
and softly. 

11^ muUat, Delay, putting off, 
deferring, retarding, disappointing ex- 

\1^(^ maUak, A place of murder 

or slaughter. MuMik, part. Destroy- 
ing, kuling, leading to destruction; 

fatal, deadly, pernicious, i^l^ 
mahlakatf maMikatf mahlukat (plur. 

iJL^l^), A dangerous place, a 

desert, (as (lX\(^ maJdah), 

Af« muhimm (fem. <U^), Great, 
important, necessary, urgent, serious. 

U^ mahmdf As often as, so many 
times as. Wherefore, how. After which 

manner. ^^LclU^, In what- 
ever it may be possible, whenever it Can, 
as often as possible. 

CDliikfo muhimmdi (plur. fem. of 

ff^). Necessary things, matters 

of importance, provisions, necessaries for 
a journey, etc. 

iU^ muMmmaty An important 
affair, about which one grows anxious. 

U^ mihmM, Plur. J^lf« and 

J^l^, A spur. 

J^4^ muhmil, part. Negligent, 
careless, indolent, slothful. A letter with- 
out a diacritical point ; as J or j 

with respect to J or J, the first 

being called <d««i^ Jlj, the other 

jy^^ mahmUsi, Alif \ hamzaUd, i.e, 
marked with hamsa (^), which, in printed 

books, shews \ to be radical, not 


JL^ mahanat, Skilfulness in doing 
anything (especially adroitness as a ser- 
vant). Maknit, Serving. Service. 

^JOf^o muhandia (or JJo^), A 

geometrician, a miner, a maker of sub- 
terraneous aqueducts. 

^^^ muhannl, One who congra- 
tulates others. 

Jjl^ muhawtoil, Terrific, horrible. 

L^^^ mahwa\ A space between two 
mountains, or anything similar. 

\1^ muhayt/d, Disposed in order, 
prepared, arranged, ready. 

f^'^^fi^ muhlh, Formidable, awful, 
severe, grave, revered. 

^j^f;*^ muhaymin, (God) protecting, 
defending. An evidence. Muhayman^ 
Safe, secure, protected. ^j4..^^>o 
^V\, The most high God, 


iJ^ muhayf/l, One who arranges 

or prepares, See Ufo, Arranged, 

^jL^ nMjfddln, Plur. of ^^<Xmo. 
Camps, fields, plains. 

2rL^ miydh (plnr. of tc), Waters. 

j\^ mlhdr (or ^Lmo), A needle- 
case. A sting. 

cu-wo mai/t, Dead. A dead body. 

£u<o maytatf Oarrion. Jfd^^a^, 

Dead (woman). Mttat^ Death ; the 
manner of dying. 

^IImo mUahf A promise, agree- 
ment, bargain, compact, confederacy, 

alliance, league ; a testament. J^fc 

^ILmoj, Agreements, articles and 
conditions (of peace). 

^^Ju-o may dan (plur. ^^.i^Lo), An 
open field, an extensive plain. 

^4Xmo maytanat and ^jLc, See 

ijc^ and ItL^ya, A turret; a 

l^gh place, a minaret or tower on the 
Mnhammadan mosques, whence the 
crier summons the people to prayer. 

d^l^ mlrda, Heritage, succession, 

i^j^ mlri, Belonging to a prince, 

etc. The royal treasury. JLo 

LSju^^f The royal revenue. 

c-^lj^ ml%dh, A canal, aqueduct, 
spout, drain. 

Jij^ mlzdn (plur. ^Jij\yo), A 

balance. A pair of scales. The celestial 
sign Libra. Measure, metre, rhyme, 

verse, prosody. ^,U*^1^UJ, The 

tongue of the balance. f^]}t^\ij^ 

The eye of the balance ; i.e. The perpen- 
dicular bars between which the tongue 

^^^^ migar, A girdle, an apron. 

«mo muyoBHr, part. aet. See jamj^j. 

Muya$9ar^ part pass. Facilitated, i^- 
dered easy, fiivourable, happy. ^1 

yy^\^\xif May GK)d Almi^^ 

&TOur (him, etc.) 

ij***ii^ mayiorat, Opnlenoe, pros- 

perity. ifjMt^^^k^^A,^, lb the 
right and left. 

jy**^*o maf/anr, Facilitated, made 
easy, prosperous, going on sucoessftiUy. 

jIuuumo mUhdr, A saw. 

(^yj^ may ahum (or i^^^tMc), Un- 
fortunate, penrerse, disi^reeaUe, exe- 

jIamo ml^dd, The place or time 

of a promise. jU^t^ji, The 

day of promise. The resurrection. 

iju^ may^t (or ^Lo^ Storax, 


C^U^ mlkdtj A, stated time; a 
place appointed for a cwtain time or 

action. -.ik^lcz^U^, The place 

where the pilgrims assemble, and ficom 
which they proceed to perform the st^em- 
nities at the temple of Mecca. 

^^A^ maykan (fem. i:JL^), One 
who belieyes everything he hears. 

l^yL^c maykuz, Wakened, roused. 

Jmmo mayl, Inclination, affection, 
love, benevolence. 

J.^ mil (plur. (J^l and J^-^oX 

A mile (used generally for an English or 
Italian mile, though often for a German 
mile or French league). A mile-stone 
or direction-post. A surgeon's probe or 
tent. An instrument for anointing the 
eye with collyrium. 

SL^ mlldd, Ifativity, birth. 

ijLb^ mayaldn and ^j^ mVAfUlatt 
Inclination, affection, regard, respect. 


I ^ic^A^ maymanatf The right side or 


^ykyo wutymUnf Fortunate, l^appyi 

p iqterouB, aimut, auspicious. A ba- 
. XkohLj ape, monSey. 

ul^ m%nd (plur. ^;:»^)y A port, 

liareiiy harbour, an anchoring ground 
for ships. Enamel, enamelled. 

{jMy^ may-iUy Desperate. Any- 
thing despaired of. A desperate man. 

^^^u^i^ muyaykin (dimin. of Jiyo ), 
Almost certain of anything. 


^ nUn, The twenty-fifth letter of 

the Arabic alphabet. In arithmetic it 
expresses 50^ and in almanacks it de- 
ne^ tiie Conjunct aspect of the stars. 

U nd (when affixed to nouns is the 
possettriye pronoun), Our, ours; ^when 
annexed to verbs it is the personal pro- 
noun), us, to us. 

vj:^^\j ndbit (fern. <(:ulj), Growing, 
' germinating. 

tf^ ndMhy A barker. 

jjU nalfi^ Bursting out, overflow- 
ing (as a well or a rivulet) . 

^l) n&highat, A man of magnifi- 
cence or of high rank. Name of a poet. 

^^U n&jih^ Easy, expeditious, 
^quick (journey, etc.) Prosperous, suc- 

-sj-U ndjl (fem. <U>-l3), Escaping. 

^I^IIH a/nndhir&n and j^lT^ull, 

Two nerves or veins in the tiiroat or 
jaws. Two of the short ribs. 

^^>*(j nahl, Inclining,' tending to- 

^U^U ndhiyaty A country, territory, 
district ; a tract, coast, shore. 

j«X^lJ^U ndhhM a^aadar, Sin- 
cere, faithful. 

^jLi nddiff Singular, rare, un- 
common, excellent, precious «^l) 

289 (^0 

^^^Muk.t, Of uncommon beauty. 
eyjll^jl}, Happening rarely. 

ijS^ nddirat or nddvrah, An un- 
common things a rarity, a curiosity. An 
incomparable man, the phoenix of the 
a^c, rara avis. Strange, uncommon, 
oosolete (speech). An unexpected acci* 
dent, anything that surprises. 

/» jI) nddim, A penitent ; repenting. 

j\j ndr, Fire. 

fj^^j\j ndrjll, See (J^J^f A cocoa- 

^jj J;l3 ndrdln, Spikenard. 

J-jijU ndrffilf An Indian nut. The 
, fruit of the cocoa pakn ; cocoanut 

-^l) ndranjf An orange. ^^f^J^* 
Of an orange colour. 

^^ il) ndrly Fiery, full of fire. 

^jU ndrlyaty The state, nature or 
force of fire. 

(JlAsj^j ndzi^t, Stars. Bows. !N'ame 
of a chapter in the Alcoran. 

JjU ndzil, part. Descending. Dis- 
mounting, aUghting. 

(jmU ndSy Mankind. 

XyiiUSl Mindsat, Mecca. 

-tf^\j ndsij, part. A composer; 
making an oration. 

^U ndsikh, part. Abolishing, ob- 
literating, erasing, cancelling. A copier 
of a bocML. A tramsformer. 

CjiAj ndstk, Devoted to Gh)d or 
virtue. [manity. 

CL^yAj ndsHt, Human nature, hu- 

jamiU ndsur and j^u, A disease in 

the comer of the eye ; also one in the 
gums, and another in the podex, atteiided 
by a constant defluxion. 

j^l) ndsl, Forgetting, fotgetful, 



^. adff. Itfyfffiirp ujcUliig^ ic- 


•^^ ^^ir, D^TiT- ^^ ^. T^ ^HtHjer *•« 

- . . « *.-— ---i-*- *-— r l_CZSm JOB 3. 3K3L OC & OBKSL 

:?pcaDi5. ^er- ;ia« a place. AponB^aannc A 

aiiiMriB A 

spLeumza. BdsaBuiI joimar. .^^^ 
^«, D*Tiiih* xzxasiiiiuL '^ ** 

" ^^ .a 

^j^^j A raffrnnal *""'"^T man ^ ^ 

'» & v.rt*2c Mftiiiii* Mean. InmbfiBt ^e~ 

« ipeeen. ^ 

*-*--•- .or ^^\ OhCiinFng. AEilfciBg 

i^«J flas.Uy Sfiepjy dzo^vsTy fiacuiii, haML, nsaawiu esttoi. Sipotf 

kdiarzie. *" 'Oiiin. ^ — 

^U^E' iMmd^Him, Two stars ia ! ■^^'^ adjii, Giowisg, inueauBg ; 

^'J )itf ^^w, S^ft easy, onrraiieiit. ^"'^''^ f*^ 

* gwdit, tender, (feliatg. ; ^-.^c adAiJ. part. A piendttW. 

^U ad^ir, A T«n spurtmg out '■ c*^'-^ a«Att p«t- Braying (a» n 
blood, Bcitobe sta^i ; (or 9jf^^\^ \ x^^^^^^i^M^^w^km^^^^JiM^ 




i^U iidAif part. Prohibiting, lior- 

JL^U niMya>t^ An interdict, probifai- 
tion, anything forbidden. 

4^U nay, A reed, a pipe, a flute, a 

flageolet, a fife, military instrument of 
nraaic ; a reed fdayed upon by tbe 

w-^ u na-ih (plur. S-^lj^ ncmwdh^ 

A deputy. A lieutenant, viceroy, yice- 
gerent, substitute ; the deputy of a judge. 

^U ndihat (plur. c-^|y). An ac- 
cident, misfortune. 

4a^U ndyhat, Weeping, lamenting. 
A hired mourner. 

JjU ndytl, part. Arriving at, ob- 
taining, acquiring. 

mAj ndym (fern. ^13), part, keep- 
ing, slumbering. 

ll^Lj nahdt, An herb, a vegetable, 

grass. cl^IjUJ (plur.), Herbs, 

simples. Nabdt (or CdLJ^), 
fine sugar, white, candied, refined. 

iS3\j nahdtlyaty Vegetables. 

-.LJ nuhdhy See ^i. ..Uj nahhdJif 
A barker. 

JLj niia/, (plur. of J^}), Arrows, 

JUj nahhdl, One who has or 
makes arrows. [(nobility). 

ijb\jndbdhat,'BeiBg noble, renowned 

LS^ naht, Growing, germinating, 
sprouting (as herbage) ; vegetating, 
bringing forth. 

^ nahh, Barking. To bark. 

^J!ifj nahsh, Discovering or digging 
up what has been buried (as treasure, a 
dead body, etc.) 

^joJ nahd, Motion, the beating of 
an artery, the pulse. 

<iU^ nahdaty One pulsation. 

nab^, (Water) springing or 

bursting ftom a fbuntain, etc. 'U 
^iJ, Flowing or spring water. 

wJ nabghf Appearing, becoming 

manifest, divulging; sprin^g np, 
bursting forth ; going out against. Be- 
coming a good poet, though not natur- 
ally so. 

j;J nabdkf The lot tree. 

^Lj nabalat (fern. Jj), Excellent, 

skilful, ingenious. Nablaty One Arabian 
arrow. A Npresent, a gift. A thing of 
great moment. NMat, A reward, com- 
pensation. A moutlmil. Apparatus. 
Prepared, ready. 

ifjj nahoat and ij^lJ. The higher 

part of ground, iy^ ndbuwat, 

^-J nahl (fem. L-J, plur. L-^O, 

A prophet. ^\^-Jb, prophet 
of God. ^ 

d-w-J jJ-^-M^ hhdbU nabli, Wicked. 

M. ... 

juJ naildy Wine. 

J^ nahll, Excellent. Ingenious, 

skilful. Generous. Great. 
«^l:J nutdf and ii\::j, What falls 

when pulling out anything. 

iuUj naidnat, Smelling badly, 

^\sJ natdffij (plur. of lsf^\ Con- 
clusions, syllogisms, consequences, sub- 

yy natTf Drawing with vigour (a 
bow, etc.) Snatching, carrying off. 

jjloJ mUh, Pulling off (a thorn) 
with pincers, etc. 

t^Q.-; '} natf, Palling out (hairs, 

^ mtn, Smelling badly, a stink, 

^^Jjj natijat, The conclusion (of a 
^syllogism) ; the sum, substance, result. 

±j nasr, An oration, a prose com- 


IflT mafd or VaT, Efid^ing, being 
Hbented, set firee, or emandpsted. 

^ W* najdhat, Qeneroaij, nobleness. 
The being generous, liberal, bigli minded. 

i\ser naj-atf Liberation^ freedom^ 

^ W* nqjah. Happening fortunately. 
Good success. 

jlaT* noffdd, A maker of cushions 
and beds. 

j\sf^ nojjar, Jl carpenter. 

ij\ss^ nijdrat, The carpenter's art 

^U^Lair najdsat, The being dirty. 

4<&Uc^ nijdshat, The being quick, 


expeditious. ^WUI, The king 
of the Ethiopians. 

oLssrcLs--* shafd^ nafd^ Bold^ 


^Lar najjdm, An astronomer, an 

^sf^ nujahat, A noble generous man, 
a hero. The flower of a nation. See 

sT* nafad, Grief, anguish, stupidity, 

fjEitigoe, lassitude. An impediment in 
speech. Oyerconiing,conqnenng. Proving, 
making an experiment. Knowing, dii- 
ceming. High ground ; an open, patent, 
or hiffh road, especiaUy to higher ground ; 
the higher part of Arabia towards 

Babylon (the lower being ^l^). 
Carpets, cushions, pillows, couches, or 
such furniture. 

i^J^ nafdat and icXsfT, Fortitude, 
magnanimity, boldness. A battle. Afflic- 
tion, misfortime, calamity, terror. 

'jSfT nafaz, Performing (a promise). 

Finishing (business, an oration, etc.) ; 
being at the end of a journey, etc. 

/«*-ac^ ^M (fern, <U*£{r), Dirty, 
^tkjr,na8tj. JV<5f<w,Dirtine88,filth,duiig. 

iJoT mafl, A raoe, taaSij stock, 
progeny, a son; the yonng of aa aninfiL 

a star, a planet a ^.H ann/gjuMf 
The Pleiades; also the polar star. 

m^mat, I^ame of a plant or 

/^y^ nuf^m, Stars. /^^<K\\iS^, 
Astr o n omy . 

_/t^ssr nufum, Bdoogmg to flie 


i_ -'^ nafth, G^erousy eizceUent, 

noble, praiseworthy, honoorable. A hero. 
nqfid, Bold^ braye, strong. 

* \, The lion. 

fu^j l^ame of aplant or herb. 
ifUc^ nahdt, A side, tract, etc. See 

{jM\asr nuhds or nahds, Brass, melted 
brass or copper. 

_^l2^ nahdst, Brazen, copper. 

(lila^ mksf, Plur. of l^q^isj?. 

J^la^ nuhdfat, The being emaciated. 

(^^^^^ nahb, Crying ezcessiyelyi 
weeping aloud, howling. 

\j:^^sair naJd, Smoothing, planing, 
scraping anything to make it fit. 

jljs<^ n»Arir,Indu8trious, intelligent, 
skilful, knowing, expert, experienced. 

^j»*s^ nahSf A sinister aspect of the 
stars, a bad omen, misfortune. 

\as^ nuhafdy Plur. of \^Jujs^. 

Jfl^ naJdy Bees. 

tXs^ naUatf One bee. 

^js^ nahnu, "We. U-u*i3^flC* nahm 
nafnma, We, ourselves. 

\ isS^cxr nahnahat, Making a noiscf in 




yi^ndhnjo, Towards. ^^1, Grammar, 
itax, etymology, inflection, declension. 

riteral speech, according to the rules of 
grammar. As, like, about, towards, near. 

^^ kanahwa, According or agree- 
able to. 


{jMf^ nahns, Bad, ill, unfortanate. 

L^ys^ nuhiUaty A bad presage, an 

unhappy accident, misfortune. Unfor- 

i}js^ nuhuly The being emaciated, 

nahwl, Grammatical. 


nahih, Weeping excessively, 
crying aloud, howling, shrieking. 

^gj^ nahif, Lean, meagre, weak. 

closT nakhd^ The spinal marrow. 

l]\aer nukhdlat, Grain or anything 

sifted ; also what remains in the sieye ; 

nukhhat, Chosen, selected, 

nakhiry Worn, rubbed to pieces ; 
pierced (as a carious bone). 

Jar fMhhl, Sifting (meal). The 

ilssir nakUat, One palm-tree. 

i^ss^ nakhwat, Pride, haughtiness ; 
pomp, magnificence. 

J.Askr nakhll, Palm-trees. 

jj nod, A perfnme, composed of 
musk, ambergris, and the wood of aloes ; 
or simply of ambergris. 

\'Sj nidd, Calling to one, convoking, 

Proclaiming. A proclamation, a clamour. 
*o proclaim, announce, divulge, publish. 

^JcJt;..i^, The interjection of 
caUing, the rocatiye. 

i^\dj naddmat, Eepentance, con- 
tritipn, penitence. 

Sj\jj naddufai,Moi8tttre (of ground). 

c^ jJ nadhf Lamenting or mourning 

the dead ; making a funeral oration or 

<0 jJ nudbaf, A plaint, lamentation ; 
a funeral oration. 

uJjJ nadf, Beating or separating 
(cotton) with a large bow, which they 
beat with a kind of hammer. 

/%jj nadam. Repenting. Penitence. 

UtJj nttdamd, Companions. 

tjrjj nada\ Being moist, humid, 
"wet. Moisture, rain, wetness. 

^Jj nadlm, A pot companion, an 

' intimate friend, a privy counsellor, a 
confidant. A king's fool, jester, or 

jjj nazTf A vow, a promise made 

' to God ; a gift, anything offered or dedi- 
cated. To vow, to devote, to present, to 
dedicate to God. 

-^ JJ nazlr, A messenger of bad 
news. A prophet, a preacher (sent to 
terrify the wicked), an apostle, a legate. 

^jMb;«.>-^ nofy'ls, The narcissus. 
^ J^ nardin, IN'ard or spikenard. 
^\p nkd^, A dispute, contention, 

controversy, litigation, lawsuit. 
^\jj na%&katy Elegance, politeness. 

ft J3 na%a^ To remove, to carry off, 
to pull up, to tear out. 

L-ip na%ff Plowing fast (as blood or 
tears), being exhausted of blood. 

JjJ fM%l or nmly Descending, 


JLh} na%lat, One descent. Nudat, 

A descent or defluxion of humours, a 

Jjg^ WMztlZ, A descent, alighting. 

hb^ nazihat or na%hat, DelightM 

(country) . Nitzhaty Pleasure, delight, joy, 
cheerj^ilness. An ornament. 

b j3 nazif, Debilitated by loss ot 

294 l£J 

LmJ ni»d (plur. ^^^mJ), Woman, 

tbe female wz ; a lady, 
^wj na88dj\ A weaver. 

JLLuISl JSH nasdaat, Meoca. 

^Lj nasdttrat, Nestorians. 

J^LJ iMMd/a^y Chaff which flies off 
when winnowing* 

^^luJ, A she mannoset, etc. See 

ajImJ nofdymy^Plor. of a-mu3. 
wnmJ fMMo^, (Genealogy. 


4^uu3 nasahat, Proportion. Nuhat, 
Relation, respecting, regarding, attri- 
bute, reference. Affinity, connection. 

^Luyj nishaian, Belatively, in 
respect of, in regard to. 

^<iuu3 naahl, Belated to, of the blood. 

^r***^ nasf, Weaving (cloth.) Twisting 

^ nashh. Transcribing a book, 
copying. Obliterating, defacing, abro- 
gating (a law), repesdine (one oy an- 
other), annnlHng, rejecting, breaking, 

confuting. iVi«atA(plur.ofii***'), 

4sf^^ mulhai or nuBkhah, An 
exemplar, pototype, archetype, a copy 
or model wnence anything is taien. 

Ls^^t A mode of writing. 

jmj naar^ An eagle, a vulture. 

^\j^\j^\, The falling vulture. 

i.e. The lyre (another constellation}. 

yyuJl an fumr, An Arabian idol. 

(j^^ nasrl, Aquiline. 

fji,j***J na9rln, The narcissus. 

jjbM^ naatur t^j^^***J' Ifestorian 

fc— tt^ nasf, Winnowing (com). 

^JUJ netsak, Order, series, arrange* 
ment, connection ; style, manner ffi wtt^ 

ing. ^jM^] an nasale, The eon- 

stellation Orion. ^IamuJ^ an 

ntuakam, Two stars in the scales of 

clXuJ nask {XS^ or ^Lj), The 

bein^ religious, devout; yirtaous, de- 
dicating or sacnficing to God. 

JmJ nasi (plur. JLol),. 0£bpring, 

mrogeny, lineage, descendants, relation- 
ship, stock, race. 

jimj nasam, (Wind) blowing gently ; 

' breathing. 

<Uy>*J nasamat, The soul, spirit, 
the breath. [marmoset. 

^j^mUmJ nisnds, A kind of ape, a 
^^\yMJ n%8todn, Women, ladies. 

ij*Mj naswat, Neglecting or abandon- 
ing. NimDot, Women (the mngnlar in 

use is i\j^\f A woman). 
jy*ij ntuur, Plur.^^. 
^/jmJ niswlf Womanly, feminine. 

^jmj miff, Forgetting, neglecting, 

"omitting. A thing forgotten or un- 
worthy to be remembere<r 

^Imm) ikWd^eZnCdual of UuJ ). Natydn, 

Forgetful. Niayan^ Obliyion. Forget- 
fulness, neglect. 

c,-^*'»>> nasll, Belated to another. 

<lagUJ nasljat, A web, anything 

j^^ naslm, A gentle gale, the 
* zephyr, fragrant air* 

luD nashd, Starch. 

i^Mjjnashshdh, AxrowB. Nashhah, 
An arrow maker. 

j^luJ I^uhdhUr or jy\M*j Nuhdpikr^ 

One of the capitals of Khorassan. The 
word is said to imply the city of Shcipur. 

jjluJ noshadir, Sal ammoniac. 
\ i %VmJ nwhdrat. What is taken off 


^ImJ iMtfAs^y CheerfdlnessygladiieaB, 

joy, exultation, triumph, pleasure. 

i_*^— * nathdff Dryness in the month 
from extreme hunger. 

^luJ nishdn, A sign, signal, mark, 

character, seal, index, annotation. En- 
sign, flag, banner. A butt Tfor archers, 
etc) Family arms, armorial bearings. 

yv^bJ nashiar, A lancet. 

Jy&J nasM, Asking, enquiring, be- 
seeching for God's sake, saying (to any 
one), J eoi^ure you by God ! 

jiJ ttaahar, Spreading (a table, 

295 Uiu 

j^ nasr, Assistance, victory. 

.C, MkJ 

nashaf, Ground imbibing 
water, or the water so sucked up. Black, 
burnt looking pumice-stones. 

^jmmJ iMuA^,Odour, perfume. Smell- 
ing anything fragrant, snuflBlng up per- 

jmJ nu8huUf Increasing, rising, grow- 
ing up (as a boy, etc.) springing or 
^routing, being produced. A vegetiTe, 
• Tegetable. 

iXJyJ nashldf Verses which people 

. recite, especially alternately. 

isjJyj nashU, Brisk, cheerful. 

(^ nas8, The style or text of a 

LaJ ntsdh, The hilt (of a sword), 
or the handle (of a knife). 

Laj nasdhat (and <U»-Ua)), Ad- 
yising, giving counsel. 

i^Us} naB&ra\ Christians. 

^Ua3 nasdyih (plur. of i^i^aJ), 
Counsels, advices, admonitions. 

^^^) nasahf Fixing, planting, erect- 

. ing. To erect, establish; to declare, 
. appoint, constitute, instal ; to fix, plant ; 
to elevate, exalt, rear. 

^ fkish, Advising, giving counsel. 
UbT^ nusahd, Flur. of .^^. 

jai\^L>^^a^ NukhUi nataar, Nebu- 

^\jJI^\, The Christian religion^ 
Cbistianity. [Victory. 

ij^aj nu9rat, Assistance, defence. 

^j*^ iMMTf , Triumphal, victorious. 

L^Loj 9Mw/'(plur. ^^^^^\), The half, 
the middle part. •l^lcJ'id) «^, In 
the middle of the day; noon. 
JJJlcJ*^ (J, In the middle of the 

night. JJJli^iOJ, Midnight. 

^JuoJ nodht, The crown of the head. 

-.»^ noAu^ True, constant^ sincere. 

c,,..Mflj naslh, A part, a portion, 
chance, lot; good fortune; fote, destiny. 

^jiii^ NaAbli Nisibis in Mesopo- 
tamia. [A monitor. 

-isiuaj noith (plur. U*^), Faithftil. 
L^Uai noAhatf Counsel, advice, 

exhortation, admonition; a sermon; an 
advertisement, precaution. 

yA>aj nasir, An assistant, a defender. 

-.Ik) nattdh, Butting or striking 
with the horns (as a ram). 

J^ nath, Butting with the horns. 
^•Jai mtrUn, Nitre. Natron. 
XftkJ nutfaty Sperma hominis. 

^jbilalU, The two seas, as the 

Eastern and the Western, the Mediter- 
ranean and the Red Sea, the Persian 
Gulph, and the Sea of China. 

jlai mttk, Speaking well, eloquent. 

:tfutk, A word, articulation, speech, pro- 

jUo} nusadr, Spectators. 
ijiaj nazdrat, Inspection, super- 



ij^ noBBdrat or nassdrah,Spectatars 

^Ua} nasdfaty The being dean. 
Cleanness. Neatneas, parity. 

fXaJ nizdm, Order, disposition^ 
arrangement. Composition of Terses. 
A custom, habit, mode, way of life, 
institution, the ri^ht wa^, a right line. 
A fonndation, basu, constitntion. 

^^ lunar, The sight, Tision, look. 

To look at, behold, see, gaze npon, to 
turn the eyes or the mind towards (any 
object), to attend to ; to consider, weigh, 
rate, Talae. 

ijaj nassrat, One look. 

Jaj nmniy See ^^UsJ. Order, 

arrangement. A string of peaik. 
Poetry, yerse. 

j^ nazlr, Alike, resembling, equal 

to (another). ^^iJLJlaJ, Looking 
towards or opposite to a thing. 
v_»-^» malf, Pore, dean. 

ijJju nu^s, Having a propensity 
to sleep, somnolent, lethargic. 

Asu na^dm and iLtUj, The ostrich. 

ajUI31 a'nna^yimf The twentieth 

mansion of the moon, being eig^t stars 
in a circular position, of which four are 

called Sjj\*A\ ; the other four 

LZ.^tj na^, An epithet, a descrip- 
tion. An adjectiTe noun. Praise, an 
enlogiom, encomiom. Nd^unnabT, 

The praise of the Prophet (which, after 
the praises of God, is inscribed at the 
1>eginning of many books ; a species of 
inTocation). [somnolency. 

^jyyjO na^8, Sleeping, slnmbering, 
<Uj(3 na^at, One sleep or slomber. 

^^!m na^hy A bier, a coffin, with a 

dead body. 

^Jjc) na^, A horse-shoe ; a shoe, a 

slipper, or anphiDg which defends the \ 
feet of mau or boMt, a woman's biukin. \ 

M fuuam, Tea, thus, it is bo, very 
* wen. 

\aju na^md and ^^4ju (the same as 
Aaju, or the plnr.), Benefits, etc. 

ijUjc jLc^tX4^\, Praise be U> 
God for his benefits. 
\aju na^mmdf Hail ! O ezoelkfit ! 
ni^ftmdt, Plnr. of ^Uw 

^Uju nu^mdny Name of the Idi^ 
of Hyca in Arabia, espedaUy of the 

last. ^LucJf j;j^lL2», The anem- 


<Uju na^mat, Ck>nyenience, ease, 

affluence, wealth. Jfi^mai, Ghracioni- 
ness, beneficence, a ben^t, 

«jju nozMO^ (or ^Uju)y Mant^ 

^U^ nu^t, Encomioms, praises. 

AjJIjJ^ na^yisu JnUaih, Let ns fly 
to God (from anything wicked) ! 

mm talika, God preser?e us firom that! 

furftim hiUakimmifsk shmftanCrrtyim^ 
God defend us firom Satan the accursed ! 
(which is often made to riiyme with 

rakmanffr rmhlm. In the name of God 
the gracions the mercifnl. «iyu 

mm shururi anfusinay May God protect 
us against the wickedness of our own 

j^^ na^m (or <Umju), Ease, quiet, 

tranqniUity, pleasure, affluence, anything 
good which we enjoy. 

Ju nagham or naghmy (Beading or 

nofihnu^tf A soft sweet voioe. A musicfd 
sound or tone. Melody, song, modu- 
lation, a trill or shake. 

j[ij mfs&, Penetration. 

iLrflii nafdsat, The being precious, 

LU} naffdt, or LU3, Naptha, bi- 
tumen, or a place where it is found in 
gpEiest plenty. 

^\aj nifd^y or hdj naf^t, Emolu- 
ment, utility, advantage, profit. 
ftU3 naffd^ XJsefiil, one who does 

jU; naf&h, The being saleable 
(goods). The bein^ brisk (market). 
Mfak, Hypocrisy, famcy, felsi^. 

^^U) nafdifis, Precious things. 

^ nafhf Breathing or diflftising 

odour. To scatter perfume, to smell de- 
lightfully. To blow (as the wind). 

^is^ nafhaty One blast or breath of 

wind ; a fragrant gale, perfume. Repu- 
tation, good fame. 

*J^ nafakh, Blowing (with the 

mouthy ; sounding (a horn). Inspiring, 
breathing into. Swelling. 

jJu nafaz, Penetrating, peryading, 

piercing quite through. The penetrating 
power. * 

Jij nafar, One person, especially of 
the common people, a common soldier. 

i^ ff0^r<;^^, Flight, terror. Abomi- 
nation, aversion. 

{jt»»Aj nafas (plur. ^jjwlij!). The 

breath, respiration, (j^i^lj^, 
The asthma, a difficulty of respiration. 
j^/«jju^l, The last breath. 
^jjJu nafs (fem. plur. ^j*Ju\ and 

^^), The soul, the spirit, self; 

the^ body, blood, flesh ; a person, an in- 
dividual, substance, essence. 

, UuAJ n^8d, A woman in labour. 
^Amaa} nqfsdnJ, Luxurious, carnal. 



fjoij nafad, Shaking (a tree or a 


kfti nafi, Naptha, bitumen, liquid 

^6 naf^ or nafa^. Gain, profit^ 

advantage, utility. 

dJJu nafakat, The necessary expenses 
for living. Stipend, salary. 

Jyu nafu%, Penetrating, piercing 

jy6 nafor, Abhorringi nauseatingi 


ijMyu nufusj^ Plur. of ^jtJij nafa. 

^^ nafl, Prohibition, proscription. 

"To prohibit, interdict, proscribe. To 
reject, to refuse, to repulse. 

jJu naflr, A body of men, especially 

from three to ten. AcjJo, A 

general risine or expedition ; the pnb- 
Hshing of the arri^re ban, a geneial 
summons of the nobility to appear in 
arms with thek troops. 

jJu nafir, A kind of musical in- 
strument, a brazen trumpet. JJ? 
ji^^, Drums and trumpets. 

^jMb^ na/U (fem. <Uu^ ), A precious 

or wished-for object, what one reeeives 
with a short-breathing eagerness. Great 
riches. Precious, dehcate, exquisite. 

(..^U} nikdb, A Toil. 

^U) nakdhaf, Being a chief, magis- 
trate, or leader of the people. The 
tribunitial or magisterial mgnity. 

i!j\AJ naMrah, A kettle-drum. 

^\Aj nakkdshf A paints, sculptor, 
embroiderer, gilder of books, etc. 

^liu niidsAat, The art of paintings 


ifjliu nakdwaty Purity. 

c^^ nakly Digging through a wall. 

La3 nufcoba^^Ys^. ^i 



jju naUf Beadj monej, prompt 

v^ J^ ndkdl^ Beady (money), be- 
longing to ready money. 

lyj nahrai. One smack with the 

fingerty etc. 

^jibA) »ai»h, Painting, embroidery, 

a picture, drawing. To paist, to em- 
broider, either plain or in ooloors. 
Kak»kj Canring, engraying. 

^^^ nakt (and ^LsajX defect, de- 
■ flciency, diwimrtioii, detiimeiit, injiny. 

Less. iOlLt (Su^^ ^ulc J>:»> J, 

There is a defect in his nndentanding. 
Noksan, Lofls. 

^^^ nakd, Dissolution, violation, 

mptore. ^jcAJ, To demolish, dis- 
' lolre, nado, untwitt. 
laA) fMkt, Marking (a consonant, a 

book, etc.) with points. ^lLsJ 
muktaty A point, a spot, a stain. A yowel. 

^daiLj^aAi, From point to point, 

^&3 nah^ Steeping in water, putting 
anything medicinal into it. 

L^oil) nahfj Striking violently. 

f^/ij naklf History, narrative, rela- 
tion, report, account, tale, story. A copy. 
CompUmg^ narratiyes. Transportation, 
transplanting; translation (nrom one 

language to another). Jij, To 
carry firom one place to another ; to 
translate, to relate, to mend, etc. Nukl 
or nukul, Anything giyen at entertain- 
ments along with wine, as fruits, sweet- 

^AJiJ nihmat or ndkmat, Punishment, 
' reyenge. Maleyolenoe, hatred. A dis- 
temper. Vehemence. Hardness, seyerity. 

(,)^ nukfJid (plnr. of J^), Sums of 
ready money. [tures, etc. 

j^yLi nukiUh (plur. of \Jis6), Pic- 

^jAj naka^f Anything dissolved in 

wAter, t0 nuJu medieinea, drink, ete. 

^J^ natt. Clean, pure, exoeOent, 

** exquisite, chaste. 

i^^J'f nal^ (plnr. La>), L AM, 
a leader. 

<UAJ noj^o^, A word. 

fjoM ikdtu, Defective, deficient, 
iSuilty, yidous. 

^joM nakldy Destroyii^ a woik, 

demolishing a building. Gontniy, 
adyerse, imndcaL An enemy. 

l^»h noMdat, A competition be- 
tween two poets, when one repeats a fine 
or lines, to which the other makes tn 
extempcmiry reply. 

^IC nikdh, Matrimony, maniage. 

Oongressus yenereus. 

JIC ndkalf An exemplary punish- 

ment, a diastisement ; a preventiye, re- 
straint. Troubles, distresses. 

LyXf nakahf The being afflicted, 

unfortunate. Haying a pain in the 
shoulders. Limpii^, haltmg. NM^ 
Inverting. Throwinj? down or away, 
breaking. ^Hurtinff tae foot, hayii^ a 
stone sticking in the hoof, and limpmg. 

(or <LJL)), Affliction, adverse 


JLC nakhat (plur. i\Sj ), Adversity, 

calamity, misfortune, affliction. Igno- 
miny, contempt. 

hL) nuktaty A subtile or quaint 

conceit, a nice or metaphysical distinc- 
tion, a mystical signification. A point. 
An impression made with the tip of the 
finger, or with a stick on the ground. 

d S'} naks, Breaking an agreement 

iaC nakd, Miserable, avaricious. 

Nakady Leading a wretched miserable 

ili nakoTy Not knowing or acknow- 
ledging (another), denying, reprobating, 
rejecting, repudiating. 

. S ij nakiraty Undetermined, unre- 




^ Driying awaji beating 
epulsing, trampling upon. Sting- 
th the nose (a serpent which has 
ntly no mouth ; hiting heing ex- 
id by (Julai). (A well) 
, Fixing the sharp point of any- 
ji the ground. 

nakas (for ^^\i), Poor, 

ed. Jfakty Inclining downward, 
ng, placing topsj turry. Beading 
&ra (especially a chaptw of the 

hnr, Denying. Seo^^Cj. 

Mr, Eepudiatingi reprobat- 
Hatefol, detestable, odious, dia- 
hle. Changed for worse. Any- 

spoilt, fallen to decay. One of 
igels supposed by the Mahometans 
tne departed in the tomb. 

Z^\3 ZdtinaUf, Name of a 

n Arabia. 

m, Oalainniating, publishing 
lyings or actions of others) in order 
ate animosities ; to tell or pro- 
i falsehoods. Diffusing odours, 
ag of musk. A calumniator, a 
)nng slanderer. 

%a (or Uj^ytJ), Growing, in- 
ig. [niator. 

mmmds, See /%UJ . A calum- 

ammdm, A calumniator, an 
r, a whisperer. 

•amdyinhy Flur. of ^U^^^^J . 

w. Tiger, leopard. 

Jfamrud, Nimrod. 

Nams, The Ichneumon or 
ian mouse, which kills the crocodile 
aping down his throat. 

namash, The being marked 
>oints of different colours. A skin 
ing so marked (with the leprosy, 
lew, freckles, etc.) The lines in 
ngs, engravings, etc. 

mat, A mode, a manner. 
iml (plur.) Ants. 
amlat, One ant. 

yk> namw, Growing, increasing* 
Becoming full or deep ecdonred (espeeially 
black or red). 

^^^ namt/ or naml, Growing, etc. 
A^ namlm, Galumniatorcu 

<Uw^ namifnat, Detraction^ slander ; 

whispering in the ear. The sound of a 
pen when writing. 

lJ\Jj nuwwdh (plur. of c^U), 
Vioegerents, Heutenants, gOTenum. 

^|y nawdbi^ Places of the body 

whence perspiration flowi (espedally of 

i\y naufdt, One date stone. 

^\y nuwdh, Complaining; a com* 

i^\jfj' naw^dhat, A hired female 

j^>-|y TumdM (plur. of ^U>.U), 
" Territories. [things. 

jj\y nawddir (plur. of ijCi\ji\ Bare 

My) ruMJOdtil (plur. of ^j^)r Mis- 

j^\y nmodshir (plur. of SJ^\j), 
Veins, etc. 

\y nawdsMffh, Channels through 
which streams run down to a valley. 

\^ nuwdsib, The enemies of 

the Khalif Ali, son of Abu Talib, 

JJly nawdfil (plur. of iiili), 

Spontaneous acto of deyotion not pre- 
scribed by law! 

Jily nawdhU (plur. iJJiU), Thfii 

vicissitudes of fortune. Going from 
country to country. Tribute, -lAich is 
carried from city to city. 

\ji*^\yi nawdMs (plur, of (jMi^U)^ 
Bells, etc. 

Jly nawdl, A presenl^ gift, benefit. 

Fortune, lot, portion. A mode, dimen- 
sion, measure, any given wei^t\ -^t^t 




anything that on^^t to be performed. 

Mj^J*i3^\LLi3\y, It is your 

daty; you ought to dd tliat. ^^^ 

J^^MjJb, That is not right or 


i*Uj nuwdm. Drowsiness. a^J/j 
nuufwdm (and aUo), Plnr. of 

^jdub^ly nawdmU, Plnr. of ij^y\j. 

(JjtSy nawdhH, Plur. of Jjbli* 

f Camek) satisfying their thirst at one 

_ibly nawdhi, Prohibitions^ things 
" forbidden by law. 

c-^^y nawdyib (plur. of i^U), 

Accidents, revolutions of fortone, ad- 

-<;U3 nawdyihf Plur. of ^^sktU . 

djy nuhat, A period, a time, turn ; 

revolution ; anything done periodically ; 
a guard wlueh is relieved ; keeping watch, 
relieving guard. A sentinel^ a watch- 
man. A crowd of people. A circuit. 
An occasion, an opportunity. An ac- 
cident. Nubia, part of Ethiopia. 

<oy fimatan, Alternately, suc- 
cessively. NawbiUy music. 

^yi Null, One native of Nubia. 

(Jy ntmtl (plur. ciV)' ^ seaman. 

^y rumh, Lamenting, complaining, 
moaning. A plaint, a moan. Bhyme, 

a rythmical oration. (pL<Ea<lJ), 
Female mourners. 

-y Nuhf Noah, -p nntvah, See 

iU^y nawhaty Lamentation, crying 
over the ted (as female mourners). 

(JL:\s>^y) nawhdtf Plur. of ^y. 
jy nur, Light, the rays^ of light, 
splendour, ^^UjJfJy, Light of the 

(J\^y nupdnH, Serene, b'ght^ detfu 

jyjy now r6% or nd roz, The tot 
day of the year. (Persian). 

fMjy nurayn (dual obliqne of jy), 

Both the lights, t.^., sun and moon ; ibo 

the eyes. 

jOLiy ndshddir, Sal axnmomio 
(ns^ in tinning vess^ and soldmng). 

^^^^y or Ji^ji^y MshSmOn, 

Sweetly flowing, the name of a kiagcf 
Persia, in whose reign Mahomet WM 
born in 67S, 

^y naw^ (plur. ^|y^)> A species, 

kind sort. ^j^J^j^y, Species and 

genus. Us^-cy, A kind of vexa- 

tion, anything perplexing. Uy 
nawan, Somewhat, in some manner. 

^y naw^, Constituting a species, 

(^y now/, Hanging oyer, appeax* 

ing above, eminent. 

yy nufar or naufar, The water lily, 

Ji^ nawfaly The sea. A munificent 

man. A present, a handsome youth. The 
name of a man. 

^^J^yi n(i^/a%a^, A kind of woollen 
veil worn by the Arabian women. 

Jy na/wl, "Weaving-loom. 

ily nawlaty One largesse or gift 

Anything, somewhat. aJjDI, The 
area of the temple of Mecca, wat iHiidi 

surrounds (^j^\ or the sacred 

enclosure, see <OlJ. N'&laif Any- 
thing obtained. 

^jSy nawluny Freight, 
^y nawm, Sleep, slumber. 

iUy numat, Careless, sleeping away 
. . «n. o^i^ortauity. Nuwafnmty Somnolent^ 




M^^ fMilm, Somnolent, sleeping 


hbji nmohaij As much as one eats 

M\ once, a meal ; an allowance to ser- 
yants, etc. 

fCy nawa*, Intention, purpose. 
' fiee iSj'. 

c-j\|3 nihah (pi. of i-^), Spoils, 

Nahhabi A pltmderer. 
jl|3 naAdr, The day. The division 

light, a bright or serene day. aJ 
1^1^^, By night and day. 

Sj\^ nihdyat, The end, extremity, 
term, goal, bonndary, bntt Exoeea. 

^^l^4jj. He hit the mark, he 

gained his end. ^^HWl^, The 

end of the matter, finally, upon the 
whole, to conclude. 

x__(^ nahb, Rapine, plunder, spoil. 

To plunder and carry off. 
j^ nahr (plur. j^\ and jl^^), A 

riyer, a stream. aLUI^, The 

river Tigris. [a river. 

^J^ nahrl, Fluviatic, belonging to 

iU) nahsMt, An occasion. See ^^, 

fjc^ nahdf Bising np. 
jp^J nahah, The braying of an ass. 
The wild herb rocket. Name of a bird. 
J^ nahuww, Prohibiting, forbidding. 

J^ nuhad, The breasts of a girL 

^ nahif (plur. ^ nuhl), Fro- 

** " ___ 

hibition, an interdict. ^, To 

prohibit, forbid. 

L__-|f nahlh and ^^^t Plonderingi 
specially infidels. Any kind of spoil. 

iu^ nuhyai, An interdict, a pio- 
hihition; anything forbidden. 

^j^ nahlk, The braying of an ass. 

^ nayy, Meat raw. 

iiLj niydhat, A torn, period, etc. 
Avicegerency, lieutenancy. Deputyship. 

^Lj niydhat, Weeping, lamenting. 
Lamentation, a complaint, a moan. 

jLJ nif/dk, or iZj\j\j (plur ofij\j), 

^, ^ ,3 things" 

/%L3 niydm, Sleeping. Plur. of J\i 

iSj niyat, Intention, purpose, de- 
sign, resolution, will ; the object or end 
of deliberation. 

j^ nlr, A yoke for coupling oxen. 
The woof of a web. 

jjI^ nlrdn, Fires, flames. 

^ Ju nayyirayn (dual oblique of 

^), Both the luminaries, the sun 
and moon. 
^UuJ nlBdrhy A Syrian month cor- 
responding to April. d^l^ 

^LuJ, Drops of spring rain, 

which they belie?e to produce pearls if 
they fedl into shells, and venom if they 
drop upon serpents. 

nayf^ or u-ajo. Excess, sur- 
plus, redundancy. Some (from three to 
ten). Excellence, goodness, beneficence. 

JyJ nayly Obtaining, acquiring. 
Whatever one acquires, ^b obtain, to 
arrive at. To give, to bestow.^ 

JJ mi. The river Nile. A blue 
colour, indigo. ▼ 



J waWf The twenty-sixth letter of 
the Arabic alphabet. In arithmetic it 
denotes 6, ana in the Ephemerides it is 
the character for Friday and the sign 

J. u?a, in constraction, has generally 
the power of— And, too, also ; with, by. 

AiuJtj and Uj^\^, And may there 

be health, then farewell (a formnla of 
• salutation put sometimes at the end of 

letters). Dl^, But, besides, etc. 

•SeeJl aiHj,ByGod. (^\^\j, 

By the great God. J-* iL^lj, Upon 

the whole. See J-^U-. ^*/^^> 

But. See jii. N.B. In most 

instances ^, as a conjunction, may 
be construed by and. 

^\^ wdsikf Confiding, secure, de- 
pending upon. Firm, solid. 

U^-'^sj-lj iPdjib (plur. fern, c:.>L5>-\^), 
Necessary, expedient, proper, worthy, 

convenient. Fit, right,due. 


cLjfSl, Worthy to be obeyed. 
, Jb:L«51cjp^lj, Necessary to be 

performed. H^J^^T'^^Jf ^®' 

serving to be honoured or obeyed. 

. jla:Jtc^*^1^, Eespectable, worthy 

of regard. Ji5!lc---^1j,Deserving 
death, c^^^cj-^jlb, Necessarily, de- 
servedly. Cl^Lsj-l^, . Necessary 
things, whaterer is proper, expedient, or 

. requisite to be done. oLf»-\^f ^f 
^jJI, The most necessary ox 

302 j^\j 

^\^ ffi&jH An inventor, one who 


Jk^l^ wdhid (fern. i,>i^\j). One, 
sole. ^^j^\^\i\^\i^, One or ano- 
ther, one or two. iXcfc-ljSl^t j:;^, 

Almost every one. *^'^^^^^yi^f 
In one and the same place, in one pkoe, 
in some place. «X>-ljJuiij«\».tj, 

One after another. 4X».|^J^, Every 

one. ^ JJuiA*-^, The phoBniz of 

bis age, incon^)arable. ^Oo^l;^ 

lju>-t^, One by one, separately, 

singly. . 
cj\j wddi^ Leaving, letting alone. 

v^jlj wadlf A valley, any low- 
lying ground. 

cijjlj warn (pi. ^\j), An heir. 

tij\^ tpdrid, part. Coming, arriving, 
approaching, joining. 

f^j\j wd%in, (Money) of just weight. 

^\^ wdsit (fem. xIxm)!^), The middle. 
A. mediator. A bride-man, a marriage 

broker, a maker of matches. ZJau4|« 
wdtitatj The middle or laigest pearl, 
jewel, or bead in a necklace, bracelet, 
etc. Anything intermediate. A female 
mediator ; a bridemaid. The motiye, 
cause, occasion. 

^\j tpdst^ Ample, large, capacious, 

spacious. J^l^fj, Of enlarged 


^-^Ij todshl (fem. ^^\j), A whis- 
perer, slanderer, an informer. 

L,Aff\^ fcditf, A ptaiser, a describer. 

Jm^I^ icdsil, part. Joined, connected, 

-coupled. Arriyed, met. Who jdas, 
meets, arrives. 

1* icdsif Contiguous, uninter- 

*Ui^JU/, The most necessary ox\v^.? '"^"•' ..v^^g^^,,^, «x^vex 
important pointa roIatiTe to religion. \ rxx^^fi^. ^J^ v^ y hsi^wew^V*,^. 




^j wOdik (fbm. plur. iZj\s^\^\ 
^Evident^ manifest, dear, undoabted. 

iaef^Sji^, An evident proof, an 

• undeniable argument, culfi^lj, 
Evidenoes, things incontroTertible. 
w^l^ fffddi^ part. Placing, establish- 
. ing. One who establishes. %^\^ 

^yUJl (or (juy$^\^\y), A 
. legislator. 
Jl£]j iffd^d(iem, itXc\j), Promising. 

^\j iffd^, A preacher, a monitor. 

Juclj wd^at, (A woman) retaining 
anything by memory. Attentiye. 

f^]^ tpdfir, Abundant, plentiful, 
copious; much, many; rich, opulent. 

\ji\j wdfiran, Suficiently, enough, 
yiljll, A species of verse. 

i^\j icdft (fern. ^\y), Sincere, 

honourable, faithful to promises or en- 
eaeements. Complete, pei^Bct, entire, 
nifi (weight). Plentiful, copious, numer- 
ous, many. 

^Ij ufdhi^f Falling ; befalling, hap- 
. ptening, arming, occurring, intervening, 

Jlk^1«jU, The state of the case, 
^^ ^ 

- the thing as it happened. USlj, 

In fact, really, happening thus. 

> ^fj, Necessary. 0*l^t^MJl,The 
falling yulture, t.^.,' The consteUaiion of 


the Lyre, ^t^l, A transitive verb 
in the Kufic dialect. 

djij\j tp&ki^t, An accident, a mis- 
fortune. A battle, encounter, conflict 

lzj\m\^ wdki^tj Accidents, events. 

\^\^ wdhify Standing, stopping, 

remaining, staying. Expert, skilful, 
learned, intelligent, yersea in, experi- 
enced. A testator, one who leaves any- 
thing by last will. 

V\^ ioa ittd, But, yet, still, however, 
nevertheless, notwithstanding ; unless. 
If not, otherwise. 

Jufflk^fj w*Mdsil, Upon the whole. 
jJlj iffdUd, A father ^IjJIj and 
^jlji\j , Parents. 

i*ii\jiffdlidat,A.moiket. ^UaUU jJlj 
The queen mother. 

iltj fo'aUahi, By God. ji^\^\j 

fjti^^f ^y ^^ favour and assist- 
ance of Qod (placed after the exordium 
or pefaoe of a book ; as praying for 
Divme aid in finishing the work). 

^Ij iffdli, A prince, a governor of 
a province. 

^^f^ wdwof^ld, An exclamation, loud 

cry, lamentation, moan. 

s\^ wdh or libl^ (an inteijection of 
admiration), 01 wonderful! exceUent! 

^U^lU^ljblj wdhd kJiu md atya- 

bahu^ how excellent it is! (also an 
inter), of pain). Oh ! alas ! 

Ij wdhib and <UJ5l^, A giver, 
one who bestows. Liberal, generous, 

munificent. J^jIlc^^Jb^j, The 

giver of existence ; J t«Dt c^^^tj, 

The grantor of desires; and 

Cjlp-lLlu-^Jbl^, The bestower 
of necessaries, t.d. God. 

Aib\^ todhim, Thinking, imagining, 
being of opinion. 

_j^\j wdhl (fern, i^]^), Easily 

loosed, dissolved, or broken. 

Uj waba, The plague, pestilence, or 

any epidemical disease. 

J^ iffobar, The hair or wool of camels, 
goats, hares, or other animals of a soft 

kind. jjj^\Jjb\, The Nomades, 


tents of goafs hair, in contradistinction 

tojJyii\f^\f The Arabians who 

dwell in towns). 

J^j iffiUad, A pile or stake driven 

into the ground. 

Jj taatar (plur. j^^^)f The string of 
a bow, harp, etc., also a string by which 

^l}^ msdk, A rope for tying ani- 
mals. A ligature, chain, rope, or any 

(jl^j wasaytky Plor. of i^^y 
CI^Ljj wasdb&t, Assaults^ irruptions. 

^^ wasan, An idoL t^^}* -^ 

idolater, a pagan, 
^y^ wasui, Confidence^ dependence 

ju!|^ wasli, Yina, solid, constant. 

(j^j*i^, A firm confederacy. 

LLjj^i^, The decree of a judge. 

LoJj waslkaf, Confidence, faith. A 

confederacy, compact, treaty, promise, 
engagement. A letter, writing, obli- 

j^^ umjd or wafd, Discovering, 

procuring, finding, recovering (anything 
lost or searched for). Being transported 
in an ecstacy of loye. Ecstacy, exces- 
siye love. 

«^j toqfac. Disease, pain, affliction. 

Complaint, mourning. ^T^ 

fJ^\sL4\\, The rheumatism. . 

J^^ tpofl, Fear, terror, appre- 

i:^^ wajnat (plur. d^lisj-j), A 

c-jus^j umfuh, Necessity^ obligation, 

4^^ tat^iid, Invention. Existence, 

mhttanoey essence. 

i^^ wajh or wttfah (plur. ^^yif 

The face, Yisage, aspect, coimtfiMiMf, 
effigies, presence, i^pearance, aha^ aeBi* 
blance, sor&ce, the mmt or antenor part 
of anything. A moda, nuuuier, iwaoB, 

ratio, method. j^d^l:>'^\\s>, 

According to the mode. ^ \^j 

^^yi, In no shape. '^^^» Tba 
;chie£3 (of a country, dty, society}. 

i[^^^J^^, In every abape^ 
entirely, every way. 

j-^^ wqjlz, Epitomised, h^^f^t 
A short nervous discourse. 

^^^ toajl^ Pained, bearing pain, 

A*5>-j wqflh, Of a noble presence, 
respectable, dignified (man). 

aU^j toahdm, The longing of a 
pregnant woman for any partienlar food. 

«^^ wahad or toahid, Sole, alone, 
separated, unique, incomparable. 
CiJ^CL-ol anta wahduia. Thou 
alone, ^r^x^^yb hu wahduhu, He 
only. iJi»^j^\ lahd wahduhuy To 
him singly. ^J^^ hum wah- 
duhum, To them only. 

^iJ^ iffahd&ntyat, Unity, singu- 

if«X».j wahdat, Being single, alone, 
or solitary. Unity. A solitude. 

{Ju-^^ tpahsh (plur. ^^j)> A wild 
beast, a fierce, untamed animaL 

>j wahshat, Fear, dread^ terror, 

horror. Wildness, fierceness. Sadness, 


^y^^^ washl (fem. <Ut*-xwj), T^d 

(man or beast). Fierce, savage, rude^ 
untractable, uncivil. One wild beast or 

(J>>^ vHxikal^ Black tough clay; a 

^j».j trnJOLth, "Wild beosb. Ba- 

U»-* woly, KevelatioDf anTthiiig 
(dinaa) loggsfted, uupind, or tvmM 
(by Tiaioii or otherviBe). ij*-j 
ij}3j, Biriiie teTelation. 

tX^^ ladad (fem. JtJM»~j), Alone, 

unique. Single. ^jJlj^^a-j, The 

phcemi of the age. 
|M^j teoiAlm, NoxiooB and on- 

Jj tcadd or urul, Lore, friendship. 

Loting, friendly, 
jljj wadad, Love, friendahip. jlt^ 

jW^Ij, Love and nnanimity. 
a\,iy wadSfj or ^Ijjl^ Adieu, fere- 
well, any bauedictioii jvomnnoed on 

takiiig leave. 
Aft^iJj wadd^at, The being qni«t, 

mild, pltmd. HildnoM. 
^IJj waddj/4^ (plnr. of liiUhl})) 

fjj «w^. Placing, depodting, lay- 
ing up (garmenta, ate.) 
IcJj wutfs^d (plur. of wJj)i Mild, 

lUoj wad^at (plur. c:jUJj), A 

JjJj teadid, Loving, Mendly, affec- 
tionate. JjJ^\C^\, The affec- 
tionate king, 1,1, God. 

.>jjj leadid, Loving. A lover, 

u Jj wiH^^, Qniet, placid, mild, 
tame ; well bioke, muugeaUa. 

» SJttf 

Aru Jj imiA^af, A depoai^ tnst, 
whatarei ia committed to anothei'i 
cbarge. SnbjoGta (■■ lommitted to tlia 
oblige of the king). 

1u Kara, What is before ; also what 

ia behind. 


Behind, c 

the hinder part jfi\'\jjl*, The 
conntry beyond the rirei, i.t. Tnuu- 
oianw, Twftary, or Tnran beyond tba 

CjI^j toirUt or Z\jj, Beceiving by 

J'ljj war&k. Leaves. 

(_^j warh. Transverse, obliqne. 

Ojf ward, A rose. ^.,4A \<ijy. Peony, 

?Jjj wardat, One rose. 

,^J)j uardl, Bosy. 

(_>u^ij wort, Saf&on ; also a plant 

Wk tbe Meame, pecnliai to AraUa FeHx 

iiijj wartat, A precipice, alabyrinth. 

any danger or difficolty in which one it 

Pjj warof, ScrupulousnoBB, appiv- 

heaMon of doing wrong ; the fear of 

Ood, lempeianca, chartity. 
j^j womA, A leaf of a tree or of 
ijjj tearakat, One leaf. A letter, 

t^t, achedole, paper. 
/tjj waram, Swelling, becoming in- 
flated (skin). 
(Jjjj tourfli, Arrival, coming. 
tCjj uxmi', Hen, mortals. 
k_.o^j marib. Anything pieponder- 

ati^, a* the load on one dde of a home. 

A p^ of anytiiiag, esperially piondntat 

or projecting. Crooked, cncred. 
Jjjj world (and jj_,j!l J-».), Th« 

^j} wati^ Abstineiity oo&tiDent. 
jj iffOKsi, A goose. 

Sji\j^ loitdrat or woidrat, The dig- 
nity of yizir, minister, or privy coun- 
sellor. ^j4iajii\ij\j^\, The of^ae of 

' prime minister or grand yizir. 
Jjj njom^ A crime, sin, fault. A 

burden, a load, anything heavy, or op- 

Vjjj wuzara (plur. of jJj), Vizirs, 

privy counsellors, ministers of state. 

JiS^^(^jZ^'i\ ^5,3 (\^ ^\jj^ 

i*liUJU>»lii'^^ Illustrious vizirs, 

endowed with honour, and magnificent 
vicegerents of exalted dignity (titles 
given to ministers of state). 

^^ waany Weight, measure. Metre, 
• rhyme, poetry. 

^Jj^ wioamfi or wa/mdh^ A weight. 

A talent, a shekel. A certain measure, 
a mode of weighing. 

^^j^ waztr or vazlr, A vizir, coun- 
sellor of state, minister, a vicegerent, 
. or lieutenant of the king, ji,jj\ 
\ ^ae^\f The grand vizir, the prime 

^jjj^ wa%%n9 Weighty, ponderous. 

Weighing justly. 
4>L9j toisdd and ifjLij (plur. Ju<jj 

and OuLj^), a cushion, pillow, 
couch or day-bed. 

^L}j waaaiat^ Mediation, inter- 
cession. Mediocrity in point of quahty. 

(jmjLj^ wasdwiBf The temptations 
' of the devil. 

JjUj waadf/U (plur. of ^lL^j), 


ft^ wasakhf Being dirty (garment) 

L«i^ uxmiit, The middle^ %b centre. 

Centrical* Anything of a TniddliBg 

sort. \2^^\iS* ^ ^^ middle. 

\sJ!u^\\2^<^^y In the middle of 

winter. U^Jllxi^s^, The ecliptic. 

_i2^^ iffU8ta\ Middle. Middling. 

^^j ums^ or was^ Growing lai^e, 

ample, patent, obvious. 
iU^j vma^tf Latitude, amplitude. 

spaciousness. Convenience, opportunity, 

fj^^ waak, A load of com. ^LLj^ 

ioaskatf Cargo. 

M^^ iP(um, Marking with a hot 

iron (man or beast). 

iLAtfj wismat, A mark ; making a 

^j K^emn, Drowsy, sleepy. Wasanf 

Slumbering, beginning to sleep. Slumberi 

i^jAy^* waswds (^/A/ftM9« and «l>«ia>«ii). 

Temptation of the deril, insanity,' dis- 
traction of mind, melancholy. Super- 

Lam}^ iffosU, A mediator, umpire. 
The highest in rank, dignity, or kind. 

iLL^ ioasllat (plur. J-^ and 

J-iLoj), Propinquity, affinity. A 
cause, occasion, conjuncture. 

A^j wasim (fem. ^^4^^^), Beautiful, 
handsome, elegant. 

i\j^^ totuhdt (plur. of fJ^j), Spies, 

<u\jd^ tcKuhdt/at, Playing the spy, 

"whisperer, informer, accuser. 

Jh^j f^;a«A^^, Gum ammoniac. Assa- 

^c^j washi, Painting, embroidering, 
• \ d?jdt\tt<j5lothV Lying, colouring a stoij 



0^ iMMifi/,Qne who desoribes or 

JU>^ i0Ud/, Meeting, arrival, join- 
ing, - coiynnction, enjoyment of any de- 
sired object. Attainment, fruition ; col- 
lection. Uniting in firiendship, society, 
or confederacy. The being annexed, 
oonnacted, adhering. 

IjL»j watdffd (plor. of i^j), 
. Preoepts, commandments. Testaments. 

^\bU}, The oommands of God, 
. ibs deeologue. 

uiitfj was/, Description, narratiye, 

expression of qualities, praise, encomium. 
An attribute, epithet, quality, property. 

J^j waal (or ^lL^j), Conjimction, 

attachment enjoyment of the society of 
' friends ; whaterer joins or couples. 

^^ vmlah or mMh^ A piece of 
' wood 7 a section, etc. Conjunction. 

^J^ tc^MA,CopalatiTe, oonjunctive. 

Jj«0j wuml^ Arrival, conjunction, 
the enjoyment of a wished-for object 

. J^jllj^, or J>f^^v/»>J, On 
his arriyal ; when he aniTes. 

/^ waAf A testator. An executor, 
a guardian, a tutor ((^children or pi^ils). 

AjL#^ UHUHytU (plor. l[li^), A pre- 
cept, mandate, command ; a last will or 

Ji^j watnl (fem. il^y^ An inti- 
mate friend. 

^a^ wad^ or tpada^ (plur. ^l<^jl)> 

Situation, position, imposition, di^- 
sition, conation, state, gesture, acUon, 
conduct, mode of liying or acting, 
operation, peKformance, procedure. 

^^, To place or lay down upon ; 

to establish or lay a foundation ; to de- 
posit anything witili another to ke^ 

4«^^ ufod^i. Situation, position, 

^j or jyff^ w0dM, A aaoed ab- 
-.^j wuduh, Evidence, proof. 

w^^ wadl^f Ignoble, plebeian, 

mean, base, low. A deposit 
i^Uifij wa^^tf Depositing anything 

with another. 

Jjlt^ wMyiif The foundations (of 
a house). 

jlfj watd or watad (or if jJ^j), Es- 
tablishing, confirming, joining, con- 

^jbywaUm (plur. ^J^^), A country, 

a dwelling, residence, abode, whereyer 
one liyes, natiye or not Home. 

JuSl\^Jc^\^^f^, The love 

of one's country is an article of religion. 

l^^j^ wakoUt, A mountain swallow, 
a martinet A bat, a rere mouse. 

JuL^ watld^ Firm, fixed. 
uJ^U?) wantdyif (plur. of ^iJi?^). 

JlLI?^ fffoAfatf A pension, stipeod^ 

salnj^ soldier's pay, an allowaaee of 
provisions, etc. 

Uj m^ (plur. of ^j^)» A sheath, 

repository, place where anything is 
laid up; 

Jkx^ wa^^ Promising, auguring or 

StXfij foa^dai, A promise, a vow. 

Any determined, ^[ipointed, or certain 
time or term. 

y^j tpa^, The being rough, difll- 

eult to ascend (a mountain or oilier 
broken ground). Bocky, unequal, un- 
eyen ; narrow, confined. 

licj trd^s. Advice, exhortation, ad- 
monition, a sermon, oration. To preach, 
to adyise. 

jyi^ fou^r, (A mountain) being 
diiBmlt tA wosfidu 




\j^3 t^ff^y, Preservii^, oollectiiigy 

' treasuring, or laying np; costodj, pre- 

43uc^ loa^d, Threatening, predict- 
ing anything l>ad. 

^^j ioagJiy or waghc^y A tomnlt, 

noise, elamonr (especially of an army) ; 

U^ waf&y Perfonaance of a promise, 

an obserration of good fidih, sincerity. 
A soffidency, a completing or filling up. 

iflij wafa^, Death, decease. 

^lij toifah, Consent, assent, agree- 
ment, concord, harmony, conformity. 

t\ij wafdj Arriving, coming. 

Js^ wafry The becoming full, com- 
plete, entire, numerous, copious, abun- 

. dant. Filling, completing, making 
plentifuL Plenty, abundance ; affluence, 

. opulence. Wajiry Full, complete, etc. 

ij5^ wafiratf Plenty, abundance. 

JUij wafk or wufk. Useful, apt, 

J^^ wufudy Coming, arrival. 

j^^ wufar, Eull, complete, copious. 
A multitude, plenty, abundance. . 

(Jj wafly Entire, whole, complete, 
just (weight), foil (measure). Many, 

copious. Lij (or Uilj), Pully, 

J^j wafiky A companion, a Mend. 
A»>.l3j wdkahaty See ^y 
j\i^ loakdr, Modesty, mildness. 

iblj^ wtkdyaty Custody, guardian- 
^Uj wdkayi^ Plur. of <U^j. 

yc^^ waktj Time, season, hour. 

^fc i u xf ^ te^aMayzm,ImmedmUilYf then. 

^^ «^ait%^^ Hard (hoof). Impudent, \ aioOL. k 

immodest, shameless; (or ^Uj)f 
Impudence, arrogance, audacity. 

ji^ waid, jy^ or ^t«x3^. Lighting 
(a fire). Fire, the heat of fire. 

wi^ waia^y Falling into or out of 
a place. 

ij6^ waia^i, One accident. A battle, 
combat, engagement. Ckmtingence, oc- 

. currenca ci^LkJj, Accidents. 
Battles. is6^\, Once, all at once. 

(«JJ^ wakf, Standing, stopping, 

staying. Remaining in the same place. 
Making a pause in raiding. Bequeathing 
for pious uses (as habitations for the poor, 
and books for the use of learned men). 

Jyj wahudy Fuel for fire. 

jyj wahury Grave, majestic; pru- 
dent (man) ; modest, excellent (woman). 

c^^ todku^y An accident, contin- 
gency, occurrence, event, jjli 
cyjlt. Happening seldom. 

cJ|^^ wukufy Experience, knoW' 

ledge, information, practice. Notice. 
Stsmding, stopping. 

(Jj wdkly Taking care of, preserving, 

protecting, keepin? one's self or nir- 
ments clean ; safe orom injury or dSle- 

ment. ^li^li^, Kay God preserve 

or protect him ! 
<Lj^ wukayaty An ounce. 

,^3^ wahihy Impudent, hardened 

£k^^ ijoal^^y An accident, action, 
battle, combat, engagement. 

^\^ todkdlaty Yicegerency, heing 

an administrator, substitute, agent^ pleni- 

^ ujahoTy (A bird) entering its 

nest, i^^ wdkrat (plur. j\^\ and 

j^^^, Abird's nest in a tree or (m 


J£'i vakbil, Intrusting one's affidra 

tiy miiala, Plur. of J/j), Lien- 
tenants, vic^ereitts, depaties, minuteri, 
ConmiiSBaries,d6legateB. j^^liSj 
The plenipotentiarieB of both nim. 

^^j waMl, An agent, deputy, vioe- 
gerent, Uentenant, conuuutary, foctnr, 
adminiBtrator.representatiTfl. J-Sj 
^jUm, a plenipotantiary, a pro- 
cnntor genenl, an ahaolute riMgerent. 
ft host, a proveditor. t^Jll J^j, 
An adTooale, oonmellar, prootoi, igmt, 
oi attome;-at-Uw. 
al, wobK, Qovemment, jurisdictioii, 
dominion. WvlUt (plnr. of ^Jlj), 
GoTemoM, prwidenU, judgea, loidi, 

5»j3j vtikLdat, Ifativity, a birth-day, 
ehildlHrth, generation, ptoereation; he- 
getting children. 

«)• v>aiayat, Aid, aBsistanoe, eub- 
ddies. Vildyat (plur. i-^^J ""^ 
Wj), An inhabited country, do- 
minion, dietcict Jurisdiction, gorern- 

jjj walad, A son, ofEspring. Jijl, 
Sons. ^JUjJjijSj, Such a imej 
the sou of such a one. llj jlj. A 

fj^j vjolai and ,^l-«Jj), Perfidy, 

«Jj teaUn^ (or (^L*Jj), Desiring 

eagsrlf ; dedicated to, intent upon. 
^j wa lakin, And but, nevertheless, 
jlj walaw, At least ; and if, although . 

8 ^., 

^iy vnUaj, Creeping into a hole, 

fljring to a den. 
a jlj tew^ttt, See ■%ly Desire, avidity. 

'\lij wahealat. Howling, lamenting, 
crying. A tumnlt, noiae, canfnnd 

Jj waft, An intimate Mend, a 
ftTonrite of Ood, or the king. A 
prince, lord, preddent, governor, judge. 
*)uJ1_Ij, Hke lord of brae&oence. 
J^ljj, The lord of liberality, 
»'.»., God. JifJI Jj,Theheirappa- 
rent, the destined or acknowledged mc- 

L*Jij viallmat, A banquet^ a marriage 

9} uiaA or jjjij, Ah! alas! i^tcoM, 

Orief, ladnen. 
l_>\A} teahhsh, IjUm11i_)Uj, Ood 

the bettower of bsnefiti. 
*Iaj walAfim, SuapiciouB, donbtAil. 

^..^j ioahah or wahb, Oiving, be- 

itowing, presenting, 
^, wahm, The mind, sense, opinion, 
conjecture. Suspicion, doubt, scruple, 
caution, ftor, distrust. 
J>j teahmJ, Imaginary, conjecturaL 
*jJ6j mahUm and »\^\ (plur. of 
^j), Opinions, conjectures, imagi- 
nationa, aaspicions. 
^j Kan, ^ ■ strange ! wonderfiil ! 
Fy npon (you) [ woe to (jon) ! 
CS^j ieayha, thou ! 
Jj). wayl, Woe. An affliction, 
misfortune. *J Jjj^^ woyfaAw, 
Woe to Urn.'. 

x ha or hd, The twenty-seTenth 

letter of the Arabic alpliabet. It signi- 
fies five in arithmetic. In almanacs it 

denotes Thursday, and the sign Virgo ; 
also the planet Venus, and the moon 
when hri^t. 

U hd (the third person sing. fern. 
of the affixed pronoun), Her, it. 

k^U hdhi6, part. Falling, descend- 

CL^U hdti (fern. cJlib, plur. masc. 
lyfU), Give !* grant ! let it be so ! 

ijU hdtify part. Crying, exclaim- 

>-ljb hdfis, Conceiving, recalling 
to mind. 

>-ljb MjX A satirical poet. 

^jljb hddim, Demolishing, a de- 

4^jU hddl (or jU), A director, 
leader, guide. 

^.^U hdrib, part. Flying. 

^^jU hdrun, Ju-J»^l^j^U ffdrUn 

Arroihtd, The fifth Khalif of the house 
of Abbas, and twenty-sixth from Mu- 
hammad. He reigned from ▲.d. 786 
till 808. 

JuU hdlatf A halo or circle ronnd 
the moon. 

cl^U hdlih, part. Perishing, in the 

state of being destroyed or killed. De- 
structiye, put in inmiinent danger. 

^U hdmat, An owl. The head of 

any animal ; the crown of the head ; the 
forehead. The chief of a people, family, 
or tribe. 

^^Ite hdwnt A mortar. 

i^j U hdwi, Fallen headlong, i j U 

Aaunyat, Hell, into which the damned 
are precipitated. 

310 ' j^ 

\:jb\jb hahund, Here. [stau. 

ffH^, ha^\ Initum appetens admis: 
^U hdyi^, Liquid, melted. 
d^^U hdif, Very thirsty. 
JjU hdil, Terrible, horrible. is6\^ 
^U, A dreadfol accident. 

l^ub haln^, Astonished, confused, 

wandering, strayinff, distracted, furious, 
from love or any other cause. 

Lib hahd (or c.^Ljb), Dost, especially 

the finer particles which fly about, and 
.are only coni^icuous in the sun's x&js. 

i*[^\ Mabdat, A part of Arabia. 

<Uib hibat (plur. CI^^Ljb), A gift. 

laJb habt, Precipitating. 

tdaJb habiat, Level, low, slopiag 

i^9^ habub, (Wind) blowing 


i^ habnt (plur. aj\^\ Dust; 

dust mixed with ashes ; a thick vapour 
like dust. 

]ff^ habUt, A steep or slopiog 
place. Subutf Descent, decUyily. 

J.^ ffabll, Abel, son of Adam. 

il^sJb hath. Tearing (a veil or cur- 
tain] so as to discover those who were 
concealed. Violating, ravishing (a 
(woman). Dishonouring, disgradng^ 

defaming. ^j*^\*_^''-^. To de- 

*Ur^%tf, 'U^ltJj^, The letters 
of the alphabet, or the joining them into 

sylkbles.'U^'lcJj^ l^J^ 

Alphabetically, according to the letters 
of the alphabet. SMOf Cursing, execrat- 
ing, satirizing; ridiculing, raiting at, 
laughing to scorn. 

\j^ bajr^ Separation, disjunction, 





hajar, To separate^ divide^ cut 

leave, abandon, desert friends or 

hifrctn, Separation, disjonc- 
leaving one's country. 

ty'raty One year, ajs^ Mjrah, 
ture from one's country and Mends, 
.tion of lovers or friends, y <y ^ 

ih, or ^ysrl, the ffijrah, or 

ght of Muhammad from Mecca to 
la, which, in the reign of the 

1 Omar, was ordered to be ooil- 
1 as the Muhammadan era. 

haJ8, Whatever one recollects 
[iks of. Inetinet. 

haf^ty A gentle sleep, a 
er, a manner of sleeping. 

'>ajamf Attacking suddenly; 

g unexpectedly. Entering im- 
uy, without leave. 

ftp, A satire, a pasquinade. 

ttf/fi^, Sleep, slumber. 

lujum, An assault, an attack, 
)rt; impetuosity. 

hafin, A horse got by an 

m stallion from a foreign dam. 
cellent white he-camel ; a drome- 

Itiddnaty Peace, tranquillity, 
a truce, treaty of peace. 

addyd (plur. of ^tM^), Gifts, 

Qts. ^^liUjUi), Precious 

\iddyat or haddyahy A guide 

3ction to the right way or to the 
f salvation. 

(plur. t-?ljU5)l), hudhy The 
►f the eye-brows or lid. 

^dm. Ruin, destnlction. To 

iemolish, level with the ground, 

\tdnaty Peace, a truce. 

^ dJb haSuu or Aa(?u,Quiet,iranqnillify 

JJb JU^ hudhud, The lapwing. 

^5 JJb huda', Direction into the right 
road, or into the vay of salvation. 

<U jJb hadlyat or hadlyah, A present, 
especially one offered to superiors. 

\ijb hazd (fern. XJJb Jumiht), This 
(man, woman, or thing), f JJ^^f , 
What is that ! 1 JJb Ji^, In this 
manner, thus, so. t J^ , Therefore, 

for that reason. tjJ^Jj»-l, On 

that account, wherefore, a^ W jJb, 
To-day, now, at present, in these times. 
yb hirr, A he cat. 

iUi?!^ ^^^^^y Heretics. 

A^yb htrdm (plur. of /^)> The 

pyranrids of Egypt. See i^J;^^. 

c.^ harab. Plying, running away. 
absconding. Flight. 

^jib Mrrat or AtVroA, A she oat. 

-rjJb harjy The being copious, super- 
abounding in anvthing. Speaking a great 
deal and inconerently. Tumultuous, 
seditious, destroying one another. Tomvlt, 
sedition, confusion; slaughter. 

Ji^ Sixrkal, Heraclius. 

Ajib harm, A decrepid old man. 

Pyramid of Egypt. 

J^«yh Surmm, The isle of Ormtiz in 

the Persian Oulf. Kame of a king of 
Persia who reigned a.d. 272. The planet 
Jupiter. *• 

j^j4^ Alharmuz, The great king of 

Persia. [gistusr 

(jM^-^j^ JBannas, Hermes Trisme** 

^JLr^ Aar«^fl^^^, Trotting, going 




ijij^ hurayrat, A kitten, ^j^^^ 

Ahu harayrah^ One of the companions 
of Mahomet, so called from a fieiToarite 
which he had. 

^ Aa«/,Aje8t,pkyfiJnes8.c:^U;jb, 

Jests, pleasantries. 
iybyb hasJuaat, Moving. 

JjJJb lumil, Thin and lean. 

lAJjJb haaAmat, Flight, a defeat, dis- 

fX^ hadddm (and /^y^). Digest- 
ing. Medicine or anything similar pro- 
moting digestion. 

Mtolb hadfn, Digestion. 

t— i*i.&^ haflf, The whistling of the 

1 jjlft hahM, In this manner. 

Jjh hd (interrogation), Whether or 

not ? i^ cl^ Jjb, Whether or not 

haye you (an3r hnsiness) there ? Indeed, 
aye, yes. It is not. 

cJlU h(ddJcf Perdition^ roin^ death, 

Jlft hdldlf The new moon ; also the 

moon on the wane, especially the first 
and last two or three days ; the moon 

being called Jki the rest of the' 

^lib haldUy Belonging to or resem- 
^bling the new moon. 

iSib hattat or hUlat, The beginning 
(of a month). 

clXijb h(dak, The being rained. 

Sulk, Destruction, ruin, perdition ; ship- 

Jjb halumma, Come on ! approach ! 
' draw near! 

^^Jjb halyum and ^y^, Asparagus. 

^ hum (pi. of the pron. jib and s). 
They, their. 

Zj^ hamm, Grief, care, soUcitude. 

dJtjU^ hamd w'Mdkl, Indeed ! by 

aX^ humdm (plor. a\^ himdm)^ A 

great king, a hero, a magnanimous 
prince, a liberal, magnificent man. 

^^l^ humdynn, Blessed, sacred, 
fortonate, august, royal, imperial. 

<UJb htmmat, Inclination, desire, 

resolution, intention, design ; mind, 
thought, attention, care. Auspices, 
grace, foyour. 

tX^ hamad, The being extinguished 
(fire, or any kind of heat). 

^^Jks^ Sdmaddn, Name of a city 
and territory in Persia. 

ity^ hamdat, An apoplexy. 

J^ ham%, The character hamzah, or 
(a); marking a letter with hamzah. 

J^ hamal, Neglecting, forsaking. 
j^ hamam (plur. of ^), Intentions. 

i*^ humUm (plur. of ^Jh), Cares, 

^L^ hamydn, A long purse or scrip, 

especially huns at the side. A. belt, a 
girdle. The rastening of the breeches 
or drawers. 

l:Jb hand, or llib Junnnd, (J^Ljb and 

l:JbU,Here. clA:Jbjl:Jb,j^, Here 
and there, on eyery side. 

cJl^Jb hundka, There, in that place. 
JCJb S$nd, India. 

<U?JCJh handasat, or <i>«)J>,'Jb handasah, 
hindisahy Geometry. 

^\z^XJb Mindwtdn, India. 

^dJJb hindasi (fern. <Lj.rfJ>.;jh), 
** Geometrical. 

jJCJb IRndu, An Indian. 

4_^JCJ5 Hindi, One Indian. Any- 
\ ^\n%\i^<^^ax^ ^t Vw&ouiQ^ing to India. 




^jjb hani (Meat) light, easy of di- 

"gestion. Wholesome yictnals. One 
who diee^ts well. Pleasure, anything 
agreeable, or which is easily obtained. 

yb huwa, He, he is, The name of 

God. j^l«-wu^l ^OJlyb, He is God, 
whose assistance we implore, j^ 

^^l^t^lJjl, He is 

God, the** bestower of riches and aid. 
^^\fC^\^j^juii\yb, He is the ex- 
alted assistant. Jiyi\yb, He is 

\yb hawd, Air, atmosphere, ether, 

the space between heaven and earth. 
The wind, a gentle gale. A sound, 
Yoice, tone, air of music, a song. Mawa 

(for i^^)> Inclination, favonr, 

affection, love, desire. 

^jmj^\^ Kawdjts, Thoughts, Plur. 

of iUu^-bb. 

-p.jlyb hawadij, Plur. of rr^j^- 

f^^^ hawwdm, Eeptiles, insects, 

serpents. l/?;^VI^' ^^^ ^®P" 
tiles of the earth. 

^yJ^ hawdn, A mortar. Con- 
temptible, etc. 

lJ^^ or ^^^, Airy, idle, vain, 

capricious, licentious, dedicated to plea- 
sure, ambitious. Blue, cerulean, sky- 

-p.jyb hawdajy A litter carried by a 

camel, in which the Arabian ladies 

!jyb hutd, Behold! lo! 

ir*^ hawaSf Desire, lust, concupis- 
cence, an inordinate appetite. Am- 
bition. Curiosity. 

^yJb hUshat, A nocturnal tumult; 

a crowd (as in a market-place); con- 

Jyb hawlr Fright, terror, dread. 
Greatness, grandeur, power. Terrifying, 
striking with horror. 

SjJb hauld, These. See 1«3jb. 

L^^V^ a&tl7 hula*, A sphinx. A 

"talisman or charm for driving away 
spiders. The name of a poet. 

jjl^b haton (or ijyib); Quiet, tran- 
quillity; mildness, modesty, gentleness, 



kawnika^ (Do it) at your conveniency. 

(^yb hmoU y Desire, love, inclina- 
tion, will, wish (good or bad), see 

_Jb hiya (fern, of ^ huwoi). She. 
Lib hofyd. Ho ! holla ! hark ye ! 
S'Ljb hayd-at, The being prepared, 

ready. (Plur. CJl-Jb), The face, 
countenance, aspect, exterior form. 

(J^Lib haydhil (plur. of J>^ljb), 
Temples, etc. 

fXjb hif/dm, Thirsty. In love, 
distracted with love. 

iL^Jb hayhat, Year, timidity, a panic. 

Respect, reverence, awfulness, gravity, 
sternness, severity, dignity, majesty, 
grandeur, authority. 

^Jb hmfjy Raising (dust) ; prpvok- 

ing (to anger). Makiug an attack. A 
battle, a combat. Perturbation, fury, 
agitation, intoxication. 

^IscUb hayajdn, See <^^ hayf. 

JiLih haykdly An amulet or talis- 
man inscribed with magic figures, hung 
round the body, as a defence against 
fascination or misfortune. An altar. 

^j^ hayn, Quiet, easy, gentle. 

/L.;.^ hlnat, Convenience,, easy, 
facility. uJC';;,;»^1lc, (Go) at 


ijjk or ^^ MptUa^, MasHer, the 

Hiti pfinei^ ot erery tfamg materiaL 
ij!i^ haifUldni, MateriaL 

l^lfj^ hayhdt. i:D\i*>i " ?lfeJ5 or 
i(l|^i(l^, Begone ! away ! 

1^ The twenty-eighth and last letter 

ci the Arabic alphabet. In arithmetic 
it exp r c a e eB ten ; and in the almanacks it 
is the character for Jnpiter, and the sign 
Aqnarins. In Arabic, wh^ annexed to 
a primitire nonn^ it forms a deriyatiTe ; 

as^LujtyAman; (JluJl^Hnmane, 
etc. It is also the prononn of the first 

person; as ^^l::^, A hook ; ^^> 

My hook. The letter 4^ may, in 

0^ characters, be conyeniently repre- 
sented by y when consider^ as a con- 
sonant, luid by 2 when as a vowel. 

b y&j Or. 0! ^^U) yti allah, 
God! (^^Jlj yd layta, Wonld to 
heaven ! I wish to God. ^V^^ 

ya laytanlf I wish that I. 
^^b yabisy Dry, naturally dry. 

--UJL^j^b, Of a dry tempera- 
ment or habit. 

^^V. y«;¥* ck)g. ^^Uy^y^b, 

Gog and Magog. ~ 
C^j\l yd rahh, Lord ! God ! 

^*lj yaas, Despairing. Despair, 
desperation, hopelessness, despondency. 

w:uob Tdfaf, Japhet, son of Noah. 

CJyb ydhutf A ruby; also a 
sapphire; a precious stone. 

^U Tdhn, Jehovah. 

^^^w yabas (plur. j^^*b-j yai«), A 
wet place becoming dry. 

L^^ydkuMKtj BryneBBy azidity. 
_.<«\:j yatdmi, OrphanSy etc, Plnr. 


M^ yatlm or <♦■*£ (pfanr. /*bjf). 

An orphan, a papH, wvd. Singular, 
nniqoe, nncommon, rare, intomparable. 

j^^jj, A precious peaiL <Un^ 

yadmalf A fenak orphan, a Tahiable 

LaT Tahydj St. John the Saptist 
_:ȣ9^ yakhnt, Boiled meat. 

OJ ya^9 The hand. A handle. 

lL^ yadaky A led horse. ^^^*^ 


yadakehiy One that leads a horse of state ; 
a groom. 

z\ji yard^ A reed, of which they 
make pens. 

^fclX^^- J yarhamul^ allah, God 
have mercy on you. 

j^U^ yarkdn. Paleness. The yellow 

jaundice ; the king's evil. 

JjJ^ Tazld, The name of three 

Khalifs of the house of Omeiya. Name 
of an arch-heretic among the Muham- 
madans. Wicked, cruw, cursed, ex- 
ecrable. c-^^Pj One of the sect 
of Yazid, 

jUuj yasdr, Left, the left side. 
Plenty, affluence, opnlence l^LyJ 

yasdran, Towards the left. |^lu*;;, 
To the lefk. 

ijLwuj yaadrat Prosperity, ease, 
happiness ; affluence, opulence. 

jmj^ yasar, Facility, lenity, softness. 

-jM*^ yaslr, Small, little. Easy. 

]^-juuj. By little, by degrees. 

c^^^ yashb (or u,p.m>j or f^^)t 
Jasper, especially a whitish kind found 




jj^ yaihm (or m^!^^9 A species of 

jasper or agate ; one particularly, which, 
according to Castellos, comes from China 
or India, and has the quality of divert- 
ing lightning from any place where it is 
laid, or any person who wears it. 

i_-^- -«l*» ya^sibj Plnr. of L^ytM 

L^mmju ya^hf The king of the 

bees, a prince or chief of a nation, 
c-^ Jbo ya^iiib, Jacob. 

<3dl\ Jl«j ya^mu^llah, Gk>d knows. 

i^^ ya^h That is to say, viz., to 


lakuMy God save me and you (words pro- 
nounced in return to a congratulation 
when sneezing). 

^j^^!^ yaktln, A gourd, or any 

similar creeping plant. <L :>JaAJ, 
One gourd. 

tdaib ydka%at, A night-watch. 

j^^-ij yakln. Certainty, the true 
faith, truth, infallibility, evidence, know- 
ledge, science. ^^^^^ji^^^J-^^^ 
I am certain of it. LJb yaklnan, 

Certainly, truly. {^\s.*A^^jajo 
jjJLJI, Some learned doctors. 

^iJu yaMnl (fern. <U:»-a>), Scien- 
"tific, certain, infallible, belonging to 

truth or faith. c:jL:>^, Things 

certain, as articles of religion, demon- 
strations in geometry, truths. 

f^^\ yakun, It will be. 

W4L yalma^ Lightning dazzling 
the eyes. 

>*Uj yamdm, A turtle dove, a wood 
pigeon, also a domestic pigeon. 

^yUj yamdnUn for ^j-jU^, Na- 
tives of Yemen or Arabia Felix. 

^Uj (fern. <LjUji), A nativei or 

anything belonging to that country. 

^jAJ yaman, The right hand or side. 

Toman, A country on the right hand. 
Arabia Felix. 

4Um«j yamnat, Being at the light 
side. The right hand or side. 

^J^ yamani, Belonging to Arabia 

Felix; a kind of flowered or painted 
cloth fabricated in that country, used as 
covers for beds or footstools. 

fjt^ yatnln, An oath. To take an 

oath, to swear. Tatntnf The right 
hand, side or part 

l:»^, To the right hand, south- 

wjI:j yandhi^ Plur. of 9 jf^j. 

c^^ yanibu^ A fountain, a jet 

i^^^\^^ ya/wdUt (plur. of crJjSb), 


ujL)^ Jumff Joseph, the patri- 
arch. ^Joseph is the Adonis of the 
East, a nandsome man being often com- 
pared to him). 

L/-^^. Fw^tl*, July. 

A^^ ymom (plur. /♦M), A day, or 

twenty-four hours; (day in contradis- 
tinction to night being caUed 

jl^). J^^V\^^^, The first day, 
Sunday. ^^-^j^IIa^, The second 

day, Monday. libJl/%y, The third 
day, Tuesday. Uj^SIajJ, The 
' fourth day, "Wednesday. ^jJ 
(j*.-^^. The fifth day, Thurs- 
day. ijMbJU^, The day of 
meeting, Friday. u^wJt^^,The 
seventh day, Saturday. Ijuc^^, 
A festival-day. ^^il\^^L^^^> 


One day amongst others. Uaj 

U^J (or only ^^\ From 
day to day, de die in diem, without 
intermission^ daily, a^^ To- 
day. (♦>ijj'> The first day. 

Uyj, On a certain day. (♦^. J^> 

Every day. t«ui at/j/dmdn, For 
some days. 

^jj yauml (fern, i^jj), Daily, 

every day, for one day. 

^Ju^y^ f/awmat%m, Then, on that 

316 ^ 

1^^^ Yundn, Greece; the Greek 

nation from ^jj, The son of 

Japhet. fS^yif One Grecian ; 
anything Greek. 

(jwjJ^ YunfyUs, June. 

<0J1lL^J^ f/ahdlk' alUhy God direct 

you ! (said in answer to one who con- 
gratulates another when sneezing). 

J^ YaMd, The Jews. lJ^j^^, A 

<U J^ Yahudli/at, Judea ; Judaism. 

4^J^^ Yahudl, Judaical.